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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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no you're watching cbs5 in high definition. >> washed out to sea, rescued and now recovering, how a frap of teens found themselves in trouble. ? a bay area city taking action against two property owners they call slumlords. the word from democrats is optimism. from republicans jello and still america is two and a half
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weeks from a tabitha we can't pay. going good evening. no a day at the beach lands some teens in the hospital. one girl is in critical condition. they were stranded by the tide on part of tennessee valley beach with waves pounding against them. elizabeth cook. >> reporter: coast guard lifeguards battled raging surf on the rocky shoreline to hoist a teen girl onto a helicopter. they had plucked her out of the frigid ocean. once they secured her on to a gurney a rescuer gave the sign and they took her to the hospital in walnut creek. emergency crews found three other victims on the sand, they treated them there before a coast guard chopper took them to safety. >> i haven't seen anything
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like that. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: lewis saw it happen. he said the group were hanging out and didn't realize the tide was coming in. >> when they tried to walk back they didn't time it enough and the waves came in and swept them out. >> reporter: now to two of the victims were taken to the hospital where they are reportedly if stable condition. thehe other victim is in critical condition. rangers wouldn't talk about her injuries, only she was unconscious. >> elizabeth cook. thank you. well its being called one of the worst landlord tenant cases oaklandhas seen. inhumane conditions. tonight a reality check for the landlords. the neglect and how the gavel
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has fallen. >> rats and roaches and mold and mildew. >> reporter: neighborhood law attorney says it's one of the worst violations oakland has faced. >> locks on the doors, they are chained shut. >> reporter: there was a fire at 1733, seminary. >> none of the detectors worked so the smell woke them up. >> reporter: the city sued this woman and her husband calling them. > >> slumlords is the only appropriate word. >> reporter: saying they permitted bed bugs to feast on renters at four apartment buildings they own. we took the photographs straight to her at one of those buildings on 23rd. >> illusion . >> reporter: that's what you say this is in. >> yes.
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. >> reporter: this is not a bed bug bite. >> no. >> reporter: what is it? >> drugs. >> reporter: drugs? >> yes. she said tenants late on rent trumps up the charges. city code enforcement found a decade of violations. >> everything i done, just never go there. that is why i want -- invite the channel to go see the apartment. >> reporter: so we did. >> some apartment we will show very bump. >> reporter: some is the word. she didn't want us to go next door, perhaps because that apartment's kitchen was filled with cook roaches. >> on the other side is the clean one and we come right next door and there are roaches. >> yes this have roaches. >> reporter: counsel stairs. >> reporter: i can move that. that's dangerous. >> who come here and move it? nobody come here. >> reporter: if i move it then anybody can. >> this one need to take it
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out. >> reporter: you are the landlord. >> no i'm not no more. i'm sick of this already. >> reporter: it seems a judge is civic their failure to take action. she stripped them of all four apartment buildings including taking this step. >> they can no longer own rental properties in oakland. >> reporter: in oakland. >> the head of the federal reserve said the numbers don't lie. there will be cuts to military pay, social security and medicaid if congress doesn't allow the united states to borrow more money. the united states will take in about 172 billion in august. at the same time the country's 306 billion in bills have to be paid. without a deal we are about $130 billion short. at least three congressional republicans say the president is over stating the risk. >> i would encourage the speaker, quit believing the
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president when he makes these -- using scare tactics. there is money regardless of what we do. >> had there been any discussions about which bills shouldn't get paid? >> i have a more optimistic view. i believe the united states will pay its bills and we will honor the faith and credit of our country. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like others share her optimism. republicans said the meeting ended on a tense note when the president pushed back his chair and left. why republicans say they aren't even close to a deal. >> reporter: in you judge by the photographs, today's session on a debt deal was all smiles, even the president and speaker seemed be enjoying themselves. earlier in the day baynor said that dealing the white house was like dealing with jello, some days it's firmer than others, he said, sometimes it's likely left it out overnight. he said the white house had
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backed off on titlement reforms so much by this past saturday that it was near liquid, the only things white house has been firm on is the tax increases. that he said is why he called the president saturday and ended their talks on the big deal to cut the debt by four trillon dollars over a decade which he said they had been discussing since january. a source close to the negotiations said despite the smiles the meetings on a smaller deal are producing little progress. >> the white house said that the president didn't end the meeting abruptly. it said he made his position known and then told everybody he would return to the table tomorrow. other headlines, the man who helped put the gurrerdos behind bars believes there are
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more victims. he believes the couple targeted other young girls including this one. the 9-year-old was snatched outside of a haywood market in 1988. the only confirmed casulty of that fishing boat capsized was laid to rest. he grew up in the city. he was 63. and pittsburgh police search the areaa looking for any new clues in a fatal shooting. marcus jackson was found shot in the head a week ago tonight. police are asking anyone who may have seen him to contact them. it was one of three shootings? the last three months. no backlash about two federal agents from immigration and customs enforcement who are now working side by side with the police department. more than 100 people gathered
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at the service center to ask the police chef to get rid of them. latino community leaders say neighbors have stopped reporting any crimes because they fear deportation. the chief addressed them with the help of a translator >> [inaudible] >> i have to do something. >> we are very sad but more than sad we are energized and it brings us together even more to continue to fight against this and be able to look for real solution. >> reporter: the chief said they will be supervisorred and will be only looking for gang members and he said he is stakes his reputation on this decision. coming up, it's home to some of the most violent juvenile offenders in the bay area, why they can leave any time. a tiny menace. why mail service had to be
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stopped because of one change dog. ,,,,
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city supervisor ross mirkarimi making it illegal . ex-cons could be see a protect aid class in san francisco. the city supervisorrer has proprosed making illegal for landlords and employers to discriminate for having a record. it would be illegal to ask about their criminal history on an initial job or housing application. the law would not cover sex offenders or other violent criminals. an east bay juvenile detense center so run down kids can leave and do all the time. tonight camp sweeney is the subject of an investigation. a look inside. >> reporter: located in the foothills the camp was built back in the 50s to house low level teen offenders. today however its home for
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between 50 to 60 serious repeat and violent offenders, a situation that county officials can see is unsafe and increasingly unworkable. >> this is a place that needs an overhaul. >> reporter: a grand jury reported they were appalled at conditions at the camp, calling a jail from another time. a jail we might add where. >> the fencing is so old and run down it's not unusual fork the kids to just walk out. that has the sup soup worried. >> we are averaging even today about three individuals a month that are leaving the facilities. >> reporter: are you worried about safety? >> constantly. unfortunately across the state of california we are getting a much more violent population at an earlier age and we we are trying to catch up. >> reporter: then the camp with
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its overgrown weeds and sagging roof. look at what passes for a library, the baseball field and while the classrooms look like a high school compare this camp court yard and the cracked flooring of the weight room to the state-of-the-art juvenile hall over the hill. >> it's fall agriculture part. that thing that passes for a baseball field, who is kidding who. where is -- what happened? it was recommended that the place be rebuilt. what happened? >> absolutely. the economic times we are in, the county two year ago got a 35 million-dollar grant to rebuild the camp. the estimate of the cost is 54 million. >> the grand jury say they were appalled at what they found. what is your reaction? >> i think they were right. the probation department is really at the bottom of the
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safety net, food chain if you will. we only had so much money and we went for the justice center first. >> reporter: why not just shut down? >> there is a lot of young people here who need services, the service that are here are quality. they can improve. >> reporter: cbs5. >> mail is finally being delivered again afterra itself stopped for a week in a neighborhood because of a dog. they said the carrier was frightened by the little dog while delivering the mail. he believed the owners let it out on purpose. after a dispute that lasted a week the dog's owner promised to keep the dog away from the carrier or on a leash. no mail until it behaves. >> it's supposed to be the dog days of summer. instead its cool weather
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persisting. this is the san joaquin easterly direction where we have noted clear skies and the almost 100% waxing moon. it'll be full tomorrow. now today it was the marine layer that caused temperatures to dip between 8 and 16 degrees below normal. san jose checked in at 74 and should due to the very deep and extensive low clouds, patchy fog and drizzle. that's how we will kick start the thursday morning. temperatures into the 50s with that drizzle. this is what we are projecting and these computer models have been spot on as far as projecting when the fog and low clouds will burn off. that's a tough task. it looks like the clouds play tag with the coast side all day. the spotly sun at least. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the workweek. this weekend the temperatures will stay below average and by next week about this time we will see the summertime
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temperatures return. we do have this area of low pressure to the north and that has been enhancing the marine layer. this brings in the cooler air mass. it feels like january, february temperatures,. tonight overnight with the blanket of clouds, i hear you laughing over there, 40s and 50s. the winds have brisk. those on shore winds will continue tomorrow so little bit of a chill in the air. 50 -- that's as good as it gets. overnight low, 51 so only a three degree temperature span. numbers only into the low and mid-70s, now the key word, gradua warming, a degree warmer by friday and then into the low 80s over the weekend with sunday the warm eve. >> it's a whole new language. >> it is. then you will notice we start to see temperatures back to where they should be for this time of year and that will be by tuesday and wednesday.
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you could still go to yosemite and watch for the merced river because a flood warning is in effect. we vinita to keep the photographs coming. >> looks like a plan. we will be back with tonight's good question after this. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me
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suzy in san jose w . it's something you think they would tell you before you moved in. suzie wants to know, how does somebody find out if there has been a past death in a home they are buying? that's tonight tonight's good question. >> it's that one real estate disclosure nobody really wants to talk about.
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>> people actually die in houses a lot. natural, sometimes suicide, sometimes murder. >> allen knows the state's laws well and always tells his cellars to tell the truth. >> disclose everything. you can think of it, it has import to you, disclose it. >> the shoddy plumbing,s wiring that you put in that's not up to code, the mold in the attic and, yeah, that guy who dropped dead in your house. >> there is no liability if you fail to disclose a death more than three years old. no live at all for any death related to hiv. >> here is the crazy part. he said the standard two page form doesn't ask if someone has died so most agents have a form that does ask but it's not required. all you have to do though as a buyer is ask.
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>> the law specifically says that if someone asks you have to tell the truth. >> it can be a deal breaker for some, others don't karasch long as the roof doesn't leak. >> it's better to disclose and loose a transaction than do it and two years down the road be sued. >> go to and click on connect to send me your good question. >> united states women continue their magical run in germany. why is brian wilson wearing span wearing spandex? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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no its been 11 years since the united states last played in the world cup film. all that was between them and the game was france. french have been the surprise of the tournament. could they surprise the united states? 9th minute -- ken doesn't think so. the first goal, 1-0 united states. france out shot united states 25-11 and finally broke througha 55th minute. booting it past hope solo. 79th minute the decider,.
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>> everywhere -- kick and it's a goal. united states ahead and are they head together world cup final its with that one? >> her 12th goal but her first trip to the finals. they tack on another goal to win 3-1. >> where is the confidence of this team coming from? >> it comes from our preparation and because we know we are good. >> they will have to be. japan and sweden, second half of a tie match. scoring on the header, japan upsets sweden so the united states will play japan for all the marbles sunday. remember this video last season? well crews today inflated it. the giants start second half in
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san diego tomorrow they have a three game lead in the national league west. check out wilson's duds at the award show in los angeles tonight. spandex tuxedo shirt with an orange bow tie. the mc seth myers had a field day when the show started. >> welcome, the millions watching at people and the millions more much whatting from inside brian wilson's beard. that's a great outfit but i have one question for you, what have you done with batman? you look like the -- it be lees like your beard is wearing a fake beard. i'm sorry to tease you brian, it's obvious you hate attention. >> of all the things i have
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serious. >> goodness gracious. opening statements started today in the clemens perjury trial. prosecutors say needles used to inject him tested positive for his dna. the defense of course claims the evidence was faked. british open tees off, in just a few hours. here is our pick. i'm going is stricker, ken takes mickelson. >> i play to win. >> the guy on the right. take a shot at control room. that's our director wayne and he goes with frederick. . >> he is waving. >> he keeps the show on track. he is going with frederick. we will be right back. frederick. . >> might have insight.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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scientists look at t g-term fu alley. why . coming up tomorrow morning, stanford sciencists will take a look at long term future of the napa valley. why it may not be around for hour grandkids. that's tomorrow morning at the 8:30 half hour on the early show. >> that's an interesting story too. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> it is. >> thank you for that. >> i looked into that. it's true. it has to do with


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