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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  May 28, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. another lane change in the works this weekend. for bay bridge drivers. crews are reconfiguring the lower deck to make room for construction crews to make room for the continued construction of the new eastern span. don knapp is in oakland to explain how the new lane configuration is going to work. don? >> reporter: a holiday weekend, bay bridge construction project, it may bring to mind s curves and i-bars and traffic delays and generate anxiety on the part of motorists but we're told relax, this one is a piece of cake. >> reporter: this is traffic off the bay bridge on the oakland side today. a scene from chopper 5. drivers may have paid little attention to those newly paved lanes on their right. but starting tonight, they will begin driving on them. >> probably around midnight you will start to see us take lanes eastbound, coming off of the bay bridge, into oakland, we're going to be moving all five lanes of traffic to the south. >> reporter: caltrans put this animation on bay bridge to show how it will work. drivers coming off the bridge in the oakland side will be directed to jog a bit to the
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right. on to the new thousand foot long stretch of lane. caltrans does not intend to shut down the bridge or even slow traffic. selected eastbound lanes will be shut down overnight from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. but traffic is expected to move smoothly. >> the reason we're doing this is to gain a little time on our construction schedule. and open the entire bridge at one time. by moving all of the traffic to the south, with this detour and one we will do early next year westbound. we can put a construction theme in between the existing bridge and the new bridge and complete a part of the bridge that is going to take an additional six months to do. >> reporter: what about traffic heading west. nothing for them now. but that is coming too. >> and early next year, westbound, we are going to build out the bridge, the approach a little bit, and shift traffic over, and then once we've made that traffic shift, we're going to surgically remove part of that structure. and that's what is going to give us the space to put a construction crew in between the two bridges. >> reporter: after big closures during a couple past labor days and problems with folks
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adjusting to the s curve, caltrans is taking no chances in what is little more than a jog in the road. >> whenever we affect main line 80 we have to take extra caution in making sure that people understand that their commute is going to change. it has been the same for 50 years. we've been under construction with the bay bridge for a while now. but the alignments don't change that often. we just want people to know. >> reporter: the eastbound detour and the one westbound which will come around the first of next year should be in place for about two years. right up to the time of the new bridge when it is finished. ann? >> don knapp at the bay bridge, thank you. bart riders can also expect delays this weekend, crews will be doing repairs and maintenance on a transbay tube during the overnight hours. it will start after the last train tonight and tomorrow, but it won't wrap up until 2:30 sunday and monday afternoon. expect delays of up to 40 minutes while the work is going on. san jose police are looking for suspects in the city's 21st homicide of the year. an 18-year-old man was found
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stabbed in the 1700 block of shute drive about 4:00 this morning. he later died at the hospital. police are looking into whether it is connected to another murder in the same area wednesday night. in oakland, police are trying to determine if two terrible crimes are connected. officers nabbed a man yesterday after a high speed chase. they believe he is responsible for two armed robberies at pharmacies. one of those pharmacies, it is just two miles from the scene of a home invasion, sexual assault and robbery yesterday. police say there is not necessarily a link, but cbs 5 did learn a detective checking into the robbery suspect's car is a sexual assault detective. checking other bay area headlines, commencement ceremonies at san jose state included a bittersweet moment two. honor students murdered earlier this month received posthumus degrees and scholarships have been set up to honor the mem reufs 25-year-old sidney and
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26-year-old kyle williams, were killed march 10 in the parking garage by sidney's husband who turned the gun on himself. a dui checkpoint in novato netted only two arrests overnight but that was only part of the mission. police picked a location on san marin drive in honor of melanie, who was killed at the spot two years ago. melanie's father showed up as a reminder to holiday traxers no the to drink and drive. they're clearing the air a bit at the port of oakland. a new program has been launched this week to allow containership ships to shut down the ships while docked and plug into cleaner electrical power. the switch to shoreline power will eliminate thousands of tons of toxic emissions each year. an airman from northern california has been killed in afghanistan. 32-year-old tech sergeant christopher soulsby from citrus heights died when an improvised device detonated in the kandahar
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province. he had been in afghanistan since january. he was due to return home this summer. honoring those who died in the line of duty is the purpose of a touching memorial day tradition. thousands of scouts fanned out across the golden gate national cemetery to place american flags on each of the 138,000 graves. >> we're just showing how much we care, and that what they've done for our country is not just looked upon and looked away. they are true heroes to us. >> about 2500 boy scout, girl scouts and cub scouts helped decorate the grave sites today. the groups have been doing this every memorial day weekend for more than 50 years. column right. march. step left. >> they serve in a very different way. but there were honors today for two san francisco police horses. hawk is 25 years old and served with the sfpd since 1998.
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the handlers say he is healthy but tired. hunter, the bay horse has served since 2004. he suffered a leg injury and no longer running. both are retired to a ran inch sonoma county. -- ranch in sonoma county. one of the bay area's wealthiest communities but a food bank that just opened is doing a lot of business. why some residents say there is still a strong need to feed the hungry. a catch 22, standing in the path of closing state parks, why the governor's plan is getting a thumb's down in washington. well, folks, we're starting to see a break in the showers. the sun is peeking through. the pinpoint forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rbecues this w
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ep some of you might be planning memorial day pot lucks or barbecues this weekend, but keep in mind these days, lots of people have a hard time just getting something to eat. even people in affluent bay area communities. anne makovec shows us the help now available in marin county. >> organic celery. >> reporter: the bad news here is that there are a lot of people who find themselves at pantries who never thought they would be at a pantry. the good news, they have a new
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place to go. the fairfax community church. it opened two weeks ago. and since then, the number of people coming has doubled. >> i was happy to know that it was right here. because i live two blocks away. and i don't have to get the big box of stuff and try to figure out how to get it home. >> reporter: this unemployed single mom used to hitchhike five miles to the nearest pantry. >> i pretty much live here and carry the food back to my place. >> reporter: his place is a tent in the forest. and then there are the seniors who can't make ends meet. >> right now i'm waiting for my ssi, and just a few more days, this will tied me over until then. >> reporter: marin county has always been known as an affluent community. its unemployment rate is 7.6%. the lowest in two years. and the lowest in california. but still, there are lots of people who need help. >> that's the stereotype. and then there is the reality. in reality, something very different. and i think that all of us have to wake up to the needs that are
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here. >> so many people competing for jobs right now that i find that it makes it a lot harder. you just can't walk into a place anymore and ask for a job. >> reporter: the food bank hopes to open three more pantries in marin county this year. using volunteers and donated space. >> we want to be accessible to the families who need it. >> reporter: and it can't solve all of the problems but if it can help a little bit, we're all over it. in fairfax, anne makovec, cbs 5 eyewitness news. the governor's plan to save money by closing state parks has hit a snag. federal officials say the state cannot close 16 of the parks on the governor's list because they receive federal funds that require the parks to stay open. among the parks that get federal money are castle rock state park in santa clara county, and candlestick point in san francisco. that's good news for park users . >> we need an outlet to go to. and this is close to home. a beautiful site, you know. a lot of people would be hurt by
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that. >> if the state closes the parks, the national park service could declare california ineligible for future federal park grants. major progress on a wildfire burning in southern california. despite strong winds fanning the flame, firefighters have circled half of the flames which have burned about 1400 acres near bakersfield. thousands of people in the recreation area of lake isabella were evacuated briefly but tonight, their homes and no properties have been lost. we've been dodging showers but it is bad news for the holiday weekend. the pinpoint forecast is next. the raindrops are no match for carnival lovers. the holiday festivities when we come back. ,,,,,,
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costumed anime they are always a colorful cast. thousands of costumed anime fans converged in san jose. and you can find pretty much everything at the convention center from gaming tournaments to karaoke and dancing and anime art. it is also raising money for the victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. the convention runs through monday. and a lovely carnival celebration in san francisco's
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mission district today. the first day of the multi-cultural event included food and music and dancing and the party continues tomorrow. with a grand parade, featuring giants mascot and spectacular costumes tomorrow morning at 9:30 at 24th and bryant street. a little bit of rain came our way this afternoon. let's ask erika martinez if we will have rain tomorrow. >> we won't. that's good news. let's get to the point. we won't have rain for tomorrow. it will be absolutely beautiful partly cloudy skies. but we already see a break in the showers so far. so we can't complain too badly. it is not that bad at all. we're not going to have rain for tomorrow. conditions will be actually a little bit warmer. and that's the good thing. let's look at doppler. let's take a look outside and then doppler radar. you can see a lot of clearing going on right now. we are still having low and mid-level clouds. but that's going to clear up, by tomorrow, and of course, by the
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all-important memorial day weekend, that's what we want to know. a quick look at the doppler radar loop and you can see here that we do have the moisture drops, advancing towards the southeast, and they're going to clear out by tonight. and again, by tomorrow, leaving us with a partly cloudy day. that sun is going to peek through. for tonight, let's take a look at what we can expect. mostly cloudy conditions. showers as well. inland, 53 degrees. as we move on in, we can see that the low is making its way in from the northwest, again bringing in some instability so we have some showers for tonight, and dry and windy, sunday, and on top, let's take a look at the lows for this evening, keeping it mainly in the 40s. concord, 47. and oakland, 49 for you. along with san francisco and pacifica. and making our way into the highs, and 70s for tomorrow. 73 in napa. fairfield, 74. 72 for concord. livermore seeing 70s as well.
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and finally let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. your extended forecast. you can see here that conditions are definitely going to be a lot nicer, for the beginning of the workweek but then we will see increasing cloud coverage, and increasing moisture as well and showers possible by tuesday night, and lingering through wednesday, and possibly thursday but here is a look at your extended forecast, and well, friday looks a lot better, and saturday also looks really good as well. mostly clear sky conditions. here is a quick look at our memorial day forecast. folks, things are definitely going to be a lot nicer for monday. and we will see anywhere from 56 to about 72 degrees. and partly cloudy sky conditions. be sure to get out there. and eno your memorial day weekend. kim, on to you. >> thanks, erika. now djokovic puts his winning streak on the line in paris. the brewers got the giants by surprise. the finish next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of course, wednesday night was so devastating for giants fans when they saw the hit. >> it was really hard to watch. and now, it is part of the conversations, whether there should be a rule change or not a rule change and what lane do you take. and it is such a split decision and no one felt worse about it than scott cousins who is just really upset. he actually tried to hand-deliver a note which he did to the giants clubhouse for buster but buster wasn't in there at the time.
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hopefully buster will feel better and get that surgery and get back by next season. one day after hitting a grand slam in the major league debut, brandon crawford was back on the bench. manny burres got the nod and went one for four. jonathan sanchez allowed two hits and struck out eight. he never had a chance for the win. bottom of the first, carlos sanchez down the right field line and gets under the glove of cody ross and rolls to the wall. speedy gomez kicks into high gear and comes all the way around for an inside the park homer although i think the official scorer might want to rethink that decision. the giants offense finally woke up in the 8th. pat burrell, sneaks a single to the left field sign and aaron rowand beats the score for the tying run. only burrell's second rbi in the last 10 days. that's got to change. the brewers have a suicide squeeze perfectly. and ryan brawn slides down the line to win it. the brewers beat the giants 3-2. before the giants left for
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milwaukee, reliever jeremy made a trip to see bryan stow who remains hospitalized after being attacked on opening night in l.a. >> for me, i know i grabbed his hand and i just talked with him, i prayed with him a little bit and he looked at me. and you know, so i got to -- he looked over at me, it seemed like there was some stimuli there going on. but you know, for me, it was tough to take in, because there was some pretty good damage done there. and i had to kind of absorb that as well. but it was good as well, it puts a lot of things in perspective. >> yes, certainly does. cal's joline henderson pitched the 17th shutout of the season and frannie esther rivera the first homer of the year to lead the bears to a 1-0 win over kentucky in the opener of the super regional. cal is now one win away from advancing to the college world series. french open. the women's side may be lacking star power with both williams sisters injured. and the top two seeds already
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eliminated. but on the men's side, the big three of federer, nadal and djokovic all survived the first week. djokovic has won 42 straight matches. he beats juan martin val porto in four sets. to advance to the round of 16. and is now four wins away from tying the record, 46 match winning streak. wouldn't you know it, he is also four wins away from winning the french open. and 86,000 at wembley stadium for the championship between manchester united and barcelona. 34th minute, barcelona up 1-0 when wayne rooney plays a little give and go with ryan drigs, and scores and gets man u on the board but barcelona took the lead in the 84th martin luther king. with the 53rd goal here. and for the third time in six season, the champion league title belongs to barcelona and
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they beat man u, 3-1. sergio garcia was not amused to see a mariachi band waiting for him after he bogeyed 16. and it was a good thing they didn't follow him to 18. he bogeyed again. and finishes with a 74. fortunately, ryan palmer also struggled down the stretch. with bogeys on three of the final five holes. he leads sergio by one stroke. the course is certainly winning this weekend this irving. only 15 players are under par. lebron and the heat have been criticized all year for the decision and the welcome party that followed. but there has been one person in their corner from the beginning. miami radio host dan lee betard. >> they got them all. >> discounted. gangsters. pimps. guns. godfather.
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we got them all. everybody wanted one of them. we got them all! >> give it to me again. give it to me again? the point at the end. lebron got them all. everyone wanted one of them. he got them all. lebron can't close. lebron can't close anything. except for an overtime game. except for an elimination game. except for boston's window. except for the season of a hallowed franchise. lebron can't close anything. happy lebron-ica. if the heat win, he is going to be out of control. one thing that is interesting, the mavs play in the american airlines center. the heat play in the american airlines arena. and officials say that it is an estimated $95 million in exposure for american airlines. with all of the signage on the scoreboard and the floor. so it should be good for them. they only paid like $8 million a year for both arenas.
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>> a year. >> well, thank you. speaking of airlines a rough landing for passengers on a delta airline flight. smoke and flames pour from the jet as it sits on the runway. several passengers are hurt. the two things investigators are looking at, as the cause of this mishap, that and more tonight at 10:00 on the cw, and 11:00 right here on cbs 5. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. we hope to see you back here again at 11:00. until then, the latest news and weather is on cbs-sf .com. consider v-a great night. ,,,,,,
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