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tv   CBS Evening News With Russ Mitchell  CBS  July 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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tonight, debt ceiling deadline. congressional leaders scramble to make a deal out of the opening of the world financial market. nancy cordes has the latest on what's on the table. >> manifesto. lauren also looks on the on-line by norway's accused mass murderer. just married, hundreds of same sex couples have wed in new york but their taxes and benefits may have become more calculated. jim axle recall explains. and science girl, six years after a former harvard president disparaged with science, bill whitaker tells us about the talented girls who proved him wrong. >> i actually am good at sciences, just as good as anyone else. captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> good evening, russ mitchell is off tonight, i'm nor awea owe donald. reaching a debt ceiling agreement before the financial markets opened in asia after the republican deadline for reaching a deal came and went late this afternoon. president obama invited the two top congressional democrats but no republicans to a whitehouse meeting. congressional coursent nancy cordes has the latest. >> with time running out, house speaker john boehner said if he could not reach an agreement with democrats by tonight, republicans would roll out their own plan. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that's not possible, my republican colleagues in the house are prepared to move on their own. >> boehner says the republican bill would likely involve two steps. first a short term extension of the debt ceiling accompanied by a package of spending cuts and then another extension in six months or so, after congress can identify more cuts.
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on face the nation, ears senator jon kyl said that would satisfy the republican aim of offsetting any increase in the debt ceiling with equal or greater cuts in spending. >> if we can reduce spending by a trillion dollars, then we extend the debt ceiling a trillion dollars worth and that would take it at least through the end of this year. >> but the president warned on friday he would veto that approach. president obama called for an increase in the debt ceiling. >> we have to extend this debt ceiling through the next election, into 2013. >> treasury secretary time geithner argued today that anything less would inject too muchen certainty into a weak dme. >> we can't adopt a approach that leaves the threat of deal hanging over the country. that would be deeply irresponsible to do. >> both sides blame the other for dragging the economy to the brink over of all things raising the debt ceiling, a typically uneventful affair congress has
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successful carried out more than 70 times. >> i would just say to to speaker boehner the president negotiated directly with you in good faith twice and you walked away from it. at some point the speaker has to accept the responsibility beyond his caucus to this nation. >> democratic soarltses tell us tonight -- sources tell us tonight that the two sides have reached an impasse and senate majority leader harry reid is preparing his own legislation to raise the debt ceiling. what you could see this week is two rival plans one in the house one in the senate both being put up for a vote. >> nancy tonight the president met with democratic leaders with you not republicans. what does that say about the chances for a deal? >> well, it probably dashes any hopes, nora, that the president and the speaker were seriously negotiating again after the speaker left those talks on friday, in fact the speaker had a conference call with his fellow house republicans this evening in which he specifically said that any agreement will not involve something that he works out with the president.
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>> all right, nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy, thank you. the faa began a partial shutdown this weekend due to the failure to extend authority past friday midnight deadline. air traffic controller are still on the job but 4,000 employees have been furloughed and airlines have lost the authority to collect federal taxes on tickets, some $200 million every week. in norway, residents warn the 93 people killed in friday's terrorist attacks while more details emerged about the motivation of the man accused of the massacres. jeff glor in oslo reports on the aftermath of the killings that reach from the capitol to an island summer camp. >> as police search the water for more potential victims, more bodies were taken from the island today and we learned that behind the attacks an anger swelled for years. behring police posted in chilling detail on-line.
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a video he made railing against multiculturalism and muslim extremism predicting an eventual expulsion of european immigrants. and a manifesto, 1500 pages long in which he calls himself a modern day knight, judge, jury and exexecutioner saying to wake up the masses. and detailed his careful planning to go everything possible. growing sugar beats requiring large amounts of fertilizer just to find the purchase of ammonium nitrate. police say he's admitting to the basic facts of friday afternoon, that he went to a camp ground on that small island and opened fire. again, following his plan, using expanding bullets, ammunition that explodes inside the body. brie vict carefully elected a spot of children of the labor ruling party who he blames for
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delewding norway's european character. before 9 shootings, the -- before the shootings the car bombs in downtown oslo, 25 miles to the southwest. brie breivik says he calls his actions necessary. this is the neighborhood where breivik grew up. one of his family apartment complexes is behind us. it's a nicer area in west oslo. breivik's father was a diplomate. >> he was in the regular class good looking norwegian. no one suspected that guy. people are always in shock when they find out there's a terrorist living just beside them. >> today an appointed sunday service in oslo's cathedral, the king and queen of norway went. on the streets nobody, a memorial full of flowers grows. norwegians on this sunday coming to grips and saying good-bye. >> breivik will make his first
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course appearance here in oslo tomorrow. it appears he's already planned out his opening statement to the court claiming that what he did speaks on behalf of millions of europeans. nora. >> jeff, i know it's early in the legal process, but what kind of punishment is breivik facing. >> norway has no capital punishment. the maximum penalty the court can impose is only 21 years. but that can potentially be extended indefinitely in five year increments. the person in custody is being a threat to themself or others. >> all right, jeff glor in oslo. jeff, thank you. back home, seven-term democratic congressman david of organize was asked to resign or address a wops accusation she had an unwanted sexual encounter with him last year. we discussed the al allegation by house democratic leader by nancy pelosi this weekend but neither would comment. this was an historic day in new
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york state. the first day that same sex couples do legally be married in the sixth and largest state to recognize the ceremony. more than a thousand couples rushed to take advantage but winning recognition from the federal government remains illusive. a big day from jim axelrod. >> wroos and linda mussman together for 35 years, didn't waste a minute. timing their vows. >> three, two, one. >> to be married when it became legal in new york state. >> you go to the hospital here and there and there's the paper, you know. single, married, divorced or widowed. and there's no place for anything else. >> in new york city, 823 same sex couples registered to marry today. daniel herds and nevin cohen were among that. >> we're so honored to be able to be part of all the married couples, all the loving couples
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in new york and have the same rights and promise. >> not when it comes to income taxes, inheriting a spouse's social security benefits and family medical leave because federal law does not recognize gay marriage. >> there's even one case with a spouse of a vet paren who is not entitle yo veteran who is not entitled to be buried next to his spouse. >> brad series at the williams institute at the ucla law school says day couples cannot file a joint federal tax return. >> in some cases same sex couples are going to pay more federal taxes. >> you are now legally married. >> some companies are phasing out domestic partner benefits in states where gay marriage is legal and requiring gay employees to be married to keep their health coverage. >> there's not really a change in philosophy that domestic partner benefit typically was put in to be fair because they didn't have the option of marriage. >> in new york city today, protesters were scarce. but that shouldn't mislead anyone. across the country, gay marriage is still the exception, not the
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rule. >> only six states and washington d.c. allow gay marriage, meaning 44 states due diligence. >> we're very much opposed to the idea of gay marriage at any state. >> bill donahue says that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman. >> in 31 states in the united states, they've asked the people in the ballot initiative do you believe in gay marriage. our side, traditional marriage has won 31 out of 31. >> this is my partner, my spouse now. ha ha ha. >> the next battle grounds over gay marriage may well be maryland and rhode island. but that's for another day. >> congratulations. because for hundreds of couples in new york. >> we couldn't be happier. >> this day was for celebration. tim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> later, the new push for nuclear power in the united states. the girls who won this year's google science fair and just how safe are the streets of
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[ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. in afghanistan anyway no forces in the northeast praifns of panjshir is now the seventh province to start taking responsibility for its own security. the province with cause bull is located -- kabul is located is next in line for the transition. we asked doane to check out security on the capitol street. >> in kabul, even when danger isn't apparent, reminders of it are everywhere. west westerners like us are walled off from the capitol. we're told not to spend 10 or 15 minutes in market like this one because we just attract too much attention. the fear of course is car bombs or kidnappers. baking naan in a tandoor often,
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safety is always on his mind. >> what do you worry about? i'm worried about the explosions he says. suicide bombers are killing a lot of innocent people. in fact, attacks against afghan civilians are up 15% in the last six months, with nearly 1500 killed since january. even something as simple as a trip to the grocery store here in cause boofl is much more -- kabul is much more complicated than here. in this market, they wanted you, they check for weapons and someone monitors through the door here for everyone coming in and out of this market. that's because in january, a suicide bomber killed 14 of the supermarket, popular with westerners. with increasing attacks, a new ring of steel was built last year. 25 check points around kabul still at the intercontinental hotel, taliban suicide attackers killed 19 people just last month
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moaned akbar runs the hotel which already had three check points in place. >> we are going to build eight new check points. >> eight new check points. >> yes. >> so security is a priority here. >> this is number one. if we don't have security, no one's here. >> business is coming back he says with weddings booked later this month. across kabul afghans tell us they're resilient. having lived through 30 years of war. but back at the bread shop, abdul mainer reminds us even if they're not target, ordinary afghans are collateral damage. >> the wealthy can afford private security, nice hotels have check points. what can you do to try to protect yourself? i have only god he replies. seth stone, cbs news, kabul. >> ahead the debate over new
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>> temperatures began going down today in the eastern half of the country dropping from last week's record triple digits and easing a heat wave blamed for at least 34 debts. power suppliers are also breathing easier. the nation's two biggest grids serving 100 million consumers in the mid west and mid-atlantic states broke peak usage records last thursday. demand was 10% higher than the average for july. with demand growing going nuclear is getting another look as we hear from whit johnson. >> with energy demand expensed to increase by 22 percent in the next decade, power is staging a quiet come back. >> we've got to recognize that nuclear power, if it's safe, can make a significant contribution. >> president obama has called for millions in loan guarantees to build new nuclear reactors, but answers like tookship japan,
6:21 pm
three-mile island and chernobyl made americans fearful of nuclear energy. that one plant has gone on-line in the u.s. since 1996. >> that's basically the presentation. >> that's about to change. westinghouse ceo aris candris showed us the high tech stimulated control room for the ap1,000. >> the u.s. fleet right now is about twice as safe as rirtd -- required by law. >> that claim will be put to the test when the very first goes on-line in china in two years. then by 2016 in vogtle, georgia, two ap .1,000 reactors are scheduled for operation. the design uses two forces of nature, gravity and convection. in an emergency a giant tank above the reactor is supposed to slowly release water. the water heats up, rises, collects as condensation and then calms down. operators like those in japan
6:22 pm
works through life threatening conditions to stay out of the plant and out of danger for three days. critics aren't buying it. >> no nuclear power plan is walk away safe. i think it's really deceptive to try to payment any technology in that light. these plants have not been operated yet. these calculations are based on paper studies. >> still construction on new plants in the u.s. is moving forward. the next disaster may be impossible to predict. we know the cost of miscalculation. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >> in sports, baseball's hall of fame in cooper's town indeducted the class of 2011 today. dutch born pitcher won 287 games and two world series rings and 12-time all star row borrowity almar is to be honored. ahead the award winning young scientists who put the boys to
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carry on. lights, camera, activia it's the best job in the world. to be there for them, you've gotta feel your best. that's why i love eating activia light every day. activia light helps me feel good inside. which helps me be on top of things help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel or your money back. >> finally tonight, it's a stigma half the population has
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labored under for generations. the notion that girls just aren't as good at science as boys. the as bill whitaker tells us now, it's a notion that's at long last been debunked scientifically. >> summer camp, a place for fun and friends, make it just for girls, stir in science, a healthy dose of confidence building and you have the unique experience provided by tech trek. >> i'm analyzing air. >> ten camps across california to encourage eighth grade girls to pursue their passion for science. >> i am actually good at science. and just as good as anyone else. this is still a culture around that math is hard and girls don't math as good. >> maria wall balk started tech trek 14 years ago remembering how lonely she felt being the only girl in her high school physics class. >> we try to encourage them and
6:27 pm
tell them over and over they can achieve and excel in this. >> it was just six years ago then harvard president larry summers stirred a hornet's nest questioning whether there was a biological reason men so out numbered women in science classes and labs. >> this is your hollywood, this is your opportunity to make a difference. >> if this first ever google science fair held this month is any indication, women are fast closing the gap. the top three winners all young women, texas high school you're, shree bose won the grand prize for drug resistent cancer cells. today in america's high school, an almost equal number of boys and girls are taking science courses. that upward trend reverses dramatically in college when just 20% of bachelor degrees in science and engineering and even fewer go on to graduate school. their numbers decline even further in the workplace. so tech trek brings in women trail blazers. >> i work at pixar.
6:28 pm
>> i'm doing my masters at public health. >> i'm a gee all jils. >> to mentor and encourage. >> when i was at harvard taking my computer science classes or math classes it was 5 to 10% girls and it was really difficult. >> it would be easy for us to go farther and farther and farther. >> this bowled experiment is showing success. a survey of the first five years of campers found almost all went to college and 54% majored in science and math. bill whitaker, cbs news, laws an less. >> that is the cba evening news. later on cbs, 60 minutes, i'm nora owe dom -- owe donald. good night and i hope you have a great week. captioning sponsored by cbs
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city reeling from yet another murder... the tactics they say can turn the tide on rising violence. it was the bay area's biggest- ever high-tech heist... who police now say -- helped a band of thieves steal 37-million dollars worth of computer chips. and no deal on the debt limit... what leaders from both parties say they'll do now. cbs 5 eyewitness news is next. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. ,,,,


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