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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  July 10, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ [ bleats ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bring the fresh flavors of the world right to your table. ♪ discover sabra dips. adventure awaits. still no sign tonight of the seven fishermen from northern california who disappeared when their chartered boat sank off the coast of mexico. it was another d
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. still no sign tonight of the 7 fishermen from northern california who disappeared when their charter boat sank off of the gulf of mexico. it was another day of searching by american coast guard and the mexican navy. they have covered 5,000 square miles. the pain for the survivors and the families of the men still missing. >> reporter: in the early morning hours last sunday a charter fishing boat cap sized. 40 people on the boat including fishermen from the bay area spoke of swimming for hours until day light. >> i was in the water 16 hours, and i was okay, so given this is the third day there still may be some hope. >> reporter: many clunk to ice chest as they swam two miles away. >> iest i was in the water between 9 and 10 hours. i saw these huge waves.
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some men accused the fishing boat crew of criminal negligence. >> the captain was a jack as. he had no idea what the heck he was doing out there. >> i tried to get on top, right when i get up on top i look and there is the whole crew with brand new life jackets on, and none of the passengers had anything. >> reporter: the coast guard sent rescue crews to work with the mexican navy. so far they have combed a thousand miles of the sea of cortez looking for 7 fishermen still missing. >> by sending our helicopter down there we have four sets of eyes in the sky that hopefully locate some of these missing people. >> reporter: one week after the ship, family of the missing men fear the worst, but can't give up hope. they have joined together on social media sites to put pressure on the mexican government to do a thorough search and rescue effort. >> we need our dads to come home and we need our uncle and our friends to come home, and
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that at this point we need federal muscle and power to help us. >> reporter: ryan wong of berkeley is among the missing will. his three other brothers survived the wreck but they said they would stay in mexico until they can bring him home. >> they told me they are going to stay there and wait for brian. >> reporter: well the coast guard tonight reports that crews have searched 4600 square miles of sea and land. none of the missing have been spotted but they are not giving up. in fact, a petty officer at the coast guard station in alameda told me tonight this is still considered a rescue mission, and they are prepared to keep looking through tuesday, longer if the mexican navy requests it. so heartbreaking. >> it is. and one wonders if they went down with the ship but it's too deep to go down there. >> it's too deep. i don't know if they can go down, but if it's in 200 feet
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of water, it's a wreck dive, so it's dangerous. >> linda, thank you very much. a drug deal gone bad is being blamed for a shooting in richmond that left three men dead. gun erupted at the triangle court public housing project 4:30 yesterday afternoon, 36- year-old michael anderson who lived in the house is among the dead. 19-year-old donti delooney of oakland and 28-year-old cory walker were also dead when officers arrived. two miami described as material witnesses are still being requested. and a person has been shot near mills college in oakland. police found the victim on seminary avenue just before 8:00 last night. the injury does not appear to be life-threatening. so far, no motive and no suspects in that shooting. a driver is facing d.u.i. charges after crashing his car into a fire engine. it happened just after midnight at high glen drive and mayberry road in san jose. the man in his 20s was speeding
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when he slammed into the engine leaving a house fire. no one was injured but the car and the fire truck were damaged. a portion of the transbay terminal project is on hold tonight after a serious accident at the site. a construction worker suffered severe burns when he came in contact with a live electrical wire under fremont street yesterday. he was working on relocating utilities at the site. >> we believe that we will get to the bottom of what happened yesterday. we won't continue work in that particular site. but there is lots of work to be done and the schedule and the program won't be impacted. >> the man suffered second degree burns on his arm and face but his protective safety gear prevented the injuries from being worse. cal o.s.h.a. is investigating what happened. he is a four-time super bowl champion and local hero, but can joe montana score an exclusive deal with the city of santa clara over the stadium project. why this pass may be
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incomplete. >> reporter: it's an empty lot with big plans. the proposed 49ers stadium in santa clara is supposed to break ground next year costing hundreds of millions of dollars and while the funding isn't totally secured plans are being made for the land across the street. plans almost as big as the man behind them. joe montana, he wants to build an entertainment complex, including a luxury hotel, sports bar and restaurants. >> the proposal looks good, sound, it will be up to the council to decide how we negotiate. >> reporter: montana wasn't available to speak with us today but he is expected the santa clara city council meeting tuesday to propose that they deal only with his group in the next year and a half. >> in the normal course of things the city would put out a request for proposals in regard to city land and entertain whatever comes back to us. >> reporter: but now they are considering skirting that norm. >> because he is joe montana pretty much. >> reporter: and people on the street say it's not a bad idea.
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>> reporter: >> you got i don't montana who by name can bring jobs and revenue to the bay area. >> i think he certainly should have first shot. he has done a lot for the community and i think he has class and style and he'll bring in a lot of other players. >> reporter: but the city manager says not so fast. in a report to the council she says "a competitive developer process would ensure the city realizes the highest and best val for the long-term ground leases. and there are lot of people that agree with her. >> just because he is a great football player and a great 49er player, that couldn't mean he has the podium. >> i'm sure he is a fine businessman, but this is free market, right? >> reporter: either way, you're not gonna see any construction here on this property until at least 2015 because, in the meantime, it's gonna be used as a staging area for the construction materials for the stadium project across the street. in santa clara, anne mackovic, cbs5. checking other bay area
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headlines, trouble in the friendly skies. a flight from san francisco to franfurt, germany was diverted after a note was found in the laugh torrey. it was cleared and allowed to continue mid-flight. they begin tomorrow on the move- over law. it requires drivers to slow down and move out of the lane adjacent to caltrans or emergency workers. ads will be running on tv and highway digital billboards, the campaign follows the death of three caltrans workers in less than two months. violators of the move-over law can face fines topping $200. and danieal press company may make a big comeback in berkeley. the city is expected to relax rules next week that would allow restaurants to add seating on sidewalks. the cost of the permit could be as little $350 and could be
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ready in weeks. they lifted it on virtual any unused space. they came, saw, colored. how the royals showed their creative side. and arm karma generated on is coming. unseasonable temperatures for early july, i've got your pinpoint forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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space shuttle atlantis. tonight, it's docked and delivering supplies for the final time at [ yelling ] >> another milestone for the space shuttle atlantis. tonight, it docked and is delivering supplies for the final time at the international space station. nasa is monitoring a piece of space junk that should pass the orbiters on tuesday but mission control says the crew can move the spacecraft if necessary. the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their way back to london at this hour. they left late this afternoon following a whirlwind visited to southern california. sandra hughes tells us the royal couple charmed couples in the exclusive neighborhood
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where they stayed. >> reporter: back over the pond they go, the royal couple who wowed everyone from hollywood celebrities to inner city kids. >> this is an officer who needs no introduction. >> reporter: the last stop on the royal tour of southern california was at a jobs program for veterans. >> to help those returning from active service to open a new chapter in their life and find employment when they retire from the military. >> reporter: the duke and duchess gave a royal treat to neighbors of the british consul general where they stayed all weekend. for those only hoping for a royal sighting it was a thrill. >> it was so fantastic, i'm in tears. >> she asked her her name and shook both of our hands and she was so friendly and so gracious. >> reporter: when people think of los angeles they usually picture hollywood, not la's skid row where there are thousands of homeless. a royal visit puts a spotlight on the needy. like the children at inner city arts where kids shared their paints and talents. ♪[ music ]
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>> and where william and catherine left royal hand prints as a souvenir from a successful weekend. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. they are calling it carmageddon, next weekend they are closing a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway through west los angeles, for 53 hours. the 405 carries half a million drivers even on saturdays and sundays. the shut-down is part of a lane- widening project but the road rage is already evident. city leaders are urging people to leave town ordeal with surface streets. summer highs and lows still around, our pinpoint forecast next. and hitting the beach without the cars, the treat of sunday streets. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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great highway was closed as part of t ets" what better way to enjoy a sunday summer day than taking over a beach front road. oh, that guy does not look happy. san francisco's great highway was closed as part of the sunday street event. skaters and bikers were given free reign of the road without concern for cars. there were also activities, music and a wandering circus. august 14th. those folks enjoying a sum day with sweatshirts on. >> that's right. probably more pleasant bike ride when it's cooler out there. they have got the sweatshirts on, that's going to be the case the next couple days because temperatures are going to trend below average for this time of the year. as we take a look outside we can see a wonderful shot of coit tower, we're seeing some low clouds working over the system. that's ahead of the low
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pressure system moving into the forecast region. basically what's happening is as it starts to be introduced into the atmosphere it starts to tighten the ten up those temperature gradients and increases wind speeds, what we'll feel is an increase in the wind speeds as well as increase in the cloud coverage, here is a look at that satellite making its way through tomorrow morning. we'll see increased cloud coverage, low clouds as well as early a.m. temperatures. low 50s to low 80, sunset 8:33:00 p.m., so you've got a couple more hours to get out there and enjoy the rest of the day. santa rosa your overnight lows, 59 for napa and fairfield, 54 degrees for you. the poll leadership report, not much to talk about there, moderate to high for grasses low for trees weeds and mold. here is a look at our photographed highs yesterday. we're going to do a bit of a comparison, livermore 81, concord 81, 77% santa rosa and san francisco. as we take a look at our targets we were pretty much on
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point with the exception of concord and santa rosa off by about 1 or 2 degrees, that's going to be the trend, we're going to see cooler temperatures for the next couple of days trending below average, we have got 68, 77 for santa clara and milpitas, as we take a look at the east bay, temperatures cooler than average, 76 forth pleasant hill and oakland. 67, alameda 63 degrees. as we take a look at what we can expect here in the north in napa, 77 degrees, san rafael along with san anselmo, expected high 72 degrees. here is a look at your extended forecast. we're definitely seeing that cool-down and a warm-up by the end of the workweek. that's your weather, here is dennis in sports. thanks. we've got a thriller in the world cup where the united states had to win to keep hope alive. cars think they own the road, don't they, even at the tour de france. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning is brought to you by shreve & co. a san francisco original. >> 12 years ago it was the goal heard round the world. brandi chastain's penalty kick gave the u.s. the women's world cup. a quarter final with just as much drama against brazil. against marta, the five time player of the year. shannon boxx centers it. day any kicks it into the net, an own goal gives the u.s. an early 1-nil lead.
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same score, marta on the attack, number 19 rachel buehler is called for a foul in the box. not just a penalty, that's a red card, the former stanford star is ejected so the u.s. is down to 10 players. so penalty kick time. hope some low denies kristi an. no harm done. but wait, controversy t ref calls encroachment on the u.s., that means a rekick for brazil. solo argues but to no avail. marta does the honors, she beats solo, a 1-1 game. that's how it ends, bring on 30 minutes of extra time. 90-second minute. this is why marta is the best. brilliant left-footed goal. brazil takes a 2-1 lead. it's not sudden death. the u.s. needs to score. take it to desperation time in the 122 under minute. will &% f 0 1 2 2 n d m i n u t e
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. >> amy wambach saves the u.s.'s life. >> woman back's header levels the match. penalty kicks will now decide it. who blinks first. solo dives right to stop daiane. they can win it if they don't miss. it comes down to alex kreiger, the game winner, that's as dramatic a win as you're going to see to advance to the semifinals against france. >> that is a perfect example of what this country is about, what the history of this team has always been, we never give up. literally we went to the last second it seems. we believe that we can win this tournament and it's playing 10 men coming back from a goal down in overtime, two penalties, i don't know 23 we could write a better script. we've got a win. >> great stuff.
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on the strength of his 20-game hitting streak and the help of his manager, bruce bochy, pablo sandoval is headed to the summer classic overall. he is added as an injury replacement giving the giants five all-stars in tuesday's game. they fried an egg on cement, ball park in arlington was 98 degrees at game time, trevor kay highly his 8 into lifetime against the rangers. struck out josh hamilton, that ended the threat in the third inning. scoreless game in the sixth. josh willingham, matt harpring eye son caught him looking, one of seven strikeouts, lefty. scott sizemore who promptly bounces out to second base. the a's fail to score. harrison goes 7 2/3 scoreless inning. home half of the sixth inning. adrian beltre one to left center off cahill. it just gets over the wall. two-run home run, texas sweeps the a's 2-0. oakland is 39-53
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heading into the break, 12 games behind texas in the division. he que i don't think seo had plenty to smile about. seo got herself back to par with a 68 this morning in the third round. she took a 1-stroke lead. currently on the 18th hole but some of the field may have to finish tomorrow because of another delay. down the coast the seals sharing pebble beach with the champion's tour this weekend, jeff slough man makes a run on the back 9, his birdie at 17 gave him the lead. jay harms had a different experience, double bogey, didn't get enough of it. rolls back to same spot. slough man wins by two strokes down at pebble beach. steve stricker trying to
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win the john deere classic for the third year in a row. after blowing a five-stroke lead he needed a par on 18 to force a sudden death playoff with kyle stanley. he hits a fantastic shot out of the sand and gave him a chance to win it outright. [ crowd noise ] >> looking good. oh, my goodness. >> for three in a row. >> steve stricker. >> a lot of drama today. stricker gets the turkey and wins his second tournament of year. a disastrous day at the tour de france. alberto contador bumped, he hits a spectator. alexander vin a company rvo hit and broke his leg. the tv cars swerves and hits antonio research a. it sends krug land flying too. both riders were able to continue. luis sanchez wins today's ninth stage. thomas volk letter is the overall winner. today on game day, the
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dating game, "hawaii five-0" and the giants. what man has these three things in common. >> what i remember about those days was i lived in menlo park, i would get into my car, by the time i got into san ha take oh the air conditioning was off, the heater was on when i got to the park, there is a contrast between what took place then and what's going on now. >> the things you don't know about the great al michaels tonight on gable. >> okay. thank you very much. that will do for this edition of "eyewitness news." 60 minutes is next. you can find your lay dee oh test news on ,,,,
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,,,,,, i want to crush more cars.
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