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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. you're watching eyewitness news in high definition. well it's officially over. maria shriver moves to end her marriage. her not so secret weapon in that divorce. traffic school just got tougher. why it will be harder to get that speeding ticket off your record. a small plane crashing into the bay. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. maria shriver is asking for divorce. >> she filed those papers today. don knapp on what she wants arnold to give her. >> after 25 years of marriage and a decade long dark secret, it's over. maria shriver has filed for divorce checking the box that says simply irreconcilable differences. she's asked for spousal support and joint custody of their minor children, 13-year-old
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christopher and 17-year-old patrick. they have two older daughters. the couple's image was shattered in may with the revelation that schwarzenegger fathered a son 13 years ago. he publicly hoped for a reconciliation with his wife. >> we both love each other very much. we are fortunate we have four extraordinary children and we are taking one day at a time. >> schwarzenegger took full speedometer for the hurt he caused, saying he was truly sorry. aapparently that was not enough for shriver. >> how did you find your transition? personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, financial? how did you get through it? >> shriver moved out of the family home earlier this year and hired divorce attorney
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laura wasser before schwarzenegger's affair went public. including those of britney spears, angelina jolie and keither sutherland. >> since april, schwarzenegger has been talking about renewing his entertainment career. three upcoming big budget films. all of that on hold, it's not clear what damage, if any a divorce will do to his career. >> 25 years gone. >> down the drain. don, thanks. a former head of the international monetary fund celebrated his freedom tonight by going out to dinner. dominique strauss-kahn ate with friends in manhattan's upper east side. prosecutors reveal that hotel maid who said he raped her told inconsistent stories about the moments after the alleged attack. the woman also apparently lied on her application for asylum,
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saying she was gang raped in africa when she wasn't. >> the victim here made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. it's so important in this country that people, especially the media reserve their judgment on the facts of the case until they are all in. >> there is evidence of a sexual encounter in the hotel room. defense lawyers say the sex was consensual. strauss-kahn still faces assault charges so he cannot leave the u.s. a plane's failed takeoff ended tonight with that aircraft submerged in richardson bay. the two seater tried to take off. it gained speed on the water before gaining altitude and hit a wake from another vessel and ended up back in the bay. the two men on board stepped out on to the wings and boaters quickly rescued them. those men are safe. we are learning more about
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the man who boarded a cross country flight without proper id or proper boarding pass. wyatt andrews reports it is apparently not his first free ride. >> he beat the airport screening system at two major airports and took at least one flight without a valid boarding pass. in court today, prosecutors painted him as a skilled identity thief, not a terrorist. he was held without bond when a u.s. magistrate called him literally a flight risk and a danger to the community. tom rosak is the spokesman. >> he posed a danger to the community because he had the ability to get on an airplane under the name of somebody else. this of course raises concerns that something we don't want to see. >> last friday, naibi boarded a flight from new york to los angeles using a boarding pass issued to someone else for a flight on a different day.
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he was holding more than 12 boarding passes when he was arrested. none of them his and contraction news has been told investigators are focusing on whether he has stowed away before. he was arrested three years ago in chicago on charges he rode a commuter train without paying. on youtube and on the web, he claims to own a chicago based ad agency. on this facebook page, he seems to brag about three cities, three days he says. on another page, he calls himself a story teller and strategist. the story the fbi wants to hear is how he got past airport screeners. the tsa agents who are supposed to match the name on your government id to the name on a current boarding pass. in two airports, he had neither. >> tsa argues this was not a major breech in security because he was screened for weapons. however, the tsa agents who missed his fake boarding passes
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will be questioned and they could be disciplined. wyatt andrews, contraction news, cbs news, washington. >> transit agency announced that ticket takers would show up for work today. this after the union that represents them say they plan to strike. the union said today the tactic was meant to put pressure on the transportation district. ticket takers are angry about the agency's plan to replace them with a dozen machines. the first day of the city's so-called brownout plan to save money. the two stations that tend to get fewer calls will initially be impacted the most. suspended as needed, including on days with significant fire danger. >> and the first case of west nile this season recorded in
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contra costa county. the county reminds everyone drain any standing water on your property so that mosquitoes cannot breed. >> bay area catholics heading to an east bay church to pay respects to a saint that many swear is the reason they made it to the u.s. saint toribio of immigrants and as robert lills shows us, immigrants both legal and illegal. >> he stands just 4 feet, 5eu7b spes, but glides above this faithful group. some legal, some undocumented, but all have waited. >> how long have you carried this? >> ten years. >> others a lifetime just to touch our gaze upon patron saint of imgrants. >> they're going to make it
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better. >> this story starts where father toribio was murdered by the governor. outside, he went unnoticed until the early 1980s when -- >> three young guys that were trying to come to the united states and they were left in the desert by the smuggler. >> father gutierez says that's when a blue-eyed man appeared in the desert. >> they thought it was a person. they never thought it was a ghost or anything. he brought them to los angeles and a place to stay. >> the patron state of immigrant, the patron saint of those who cross the u.s., mexico border illegally. >> help us go through the border and be safe in the united states. >> with the help of father gutierez, he's now on a
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whirlwind tour. >> is a multichurch tour of the patron saint of immigration actually summing one's nose of the growing con from veer si over stepped up immigration enforcement? >> no, because doing this as a catholic, so nothing about issues or anything, it's about nourishing the fate of our people. >> immigration and customs enforcement tells cbs5 is on their radar. welcoming news to those welcoming their patron saint. >> a lot of people pray for other things, not just to come here. >> robert lyles, cbs5. >> why it will be harder to get that speeding ticket off your record. >> it's called the university of california, so why are there far more students coming from out of state? and the nugget is real. the story is not. why it may not actually be from
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it is now more difficult to get that speeding ticket erased from your diving record. a new law went into effect
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today to close a loophole. it prevents repeat offenders from attending traffic school. the dmv got frustrated with those attending two to three times a year because the courts weren't communicating with each other. the dmv will create a centralized center. >> at uc berkeley this fall, there will be new students from out of state. 26% of new freshman and transfer students are not coming from california. the chronicle says that is an increase of 23% compared to last year. those from out of state pay about $35,000 a year. the boost of out of state money at cal is expected to bring in an additional $26 million. you may remember the story. a northern california man found a piece of gold on his property that weighs as much as a healthy newborn baby.
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his first television interview was with us right here at cbs 5. some are accusing him of lying, grace lee on how one prospector says he knows this story is a fake. >> this story of the 8-pound washington gold nugget nestled high up in the mother load certainly painted a pretty picture, but its tail as the largest chunk of gold found in modern california history may be its undoing since it sold at auction for $460,000 in march. it got international news coverage. after seeing it, some have come forward to say it is all a scam. >> it was the last nugget from california. just wrong. >> australian gold prospector says the washington nugget is not from california at all. he says he and his partner,
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reggie wilson found it in australia in 1987. >> and we can see that 20- ounces of it sticking out of the gravel. >> they called it the orange ruffie because of its fish like shape and sold it. when you compare the images with a washington nugget, the physical similarities are striking and exactly the same weight. 98 troy ounces. >> all the little characteristic markings in it. it was just impossible that it could have been anything but the same nugget. >> i was shocked. >> fred helped auction off the gold this spring. he now believes he was duked with the rest of the world and no doubt in his mind that it was all a hoax. he beliefs james grill. we kept his identity secret. he told cbs 5 then that he found the gold on his property
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ten feet down with a deep seeking metal detector. >> it takes a little luck. >> absolutely. a little luck. >> has his luck run out? if he lied about finding it on his property, why? some have a theory. >> i think it's a property scare just to sell his property. >> he was trying to sell the lane for $1.5 million. if the lane wasn't doing well at $1.5 million, that could have been a reason. >> until testing is done, we may never know the truth. in the meantime, it continues to grow beyond it hefty weight. grace lee, cbs 5. >> so we when we call james grill on his home number, a man answered to the name of jim and that's how he was introduced to grace in may. but when she identified herself and began asking questions, the man said she had the wrong number and he abruptly hung up.
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you've heard of snakes on a plane. how about a scorpian. he was awake. when he woke up to a tingling sensation inside his sleeve. he thought it was a bug, but quickly realized it was a scorpian. he probably be fine, probably. so all he could do was wait the 30 minutes until the mane could land to find out. not exactly how that corp. january got on board in the first place. >> what would have been worse isn't the corp. january or the person sitting next to me. >> did the corp. january come from barstow? >> that means it would have to have an airport. >> that's true. >> a little breezy in the bay
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area tonight. winds blowing 15 to 16 miles per hour. that after a high of 65 in half- moon bay. it 94 degrees in liver more and in gilroy. tonight we'll bottom out with 56 degrees. clear skies and a bank of patchy stratus. that's how we will rise and shine tomorrow. by the ending hours, still awfully warm inland. area of hoe pressure is banking on the rest of us. it's a huge dome of high pressure and it is settling in over the western u.s. as it does so, it's putting a tight seal, a tight cap on the our. so therefore the temperatures are going to go up, humidity goes down. the air quality decreases. for your get away saturday, 97 degrees. tip l trijets to the north. 81 on the south show. low 70s in monterey.
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top to bottom. locally, low 90s. into kentfield in the mid 80s. east of the bay, the winds will blow out of the northwest. that's more west on shore. 10 to 15 miles per hour. notice the numbers, up to 97 degrees. warmer spot at the inland. grab the hat, hydrate, and sunscreen. 50 and 60s will be coming across the shore. low 90s, morgan hill at 96 and for the fours of july, it will be warmer. 63 at the coast. the warmest day will be on sunday at 1:03 and our hottest spots inland could be a heat advisory planted and also a spare the air day. keep a watchful eye oen your forecast. eyewitness news will continue after this brief timeout. ,,,,,,,,,,
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but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. well food trucks are all the rage in the bay area, including the many gourmet food trucks. >> now elizabeth cook shows us there is something new on three
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wheels. >> tacos just taste better on the back of a bike. >> something i crave and if i crave it, i think a lot of other people would. >> restaurant tour domigez is pedaling the food movement with el taco bike. >> i wanted to not follow a trend. i wanted to stay original and this is something i'm not reinventing. >> it was delicious. i felt like i was in cancun. >> it's a kitchen on three wheels. and is the first of its kind in the bay area. >> it has all the sink and all the things that a regular kitchen would have. >> i don't have to find parking. have to use gas. >> you can find el eel taco four nights a week outside popular clubs and art gallery
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st. we'll go home with an antique. >> all we do, gourmet food truck, which is great. i can do that as well. but it's nice to stick with original. >> menu changing every night. the taco dejure. >> it's a slow cooked pork, like four hours and really simple. the meat, the tortilla, cilantro, lime, you cannot go wrong. >> elizabeth cook, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baseball... rchght the giants have won 23 games this season. 23 have been by one run which is by far the most in baseball. giants in downtown detroit for the final weekend of inner league, madison had nine strikeouts against one of the american league's best lineups and pitched into the 8th. for the second straight game, brian wilson blows the save. singled ties it at one. and then in the top of the 9th, the giants retake the league off tiger's closer. they tack on two more runs and lead 4-1. after a 33 minute
11:29 pm
wait, wilson went back out and once again struggled. he allows another exprun leaves with the bases loaded. apparently the water cooler. he wasn't finished there. he cams baubling with a bat and it was a good thing everyone got out of his way. book to the game. 4-3. brandon crawford steps on second for the double play and the giants hang on to win. making his first start with the a's since 2008. he only threw 77 pitches, but was very effective striking out six and allowing two runs and six innings. a's up 3-1 in the 5th and matsui asked to believe the double down the right field line, they pounded 11 hits against the diamondbacks. top of the 6th, crushes a
11:30 pm
hazard and fastball to center, but not a problem for cocoa crisp. wouldn't you know, arizona would come up one run short. the a's win. but still lost his number one ranking. gary player and the big easy are checking out the new number one, novac taking on the man who beat ronneller fed roger federer. he wins in four sets and is now 47-1 this year. a new segment. the nba lockout couldn't keep lebron out of the gym. he takes a camper out. where was that for the lockout?
11:31 pm
has as he went home, he gave autographs. jimmy, the top five. >> hitting .236, the fans love him in tampa. i think that has something to do with this glove. at number four, additioning for a role sequel to dodge ball. what happened to two head shots. number three, danik a patrick was involved in a wreck. chaos is across the finish line. mike wallace takes the worst of it. joey takes the checked flag. mark ellis made a great first impression. hit a homer in his rocky debut. they beat the royals 9-0. >> and at number one, maybe the giants like what they saw and let wil yom be their decemberic enated hitter. he went 0 for 4 5á and met ten on the bases. >> he might be an option.
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>> never know. >> that's right. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, think we can have fun? >>


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