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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. just pure devastation. you can't believe it. >> entire towns reduced to rubble. the amazing survival stories at missouri's deadly tornado. >> a taser for every cop. bart's new tactic to arm police after a deadly officer shooting. >> good morning, it's tuesday, may 24. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i put on my heat this morning! >> you lived in boston for gazillion years. >> it was colds this morning! come
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on. >> it's probably going to be the warm els day of the workweek. san francisco topping out at 65. oakland 68. san jose 72. concord 74. umbrella weather back in the forecast tomorrow. i'll tell you about that coming up. i know. elizabeth not excited about that. >> it usually means a messy start to the morning commute. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, so good heading into san francisco. there is some roadwork going on in the lower deck various lanes blocked until 6 a.m. we also have ongoing roadwork eastbound 4 at loveridge through pittsburg so we'll have all the details coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. right now, a major search and rescue mission is going on in the tornado zone in a missouri town after emergency crews pulled out another 10 people alive overnight. so far, the death toll in joplin stands at 116.
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but governor jay nixon says he expects that number to rise. sunday's tornado was the nation's deadliest in more than a half century and the second major tornado disaster in less than a month in the united states. the other was in alabama. winds on sunday were close to 200 miles per hour. much of job lynn's south side was leveled including schools, businesses, hospitals, churches, block by block, many houses are completely demolished. and people who managed to survive are shaken. >> ran to the bathroom, got the kids in, took everything off the bed and put a mattress over us and held it down really tight. >> most people whose homes are still standing are without electricity. forecasters are calling for more violent weather today, as well. the joplin tornado was one of more than 50 in 7 states this last weekend alone. >> what a mess. the destruction from the tornado also crumbled dozens of cars. take a look!
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you can see all the cars that are so severely damaged. they are being taken from rote sides and placed in a wal-mart parking lot. crews already starting to just stack up the vehicles before moving them to a junkyard. and some amazing video from inside a building as the twister hit. this is in reading, kansas, saturday night. you see the force and fury. inside a grain and lumber business. the force of the tornado lived the shop off its foundation and moved it next door. one person was killed in that storm. president obama planning to get a firsthand look at the devastation in missouri on sunday. the president making that announcement just a short time ago in london. it is the second of four stops on his european visit. the president and mrs. obama will be at buckingham palace today for an elaborate arrival ceremony and a ban get tonight. they are also meeting with the newlyweds, prince william and
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catherine. these are live pictures of the president and mrs. obama. they will be at buckingham palace. that arrival ceremony part -- again, they will be meting the meeting the newlyweds, who are coming to canada and then down to l.a. to hang out with us. this morning family members are coming to the defense of bryan stow's alleged attacker. a s.w.a.t. team arrested giovanni ramirez during a raid at an apartment complex in east hollywood. on sunday morning detectives say three-time convicted felon is the man in the sketch but his mother says he couldn't have attacked stow because he wasn't even at the ballgame. >> you can vouch for that? >> i can. how can you vouch for that? >> he was in my house. >> during the game? >> during the game. i went to opening day myself. i went there with my girl friend. i came back and he was with his daughter in my house where i left him. it is not my son and i feel
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sorry for the family. but believe me, my son is not the right person that you guys got. >> police are still looking for the second suspect in the beating as well as the woman who allegedly drove the getaway car from dodger stadium. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. new details this morning about a contra costa county kidnapping that's a little stranger than fiction. 4-month-old ramy gallego was reunited with her family in knightsen about 6:30 last night. the family reported her missing sunday morning snatched from her bassinette overnight. authorities got a tip she was with her paternal grandmother in los angeles county. detectives say 58-year-old erica gallego took a cab and a bus to grab her granddaughter in the middle of the night then took a taxi back to southern california. >> right now, i'm just -- i have no hatred. i have no anything in my heart. i'm just so happy to have my baby back. i think yesterday was the worst moment of my life. and today is probably the best
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moment of my life. >> there are reports the grandmother had been pretending she was pregnant even threw herself a baby shower and wanted to pass the baby off as her own child. she is now in l.a. county jail awaiting extradition back up to contra costa county. a taser for every cop, a plan bart will consider at a meeting this week. sharon chin is in oakland with a look at equipment bart police may be using rather quickly. she joins us now. reporter: bart is considering buying 130 more tasers and that's to make sure that each officer has his own. now, that was a recommendation from bart's outside consultants after the shooting death of unarmed oscar grant in 2009 captured on cell phone video. officer johannes mehserle said he thought he was firing his taser at grant instead of his gun. he was convicted last year of involuntary manslaughter. right now, bart has 60 tasers so the officers have to check them out if they need them but
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the bart board is deciding whether to buy 130 more tasers at a cost of $141,000 so that every officer will be assigned one. bart managers say if officers have their own taser to use, they will be more familiar with them and they will have another non-lethal tool in dealing with violent suspects. bart board will consider buying more tasers at its regular thursday morning meeting. back to you. >> sharon chin live in oakland, thank you. in palo alto, the city council will consider major cuts to the police and fire departments today. a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year calls for the police and fire unions to make $4.3 million in concessions. if that doesn't happen, drastic cuts are likely. the daily news reports that the potential cuts include layoffs in both departments shutting down a fire station and eliminating the city's rescue company. a quick look at traffic and weather. i kind of wimped out. i put on my hearth today in my
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car. >> it was cold this morning. >> it's only in the 40s and 50s, frank. it's not that bad. >> it's may, though. >> you move to the bay area and you get used to the temperatures here and not having to deal with snow. we are having unseasonably cool weather. you can see why here on satellite. this system that's going to be moving in bringing us some showers tomorrow. we're in the clear today, mostly clear this morning but tomorrow morning a little later on we are going to grab the umbrella because rain is back in the forecast. temperatures now in the 40s and 50s. 49 in san francisco and in livermore. 48 in san jose and in fairfield. 50 for vallejo and oakland. today temperatures warming slightly around those bay shores and inland spots although still keeping the coast cool. 57 for fairfield, 47 concord, 68 high in oakland, 64 pacifica and the city will top out at 65 today so in that extended forecast you're seeing showers move in for wednesday. and a significant drop in temperature, as well. then we start to warm back up and dry out for thursday and friday but your holiday weekend is looking unseasonably cool
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and we're going to see breezy conditions with that, as well. slight warming at least for the memorial day weekend itself. we should bump up a knew degrees in temperature and be in the low 70s in the warmest spots at that point. that's a look at your forecast. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. mass transit, there is again for the second straight day no alameda harbor bay ferry service. yesterday, all the strong winds actually damaged a portion of the dock there heading towards the boat. so again for the second straight day they have had to cancel that ferry service. everything else though on time including bart running 20 trains on time. muni metro, caltrain, everything else looks good. right now we are mostly dealing with roadwork overnight. northbound 880 from fifth towards grand various lanes blocked until about 5:00, possibly 5:30 this morning. not causing much of a delay though. our sensors are mostly picking up top speeds between hayward up into oakland and once again we're talking about this roadwork. it's been going on for several
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weeks. eastbound 4 at loveridge, detours there. that should be wrapping up by about 5:30, as well. again, not seeing any big delays in the westbound highway 4 commute direction. and we have been getting a couple calls about possibly some sort of incident on the golden gate bridge. you can see some of our sensors are showing a little bit of slow traffic especially on the marin side of the bridge. my producer is make some phone calls on this right now. something possibly to watch out for on the san francisco side towards the toll plaza, you can see that traffic is moving across just fine right now across the span. they have not done the lane change yet, closer to about 5:00. we'll continue to keep you posted on the golden gate bridge but the bay bridge still nice and quiet this morning as you head into san francisco. that is your traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:40. schwarzenegger's mistress fighting back. we'll tell you how she is taking on the media. >> we had all of our dates correct. we had all the proofs correct. >> but he didn't get it quite right. a bay area preacher is now
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today will be warm. enjoy it. mostly sunny skies. daly city 67. san francisco 65. berkeley 66. hayward 67. but this nice sunny weather will be out the door. showers back in the forecast and i'll tell you more about that later on in the show. >> oh, more rain. all right, kristy, thank you very much. desperate times regarding san jose's budget. today the city council will consider mayor reed's plan to declare a fiscal emergency. it will help deal with a budget deficit estimated at $115 million. councilmembers expected to vote on a bare-bones plan that includes police and firefighter laceoffs and will consider his proposal for limits on city worker retirement benefits. the budget deficit is having an effect on the city's downtown monument to war veterans.
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vandals recently struck the veterans memorial along park avenue near the center for performing arts. there were few problems for more than a decade but the vandals decided to striked at a time when there is no money to replace the broken glass panels. >> for this action to be taken by one or two disturbed individuals really casts a pall over the whole memorial. >> a fundraising effort is under way to pay for repairs to re-open the memorial and make it vandal-proof. there is a search in the east bay for a missing 15-year- old girl. danville police say allison bailiss is considered at risk. she was last seen about 8:00 yesterday morning riding her bike at san ramon valley high school. she has blonde hair 5'8", 130 pounds, a purple and black bike. the woman to be the mother of schwarzenegger's secret trial has a lawyer.
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mildred baena from bakersfield hired an l.a. law firm to represent her. this was the first reported by the website radar online. it says it received a letter from the law firm challenging what it called unflattering reports about the woman. >> did you read there might be some other children out there? >> there may be some others. they are coming out of the woodwork. arnie has his hands full right now. well, this is quite the story, too. i guess if first you don't succeed, you try again. third time's the charm. that dooms day preacher who said the world would end in 1994 and last saturday has a new date. harold camping says what happened saturday, oh, don't worry, it was a spiritual judgment day. he says god's judgment was completed then. now we have to wait until the fall for the actual end. >> it's a dry run. >> the whole world is under judgment day. and this is a -- a -- and it will continue right up until --
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uhm, october 21, 2011. and at that time the whole world will be destroyed. [ laughter ] >> camping says since god has judged us all by now, there is need to continue to warn people about it. so his radio station will play christian music and programs until the end comes in october. so mark your calendars. >> do you think -- he probably has a dart board. did you see it back there? >> he paid all that money for billboards so now he can keep all the money he raised. >> how did he come up with that? >> i don't know. >> how did he come up with saturday? >> i can give you 100 million reasons why he did. 4:46 your time. up close with the endeavour crew a shuttle astronaut and a san jose grad tells us what it's really like to walk in space. >> california criminals allowed to go free. which offenders could end up back on the streets. hey. >> love the sound. he flushed his class ring right
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down the old toilet. the amazing way he got it back 72 years later. good story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sexual assault case. new test results implicate the former head of the international monetary fund in a sexual assault case. two anonymous sources telling the "associated press" that a sample of dominique strauss- kahn's dna matches material that was found on the shirt of a hotel maid who says he attacked her. the forensic evidence is the first to link strauss-kahn to the woman. he faces charges of attempted rape and sexual abuse. he is free on a million dollars bail right now and under house arrest at a manhattan apartment. opening statements begin today in orlando in the murder trial of casey anthony. she is accused of killing her 2- year-old daughter caylee three years ago and then dumping the body in the woods near her parents' home. charges against the 25-year-old anthony include first-degree murder and aggravated manslaughter of a child. if convicted, she could get the death penalty. three people who had been in space since december are back on earth this morning.
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they separated from the international space station yesterday aboard russian's soyuz spacecraft. it was the first time a soyuz left the space station while the space shuttle was also there. within an hour the soyuz was safely on the ground. after the next shuttle mission, soyuz will be the only way to get to the space station. astronaut greg is still aboard the space station and talked with cbs 5 about his first spacewalk during the current mission. >> i kind of wanted to do a little like, you know, look, mom, no hands kind of thing. [ laughter ] >> but i was holding a handrail, kind of just lean back and look at the earth 220 miles below and what an amazing thing to be float there is holding on to the space station flying around the earth with the earth going like that. just incredible. >> chamitoff went to high school in san jose. >> we got to talk to him just the other day. pretty cool. california now has -- ♪ [ music ]♪ >> weather.
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>> i think we are going to weather right now. california in the bay area is having some cool conditions unseasonably cool conditions and -- but today's actually going to be the warmest day of the workweek. enjoy. it temperatures out the door in the 40s and 50s, a little bit of cloud cover but nothing significant. we are sitting between two systems right now. this afternoon will be the warmest day. we are going to bump it up a few degrees inland and around the bay. breezy at the bay shores, at the coast keeping it cool, though. and the reason for the warmer weather today is this temporary high that's sitting here but you can see this area of low pressure is going to slide on in and bring us some wet weather tomorrow. so grab the umbrella. you will need it starting late morning, all around the bay area actually and temperatures today look like this. 68 in los altos, 72 cupertino and campbell. 72 for san jose and for los gatos. 71 for milpitas and for morgan hill. over to the east bay 69 high in san ramon, 67 in san leandro and hayward, 66 berkeley. and 75 for antioch and brentwood. so squeezing out a few more
4:52 am
degrees there inland. still keeping it cool at the coast, though. 57 for stinson beach. 68 for mill valley. 57 in fairfield and 70 as a high in sonoma today. rain in the bay area late morning tomorrow and then we'll slowly dry out and warm up, although we are still keeping well below average especially for your holiday weekend. you can see temperatures at that point only hitting 70 in our warmest locations, very slight warmup for the memorial day weekend itself. get outside and enjoy the warmer weather today while we have the forecast. that's a look at your forecast. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you. i mentioned slowings across the golden gate bridge. it turns out there's some sort of incident on the marin side of the bridge, whether it's traffic hazard, roadwork, we're not sure. they are doing intermittent lane closures out of the waldo tunnel right there on the marin side of the bridge. once you get past there, traffic is actually okay across the rest of the span heading
4:53 am
into san francisco. but you may find some slight delays while chp does these intermittent road closures. let's go elsewhere. bay bridge toll plaza, there is still a little ongoing roadwork on the upper deck. one lane is blocked on the incline until 5:30 a.m. no big issues though on all your approaches. westbound 80, 18 minutes is your drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. no wind advisories, traffic still light and dry which is a big deal for us in our traffic circles. benicia bridge looks great. couple cars there heading across the spano issues heading towards martinez. in fact, most of the east bay looks pretty good. we still have ongoing roadwork through pittsburg eastbound highway 4 as you approach loveridge. we'll get a check of the south bay and, yeah, all green so not much to talk about in the south bay. we can just talk about how good traffic is moving. a couple of headlights there on northbound 280 approaching the 880 interchange. and for mass transit riders for the second straight day now, we're dealing with these issues for alameda harbor bay ferry.
4:54 am
no service -- actually all the strong winds yesterday they actually damaged the ramp leading to the ferry and so, yeah, for a second straight day we have no alameda harbor bay ferry service. no bus substitute, either. bart, muni, caltrain, everything else reporting everything on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. it is 4:54 now. california now has two years to somehow get more than 30,000 inmates out of the prison system. the supreme court yesterday endorsing a lower court decision that ordered the state to take care of its chronic overcrowding problem. it's not clear how this will work. the governor has already proposed to transfer parole violators and low level nonviolent inmates to county facilities but how much can the counties handle? >> that's the million-dollar question. if we -- we have a little room to put some people in, that's one thing. say they push 2,000 or 3, 000
4:55 am
people on us, then we have to release other people to make room for those. >> the supreme court's ruling settles a long legal battle. advocates say overcrowding in prisons deprives inmates of adequate medical and mental health care. more than 20 rallies planned statewide today to raise awareness of the financial crisis in california's public schools. the wake-up california rallies are organized by the grassroots group, educate our state. demonstrators are calling for the passage of tax extensions to prevent further cuts to schools. local event sites including burlingame, millbrae, san francisco and lafayette. i love this story. lost and found 72 years later. a vallejo man wearing a ring he had not seen since the '30s. 90-year-old jesse matos flushed his class ring from dunst mere high right down the toilet. he never expected to see it again but recently a worker
4:56 am
found the ring backed up in a sewer line. did a little research and gave matos a call. >> he says, well, it's your ring i think because it's got your initials in it. and i looked in the yearbook and you're the only one on '38 that had those initials. >> well, it worked out. the man who found the ring traveled from dunsmere to vallejo to deliver the ring in person. i imagine he has it on his finger now. >> so nice of him to go back and try to look this up and find this gentleman. >> you hear about this maybe at the beach where people have those little metal detectors and things. but in a sewer line, 70 years later, that's remarkable. it is 4:56 now. the baby kidnapped in contra costa county back home this morning. the emotional reunion and the family member accused of taking her across the state. >> plus, we'll have a live report on the worst twister in half a century. >> reporter: the search continues this morning for survivors of one of the worst
4:57 am
tornadoes in the nation's history. i'm randall pinkston in joplin, missouri. i'll have that story. why bart is considering giving every officer a taser. that story coming up. and the city of san jose is set to have a huge vote on pension reform. what it has to do with this vandalized memorial coming up in a live report. ,,,,
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what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. just pure devastation. you can't believe it. >> miracles in the rubble. the search for survivors after the worst tornado in half century. >> bart said it learned its lesson since the shooting of oscar grant. why it wants to give tasers to every cop. good morning, it is tuesday, may 24. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. happy tuesday. time now is nearly 5:00 on this tuesday. let's get a quick look at your traffic and weather. kick it over to kristy now and find out what's cooking. >> good morning to you guys. today's going to be the warmest day of the workweek so get outside and enjoy it because rain is in the forecast for toow


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