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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 26, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> president obama: the american people may have voted for a divided government but they didn't vote for a dysfunction analysis government. >> the president wanted a blank check 6 months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> going into debt crisis mode. both sides take their position to the people. what they are asking the american people to do. >> gunfire in a contra costa park. what they were doing there in the first place. and the prices of some big- ticket medications are set to drop. >> allan martin, ken has the
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night off tonight. a little showdown over the debt drama on primetime tv. first the president hit the networks asking americans who believe in compromise to call their representatives in washington. >> under a then came the republican speaker of the house who accused the president of creating a crisis atmosphere. robert liles shows us the drama may be aimed at one group in particular. >> president obama: the economy will be held captive unless they get their way. >> an angry president obama believes the nation has been hijacked by this republican plan. >> president obama: it's called the cut, cap and balance act. >> house speaker john boehner says his plan is a two-step approach, temporarily raising the debt ceiling while cutting 1.2 trillion in spending. it goes on to create a bipartisan commission of 6 republicans and 6 das to identify another 1.8 trillion in cuts. >> unfortunately the president would not take yes for an
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answer. >> reporter: obama says what bayneer has offered the nation is a shell game, the one that temporarily increwses the debt ceiling. >> president obama: one which would force us to face the threat of default 6 months from now. in other words, it doesn't solve the problem. >> reporter: in other words, default railses its worrisome head smack in the middle of the race for the white house so president obama wants both houses to vote in no more than three days for this plan by democratic senator harry reid. it increases the debt ceiling through the end of 2012 while cutting $2.3 trillion in domestic and defense spending. >> the fact is that the president wanted a blank check 6 months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> reporter: the word "hijack" is, i think, a strong term, but in this case it's really pretty accurate. >> cbs5 political analyst joe tuman says what we see playing
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out tonight is political theater and the audience is the tea party. >> those tea party members and their voters with regard to any compromise by the republican party is going pack on a promise. >> reporter: so much so tuman says the battle is not necessarily the president versus the republicans but infighting, the republicans versus the tea party. >> the inflexibility the tea party members has demonstrated so far has brought us to the brink of a very real crisis in this country. they should be careful to take a page from newt gingrich's contract with america. that party overreached and produced the election results we saw in 1996 and the democrats thereafter dominating the agenda from the white house. >> reporter: now, again, the president is asking each american to contact their congressman. meanwhile, boehner and reed want to hold volts on wednesday but each of their plans may be in jeopardy and that is because boehner needs to win over republicans, including the tea
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party, who want deeper cuts and reed, whether he will he needs a few republicans to get to that necessary 60-vote for passage and as of today it is certainly not clear that either of those plans are a winning option at this point. >> call it what you will, a dance, a game, theatrics, drama, it is dangerous. >> and we are struggling at this point and getting per lousily close to that august 2nd deadline. >> robert liles, thank you. gunmen opened fire tonight on a ranger in a contra costa county park. that shooting triggered a massive search. elizabeth cook tells us that it hasn't turned up anything so far anyway. liz? >> reporter: that's right allan, law enforcement crews from multiple agencies called off their search just about an hour ago the maraga area in rancho laguna park. they were looking at multiple gunmen who they say fired on a park ranger. early this evening law enforcement got a call that a
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park ranger was being shot at by high-powered rifles. he was not injured but a special response team had to go into the wilderness and rescue him. hours after, they continued to search the vast remote area looking for other victims and the gunmen. they believe the suspects may be affiliated with some marijuana grows in the area. officers told people who live in the neighborhood to stay in their homes until the search was over. >> it's scary because the only way these police guys can go is come back here in the town or they can run towards the hills but they are definitely scary. >> now officers did say they believed the gunmen will probably stay in the wilderness at not come into the nearby area. officers said they'll continue their search tomorrow morning. >> all right. that was elizabeth cook in maraga. one person was shot in the north beach neighborhood. they heard a shot and saw a black suv speed away. the victim was found eventually
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on the corner of mason and columbus. no word on how badly hurt that victim is. the man charged in norway's rampage is being held in isolation. the suspect has already told authorities that he expects to be there until he dies. his manifesto calls for an attack every 5 to 12 years. jeff gore shows us even his father seems to think that his son would be better off dead. anders bearing write vac is changes his story. after insisting it was his work alone he hinted that two cells of extremists worked with him. both capable of more attacks. he was denied the court hearing and ordered held at least 8 weeks. the most of the time in solitary. while that will give him time
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to think this 32-year-old, a self proclaimed knight, is going to do remorse. his 1500 page manifesto indicating he began planning his attacks all the way back in 2002 is exhaustively detailed. insisting he is not guilty of any crime because he was needed to send europe back to the days of white christian domination. from france breivik's father who hasn't spoken to his son in years says he wished he would have killed himself after the onslaught. the bombing of government buildings in oslow left 8 dead. 90 minutes later a youth campground shooting spree that lasted for an hour and a half. officials today revived down the number of dead to 68 but it's still the worst shooting by a single gunman in modern times. now this country of 5 million comes together to say good-bye. there was this enormous gathering in downtown oslow today all prompted at first by a single user on facebook.
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there was supposed to be an official march through the streets but police had to cancel that because so many people showed up they couldn't handle the overflow. the total crowd, 200,000, many carrying rosaries of remembrance. norway has made very clear they would like to move beyond this and not give breivik any more of a platform. jeff gore, cbs news, oslow, norway. we're learning more about the two suspects in the beating of bryan stow. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during their arraignment today but the suspects, louis sanchez and marvin norwood, apparently implicated each other in the attack. sanchez works as an auto detaylor in fontana and the los angeles times reports that one or both bragged to coworkers about the attack. they allegedly attacked three other people that night at dodger stadium. >> the other alleged assault occurred after the game prior to the attack on mr. stow.
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>> court documents show that norwood had five weapons in his home and that sanchez told a witness not to talk about the stow assault. >> the family of a washington state man who died during a gun battle with san francisco police has teamed up with oakland attorney john burris. burris' firm will represent ken it harding's family to ensure what the attorney says is a transparent investigation into harding's death. harding's mother described her son who was on parole for juvenile rape and also called a person of interest in a recent murder a god-fearing man who was raised in a church. >> he was very independent. umm, he was very loving, caring, giving. he loved his family and he loved his mother. >> police say they shot at harding after he opened fire on them during a foot chase.
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neither burris or the family addressed the possibility of a civil lawsuit. seattle police have warned bay area police departments that harding's brother, who is believed to be wanted in questioning for a murder, may be in the bay area right now. other stories making headlines around the bay area, the response time to a house fire could slow to 20 minutes or month if proposed cuts are approved for the east contra costa fire district. that's according to the firefighter's union president. that district covers brentwood, oakley, discovery bay, myron and bethel island. it is $3 million short in its budget. potential cuts include dropping the firefighting crew 48 to 23. they are telling the city, some of them anyway, don't want dozens of new cell towers in their community. t-mobile wants to build 27 new antennas around the city. they say the towers would be unattractive and some people
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are worried about possible health hazards, t-mobile says it needs those to improve service in the area. survived an attack and now he is home. how a bay area teen helped scare away a grizzly bear. its a costly item for some people.
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an east bay teenager who
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survived a grizzly bear attack in the alaska wilderness is home tonight. victor martin of richmond was one of 7 teenagers taking a back country course when they came face to face with a mother grizzly and her cubs. well, the bear attacked. victor kicked that bear and got away. he suffered only minor injuries. he told his grandmother two of his companions were severely mauled. >> afraid for those kids. i am. they say they were going to do it, a couple of them, i heard. >> the teenagers were able to use a bee con to signal law enforcement. it took 8 hours to reach them. this is the second bear attack on one of those excursions. >> one of every 7 people in the united states will see their pharmacy bill drop. about a third of the world's 20 best selling drugs are about to go generic.
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>> your medication is going to make you value. >> reporter: marlene bickerstaff takes 9 medications every kay and it is not cheap. >> at least $200 a month. and that's why i still work because i'm 74 years old now. >> reporter: her diabetes drug by etta costs $75 a month so she begs her doctor for samples to cut costs, over the next decade patents on dozens of brand name drugs are expiring. that clears the way for generic drugs which work just as well and cost much less. >> now i'm also taking lipitor. >> reporter: two of the biggest to go generic is lip tore in november and play vicks in 2012. 4.3 million americans take lipitor, 1.4 million are on play vicks. >> the people who couldn't afford the brand name, their insurance doesn't cover it, the cost was way too high and they just have to either go without or take a medication that wasn't comparable. >> reporter: generic drugs cost 20 to 80% less than brand
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names. when heart burn drug pro on thrix went generic the price dropped from 1720 per month to just 16. [ sound of ad ] >> by 201-2350 drugs will go question near international. pharmaceutical company profits will expected to plunge. it's hard to feel too sorry for big drug companies but a portion of their profit goes back into developing new drugs. with less money they could cut back on innovation and jobs but for marvely bickerstaff the savings could be $200 a month and the generic drugs cost the u.s. health system much moran estimated $1 billion every three days. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. a blogger fi china has shut down two phony apple stores. not because they are fakes, though, a blogger reviewed the stores last week. 5 unauthorized stores were
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found carrying and selling real apple products. now the chinese government has shut down two of them for not having proper business licenses, the other three that do have permits remain open. arnold schwarzenegger has apparently redone his divorce papers. tmz reports that documents no longer seek to block the possibility of paying maria shriver spousal support or her attorney fees. the first papers indicated he didn't want to pay either but sources connected with the former governor tell. the mz he failed to read the first round of documents and was in the dark about what was in them. the test strange couple released a joint statement last week when it was revealed their youngest son was hurt in a body boarding accident. it was a cool way to spend a hot summer day in the sierra. hundreds of skiers and boarders hit the slopes in lake tahoe this weekend. lore y'all mountain resort on downer summit operated a chair lift on saturday. it is the latest date it has
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ever operated into the summer season. a spokesman says they received a record 66 feet of snow there. that's where the trail ends. >> how cool is that? they are actually skiing and boarding in their swim wear. take a look at this. how cool is this? it's our life in the sky weather camera looking out towards the transamerica building. last week at this time we had a bright strobe light due to the ,
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monsoonal moisture. what does that do to you? >> that means that i wasted 10 bucks when i washed the car today. >> oh waste. it's the second time this year you've watched your car. let's say that, right? >> it's true. >> this is the scene out of the city of san francisco this evening, wow, isn't that glorious? we still have lots of clear skies out there, a little bit of a breeze, those westerlies up to 17. we'll see some low fogs and cloud push back in after midnight. today a good 28-degree span from the coast into the inland
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area, smack in between into the 60s, 75 degrees in san jose, down below the average of 84 degrees. between 4 and 9 degrees below for this time of the year. tuma tad warmer but you'll never know it out of the door. we'll be shrouded in areas of low clouds and fog. in fact that marine layer is so deep it's going to produce some drizzle on the coast and into the bay. look how far inland it extends, all the way to the delta, it retreats back to the bay and plays tag along the coast again. right there that san mateo coast. we have a leiier to the north of us but most notably, look at that right there, that is a gathering of monsoonal moisture. some tropical moisture could play a part in your seven-day forecast with higher humidity after the weekend. let's go with your numbers topping up at 82 in santa rose, a mid-70s in throughout mill valley, back in through kim field east out of the bay. southwest winds 5 to 15 miles
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per hour. our numbers in the 60s and 70s bayside as we jump up to the mid-80s towards brentwood. 50s and 60s common across the coast. sunny, with that wind up to 15 miles per hour, there is your extended forecast. numbers go up tomorrow but then go down wednesday that enhancement of a deep marine layer and then pretty mild conditions each day until the weekend when we add more humidity into the forecast and higher temperatures. we invite you to send us in your favorite pictures as michael did of this. he was not driving, he promises me, but that's how far the fog rolled inland today. we thank you michael for sending that to kpix 5. are we ready to for some football. >> we've got hot ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by jenny o. make the switch, look for jenny o at a store near you. after a 163 day stalemate they reached a new agreement. they love it here. they love football. they have a new agreement and the victory goes to the fans. >> our guys stood together when nobody thought we would and football is back because of it. >> i hope we gave a little lesson to the people in washington because the debt crisis is a lot easier to fix than this deal was. >> are you ready for some football? >> there you go. got to love hank. football activity gets goin', the raiders open camp on wednesday, the 'niners will be on thursday. teams can go after free agents
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including guys like nnamdi asomugha on friday afternoon, jim harbaugh is ready to get his feet wet as the 'niners new coach. >> i think we're all sitting on a spring, you know, we're all ready to go. >> i can't tell you how good it will be to have those guys in the building face to face, knee to knee, smelling their breath. >> yeah, i can't wait for that. ooh. come here patrick willis. oh. president eisenhauer never greeted the giants when they last won the world series, that was 1954. fast forward 56 years and the reigning champions were guests of president obama. hours before his speech in the nation about the crisis in the ceiling debt you heard the nfl guy so brilliantly talk about obama shook hands with the team at the white house. willie mays was front and center to greet the president. brian wilson went the conservative rout and wore a pin stripe blue suit and obama took notice. >> president obama: then there is the guy with the beard. where is he? i do fear him.
2:06 am
[ laughter ] >> i do think, brian, you should know michelle was very relieved the press was going to be talking about what somebody else wears here in the white house. thank you for the dodges and the toyota. lord, i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife tonight, lisa, lord i pray you bless the drivers as usual tonight. may they put on a performance worthy of this great track. in jesus' name boogity, boogie, boogie. amen. >> pastor joe nel m's. he pounded out 27 hits for 20 runs against the twins. 13 that in history to score three runs in each of the first five innings. how bad is it for seattle? dustin ackley's throw home should get the runner, instead it tee reflects off the bat. of course he is safe, the ball never got the there dana. 16 losers for the mariners. little league practice, jayden behind second base
2:07 am
diving catch. look at that. that's a beauty. he was upstaged wii a big leaguer. the angels scott downs nearly got his head taken off by austin kearns. he makes the tag. indians win. give me the a's. the a's are a first round pick, sunny grey, sunny grey roberta. sunny grey is his name. >> i did. >> he can't handle b.j. upton's rocket. cliff pennington is there to shoot him down, they had a 5-3 lead but oakland scores three in the inning capped by conor jackson's two run double off the wall. a's win it 7-5. and sonny gray could be in the major leagues very soon. either that or be the new weather man at cbs5. >> eh , is brett favre still retired? i-- >> there was an unsubstantiated rumor that brett favre would be the backup to michael vick in philadelphia. that's not gonna happen. >> okay. >> no. >> seriously. >> it's a problem with the internet now. ,,,,
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