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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 6, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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verdict, not guilty. shock and verdict, not guilty. shock and outrage for some outside the courthouse at the casey antony murder trial. inside casey shed tears of joy. as the verdict was read. >> as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty, so say we all. presidential summit, hoping to kickstart the stalled talks on raising the debt limit, president obama invites lawmakers to the white house. arizona dust-up, a towering dust storm smothering the city of phoenix. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. it is a verdict that has been compared to the o.j. simpson trial. prosecutors in orlando sat stunned as the jury declared casey anthony not guilty on all three counts of killing her young daughter caylee. outside the courthouse, anger. the jury did find anthony guilty on four misdemeanor counts of lying. she'll be sentenced for that tomorrow. an alternate juror who was not in on the final deliberations but did sit through the trial agrees with the main verdict. >> they didn't really show motive of why, you know, casey would have done what she did. they brought up the party girl aspect, doesn't make sense because they had mom and dad willing at all times to watch caylee. they didn't show us how caylee died. >> karen brown has more now on yesterday's dramatic verdict.
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>> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> 25-year-old casey anthony cried and hugged her defense team. the jury took fewer than 11 hours to find her not guilty of murder and two other charges related to her daughter caylee's death. casey's parents ducked out of court right after the verdict was read. >> while we're happy for casey there are no winners in this case. caylee has passed on far, far too soon. >> reporter: the coroner never determined the cause of caylee's death but did rule it a homicide, after 33 days of testimony and mounds of evidence, the jury found the prosecution just didn't bear the burden of proof. >> i never, ever criticize a jury. theirs is the task of deciding what to believe. >> reporter: none of the 12 jurors were willing to speak to the media. while casey anthony was cleared in the criminal justice system, many in the court of public opinion just don't agree with the jury's verdict.
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>> it's unfathomable these people would listen to everything and know about this case for the last three years and come to that decision. >> i think the jury came back too soon. >> reporter: anthony was convicted of four counts of lying to investigators but some legal experts think she won't serve additional time. >> i think the judge will release her thursday. there's no reason to keep her any longer. >> for time already served. >> exactly true. >> reporter: anthony has spent three years in jail. the defense is hoping she can rebuild her life starting this week. karen brown for cbs news orlando florida. now to the debt showdown. president obama is pressuring lawmakers to hammer out a deal to raise the debt ceiling so he's invited republican and democratic leaders to the white house tomorrow. tara mergener is in washington with more on this. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, betty. while president obama is hoping the meeting with the top eight lawmaker also finally mean that deal but at this point it's
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unclear where any real compromise can be found. president obama wants congress to strike a deal on raising a debt limit in the next two weeks. >> we've made progress and i believe that greater progress is within sight, but i don't want to fool anybody. we still have to work through some real differences. >> reporter: he's invited democratic and republican leaders to the white house tomorrow to try to jumpstart stalled talks. the president is urging lawmakers to leave their differences at the door and he's rejected any talk of a short term agreement that would raise the debt ceiling for six to eight months. >> i don't share that view. i don't think the american people here sent us here to avoid tough problems. >> reporter: the president insists any deal will have to include not only spending cuts but also tax hikes for the wealthy, still republicans aren't budging. >> frankly, we don't think the voters sent a wave of republicans to washington last november because they wanted us
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to raise taxes. >> reporter: with unemployment hovering over 9%, the gop argues tax increases will hurt the economy even more. "i'm happy to discuss these at the white house" house speaker john boehner said in a statement, "but such discussions will be fruitless until the president recognizes economic reality." congress has until august 2nd to raise the debt limit or the u.s. will default on its bills for the first time potentially throwing the country back into a recession. republicans want at least $2 trillion in spending cuts before they'll consider raising that debt limit. betty, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington, thank you for that. here in new york federal authorities are holding a man from somalia on terrorism charges, ac med wasami was captured in april in the gulf of mexico of aden between yemen and somalia. he gave up important information about two terrorist groups
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including al qaeda. the obama administration plans to try him in civilian court. the families of seven american fishermen missing in mexico insist they are not giving up hope as the search continues this morning. a sudden storm capsized their boat off of mexico's coast on sunday. one american died. 19 others were rescued. now to the oil spill on the yellowstone river in southern montana. the river is above flood stage, making it difficult to clean up the 42,000 gallons of crude. there is also fears the rapid current could push oil even farther downstream. on the "cbs moneywatch," up and down day for stocks in asia. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. that's right. stocks were mixed in asia. this morning, japan's nikkei was higher by 0.5%. and hong kong's hang seng was slightly lower. on past yesterday, the dow finished 12 points lower, while the nasdaq was up nearly 10.
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in washington christine lagarde holds her first news conference as head of the international monetary fund. lagarde takes over following the resignation of dominique strauss-kahn following charges he sexually assaulted a new york hotel maid. obama administration effort to curb junk food advertising to children is meeting resistance from house republicans. the republicans say the government is going too far, the white house plan would allow companies to market food to kids only if they have specific healthy ingredients and are low in fats, sodium and sugar. netflix is expanding its movie and tv streaming service into latin america and the caribbean. 43 spanish speaking countries will be able to access the online movie rental company, the largest international expansion for netflix so far. betty, trouble for ostrich farmers. the birds are a little behind on egg laying because of rainy
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spring weather in the northeast. the "wall street journal" says the hens will not produce eggs without steady sunshine. as one new jersey farmer put it, ost riches can certainly be divas. i've heard that, too, about talent. >> not me, of course. >> not us, no. >> okay, yeah, nice clarifying that. thank you, ashley. just ahead on "the morning news" a cell phone hacking scandal grows in britain. plus this looks something from "the mummy" but it's not the sahara, but it's actually arizona. first scott pelley has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." they helped win the race to space but now they're losing their jobs. the end of a career for nasa workers from astronauts to mechanics. where do they go from here? find out tonight on the "cbs evening news." "cbs moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil, introducing vagisil wash with odor block, the confident clean. l, introducing vagisil
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look at look at this, quite a sight. a giant dust storm that rolled over the phoenix metropolitan area on tuesday. the massive wall of dust was 50 miles wide and more than a mile and a half high. it pushed with winds of up to 60 miles an hour. low visibility slowed traffic and grounded air travelers, toppled trees and even knocked out power. the storm is part of the southwestern monsoon season which runs from june to september. in florida, weather could delay the last space shuttle launch. the shuttle landed the schedule for blastoff friday morning. its 12-day mission to the international space station will complete the 30-year-old space shuttle program. there is outrage in britain this morning over a tabloid newspaper that went too far. it hacked into the phone messages of a missing 13-year-old girl who was later found murdered. mark phillips reports.
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>> reporter: it's britain's biggest sunday newspaper selling more than 2.5 million copies by delivering skin and the skinny. scoops, some of which the news of the world has gotten by hacking into the voice mail accounts of famous victims like mick jagger, eric clapton, gwen it paltrow hugh grant, tony blair, and a member of prince william's staff. it is the intrusion into millie dowler, a missing 13-year-old that outraged the nation. the news of the world not only hacked into millie's voice mail to hear desperate relatives trying to reach here, it deleted messages to make room for others and so gave her family false hope she was still alive, dialing into her own voice mail. millie was found dead six months after her abduction. >> we're most desperately worried. >> reporter: the family which made heart rendering appeals is distraught.
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the scandal has business and political fallout. the news of the world is owned by rupert murdock's news international. its editor rebecca brooks runs international operations and refused to resign. the news of the world says it will conduct its own internal inquiring into the hacking but rebecca brooks will head the investigation, in other words, investigating herself. the police inquiry is continuing as well, and scotland yard said there be more bombshell revelations to come. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> we'll stay on top of that story for you. straight ahead your wednesday morning weather and in sports the mets shows sparkling defense at dodger's stadium and some power, too. you know what this is, cartwright? yes. nicorette mini.
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so delicious activia helps me feel good inside. which helps me be my best... positive, cheerful and on top of things. help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel or your money back. ♪ activia here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country country. new york sunny, 89 degrees. miami thunderstorms there, 89 as well. chicago partly cloudy 86. dallas partly cloudy but 101 and l.a. partly cloudy 88. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows a storm system from the southwest across the central plains and into the southeast, a few scattered clouds are in the great lakes region while the northeast and northwest are clear. later today muggy weather will continue in the southeast, with scattered showers. the southern plains
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will stay hot and dry, severe weather portions of new england and midwest with strong winds and hail. the mets shut out the dodgers in los angeles, great defense by new york right fielder carlos beltran on a diving catch. beltran also hit a home run and jason bay had two, as the mets beat the dodgers 6-0. in cleveland the yankees derek jeter smacked a two-run double to left center. jeter needs four more hits to reach 3,000. cc sabathia struck out 11 for his victory 9-2 over the indians. dustin we troyia homered over the monster, and a great throw to home plate, red sox catcher jason varitek blocked the plate to make the tag and boston beat toronto 3-2. tiger woods will not play in the british open next week. he said his injured left leg is not completely healed. this is the second major
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tournament he missed and he could fall out of the top 20 player ranking. when we return another look at the top stories and meet a grieving father who changed the way the white house does things. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. the northern plains will see powerful thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds. much of the southeast will see scatter the thunderstorms. it will continue to be hot in the southern plains. here's another look at this morning's top stories. in a verdict that stunned much of the nation, casey anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee. she was found guilty of lying to investigators and will be in court tomorrow for sentencing. president obama invited
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lawmakers of both parties to the white house tomorrow hoping to kickstart the deadlock negotiations on raising the debt limit. cbs news learned that the obama white house is changing its policy toward military veterans who commit suicide. families of such troops will now receive the same presidential condolence letters sent to those who die in war zones. elaine quijano reports on the father who led the campaign to change rules. >> i have doubts, many, many doubts, but we're very pleased. >> reporter: last week greg keasling got the call from the white house he waited two years to receive. he learned his family's long wait for acknowledgment from the commander in chief was almost over. >> it was a very good moment that this has been worth it. >> reporter: since the suicide of keasling's son, 25-year-old army specialist chance keasling in iraq, greg and his wife janet have fought to receive a
4:21 am
condolence letter. >> i miss you, chance, i do. >> reporter: writing to the president and asking their congressman for help. >> he was a good soldier, and so i think that's the part that i want to know that the country appreciates. >> reporter: keasling has been told he'll receive some kind of recognition from the white house, though not an official presidential condolence letter in memory of his son, chance. >> today we'll be reading "the cat in the hat." chance keasling shot himself on his second tour in iraq. military families received letters from the president only if their loved ones died on the battlefield or an accident in war zones. >> i do think this is about doing what is the right thing. i feel that to the core of my being. this is a justice for my son. chance keasling. >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, indianapolis. in myanmar, the southeast
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asian country once called burma, a rare sight, aung san suu kyi, walking about freely. seven months after the pro-democracy leader was freed from house arrest, she took the opportunity to visit buddhist temples in the countryside. the royal newlyweds continue their tour of canada's northwest territories. in the regional capital yesterday, prince william tried his hand at street hockey with local children there. he and his wife will wrap up their tour in southern california later this week. the royal couple did miss a big event back home in england, a supersize serving of britain's national food, fish and chips, made from a single giant halibut, plus batter and potatoes, it totalled more than 90 puts, setting a new guinness world record. this morning on "the early show" an in-depth look at the casey anthony not guilty verdict. what jurors are saying. i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪
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a huge school cheating scandal is unfolding in atlanta involving the same kind of standardized tests used all over the country. cheating was found in nearly 80% of atlanta public schools but the cheaters are not students. they are teachers and principals. mark strassmann has more. >> reporter: it's a scathing report, a decade of cheating in atlanta's school system by the adults, dozens of educators erased wrong answers on standardized tests and inserted the right ones. in all investigators accused 38 principals were accused of cheating and 82 of the 178 educators they identified as part of the scandal confessed. >> when indicators failed to uphold the public trust and
4:26 am
students are harmed in the process, there will be consequences. >> reporter: the motive for cheating, show phony progress at often troubled schools what the report calls the pressure to meet targets in the data-driven environment. parents are outraged. >> 185 people are in on this, they should be fired immediately. >> reporter: atlanta's scandal is the biggest in recent years. other school systems in baltimore, houston and detroit have had isolated cheating on tests. >> reporter: diane ravitch blames a law that links funding with test performance. >> we have a terrible law called no child left behind that says all schools have to have 100% of students proficient in reading and math by 2014 or their schools will be closed down. >> reporter: in atlanta warning signs were there. former teacher paul landerman saw a teacher help 50 students change test answers. he reported it and the next day he says he was fired. >> the greatest value inside
4:27 am
that system is loyalty to the system. >> reporter: for overall responsibility the report points to beverly hall, the school system's former superintendent. atlanta schools showed such progress at one point in 2009, hall was named america's superintendent of the year. but investigators say hall either knew of the cheating or should have. she denied that but in her retirement video last month blamed other employees. >> i am confident that aggressive, swift action will be taken against anyone who believes so little in our students and in our system of support that they turned to dishonesty as the only option. >> reporter: atlanta's superintendent promised any educator involved in the scandal would not step foot in a classroom here again but the cheaters could have bigger iss issues. tampering with state tests is a felony in georgia punishable by up to ten years behind bars.
4:28 am
mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. coming up later on "the early show," reaction to what some see as a shocking not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder trial, then the debt showdown, what president obama is likely to tell republican leaders at the white house. plus a performance by former hootie and the blowfish front man darius rucker. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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