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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. they record every move you make. the neighborhood where cameras are going up everywhere. >> more money for illegal immigrants living in california. the stash of cash state lawmakers opened up to them. some of our nation's most sensitive military secrets exposed. who hacked into the
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government's computers? good everyoning, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. surveillance cameras have gone up in one bay area neighborhood. >> and they will record everyone walking on the sidewalk and driving down the street. robert lyles shows us why. >> still wears the ribbons of mourning. >> we knew him personally. >> the well respected owner of the restaurant, a fixture at the corner of 39th and international for decades. just before dawn on april 8, gunmen turned compos' life dream into a horrifying murder scene. >> it's frustrating to know that someone can commit this murder and be walking among us. >> for those that built their dreams, it was enough. >> we have made some very specific demands. >> that demand born out of this city promise. >> we are going to innone date that area in the future, to
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make sure residents are safe. >> today, oakland police installing the first of 17 digital cameras. 13 more will hang high above foothill and fruitvail. these electronic eyes in the skies -- for a reasons you know. >> it is believed that the shooter ran which way? >> believed the shooters took off in a vehicle that was waiting. >> a camera six doors down didn't capture the murder suspects. the new high resolution cameras will allow cops to zoom in on faces, even license plates. in exchange fruitvail merchants -- >> will give a key to their location to the police and access to their alarm codes. >> after his murder, they welcome. >> you think it will make you feel safer? >> i think it is safer for everybody. >> i think where ever there
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are cameras, people feel safer. >> the first camera is recording as we speak, but not sending live video back to oakland police. instead the video and all of the recordings remain at the 30 establish ms that will carry the camera. each and every one of those cameras is owned by the city of oakland. the price tag is approximately $70,000. no word tonight on how that city expense was paid. we do know that right now there are still no named suspects in the murder investigation of chewy compos, back to you. >> robert, thank you. 13,$218. that is how much it's going to cost an undergrad to go to a uc. that's before room, board, books, car, you name it. regions approved a 10% hike today. to put this in perspective. tuition has more than doubled
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in the last six years. but illegal immigrants may soon have an easier time paying for college. kit on the california dream act. >> did it take a lot of courage for you to sit down here today? >> yeah. it did. >> her family entered the u.s. from mexico illegally when she was 7. now 22, she holds two associate degrees, but can't afford to go it a four-year college. so felt the time to go public was now. >> you're not afraid to show your face st. >> of course not. >> why not? >> that's the problem. you don't put a face to an issue. you dehumanize people by saying illegal immigrant. >> state senators passed ab130 today, part of the california dream act.
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governor brown is expected to sign it. the new law would allow students collect privately funded scholarships, including those students in the country illegally. and senate minority leader says he voted against it because he says it gives undocumented students false hope that they will be able to get a job after graduation. >> there are 25,000 undocumented college students in california. >> a lot of the students didn't mean graduating versus not graduating. >> there may be some parents watching and say this student is taking money that should be going to my son or daughter who is an american citizen. >> uh-huh. i would really honestly say i am not taking anything. if someone gets a scholarship, it's most likely because they have been chosen to receive that scholarship. >> anna says once it goes into effect, she'll likely be able to go on to san jose state or
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uc merced where she has been accepted. >> this is my situation. i didn't ask for it, i want to make it better. i really love california. it's the only home i have ever known, and i hope people can understand that. >> in cupertino. >> president obama will address the nation on the status of negotiations to increase the debt ceiling. congressional leaders left the 5th round of talk saying that there is progress. the meeting was described as polite, a stark contrast to yesterday's talk. but with the august 2 deadline looming, the federal reserve chair warned of dire consequences if politicians don't figure it out. >> jobs, interest rates, credit, availability of government payments, ben fits, benefits. >> there is a 50% chance it
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will downgrade the credit rating within three months. yesterday, moody's rating service warned it might downgrade the bond rating. if that happens, rates would jump from mortgages, car loans, and other debts. talks could drag on through the weekend. headlines now, a nasty collision sent a car plowing into a house. the crash involved three cars and a motorcycle. at clayton street and twin peeks boulevard in san francisco. one of the cars landed upside down on top of another car. there is at least one critical injury. building inspectors are on the way to check the integrity of the house. >> a hunger strike is entering its third week. people supporting the prisoners held a vigil tonight in downtown oakland. prisoners are protesting what they call deplorable conditions. at least 600 prisoners are still refusing prison food. and police say they found another stolen picasso of the new jersey apartment of the man
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accused of stealing a drawing in san francisco. the chronicle reports a police raid met at a half million dollars in stolen art. the newly found picasso was in a hotel. also accused of stealing expensive bottles of wine back in april. he is expected in court in san francisco tomorrow. right now outside theaters all over the bay area, thousands of people are lined up because in less than an hour, the curtains will go up for the last harry potter movie. elizabeth cook is with some fans in santa clara who have been waiting a long time, right liz? >> reporter: absolutely. ken, can you believe it's been ten years since the first harry potter film was released in the theaters? most of the fans were in grade school when it came out and now ten years later, they are back in line wanting to be the first ones to see the very last harry potter film and just like harry, they're all grown up. it didn't matter how long they
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had to wait in line. >> i got here at 2:30 in the morning. >> i would have been here last night if they would have let me stay. >> they had to be here. >> i don't think we'll have much of anything like this. >> there were of course wizards and a few muggles. it wasn't back to school night, but a graduation of sorts like fans like veronica. >> i started when i was 11. i was a tv generation and to be in the book generation by the end of it. >> after ten years and eight films, harry potter's magic has not worn off. >> it's one of those worlds you don't want to leave. >> tonight a bittersweet good- bye to a franchise that cast a spell over movie goers in a generation. >> my parents had star wars, i have harry potter. >> they are letting more crowds go into the showings and
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then 12:30 and so on. if you are hoping to get down here, you will have to wait until well after 1:00 a.m. if you want to see it on imax 3- d, you'll have to wait until after 3:00 a.m. so definitely selling out very, very exciting and i had the opportunity to speak to a couple people who had the lucky chance to see the film at around 8:00 this evening and they said it's the best one. >> elizabeth, between you and i, this is like everything i could do to keep dana in here seat. she wanted to cut out and not do her 11:00 broadcast and get to a theater to watch this film and i said no, we have responsibilities tonight and you can go afterwards. >> ken, you know, i see your little flushed. i think you have the potter fever, too. >> might be part of what's going on. elizabeth cook, thank you for that live report. it's contagious. all i got to say. well coming up, for some it is safer behind bars and out on
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the streets. why african american men survived longer in prison. >> and as the u.s. suffers a big cyber attack, tonight an exclassive look inside a special spy fighting chamber where no camera has ever gone.
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new studies suggest that being in prison cuts the risk of death in half for black men. researchers at the university of north carolina chapel hill looked at the records of 100,000 men held at some point in north carolina prisons over a decade. being in prison seemed to reduce blackman's risk of drug or alcohol related deaths. fatalities related to cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, suicide, and murder were also lower. white men on the other hand were more likely to die in prison, but there was no difference in the death rate for black and white men behind bars. some of the nation's most sensitive military secrets pillford by spies who broke into government computers. secret information about american satellites, plans for new military fighter jet gone.
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david martin on the computer hacking at the hands of hostile government. >> the fighter is the pentagon's high priced ticket to air superiority for the 21st century. except four months ago, the designs for that and other sophisticated weapons were stolen from defense industry computers by hackers. 24 ,000 files in all. >> designs of satellite, uav, the unmanned aerial vehicles. >> there are a will the of people out there taking information. >> the u.s. is still not sure who stole the data. although the most likely suspects are china and russia. lynn is sure there is a mismatch between america's dependence on the technology of cyber space. >> it dries our navigation. it drives our communications. >> and its ability to defend against cyber attacks. >> the attackers are ahead of
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the defenders in cyber space. the technology for intrusions and far ahead as the technology for defenses. we need to catch up. >> how often are there attacks on the pentagon's networks? >> there are attempted intrusions thousands of times a day. >> these intrusions are not frank's, but espianage. left undetected inside the defense department's 15,000 computer necks. >> they are in and we don't know it. it's entirely possible. we found that someone had gotten into our classified network and we didn't think that was possible because completely separate from the internet. >> a foreign intelligence agency, lynn would say which one penetrated a classified computer network used by the u.s. central command which runs the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> how long were they in ?
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>> in a matter of months. >> that p must have been a wakeup call. >> it was. it led us to the creation of the cyber command to organize our defenses. can't be a pickup game. >> cyber command is located inside the headquarters. cbs news got an exclusive look at the new commands operation center. >> there was a war going on out there in cyber space and this is its nerve center. cyber space is just like air, land, and sea. one more theater in which the u.s. military has to fight. there's been very few weapons, probably no weapons in the history of warfare developed and not used. >> only states like china and russia have the capability to launch a cyber attack. but once the terrorist group with no stake in the world economy gets it, the u.s. will be facing the threat of an attack from cyber space by a
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weapon of mass destruction. cbs news at cyber command headquarters, fort mead, maryland. >> weather head quarters has been busy today. >> last summer was one of the coolest summers, this summer is getting a run for its money. it didn't stop the musicians from being out and about and enjoying the cool, crisp, thursday evening. temperatures anywhere from 56 in pacifica. it was 74 in santa rosa. these numbers are averaging up to 18 degrees below normal for this time of year. i think you are stealing the difference in livermore, where the average high is 88. we will kick start your friday just as we have every other morning this week with layers of clouds and fog and drizzle and temperatures into the 50s, here it comes for your morning commute. louds invading the valley all
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the way in towards the mother load. what you do notice, earlier burnoffs. that will allow the temperature to rise tomorrow. that's because of an area of shore is on shore and as that does happen, gradually we'll see the area of high pressure begin to expand and move that jet stream further north. tomorrow's die time high, 50s beaches. still to the low and mid 70s in our inland areas. plus, you have to throw in a wind out of the west, 10 to 20. it was breezy today. that has a chill in the air. temperatures, well it looks like sunday will be the warmest of the weekend and start to feel like summer towards the tail end of july by next week at this time. that is your pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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paid? that's tonight's good question. >> one goes that way. >> one goes right there. >> so how much is advice like this really worth? >> what you'll notice is as you get up into the fareway, how much it opens to the right side. that's good for me. >> that's perfect. this will fit you great. >> wouldn't it be great to have a guy like this with you the next time you play golf? the pros do and they pay for that advice. >> it runs between $1200 to a week. >> he says the caddies on tour get a weekly salary, which pretty much covers their travel and lodging expenses. the big money comes when the pro makes the cut. that's called the 5, 7, 10 rule. >> if he makes the cut, his cadly will get 5% of what he mays that week. the caddy gets 7% of that and
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then for a win, the caddy will share 10%. >> the share from a person who collected $1.5 million would be $150. lowe says it is work. g as far as getting the right yardage and reading genes and that kind of stuff. for players out there week to week, you know, you want somebody to do a lot of that work. >> go to and click on connect. >> a golfer two years understand younger than rory is tied for the lead at the british open and the last time the giants played the padres, it went 14 innings. how long will it last tonight? find out next in sports. ,,,,,,,,
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22-games... the second longest streak by a giant since jack clark hit in 26-straight games : pablo extended his hitting streak .220. thepadres closer had the most unique entrance to the mound in tuesday's all-star game. back to business tonight. ken, tell everyone what you said at 9:25 font. >> that thing is going out of
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here. the first homer bell allowed the season, the giants hardly ever leave. a moon yule person scores the second play. wins 6-2. bretthander son has been on the dl with a sore elbow and now he'll miss rest of the season. the a's start their second half tomorrow against the angels. gonzales returned to oakland after his debut. he came in to pitch one batter and truck him out looking. that didn't impress his team its. >> they were given me trouble. walked off proud, but no, it was the furs thing sectioned to
11:30 pm
me. hey, how was ball for? >> royal st. george is in sandwiching, rory won't be running away with this one. the u.s. champ went out early and shot a 1 under 71. 21-year-old 24 holes on the back nine to meet to the top of the leading board. the first immature to have it. >> lewis is tied for the league with a man twice his age. his dad passed away in may. >> would have been very proud and i've told them i am safe. >> it is time for your thursday night top five. dustin johnson was 4 over 13
11:31 pm
holes, but birdied 13 and 14 and hit a hole in one. he finished at even par. a big popup. kevin reached out. suspended four games with the donnie brook friday night at fen way. at number three, he loses thomas and luckily is able to jump off the bike before falling down this side of mon tons. and the blue jays combined for one of the hits. makes the rouge davis. toronto wins 16-7. and maror ins and rangers, thr only one way to get ichiro out. won eight straight and that is bad news because they are now 12 1/2 games back in the west. that's not good. >> tom lewis is playing in the british open. >> after? >> how he was playing with
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watson today? is that what he heard? >> his parents named him after tim watson. >> we're coming right back. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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ken, please. behave. >> yeah. behave.


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