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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 1, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. wrong name, wrong date, yet they let them on a jet. how a stow away was able to fly across the country using someone else's boarding pass. the upgrade causing thousands of commuters to lose their ride to work. and why thousands of inmates could get out of jail a lot sooner. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. authorities say a man flew from new york to los angeles using someone else's boarding pass. >> and tonight we're learning that his body odor may have led him to getting caught. the l.a. times reports a flight
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attendant checked his ticket after several passengers complained about this guy's smell. robert ore shows us what the feds later found in his bags. >> taken off from new york's kennedy airport and was already in the air heading for los angeles last friday. when a flight attendant found something strange on board. there was a man in 3e, a seat that was supposed to be empty. the man pulled out a day old boarding pass issued for a different flight the previous day. and the name on the boarding pass did not match a university of michigan id baring his real name. sources say he made no threats and carrying no weapon. the flight crew did he recalled it was safe to fly on. his plate approached lax. the pilot gave controllers no hint of a problem. >> clear to land.
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>> but upon landing, the mystery passenger was questioned by the fbi. a nigerian national told the fbi he was in la to recruit people. he claimed he simply used the boarding pass and didn't buy a ticket. confirmed he had lost the boarding pass on a new york subway and simply printed another one at the airport kiosk. he was turned loose, but only for four days. fbi agents arrested him yesterday. they found him back at lax trying to board another flight, delta 46 to atlanta. again with a boarding pass that was not his own. and a search of his two bags turned up more suspects. at least ten more boarding passes in various names. he is now charged with being a stow way on an aircraft. he was screened for explosives
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and weapons and in that sense, presented no threat to the flight. the lapse by the screener checking id's is serious and the tsa says he could face disciplinary action. reagan national airport. a bomb shell revelation about pg and e inspections. tonight the company says as many as 14 people may have lied about checking underground electrical facilities. the mercury news is reporting an internal pg and e investigation shows the areas in question are in san francisco, santa clara county, and the east bay. company spokesman says it's likely that two dozen enclosures were skipped. another 50 are suspected. pg and e plans to recheck 13,000 underground spots in a san jose area. thousands of bay area commuters will have to find another way to work tomorrow. golden gate ferry service is canceled for friday because of a one-day strike. linda yee shows us passengers
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didn't get much notice. linda. >> i did not know that. >> i didn't know. >> it was a shocker to commuters heading home tonight to marin county. all golden gate ferry service from san francisco will be shut down for one day tomorrow. ticket agents are staging a one- day strike. they are unhappy because they are being replaced by automated ticket machines. they do more than take tickets. >> we aren't ticket agents, but people were asking me where ferries were, how to get to pier 39, how to get to alcatraz. a lot of it is customer service. >> workers say seven full-time and four part-timers will lose their jobs and their union says the severances are not reasonable. on an average day, 5,000 commuters travel on the golden
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gate ferries. several complained about the machines. >> none of the machines worked this morning. they all started going down one by one, so they weren't accepting debit cards and credit cards when the whole system crashed. >> the bridge district says replacing ticket agents with machines is just one of many ways to close an $89 million short fall. >> it's everything from a car pool toll put into place earlier this year for $3 to multitruck rate increase that goes into effect tomorrow to reducing our staff because technologies are there, more efficient and cost effective. >> i feel that workers should strike. i feel valid concern of theirs. and i would pay a little more to keep people employed. >> well that commuter will get his wish. fares are going up, but not to save jobs. had service resumes on saturday, fares are going up
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5%. in the meantime, those commuters who did not get the message about this one-day strike tomorrow, they will have buses at the terminal during the morning commute and that is where they will drive passengers over to the golden gate bridge toll plaza where they can board other buses to get into san francisco. >> linda yee, thank you. one in 17 federal inmates could soon see their sentences shortened. that after a panel decided today to retroactively apply a recent change in an old law that many said was racist. don knapp reports a majority of the people who will benefit from this decision are black. >> of 12,000 inmates in federal prisons for crack cocaine, 80% are african american. >> this is one of the major aspects of the criminal justice system. it was purely racial. >> african americans got much
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harsher sentences for using crack cocaine than whites who used powdered cocaine. 5-grams of crack brought a mandatory five-year sentence, but 500 grams to get same time behind bars. the harsher sentences for undermining the african american community. >> it allowed a lot of people to go to prison. for a relatively small amount of crack cocaine and essentially being users. >> congress recognized the disperty in the law in 1976 and lowered sentences for crack. >> it was initially thought that people that did crack cocaine were more violent. crack cocaine people just got high quicker. >> decided to allow those convicted under the old law to serve short sentences more comparable tho those with powder cocaine. >> there are so many who were affected by the sentencing
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disperties between crack cocaine and powder cocaine. today 12,000 people are going to be able to get a second chance at being productive citizens in our society. >> crack possessions still draws a longer sentence than powder cocaine. the sentencing disperty has been reduced and eligible for shorter sentences will have to petition the courts. no releases expected before november. >> all federal crimes. don knapp, thank you. more than 5 dozen san jose police officers lined up today to turn in their guns and badges. in all, 66 officers were layed off as a way to help the city balance the budget. the uniformed officers gathered outside to shake hands with and to hug the departing officers. those we talked to had a variety of emotions as you might imagine, ranging from fear for people living there to anger. >> personally i think it's been a slap in the face because we made a commitment 2 1/2 years ago to lose a job for 30
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years and do it to the best of our efforts. >> we can't go out and serve the city. that's what i wanted to do my whole life. born and raised in san jose and now i can't talk to citizens. >> today was also the last day for 25 officers who accepted early retirement. other news making headlines around the bay area now, an oakland man is under investigation for 21 rabbits found living outside his apartment in filthy, crammed conditions. a neighbor called the spca to report the animals. the rabbits crowded in two small cages at an apartment complex. some of them were deformed from starvation. the rabbits were being prepared for slaughter. 18 are up for adoption. the family of michelle lai and the report of two calls made on the woman's phone after she vanished are just not true. a san diego television station reports there was a call to
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reno and one to arizona sourcing someone close to the case. heyward police tell cbs 5 they did follow a possible lead in arizona, but it was not connected to an alleged phone call. >> well it's no secret, we tell you about it every night. many have money problems right now, despite its broken budget, one east bay city managed a 180- degree turn in one of its most dangerous neighborhoods and much of the credit belongs to its citizens. elizabeth cook on the long time dream that has finally come true. >> area used to be known as the killing fields of oakland. is now an urban oasis. tonight oakland city council president, larry reid, opened the doors to the east oakland sports center. a dream he has had for the past 0 years has become a reality. >> place for the residence of
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the city to go and enjoy a = of life they have not been able to enjoy. >> a lot of times people don't think cities like oakland can have facilities like this. i agree, we want our kids to have what kids in the suburbs have. >> it took ten years to get the money for the facility with the help of measures b, d, and ww, and redevelopment funds. >> all these years of working to put this together, you see what it means to so many people. >> and as an indoor swimming pool and slide, dance and fitness rooms and karate. >> that's only the beginning. in phase two, they want to build new tennis courts, a new pool, soccer fields, even a new baseball field. that's going to take more money. >> right now the facility is open seven days a week, but that might not last. >> like what most people will see at the end of summer, we may have to cut back some of the money. >> budget talks are far from
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the minds of these kids. they are relishing in their new sports center, if a place that needed a reason to smile. >> in east oakland, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> it's going to be a great summer for all those kids. it's awesome. well they are not created equal. which fast food joints have been named the best? >> their neighborhood was for ever changed by an explosion. we'll show you what ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chains. americans appear dissatisfied with many of the country's most popular fast food chains. a new survey shows mcdonald's got some of the lowest marks. only 11% of those surveyed rated mcdonald's food as excellent. also getting low marks for food quality, burger king, kfc, and taco bell. which quick and affordable chains do people like? in and out burger, crick-fil-a and chipolte mexican grill received the highest scores. it's a disappointment for thousands. many bay area communities are canceling their fireworks shows this year. among them, the show at robertson park in liver more. the reason for most cancellations, you guessed it, lack of money. livermore, for example, would need $75,000 to put on their display. >> i think it will cause a lot
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more people to lying fireworks because it's not going to be a show. >> very upset. are we even watching the fireworks, or i have since i was little. we have no idea what we're going to do. >> you can buy your own, but fireworks rleal in only 12 bay ware cities. in those places where they are illegal people are encouraged to watch public displays put on by professionals. and for a complete list of fourth of july, there are some happening around the bay area. you can go to >> or hang out in your backyard and have a barbecue because it's going to be great weather. >> it certainly is, we're trending toward a warm wave and it will last for several days, this is the scene looking out tonight towards a ferry building. we had a high temperature of 68 degrees which is spot on for this time of the year. numbers went from 63 to 87
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degrees in gilroy. we are less than an hour from your friday. we are putting it out there for you. the fourth of july forecast, 67 degrees at the beaches with a hint of low clouds and fog. otherwise 96 degrees in our inland areas. tomorrow morning's commute, a little layer of clouds lining the beaches, otherwise full on sunshine. your headlines out the door some patchically clouds, otherwise it will be a warmer day and some mild evening temperatures. pinpoint forecast, there you have the low clouds and fog wiping away from the coast. early by the morning commute, also in burnette. this is going to allow ample sunshine. highs will top off in the mid 90s. triple digits in redding. 74 degrees in the high sierra. north bay numbers stacking up from 60 to 8 # degrees in
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sanoma. east of the bay, ushering san ramon. and in pleasantton. alameda county fair, 92 degrees, take the sun block. 68 degrees in daily city tomorrow. san jose near per if he can at 83 degrees, but warmer than that due south and morgan hill and in gilroy. the warmest day coming up over the holiday will be on sunday. triple digits. >> unhealthy air quality anticipated. i cannot rule out that possibility. also of the heat advisory. so be very mindful of the weather over the next holiday period. >> got to watch out for the kids because everyone is going to be outdoors doing their thing. >> roberta, thanks. and we are coming back with ken's good question.
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it's been almost a year since an entire neighborhood was reduced to a crater. has anyone started rebuilding near the san bruno pipeline explosion? that's tonight's good question. >> see the new construction, you know, it is almost like a new beginning, i guess. >> the contractor started rebuilding the first home of the 38 completely destroyed last september. when a gas pipeline explosion ripped this neighborhood apart. >> i just think it shows that, you know, one day you're living your life and the next day catastrophe happens. >> the fire took more than homes. it took eight lives and at least three homeowners sold their properties to pg and e and won't be rebuilding. most say they will stay despite losing all their possessions, the disaster did not kill their
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spirit. g you really see the community build back up and it's just not this group, t the whole area. >> contractors are repairing roofs, pouring foundations. three people have permits to begin rebuilding immediately. on 11 expected in the next few days. when this home is finished in a year, it will be stronger and safer than what stood here before. thanks in part to a lot of people. >> they have known what these people have gone through and from the city to the architects to the engineers, everybody has just been on board with the whole thing. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. guarantee that no other sports cast in the country has pole vaulting. the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beer f s game a's nine year veteran received word that he has been traded while scooping root beer floats before today's game. ellis goes to colorado for bruce billings and a player to be named later. >> you know this team had so many good memories here and i've had three children here and you know, had a lot of post season games and great memories of being in this ball park and with this organization. it's hard. it's definitely hard, but you have to look at it as an
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opportunity as well. >> so the a's, roberto gonzalez served up the floats. and trever cahill kept serving it up. make it 5-0 florida in the 5th. cahill was yanked. a's lose 5-4. cahill dropped to 8-6 on the yore. by the way, the marlins pick up their fifth win of the month, matching clip lee who won five wins in june, including three straight shutouts. we try to incorporate five into our forecast. moted kaine picked up his strikeout, but brian wilson could not close it out. >> you're welcome. >> no one was thanking wilson today belted one into the bleachers with one out in the 9th to tie the game at one. >> what? >> five rows back. you always try to uncorporate
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them into the forecast. the cubs tie the game off ray mother ramirez and sew toe sends them home with a 3-1 walkyore. split the four-game series in chicago. >> he had five last week. >> thank you. wimbledon, please ladies no grunting. that didn't work. maria sharapova shrieked her way. she advances to her first wimbledon final since 2004. she will take on petra kvitova. >> christine sinclair playing with a broken nose. leave it to the french to nail her square in the face. number four, this is exclusive. the ball does go over the
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fence. the 16th straight game. anthony's two-run show did it. >> sterling casto will not be sending burriss any quicker this year. the robbed him in the 6th inning. castro again. and number two, eric -- >> christmas will be five months from now. >> number one today in poland, current reigning champion broke in mud air. she cut her hand. she was taken to the hospital where she was stitched. anna, the reigning world champion will be out a month. so tough luck there. that once happened to me in high school during my early vaulting career. i quit and went into wrestling after that. it's very dangerous. now you don't need a pole vault to jump the high jump, dennis. >> did i have experience in
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