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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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across the span. i just checked with chp reports of an injury accident along 101, first back to frank and sydnie. thanks very much. 5:00 p.m. two people dead another critical injuries after a triple shooting in oakland. this all happened last night at a motorcycle club international boulevard. ann makovec is in oakland where so far, i understand police don't have much to go on. >> they are not releasing a lot of information about this shooting they are still investigating it here at oakland police department it happened a few miles away on international boulevard this was the look we got at the scene, just about an hour ago. police had cleared the area, that is the east beta gone's motorcycle club,le -- dragon's motorcycle club, international boulevard a man and woman are dead, one woman in critical condition sent to high land hospital in oakland. i just got off the phone with
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an officer here they say they have no new information on her condition but also had not heard whether or not she passed away so we are hoping she is okay at this point. two dead no information on the shooter could it have been one of the victims again we are waiting for more information from police this morning. thanks very much ann makovec in oakland. a san jose mother of five murdered police are looking for help finding her killer the 35- year-old woman was found shot to death inside her mercedes on ambler way saturday night a wounded 20-year-old man who showed up at a nearby hospital may be connected to the case no names are being released. investigators say witnesses have not been co-operative. san jose ' murder rate has already surpassed the total for all of last year. first five months 2011 there have already been 24 homicides just 20 in all of 2010 although that was the city's lowest total in a couple decades.
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5:01 a.m. a nursing student that disappeared friday still missing this morning, kit doe in hayward where the woman's car was found but no sign of her. good morning. >> exactly. yeah. a huge potential source of clues there. that 2010 honda crx police found it parked on the street a couple blocks away which was unusual she normally puts it in the garage parking lot here at the hospital. as of yesterday investigators were getting search warrants to break into the car. lee was last seen on the kaiser property friday owning the 26- year-old left for a break during a nursing class and never came back. she was supposed to pick up a friend and go to reno for the weekend police tried calling her cell phone there was no answer it has been traced to cell towers in fremont and oakland and police are hoping the car provides more clue. nothing necessarily points to foul play from the outside of the vehicle but obviously we want to go inside the vehicle and check for papers, receipts,
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notes directions anything at all that may lead us to michelle and where she might be right now. >> one more note about the car there, investigators believe she herself did drive it from the parking garage and then parked it and locked it on the street. she is 5'6", black hair, brown eyes lives with a roommate in san mateo has family in san jose. if you have information, hayward police want you to give them a call. back to you. kit doe live in hayward. >> expect delays if you plan to use bart to get between san francisco and the east bay crews will work 2:30 p.m. this afternoon pa that power the track trans bay two. customers on those lines will have to transfer to the pittsburgh bay point line. delays could be up to 40 minutes plan ahead. >> good news for drivers heading eastbound, bay bridge a
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lane change finished ahead of schedule no detour on the holiday a slight detour to the right this weekend, on the eastbound lane so crews could work on the new span looking ahead temporary cat walk will be built on the new structure soon early next year another detour from westbound traffic but sounds like they are ahead of schedule. >> good news. 5:04 a.m., let's check traffic and weather speaking of good news, lawrence has joined us permanently on the morning show he will be with us monday through friday with that in mind i have to ask you, are you going to barbecue or take a nap this afternoon now you are on the show permanently? >> if my little girl will let me sleep i would love to get some rest but i will drink lots of coffee on this shift for certain. >> we love having you. >> glad you are here my friend. >> and it is good to be here. mostly clear skies, we don't have that big ridge of high
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pressure and that is why we have showers on saturday. unforchew theyly a lot more -- unfortunately a lot more rain. temperatures 40s and 50s headed out the door by the afternoon should see partly cloudy skies around the bay area numbers in the 60s. 70s well inland. 56 degrees san jose, redwood city, santa rosa. next couple days here we go another storm system dives into the bay area bringing a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday i think we catch a break on thursday then maybe more rain can you believe it on friday and saturday, boy that is a tough way to start out my workweek giana >> i know. >> people are going to say send that guy back to the weekend. >> they might but hopefully things will change. we will see sun unfortunately it is a holiday but no relief on the roadways, southbound 101, university, a blocked lane, injury wreck or vehicle hit a pole there. again they have shut down the
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right lane to that area so use caution the good news not a lot of folks are on the roadway northbound 85, eastbound fremont off ramp that remains shut down for an injury accident they are working on clearing in out of the roadway, 85, not effected looking okay through that importance of the roadway a live look at the golden gate bridge one bright spot not a lot of cars on the roadway, if you are taking richmond san raphael bridge, 80 and 101 traffic moving pretty well it is a holiday i don't know what is going on. back to you guys. we could send you home giana. >> yeah. >> i will say. >> thanks. maybe we should make a phone call to elizabeth and wake her up. >> if she has gone to bed yet we don't know. >> exactly. 5:06 a.m., president obama gets a close up look at the tornado devastation. closure, more than 30 years in the making, controversial
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memorial that almost didn't happen why the battle is not over yet. >> she made a promise to a missing war veteran when she was 12 years old a special honor for a bay area woman ,,,,,, [ yawns ] [ magical chime ]
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♪ [ people cheering ] [ girl ] whoo hoo!
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good morning east palo alto, chp shut down the right lane to clear this one out of the way. back to the news sydnie. >> thanks very much. 5:09 a.m. a controversial memorial for victims of the jones town massacre was officially unvailed in oakland this weekend. it pays tribute to 918 people who died including the cult leader, jim jones who ordered
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his followers to commit suicide in 1978 a relative of some of the victims filed suit to keep his name off that memorial but a judge rejected it. >> i for gave him years ago that is what contributed to my healing i had to forgive him. you can't heal if there is no forgiveness. >> but the woman who filed the lawsuit plans to file another to erase his name off the memorial jone's son donated $20,000 to help install the monument. memorial day observances planned around the bay area today among them the annual parade and ceremony at the presidio san francisco parade will begin 10:30. the ceremony scheduled 11:00 a.m. this morning. government holiday for alwayses, banks, schools, and post offices and most local
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transit systems running on a transit schedule. parking meters not being enforced san jose and oakland but they are here in san francisco. feed the meter here in the city. president obama back in the nations capital. >> he will visit nearby arlington national cemetery for the annual breath laying ceremony at the tomb of the -- where's laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. they will host a breakfast for family who is have lost loved ones in combat. they paid a visit to joplin missouri he vowed the nation would stand by the people of joplin. the cameras may leave, the spotlight may shift, but we will be with you every step of the way until joplin is restored and this community is back on its feet. we are not going any where. the president spoke at the city's mow mori can't like service for people -- memorial service for people killed by
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last week's tornado. 39 are still unaccounted for. missing records on the main suspect in the brian stowe beating how they could have helped police catch him sooner. >> buster pope is he's season ending surge -- posey's season ending surgery. your forecast today, cleared to take off san francisco, 60 degrees for a high partly cloudy skies no delays to speak of looking pretty good as we head to the southern parts of the state as we see houston checking in 90 degrees, partly cloudy skies, as you head further east, atlanta, expecting things to look good there as well. not bad weather, 92 on the hot side plenty of sunshine coming your way. more on your local forecast in a few minutes ,,,,
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stories... police in oakland are investigating a triple shooting two people 5:15 a.m. check of this mornings top stories, police in oakland investigating a triple shooting that left two people dead this happened 9:20 a.m., motorcycle club, international boulevard a third victim is at high land
5:16 am
hospital with life threatening injuries. hayward police leading the search for a missing nursing student. michelle lee, she took a break from class friday night at kaiser hospital and never returned her car was found later just a few blocks away. more detailed parole records may have lead to an earlier arrest in the suspect at the los angeles dodgers stadium beating. the records of ramirez did not include his tattoos. good morning folks getting up early on this memorial day a couple clouds around the skies right now. partly cloudy skies across the bay area, can't get that ridge of high pressure to build in a couple more waves of moisture, just clouds no rain to speak of that is the way it will stay for memorial day after that it will change partly cloudy skies, 60s. low 70s well inland by the afternoon inside the bay
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breezy, already seeing winds kicking up right now, 60s for the most part here, up toward the coastline expect low clouds and fog better part of the day and temperatures cool, mainly 50s. so yeah, not your typical memorial day not bad 40s and 50s all around the bay area partly cloudy skies, low cloud extending out toward the coastline some of that stretching inside the bay as we head toward the afternoon skies will part just a bit and sneak in a little sunshine we are not done with the rainfall just yet this guy barreling in the gulf of alaska, that will dive in bringing with us another chance of rain as we head in toward tomorrow today just a few clouds moving on through after that things will get exciting as we head in toward the next few days things will not wind down as far as rain is concerned temperatures looking like this, 69 degrees, morgan hill, 66 sunny vail and campbell up towards the beaches
5:18 am
bundle up those numbers expected to be only in the 50s. east bay a few low 70s but you got to go well inland places like antioch, brent wood could see low 70s there liver more 69 degrees. 68 walnut creek. 61 degrees breezy richmond north bay temperatures running cool, 66 degrees napa, 64 petaluma, 50s out toward the coastline. this is where things get interesting over the next couple days tuesday a chance of showers, wednesday another chance of rainfall we catch a break thursday but then yet another storm system drops in, come friday, and possibly into saturday, and this is really turning out to be the season of rain, that just won't end. giana. >> i know what is going on. >> at some point it has got to stop. >> at least it will be sunny and dry on the roadways, that is good news for everyone to get out and enjoy barbecues, 101 problematic, southbound, university, an accident one lane blocked they are wrapping
5:19 am
it up not effecting too much traffic lots of green as you work your way through not a lot of folks on the roadway, they just reopened the fremont off ramp, everything completely cleared, no delays, traffic looking nice. 880, overall traffic looking good headed northbound past the coliseum, through oakland towards the maze no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza, southbound 880 problem free headed into hayward taking the san mateo bridge, traffic light looking at a 13 to 14 minute ride, 880 to 101 and 101 northbound headed toward sfo dunbarton bridge checking in problem free traffic light as you work your way through no major snags to report headed towards 880, via the dunbarton bridge take a look at the golden gate bridge, traffic looking good both directions no delays autoof marin county. don't forget muni, cal train, they are running on holiday
5:20 am
sunday schedule. maintenance schedules for bart you will see delays later on today, and ace, no service, so don't forget that, no work through there today. 101 live look in the south bay as you work your way through santa clara, traffic off to a very nice start very very clear easy breezy, that is a look at this mornings drive back to you >> i counted four cars on that highway. 5:20 a.m. pg&e and other utilities calling for softer state regulations on power poles the public utilities commission their current policy says the poles need to be built and maintained so they quote will not fail but san jose mercury news says utilities feel that is an impossible standard. yuletytys in california had to pay -- utilitys in california had to pay millions in damages. pg&e crews are working to fix an under ground transformer that exploded at the
5:21 am
embarcadero, it happened near pier 3 and blew two manholes into the air. no word on what caused the explosion no body was hurt. buster posey will more than likely be on crutches until fall. >> they are already missing him. >> they have had a tough week. >> he under went season ending surgery yesterday, two screws had to be inserted in his leg to help stabilize his left ankle. poster expected to under -- posey expected to under go another procedure in two months if all goes well he should be ready for next season. certainly hope so. >> they got what swept by florida and not doing too well in milwaukee. come on back soon. 5:21 a.m., next stop retirement the final journey in space for shuttle endeavor. a pint sized patriot gets the attention of city hall. coming up ,,,,,, hey marcel, watch this!
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fidelity investments. turn here. i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. international space station for the final time. the shuttle undocked late last 's final space shuttle endeavour left the international space station for the last time. endeavor 's final mission including four space walks and a variety of repairs to the space station. it will land in florida
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thursday morning. and put on display in los angeles eventually. atlantis will fly to the space station in july. city of walnut creek will honor a woman who showed decades of dedication to a war veteran she never knew. >> when kathy strong was 12 she put on a bracelet in honor of james moore land missing in action in vietnam she vowed to wear that bracelet until he was found she wore it for 38 years until she attended his funeral earlier this month. strong will be honored in walnut creek's memorial day observance 10:00 a.m. this morning at civic park. city salute for memorial day southern california. >> 8-year-old luke smith a proud member of the young marines noticed the flag that flew over ocean side pier was tattered and torn so he decided to do something about it he wrote to the city's mayor. >> dear mr. mayor. >> all of a sudden i read 8- year-old boy and young marine i
5:26 am
thought oh, boy this is shocking i am proud >> i think it is disrespectful to our country and the people who fight for it i would be pleased if you would replace it thank you sir for your attention your friend luke 8 years old. he had the flag replaced and sent luke a proclamation for taking pride and protecting the stars and stripes. >> good for him. time 5:26 a.m. your eyes are not playing tricks on you why medicine these days are listing more side-effects. >> race for president growing a bit more complicated . what we can expect in a few days. three people shot at an outdoor party two died. new details on an investigation that went under way coming up. nursing student has been missing for three days now, in hayward.
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good monday morning may 30th. happy memorial day i am frank mallicoat. >> i am sydnie kohara. your time coming up 5:30 a.m.
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let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. lawrence has -- i have a feeling a lot of people are sitting there with the covers over their head. >> i think that is a pretty darned good idea enjoy it while you can pretty nice day coming your way. you will want to get out later on cool up toward the coastline a lot of low clouds hugging the coast better part of the day temperatures mainly 50s. daily city get inside the bay 60s partly cloudy skies, some temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon enjoy it folks more rain coming more on that in a moment let's check on traffic with giana. thank you if you have to go to work you are in for a good ride live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic light, no major delays a nice ride as you work your way across the upper deck san francisco, no troubles out of san francisco into oakland. we have a wreck on the peninsula details coming up back to you. thank you 5:30 a.m. a triple shooting in oakland has left two people dead
5:31 am
another critically injured the shots rang out last night at a motorcycle club on international boulevard. ann joins us now from police headquarters, so far investigators don't have much to go on ann. >> no, and they are not saying a lot about the investigation just that a man and woman did die and another woman was shot she is in critical condition she was taken to high land hospital i did just get off the phone with an officer who said she is still alive hopefully she will be okay. take a look at the scene this happened 8:20 p.m. last night we went by the motorcycle club 4:00 a.m. this morning east beta gone's motorcycle -- east bay, dragon's motorcycle club. police had cleared the scene there was an outdoor party going on there just before the shooting occurred and one person opened fire. other people may also have been injured just not as seriously as the man and woman who died and again the woman who was
5:32 am
sent away in critical condition. crime stoppers has already put out an offer for $20,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of a shooter in this case. hopefully, oakland police will be able to crack it some time soon we are here at their headquarters where the investigation continues. ann makovec live in oakland. thanks. >> san jose police are searching for the the person who killed a mother of five. the 35-year-old victim was found shot to death inside her mercedes, 4,000 block ambler way, saturday night. a wounded 20-year-old man who showed up at valley medical center may have been connected to the case no names are being released investigators say witnesses have not been co- operative. >> san jose's murder rate has surpassed the total for all of last year. first five months 2011 there have been 24 homicides already, 20 in all of 2010, although that was the city's lowest total in a couple decades.
5:33 am
5:32 a.m. a student who went out for a break during nursing class has disappeared, kit doe live in hayward where police say they have found the woman's car. kit good morning. good morning investigators as of yesterday were working to get a search warrant to break into that car and hopefully they will find receipts, notes whatever clues that might provide information as to her where abouts officers found her late model honda, parked on a street a couple miles away which was unusual since he parks it in the garage. lee was last seen friday, 7:00 p.m., kaiser property, the 26- year-old left for a break during a nursing class and never came back. she was supposed to pick up a friend and go to reno for the weekend police tried calling her cell phone but no answer. the signal has been traced to cell towers, fremont, union city, oakland detectives are not ruling out foul play.
5:34 am
>> we are interviewing people and trying to identify who is currently in her life. both friends, boyfriends, anyone she may have had an argument with. nothing has come to light just yet. >> lee is 5'6", black hair, brown eyes lives with a roommate but has family in san jose if you have information hayward police want you to give them a call. >> kit doe in hayward. all right time for a little weather and traffic we have lawrence now monday through friday our weather man extraordinary for the morning show. >> look what happens. lawrence, we bring you in. >> first full week, rain across the board. >> people are going to say that's enough send that guy back. yeah, folks this is something else usually we are starting to talk about high pressure building in lots of warm temperatures outside haven't seen that big ridge building in we are left in between clouds rolling across the skies now. it will stay dry today after that, boy, things get interesting as we head toward the week.
5:35 am
40s and 50s. this hour, partly cloudy skies inside the bay, interior skies. mostly cloudy toward the coastline. clouds will linger out towards the beaches temperatures 50s. partly cloudy skies, 50s elsewhere, well inland today get a load of this forecast, chance of showers tomorrow another chance comes wednesday, thursday we catch a break but friday, and saturday, yes, another chance of more rain. giana. you are just getting the bad stuff out of the way first. all right over to the san mateo bridge wind advisory in effect keep your hands on the steering wheel, between hayward and foster city, very light holiday light traffic cruising right along both directions headed toward 880 and 101 we have an accident chp on the scene, looks like the right lane is blocked but still very light on the roadways lots of green looking around 65 miles per hour as you work your way through altamonte pass typically we see delays around
5:36 am
this time, through the pass. not the case very nice ride as you work westbound 580, just west of there as you work your way through dublin, 101, san jose, santa clara, there is my camera, 580, traffic very light no major snags in that area. back to you. all right giana thanks, 5:36 a.m. key information reportedly left off the parole records but the man accused of attacking brian stowe outside dodger stadium in los angeles, san francisco examiner said ramirez's tattoo descriptions were never entered in the data base it may have identified him as a suspect sooner. it was a tip from his parole officeer that lead into the break for the two month old break. ramirez has not yet been charged but are confident he will be. >> men low park patrol officers can expect to see a cut in
5:37 am
hours and pay officers will work 100 fewer hours a year and take a 5% pay cut as a result union reps are still in any new york caucasians about the change in hours -- still in negotiations about the change. president obama back many washington today to take part in me mori can't like day ceremonies he will visit nearby arlington to take part in the wreath laying ceremony. he and first lady michelle will start the day hosting a breakfast for families who have lost loved ones in combat that is set to begin a half hour from now. on to politics with the race for republican presidential nomination seems to be getting more and more complicated. joel brown has more on who is about to jump into the race and who is taking a wait and see approach. alaska governor sarah palin made a roaring start to an east coast tour fueling speculation she is preparing to run for
5:38 am
republican presidential nomination. palin and her family hopped on motorcycles to take part in an annual memorial day weekend event called rolling thunder to honor veterans. >> it is a debt of gratitude we owe our veterans. >> it is not political, so the estimated 250,000 participants had mixed reactions about her presence. >> just right here this is about unity i don't hear that coming from sarah palin. >> i would love to vote for her if she runs for president. >> her tour of historical sites heads to a bus ending in the state of new hampshire. >> she is testing waters out delivering her message. >> palin could shake up a race that is still very uncertain she gave no indication yesterday she would run and she is yet to build a campaign organization. unlike other republicans intended. mitt romney is expected to make a formal announcement he will run thursday former
5:39 am
pennsylvania sen tore, will launch his campaign next month and tim polenti is working at name recognition. >> 30% of the republicans know my name. >> there are possible contenders, michelle balk man, rick perry, rudy giuliani republican donors are waiting before they sign their checks. it is 5:39 a.m. a controversial memorial now unvailed in east bay why the legal fight over the jones town tribute is far from over. plus, out for the season, buster posey, there he is, on crutches, the outlook trainers are giving for the san francisco's catcher. coming up dad, i was wondering if you've -- what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair?
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all right folks she is just getting up on this memorial day. a couple clouds floating on by. not bad. bay bridge, looking good so far. more clouds gathering out towards the coastline cool toward the beaches and winds starting to kick in as well. still, going the squeeze in sunshine for you as we head throughout the day partly cloudy to begin with winds blowing out toward the coastline by the afternoon, we will continue inside the bay out toward the beaches, 50s and 60s head well inland. 50s and 60s. well below average for this time of year. 51 degrees liver more, 49 san jose, 49 san francisco and 48 degrees san raphael. if you do plan on heading around the state you will find clouds, further north you go, rain in towards eureka. 67 degrees, partly cloudy skies in towards redding, lake tahoe,
5:43 am
cool, 52 degrees overnight lows dipping down low 30s. be prepared if you head to high country unseasonably cold temperatures in that direction. speaking of unseasonably next storm system diving in out of the gulf of alaska could bring us more rain if you can believe that that will not happen until tomorrow for today partly cloudy skies, mixture of sunshine temperatures, yeah, not real warm but not too cold, inland out toward the beaches, plan on numbers out towards the immediate coast. 65 degrees in union city, east bay temperatures 70s. well inland if you are going to get close as you head towards liver more, 69, 68 dublin and 68 degrees in walnut creek. our friends in the north bay should enjoy warm clouds, 63 san anselmo and 65 degrees
5:44 am
bodega bay. wintery weather, showers, tomorrow chance of showers continuing into wednesday maybe a break thursday but boy, you know what, we could very well see another storm system friday into this next weekend. time for traffic check with giana. live to the bay bridge metering lights off, no delays as you work your way, traffic light for this memorial day clear across the upper deck san francisco, a pretty nice ride this morning. over to the golden gate bridge, look at this where is everybody they are sleeping. not bad at all traffic clear out marin county things looking good no one on the roadways lots of good news to report there. both directions of the san mateo bridge not a bad drive wind advisory in effect. if you are taking 880 this morning, very light conditions northbound clear all the way towards the maze southbound easy ride as you head toward hayward. 880 to the south bay, earlier at southbound university, tow truck arrived on scene
5:45 am
everything cleared out of the right scene over the shoulder all this green on the roadways, everything clears through there. headed 101 towards sfo traffic light. taking mass transit, holiday sunday schedule, no ace service, muni cal train on sunday schedule. they are doing maintenance trans bay two, single tracking until 2:30 p.m., people changing trains or making transfers out of the east bay you will have to do that at 12th street. plan for that. south bay live look 101 near great america parkway santa clara, very light everything cruising right along. don't forget kcbs. you would thing it was a holiday. oh, yeah, it is. a check of today's top stories oakland police searching for suspects in a triple shooting last night gunfire killed two people
5:46 am
critically injury add woman at a motorcycle club, international boulevard. surviving woman is now in the hospital with life threatening injuries. search on for a missing hayward nursing student who vanished during class break. 26-year-old michelle lee has not been seen since friday night kaiser medical center. her car was found a few blocks from the hospital police plan to search it now for clues. space shuttle endeavour scheduled to make its final return to earth early wednesday morning florida it undocked from the international space station last night after it lands only one more space shuttle flight before the fleet is retired. controversial memorial for victims of the jones town massacre has been officially unvailed in oakland. it pays tribute to 918 people who died including the cult leader, jim jones who ordered his followers to commit suicide in 1978. a relative of some of the victims filed suit to keep his name off the memorial but a judge rejected it.
5:47 am
i for gave him years ago. that was what contributed to my healing i had to forgive him. you cannot heal if there is no forgiveness. >> but the woman who filed the lawsuit says she plans to file another one, toker race his name from the mow mori can't like. his son donated $20,000 to help install the monument. >> city of walnut creek will honor a woman who showed decades of dedication to a war veteran she never knew. >> when kathy strong was 12 years old she put on a bracelet in honor of james moore land, missing in vietnam she vowed the wear it until he was found, she wore it for 38 years until she attended his tune i can't like this month. a number of memorial day observances planned in the memorial day. a ceremony at presidio parade will begin 10:30 a.m.,
5:48 am
ceremonies 11:00 a.m. this morning others include san jose oak hill memorial park 10:00 a.m. and golden gate cemetery san bruno 10:30 a.m. a holiday for some, government office and federal state employees, and local as well they are off including the post office, no mail today, banks closed so are schools so kids are home most of the transit systems are running on a sunday schedule, parking meters are not enforced in san jose or oakland but san francisco, you are going to have to feed the meter. >> a live look at arlington national cemetery. people have started to pay tribute to some of america's bravest. president obama and the first lady will host a breakfast for family who is have lost loved ones in combat, they will then take part in a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. all coming up. unsafe and unhappy, why more women are upset about the revised guidelines for breast
5:49 am
cancer screenings. crucial week for injured giant fan brian stowe the new problem doctors have the closely watch over the next week dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. they're itchy, dry and uncomfortable. i can't wait to take 'em out, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? get the contacts you've got to see to believe. acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses. feel how hydraclear® plus keeps your eyes exceptionally comfortable all day long. it feels like it disappeared on my eye. [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. and if you're not 100 percent satisfied, you get your money back. guaranteed. are they on? 'cause they don't feel like they are. [ male announcer ] acuvue® oasys brand. see what could be.
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what makes hershey's s'mores special? hershey's chocolate goodness, that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more. you make it special. pure hershey's. breast cancer screenings... and t on prescrip welcome back. more women unhappy about breast
5:52 am
cancer screenings and something different on prescription medications, terrell brown has today's top health stories. >> a new study show it is vast majority of women are not happy about revised guidelines involving routine breast cancer screens. 8 out of 10 women surveyed said recommendations issued in 2009 are unsafe they recommend women should not get routine mammograms if over 40 and should only get the screening two years, between ages 50 and 74 a shift from previous recommendations of yearly mammograms for women over age 40 it was conducted by researchers from university of massachusetts medical school. >> you are not seeing things if you think you see more warnings on medications, the average is 70 per medication the change might be because manufacturers are worried about litigation versus actual up swing in side- effects researchers analyzed more than 5600 drug labels more than a half million possible
5:53 am
side-effects. >> high doses of vitamin c and e may not help women avoid a dangerous complication of pregnancy. the analysis of nine studies showed those who took large doses of the vitamins didn't show greater risk of not developing pree clamp sei yeah,. i am terrell brown, cbs news, new york. 5:53 a.m. this week doctors hope the see more progress with injured san francisco giants fan brian stowe they are slowly lowering his fourth seizure medication loved ones say he should be off it in the next few days, doctors are treating blood clots that have formed in the beating victim's legs as well. giants catcher buster posey will more than likely be on crutches until september. he under went season ending surgery yesterday, two screws
5:54 am
inserted in his leg to help stabilize his left ankle. he is expected to under go another procedure in two months if all goes well he should be ready for next season. got to get around the left traffic. >> no, no,. >> he hit the wall. can you believe it? dramatic finish to indy 500, hildebrand from sausalito this close to winning the race until he crashed into the wall final turn giving dan weldon his second win at indy 500. hind brand was so close he slid in. all he had to do was make turn four and coast. that was quite a ways back. >> agonizing. >> we are talking about smores. >> camped out including the
5:55 am
smores and all the things you do on a weather weekend. >> -- on a holiday weekend. >> you join our team permanently and bring this rain you want to make a lasting impression don't you. >> we have seen more rain in the forecast this week than in quite some time. >> you know what i say to that? >> fix it. >> hey folks, at least we are looking at pretty good weather partly cloudy skies. >> barbecuing, wear a sweater. >> true [ overlapping voices ] >> tuesday and wednesday showers coming back. we will give you a break thursday. >> great. >> by friday and next weekend another storm zit em drops in and looks like -- system drops in and looks like another chance of rain as we head towards friday and saturday. >> that's right. >> nice in july. >> yeah. >> maybe august. all right how about the good news the good news freeways look great not a bad ride at all through milpitas,
5:56 am
237, cruising right along, not even one car maybe one. not bad at all. >> this looks deserted. one little guy going to work. >> taking advantage of the sun today. both directions san mateo bridge wind advisory, use caution light between hay wood and foster city delays along highway 4 through antioch, nothing everything clear looking good through the altamonte pass. >> golden gate bridge a little bit ago. >> no body you could have walked across >> i sit there and count. >> good for them i am happy they can sleep in. thanks very much. all righty, 5:56 a.m. next half hour, deadly air strike afghanistan why u.s. generals are apologizing for it. >> gunfire breaks out at a block party at least two people have died the latest on the
5:57 am
investigation coming up. and it has been three days and still no sign of a missing nursing student in hayward. i am kit doe with a live report coming up i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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5:59 am
the search for clues after a double homicide what oakland police are saying about deadly violence at a motorcycle club. bay area nursing student vanishes but her car is found how it could answer a lot of questions about her disappearence. >> it is may 30th, if you are still in bed good for you because it is a holiday i am frank mallicoat. >> i am sydnie kohara. memorial day as we honor veteranmilitary everywhere. it is coming up 6:00 a.m. let's look at traffic and weather whether you are going to work or firing up the


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