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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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showbetting and often times violence. and tonight a young mother is one of two people shot and killed during a side show in oakland. christian airs is in oakland with dramatic images of the moments right after the gunshots. >> reporter: and dana, tonight, friends and family of that woman and another man who were killed in that shooting have gathered here to remember them at 88th and international where they were both shot apparently at random on sunday night. but this shooting was unlike any other this year. when the gunfire broke out, a couple of film students were rolling the video. a block party broken by the sound of gunfire. the shots captured by a couple of film students recording a documentary sunday night. >> what the (bleep). >> reporter: the party dissolve food chaos. sirens wild and witnesses screamed. and watch closely as this man passes the camera, clearly carrying a gun. oakland police have confirmed
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they are reviewing the video. but they say it is too early to call in a suspect. the images are powerful. and yet. >> powerless, that's how i felt, powerless. >> reporter: film student lauren richardson is part of the team that shot the video. she watched the chaos unfold from behind the lens and says the man in the video wasn't the only one carrying a gun. >> they were just shooting randomly. it seems like one person heard a gunshot and anybody else who had a gun in the area just started shooting. >> reporter: caught in the cross-fire this man eric bush and a mother of 2latoya of union city in kennedy city. both are pronounced dead. >> i don't even know her but i can imagine what her family is going through they were right there. >> reporter: and back there right at the scene is where we found her family again. her mother grieving reliving the moment she found her daughter dead. >> you have your baby to go home to, you know. i am trying to beg her to get up. she took like two deep breaths.
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she had a pulse for me. and then no pulse. >> reporter: a third woman shot survived but is hospitalized in critical condition. despite the video police have made no arrests. richardson hopes the images send a message to the people who pulled the trigger. >> it's not okay to just shoot into a crowd. there was children out there. you are all killing innocent people. >> so, again, no suspects and no arrests tonight. some witnesses, including richardson, told me that they were upset that the police were apparently not patrolling the area, despite the fact that hundreds of people were out here for that memorial day block party gathered here. richardson told me that someone should have been watching, dana. >> thank you. in the meantime in san jose two people are dead following separate crimes over the weekend. melissa ross was shot to death while driving near hellier park saturday night. she's the mother of five. a 20-year-old relative riding with her was wounded but not
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seriously. police are not saying much about the motive but ross's family says it was a case of mistaken identity. now, ross's death and an unrelated stabbing death the night before pushes san jose's murder rate for this year passed the rate for all of last year. in the first five months of 2011 there have been 24 homicides. there were 20 murders in all of 2010. well, family and friends of a missing nursing student are getting more concerned with every hour. michelle lee hasn't been seen since friday. len ramirez in hayward where investigators say they have few clues to go on tonight. len? >> reporter: that's right, what happened to michelle lee is still very much a mystery tonight. what is known is that on friday evening she came to a class here at kaiser permit in hayward. at 7:00 she took a break, left the building and then simply vanished. a new photo of missing nursing student michelle lee and fresh details about her car, a white honda crv were posted on her
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sister's blog. jocelyne lee wrote they, meaning the police, found her car with everything in t how can she drive? it is just one of the many questions and concerns of lee's family, friends and fellow students. >> we are all deeply concerned about michelle lee. our thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and her friends. we are remaining hopeful that she is safe and will be located soon. >> lee, who is 26, lives at this condo complex in san mateo and attends classes at daniel merit university nearby. on friday evening she had a special class here at the kaiser permit medical center in hayward. she was last seen leaving for a break at 7 p.m. her car was driven out of the parking garage but police say it was found a few blocks away near sleepy hollow avenue. lee mentioned plans to meet a friend and drive to reno that night but never met up with the friend. neighbors are concerned about the possibilities. >> i have never heard of this
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kind of foul play, people missing or something like that in this area. we've had problems with cars being vandalized in this area, which is kind of the norm. but for the most part, nothing like that has ever happened here. >> hayward police are still not sure what they are dealing with. >> nothing necessarily points to foul play from the outside of the vehicle. but obviously we do want to go inside the vehicle and check for papers or receipts or notes or directions or anything at all that may lead us to michelle and to where she might be right now. >> reporter: aside from had her sister's blog michelle lee's family is maintaining a pretty low profile. they have asked the media for privacy in this case. the police are investigating and initially tracking her movements possibly through her cell phone. thought they might have gotten some indications she might have been in oakland, union city and fremont but then they say the phone was either switched off and went out of range and calls
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to her cell phone since, allen, have not been picked up by michelle lee. so anyone with information is certainly asked to call the hayward police department. >> as far as you know, no surveillance video from the neighborhood of the garage, the parking garage there? >> reporter: well, they know that she left the garage in her car. and so i infer from that they might have some witness accounts or cell phone or surveillance video. but we haven't been told specifically that there is video of her leaving the garage. and that's the funny thing in this case. she left the garage but apparently did not go far. her car was found only a couple of blocks away from this location. so what happened in that interim is the real mystery right now. why her car only went a couple of blocks and she has not been seen. >> whether she was alone at that time. len ramirez, thanks very much. >> brian stow's doctors say that they are hoping this week will bring more progress in his condition. doctors are slowly lowering his fourth seizure medication.
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stow's family says that he should be off it within a few days. the doctors are also treating blood clots that have formed in one of his legs. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital two months after he was attacked outside dodgers stadium. some good news for drivers heading eastbound on the bay bridge. crews finished lane changes on the oakland side ahead of schedule so there are no construction delays to deal with today. the lanes have been configured with a slight jog to the right so the crews can work on the eastbound landing of the new span. early next year, there will be another realignment for westbound traffic. he flew into a cloud and never came back. i'm in walnut creek where a promise is made to remember those missing in action. and don't forget today we have had to go for several years before we understood what caused this and how it was transmitted. >> for a while it was a disease without a name. and the fight against aids
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reaches an important milestone. what was learned and what was lost in the early days of the crisis. there is a low lying area. >> a neighborhood with a reputation is now a neighborhood with an oasis. how this small and beloved garden was able to take root. [ music ]
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[ music ] memorial day tributes all over the day area today, including this one in san francisco. an estimated 2500 people turned out for the ceremony. this year marks the 70th anniversary of the country's entry into world war ii. 400,000 americans killed during that war were honored today. the ceremony is one of the largest in the nation. her family says loved ones are still among the missing
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decades in the battle. but families don't give up and neither does the military. where mi as were remembered today. >> reporter: allen there are 83,000 service members still missing in action. and the u.s. military and civilians vow to keep looking for these heroes who have not come home. [ music ] >> reporter: you know, each person represents family and friends and colleagues that are waiting in pain for that person to come home. >> reporter: you may have heard kathy strong's story but this memorial day it bears repeating. in 1982 she got an mia bracelet with james moore's name on it. he disappeared in vietnam in 1968. kathy wore his bracelet every day for 32 years until two weeks ago when his remains were buried in alabama. did it become just a part of you? >> yes, it did. he was with me all the time. i thought of him every day.
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and it was hard giving up the bracelet a couple of weeks ago and saying good-bye to him because i never got a chance to meet him. >> reporter: she put it on his uniform, in his casket before he was laid to rest. finally at home. >> kathy was one of the people honored today during a memorial day observance in walnut creek for their connection to service and their country. >> my brother was 23 when he went down. >> reporter: the sense of peace of burying a loved one has eluded betty for almost 68 years. chuck answer pleas went down in the south pacific in world war i: >> weather was so bad they couldn't even see the tip of the airplane. and you just disappeared in the clouds never to be seen. they can't find him. >> reporter: 73,000 world war ii veterans are still missing in action. but betty hasn't given up hope. she met with the military six months ago to see if there had been any new developments. there habit been. >> i think we all have a duty if we have this information to pass it on. >> reporter: jerry whiting's
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father served in world war ii and came home. but while writing a book about his dad he came across information about some previously unknown crash sites. he worked with the u.s. military to help locate missing service members in eastern europe. >> i have found veterans who were witness to some of these events. and also found some of our military archives that were either missing or weren't readily available. >> reporter: it is navy commander renee richardson's job and she says her honor to lead the effort to find the tens of thousands of service members. it is a tribute to those who have served and those in uniform today. >> the promise to those now serving, that they, too, will be sought if they fall in battle. >> reporter: and so every day, not just on memorial day, the u.s. military, civilians, historians, researchers and even those who have witnessed
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war continue looking for those missing in action. >> 73,000 just from world war ii, ann, that's incredible. >> it's stunning, actually. when you think that there is 83,000 including that war and those since, those are a lot of families that are still hurting. >> thanks for some answers. the oakland as took out today -- time out today to support our men and women serving overseas. how they are helping to support the troops with little things that go a long way. mike? >> reporter: dana, memorial day is generally about the troops who have died and those who are missing. but the as today decided to help the troops who are still in the middle of their service and fighting for our country. and they are in the middle of nowhere on the front. and they don't have the things, you can't even imagine living without that they do. surely they have faced tougher challenges than this. >> you grab both sides of the flag and then walk backwards. >> reporter: but rolling out the american flag before tens of thousands of people
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presented these marines with pressure they never felt before. especially sergeant mcconnell. >> pretty nervous. didn't want to mess up in front of everybody. >> reporter: he will be throwing out the first pitch. us honored the third battalion marines. staying in a province the most dangerous in afghanistan. >> we lost some marines that were really close to me. some people got hurt pretty bad. one of my buddies, one of my friends won't ever be the same. [ applause ] >> what looked like war and include the hardware like f-18s which flew over the pre-game activities. but unknown to many of us are the little hardships soldiers face on a day-to-day basis. >> in our section we didn't have a chance to shower for almost three and a half months. so a bunch of grown guys smelling it up. >> reporter: no showers and no toothpaste or body wash. no snacks in between the meals they do get.
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which is where troops direct comes in. >> our job at troops direct, mike, is just to make it happen for our frontline service members. we don't question why something is not available. if they need it, we do our best to supply it. >> reporter: aaron started troops direct out of san ramone a year ago and now delivers 4,000 pounds a month of stuff the troops need but don't always have. sometimes it's toilet paper and sometimes gurneys to carry the injured. >> the as gave them a spot for fundraising and awareness. it was much appreciated. >> pretty life changing actually when aaron sends that stuff to us it's like a lifesaver. the morale instantly improves. >> back on the mound sergeant mcconnell whipped out the first pitch. [ applause ] >> just a bit high. the as and their fans appreciated the effort. as the team says, they pick their ballots. sergeant mcconnells and the others honored today don't get that chance. when all is said and done they
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may have raised about $15,000 for troops worth a month of stuff. in the military if these guys can get the toothpaste and the powder why can't the military? it's because of logistics. these guys don't have to go through all of the red tape. like the guy on mash radar just got stuff. >> he did. >> these guys do it but they are out of the military. but a great group. if you think about all of the stuff these guys are going through and don't have just the basic necessities of life this is a godsend from all of the people i talked to. >> not only does it make their life easier when they receive that but it gives them that connection to home and that is so important to let them know that we haven't forgotten them. >> yes. and that's what today was all about. >> great. mike sugarman, thank you. >> well, on to the rising price of your holiday barbecue. and it's being called the bay area's newest national forest. that's up in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? fidelity helped us get to this point, and now we're talking about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah. fidelity investments. turn here. just getting the grill fired up
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for dinner ... t . whether it was a backyard bbq for lunch or just getting that grill fired up right about now, i'll be over soon. the holiday cookout is costing you a little bit more this year. on the consumer watch, julie watts has a closer look at the price tag. if the burgers at this year's memorial barbecue seemed a little d -- if he freighted. >> the average cost of a memorial day barbecue is up 29%. not exactly surprising for those grilling beneath the golden gate. >> i think it is the same as gas. >> obviously the price of gas. >> but while gas is the driving factor behind the hike in food prices, gas is up more than 33% in the passed year, it doesn't make the numbers any easier to stomach. according to the department of labor, the price of ground beef and cheese are up 12% over the last year. and vegetables have seen an even bigger spike. lettuce is up 28% and tomatoes
6:21 pm
are up 86. but the biggest price increase is corn on the could be, cob. up 150%. >> obviously corn on the cob is the biggest shocker because those don't seem to me like rare items. >> while they may not seem rare now, they could soon be as more and more growers abandon vegetables to plant corn for ethanol gas. in fact, according to the department of agriculture, 43% of last yes's corn crop ended up in gas tanks. likely part of the reason that cob costs so much more this memorial day. factor that into the rest of the barbecue and the average price per person before drinks is $17. >> that does seem like a lot as i am processing it. >> as the department of agriculture expects prices to continue to rise, next year's barbecue could cost even more. and not just the price of barbecue. everything from ice cream to coffee has seen a sharp spike. in fact, several fast food companies like mcdonalds and starbucks have announced they will be passing on the higher
6:22 pm
prices to consumers. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> oh, come on, look at the bright side. clouds were there but it didn't rain. >> but it's going to. >> oh, great. >> today's high temperature is 60 degrees in san francisco a good 6 degrees below average. warm spot was 71 in gillroy but still 6 degrees below normal. in fact, we had 66 in san jose. and in livermore it was 11 degrees below average. if you are out and about we are in the 50s, 60s, winds out of the west up to 20 miles per hour. the clouds are on the increase. i will put it all out there for you. showers begin tonight. thunderstorms are a possibility with the second round of rain on wednesday. and the cold air mass will produce a chance of a few snowflakes down to 4,000 feet. that does include the mount hamilton area. okay. here we go. the next area of low pressure is still upstream. watch it as it drops from the north to the south. that is a frontal boundary. that is what is going to be bringing us some rain showers beginning with tonight after
6:23 pm
midnight. and on again, off again rain showers throughout the morning commute. official sun-up is at 5:50. don't count on seeing it. we will be mostly cloudy. showers throughout the afternoon hours. the more potent rain will arrive on wednesday. expecting up to 3/10ths of an inch of rain. tonight's lows 40s and 50s. north of the golden gate bridge expect a so the of an inch of rain in san francisco and a few 100s to the south. numbers cooler than today 50s and few mid-60s. extended forecast wash out on wednesday. thursday the only dry day this week with rain arriving late friday. talk about that really big soaker coming up next week. are you talking to me still in cannes. >> for the moment. give us five minutes. >> roberta, thanks. an unlikely oasis in the middle of one of the gritty neighbors. patrick takes us to what is affectionately called the tenderloin national forest. >> this is tough.
6:24 pm
>> this is a low-lying area. everybody here is pulling and mowing. >> not the city's best kept secret. >> sometimes i am scared to come out. >> it was a very unhealthy environment. needles and excrements everywhere. >> the tenderloin is the last place you would expect to find an oasis but that's exactly what they created here. in 1989 darryl and his colleague lori decided to do something about the alley next door to their gallery. >> we are in what was formerly known as cohen alley. >> donated, donated. >> it is not like a fix or final anything it continues to evolve. >> reporter: and in the middle of the tenderloin they have created the improbable. it is not impossible. >> today we just got another anonymous donation of a spider plant that was just left right at the gate while working down here. and much of what you see has
6:25 pm
happened that way. it has come to us from the again city of others. we have both fish and the ponds with 18-foot grizzly bear. >> the collective wanted to work with the city on how to keep their project going on a long-term basis and figured out a plan. >> which was to enter into a lease agreement with the city for $1 a year. >> with the help of grants and donations, it's now home to a redwood, a clay oven and plans of all varieties. it has replaced an alley over 22 years. >> incrementally removing more asphalt, planting more trees, a variety of trees that reference the many culture that is live in the tenderloin. >> a flower in the dirt with a message to all who visit. >> it is a never-ending story. >> from an artist whose masterpiece has leapt from the canvass to breathing life never to be finished. >> we are solar eyeing. >> reporter: in san francisco, this is cbs 5. >> it was more than just a deadly disease. it was a terrifying mystery.
6:26 pm
>> the nightmares, recurring nightmares of having lost my kids. >> the fear, the ignorance and the first model for fighting the disease. a trip to san francisco in the early 1980s for a look at the early days of the crisis as aids enters its fourth decade. >> this day is about you. and the fallen heroes that you loved. >> from arlington to alameda, how americans honored the fallen on this memorial day. >> this is a campaign bus. >> no holiday from politics. the latest twists, turns and points of interest from the road to 2012. ,,,,
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30th anniversary of the disease that we now call aids. th rst . it might be hard to believe but june 5th marks the 50th anniversary of the day we first heard of aids when they noticed an unusual medical condition that was noticed in five gay men in la. >> one of the first journalists in the country to report on this new disease. this station was given the prestigious peabody award for
6:30 pm
our early coverage of the epidemic coverage. this week he returns to cbs for a series of reports of aids for 30 years. >> it is hard to believe. dana and allen we look back at those early days of aids. also look at where treatment stands today and take another look at the man who appears to be the first person in history to actually have been cured of the disease. but first let's remember those early days. [ music ] >> 1981 in san francisco and the great gay and lesbian party of liberation was in full swing. and ground zero of the party was the city's castro district. >> it is good to let people know they don't have to be afraid to be gay. >> but as the party rolled on there was an unknown guest moving in as silently as the fog, there was a virus. it was june 5, 1981 that the centers for disease control issued a report carried only in the la times about a strange outbreak of pneumonia among
6:31 pm
five gay men in la. case where is already cropping up in san francisco. >> what did the spots look like? >> reporter: gay activist cleave jones started a hotline on castro street to deal with all of the rumors and fear flooding the community. >> reporter: today 30 years later after starting the aids quilt jones is still an activist. what is it like for you to be back here 30 years later? >> well, it's weird. i mean, i'm grateful to be alive. one of the things i was thinking about this morning was just how young we all were. you know, those of us who were responding were very, very young. and we were also, i think, you know, even before the tests became available, we were all very aware that we almost certainly were ourselves infected, too. >> did that turn out to be true for you? >> oh, yeah. yes. but it still has a lot of
6:32 pm
fright. >> reporter: it was a frightening time for everyone. how scary was it 30 years ago? >> it was terrifying. it was absolutely terrifying. and, you know, people forget today that we had to go for several years before we understood what caused this and how it was transmitted. >> reporter: it was a full year after those first cases before any network newscasts picked up on the story. >> aids, the acquired, immune deficiency syndrome. >> the disease known as aids. >> aids. >> doctors, activists, patients all sprang into action to deal with the strange new disease forming what became known as the san francisco model. that model was emulated all over the country. in fact, there was a time when mayor diane finestein's aids budget for the city of san francisco was bigger than president regan's aids budget was for the entire nation. >> are you having any visual problems? >> reporter: among those who took on the new epidemic was a young doctor at san francisco
6:33 pm
general named paul vovedin who became one of the leading physicians treating the disease. how scary was it back then? >> really scary. and i don't remember myself as having any antic courage. but, you know, we took care of the patients that needed our help. they obviously needed our help. but i remember nightmares recurring nightmares of having infected my kids. that to me was the thing that woke me up at night. >> reporter: because people didn't know how it was communicated? >> absolutely not. all of us in the early epidemic at first there were no things such as bodily fluid precautions. so we were examining people and drawing blood and doing all of the procedures without even wearing gloves. >> reporter: the first effective drug was azt. it came in a case that beeped every four hours when it was time to take a pill. the ast beep became a mantra all over the bay area. could you hear the beep everywhere from the streets to
6:34 pm
the cable cars. but much of the public got jolted into caring when aids started hitting the famous. at first rock hudson's publicist denied the rumors. >> we have had a report that he was in and out of a coma. can you confirm or deny that? >> i can deny that. >> reporter: then came hudson's admission which was read by his friend burt lancaster. >> i am not happy that i am sick. i am not happy that i have aids. >> reporter: over the years, the public watched violent acts. the ray family burned out of its florida home after three of their children got age. they saw the courage of indiana's ryan white who won the first battle of kids with aids to attend public school. >> are you ready for it, ryan? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: and then there was magic johnson. >> you don't have to feel sorry for me because if i die tomorrow, i've had the greatest life that anybody could ever have. >> reporter: after his announcement that he had the virus the testing center saw a
6:35 pm
ten fold increase in patients. [ music ] >> reporter: there has been a lot of anger over aids in three decades, particularly over the federal government's slow response to the epidemic in the beginning. that anger proved effective in getting research and money moving more quickly. but not quickly enough to save so many who lost the battle. >> how many of them would have gone on to hold office and accomplished great political work? how many great dances weren't choreographed or how many incredible works of art weren't painted? how many great films were not shot? how many great books were not written? i try not to dwell on that. but i still miss my friends terribly. and sometimes at night when i'm trying to sleep, if i allow my mind to go there, i feel like i am falling backwards off a cliff sometimes. there are so many gone. >> reporter: and so much work yet to do as aids enters its fourth decade. worldwide there are still 33
6:36 pm
million people living with hiv. 56,000 americans still contract the disease every year. and 20 percent of them don't even know they have it. we will report more on that later this week. dana and allan, tomorrow we will bring you more on our exclusive t.v. interview with the man known as the berlin patient who appears to be the man in known history to be occurred of the disease. >> i am so glad we're taking a look at this. i have to ask you, hank, it is our job to maintain some distance from every so are you. but here you were a gay man in san francisco. you had watched friends die. >> right. >> didn't know what it was. how were you able to cover this story? >> you know, it was more than a story to me because these were my friends being lost early on and getting sick. and so i think that it was kind of a double-edged sword being a reporter. i mean, it was very sad covering the story. but at the same time i could use my position here at the station to tell the truth about the story, to get the word out, especially when the government, the federal government was silent for so long on this. and also i want to give credit
6:37 pm
to the station. i was lucky to be working at this station, which believed in public service. and found that this was a very compelling story. and we just did these stories every night. >> and committed resources to it. >> amazing. >> we look forward to the rest of the week. >> absolutely. glad to have you back. >> see you tomorrow. >> okay. thank you. >> well, across the country and around the world, services to honor memorial day. a sampling of the president's remarks at arlington and some of the events held here in the bay area. >> and on this memorial day, more violence in afghanistan with no end insight for americans listenings war. >> the yankees and the as were in search of their fifth straight win. something he has never done before coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
reflecting on sacrifices of the ilitary. . on this memorial day president obama traveled to arlington national cemetery reflecting on sacrifices of the men and women of the military. the president participated at a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown before offering his remarks on the
6:40 pm
debt we owe to those who have sacrificed for this country. >> to those of you who mourn the loss of a loved one today, my heart goes out to you. i love my daughters more than anything in the world. i cannot imagine losing them. i cannot imagine losing a sister, brother or parent at war. the grieve so many of you can aer in your hearts is a grief i cannot fully know. our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay. but we can honor their sacrifice and we must. we must honor it in our own lives by holding their memories close to our hearts and heeding the example they set. and we must honor it as a nation, by keeping our sacred trust with all who wear
6:41 pm
america's uniform and the families who love them. earlier in the day mr. obama announced his selection of army general martin demsey as his new joint chiefs of staff chairman. he replaced admiral mike mullin in the wiping down of the war in iraq. memorial day was a day of mourning in afghanistan. two natos service members and americans were killed. they remembered the 1300 comrades who have died there in america's longest war. >> reporter: taliban suicide bombers struck just minutes and blocks apart in western afghanistan's largest city. the first blast came at the gates of an italian military base where an attacker blew up his car packed with explosives. a second bomb ripped through the bustling city center. u.s. military officials have hinted american troops could be withdrawn from the area by july because attacks are so rare.
6:42 pm
but monday's blast killed four people and injured dozens more in the normally secure city. violence has intensified since the taliban launched its spring offensive. still u.s. commanders say security plans are on track. >> i am confident that by the end of the year that we will be in a much better position. and i think we will be able to see much more clearly the longer term potential for a positive outcome. it is one of seven cities near the border set to be handed over to afghan forces this summer. u.s. and nato troops are preparing to transfer complete control of the country by 2014. about 90,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan this memorial day. and american soldiers took time to remember their fallen comrades. 1400 have died in combat since the war began, nearly 10 years
6:43 pm
ago. tina krauss, cbs news. >> the next presidential election is still a year and a half away, but some republicans are already in the race. and as man well shows us, others spent the holiday weekend testing the waters. >> reporter: sarah palin's one nation bus tour is rolling through washington, d.c. this memorial day. >> this isn't a campaign bus. this is a bus to be able to express to america how much we appreciate our foundation. >> reporter: the former republican vice-presidential candidate was shaking hands and hugging kids during her tour palin could reportedly visit new hampshire and iowa, two early battleground states. but is she making a run for the white house? former minnesota governor tim polenty announced he is running for the gop nomination last week. >> we have our first responsibility to get the country moving again. >> reporter: also officially in the race, congressman ron paul
6:44 pm
of texas and mitt romney. and newt gingrich and herman cane. and several more republicans are testing the water or about to jump in including former new york city mayor rudy guliani. >> he has been to new hampshire. as has former utah govern john huntsman. and so has michelle bachman. >> new hampshire is an exhilarating state because it is love liberty. they love low taxes. >> bachman and former pennsylvania's senator rick are expected to announce soon. and former mass chew sit governor mitt romney will make it official. political insiders says he has been planning a 2012 since his bid in 2008. how about snow in the month of june in the bay area? i will pinpoint when and whereas eyewitness news
6:45 pm
continues on cbs 5. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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11:31:27 ready, aim, fire! (blam) . >> in the east bay many people
6:48 pm
pause to remember u.s. veterans passed and present. >> fire. ready. >> a 21 gun salute marked the 90 th annual memorial service at mountain view cemetery in oakland. it included the replaying and the presentation of colors. [ music ] a large crowd enjoyed memorial day at the uss hornet in alameda this afternoon. the loyal boyscouts acted as color guard there. the visitors could explore the aircraft decks and exhibits which range from world war ii. >> roberta, it was a lovely weekend. >> it was a lovely weekend from one person's selective view. we had rain showers and some sunshine. and today for this memorial day
6:49 pm
averaging unseasonably cool by anywhere from 6 to 11 degrees below normal. san francisco had 60 degrees. 67 degrees in redwood city. 8 degrees below average. 11 below normal in the tri- valley and also back through concord and to the south in san jose. if you are out and about this evening mostly sunny skies but the influx of cloudy skies. cloudy overnight. and temperature wise in the 40s and 50s rain develops right near midnight. a brand new area of low pressure. here comes out of the pacific northwest actually generated out of the gulf of alaska skimming by the pacific northwest there is that frontal boundary. and as it pushes into the bay area, we will have on again, off again rain showers through the morning commute and through your day on tuesday. now, as far as amounts are concerned, anywhere from a 10th to 3/10ths of an inch of rain. the wettest locations north of the golden gate bridge. a few 100ths in the san jose area. now, this is how you can plan
6:50 pm
your week ahead. showers begin tonight. the second round of this same system comes in on wednesday with that colder air mass aloft we have to put in the threat of a thunderstorm containing hail. and also lower snow level in the month of june to 4,000 feet which does include the mount amount area. so we cannot rule out the possibility of a few snowflakes in the highest elevations in the south bay. now, meanwhile here you go for your temperatures tomorrow. they are coming down. again unseasonably cool. 59 in san francisco to the mid- 60s at best in the inland areas with a smattering of rain showers. winds will blow out of the midwest at 15 miles per hour. webs unsettle -- wednesday unsettled area. and thursday the driest of the week. 56 to 68 degrees. another storm moves in on friday. another -- more like late night a full inch of rain up to saturday. lingering showers on sunday. well, that is the unsettled pinpoint forecast. eyewitness news will continue right after this. [ music ] ,,,,
6:51 pm
[ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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trevor cahill tryin' to make it o . how do you know that the yankees are in town? well, the over stocked coliseum sells outside. oakland lost seven straight to
6:54 pm
the yankees. an early two run shot. the yankees get three runs in the inning, four total off cahill. the amazing story today, that man. 38-year-old bartolo colorado loan. i would have to see his birth certificate to prove even that. this guy missed all of last season. made more comebacks than brett favre. somehow he is throwing 95 miles per hour in the 9th inning. a four hit shut-out. the fourth for 2006. they were 5-0 win he -- winners. >> what do you want to talk about? >> bartolo cologne. >> what do you want to talk about? >> how great he has been all year. >> he has been pitching like this pretty much since spring training. >> you can't say more about bartola and him holding us down because all we needed was one tonight. >> 2-0 giants in the third.
6:55 pm
allan craig lines it down the left field line. a huge break to the cardinals because the replay clearly shows it is a foul ball, ladies and gentlemen. st. louis scores twice to tie the game. but andres torres made sure the bad call would not cost the giants. the clear grand slam they beat the cardinals 7-3. he picks up his second win of the season. white sox, roberta, the white sox are nine and a half games out of first place. no one takes all of that losing harder than him. >> i'm a win. i don't care about the white sox. i don't even care what the manager, the general manager, the fans and the media. i really wish i could (bleep). i can't. 2020 and not 2015 we come here and we were cheering here. as soon as you leave the ballpark they don't care about
6:56 pm
you anymore. they don't. the monument, the statue they got they pee on it when they are drunk. >> there is one coach who couldn't handle the scrutiny anymore jim trestle the high school coach was fired after the players received improper benefits. french open novak is at the semi-finals without even leaving his hotel room. so if he wins the semi-final match he would equal john mcenroe's record of 32-0 the best end to a season. >> you are not serious, man. you cannot be serious. >> i miss him. >> meanwhile, ann murray is still there. >> the king of clay raphael nadal improved 32-1. and he meets ivan in straight sets to the quarter finals where he
6:57 pm
takes on sutterling what handled nadal at the french open last year. [ applause ] >> yes, cbs 5 exclusive college tennis. jakova beats stacey tan in strait sets 6-6, 7-6 to win her second straight national titles in three years. congratulations to her. i will tell you tan was un seeded so just getting there was an incredible accomplishment. stacey is just a sophomore. she will be back. >> she will be back. >> thank you. we are coming back at 10 and 11 so hope to see you then after the bbq. >> i was going to say this is my bbq where is allen's? >> good night. thwash in our home -- act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash for kids has maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities and stronger teeth.
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