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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 21, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> a community meeting to talk about a police shooting turns into a shouting match and tonight we look at the bigger picture, just who are the people who regularly turn out to protest? i asked one organizer. >> woulder are you tired of paying so much to commute? the tonight i way you will be able to get your boss to pick up part of the cost. >> millions of people in the bay area are drinking it and bagging in it. tap water, now being zapped with a special light. good evening. i'm dana king. >> i'm ken batista. the police chief tried to talk but many weren't there to listen. >> tonight's meeting to
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discuss last weekend's police shooting, wasn't really about the death of a young man with a criminal past. a man from not even around here. elizabeth cook shows us it was more about years of one community's pent up frustration. >> reporter: the chief took to the podium to address the details of the shooting death of kenneth wade haring. moments after he started to speak he was drowned out by angry shouting. one man had to be held back from charging the podium. after an hour the chef left the meeting. . >> this is a distraction and a tragedy for sure. >> reporter: a lot of the passion and frustration heard here tonight -- from the victims of gun vie violence. community leaders whoringeders
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who organized the meeting say it's a rare opportunity to let their voices be heard. >> my son got 36 bullets. >> a group of people that have been voiceless, there is countless stories, valid concerns, it's a very human response. >> reporter: kenneth haring, a person of interest in a murder was shot by police after police say he fired at them. >> people are upset that -- an act of violence happened in their town square. we were doing our best to make sure he didn't do violence to the community. . >> reporter: people weren't ready to listen. the chief said he isn't giving up. >> we just keep working with the community.
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>> reporter: now there were people at the meeting tonight that were outraged over his death but many of the people who took the podium wanted to talk about their loved ones who had been killed, some years ago, others talked about what they say was police brutality or profiling. it seemed like tonight's meeting and the shooting was a lot like putting salt on what people in the bayview see as an open wound. >> was there any mention of a meeting in the near future? about this or anything else. >> reporter: yes. they are planning on having future meetings though none have been announced. that's a goal by the police department and community leaders as well. >> okay. elizabeth cook. you it very much. some people at the meeting at what was a violent march and protest last night were not from the bayview, we have a snap shot of just who caused the trouble. out of 43 arrested, police say
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that only 17 of them were from san francisco. just one was from the bayview. we don't know if those people arrested belong to any one organization, but to learn more about what critics call professional protesters i spoke to a representative of woman, and i asked her what the name stands for. >> reporter: bam stands for the coalition to defend -- >> reporter: my any means necessary. does that include violence? >> that means we want to build a mass militant movement where people are able to unite together and stand in self- defense against police but tail. >> reporter: are you willing to let the process move forward and see what the outcome of an investigation is before acting?
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>> we have no faith or confidence in an investigation of the police by themselves. we have learned to hard and to many times, elm from us the whole case of the murder of oscar grant that the police will cover up and the da will help them. >> reporter: i'm wondering, if you can answer how that looks to people trying to look at the situation when the people who live in the community are not being represented by the people who are getting arrested. >> i think again that's not the question. the question is --. >> reporter: it's the question i'm asking you. >> i understand. what i'm saying is that -- that doesn't matter. because when someone is killed on the streets of san francisco, of oakland, it's at the bart station in the civic center, when the police have been on a rampage for the past two years going an and killing record no.s of people on our
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streets that affects all of us. we are very proud to be an organization that's not afraid to tell the truth and to stand up to racist police brutality and murder and that goes part in parcel and together with the fight for public education, the fight for dignity, for the future and the young people to live a life, to live first and to live a life that is worth living. >> she said they have a few dozen core members but thousands on its e-mail list. it started in berkeley and they say they are now a national group. >> also the news, the president is changing his tune. he now says that he could support a short term, debt deal to prevent the united states from going to default. he said that he would only back a stop gap measure if a larger agreement was essentially in place. he previously said he would not support a short term plan. he is hoping the bi-partisan
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gang of six plan can get enough support in the house and the senate to pass. >> let's take this moment and see if we can rally around something that could move forward. >> if we can help in the debt ceiling debate by producing this product fine. >> the gang of six plan is to complex to pass congress by august 2nd. no the three hikers presumed dead after they fell over a waterfall at yosemite. it happened yesterday. they had crossed metal guardrails above vernal falls 317-foot waterfall, other hikers were yelling for them to come back to safety. one lost his footing and the other two slipped when they tried to save him. >> i couldn't process why they were in the water when i first saw it. it was -- the current was moving so fast. >> the victims have not been found. park rangers say there is little chance they lived.
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rivers are particularly dangerous right now because of the huge winter snow pack. this raising the number of water related deaths at yosemite this year to six. >> headlines from around the bay area, a san jose mother fought off a woman who broke into her home and tried to take her todd, ler. after trying to lure the child she forced her way in and tried to take the girl and then ran away. the 26-year-old was caught just a few blocks away. a victory for native americans. the tribes reached an agreement and siltment with the vallejo rec district to protect glenn cove. it eliminates the planned rest room facility and relocates a planned parking lot to an area that has no cultural remnants. they have been camped out 98 days to block the development.
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no the mayor seems to be be off from his plans that he will not run for a full term this fall. the chronicle reports for the first time he is not ruling it out. now if he does get into the race polls show he would be the instant front runner in what is already a very crowded field. >> can you tell the difference? there is a change in the tap water for the 2.5 million people in the bay area who drink it. >> reporter: rays may help your tan and teak the blues away. now san francisco public utility is using it to protect your tap water. >> it works best on really clean water. >> reporter: 300 million gallons is what is coursing through these 16-foot wide pipes. inside them are black lights much like those in the 60s that
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were popular but these pack a punch. >> if there is anything in the water it zaps it. it's a treat ment process. >> reporter: it wasn't their idea. the epa mandated it because customers drink unfiltered water. still its dimed it's a bold move. residents worry microwaves and cell phones pose dangers. we found any mention of radiation including ultraviolet. this is regular tap power. >> reporter: is hard for some. >> you are adding what? >> just a ph tester. >> reporter: marianne said she are exposing the dangers. >> it's turning blue. >> right. >> why? >> there is lye.
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>> reporter: others see nothing but blue. >> i don't --. >> reporter: they only serve san francisco tap at the table because it's all diners ask for. >> besides the wine, water. >> we pour like three and a half glass per person every day. the water. nobody has ever complained that the water is not tasty. >> reporter: the puc said as of tonight 85% of the water that reaches customers will be uv treated and in san francisco that number jumps to nearly 100%. in san francisco, there is always dissent. >> in your research and find out what are you drinking. >> reporter: in san francisco, cbs five. >> driving can get expensive but tonight a plan to make your boss pay for part of it. >> it's easier to do than you this. the voicemail systems more ,,,,,
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for your drive. specifically alternatives to driving solo like buses, trains, light-rail, carpool or piking. they said it benefits work workers and the environment. it would only apply to business was 20 or more workers. >> it's a win win for both sides because then it -- decreases the amount of money that you pay on your salary for counted toward the tacts. >> reporter: one of the few groups against the bill is the california chamber of commerce. a lot of small business owners didn't want to talk on camera but complain about the bill because they say it'll be more money out of their pocket. one official says it'll draw more people out of their cars. >> it'll open the employ eyes by getting them off the road and getting them to work. >> reporter: for caltrain drivers having their employers
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pay is a no brainer. >> would that make you get out of your car and take public transportation? >> definitely. no price. you don't have to pay for it. >> reporter: it's now on the governor's desk awaiting his signature. >> turns out that hacking in the voicemail here in the united states is pretty easy depending on your phone carrier. hacking is hard to trace but easy to pull off especially with at&t and sprint. they don't require individual pin numbers to access voicemail. hackers just go to any number of websites, punch in their phone number and then the number of the phone they want to hack and press go. >> they decide usability out weighed security. >> the companies say they take scout seriously and strongly urge customers to set up
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voicemail passwords. >> no hacking necessary. we have our own computers, we have been checking them. >> been working over drive on these computers to forecast our numbers for your thursday. this is the scene in the city by the bay. bit of a breeze, few clouds starting to push in toward the bay. today's high in san francisco, 75, it was the first day of the workweek we had above norm allah rages. we should be around 69, usually at 83 in san jose but today 91 degrees. also in the mid80's in santa rosa but 90 and check out livermore at 96 degrees. we had a good 34-degree temperature span. we will have a blanket of clouds and tomorrow we will have a carbon copy from what we experience today as far as the numbers concerned and then on friday a good 10 to 12-degree -- with pretty close to
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seasonal temperatures, as far as that marine layer is concerned the clouds retreat and then push back on shore toward the tail end of the evening drive tomorrow. with that sun we will see even clearing at the coast side. areas right here, dumb bell ridges of high pressure and that's contributing to that warmer condition here in the bay area. 62 degrees in the bay, 92 in napa. west winds ten to 20 east of the bay. they will climb to 96, discovery may, bracey, antioch, brentwood, along the coast 60s and 70s. 89 degrees in sunnyvale. here you go. the cooldown starts on friday. then we hang onto that through saturday, slight cooling by sunday and then by this time next week below average in the inland areas as well as on a
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partial clearing at the coast. that's the forecast, good question, with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are there any poisonious snakes in the bay area? that's . beautiful animal its, they can scare some though and they can be dangerous, are there any poisonous snakes here in the bay area? that's tonight's good question. are there any poisonous snakes in the bay area? >> great question. no. there are no poisonous snakes in the bay area. >> but one really prolific one with venom. >> only one species out of the more or less 20 species in the bay area that has venom. >> reporter: that is? >> that is the northern pacific rattlesnake. >> reporter: you may never see him but chances are that he lives in your bay area neighborhood. >> one of the things we have going for us here is the rat the snake isn't as large as other species might reach.
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>> reporter: mark calloway said the rattlers usually only top out at three to four feet long. not as big as their desert cousins and they are not poison souse, they are venemous. if he bites you that could kill you. >> keep is still, raise it up a bit and you will want to start looking for a doctor . >> reporter: the snakes are beneficial here by getting rid of rats and other rodents, just keep your distance. don't think of them as trouble makers. >> no. they are helping us. >> go to, click on connect to send me your good question. >> tiger shocks the golf world, a baseball manager hit in the face. history on the diamond, the first time ever done by an
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two countries...until tonight.. . no player in history had combined to hit 500 home runs two countries until tonight. >> walked one, and that one to right. down the line, is this it? it is -- gone and that it is. 500 format is he. >> 500th. when you combine the 332 from japan. a's and tigers tied in the 7th and it's matsui again. that turns out to be the game
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winning rbi, a's win 7-5 on the historic night format is he. he meets his team. tim is cruises until the 7th when one is sent into the cove. it was his only mistake of the game. gave the dodgers the 1-0 lead. that was enough for that man. 12 strike outs, they have been shut out in eight of his 21 starts this year. on the bright side, the new giants -- got the standing o for the first time in his career. >> that was really nice. definitely nice -- welcoming here and i'm glad to be here. >> the last time tiger won a major he had a wife, a caddy, and sponsors. now they are all gone. tiger fired steve williams who had been on his bag for 12
2:06 am
years, he was left stunned by it but he had a look on the bright side woods hasn't played since may, maybe now he can get some work. jeff was asked a question that caught the second baseman off guard. that starts tonight's top five. >> you looking forward to going to the white house on monday? i'm sure one more in the party right? >> yep. sure. i look forward to it. >> number four, joey chestnut in san jose. he won the pregame eating contest. thank you. number three, red sox and/or or, markakis watch him rob jason and they win 4-0. number two, watch ozzie. he gets hit below the eye on this foul ball. that looked like it hurt. number one, roberts a pop
2:07 am
up. gomez making the catch, that is the number one. he left the game with a broken left clavicce but that win the brewers, help the giants because they beat the diamondbacks. it's a four and a half game lead. no i understand you texted ozzie to see how he was doing. how is he? >> he was more mad about the loss than being hit. >> seriously? >> yes. he can't didn't like how they were playing at plate. >> when we need to text we go to roberta because she has the contacts. u. now they are off to cleveland. >> cleveland. >> we will see how he feels about that in the morning. >> black eye. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ugly.
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