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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 5, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. bay area fisherman missing at sea in mexico after their boat capsizes. tonight the survivors tell their stories. what one man clung to for hours before he was rescued. fourth of july means fireworks both legal and illegal. why after the sunsets the laws go right out the window. and a new how to manual for would be terrorists. what they are supposed to do if a woman comes up to them in a hotel. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm dana king. a boat full of men from the bay area out on a deep sea fishing expedition and tonight the mexican navy is still looking for several men still missing after that boat capsized. 43 people were on board the 115-
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foot charter. 27 passengers, 16 crew members. most of the passengers are from northern california. one of them is confirmed dead. seven others are still missing. that boat sank in the sea of cortez south of the town of san felipe. sharon chin talked to the wives of a number of the men on board and four brothers go on this trip every year. joe vazquez is in san diego that is helping the navy. >> this is supposed to be fun, the annual fishing expedition down to mexico. instead it turned into an international rescue effort. the coast guard helicopter arrived back here at the base at san diego. earlier today, the max can government talked about calling off the rescue and shift ting to a recovery mission. now they are back to calling it a rescue effort after a long time with american officials as they believe there's a chance
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the missing may still be alive. their skin is scorched, their bodies exhausted. these photos show the survivors. they had just spent more than 15 hours in the water clinging to life vests and even coolers. most, but not all, made it back to land. the mexican navy requested help from u.s. coast guard helicopters based in san diego to search for the missing. >> they conducted their search until the first crew reached their limits. the second crew was flown out to meet them and then they got in the same helicopter and the second crew took that helicopter down and conducted their search and presently they are flying back right now. >> it was clear weather, but a surprise electrical storm smashed their charter fishing vessel while most were asleep. the 115-footer sank quickly. many of the guys were wearing life vests and swam several miles away to a nearby island.
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boats in the area rescued others. they are now meeting with american state department officials making arrangements to get home, but some vowed to stay while the search continues. the water is warm, the seas have calmed. there's still some hope some of the seven missing, all americans, may still be hanging on. >> coast guard is trying to figure out or sorting through how we want to offer assistance and that's being worked out and mexico will be searching through the night with boats, i'm not certain what size, but small to medium boats. they'll have the search lights and things like that. >> and they're asking for help as well from the american government for divers as that ship is some 200 feet deep. and because of that, you know all the things these guys have is down under water. their car keys, passports, as for the car keys, they drove down there. now actually what's happening right now is a lock smith is on the way sometime tomorrow they
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expect to get some new keys and they should be driving back to the bay area. as for their passports, american officials are going to make that process much easier and escort them back across the border. meanwhile family members are waiting back in the bay area for more news, at least they have gotten some news, sharon chin joining us live in the studio. a lot of them are alive, but it's been a harrowing experience for them. >> absolutely. three brothers who survived say they aren't leaving until they find the fourth. the wife of 55-year-old brian confirms he is missing. he and his brothers, gary, glenn, and crying had taken an annual fishing trip to baja the last three or four years. they are experienced in fishing and survival. they are a tight knit family and the four brothers do a lot of fishing together. gary called his wife to wire him home. the brothers traveled with don
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lee of san ramon, his wife says he is missing. we also know of bay area survivors. michael says he clung to an ice chest and floated around until his rescue hours later. in nevada, jen got the call from her husband, rich, saying he was safe. >> he was okay, but that the boat had sunk. i was of course in shock. >> he joined dozens of local fisherman on the trip as a last minute edition and got more than he ever expected. >> he mentioned that they got awakened at 2:30 and they all just had to jump off the boat and take a life jacket and he indicated they had been in the water for 15 hours. >> murphy got word from her husband lee last night. she shared his story, though she did not want to appear on camera. >> the ship capsized so quickly, it came up so he was flipped into the water.
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and he and some others that were close to him came up right by a raft, or whatever the boat is for emergencies on there. >> among the missing, 62-year- old mark, his fiance says he was one of the first to fall into the water. he has no life vest. and the man who organized the fishing trip, bob higgins. he is listed as a survivor. charles gibson, the police chief of the contra costa community college district says he was sleeping like a baby. he spent 16 hours in the water before he was rescued and he is safe tonight. >> good news is, they haven't given up the search for the guys that are still missing. >> the water is still warm. people may be able to survive. >> all right sharon, thank you so much. all right, roberta on this strange storm that seemed to come from nowhere. >> all this happened after 2:00 in the morning and a veil
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of darkness. no satellite photos are available, but data is. what we learned, tropical moisture lifted up, capping the moisture over the sea of cortez, causing severe thunderstorms, producing hundreds and hundreds of lightning bolts per hour. wind gusts up to 60 and that's what we believe. wind gusts caused those fatal ways. allen. >> thanks so much, we'll see you later. >> the bay area is celebrating the fourth of july with fireworks shows both legal and illegal. now this is the illegal kind in east oakland where people are shooting off some pretty powerful stuff. we're not talking sparklers here. it's quite the light show. on the ground, it's very loud. elizabeth cook is in oakland for us tonight. elizabeth. >> as you said, fireworks are illegal in oakland and you wouldn't know if you are standing where i am right now. believe it or not, you can't
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see as many as i have, but you can hear them. they are going off in the background right now and it's because of areas like this one that is dry brush, grassy area next to homes combined with fireworks that could make for a dangerous combination. the tenant in the oakland fire department are in for a long night. >> as you see it's getting started. >> they are patrolling the neighborhoods looking for illegal fireworks and there are a lot of them. >> if i could charge admission, i would. displays are quite nice sometimes. >> they don't make arrests if they spot someone with fireworks, but the damage has already been done oftentimes. >> most of the events we go to are trauma related, where children may blow their hands off or have some type of injury to their face or eyes. the number two would probably be fires. >> fire department does their best to stop the light shows before the first fuse is lit.
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he admits that doesn't always work. > they respect us quite a bit, but you may hear a couple pops here and then. >> you're looking at live pictures from our helicopter right now over oakland where the fireworks are still going strong. now firefighters say they did have weather on their side. we had a lofted rain this year and there's not a lot of wind tonight. however that doesn't mean fireworks are not dangerous and should be left to the pros where in cities they rleal. dana. >> just watching that display while you were talking, it's incredible. whoever -- wherever those were, they clearly had an awful lot of them. they were going off like a regular show. it's amazing that right now behind you, they are popping off like commercial fireworks. >> it's incredible. if you don't know this is a neighborhood, you would have thought it was a professional show and it's been going on for
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hours. it's amazing, but what you don't realize or what you do realize is that they are in people's backyards shooting off powerful, huge fireworks in their backyards that aren't very big. that makes for a dangerous combination. >> elizabeth cook, thank you. >> there were spectacular legal firework shows all over the bay area tonight. the biggest one, san francisco where tens of thousands of people turned out to watch and enjoy an all day party with fireworks tonight. and it was a clear night, no fog to obscure the show. dates back 115 years. mor began hill with that. kit. >> just a couple stragglers left here in a crowd that hit 20,000 people. they call it freedom fest and of all places, morgan hill. we have video. they fired off 750 shells. it took them 16 minutes and one
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of the biggest in the bay area. [ fireworks ] somewhere out there among all the barbecue and all the fun in the sun and the country bluegrass music is the meaning of july 4. >> i don't think we want to forget where we came from and how fortunate we are to be here. >> michael says it's possible to celebrate fourth without fireworks. why would you want to? >> i'm sure you could is a barbecue in other ways to celebrate, be it livation, food, music. not the same without fireworks, of course. >> morgan hill nose something about independence day. they have been holding this free celebration since 1896. if you couldn't celebrate july 4 with your friends and family, what would that be like if. >> it would feel sad.
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>> maybe it's the food, firework, or the family. maybe it's all of the above. >> and at a time when other cities are cutting back on canceling fireworks, here they did not take no for an answer and thank you to corporate and private donations, they have been able to keep this for free. >> in morgan hill, thanks. >> bart police say its officers had no choice. they shot and killed a man who they say had a knife on the civic center platform last night. one of the officers did have a taser, but chose his firearm instead. investigators did not say what led up to the shooting, but describe the suspect as wobbly and drunk. >> guy is armed with a knife. the eye uses a bottle as a weapon. one of our officers is injured. our officers did what they felt was necessary in the defense of
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their lives. >> the aftermath of the oscar grant shooting, they now go through extra training. other bay area headlines, a particularly violent holiday weekend in richmond. four shootings left three men dead and three others injured. it all happened last night over a three hour period. police say it's too early to tell, but no suspects are under arrest. and questions about this house fire in pleasant hill. investigators believe that it started in a shed and then spread to two neighboring homes. one of the homeowners tell cbs 5 she believes the fire was the result of a domestic dispute involving a former relative. fire investigators have not determined a cause. >> tonight, new marching orders. what terrorists on a mission are supposed to do if a woman comes up to them. >> and environmental or genetic, a stanford study about,
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a british newspaper uncovered militants are being told, pretent you're gay. a british newspaper uncovered what is said is a terrorist training manual and instructs recruits to tell any woman who approaches them in a western hotel that they are gay. that's because the woman might be a security agent. the taliban compiled the manual written in english hoping to stop law enforcement from identifying militants plotting attacks in britain. the environment may be a factor in autism. in the past, experts blamed most of the risk for autism on inherited genes. a new study out of stanford found a higher than expected rate of autism in fraternal twins, suggesting that environment could contribute to autism. they say factors could include stress, diet, infections, and the mother's age and health
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when she gets pregnant. >> 65 at the coast today. it was 98 degrees in our inland areas. the neighborhoods that will wa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trying to think of which is better, the weather or the food. >> a lovely combo. >> i know what you're going to say, the weather. i know what you're going to say. >> i have a food coma happening. i think further of july is my new favorite holiday. good evening, this is the flag, it was pretty robust earlier today with a westerly at 24. that's a return of an on shore push, which means tomorrow morning as we all head back to work, we will have fog just hanging very tight to the coast trying to make it into the bay and peeling back to reveal sunshine and everybody is going pan out to have a warmer day. we start off with the clouds, but inbetween sunshine and temperatures on the increase with the fluxuating wind. you see here's your morning commute and the fog really doesn't reach a good 40 miles inland but hangs right there around alameda before it dials
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back. you see the north bay has patchy clouds as well. area of low pressure to the north and this is what is interesting, it's tropical moisture from what was once arlene. it's blowing through the desert sparking some thunderstorms. for the possibility, the potential of an isolated thunderstorm. one day at a time. first up tonight, becoming cloudy at the beaches and the bay. tomorrow north of the golden gate bridge, up 2090. triple digits and fairfield and also in vacville. again the winds will be fluxuating. 100 degrees danville and in pleasantton. hotter than that. due east antioch, tracy, okayly, otherwise you need relief, you head to the bay or coast where tomorrow's highs into the 60s and 74 degrees in daily city. 92 degrees in willow glen and
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in san jose. # 8 to 99 degrees in morgan hill. outside number 101. by wednesday, we cool slightly. thursday and friday, a repeat performance and bring it down into the mid 80s over the weekend. that is your pinpoint forecast. here's kim with sports. >> joey chestnut put his winning streak on the line at the annual hot dog eating contest. it i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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padres... they have 15-games remaining with san diego the next two and a h the giants are about to get very familiar with the padres. they have 15 games remaining with san diego over the next 2 1/2 months. tim lincecum trying to get his record back over .500, but he struggled against the league's worst offense. orlando hudson knocks in jason bart let. 3-0 padres. when he does something no giant has done this year, hit one into the cove. 8th homer of the year for pablo and they are out of practice in the cove. the swimmer gets run over by the kayak. unfortunately will gave them another sue veer in the 9th, the native burns the team he grew up rooting for as the padres take the homeowner. the giants are two games up on the diamondbacks in the west. >> it's already a great way to play this ballpark and see my
2:04 am
family and you know, get a win is special. >> didn't feel like i had good energy. so felt like i was balling through every pitch. >> four giants are headed to arizona for next week's all- star game. three of the names you would expect. they will be joined by ryan who wasn't in the majors the last four years. >> i haven'ted picked their brain too much yet. i heard there's a lot of stuff to sign. the road i've been on, decided to throw 100 baseballs. never in a million years would i think my name and being a major league off star would go in the same sentence. it's pretty amazing. >> still got a couple hundred to go. >> still got a couple hundred to go. when i came out the game yesterday and after the game
2:05 am
was over, i checked my phone. there were 57 text messages on there. i got some work to do. >> it's not often the a's enter a series as a team with a better offense. that's the case this week. the few e runs in baseball. brandon back on the ground after missing six weeks with a shoulder injury. he took the loss after justin rip one down the right center line. final chance for the a's. chris carter strikes out on three pitches to end it. the a's get just three hits. they lose 2-# and now are seven games out of first. >> gonzales will represent the a's next week. he has the third lowest era. he celebrated the news last night but he didn't spend a lot of time pumping iron with his dad. >> my dad took all the power.
2:06 am
i don't know what happened to me. he says i could be the milkman's son. he says i'm geo's dad, but that's what his mom says. we're going do a dna check after this. >> all-star game will never be the same. brandon comes racing in. babbles it, but makes the catch. >> number three, the ground ball up the middle deflects right to om, r who throws the first for the out, but the phillies end up eating the march shoals. >> the competitive eating, san jose's joey chestnut wins for the fifth straight year after devouring 62 hot dogs. former champ competed alone a few miles away and identity 69
2:07 am
hot dog. an on going contract dispute with nathan. oz to whether or not it's a sport, they have their own league, called major league eating. >> just to watch them. maybe they could conduct that without cameras. >> the reporter that was there had to wear a poncho that was covering the event. >> ew. okay ew. >> allen ,,,,,,
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well if you didn't get to see fireworks like us here, or you didn't get enough


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