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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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at last word a 17-year-old girl here in the hospital in critical condition. all three of these teenagers were from marin county and check out these pictures we have from chopper 5 last night. even the rescuers are having a tough time with the surf there. this is at muir beach near tennessee cove. and they are hoisting the 17- year-old girl onto a chp helicopter. she and two friends had been hanging out at the beach and didn't seem to realize the tide was coming in. they ended up stranded behind a rock and couldn't get back to the main beach when the waves started pointing. all three of them -- two of them broke free and witnesses ran to help. >> she was too exhausted. she couldn't say anything. we just pulled her out and what we did we just took all our clothes and towels and tried to warm her up as much as we can and we ran back into the water to try to save the next girl. >> the next girl he is referring to is the 17-year-old who is here at the hospital this morning.
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she was swept out to sea. a man on the beach tried to rescue her. he got caught in the current, as well. by the time rescuers finally got to her with the helicopter, she was unconscious. she certainly seems to be in the worst shape of the three. the other two teenagers were taken to another hospital with more minor injuries. the man who ran out to try to save the 17-year-old is also okay. so we're waiting for word on her condition here this morning. grace. >> scary stuff. all right, anne makovec in walnut creek, thank you. today university of california students expect to find out whether tuition is going up again this fall. protests are expected. anser hassan is in san francisco, where the police barricades are already up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. they did it once before and students say they will do it again. later today uc regents meet here at the mission bay campus. on the agenda, another round of possible rate increases.
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and here's what it means for students. the proposed rate hike is a 9.6% increase in tuition. that's on top of an already passed 8% increase. combined it means uc college students will pay over $12,000 for the fall semester. and that $12,000 doesn't include other expenses like room and board or books. student groups argue that the uc regents are not making higher education a priority. they say misplaced spending and poor budget decisions are to blame. uc regents on the other hand say the increase is necessary to close a $650 million in budget cuts from the state. they say it's better than the alternative such as laying off staff or closing campuses which is what they say would hurt students even more. if the rate increase is approved, it will be the ninth in the past eight years.
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just past tuesday, csu also approved a 12% increase. the theme for later today by the student protestors, disney characters them. say they are going to dress in disney costumes to prove a point, that higher education is not a priority while corporations like disney continue to seek generous tax breaks from the state. elizabeth. >> ongoing battle. anser hassan live this morning in san francisco, thank you. more than 200 san jose state university students knife live in nearby hotels -- may have to live in nearby hotels this fal semester because there is no room in the dorms. the incoming class is the largest in their history. a new policy calls for incoming freshmen to live on campus if their permanent homes are more than 0 miles away. 5:03 -- if their permanent homes are more than 30 miles away they must live on campus.
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5:03. >> the meteorologist on my previous station called this little friday. >> look ahead to the week if you are looking for the sun. not too much warm weather today. we are going to get some sunshine inland. we are not seeing cloud cover stretch as far inland today as yesterday although still some clouds along the bay shores and at the coastline so a little more sunshine than yesterday. good news to tide you over until the weekend. temperatures similar throughout the bay area. 50s. highs for today still keeping them 10 to 15 degrees below average unseasonably cool weather like you have been hearing about the past several days. 69 for vallejo, 68 for san rafael, 57 in pacifica. warmer in santa rosa at 73. and livermore will top out at 71 today. now, we will warm up by this weekend i promise you. take a look at this extended forecast. you can see more sunshine, gradual warming for the weekend and then we really start to see the bigger warmup getting closer to seasonal temperatures
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by next workweek. that's a look at the forecast. gianna has a look at the traffic. >> we have a photographer edgar standing by in san jose with live pictures of the trouble spot on guadalupe parkway. we are dealing with a 30 by 30- foot sinkhole. this is southbound guadalupe parkway as you work your way between 280 over to alma. they have completely shut down the alma off-ramp and you can see the right lane as well as guadalupe parkway. because of this sinkhole and chp and caltrans says probably at least until noon is when they expect to have everything opened up again. right now, southbound 87 right lane closed between 280 to alma. alma off-ramp is also completely shut down until this gets wrapped up. thanks for the pictures. on the map, looks like we are not doing too badly as far as delays go. it's pretty early. but later on, that could change. so use 101 as an alternate if you usually take guadalupe parkway. also 280 northbound looking good as you work your way through downtown san jose. we'll have a look at the bay
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bridge coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:05. this is harry potter's last stand. it could be his biggest box office haul ever. "harry potter and the deathly hallows 2" opens at midnight tonight and it has earned $25 million in advance ticket sales. current recordholder har which potter and the half blood prince took in $384 million when it opened back in 2009. the first seven films in the franchise have grossed $6.4 billion. that's success. tonight san jose tech museum will show two special screenings of the film in its imax theater. doors will open at 10 p.m. and the midnight screening is already sold out. second 2:30 a.m. screening was actually added because of that so some tickets are still available for that we understand. and you can get dressed up in costume, too, if you are really into it. >> i was thinking that a lot of people would dress up. i'll have to check it out.
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kept out. how one government shutdown is having a major impact on beer sales. >> plus, if you got a late car registration renewal notice, you are not alone. what's behind the dmv delays and why you shouldn't worry just yet. we shouldn't all be reprimanded for one house. >> pined sized neighborhood menace. how a small chihauhau is causing big trouble on one bay area block. ,, 3q when water doesn't dry, it can leave spots and film. finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and actively dries dishes, for a brilliant shine straight from the dishwasher. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard.
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for drivers to panic... even good morning. live pictures, they shut down the alma on-ramp. a sinkhole was first reported as 30 by 30. you see the raised concrete, not quite as big but again,
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it's enough of a problem for them to shut down the off-ramp for alma and parts of the parkway. back to you. >> the dmv says there is no reason for drivers to panic even though car registration notices are being mailed out late. people have been lining up at dmv offices more than a little miffed believing they have less time to pay fees and get smog checks but the dmv is giving people an extra 30 days to fix it. the reason for the day, the dmv had to wait for the budget situation to clear up before it knew much to charge people. they are giving people a 60-day grace period. mail is being delivered again in a vallejo neighborhood after it was stopped for nearly a week. this was because a pint-sized problem. a chihauhau apparently was causing all of this. the postal service says a carrier was frightened by the little dog while delivering the mail. the carrier believes that the dog's other than let it out on purpose after a dispute that
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lasted nearly a week. the dog's owner promised to keep the dog away from the carrier or on a leash. >> those little dogs have a big yap. could be scary. >> my dog doesn't yap. >> he doesn't? okay. [ laughter ] >> on her best behavior at all times. >> ever. >> kidding. a very pampered pooch. 5:11. it's called a breakthrough in the fight against aids. the daily pills that could reduce a person's chances of getting the virus. for a guy we all thought was no drama obama, sounds like a pretty dramatic meeting. >> debt negotiations heat up in washington. why president obama reportedly stormed out of a meeting yesterday. definitely a nice day for traveling if you are heading to the south or the southwest. you can see here in san francisco some clouds as you take off those morning temperatures only going to 62 degrees. but it is warmer as you head to los angeles today. we are going to see mostly sunny conditions once we arrive there. high there for today will be
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74. so definitely gorgeous day there. about the temperature that we are hitting inland in the bay area. and if you want even warmer weather, hot actually, phoenix 103. sunny skies today. full forecast for the bay area coming right up. ,,,,,,
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and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. year- old is reportedly in critical condition after she was
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rescued from the ocean off the marin county coast in the headlines, a 17-year- old is reportedly in critical condition after she was rescued from the ocean. this happened off the marin county coast. she was caught in a rip current after the rising tide trapped her and her two friends in a cove. oakland police say that they have a suspect in custody in connection with the may shooting death of high school senior ditiyan franklin, jr. the suspect was arrested last week but investigators delayed that announcement until yesterday. well, the u.s. women are going to the world cup championship game. the american team beat france 3- 1 yesterday. they creamed them! it was a great game. the u.s. is going to play japan for the title that's hang on sunday. the impending debt ceiling crisis seems to be pushing politicians to the boiling point in washington. negotiations were tense yesterday and actually ended with the president storming out. >> for a guy we all thought was "no drama obama" sounds like a
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pretty dramatic meeting. >> after republican house majority leader eric cantor pressed the president on the proposal to extend the ceiling for a month, the president stormed out. the white house says the president's determination to get a long-term budget deal done is by the august 2 deadline. they are apparently rubbing out of we are and liquor -- running out of beer and liquor in minnesota. this is a consequence of the government shutdown. bars and restaurants need a state-issued card to buy liquor but the card has to be renewed yearly. many cards are expired so they can't be renewed. retailers could also see a shortage of cigarettes, too. another cool start to the day here in the bay area. overcast, as well. this morning inland partly cloudy start, around the bay
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cloud cover, and at the coast maybe a little drizzle but not as drizzly as yesterday. temperatures mild. by this afternoon, warming up but not a lot. keeping those temperatures well below average. inland only making it to the mid-70s although mostly sunny, maybe a little more sunshine than yesterday. around the bay seeing temperatures in the 60s and we'll see some cloud cover there but also some sunshine. the coast is going to stay gray throughout the afternoon breezy conditions there. and you can see the cloud cover outside right now not stretching as far inland as we saw yesterday but we are still seeing some cloud cover around the bay and, of course, at the coastline. at the coastline is where those clouds will stick around throughout the afternoon. this low that is slowly sliding through is the reason we continue to see these cool conditions to be followed by another low before the warmer air mass builds in. cool for now, seeing that fog and that cloud cover through the afternoon. temperatures today neighborhood by neighborhood look like this. 69 is the high for redwood city and palo alto. also 69 for mountain view. warmer in campbell at 73.
5:18 am
also 73 for los gatos and 75 in morgan hill. over in the east bay keeping it cool along the bay shores, 62 in alameda, also 62 for berkeley. warmer in pittsburg at 75. and 76 as a high in brentwood today. santa rosa topping out at 73 today. 60 for san leandro and 68 in benicia. cooler friday. then the weekend has gradual warming and more significant warming next week. you can see by the middle of next week those temperatures are closer to where we should be for july. we'll be in the high 80s inland by then with mostly sunny skies. that's a look at the forecast. over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> good news, we are accident- free. that's the plus. the minus, unfortunately, we have our emergency roadwork in san jose. we have a sinkhole that has shut down the alma on-ramp and parts of guadalupe parkway southbound from 280 down to alma. it is pretty early.
5:19 am
no major delays now. but caltrans is saying at least noon they will have it open. later on you might see slow conditions. use 101 as an alternate, 17 as well, if you need to get down to 85. altamont pass off to a good start, 18 minutes westbound 580 to 680. no delays approaching the dublin interchange. no delays at the bay bridge. metering lights are off. everything clear out of san francisco into oakland. the golden gate bridge this morning, no delays. should be a nice ride on the southbound side of 101 at least from 37 to 580. right now 10-minute commute there. once you hit the golden gate bridge problem-free into san francisco. 92 san mateo bridge also looking good this morning. no delays as you work your way between foster city and hayward. if you are heading to the peninsula, 101 looking good in both directions. northbound clear all the way into sfo and in fact north 101 clear all the way into san
5:20 am
francisco. southbound no troubles into san jose. 880 on the flip side things looking good, as well. northbound clear into oakland. southbound problem-free all the way into hayward. stays clear all the way south of there working your way towards milpitas. no there's at the 880/237 connector. and mass transit is always a good choice. everything is right on time. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. topping your healthwatch report, it is being called a medical breakthrough. two studies show that daily medication could drastically cut hiv transmission rates. one group of researchers followed thousands of heterosexual men and women in africa. another followed couples where one partner what hiv-positive. now, they found that those who took pills every day cut their risk of infection by up to 73%. maintaining your overall health may help prevent dementia. a new study in neurology finds that sinus conditions, arthritis, stomach problems and
5:21 am
eye and ear trouble could increase that risk. canadian researchers say rather than just paying attention to known dementia risk factors such as diabetes and heart disease, keeping up with your general health can help. should parents of extremely obese children lose custody for not controlling their kids' weight? a boston doctor and lawyer both affiliated with harvard say yes. now, they published an editor in the journal of the american medical association saying intervention is sometimes the only answer. and they are talking about only extreme cases of childhood obesity, which can be life- threatening. >> high blood pressure can affect your heart, the small vessels in your eyes, your brain and your kidney. >> an estimated 17% of children in the u.s. are obese. 5:21. the casey anthony case may have an impact in our state. how lawmakers want to change
5:22 am
the way missing children cases are handled. >> no more guess hog is on the other end of the line. we'll tell you about t-mobile's cell phone feature that's a first for major carriers. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. sunny skies in store inland today and temperatures there going to make it to the mid-
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70s. around the bay shores cooler, mostly sunny skies, mid-60s. definitely cool at the shore today. we are going to stay overcast, temperatures there only in the 50s. another cool day. thanks a lot, kristy. t-mobile is going where no cell company has gone before. >> up until now, when you call someone on a cell phone your name wouldn't pop up unless that person programmed you into their phone. well, now t-mobile will offer caller id for its customers or as they call it, name id. so it's not free. the new service will cost you 4 bucks a month. even in a tough economy americans are saying they would keep their cell phones no matter what. the national foundation for credit counseling asked,000 people what is the last thing you give up in order to save money. more than half of the 3,000 people said they would hold onto their cell phones as long as possible. other must-haves, cable tv, internet access, and eating out. i think eating out would probably be the first thing to go. but i would keep the cell phone
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for sure. >> you can do everything on a cell phone. right? >> whenever you forget it don't you feel naked without it? >> i do. i do. the few times i have come to work without it, i can't -- >> you feel so unconnected. >> yes. it's bad. 5:26. tense talks about that federal debt ceiling. what caused president obama to reportedly lose his cool and why another recession isn't being ruled out just yet. >> college freshman can't live on campus because of the housing crunch. the option that's being considered off campus. too much too soon? that's what student protestors are saying about another round of propose rate hikes. what they plan to do and will it work? that story just ahead. and a teenager in critical condition after being swept out to sea. we'll take a look at her rescue coming up. ,,
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morning off. and i'm grace lee time is 5-- let's ge traffic and weathe good morning. it is thursday, july 14. i'm elizabeth wenger. frank is off. >> i'm grace lee. it's a cool start to your thursday morning. hopefully somewhere we'll get some sunshine. >> i don't know. >> yes, i can promise you that grace, we will get some sunshine today although i can't say it's going to be hot. it's going to be cool all around the bay area today.
5:30 am
san francisco up to 60, oakland 65, both location seeing some sunshine and really sunny in san jose and concord. temperatures there in the low 70s. and i'll tell you exactly when it's going to be hot again in just a little bit. but over to gianna with a look at the driving conditions. >> thank you, kristy. our hotspot now is in san jose for emergency roadwork on guadalupe parkway southbound at alma due to a sinkhole. also roadwork on 680, as well. i'll have all that coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. a teenager is in critical condition after she was swept away from a north bay beach. the 17-year-old girl was rescued from the ocean. a rip current pulled her away from tennessee valley beach along the marin county coast. anne makovec is in walnut creek where the girl is in the hospital this morning. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. she is here at john muir hospital in walnut creek. as you mentioned, in critical condition. two of her friends were with her as well, injured but knows at badly as the teenager that is here in the hospital.
5:31 am
check out some of these pictures we got from chopper 5 yesterday evening. even the rescuers are having a tough time with the surf. this is at muir beach near tennessee cove and they are hoisting the 17-year-old girl on to a chp helicopter to take her to the hospital. she and two friends had been hanging out at the beach and didn't realize the tide was coming in. they were stranded behind a rock and couldn't get back to the main beach when the waves started pounding. here's how a witness describes it. >> so they were hanging out and it got so late to where the tide was getting higher so when they tried to walk back, they didn't time it enough and the wave came in and just swept them out. that's basically what happened. they didn't have time to get back around to the other side. >> reporter: they were trapped for a while. the 17-year-old was swept out to sea. a man on the beach tried to rescue her and he got caught in the current, as well. he is okay. but by the time the rescuers
5:32 am
got to the teenager, she was already unconscious. and again, she does appear to be in the worst shape of the three. the coast guard of course setting out the warnings we have heard before about being careful even if it seems like a calm day near the ocean because conditions can change on a dime. i'll keep you posted on this girl's condition. elizabeth. >> all right. anne makovec live for us this morning in walnut creek near john muir. thank you. the coroner in san jose is trying to find out what killed a person whose body was found near a golf course. investigators say that a fisherman found the body in coyote creek yesterday evening just north of capitol expressway. the body has not been identified. apparently the process takes a couple of days. california legislators want to introduce a new bill inspired by the casey anthony trial. caylee's law would make it a crime to fail to quickly report a child's disappearance or death. they are seeking the change after anthony was acquitted of murder in her two-year-old daughter's death. the pill would make it a felony
5:33 am
not to report a missing child within 48 hours of the child's death or within two hours of a child's death. there are similar bills pending in at least 17 other states. protests are expected today as university of california regents are likely to approve yet another tuition increase. anser hassan joins us from san francisco, where that vote is planned for today. anser. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we're expecting a lot of student protestors here at uc mission bay campus. on the agenda for the uc regents meeting, another round professor posed rate headaches. the regents will vote on a 9.6% increase in tuition for all 10 schools on top of an 8% increase already approved for the fall semester. combined students will pay an extra $1,900 this year, which means over $12,000 for the year. and that doesn't include room, board, books or other expenses.
5:34 am
now, the recently passed california state budget cut $650 million from higher education. so uc regents are poised to increase tuition to help fill the gap. they argue the rate increase is better than the alternative such as cutting staff or closing satellite campuses but student groups say it's misplaced spending and poor budget decisions that are to blame. they are also concerned about recent pay increases to some uc executives. if approved, it will be the ninth round of increases in just past eight years. and these increases will be immediate. they will start this fall. and that's another problem for students. they say it's too much too soon. grace? >> certainly is. all right, anser hassan in san francisco, thank you. in the meantime, san jose state university is going to have such a big freshman class this semester that there is a scramble to find places for them to live. in fact, more than 200 students may have to live at a nearby hotel this fall semester. contributing to that problem is a new policy at sjsu.
5:35 am
incoming freshmen who live more than 30 miles from campus are now required to live on campus. but there isn't enough room at campus residence halls to accommodate everyone. time now is 5:35. we have traffic and weather. christy, i feel like i should start prepping they -- kristy, i feel like i should start prepping the turkey, decorating the tree! >> i know. these overcast conditions don't help. plenty of cloud cover again this morning just like yesterday although a little more sunshine so that's hope in sight. we'll see a little more sunshine inland. but right now in the bay area around bay shores and the coast, still seeing plenty of cloud cover. those inland spots the clouds aren't stretching as far inland as yesterday so we'll have more sun later on this afternoon. temperatures outside right now, pretty consistent. 53 for san francisco, 56 vallejo, 56 livermore. highs today similar to
5:36 am
yesterday. unseasonably cool. 76 fairfield. 65 oakland. 69 redwood city today. we'll have your full forecast in a few minutes. but over to gianna now with a look at the roadways. >> thank you, kristy. we're going to show you some video we shot a few minutes ago of this sinkhole in san jose. it was reported around 3 a.m. our photographer got a different perspective here. it's first reported as 30 feet by 30 feet. we are seeing some closures here. southbound guadalupe parkway is completely shut down in the right lane as well as alma so you still have the left lanes opened. you can access guadalupe parkway. they hope to have everything reold by noon. when that morning commute gets into full swing this could cause problems. again, this is southbound guadalupe parkway, right lane closed as well as the alma off- ramp again until further notice. hopefully noon is when that will happen. you can see on our sensors here, still green. so things are moving okay working your way through there. a look at the bay bridge coming up but right now back to you guys. armed robbers hit an ice cream truck in marin city this week marking the city's sixth
5:37 am
robbery since last month. officers say in this case three young men pointed a semi- automatic pistol at the ice cream vendor's stomach on tuesday demanding cash. they ran away with about 160 bucks. the suspects were wearing black hooded sweaters covering their faces. in a few hours the bart board of directors will discuss the deadly shooting at the civic center station in san francisco. they are expected to focus on the general manager's report of the july third incident. bart says officers opened fire after the man lunged at them with a knife. the agency has promised to release surveillance video once the investigation is over. oakland police say that they have a man in custody in connection with the shooting death of a high school senior. michael heartsman-anthony of oakland was arrested last week although police didn't announce it until yesterday. he is suspected in the murder of ditiyan franklin, jr. franklin was shot while riding a bicycle on ritchie street in may just weeks before he was to graduate from high school. police say that the suspect and
5:38 am
victim knew each other and they believe that the shooting was connected to a prior dispute between them. the clock is ticking to reach a budget deal. the ripple effect if nothing happens by august2. that's live on your moneywatch report. plus, he allegedly stole picasso's artwork. this morning the other heist that we are learning about now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:39 am
5:40 am
negotiations today... yesterday he walked out of a meeting with the congressional lead president obama and republicans resume debt ceiling negotiations today. yesterday he walked out of the meeting with the congressional leaders telling them, quote, enough is enough. the treasury department says that that debt ceiling if it is not raised by august 2 the u.s. will default on its bills. moody's is ready to consider lowering the government's credit rating amid
5:41 am
another day of talks. here's jill schlesinger editor at large of what can we expect if nothing happens by august 2? >> reporter: it brings up a funky situation. i know that we have talked about default a lot but the reality is i don't think there's going to be a real default. what i think is going to happen is interest on the debt will have the highest priority. bondholders will be paid. from there, what's likely to happen is the government won't default on its obligations but will delay some of them. so may mean seniors may have to wait for social security checks and the government will shut down nonessential service like national parks, museums, and probably furlough some nonessential government employees, as well. >> we have seen the stock market continuing to rise. why is it that people seem not nervous about this? i mean, this is huge. >> right. it seems like a head scratcher but here's the situation. when i talk to traders every
5:42 am
day they say they fully expect the politicians to reach a deal or not debt ceiling so markets have been trading on other issues like yesterday the fed chairman ben bernanke said that they might do something to boost the economy if we still see some weakness. that said, let's be clear. if there is no deal, it would be devastating for stocks. interest rates would rise which would be bad news for those people who are looking to borrow money to buy a home or start a business. and if the situation were to persist, this is kind of scary, we could enter another recession. and, if you want a little bit more scary stuff we have 18 scary debt facts. >> great. well, you know, with bernanke coming out yesterday and saying that it is possible that they may have to stimulate the economy, is that an indication that we could get that double- dip recession that a lot of people have been talking about? >> reporter: well, bernanke was very specific. he did say that he thought that a lot of the conditions are temporary. he said if they persisted, that the fed might act. and at the don't mean that we are going to be in a recession.
5:43 am
really means that if we stick at about 1.5 to 2% growth, so that's still growth. it's not recession. but 2% growth does not create an economy where jobs are robust. that's what the fed is really nervous about. >> all right. jill schlesinger editor at large for, thanks for joining us today. >> great to be with you. we are going live to los angeles right now because that's where the 63rd prime time emmy award nominations are being revealed. >> you can see right there the announcers are jackson from the fringe and mccarty from the movie brides mated. let's listen in. >> this year's nominees for reality competition programs. the amazing race, "american idol," "dancing with the stars," project runway, "so you think you can dance," and top chef. the nominees for variety music -- >> love them. the woman on the left is from bridesmaid.
5:44 am
>> we were saying, i'm not sure -- i guess i knew who he was from [ indiscernible ] >> i don't know if you want to admit that. but i know exactly who you were talking about when you said [ indiscernible ] creek. we'll be checking in with them in the morning. always exciting to check in with hollywood. >> fersure. first let's go over and check our traffic and weather. closer to home, first over to kristy seifkin. good morning. >> good morning. i know you ladies have been talking about when is the warm weather going to come? well, today not quite yet. we are going to see some more sunshine today but for the meantime we'll see some cloud cover this morning so partly cloudy conditions inland. around the bay clouds as well and the coast a lot of drizzle there yesterday. not as much this morning although certainly going to be a little gray out there. sunshine in store though by later on today in the inland locations. going to make it to the mid- 70s. bay to the mid-60s. and a mix of sun and clouds and at the coast temperatures certainly cooler and breezy conditions. staying overcast there most of the day. cloud cover at the coast pushing through the bay and
5:45 am
then those inland spots, this is clearer than yesterday at this time of day so a little more sunshine in store by this afternoon. the low still in the picture right now bringing us those cool conditions, breezy conditions and a little fog. it's not going to be for a couple days that we see that high build in. so temperatures staying below average today. 67 is the high in union city. 69 for palo alto and mountain view. 73 today in campbell and in los gatos. morgan hill will make it to 75 today. a little warmer in antioch at 76. same story for brentwood. cooler pleasant hill at 73. 65 for oakland. alameda making it to 62. cooler in berkeley as well at 62. up into the north bay once again mix of 60s and 70s here. 70s the high in into the. 68 san rafael. 69 kentfield. mid-50s at the coastline where it's going to be cooler and where we are going to see overcast conditions. so friday looking similar to what we are seeing today. the weekend, that gradual warmup and we continue to see more of a warmup that's more significant for the start of your workweek. at that point back to where we
5:46 am
should be fo july. temperatures in the warmest spots in the 80s. gianna franco has traffic. >> we are getting busy. in antioch, traffic is loading up. some yellow here on our sensors so look likes we are seeing some slow and go conditions as you work your way near hillcrest. the good news is though as you come off the antioch bridge, still not too bad. a live look, traffic okay but it boggs down once you hit the freeway there. altamont pass still holding steady. better. now 15 minutes westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. no delays from pleasanton to the dublin interchange. early-morning roadwork on 680, all now cleared. no delays. we are seeing lots of green on 680. danville, walnut creek, highway 24, clear all the way to the caldecott tunnel. 880 problem-free. northbound no delays into the maze. southbound you're clear all the way into hayward. 880 looks good all the way into the south bay. if you are taking the bay bridge, looks like we are seeing slight delays off the eastshore freeway.
5:47 am
42 miles per hour around emeryville. once you hit the metering lights lights, still off. clear across the upper deck into san francisco. clear out of san francisco into oakland. golden gate bridge checking in problem-free. now, we're going to jump over to a live shot right now that we have of a trouble spot in san jose. this is guadalupe parkway at alma. now the right lane is shut down on guadalupe parkway southbound between 280 and alma. at 3 a.m. caltrain has been on the scene. noon is the estimated time when it will re-open. alma off-ramp is shut down because of a sinkhole as well as part of guadalupe parkway. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's check today's top stories. a 17-year-old girl is now in critical condition. the girl and some friends were stranded by the tide on part of tennessee valley beach in marin county. a good samaritan jumped in the water to rescue her. she had to be choppered out there was. university of california regents are set to vote today
5:48 am
on another tuition increase. the more than 9% hike would go into effect this hall and would be in addition to an 8% increase already approved. state lawmakers are hoping to introduce caylee's law. this measure would make it a crime to fail to report a child's disappearance or death quickly. there are similar bills pending in at least 17 other states. new signs of improvement for the giants fan beaten outside of dodger stadium. bryan stow's family says that his mouth opened up for a thermometer on monday. stow is recovering at san francisco general more than three months after being beaten outside dodger stadium. las vegas police have arrested the girlfriend of the prime beating suspect, giovanni ramirez. she submitted a not guilty plea to unrelated drug and weapons charges. lapd says she is a person of interest in the stow beating case. today former first lady betty ford will be buried next to had your husband in grand
5:49 am
rapids, michigan. and you're looking at a live picture now as mourner pay their final respects. ford died friday at the age of 93. she is being remembered for her renowned treatment center that has helped nearly 100,000 people with addiction. sarah palin says that she will announce her intentions for the white house by early september. the former republican vice- presidential candidate has made public appearances in battleground states but hasn't said yet if she plans to run for president. palin says she thinks she could beat president obama. chrysler is recalling its top selling vehicle. more than 240,000 ram pickup trucks from 2008 to 2011 are being recalled because of a steering problem. a part near the left wheel can fracture and cause loss of steering. a few minor crashes have been reported. chrysler will fix the problem- free of charge. this morning the crew of the space shuttle atlantis is getting a little housekeeping out of the way before they get
5:50 am
a half day off. the four american astronauts are helping transfer food, clothes and other supplies this morning from the shuttle to the international space station. looks like these are live pictures though you cannot see the astronauts just yet. they will also enjoy some down time after a week in orbit. that shuttle crew will come back to earth for the final time next week. 5:50. the art of thievery. the new twist about a man accused of stealing picasso's artwork. >> if the dog is two feet from the ground... >> why mail service in one bay area neighborhood what stopped for days all because of a little chihauhau. introducing icy hot naturals [ male annou] with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast.
5:51 am
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mark lugo...the man arrested last week for the daring art heist...was also charged with theft in his native new jersey in april. his loot that time...three bottles of wine worth 2-thousand dollars each. just like the picasso theft, lugo was caught on camera at an upscale market. he missed his court date in that case and has a warrant out for his arrest in new jersey. mail is being delivered again in a vallejo neighborhood after it was stopped for nearly a week -- well, mail is finally being delivered again in a vallejo neighborhood after it was stopped for nearly a week because of a really pint-sized problem. a chihauhau. the postal service says the carrier was frightened by the little dog while delivering the mail. the carrier believes the dog's owner let it out on purpose after a dispute that lasted nearly a week. dog's owner promised to keep the dog away from the carrier or on a leash. >> the dog didn't feel like
5:54 am
making an appearance that day. shy. 5:53. >> the united states will play japan for the women's world cup title on sunday. >> the u.s. beat france 3-1 to get to that championship game. take a look. >> cheney everywhere taking the kick and it's a goal! abby wambach again! usa ahead! and they are heading to the world cup finals with that one! >> abby wambach charged in there with that goal. that was the tie-breaker for the americans. it was her third of the tournament. the americans will be in the championship game for the first time since winning it all back in 1999. amazing game. they had to work really hard to win. it was great. this could be harry potter's last stand. it is his last stand. it could be his biggest box office haul ever. >> that's right. "harry potter and the deathly hallows 2" opens at midnight tonight and they have several showings all around the bay area. the movie has already earned
5:55 am
$25 million in advance ticket sales. the current recordholder, harry potter and the half blood prince, took in $384 million in 2009. the first 7 films in the harry potter franchise have grossed $6.4 billion. >> amazing franchise for them. >> i have a lot of catching up to do. >> you do. it's a great series. >> have you read all the books? >> i have. kristy, have you read these books? >> no. but i have seen the movies and i'm going to see the new one on sunday so when it's finally getting sunny i'm going to be in a movie theater. senseless. but temperatures are looking good. by the end of the weekend warming and we'll start to warm up by the start of next workweek but for today temperatures on the cooler side sitting in the mid-70s inland. around the bay only going to be in the mid-60s, at the coast only in the mid-50s. and this picture i think really is the symbol for what's going on weather-wise. fog coming in at sunset sent to us by jim. if you have a photo to share,
5:56 am
send it to us at gianna, how are the roads? >> it's still busy in san jose. we have this problem -- in fact, let's go live to our photographer standing by. this is guadalupe parkway at alma. right lane as well as the alma off-ramp is shut down because of the sinkhole and you can see here in our live shot, it's going to take time for them to fix this area. they are saying at least noon as to when the lanes may re- open. so use 101 as an alternate. in the meantime, on the maps still seeing green on our sensors, the good news. but again, as that commute heats up things will change. 101, 17, all better ways to avoid 87. 280 not bad, light through downtown san jose. we'll have the bay bridge next. right now back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:56. an up turn of events for a santa clara landmark. why funding is cut for hangar one at moffett field. >> plus the debt debate gets testy in washington. why president obama reportedly stormed out of yesterday's meeting. and a teenager is swept out
5:57 am
to sea. she ends up in this hospital here in walnut creek. we'll tell you what happened and about the rescue and how she is doing this morning, coming up. they did it once before. student groups are worried they will do it again. a vote later today may be the difference between who gets to class and who stays home. that story and all the details just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i really haven't seen anything like that. it was scary. three injured teens rescued from the raging surf. how they found themselves in trouble. police bracing for student protestors today. the safety measures in place as regents decide on a tuition hike. good morning, it is thursday, july 14. i'm elizabeth wenger. frank has the morning off. >> and i'm gr


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