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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. violence and the vandalism over a deadly police shooting in san francisco. our own crew attacked! how police are trying to ease tensions tonight. a media mogul nearly slapped with a pie and the drama just beginning. why britain's prime minister is in the hot seat over a phone hacking scandal today. good morning. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now is 4:30. let's start with a quick look after traffic and weather. we'll go over to kristy seifkin. >> today is the day filled with
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sunshine that we have been waiting for. check this out. in all locations, actually going to see sun by the afternoon and temperatures getting into the 90s inland. warming trend will continue. tell you exactly how long in a bit but over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> let's start with a live look at 580/680 in pleasanton. okay through here but just east of there we have an injury accident blocking the right lane actually major injuries reported in this accident. happened a couple of hours ago. we'll have more information on this coming up in a few minutes. there is going to be a town hall meeting this evening about saturday's deadly police shooting in san francisco's bayview district. >> that meeting will be at 6:00 at the bayview operahouse on third street. dozens were arrested last night in a protest against that shooting. one demonstrator even attacked our crew while reporter elizabeth cook and feet tow journalist patrick sedillo will
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-- photojournalist patrick sedillo were trying to get the story. >> reporter: it started with people marching to mission district disrupting traffic and muni service. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protestors upset that san francisco police shot and killed 19-year-old kenneth wayne harding. harding was on parole for raping a juvenile in seattle. washington police also called him a person of interest in a fatal shooting last week in seattle. on saturday, harding was riding a muni bus in the bayview when officers entered the bus checking for proof of payment, police say harding ran off the bus and fired a gun at officers. officers then returned fire and killed him. the aftermath of the shooting caught on cell phone video. [ yelling ] >> reporter: even though san francisco police have released evidence of what they say is proof harding fired at officers, these protestors say that doesn't matter. now, police say he fired on them first. isn't this a justified police
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shooting? >> no. it's really not man because they didn't have to kill him you know what i mean it all don't make no sense you know what i mean. the man should have had a chance to speak up even if he fired. he is a young man only 19. you hear me? >> reporter: at the corner of 16th and mission, i tried to interview another protestor. when cbs 5 photojournalist patrick sedillo was attacked. police intervened and arrested the woman. [ screaming ] >> reporter: demonstrators continued past the mission police station. one threw a hammer at officers. the crowd ended at powell and ellis and more were arrested. [ screaming ] >> reporter: police say they made around 35 arrests and we saw a lot of crazy things including protestors throwing a smoke bomb even police went through one protestor's backpack and found flares and a pick axe. elizabeth cook, cbs 5.
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a pedestrian is dead after apparently being hit by a number of cars in the east bay freeway. the chp says that the man was standing in one of the traffic lanes of westbound interstate 80 in san pablo last night when a white chevy malibu hit him. that car kept going and got off the freedom at mcbride avenue and the victim was hit by more cars. a san jose mother fought off a woman who tried to steal her daughter from her arms. police arrested 26-year-old myra flores shortly after that happened monday night. flores is accused of forcing her way into a home on park avenue and trying to grab a 3- year-old girl from her mother. an off-duty marin county sheriff's deputy was shot and killed after trying to help a friend. jim mathiesen went to a home in petaluma on monday night after his friend's daughter's ex threatened to kill her family. authorities say thomas halloran killed mathiesen when the deputy tried to calm him down. another man shot and killed halloran after he took a woman
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hostage. sheriff investigators called that a justifiable homicide. oakland police have arrested two men in connection with the death of a mother whose body was set on fire. the remains of 21-year-old monica rodas were discovered in the rockridge neighborhood of oakland late last week. gang officers chased the suspects yesterday after spotting them on macarthur boulevard near tilden school. rodas from union city leaves behind a 2-year-old son. a search-and-rescue mission will resume this morning for hikers possibly swept over a waterfall at yosemite national park. rangers closed the mist trail after several witnesses said they saw at least one visitor swept over the 370-foot vernal falls yesterday afternoon. that search was called off at dark. park officials closed the trial -- they will close it until at least noon today. witnesses saw a group of 10 people climbing over a safety rail and three of them ended up in the water and going over the falls. >> a lot of people today saw
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something really traumatic and lives were lost, just really sad. >> i couldn't process why they were in the water when i first saw it, you know, because the current was moving so fast. >> one of the witnesses took this video of the water where the victims fell in. that means eight people have died in yosemite this year. the giants fan beaten outside of dodger stadium has had another setback. bryan stow' family says he suffered a seizure on monday. doctors performed emergency surgery after seeing fluid build up in stow as brain. in the meantime, l.a. county leaders added more cash to the reward for information in that beating case. the county's reward is now $25,000. the prime suspect giovanni ramirez is behind bars on a parole violation. a bipartisan plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling is showing signs of gaining support. it was put together by three democrats and three republicans. a group known as gang of six. it promises nearly $4 trillion
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in deficit cuts. it also calls for cuts to federal healthcare programs, employee pensions and farm subsidies. it would also get rid of numerous tax loopholes and use that money to lower income tax rates. >> there's just so many things about this plan that are going to make sense to fiscal talks and i'm one of them. >> one downside of the gang of six plan, it's believed to be too complex to advance before the august 2 deadline to avoid a default. british prime minister david cameron facing questions right now regarding his country's phone hacking scandal. >> these are live pictures. he is appearing at an emergency sets of house of commons. cam -- session at the house of commons. he is on the hot seat about hiring a communications chief who was a former editor at the "news of the world." >> consequence of that focus has been a lack of public awareness of the humanitarian -- >> yeah yeah! >> and as a consequence lower donations to refunds. can the prime minister assure
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me and the house that he will spend his time looking at those issues as well as this one? >> prime minister responds, the matter to wit honorable lady has referred is extremely serious. whatever her strength feeling about this, this cannot mutate into a gin exchange about other matters. >> the tabloid newspaper owned by rupert murdock's news corp recently shut down because of the scandal. you can see it's heated in the house of commons. cameron depended andy colson who is no longer on his staff saying people are innocent until prove guilty. a british median pulled a soupy sales trying to hit rupert murdock yesterday in the face with a shaving cream pie. notice the woman in pink? that's his wife wendy who sprang into action and jumped over a couple of people and smacked the assailant. during the questioning, murdock said it was the most humble day of his life. >> mr. murdock, at what point did you find out the
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criminality was endemic at "news of the world"? >> endemic is a very hard -- very wide ranging word. and i also had to be extremely careful not to prejudice the course of justice which staking place now. >> -- which is taking place now. >> he said there is no evidence that any victims of the september 11th attacks were hacked. the fbi is still investigating that. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. kristy, trying to think, the weather yesterday, can you remember yesterday? >> it was gorgeous. if you liked yesterday, you'll love it today. we're pretty clear already this morning. taking a look at satellite you can see the marine layer isn't in the picture at least for the bay area. farther to the south it is but cloud cover, really not an issue this morning. a little bit of patchy fog. current temperatures pretty mild also still sitting in the 60s in some locations, 62 in fairfield and in concord. 58 in fremont 5. 4 in pacifica. and 59 in san rafael. those highs today finally
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breaking into the mid-90s inland. going to see some 70s around the bay shores and 60s at the coast. beautiful sunshine all over the bay area. i'll tell you how long these conditions are going to last later in the show. gianna has traffic. >> let's jump to the freeways. we have a couple of accidents. north 101 at ellis an early- morning vehicle fire. they have the two right lanes shut down until further notice. this is a traffic alert. they are hoping to have all lanes opened by 5 a.m. again, most of the vehicles are off to the shoulder. but again they have this shut down for at least mop-up and clean-up. elsewhere west 580 at greenville right lane closed for a major injury accident that's now pushed to the right shoulder. we are seeing lots of green on our sensors so traffic now up to speed through there. and a new wreck eastbound 80 at the carlson on-ramp. looks like it's not on the main lines but on the ramp there. injury accident blocking the road. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:40 now. a notorious hacking group
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brought down. the major plot exposed in the bay area. >> plus, president obama take his first major stand in the battle over same-sex marriage. how it could lead to big changes for gay couples. >> and a law inspired by the casey anthony case proposed here in california. how it is giving new protection to missing children. ,,,,,,,,
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an overnight fire distraught eight u halls in mountain. it may be arson. it started at u-haul by el camino real just after midnight. crews evacuated nearby residents briefly but went back home after 1 a.m. no injuries were reported. also new this morning, a
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multi-billion-dollar jet deal is giving a boost to overseas markets. american airlines just announced it plans to order 460 new fuel-efficient planes from both boeing and airbus. the $20 billion deal will be roughly split between the two airline manufacturers. this major deal comes as the american is expected to post a net loss before $235 million and possibly sell its regional carrier american eagle. suspected cybercriminals from the bay area are among 60 people arrested in a nationwide raid targeting hactivi sts. "anonymous" gained worldwide attention in december when it disabled and disrupted the websites of paypal, mastercard and visa. >> the power of anonymous is that we have the ability to
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affect change on the internet. we have a site online. all of a sudden we snap our fingers and that site is gone. >> "anonymous" claimed it was retaliating against paypal for cutting ties to the wikileaks website after the arrest of the editor-in-chief julian assange. according to the san jose indictment, at least two of the hacking suspects are from the bay area. a should in suggests more than a half million illegal immigrants live here in the bay area. the public policy institute of california says 563,000 illegal immigrants make up roughly 8% of the area's population. santa clara county the bay area's largest is said to have the most at 180,000. it's followed by alameda and contra costa counties. percentage wise, napa county has the most illegal immigrants locally making up 12% of the population. the white house says president obama will support a bill to repeal the defense of marriage act. senator dianne feinstein is
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expected to introduce the proposal to the senate judiciary committee today. if it passes, it would make gay couples eligible for certain ben federal benefits. the act defines marriage as between one man and one woman. apple continues to rake in the doe. it earned $7.5 billion in the last quarter more than double from a year ago. appearle sold more than 20 million iphones from april to june and millions more than analysts expected. football fans may be breathing easier. the possible end to that nfl lockout. >> and it is being called an historic health recommendations. how it could change the way women get birth control. and they are supposed to be helping you watch your waistline but could they secretly be hurting it? the surprising truth about the restaurant calorie labels. cloud cover not an issue this morning. we are cleared for take-off out of sfo. temperatures hitting 75 today. so even a little above average. plenty of sunshine.
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and we are to see hot weather as we continue to chicago 99 there and plenty of sunshine. more sunshine as we go even farther to the east landing in new york today. high there of 90. mostly sunny skies. we'll have a full look at your bay area forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. prompting a california state senator to introduce the death of a florida girl is prompting a california state senator to introduce a bill to make it a felony for a parent or guardian to fail to report a missing child within 48 hours. it's called "caylee's law" for caylee marie anthony. her mother casey anthony was convicted of lying to authorities about her daughter's whereabouts. a senator from fresno will announce his bill on friday people are still trying to figure out where casey anthony has gone since she was let out of jail in orlando on sunday. there is tv video an orlando airport that shows a woman walking off a plane owned by casey's former attorney and she
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is wearing an outfit similar to what anthony wore when she left jail. but those involved with the case, well, they are refusing to confirm that it was her. the space shuttle atlantis is on its way back to earth getting closer to completing its final mission for nasa's shuttle program. >> we have got atlantis from the station... >> the shuttle left the international space station yesterday landing at cape canaveral, florida, scheduled for tomorrow morning at 2:56 pacific time. forecast calls for excellent weather. nice to watch that. this morning people in los angeles are still out of their homes in one neighborhood flooded out by a broken fire hydrant. >> let's check out this video over el sereno near cal state los angeles. a suspect driving a stolen car crashed into a hydrant yesterday unleashing a guys their shot about 100 feet into
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the sky, dumping water into homes, yards, parked car, whatever it was there on the street. >> a lot of water out there. no wet weather here in the bay area though today. we are seeing plenty of sunshine. temperatures actually on the warmer side this morning still seeing 65 in some locations. and we are going to see even more warm weather by this afternoon. clear mostly inland also same story at the bay a little bit of patchy fog along the coastline but by this afternoon, check this out, sunshine across the board in all our locations, actually getting into the mid-90s inland. bay area actually bay shores making it to the mid- to high 70s. coast seeing nice 60-degree temperatures out there. beautiful day in store. we have been watching this area of high pressure actually build not bringing us that warmer weather today. this is going to be the warmest day of the week although we'll see pretty nice conditions for tomorrow, as well. the rest of northern california seeing plenty of sunshine today. sacramento topping out at 92. 96 for fresno. cooler in monterey at 69. ukiah 88. 78 lake tahoe.
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same story here with sunshine across the board, the exception of eureka with still mostly sunny skies today. highs today 87 in milpitas, 93 morgan hill, 85 redwood city, 84 union city. 95 brentwood. 93 danville. 77 alameda. 77 oakland. 75 richmond. north bay seeing 88 as a my san rafael today. one degree warmer in napa. 85 benicia. 75 in the city today so actually above average for this time year in the city. so seeing nice warm weather today and tomorrow. then slight cooling trend into friday. starting to see that cloud cover build back in along the bay shores and fog at the coast but still a nice weekend and then slightly cooler for the start of your next workweek. gianna has traffic. >> peninsula northbound 101 right at ellis, we had an earlier car fire. all the activity is cleared but they are keeping the two right lanes shut down until 5:00.
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there's also roadwork through here so you might see some slight delays approaching the area but again, two right lanes closed north 101 for about 10 minutes. carlson on-ramp to east 80 injury accident blocking the ramp not affecting the main lines of the road. traffic clear both directions along the eastshore freeway. central freeway, no major trouble spots to report in and out of san francisco. live to the bay bridge, here's a look at the upper deck as you work your way into san francisco so far, so good. metering lights off. clear across the lower deck into oakland. we have some early-morning roadwork that's been cleared off the eastbound side so things should be up to speed there. roadwork continues on the dumbarton both directions in various lanes. if you want to use the san mateo bridge everything clear both directions. 13 to 14 minutes as you work your way between 880 and 101. and we still have roadwork on 101 in marin county causing a slowdown south 101 from 37 to 580. once you hit the golden gate bridge traffic cruising along. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
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a group of doctors and health experts wants to give millions of women in the u.s. free birth control. an independent medical panel recommended that health plans offer a range of contraceptives for women without co-pays. they say it should be considered a preventive service. half of all pregnancies are unplanned. doctors say women with unwanted pregnancies are less likely to receive free natal care and more likely to drink and smoke white pregnant. new research shows that being sedentary is bad for your belly, it's bad for your brain. the san francisco va medical center headed up the study. researchers discovered that more than half of all alzheimer's disease cases could have been prevented through lifestyle changes. >> if people want to change their risk of developing alzheimer's disease, right now, what they need to do is get up off the couch, start exercising
4:55 am
more. if they are smoking, they need to quit smoking. >> the biggest risk factors in the u.s. are physical inactive, smoking and depression. the other factors identified in the study are high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and level of education. for you calorie counters, beware. you may be getting some false information out there. >> that's right. a new study shows nearly one out of five restaurants dishes has at least 100 calories more than what the restaurants actually post online. among the culprits, olive garden, out back steakhouse, and boston market. the study was conducted by researchers at tufts university. national football league owners are set to meet tomorrow in atlanta and there is a chance they could vote on a deal aimed at ending the player lockout. >> sources told the "associated press" that the players executive committee has reviewed parts of the proposal but has not yet voted on it.
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player representatives from all 32 nfl teams will gather today in washington, d.c. one of pro basketball's most popular players is locking himself out for good. >> ming the 7'6" center from china made it official. >> ming is retiring from the game. he had been with the houston rockets since 2002. he is only 30 but has been hit hard by injuries the past several years. >> nice to retire by 30. >> that would be nice. 4:56. several u-hauls were torched in mountain view. now arson investigators are on scene. we'll have a live report on the scene. >> plus a media mogul hit with a pie in the face. the drama continues today. how britain's prime minister is depending his role in the phone hacking scandal. >> violence and vandalism carried out for a man who allegedly tried to shoot police. we'll have a preview of the town hall meeting tonight straight ahead. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. protests turn ugly over a
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police shooting in san francisco. our own crew was attacked. how police are trying to ease tensions. >> plus, several u-haul trucks torched in mountain view. arson detection k-9s are on the scene right now. >> good morning, it's wednesday, july 20. we'll get to those stories in just a minute. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. time now is almost 5:00. let's start with a quick look at traffic and weather. going to be another gorgeous day even hotter today than yesterday. sunshine across the board. temperatures breaking into the mid-90s inland. we'll tell you how long that will last in a bit but over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> roadwork causing some delays along 101 in marin county. i'll tell you what that means for your morning commute coming up in just a few minutes. right now back to the news desk. we have a developing story. overnight fire that stored eight u-hauls has happened in mountain view around 9 a.m. we don't have any reports of


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