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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 27, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> the fire was intense. the smoke thick and black. well now we know what started the fairfield plastics plant inferno. >> gunman fire at a ranger when he walked into a marijuana patch. tonight a look at the urban pot farming trend. good evening, i'm allen martin, ken is off tonight. >> and i'm dana king. it's been ten hours since a massive fire erupted. >> crews are still hosing it down. macro plastics is east of interstate 80. crews were called to the area just after 1:00 this afternoon and the thick, black smoke could be seen from sacramento,
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livermore, and san francisco. that fire is now contained, but at one point neighbors who live within a mile of the flames were told to stay inside. robert lyles on what investigators think started it all. robert. >> well allen, that platoon of more than 100 fairfield firefighters has diminished and as you see behind me, to a smaller crew of firefighters manning a ladder truck. they are -- that one story high pile of melted crates. now firefighters go on to tell me it is much more than produce crates that burned here. they tell us it was solid gasoline. so you can understand that when they are stacked 20 feet high, how all of that turned into an inferno. and you're about to understand how the lack of water pressure helped this fire burn late into the night. >> how do you fight something
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that is effectively solid gasoline? >> it's very difficult. >> it has been high pressure hoses and foam fire retardant. blasting the blaze since just after 1:00. but at sun down, the flames refused to drown. >> any sense of the temperatures that this fire reached? >> close to 1,000, maybe 1500. if you go to the side of this complex where the grass is, you'll see the pole, the whole metal and they are bent like straws. >> that heat was generated by an estimated 15 ,000 plastic produce crates stacked as tall as a building. just after the lunch hour. >> employee using a torch. > ignited a crate. because the crates are made of poly propoline, it generated choking black smoke that rose
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9,000 feet into the air. hid inside holding their breath, but one stepped out and recorded what he described as the apocalypse. >> you could see flames shooting out over those trees and buildings. so from the backyard, you saw giant black smoke, coming into a mushroom cloud shape and as the wind started blowing, it started draping, eventually blocking out the sun. >> we know that's because the fire hydrants could not produce enough pressure to match the intensity of this fire. >> you don't have enough water, you said, in order to douse that heat. >> yeah, it's difficult to have enough water on site using all three hydrants to be able to put the whole thing out. >> just the past few seconds, the firefighters on scene lowered the ladder that was here. some indication that the fire is apparently fully under control. in and out chief goes on to tell us that they interviewed
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the workers involved in that incident and they tell us they believe that the cause of this fire is accidental. there were three firefighters injured. we're told those injuries were minor. they were treated and released from the scene. there was also bay area air quality out testing the air quality. we won't know the results of that test for another 24 hours. truly we're learning what was released into the air and if it was dangerous. allen. >> sounds like the industrial complex outgrown the infrastructure maybe? >> that is a good question. again, we have learned a number of petroleum based companies, or at least companies that produce products based in petroleum in this area. there have been fires in the past. there are three hydrants in this area. so the question is, is that enough to sustain if a large fire breaks out in this area? >> certainly wasn't today. robert lyles, thanks. >> sheriff deputies say
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gunfire in a wilderness area is connected to a marijuana growing operation. it happened last night in the remote rancho leguna park. swept 20-acres of forested land this morning where authorities suspect mexican drug karr tells were guarding a massive pot grow. police say monday night, an east bay parks police officer patrolling the trail in the upper san leandro watershed area may have stumbled on that pot grow. a burst of high powered gunfire drove him out. >> it's been our experience that we are dealing with probably the mexican cartel. >> the search did not uncover anything, but authorities said they will be back to search for the grow and bring in more resources to try to root them out. >> it might seem like an unlikely area for armed mexican drug cartels, but pot farms in watershed areas are popular.
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elizabeth cook sat down with a who says we can expect to see more of the same. >> i would not expect them to have anything about what is killing the workers and anybody else that gets near where the grog areas are going on. >> she teaches a class on the drug trade between the u.s. and latin american countries. it's a recent trend for the mexican drug cartels to grow marijuana directly in california. >> the transportation of drugs across the border have become harder, so it makes it easier for them to set up shop inside the country. >> northern california is one of the most popular spots for these drug cartels to operate. >> the soil conditions and the environment is really favorable for growing very high quality marijuana. it is apparently the best in the world and it has one of the
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largest consumer bases as well. >> despite the recent drug raids in six northern california counties, santiago says that kind of enforcement doesn't work and she fears for the communities near these types of pot groves. >> they are growing in moraga, which is in our backyard. it can get risky because you know, people may just be going about their business, going to the park, going on a walk, taking out the dog. if they run into where some of this illegal activity is going on with people who are heavily armed and who will defend the areas where they are growing pot, yes, that would be really risky. >> elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> it is one week and counting until the day the president says the country will run out of money. yet to no one's great surprise, the president's request last night for a swift compromise from lawmakers fell on deaf ears thr.
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were plenty of americans who were listening. >> can i get your name and the town that you're from? >> the capitol hill switchboard got overloaded today. >> we have 142 people on hold. >> after president obama made this plea on prime time television. >> if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit, let your member of congress know. >> republican senator got more than 300 calls. >> they are saying cut spending, support balanced budget amendment, and they are also saying get job done. >> so many people are phoning speaker boehner's office this week. the shortest wait time is over an hour. but the calls for compromise -- >> i can understand your frustration. >> are going unheated by lawmakers. >> democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it. >> in a televised response to the president last night, speaker boehner said it was mr. obama who wouldn't budge. >> the sad truth is that the
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president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. >> with bipartisan talks, all but dead, the two sides railed against each other's plans today. despite the fact that they are not all that different. both would cut some spending up front without raising any new tax revenue and both would appoint a bipartisan commission to identify future cuts. but the republican plan would allow only a short-term increase in the debt ceiling until those cuts are made. >> it's reasonable, it's responsible, it can pass the house. >> no, it can't, say conservative members of boehner's own party who wanted even deeper cuts. >> i'm confident as of this morning that there were no 218 republicans in support of the plan. >> that division among house republicans strengthens the democrats position. they are hoping if speaker boehner's bill fails on wednesday, they might be able to win some moderate republicans over to their
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legislation. nancy, cbs news, capitol hill. >> activists in san jose say they will dump a load of trash at a bank tomorrow to protest blighted repossessed homes. they say that foreclosed homes like this one on sin bad avenue in east san jose sit empty for months and become a magnet for crime and a danger to neighborhoods. well they plan to take the weeds and trash that they cleaned up this evening to a wells fargo bank tomorrow, along with a demand that the bank clean up all its foreclosed homes and give them a lived in look. >> people break into the house and a lot of vandalism. sometimes they do prostitution inside. >> we don't think they are enforcing their ordinance as well as they should be. we want to see them fining these banks $2500 a day. the banks got us into this foreclosure crisis in the first place. we want to see them pay. >> as many as 30 people are expected to help dump the trash
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about noon tomorrow who were unable to reach wells fargo to get a response. >> environmentalists are cheering the ultimatum. it is a provider of half the bay area's cement. in unincorporated coopertino has been sited for several violations over the years. kit shows us the state is now telling the business it has just a few weeks to clean up its act. >> the lehigh southwest cement company, one of the largest suppliers in the bay area is on the verge of losing its biggest exeans. they got this stern letter saying they would have to submit a reclamation plan by august 18. that means the company now has just over three weeks to figure out how to fix things like unstable pit slopes and deal with illegal stockpiling of materials. if the plans are not submitted and approved by the deadline, lehigh will not be allowed to
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sell cement to state and local governments. >> this is long overdue. long overdue. >> bay area for clean environment, a nonprofit group has been tracking the mine's various violations and showed us multiple letters from the epa, state, and county. >> so far nay have good night away with everything. gotten everything they wanted and paid no penalties for it. this is the first time they are threatened with paying a consequence. >> the company has issued a written statement saying we are in full compliance of the law. lehigh is pursuing resolution and we are confident in the outcome and fully expect to continue to supply materials in the region. the county first told lehigh to fix its violations back in 2006 and since then received numerous extensions. >> i think it's going to be very tough for them if they haven't been in compliance for almost a decade. it's going to be a good trick for them to do it in 30 days.
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>> whether it could meet the august 13 deadline, but another extension is likely. losing government business would have a huge impact. the watchdog group admits the mine is not going to go away, but say for the first time in a long time, something might finally change. in coopertino, cbs 5. have you flown recently? why you could have money headed your way. the golden arches is making changes. how mcdonald's is tweaking its happy meal. >> plus, why net flicks
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call or click today. refunds, ranging from 20 to 50 dollars or more. millions of airline passengers maybe be entitled to refunds ranging from $20 to $50 or more. several taxes on airline tickets expired after midnight on friday and since congress failed to pass the bill. so if you paid those taxes, you're entitled to a refund. purchasing them during the legislation lapse doesn't guarantee a refund, it's when you fly that counts. >> so according to the treasury department, the u.s. government only collects taxes after the person flies. so anyone who bought a ticket before july 22 and is flying while the taxes are no longer in place deserves a refund. >> so, how do you get your money? well the treasury department says taxpayers don't need to do anything and that the irs will be providing information about
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this in the future. good luck. mcdonald's is lightning up the fast food chain, making its happy meals into healthier meals. they are going to be cutting back on french fries and replacing some of them with apples. >> mcdonald's is putting the happy meal on a diet, but some of its biggest fans are not thrilled. >> why not. >> i don't like it. >> parents might be, starting in september. apples and a smaller serving of french fries will be standard fair in every happy meal. right now, happy meals average 503-calories. the new meal cuts that 20% to 400 calories. >> we have actually been looking at this and testing it in various formats over the last two years. we think now is absolutely the right time to do it. >> consumer groups long criticized the chain for using toys that come with meals as a way to hook children on what it calls unhealthy food. san francisco banned fast food meals that included toys unless
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the meals met certain nutritional guidelines. >> i'm all for it. when they do get it, they are getting less calories than they should. >> customers want healthier food choices, but studies shown when it comes to voting with their wallets, it's often a different matter. ryan of new york university studied the city's mandatory posting of calorie counts on menus. found it had little impact on eating habits. >> people report liking this information, but we are not seeing that people are using it in a way that's going to transobesity thus far. >> mcdonald's will continue to transform its menu, cutting salts 15% by 2015. the new happy meals with apple slices will be in all 14,000 ,000 restaurants by next spring. wal-mart is challenging netflix and hulu.
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renting streaming movies online. many of the films will be available on wal-mart's website. the same day they come out on dvd. the move comes on the heels of the increase in rental rates and led them to led for cheaper alternatives. consumers can rent or buy movies on wal-mart's website. but it is not offering subscriptions. it was warmer today than yesterday, but now the potential of a snag in your ,,,,
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what a day across the bay area. i was take ago bike ride and i stopped and took a look at some of the grapes and they are nowhere near being ripe. i believe we could have a problem come crush time towards labor day. i thought i would do homework. take a look at the stats and where is the heat? livermore has been averaging 9 degrees below normal and here we are on the 26th day of july.
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back on july 20, tomorrow we do have some warmth in our forecast. average high in livermore is 90. forecasting 89 degrees. 83 to the north in santa rosa. low 80s in san jose. it's been a cool month, averaging between 4 and 8 degrees below normal for this time of the year. a bit of a chill in the air tomorrow morning for your commute with areas of drizzle. due to that very deep marine layer. in the 50s to low 60s and look at the extension of the low clouds and fog towards the delta. retreating past the baby lunch hour, and hanging out. we will see some partial clearing around the san mateo coast. gradual warming for your wednesday throughout the remaining portion of our workweek. in fact, it looks like by friday, that will be the warmest day of all coming up. temperatures climbing into the 90s and over the weekend, a
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every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. linecum didn't pitch because of the flu, and barry zito woke up this moring with no idea he'd be it was billed as a rematch, but tim lincecum didn't pitch because of the flew and barry zito woke up this morning with no idea he would be on the hill. >> i usually shave on the day of games. >> barry zito, no time to
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shave today. lights him up with a three-run home run. 3-1 philadelphia. before fans had time to grab a hot dog. zito gives up his third home run the hard way. >> on the move. it's off the wall and away from everybody. utley is digging. utley is digging. they are going to send it. here's the throw home and utley is safe. >> great slide. chase utley just beat the tag. four home runs in all for the phillies, giants lose their series opener to philadelphia 7- 2. brandon mccarthy pitched his best game since may 2. are you ready for this? are you guys ready for this? the a's offense has been the best in mat i orleague since the all-star break led by that
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man. bat .425. 7-4 now since the all-star break. i have nfl news, the jets and texasans are knocking on the door of rangers quarterback. the raiders report to camp in napa tomorrow. former linebacker for the 49ers agreed to a three-year deal with the san diego chargers where he will be reunited with former niner defensive coordinator. he played 137 games and has never made the playoffs. wow. and alex smith reached a one year, $5 million deal with the niners. the team is interested in sea hawk free agent quarterback, matt hasselbeck. i have in my hand a great night. cici sabathia struck out a career high 14 batters and they lose their 17th game in a row. can you believe that? ouch. george washington with a filibuster on roosevelt and thomas jefferson won the race.
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can you believe that? jake goes high and tight on jose batista. he has 31 home runs. he will play tomorrow. andrew carlton used an opponent to get a leg up in football. source tell me he will be in raider camp tomorrow. boxing in san francisco mission district. that is terri fernandez knocked out michael fernandez. no relation between the two men tonight in the mission district. exclusive cbs 5. >> yeah, they used to be family. >> yeah. they won't be coming to his thanksgiving dinner thank for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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