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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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at least 100 east bay residents may not get their morning showers. live pictures, this is lafayette, the mess caused by a big water main break there. the rush to get a fix before the morning commute. cal fire grounding a powerful tool just in time for fire season. what it means for our safety this summer. good morning. it is thursday, july 7. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 5:00. we kick it off with that water main break that's left hundreds of homes without water in an east bay community. >> a ream nightmare for anybody trying to get ready -- a real nightmare for anybody trying to get ready for work this morning. kristy seifkin reports live from lafayette. a lot of activity there behind you. >> reporter: yeah. i imagine most people actually were asleep until a couple of minutes ago when this jackhammer started going. they have been digging a hole for hours. they got a call last night. east bay m.u.d. came out around 11:30 and has been working since. there is a hole 5 feet deep dug underground cutting through tree branches. it's a big hole of water right
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now. they don't know where the break is. there are to pipelines here a 16" pipeline and 8" pipeline and it's the 8" line that was broken. like i said before they are not sure where that break is but one resident who we talked to had just moved into the area, had moved his moving boxes into his garage and then this morning, the line broke, water came down the sidewalk and actually flooded his garage and his belongings. >> i put my shoes on and ran through the living room. i looked out the sliding glass door and the backyard was probably 5" deep of water. >> reporter: when residents wake up this morning some will realize that they don't have water in their homes and that water has made its way onto their porches on into their garages. businesses will have the same realization maybe when they find a pool of water or a soggy carpet on the first floor when they walk in. crews that i spoke with estimated about a half hour to an hour before they discover
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where that break is in the pipeline. in the meantime no water. hopefully people will be getting a little later start today and water will be back on for a shower and they will be all wrapped up by then. >> is it on mount diablo boulevard? that's the main drag through lafayette. are streets closed? >> reporter: the right lane is blocked eastbound mount diablo boulevard right now just kind of the edge of the shoulder so not significant. but traffic is picking up. we'll have to see. >> thank you, kristy seifkin in lafayette. a man is fighting for his life this morning. he was shot in the head on a popular east bay biking trail last night on the de anza trail in pittsburg near harbor street and atlantic circle. police say someone came across the man around 8:45 last night and ran to a nearby mcdonald's to get help. he is in critical condition in the hospital. this is the third violent attack on that trail in two
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months. the coast guard in sacramento is launching aircraft to help search for those missing northern california fishermen in mexico. the mexican navy is coordinating the search and rescue efforts that include the c-130 crews you see here. it asked for the coast guard to help. the c-130s have searched hundreds of square miles thus far in the last couple of days. this is some new video from the mexican navy showing one of the rescues here. some of the survivors of sun's sinking of that fishing boat are back home in the bay area. they were in the water for many hours after their boat went down in the middle of the night. they helped pressure mexican officials to extend the search effort beyond that normal 96 hours. >> i was in the water for 16 hours. and i was okay. so given that this is maybe the third day that's still some hope. >> my staff and i have contacted the mexican consulate and today, they assured me that they will do everything that
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they can to continue the search for survivors. >> seven fishermen are still missing in the sea of cortez but there is still some hope. one has been confirmed dead. a key factfinding tool may be grounded in time for the fire season. you probably have seen those dc- 10s on the news. cal fire cancelled its contract with the nation's largest air tanker company to save money. the tankers cost taxpayers about $7 million a year to operate. >> we were relying on california and they were relying on us. >> all in all, we feel pretty confident that we have kept our initial attack capability intact and we're confident we'll be able to deliver good service. >> the dc-10s will still be available but they won't be ready to fly at a moment's notice anymore. it will take a while to get them up in th air. a sentencing hearing will start in a half hour from now for casey anthony.
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the florida woman is acquitted of murder in the death of her 2- year-old daughter. she could be walking free this morning. she was of course convicted of lesser charges in the case. and as karen brown reports, anthony's time in jail may be over momentarily. reporter: casey anthony could walk away a free woman this morning. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: just two days after being acquitted in the murder of her daughter caylee, the 25-year-old will be sentenced on four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators. each charge carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison. but since anthony has already spent nearly three years behind bars, she could be released for time served. >> justice for caylee! >> reporter: because of the high-profile nature of the case, the court will take extra precautions to keep anthony safe upon her release. >> let's be honest. she is widely despised seemingly by most of america. if you retwitter and facebook and listen to commentary. >> reporter: but casey anthony's future outside of jail is unclear. she will need to find a place
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to live and get a job. but some say an interview or book deal could fetch a half million dollars or more. >> this story has demonstrated its ability to capture national attention. and she has a very real chance to bankroll herself for the rest of her life. >> reporter: but whether that life will include anthony's family remains to be seen. her father george became the defense team's main target during the trial and a lawyer for anthony's parents says they haven't spoken to their daughter since 2008. >> at some point i imagine there will be some sort of family meeting. >> reporter: a family meeting that will be missing little caylee anthony. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. time now 7 minutes after 5:00. a quick check on traffic and weather. here's lawrence. >> and we got that weather looking a little cooler around the bay area today. some patchy fog developing, some of that sneaking inside the bay right now. you can see extensive all along the california coastline here. it is going to move further onshore in the coming days to cool you down right into the
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weekend. numbers mild right now in some spots. 60s in the interior valleys, 50s elsewhere. by the afternoon still hot in spots inland. the possibility of 91 degrees in livermore, sunny there, 88 in concord, 73 much cooler in oakland. and 50s and 60s at the coastline. time now to check on your traffic with elizabeth. >> okay. thank you, lawrence. let's go out to santa rosa where we've downed tree partially blocking a ramp and there is a traffic alert in effect. the ramp is closed northbound 101 to westbound highway 12. so watch out for that. otherwise to the south bay we go now and we are getting word of a grassfire on the shoulder. guadalupe parkway approaching 280 interchange. no blocked lanes. watch out for fire crews. sounds like police are on scene. a grassfire on the right-hand shoulder. the rest of the south bay looks good coming out of downtown san jose nice and quiet on 280 itself. and the golden gate bridge marin county traffic looks great except for that fog across the span. more traffic in a bit.
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back to you. >> thank you. 5:07 on your thursday. some tough sacrifices facing oakland police. the crucial vote today to help the city's budget deficit >> plus, critics say it's costing california more than it's worth. the new push in sacramento to ban the death penalty. and a fast-food restaurant going out of its way to play nice with its new neighbors. the obstacle standing in the way of a little peace and harmony all coming up. ,, ,,
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hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. ♪ hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. members of the "police officer' association" approved a new the city of oakland is going to find out this afternoon if members of the police officers association approved a new contract agreement. they voted on a deal that would have first make more concessions like contributing extra money to their pension
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funds. the city is counting on it to help reduce its budget deficit. this comes after anthony batts announced a major reorganization of the department. among the changes, the department will consist of two regions east and west instead of the current the. specialized units like motorcycles and bicycle squads will move into regular patrol cars. a bill that would end the death penalty in california will be voted on in a couple of hours. the public safety committee will consider the bill authored by the state senator lonnie hancock out of oakland. she says capital punishment doesn't deter crime and says the expensive legal process contributes to the state's financial problems. there are only 13 killings since it was reinstated 33 years ago. president obama and congressional leaders are going to try to sit down today and find common ground on dealing
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with the federal deficit problem. republicans and democrats are showing signs of compromise on issues including the debt limit. house majority leader eric cantor says he is open to closing some tax loopholes. republicans have rejected tax increases. time now 5:12. the search intensifies for the seven missing fishermen off the baja coast. we have a live report from sacramento where another coast guard aircraft is just taking off. >> plus, it is a chilling plot to slip bombs through airport security. if you are traveling today, we are cleared for take-off. sfo looking at about 70 degrees as you make your way across the country. we are going to see a few clouds as you move on through in toward the houston area. we are looking at 97 degrees partly cloudy skies. continuing on toward atlanta, a few more clouds on the way even the possibility of a few thunderstorms out there. some rain 90 degrees.
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the rest of your forecast is coming right up. ,,,,,,,,
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. for missing fishermen from northern california. the u.s. contra costa is sending help to mexico to search for the missing fishermen from northern california. courtney dempsey reports from sacramento where crews just
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took off. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the crews actually just took off seconds ago. that's the air ship behind us where the c-130 just took off to go and help the mexican navy search a little more for these missing fishermen. yesterday they searched more than 500 miles and today they will scour hundreds more. those seven men went missing early sunday after their pot capsized during a -- their boat capsized during a fishing trip. there is a command center in a home in san ramon. the family calls it their war zone and they are using social networking to receive messages like facebook, twitter and a blog they call find our fathers. the coast guard went out for a third day today. they are planning to help the mexican navy search at least another 24 hours with the coast guard. the mexican navy says they will search indefinitely. back to you. >> thank you, courtney dempsey life in sacramento. all right. weather looking different around the bay area today. more low clouds and fog has
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moved onshore and it looks like we are going to start to cool things off a little more so. more extensive with the fog inside the bay. still clear in the valleys and some mild temperatures there this afternoon still hot in some spots but not like the last couple of days. still the possibility of 90s inland. sunshine in the bay, breezy. cool at the coast with patchy fog. monsoonal moisture in the sierra nevada some thunderstorms erupting in the afternoon yesterday but that's sliding east with the ridge of high pressure that's moving out of town. this ridge going to continue to move out. the next system trying to drop in. overall we'll see the trough developing especially into the weekend. that will bring down the temperatures. 9degrees today still hot in morgan hill. 84 milpitas. beautiful there. 8union city. about 58 degrees cloudy in daly city. as you head well inland you will see temperatures in the 90s again inmates like brentwood and livermore and also into antioch. probably some 70s into oakland
5:18 am
with a little breeze in the afternoon. temperatures still comfortable but coming down across the board toward the next couple of days especially over the weekend as that trough works in. time to check the roads with the best traffic reporter around this morning, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are getting word of a downed tree in santa rosa, closed ramp southbound 101 to westbound 12. crews are out there now working to clear the tree and they are saying until 5:45 when hope to to open the ramp. if you are continuing the rest of southbound 101, pretty smooth trip all the way down through novato towards the golden gate bridge. there is some fog across the stretch so watch out for low
5:19 am
visibility there. east bay, we have a reporter kristy seifkin on the scene of this water main break in lafayette all morning. there are street closures in that area eastbound lanes of mount diablo boulevard shut down while crews work to repair that right there at the intersection of village centers so pretty much avoid that stretch for much of the morning. again, no word on how long it's going to take crews to repair that water main break. but they are out there now. if you are continuing towards the bay bridge, traffic very light right now heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you may find some lower deck roadwork just your usual stuff there heading towards oakland and let's head out towards the south bay because we also have a grassfire. sounds like it's under the freeway right there near the guadalupe parkway and 280. so not blocking lanes. but you will notice fire crews are out there so that is what's going on. sounds like a smaller grassfire that they are working on putting out the remaining hot spots so the main lines of the freeway across the south bay actually look good including
5:20 am
280 traffic heading out of downtown san jose getting busier now approaching the 880 interchange. and i just checked mass transit remains all on time. if anything changes once you hit the roads remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, the days of human tolltakers on the golden gate bridge could be numbered. the change that may move closer to reality today. double trouble in san carlos. how the new in-n-out burger may have ordered out a bunch of angry neighbors. we'll be right back. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. planes... including surgically hiding bombs inside humans. the t-s-a says no such plo security experts are saying terrorists are considering new efforts of blowing up planes including surgically hiding bombs inside human beings. the tsa says no such plot has been uncovered yet but there is evidence that terrorists are discussing the possibility. plastic explosives buried deep inside the body would be difficult for current equipment to detect. nasa managers need mild conditions ahead of tomorrow's launch for atlantis. rain and thunderstorms may prompt them to coming up the last launch. the bay area man is prepping for nasa's last shuttle mission. san carlos native rex walheim will suit up tomorrow morning
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for the launch. a cash free commute over the golden gate bridge is one step closer to reality. today a committee is going to vote on the proposal to install all-electronic tolling on the bridge. other payment options include license plate invoices or having drivers pay at a totally different retail location. if the proposal passes the committee, it moves forward to a director's vote tomorrow. a project to expanding -- to expand parking for a six- story parking garage near the santa clara convention center will hold more than 1800 cars when it oems the fall of next year a $25 million project. in and out may be what a hamburger is all about but some san carlos neighbors are fed up. the restaurant on industrial road was built in june, complete with a 65-foot sign that's visible from half
5:25 am
mile away. that's the big problem. one of neighbor believes the value of his home has gone down because of it. >> let's say i'm trying to sell my house. the first thing you're going to go right for that. no matter what i do to my house. you're going to see that. owe it's just intrusive. >> a neighborhood association believes the burger chain is violating its use permit because it lights up homes at night. they say they are doing their best to be a good neighbor. san carlos is the first to have air scrubbers to control the smell of fried food and the company says it made adjustments to its speaker system when neighbors say it's just a little too loud. >> bet that's affecting traffic in the area. >> they are so popular. maybe they can push the sign
5:26 am
down. >> probably not. it's 5:26. cold season is in full swing. why summer sickness could slow you down at the gym. >> the simple things you need to do to ace your next job interview coming up. i'm kristy seifkin in lafayette where a water main pipe broke overnight and crews have been working since 11:30 last night to find that break and to restore water to residents. we'll have details on what they are doing in a live report coming up. and this year's state budget cuts are hitting hard and grounding planes. what that means for this summer's fire season. we'll explain straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mallicoat. and i'm anne makovec. time is 5-- good morning. it is thursday, july 7. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. thanks for joining us. it's just about 5:30. time for a quick check of traffic and weather. lawrence karnow, how's it looking. we are cruising along this morning. and it is looking very nice as we are going to see some cool fog around the bay area this morning. 60s in san francisco, 80s inland. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> live towards santa clara where our photographer is standing by near great america parkway. headlights moving northbound. quick trip this morning along the peninsula. we'll have traffic and mass transit coming up.
5:30 am
almost 5 on now. a big water main break in the east bay leaving 100 residents without water and one very loud jackhammer digging into the ground. you're going to hear it here momentarily. [ jackhammer sound ] >> kristy seifkin reports from lafayette where they are searching for the source of the break. >> reporter: good morning. definitely a loud jackhammer right now. crews have been out here since 11:30 was night in lafayette trying to find a break in the water line. water has been gushing ever since. they have dug a large hole about 5 feet deep into the ground and now, jackhammering into the sidewalk to make that hole even bigger. there's two pipelines underground here a 16" pipeline and an 8" pipeline and it's that 8" pipeline that's broken. the crew supervisor told me that there's precious fiber- optics underground and they are trying to protect those with fly wood so when they start jam hammering -- with plywood so when they start jack hammering they don't damage them. the city will rip the light post out. so the job is bigger than we
5:31 am
originally thought. one resident just moved into a brand-new home. poor guy. then the water started rushing into his garage last night soaking up all his unpacked belongings. >> the fire department was helpful. we built a makeshift barrier to try to keep the water from coming in the back door from the garage. >> when residents wake up some will realize that water made its way into their garage same story for businesses that might find a puddle of water when they open up the doors to their first floor. now, the crew supervisor that i spoke to about 15 minutes ago said crews will be here for several more hours and in terms of traffic, if you are coming through this area, a main thoroughfare on mount diablo boulevard. the eastbound right-hand lane is closed for the time being and that may become an issue as we start to see more traffic during those busy commute hours. >> can you stand a couple of more hours with that jackhammer, kristy? >> reporter: i will try.
5:32 am
what?! [ laughter ] >> yeah, what? okay. >> reporter: what? >> hang in there kristy seifkin. life in lafayette, thanks -- live in lafayette, thanks. a man in critical condition in the east bay shot in the head on a popular waking and jogging trail. it -- biking and jogging trail in de anza near atlantic circle. police say someone came across this man around quarter to 9:00 last night and ran into a nearby mcdonald's to get help. the man is in critical condition. this is the third violent attack on that same trail in two months. california is going into a new fire season without one of its biggest firefighting tools. anser hassan is morgan hill to explain the cost-cutting moves. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: cal fire is calling it the best choice among four alternatives. the state budget crisis is forcing cal fire to cut a $7 million contract with the
5:33 am
nation's largest air tanker. these dc-10 planes are used to drop fire retar can't over retardant. they carry 12,000 gallons. why is this important? these are the first line of defense against major state fires. they are also 10 times bigger than the next largest plane that cal fire has at its disposal. cal fire says they will use the planes on what's known as a call when needed basis in case of a major fire. >> tough budget times we have to make decisions. that's one of them. >> it's expensive but cost- effective and what is saved is of course if you're talking lives, you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time cal fire has done this. they did it in 2009. consider that it takes 24 hours to staff these planes when
5:34 am
using them on this on call basis and it can cost up to 10 times more than the normal contract should be so in case of a large fire, california while they are trying to save money may spend up to 10 times more if there is a large fire that breaks out. >> thank you, anser hassan in morgan hill. time now 5:34. weather and traffic now. here's lawrence. >> like a breath of fresh air that fog is moving onshore right now. that's a sign of cooler temperatures in the works. it's extensive along the california coastline. the temperatures going to be coming down. yesterday 98 in livermore. today down 7 degrees still hot at 91. but cooler in concord. 96 yesterday, about 88 degrees today. that's 8 degrees cooler in concord. san jose also going to cool off. you get the idea the temperatures coming down across the board. we are hoping that will continue to cool down as we head in toward the weekend. looks like temperatures much
5:35 am
more comfortable around the bay area. a lot of 80s in the warmest spots. fog at the coast. may need a jacket there. those temperatures expected to be in the 50s and 60s. all right. it is traffic time with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll go out to antioch. a new accident now westbound highway had approaching a street so maybe blocking lanes. there is some slowing across that stretch so our sensors are already picking up some yellow meaning speeds under who -- speeds under who miles an hour. dennisdense fog advisory around daly city. check the golden gate bridge camera. our meteorologist lawrence confirms -- >> that is fog! >> that is fog, yeah. you can see it right there approaching the toll plaza. so visibility once again an issue this morning. hey, better news now this earlier traffic alert up in santa rosa. it is now clear all lanes once again re-opened on that ramp from southbound 101 to westbound 12. there a big old tree a downed
5:36 am
tree completely blocking that ramp for a while so crews picked it up and traffic alerts gone. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. one of the nation's most high-profile murder cases is about to end a short time from now. >> but the drama is sure not about to end. casey anthony was of course acquitted this week on charges that she murdered her 2-year- old daughter but she was convicted of the lesser charges in the case and should be sentenced for those within the hour. and those charges just include lying. karen brown joins us with an update from orlando, florida. karen, what is the atmosphere there is this we know so many people across the country are upset about the verdict. >> reporter: you know, anne and frank, definitely the anticipation is growing outside the courthouse. security is intense. people who stood in line for hours yesterday are showing up so they can get into the courtroom they can take their seats. we know the defense is already here and it was a strange scene as the public noticed that they
5:37 am
were walking up, they raced over to them, of course, there's a lot of security here so everybody was fine. so a lot of anticipation because there are three basic choices this judge can make. one, he can give casey anthony more jail time. two, he can release her on parole. or three, he could set her free for time already served. >> because the maximum is one year for each count and that's four years and she already served almost three. >> reporter: that's absolutely correct, anne. so based on the fact that she has apparently been a model prisoner, this judge could say, look, you know, in a case like this, these are misdemeanor charges, you have already been in jail for nearly three years. i'm going to let you out. and there is a plan in place for her release. the orange county sheriff's department is concerned about her safety. so they have a plan in place already if she is processed out of that jail, they are going to take her in an unmarked vehicle
5:38 am
to an undisclosed location of her choice and they are going to release her into the public if that is the judge's decision. >> we hear her parents have been getting death threats. how about the jurors? because a lot of people as we all know were upset about the verdict. some of them are speaking now. it took them a day. are they starting to surface or are they still laying low? >> reporter: well, frank, only two of the jurors so far have come forward. and one has done it anonymously. he wouldn't give the local paper his name. but one thing that they do seem to have a consensus on these two jurors who came forward is the fact that emotionally they wanted to convict casey anthony of murdering her daughter but they just did not feel like there was the evidence. they did not feel that the prosecution proved what crime took place, how it too many and that information casey anthony was guilty. >> what a coincidence. the prosecutor is retiring now, the d.a. >> that's absolutely right. there's been a little bit about
5:39 am
that. but apparently that's been in the works for some time. he has been a prosecutor for 30 years and he has decided that he was going to be retiring when he has been asked about, you know, is this the way you want to go out he said, look, i've lost bigger case than this, apparently bigger cases in his own heart. so yeah, he is retiring his last day friday. >> all right. karen brown live in orlando, good job, thanks, karen. we appreciate it. 5:39 now. and job hunters know about the black hole. it's the place where their resumes go after they are submitted. just after the break, some tips to make sure yours gets read. >> we have all been there before. plus worries in the wine region. how warmer weather could reach some havoc on california vineyards all coming up. ,,,,,,
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department's jobs report, due out tomorrow. of moneywatch back now at 5:41. >> is awaiting the labor department's jobs report due out tomorrow. jill schlesinger of to give us perspective and navigating the interview process. what has the trend been in jobs and what are we expecting tomorrow. >> reporter: unemployment is around 9% for the year. last month there was a big disappointment in job creation. only 54,000 new nonfarm jobs created in may. that was the fewest number in 8 months. of course it did follow three good months where the economy created an average of about 220,000 jobs a month. tomorrow's report is expected to show 10, maybe 125,000 new sons created in june. -- jobs created in june. while the economy has added over 1.8 million jobs in the last year, we lost nearly 8 million touring the recession. and we have a long way to -- during the the recession. we have a long way to go,
5:43 am
probably 4 years before we return to prerecession employment. >> we have a ways to go. that leaves a lot of people in the interviewing process trying to get that job, get back to work. what advice do you have for them? >> we have career experts at moneywatch and said tell us what we need to tell people to make that interview really successful. the number one tip, practice by preparing. sound bites and stories that illustrate what you can do for the company. a nice touch is to talk about we. i was at my last job. we did this. that's a great way to indicate you're a team player. at the en of the interview ask for a way to show your qualifications. end the interview, is there anything about my background or this conversation that gives you concern? that buys you a bonus round that dispels doubts. on, we have the
5:44 am
20 craziest job interview questions from some of the largest employers in the united states. and the right answers. here's one to tickle your fancy. what's your strategy at table tennis? >> that's a good one. >> i'm really horrible at table tennis. i never want to be asked that question! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's a tough one. so listen just be careful. we go to, get lots of resume' prep tips as well so there's a lot of great information. one of the -- an anchor asked me whether it would be okay to say that you just are trying to basically slam the ball and actually that's not the right answer because you can come up to aggressive so i think what you say is hey, i want to size up my opponent, develop the strategy that's the best strategy to beat that opponent and change if i need to change. so you want to say that you're thinking, that you can adjust and that you can -- so that's
5:45 am
what you're trying to do. i know. it's kind of crazy but this is what this process has come down to. >> i think, too, they want to see someone work out something. they will throw you a bone and see how you field it. if you do well with it, this guy can think on his feet, what the heck. >> that's right. >> never underestimate the power of the thank you note. i'm big on that. handwritten. >> that's right. i free with you 100% on that. >> and be careful with your facebook because a lot of times they check that. >> for many reasons be careful with the facebook. jill schlesinger editor at large of thank you. great to be with you. blackberry is taking a back seat in the race for the hottest smart phone. the internet marketing research company says google's android is the leader with 38% market share in may. apple's iphone has 26%. blackberry made by research in motion saw its shares drop to 24%. climate change could have a
5:46 am
chilling effect on california's vineyards. scientists at stanford are forecasting a 2% rise in temperatures in napa and santa barbara counties over the next 30 years. and a lot more ho days. they say it could shrink some california vineyards by half. all right. folks, you just getting up today, we have some fog and low clouds along the coastline. some of that sneaking inside the bay. check it out over san francisco. yeah, the fog is starting to move onshore. and it looks like that will help to cool things down as we see the coming days and that means temperatures going to be much more comfortable in the afternoon. it will still be hot in some parts of the bay area. mild start to the day, some 60s showing up in some of the valleys. got a couple of patches of fog inside the bay and dense at the coast. this afternoon, low 90s probably in the warmest side around the bay area. as you get inside the bay 60s and 70s, some 80s toward the santa clara valley. while out at the coastline we are looking at 50s and 60s with that patchy fog. some monsoonal moisture continuing to pop up.
5:47 am
a few thunderstorms erupting in the afternoon up in the sierra nevada. but those are sliding further and further east as high pressure kind of gets out of the way a bit. so we will continue to cool things down at least for today. tomorrow kind of a push but after that looks like the trough is going to develop along the california coastline and that will help to usher in more low clouds and fog and some cooler temperatures. plan on a high today of 90 degrees in morgan hill. sunny skies there. 79 in mountain view. about 75 in san mateo and 58 degrees fog in toward daly city. east bay numbers up into the 80s and 90s. looks like some nice weather plenty of sunshine over there. and yeah, we have 70s and 80s in parts of the north bay, 50s and 60s at the coastline. and overlooking the next couple of days, we will watch some cooling temperatures toward the weekend. more low clouds and fog, temperatures dropping off continuing right into the middle of next week and yes, elizabeth, you can have some of that chocolate if you want. >> why did you bring that in? >> she is looking at my desk.
5:48 am
just to tempt you. >> macadamia things, is this to tease us with your trip coming up to hawaii? macadamia rocca. >> try some. >> i totally will i have no doubt! let's go out live to santa clara. our photographer is standing by near the great america parkway exit. you can see everything is free- flowing in either direction. check us out on twitter by the way at twitter@cbs5traffic for the latest updates and information. to our maps we can tell you about extra slow traffic going on right now through antioch. the problem is an accident that was cleared out of lanes approaching somersville road. speeds are slow. we took a call from tony with the kcbs phone force who tells us that traffic is backed up for at least a half mile. this is a bad spot to have an accident. we always have slow traffic there. even slower than usual this morning. westbound 580 the right out of the altamont pass not too bad. still only about a 15-minute drive from 205 out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. we are picking up a few slower sensors approaching vasco road.
5:49 am
let's zoom in towards lafayette. because we do still have a reporter on scene at this water main break and lanes blocked. eastbound mount diablo boulevard is shut down at village center while crews continue to work to repair that water main. more traffic in a bit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thanks, elizabeth. time to check on this morning's top stories. a sentencing hearing is going on right now in florida for casey anthony who was acquitted this week on charges of killing her 2-year-old daughter. she was convicted on lesser charges in the case including lying about it to police. an elderly woman is dead after what appears to be a freak accident with a skateboarder. police say a 17-year-old was riding down a hill in capitola when he hit and killed the 83- year-old woman. a water main break in lafayette which elizabeth just mentioned has left 100 homes without water and road closures. one home is flooded. east bay crews say they will need several more hours to fix that break. 5:49 now.
5:50 am
the coast guard is sending more aircraft to help search for that missing northern california fisherman in mexico. a coast guard c-130 crew flew out of sacramento just about a half hour ago. mexican navy now coordinating the search-and-rescue effort for them. it's asked for the coast guard to help out. the c-130s have searched hundreds of square miles in the last few days. the navy rescued dozens of survivors after the erik sank on sunday. some of the survivors are back now in the bay area. they helped pressure the mexican officials to extend the search effort beyond the normal four days. >> i was in the water for 16 hours and i was okay. so given that it's maybe the third day, you know, there's still some hope. >> my staff and i have contacted the mexican consulate and today they assured me that they will do everything that they can to continue the search for survivors. >> seven fishermen are still
5:51 am
missing in the sea of cortez. one has been confirmed dead. 6:50. the latest trend in harry potter mania, the big bucks people are paying out over the boy wizard. >> i started with kind of a scratchy throat. and then my nose started running. >> no fun. summer is here so why are you sick? how the heat can actually trigger worse colds than the wintertime. coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] can't get to sleep? can't stay asleep? clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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5:53 am
than their cold- time now is 5:53. on the healthwatch this morning, summer colds can be worse than their cold weather counterparts. doctors say cold and flu viruses that plague us in the winter can combine with other
5:54 am
warm weather viruses in the summer. that combo can last longer and come back more easily. often times that's because our immune systems are already worn out this time year because we're busy doing so much. >> it really taxes the immune system more then we're run down. and i think that's what's making it last longer. >> doctors think strenuous summer activity after a winter layoff can will wear you down. increased air travel in the summer months with air- conditioning and recirculated air also up your chances of catching a cold. wizarding business very big bucks for london where touring companies are cashing in on the harry potter craze. >> the last film, come on. businesses say muggles are clamoring for harry potter scene tours complete with a stop at the famous nine and three-quarters platform, but that kind of magic isn't cheap. ticket for a three-hour tour costs about 40 bucks. even then there's no lack of people willing to pay up.
5:55 am
>> they want a glimpse of the wizarding world. they know it so well, especially the children who have grown up with i over the last 10 years. they know it so well and want to live part of it. >> the 8th and final movie hits theaters next friday here the united states. they made a few bucks with that, doesn't you think? >> yeah. are you guys into that? >> i wish i had a lovely ak isn't like that! >> it is beautiful. >> that would make traffic even more fun. >> it would. >> i can't believe it's the end. that's amazing. but i bet they go to prequels. like the whole "star wars" thing. pre-harry. >> can you do weather with a british accent. >> i don't think i can. but i will try. [ laughter ] >> hey, folks, if you are heading outside today, we have patchy fog out there. some of that thick at the coast. it will break up and leave mostly sunny skies in many spots where the temperatures will be cooler outside. cooler on the weekend with low clouds and fog on the shore,
5:56 am
breaking away in the afternoon. this picture is lady on the blue. check out that beautiful shot sent in by brandy palmer. send those to us here at you like that, elizabeth. >> wasn't sure what that was at first. it's a ladybug. okay. >> like it. we have fog this morning. [ laughter ] >> what? >> those close-up shots are hard to get like that. >> it was good. >> very pretty. >> this is very creative photography. yes. all right. we have fog as lawrence mentioned, as well. fog advisory issued by chp along the coast, along pacifica so watch outer that. you can really see it from the golden gate bridge. visibility an issue and heavy traffic westbound highway 4. this accident is out of lanes approaching somersville road but speeds are very slow going there a head out of antioch towards pittsburg. and then things improve quite a
5:57 am
bit. >> very good. coming up in the next half hour huge concern for nasa. why tomorrow's final shuttle flight can be trade. plus we are about to learn the fate for casey anthony. these are live pictures. we are going to see if she becomes a free woman. her sentencing just a couple of minutes away, it's all coming up. and crews are still jack hammering away here in lafayette as a broken pipeline spews water down the sidewalk. we'll have all the details of what crews are doing to repair that pipeline coming up. california could be in trouble this fire season as the state is forcing them to cut their first line of defense. we have all the details straight ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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th your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. this story demonstrated


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