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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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suspect in custody. robert lyles just got to the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, what i can tell you here from the scene is that it is still quite an active crime scene. oakland police have an entire block here on west street blocked off from mcarth you are down to 37th. a large police presence because it was originally believed that the original taken into custody here may have had some kind of connection to that sex assault and robbery in the oakland hills earlier today. i have spoken with police on the scene. they tell me that that is not the case. in fact, who they have arrested here is an individual who is responsible for two armed robberies of pharmacies. both of them in oakland. one in the 4200 block of mcarthur. the other we are told in monte claire. a silver acura sedan. police are telling us that the chase of this vehicle started
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somewhere around 55th and adeline and ended up here at mcarthur. speeds anywhere from 80 to 100 miles per hour. they also tell us that once the driver got here to the intersection of mcarthur and west street he attempted to go left but because this street is under construction he slid on the gravel, lost control and ended up here at the beacon gas station. michael cole was home at the time. here what he had to say. >> i was in the house and heard the car coming down the street and i looked out the window. this grey car buzzed by. zoom. i was like wow, what's going on? so i see a lot of smoke and i'm going for a guy to be driving this fast there must be some police behind him. >> reporter: now two reiterate oakland police are confirming to us on the scene that the driver of this vehicle was the
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only individual involved. they do believe that he is the primary suspect for two armed robberies of pharmacies once again. one in the 4200 block of mcarthur. the other in monte claire. police tell us as they searched the vehicle they found items in the back of the car that match items taken from each of those pharmacies. they are telling us again that individual is in custody. we are still on the scene gathering more information and we will certainly bring you much more as it becomes available. for now, dana, back to you. >> all right. robert, this is allen. just a quick question here. at one point they thought this suspect might be involved in an early morning home invasion robbery in oakland. is that still a theory? yes or no. >> reporter: no, allen. as i addressed at the top there was a large police presence here. police have certainly been on high alert because of that sex assault and that home invasion robbery. certainly a lot of police on the scene. but they tell us they were on heightened alert as well because they had had those two
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armed robberies. they apparently also had a vehicle description and that acura apparently matches the description of what they had heard either outside one of those pharmacies or very near the pharmacy. so they had been on the look out for it. spotted it near 55th and adeline and that's when the police place began. >> thank you for clearing that up. we want more on the incident early in the morning in oakland hills. we go there for details on that. kristin? >> reporter: allen, the suspect in a sex assault and robbery here in the oakland hills still at large this evening. the incident actually happened down the block here on wilton drive. authorities are investigating whether or not the suspect then ran and escaped on one of these trails. a quiet trail in redwood regional park that neighbors fear served as an escape route for a brazen burglar. dogs searched the neighborhood to no avail.
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>> we have lived here for 40 years. >> reporter: never hearing like something like this happening. >> we are anxious and angry about it. >> reporter: police say it started with the barking of dogs around 3 a.m. the 38-year-old woman who lives in the house got up to see what was wrong and was confronted by an intruder. >> she was robbed of some perm items, some cash and a sexual assault did occur. >> reporter: the suspect had a gun and the entire assault happened while the woman's family slept. >> there were two children in the house. they were not harmed. they were not in danger. they were asleep. >> reporter: neighbors told me off camera it is part of an alarming trend in this normally quiet neighborhood. burglars breaking into cars and homes brazenly sometimes in broad daylight making their escape on foot through a tangle of wilderness where it is tough to track them. >> we just hope the police are effective and whoever it is is returned to wherever he came from. >> reporter: now all residents could do is stick together. >> if you know who your
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neighbor is it makes all the difference. >> reporter: and police only able to give us a very vague description of that suspect. some neighbors told us that they will be ramping up some of their neighborhood watch efforts in the hope of catching this guy. allen? >> all right. thanks. swastkika grafitti and students in white clothing. they are recruiting new young members. many students don't feel safe on campus. len ramirez has the report. >> reporter: only about five students out of the 900 that go to socal high school. they have been intimidating their fellow students and are associated with a white supremacy group. at first the signs of a white
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supremacy element was thought to be a joke. it went on. one of the few african-american students on campus felt increasingly threatened. >> it makes me feel unsafe here. >> reporter: it got little attention from high school teachers. but when a students showed up wearing white pride gang attire school officials had enough. >> we are not going to comment on the individual disciplinary actions taken against kids but there were some students suspended. certainly a lot of other students have been spoken to and their parents have been spoken to. >> reporter: five students suspended but will still be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. superintendent gary bloom says the seeds may be coming from off campus gangs looking to the student body to find new
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members. >> we have been informed by local law enforcement that there is an active white power or white pride based gang in the region that they believe is making recruitment efforts in the region to school-aged kids. we are not aware of any specifics of our students at this particular site. >> reporter: so cal which is 60% white, 30% african-american and 10% other ethnicites. >> i'm embarrassed that they see socal as a white supremacy school. not everyone is like that. i'm truly embarrass ad. that's all i can say. >> reporter: some of the suspended students have been making statements saying they are not members of any group. but, dana, still, the superintendent says that the reason for the suspensions is to send a message that there are consequences for identifying with a hate group even if you're not really
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serious about it there will be those consequences. >> it is not funny. len ramirez in santa cruz. thank you. more trouble tonight for some san francisco undercover police officers. another two dozen felony drug cases are being dropped because of the credibility of those officers under investigation for questionable search practices. linda yee on the new charges brought against those officers. linda? >> reporter: allen, the public defender releasedded yet another video today. a video that he claims shows a pattern of alleged police misconduct. now, these are the same officers that are now under investigation by internal affairs and the fbi. the video shows an undercover officer on the left of the screen approaching a suspected drug dealer on a tenderloin street corner. what is seen in the video disputes what the undercover officers wrote in the police report. >> raised his right hand to his
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mouth and spit it into his hand. that never happened and the video clearly contradicts the officer's sworn testimony. >> reporter: the public defender also brought in a couple whose son was arrested for drug possession. they accused the undercover officers of stealing items in their home when they searched for evidence. >> we didn't see any drugs. they took a couple boxes. items disappeared that night. >> reporter: they claim the stolen items included two ipods, a camera and cell phone. their son's case was 26 more dismissed today by the d.a. because of questions involving the officers' credibility. they are the same ones already being investigated after being accused of illegal searches, excessive force, theft and perjury. the d.a. was their police chief during
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the cases now in question. he has dismissed drug cases because of the officer-alleged conduct. but prosecutors will be reexamining all the evidence. >> we know people involved in selling drugs today may be involved in crimes of violence at another time and we know a lot of those individuals are not necessarily crime free. unfortunately, the problem that we are having with a lot of these people is that procedurely the system broke down on the way the arrests took place. >> reporter: meantime the police chief told cbs5 the latest video is not a new revelation. it is already been investigated by the office of citizens complaints and the officers will face a hearing. >> oh, yes, there will be discipline in this case. >> up to dismissal? >> no, the finding by the o.c.c. does not suggest that they were dishonest. >> reporter: well, the actions of 14 undercover officers are now under investigation.
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that investigation tonight, allen, continues. >> linda yee in san francisco. thank you. one of three people injured in an apartment explosion has died. 35-year-old paul lom from san jose died of those injuries yesterday. ar saturday's explosion destroyed one unit at a complex in livermore. two other people are in critical condition till. the cause of the explosion still being investigated but it is believed to be drug related. it is a problem we have been reporting on for years. now some action by the state of california. how many instances of handycapped abuse they found in one day. already a huge tourist draw. what's behind a new tragedy to sell california wine? do you love fish? if so now is your chance to help them out a little. the rare opportunity for wildlife lovers to join forces with the fish & game. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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save up to $1500 on a sealy matress. a mill valley man faces two years in jail after his third arrest. bail for timothy mcgowan was raised to 50- thousand dollars to prevent him from three consecutive days. a man facing two years in jail after his third arrest. bail was raised to $50,000 to prevent him from getting out again. mcgown's criminal history includes a dui conviction in 2009. convictions for petty theft and drug possession and arrests for public drunkenness. people abusing parking placards down a one-day crackdown. investigators spanned several regions across the state yesterday looking for cheaters handing out citations to 207 people who had improperly used those placards. several were caught in the bay
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area. the citations are misdemeanor but bail can reach $3500 for multiple offenses. these days bankruptcies seem like an all too common occurrence but imagine if your bank told you that you were bankrupt and you weren't. that's just one of the consumer problems resolved this week on the consumer watch. >> this one is -- i think i would be pretty annoyed were i this viewer. john martin never filed for bankruptcy or at least that's what he thought until he receive ad bankruptcy notice at chase. >> at this bank that i have had this good relationship with was somehow notifying me that i had filed for bankruptcy. i immediately thought my god, this is obviously a mistake. >> when he couldn't get answers from chaste he e-mailed consumer watch. there was a computer mistake. chase is now taking steps to make sure his credit is not affected. >> he didn't lose any money in
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his case but another woman did. she drives a smart car like this one and when she took it in for a simple repair she had to wait three months to get it back. now, the repair bill only cost about $350 but her two-month rental car tab was a whopping $2500. that's when barbara called consumerwatch and our volunteers got the repair shop to refunds her $2400. and finally tonight when chris signed up for his comcast deal he thought it would cost him $42 a month. so when his bill jumped to $60 he called consumer watch and we called comcast and they explained he didn't read the fine print which says fees can range from $42 to $60. but comcast did decide to lower his monthly rate anyway saving him $180 over the next year. remember if you have a consumer problem give us a call. our volunteers would love to help. 8885 helps you. >> like those deals you sign up
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for that is a 1 dollar a month. >> this started out at 19.99. after the six months it was supposed to be 42. it's all in the fine print. >> have a good weekend. roberta, here we are. it has arrived. >> i wanted to say to julie, we have consumer problems out here in the form of some sunshine. okay. >> that's not a problem. >> that's a problem? >> for many people it is because net want the abundance of warm before the holiday and we are just not going to see that burst of heat. this is our live cbs5 weather camera. one of the warmest locations today. topping up at 71 degrees. a few clouds out there. you'll notice increasing clouds as the evening progresses. we will put it on out there for you. your memorial day holiday going to feel a lot more like president's day. more like february weather. 58 degrees at the beaches with increasing cloud cover. low 70s in our inland areas. meanwhile, it appears as if right now temperatures are tumbling downward into the 50s and 60s. official sundown at 82:00 2
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p.m. with it we will start to see increasing clouds. out and about the winds have been problematic. out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. so you still have a chance to head on out to oakland as baseball playing host to the baltimore orioles. grab a jacket. temperature 61 but winds are breezy. tonight overnight into the 40s and 50s increasing clouds from our brand-new area of low pressure. let's pull it out so we take a good look at it. promising a slight chance of rain showers saturday afternoon. and with it some very gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. so rain for your weekend in eureka. thunderstorm in redding. 47 degrees in the high sierra. a chance of snow overnight saturday night into sunday. temperatures tomorrow for your saturday coming down. 50s to right around 67 degrees outside number. sunniest day of all will be on sunday. then we begin increasing cloud cover again on monday. that will leave the potential
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of rain showers on tuesday and wednesday. holiday forecast is coming up a little bit later in this program. >> roberta, thank you. your chance to play game warden and help some wildlife and a new strategy in why marketing. that's in 2 minutes. fast-growing,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when your eyes are smiling... fast-growing,,,,,,,,,,,, you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes...
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with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. research shows wine consumption among latinos has incr there is a new fast growing market of wipe drinkers. research shows wine consumption among latinos has increase dramatically over the last five years. don knapp on how the wine industry is trying to attract more of america's largest ethnic group. vanesa enjoys wine but says it has been a challenge trying to get her family to enjoy it with her. >> my father is really into tequila so he tastes a lot of different tequilas.
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i actually introduced limb to wine. >> same challenge for california's wine industry as it tries to tap into the new fast growing latino market of wine drinkers. >> the winery in the napa valley is some of the big wineries targeting people to get them more comfortable with wine. >> one of the significant things about the hispanic population is it is growing faster than the general population. >> reporter: offering by arrangement some of its winery tours in spanish. "associated press" story described that market as untapped. the potential is not so much getting latinos to develop a taste for wine as it is to get them over the idea that they have to become wine snobs to enjoy it. for vanesa wine works best in the comfort of her home. >> just enjoying it at a slow pace while you can eat and speak and talk and enjoy each other's company. >> reporter: finally it seems
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the generation of those who work the fields manage the vines and harvest the grapes are invited to enjoy the fruits of their labors. in the napa valley, don knapp, cbs5. state fish & game is desperately looking for people to work right alongside its rangers and marine biologists. sounds like a dream job for a lot of people. but the catch is you have to work for free. >> reporter: at this fish hatchery east of sacramento the california department of fish & game is busy carrying for millions of baby salmon. like many state agencies not enough folks, budget cuts. it means only one thing. >> it means that we need your help. >> reporter: fish & game has a plan and they are hunting for some special people. folks that will assist for
6:24 pm
hatchery work. this woman is a volunteer. she loves birds but says the department of fish & game can place her almost anywhere. >> helping out with things like the sturgeon rescue. i never laid eyes on a sturgeon in my life. i'm not a fisherman but standing in the water with this net and seeing these enormous fish. they are trying to help the fish get back into the river from being trapped. i have learned so much. >> reporter: the volunteer program has its sights set on anyone, urban professionals to avid hunters who can complete an academy training class and six-month mentoring period. california's majestic wilderness and wildlife need protection now more than ever. lieutenant josh nicholas says the department of fish & game is a special state agency. >> wildlife has no voice and because of that there are a number of public agencies that are given the responsibility to help hear that voice and speak
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on behalf of wildlife. the primary department that does that is the department of fish and game. >> reporter: win/win situation for everyone and from a management standpoint it is just great. i love to have these folks here. >> reporter: if you have ever wanted to work for the california department of fish & game, although for free, volunteer applications for the bay area will be accepted until this friday. it is still friday. if you would like to volunteer go to click on links and numbers. a long list of missing and today several names have been crossed off. the bad and good news today out of tornado devastated missouri. over 500 days away and it looks like the race is on. several big moves on the march towards the 2012 election. who's in and who's hitting the
6:26 pm
road. some travel changes this weekend you need to know about. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the number of missing in the wake of sunday's tornado is
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dropping. but that still leaves many families anxious t their loved some encouraging news from tornado stricken missouri. many families are anxiously awaiting news about their loved ones. here is more from the devastated city of joplin. >> reporter: for so many in joplin, missouri, the relief of knowing is outweighed by the heartbreak of loss. authorities on friday morning updated a list of people missing since sunday's devastating tornado. >> unfortunately the federal disaster mortuary operational team has confirmed that six individuals on that list are deceased and next of kin has been notified. >> reporter: so many structures here in joplin reduced to rubble the recovery and identification process has been slower than many had hoped and officials have faceed the long
6:30 pm
wait. >> reporter: m miraculo us stories of survival continue to emerge. a passerby pulled her free. >> last night when i got up and i thought 97 years and this is all i've got left. your chair. i'm all right. i'll make it. >> reporter: the fate of over 150 others remains unknown as the hope of finding any survivors in wreckages like this grows dimmer every day. reporting from joplin, missouri. now to oklahoma which was hit on tuesday. we are getting an indication of just hour powerful those storms were. this is video from a farm. here farmers are picking up
6:31 pm
debris from the town of piedmont which is a good 40 miles away. and some of it heartbreaking. >> my gosh. i said someone lost their little baby picture. i turned it over and up to the very corner it said ryan andrew hamel at five months. it broke my heart. i thought this is the little boy that's missing. >> and sadly that boy and his younger brother died in the storm. the photo will be returned to the family. as bad as the situation is in oklahoma, missouri, and alabama, getting relief to the victims may become tangled up in budget politics. this week house majority leader eric cantor said it would need budget cuts to offset disaster clean up spending.
6:32 pm
cantor went on to clarify his remarks adding he does think the relief money should be a spending priority. the world's most powerful countries are giving arab countries a big financial boost that's if they agree to take steps towards forming a more democratic government. tensions in libya threaten to upset the whole process. >> reporter: the new leaders of egypt and tunisia came to the g8 summit in france looking for cash and they got it. the world's richest countries are promising them $20 billion to help build their democracies. they are aiming to give another 20 billion to arab countries looking to do the same. >> not only as they transition to democracy but also ensuring that democratic transition is accompanied by economic growth. >> reporter: president obama and his international counterparts are worried fighting in libya could throw the pro democracy movement off track. they are united in the effort to get rid of libyan leader moammar gadhafi. >> we are joined and resolved
6:33 pm
to finish the job. >> reporter: the french military has played a leading role in the bombing campaign in libya especially since the u.s. handed over control of the mission to nato. >> reporter: world leaders here have made some big financial promises but they may be tough to deliver. many are facing money problems of their own. protestors in paris dance the can-can saying g8 leaders are putting on another show full of empty promises. but the two-day summit wrapped up with leaders projecting a united front. charlie d'agata, cbs5 news, france. you see this? it is called an otf. this is an over the shoulder graphic. the logo for the 2012 campaign. it is the very first time we have put it on t.v. some 529 days out from election day. so we are going to give you a moment just to collect
6:34 pm
yourself. okay. danielle nottingham on the latest republican candidates. >> reporter: sarah palin hasn't said if she is in the race for president but she is off and running. this weekend palin is kicking off an east coast bus tour promoting it in this new video planning to ride at the head of a motorcycle convoy in washington, dc, on sunday to get things rolling. the tour will stop in new hampshire, home of the first presidential primary. >> if sarah runs into the race and runs for president it will shake things up. >> reporter: mitt romney says he is running. he is in iowa where he came in second in the 2008 caucus. romney spent millions but this time he has a different strategy. >> these are lean times for a lot of americans and if you want to run a smart campaign i think you need to be lean as well. >> reporter: romney may be the early favorite to take on
6:35 pm
president obama but it seems every day another republican talks about doing it too. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry changed his tune after saying months ago he wasn't interested in seeking the gop nomination. >> i'm going to think about it. >> reporter: former pennsylvania senator starting his presidential campaign in his home state next week. and tea party favorite michele bachman has her own announcement to make in iowa next month. she was in the state on friday. >> we need a new birth of freedom and the tea party has been showing the way on that. >> reporter: all this uncertainty having an effect on big republican donors too, many waiting until the race becomes clearer before supporting any candidate. crossing the bay usually no big problem. but this weekend a little trickier. the changes to bay bridge traffic and the big slowdown down under the bay. both scheduled for this holiday weekend. experts say you can't really predict an earthquake.
6:36 pm
so how do you charge a seismologist with manslaughter for not sounding the alarm. buster posey speaking for the first time since wednesday night's collision. find out how much time he expects to miss. what would you say to the person that saved your life. the incredible story is coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ay, you
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can expect delays, no matter how you get there. if your holiday weekend plans include travel between san francisco and east bay. expect delays. no matter how you get back and forth. because on the bay bridge cal- trans plans to change the eastbound lanes as they come off the bridge there. some of those lanes will be closed during the overnight hours saturday and sunday for that work. that will cause a slight detour for you. the work part of the process to speed up completion of the new eastern span. b.a.r.t.customers will also experience delays while b.a.r.t. crews make repairs. the work will shut down half of
6:39 pm
the tunnel that goes under san francisco bay. tonight saturday, sunday night work will begin after the last train. it will end at about 7:30 a.m. saturday morning. on sunday and monday work will continue until 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon. expect delays of about 20 to 40 minutes. the golden gate bridge turned 74 today but just wait until next year. organizers today unveiled plans for next year's 75th birthday celebration. among the organizers larry baird of the san francisco giants. they want the community to be involved by sharing their stories and photos of the bridge. a series of events throughout the year will lead up to the celebration on memorial day weekend next year. it is that time. it is time for your holiday. we have got your pinpoint forecast. pinpoint the day that the sun will actually shine as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,
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after we make a dingy floor look brand new, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes?
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yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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pinpointed weather is sponsored by.. . on tonight's health watch dr. kim mulvihill introduces us to a 20-year stroke survivor
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who is on a mission to teach others especially young people about the risks. >> reporter: a stroke can happen to anyone at any age. just ask this woman. >> i was walking across campus. noticed that lings looked different. color of the grass was greener than normal. everything was almost more vibrant. i asked my classmates something about class and when i opened my mouth only thing that came out was blah, blah, blah, blah. >> reporter: she had a stroke. she was only 19. a stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked by a blood clot or ruptures. without oxygen brain tissue is damaged or dies. >> it is a common misconception that young people do not get strokes. >> reporter: this cardiologist says advances in technology may be responsible for identifying a larger number of them. >> you are seeing an increase in the amount of strokes that are reported in that population of individuals in that 15 to 40
6:44 pm
range. >> reporter: while the primary causes of stroke, obesity, high bloop and smoking contribute atypical causes are more common in young patients things like migraines and drug use. it was after the stroke that she learned the paternal side of her family all died from strokes. she encourages everyone to know their family history and share that with the younger people. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. six seismolo gists are being charged with manslaughter for the death of 300 people. they downplayed the effects of a major earthquake. people didn't take precautions before a major quake hit. during a time of increased seismic activity back in 2009 they were asked if there was a risk of a major quakethey said no. the following week a 6.2 quake
6:45 pm
struck killing more than 300 people. well, we use them, these, to show you what's happening with the weather. how do we create those weather graphics and animation during the weather cast? ken bastida has tonight's good question. >> for most viewers, this is all a bunch of lines and arrows and stuff. >> you look at it it is a bunch of squiggley lines. getting this to where you can understand it, that's their job. >> my job is to basically come first. come up with the forecast. here is what it will be like today, tomorrow, the next seven days. and now present it in a way where we put it on the air and people at home say, okay, i know exactly what they are trying to say. >> reporter: this weather producer begins at 3 a.m. checking satellite models and even radar data then runs it through a special software. he ends up with a weather
6:46 pm
movie. >> shows where the jet stream is at and close representation of what we saw on the map earlier. >> reporter: the seven-day forecast is built much the same way. >> you can add in clouds. >> i can go ahead. changes clouds. change the temperature. so let's say tuesday it is going to be cloudy. i can go in here and change that sunny to a cloudy. >> reporter: it is technology that didn't exist five years ago. >> you get computers to help you with part of the forecast but at the very end it is the human element. because you have to decide, okay, what am i putting on the air. >> right or wrong? >> yes. >> hopefully right. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good questions. and she is living the dream with those graphics, aren't you in. >> billy makes it look so easy. i just came up from drawing my graph. it is time consuming but it is fun also because you always know what the weather will be like. when you forecast it on your own and draw your own graphics you own it.
6:47 pm
i'm not going to apologize for it either. it will feel more like president's day than memorial day. here is how we stand. this is our live cbs5 weather camera in the city of san francisco where today's high was 62 degrees. that's 4 degrees off its mark. mean while as we go 60 miles to the south here is san jose in all of its splendor. today's high 69 down from the average high of 77. so across the board we are still averaging 4 to 8 degrees below normal. your memorial day increasing cloud cover. 58 degrees at the beaches. low 70s towards the delta. very little change in your forecast from today all the way through the holiday. now, if you are out and about this evening currently we have temperatures into the 50s and low 60s but the winds are very gusty out of the west. some of these gusts up to 25 miles per hour. meanwhile tonight overnight we will notice the increasing cloud cover and temperature meanwhile will dip into the 40s
6:48 pm
and into the low 50s. san rafael 50s. 48 degrees in concord, back in through hercules. bottom line, tomorrow increasing cloud cover. chance of showers in the afternoon hours and really where i should be highlighting very gusty winds. out of the northwest. 20 to 30 miles per hour. sunday starts off great but ends up with sunshine. actually the sunniest day of the three coming up with increasing cloud cover on memorial day. our very latest satellite suggests we have a little bit of clouds to the north of us but the big picture indicates it is a brands new area of low pressure that now wants to aim towards the bay area. not a lot of precipitation. but the pressure gradient between that low and that high is going to whip up those westerlies to the northwest up to 30 in the afternoon. thunderstorms in redding for your saturday. eureka also with the rain showers. 75 in fresno. north of the golden gate bridge. with mostly cloudy skies in your saturday and that threat of an afternoon shower
6:49 pm
basically into the 60s. a good 10 degrees below normal in petalum. pleasant hill 62. upper 50s in hayward. up to 30 at the sea shore. temperatures only into the low 50s. not very favourable. 66 in san jose. average high is 77 degrees. your extended forecast sunnier day on sunday increasing clouds monday. that will lead to a chance of rain showers tuesday and wednesday. induna is the holiday forecast. kim coyle with sports. reunion between one runner and the woman who saved his life and just how long buster posey says he will be out. sports is next. ,,,,
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that buster posey will return in six to eight weeks... but today, let's say buster posey comes back in august. what do you with them then? put him back as catcher. >> put him on first base and hope he doesn't get hurt. the best thing will be to let it heal and so have you him for the entire next season. the giants remaining optimistic buster posey will return in 6
6:53 pm
to 8 weeks but today he said he will probably miss the rest of the season. coming within one win of getting back to the college world series after opening the opener they lost twice today to alabama. casey riley. alabama wins 1-0. cal kicks off its series tomorrow. the french open. roger federer taking care of businesses against the ninth seed reaching the fourth round for the seventh consecutive win winning in straight sets. looking for her first major title. won't come at the french open. 6-1, 6-3, winning in three sets. kevin mchale their new head coach leaving the warriors and pacers with a coaching vacancy. cutting the ribbon on a
6:54 pm
newly refurbished basketball court courtesy of the warriors and kaiser. giving back to joplin. >> my dad got an rv. we may go and spend a day and a half and try to help out volunteering whatever they need the most. we got thunderstorms that weren't tornadoes associated with that and i was driving home a couple days and trees were falling everywhere so i can't imagine when you add in the tornado how awful it was. the heat are four wins away from silencing any remaining critics. miami will advance to the nba finals. scotty pipin thinking lebron james has a chance to surpass michael jordan. >> he is probably the best scorer to play in the game. but i may go as far to say lebron james may be the greatest player to ever play the game. lebron james will dominate the
6:55 pm
game from offensive end and also doing it on the defensive end which is making him a complete package. >> pipin has always been jealous of jordan. here is something to be jealous of. taking a break for preparing for the nba draft. left his mark on the durham campus with some incredible trick shots. there is my favorite. from the top of the chapel. you could say he threw up a prayer. wanting one thing. to meet the woman who saved his life. yesterday he finally got his wish. >> great. can i give you a hug? >> okay. >> i can believe this. >> for ken, it took an entire year to meet his true guardian angel. >> this is wonderful. i needed a good cry.
6:56 pm
>> her name is ruth rogers. a woman among the crowd who watched his bike collapse at the finish line after competing last year in the bay to breakers stricken with a massive heart attack and for 20 crucial minutes he showed no signs of life until rogers sprung into action with powerful force. >> i'm just blown away that you had no idea i had made it. so that makes it all the more powerful and i'm glad i got in touch with you. >> we do lose patients and you grieve for every one to different degrees. i grieved pretty hard after that. it is a big shock. >> after undergoing quadruple bypass surgery ken was discharged from the hospital in six days. at 53 he is in excellent condition and was ready to put his body to the test again
6:57 pm
running in the 2011 beta breakers. >> i wanted this day for over a year now to be able to say thank you. she took charge and other people that were trying to help me out. >> the reunion of bike and rogers took place with his dog accompanying. his year long search for his savior has earned him friend for life. >> you're a tree hero. what you did. i know. medical professionals are modest and don't want to take credit for things. i would not be standing here today. >> ken is now on a mission promoting cpr awareness and it is really important that everybody knows that. you never know. >> it is crucial. and it is really simple to learn. >> it is. great story. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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