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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news," in high definition. the captain was a criminal jack as. >> lost at sea, rescued, and tonight back home in the bay area. wait until you hear what they had to say about the crew. >> after 18 years in captivity, we hear from jaycee dugard. a sneak peek at her mem war before it hits shelved next week. and the rules of the sea, if a fish is too small, throw
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it back. but, tonight, see why many of these fish end up dying anyway. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida is off tonight. they are home. four local fishermen tossed into the sea in mexico. they got back to the bay area a few hours ago. >> they gave don knapp an earfull about the ship's crew. don. >> reporter: he is in his home. presumably he has had the man hat an, came out a while ago and said he is talking, talking, talking, the men who pulled up were talking about their ordeal, about survival, and about the men they left behind. four survivors returned. one week after leaving for a fishing trip to baja. they left no doubt about what they think went wrong. >> the captain was a criminal jack as, he had no idea what the heck he was doin' out there
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because the storm comes 25 degrees from the port side, when he goes straight down. if he would have turned into the wind then, i was a sailor before at one time, if he would have turned into the wind and -- he didn't know in other words, i didn't see the crew, nobody came around and woke us up, gave us a life vest, nothing. >> reporter: happy to be back but sad end the companions left behind, nothing. >> we've got through it. just with the will to survive. all of us went in the water at the same time, it was pitch black, we traded water until it was light and just tried to stay afloat. tried to stay alive. >> i have three people to credit for saving my life. one was shawn shadegg, the person that is still missings, he alerted dave and i that something was going on, the boat was listing.
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and so three of us got out of there but i don't know if shawn went back to the cap inor what happened to him because the boat was tilted so bad i just tried to get up on top so i could just get somewhere. so right when i get up top i look and there is the whole crew with brand new life jackets on and none of the passengers had anything. >> i didn't see pete until we've got in the helicopter, so it was 14 or 15 hours before i saw pete, it was the next day before i saw warren. so each little group thought they were the only ones that survived, so -- >> it just happened so fast within a minute's time and everybody, most everybody was still in their cabins, and had no life jackets or anything, a lot of the life jackets were up on the upper deck and so you just dove out into the water hoping you could find an ice
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chest or anything to hang onto. >> they talked over and over about the will to survive, they talk the ones that are missing also have a will to survive. >> so interestings to hear their stories, the more that we hear, the less it sounds like it was a 100% accident, that in in fact these things that they are saying are true about the life jackets and the captain, it will be interesting to see how it turns out in the end. >> reporter: i'm sure the investigation will continue. but they sure have strong feelings about what happened. >> don now vat oh, thank you. jaycee dugard gave an advance interview. elizabeth cook has early details from her moment war. >> you just do what you have to do to survive. >> reporter: this is the first time we're hearing the voice of jaycee dugard. here she tells abc about the birth of her first child when she was just 14.
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>> i felt like i wasn't alone any more. >> she is now 31 years old, getting ready for her tell-all book to go on sale next week. photos of her on resemble the picture of her at 11, the age when she was kidnapped from her south lake tahoe home. she describes how she was taken while walking to the school bus stop. the ga rios used a stun gun to paralyze her, then bundled her into her car throwing a blanket over her h. when she got to the house near antioch she remembers being handcuffed and forced to take a shower with phillip ga ride oh. she said phillip would get high on drugs before he would indulge in his fan that sees. he even video taped. she says she can't understand why another human being would do what she did. she said the moment she revealed to police her real name was like breaking an evil spell. in her grand jury testimony and in her book dugard says one of
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the main reasons she stayed with goo reed oh was because she wanted to make sure her two daughters were safe with her and that she was afraid of the outside world. a stolen life goes on sale next week. >> those girls mean everything to her. >> yes, yes. a mother's devotion. >> liz, thanks. well, tonight, a small plane crashed into part of a hospital. it happened in watsonville. this hospital is right next to the local airport. kiet do has video that shows the plane moments after the crash. kiet? >> well, dana, the faa cruise on scene here have pulled out some of the wreckage from this medical office building, if you look closer you can see some of the pieces of the white debris. those are the wings that snapped off during the impact and they did not burn in this ensuing fire. we have some amateur video taken shortly after the crash happened at 7:30 tonight. they say the plane took a nose dive, crashed in the parking lot, and slid 50 yards into the building, at least two people
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are dead. the plane is a 1974 mooney m20f, it is registered at santa cruz and had just taken off from the watsonville airport. this is an obgyn airport. there was nobody in the office at the time. they reported hearing a loud explosion. >> the plane crashed and everybody started texting everybody on facebook. >> it's kind of scary. everybody is just in shock to find out this news and i don't know what's gonna happen after this. >> and that woman was inside the -- or i should say she was not at work at the time, just missed this crash by a couple hours. very thankful she was not inside the building at the time. >> the hospital is separate from this building, there were no evacuations, the hospital is occupying as normal. the faa has taken over the scene and they will be here for quite some time. dana? >> kiet do, watsonville, thank you. san francisco police say they have nabbed a thief who lifted a work by picasso.
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they arrested mark lugo. surveillance video helped lead them to the expect. the camera caught the man just after the cons say he stole the picasso drawing from a union square art gallery. the gallery owner says the arrest came just in time. >> the police think he had a buyer so my guess is that we were very, very lucky with the timing that they got to him before that xbox hit the mail because my guess is had he fedexed it out we wouldn't ever see that piece. >> the sketch was not damaged. police believe that lugo was working alone. other bay area headlines. we know the name of the man who b.a.r.t. police officers shot and killed at the civic center station on sunday. 45-year-old charles hill. now he has no known address and b.a.r.t. says unless the da's office objects it will go ahead and release surveillance video to have the confrontation when the investigation is complete. the oakland officers union
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unanimously decided to give up 9% of their pension in exchange for keeping their jobs. the deal guarantees no layoffs for four years, no furloughs and 22 laid off officers will be rehired. the agreement is gonna save the city $65 million. despite the sacrifices the department will still have to eliminate its motorcycle division and disband it. rain is threatening to end the era. here is a live look at the shuttle atlantis at cape canaveral. the last shuttle launch is scheduled for 8:26 pacific time tomorrow. but nasa says there's only a 30% chance of acceptable weather. but hundreds of thousands of people are expected to show up rain or shine. nasa has until >> we just feel as though it's history being made so we wanted to give them a chance to see it. >> now if there is no launch tomorrow nasa has until monday at the latest. otherwise, atlantis will remain
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grounded until the following week end. well the president upsets many democrats when he is now willing to consider as part of the negotiations to avoid a default that has liberals up in arms. and the royal couple making their way to california. tonight, the canadian tradition they snubbed. >> if caught, they must be released. yet that's a death sentence for some threatened fish. why the rules aimed at saving them are killing them instead. >> there's got to be a better way, there just has to be. >> elizabeth cook reports, coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning for "eyewitness news" brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. the world's most famous newlyweds are coming to los angeles tomorrow. not after a little controversy. when prince william and his wife kate arrived in calgary they were presented with a traditional gift by the city's mayor. a pair of white cowboy hats, they committed a social faux pas when they didn't immediately don the head wear. social networks were abuzz with this perceived snub. the duke and dutch et recovered a little later and they went ahead and wore the signature hats. congressional leaders say they are no closer to reaching a budget deal.
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president obama met with the 8 top republican and democratic leaders for an hour and a half today. but everyone involved says they are no closer to an agreement that would ultimately raise the nation's debt ceiling. >> raising taxes are not going to get any votes on our side at this point. >> do not consider social security, a piggy bank for giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people in our country. >> reporter: >> the president is pushing for a deficit reduction plan that would require spending reductions for entitlement plans like social security and pension plans. if a deal is not reached by august 2nd the u.s. could default on its loans for the first time in history. well summertime is rock fish season and business is booming on the party boats that take anglers out to catch them. there are plenty of varieties but some species have been over fished and they are illegal to catch.
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ironically though as elizabeth cook found out the rules aimed at protecting them are killing them instead. >> reporter: brent hoover loves to fish. he caught everything from you the rad a to due rang ga but on one recent charter boat. >> there was probably 20 or 30 people on the boot. >> reporter: he noted two protected species, the kakha naturey and yellow-eyed rock fish were dying, even though fishermen were doing the right thing by throwing them back in. >> they can't get back from down on the surface. and once they got on the surface the seagulls would tear into it and eat it. >> reporter: we saw it happen too when we went on another party boat. time and time again fishermen were tossing canature reese back into the ocean where seagulls gobbled them up. it wasn't just the canary fish, it with as the same with other fish too small to keep. >> it was like 100% mortality rate. they were all dying. i think it's happening every day. >> reporter: so what's going on?
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glow these fish are a little bit weak from being brought up. >> reporter: experts say because rock fish are deep water fish they have to be released the right way to recompress. >> they need a little bit of help. they need to get down to the point where they are knut rally bouyant and they can swim away on their own. >> reporter: he is working with marine biologists to develop techniques to save them and took us out on his boat, the houley cat, to show us how. >> all right. >> reporter: when they are reeled in from 180 feet down rock fish develop an air pocket to survive. >> things get pushed out, their eyes might bug out. >> reporter: all that air makes them float and prevents them from going back down on their own. >> that can all be reversed. >> reversed by lowering them back down to depth. this video from researchers show the rock fish being lowered down in a milk crate. you can see the bloated fish literally shrink down to normal and swim away.
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>> and sticking this through the membrane. >> reporter: on the houley cat they descend the fish with a special weighted hook. >> we're going to give it 30 to 60 feet, give a little tug on the release, so we bring it back up and no fish. >> reporter: studies have shown that this little low-tech device could potentially save a threatened species. but tom's boat is one of the few that has one on deck and uses it. we took our information to tom mud rick. have you seen something like this before happen. >> oh absolutely. this is something on board fishing vessels that don't use descending devices, they should have a descending device on board and be prepared to use it. it is to some degree negligence. >> reporter: so what are they doing about it? >> we have been distributing these brochures to anglers. >> reporter: but he admits fish and game regulations only forbid anglers from bringing canature reese back to shore. there are no regulations about
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release techniques. >> there is a lot of ocean out there and it's only so much that can be done to patrol those waters every day. >> reporter: he says that shouldn't be an excuse. >> i want something to fish in the future. there has got to be a better way. there just has to be. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, cbs5. last week she filed for divorce and now there is a report maria shriver is in the process of buying a $10 million home. they tell. the m. z the house is in brentwood not far from where o.j. simpson used to live in. it is close to the home she lived in with arnold schwarzenegger. convenience may be a consideration given she is seeking shared custody of their two minor children. can you see it? that is fog now pouring into the city of san francisco. the affect it will have on your outdoor activities this weekend
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as cbs5 news continues. pinpoint weather weather, sponsored by mancini sleepworld. save big, until 2014 during the mattress sale. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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back to set well looking for a little of that coastal air conditioning to move inland
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aren't you. >> i certainly am, waiting to turn off that ac, today the outside number was 98 degrees in morgan hill, 96 degrees in livermore, compared to 62 degrees in half moon bay. this is the scene in our inland areas obviously where we have the clear skies and we have the 50% waxing gibb bots moon on its way to becoming a full moon the latter portion of this moon. tomorrow we'll have some fog working its way inland at least 40 miles. morning overcast conditions, these are your headlines, you can anticipate additional cooling to take place tomorrow afternoon before the clouds roll back into the bay area by tomorrow night. okay, here is your pinpoint forecast. that is your morning commute. notice the extension of that deepening marine layer, at least as far east as the detective on grade. we also have the peeling back of the clouds to the north and the south. an area of low pressure is
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anchored off the british columbia coastline, it's going to stay there, as it does so it enhances our marine layer, with that we have a vigorous western wind at 20 and that allows the air mass to rush on shore. the state capital, 65, partially cleared in monterey bay. partial sunshine in heisey air a. tomorrow's temperatures coming down, 79 degrees in santa rosa, 83 in san jose which is average forth this time of the year. out of the 90s into the upper 80s into that livermore. the extended forecast does call for gradual cooling each day with sunday the coolest day of the weekend coming up. then by this time next week we're talking about unseasonably cool conditions in our inland areas in the mid- 70s, and dana is nodding her head and, oh no you didn't, you're laughing. >> i am. >> you're enjoying every minute. >> it will be cold. >> it will be cooler much. >> all right. it's all a sunshine effect.
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well it's not cool at at&t park. that's for sure. barry zito might be throwing the best pitching of his giants career right now. oakland has a comeback player. not so good for the a's but zito brilliant. >> a cutter and he gets cut to the chase. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mothn the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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rangers and a's game...shannon st we begin tonight's sportscast with tragic news out of arlington. in the second inning of tonight's game shannon stone, a firefighter, fell over the railing trying to catch a ball thrown to him by josh hamilton, the rangers' outfielder, the man would not survive the 20- foot drop. he was pronounced dead soon after being taken to the hospital. he was at the game with his young son. >> as an organization and as our team members and our staff, we're very heavy hearted about this, our prayers go out to the family. >> the game was meaningless. rich hardin making his second start gave up 5 runs in 5 innings including the 8th home run of the year for michael young. the rangers went have-0, they are now 9 games ahead of the
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a's in that crucial series there. hall of fame manager dick williams suffered ann you victim in his heart and passed away at the age of 82. he managed the a's for go seasons, leading them to two world series site titles in '72 and '73, he is one of only two managers to win a pennant with two teams. i had a chance to interview him a few years ago. reputation was they did not get along, years ago. >> falls. you put 25 guys together for 8 months you're gonna have little discrepancies, i think you would even argue with your wife from time to time. >> never happens. never happens. >> since coming off the disabled list barry zito has been the giants best pitcher, won all three starts, allowed three runs in 21 innings. the question was would he get any run support. eli whiteside helped him out. 1-0 giants, his third of the year. but let's get back to zito. he goes 8 innings, gives up four hits, 1 run, strikes out
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7, for the first time in 49 starts, you ready for this, he did not walk a batter. the giants beat the padres 2-1 so they split that four-game series. good for sweet some. >> it's a really awesome game. >> your dad has got a pretty one going. what do you think of him? >> it's not better than brian wilson's. >> hours before he picked up his 25th save brian wilson handed out new gloves to over a thousand littleliers from the junior giants program. as you can expect the kids were fascinated by the beard. to >> why do you have a big beard? >> i don't know how to answer that. just cuz. it grew. >> really. number 4 the home run derby isn't monday, until monday, but the red sox had their own tonight. 6 home runs. they went back to back to back, in the seventh they pound the o's 10 to 4. the nationals
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blue an 8-0 lead to the umbrellas but on the bright side roger bernadina made the top 5 depend. he is a regular now. at number 2 yankees and rays, eric jeter gets robbed of a hit by jered rodriguez, he would go 1 for 4 leaving the yankees captain two shy of 3,000. >> a high shift now from toronto. with a drive, deep right field. he is back, he is out a room. it's out'a here. a walk-off home run. >> travis hafner, one of the majors' hottest hitters, walk off grand slam wins it for the cleveland indians. >> wow. >> good for brian wilson by the way. the giants are on to something with that junior giants program. he gave all those gloves, patriot for all of them, but the giants are responsible for building fields in four communities and making sure kids have equipment to play baseball. a heck of a program. >> i know some of the guys who run it, do a great job. >> brian wilson reminds he of the guy in the hang over.
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anybody else? >> you know -- >> yeah. >> yeah. >> he reminds me of a lot of people. >> depends on the day, right? >> yeah. >> all right. we're coming right back. ,,,,,,,, i want to crush more cars.
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