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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  July 31, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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>> here watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> tourist tumbling off the steve clip. how is his jumping to the rescue operation. >> and another vote on the debt limit debate. a new deal this season to stop the debt crisis. >> and a stinky problem for pg&e. people who live there worry. it's 7:30 on sunday, the final day of july. thanks for joining us. i am ann notarangelo. >> and i'm phil matier. we'll have an extra talk about the effects of the debt limit. we will all so have redistricting. how california is abiding itself
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politically and will add run? those are some of our top stories. >> i have always thought he was going to run. i think willie brown will weigh in as well. we will have that in a moment. first, topping our news, a dramatic rescue caught on tape. that's after two tourists slipped and fell partially down a cliff. a share stopper used ropes to pull them up. this is off the southbound lanes of highway one near stinson beach at around 7:00 last night. a couple sitting on a rock posing for photos slipped and tumbled down the cliff. they ended up 150 to 200 feet down next transported them into the hospital. he had critical injuries. the woman is in stable condition and witnesses helped direct traffic away from the scene and helped medical responders treat the tourists. >> now for a little local news with an international twist. the weather for two grads say they may be released within a week. >> the hearing was held this morning on the second
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anniversary of the day that shane bauer and josh for tall were caught. they were a rest along with a c on say while hiking along the border. one was released last september. now, there were hopes that the two men would be set free today, but their lawyer says that today's final hearing the judge said the court will announce its verdict within a week. in the meantime, he continues to advocate for their freedom. >> this has been a very long time in coming. the first time that we heard from our investigators that we were going to court was over 22 months ago. so shane and josh and all of the rest of us have been waiting for this and hoping for this for a long time. >> he was not summoned for the hearing which could be an indication the case is almost over. >> they say nothing happened in washington without a crisis. we are now two days away from the default deadline to raise the debt ceiling or have the u.s. government go into default.
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around 10:00 our time, dc lawmakers will examine the deal. jessica stone breaks on what's involved in where the lawmakers stand on the debate. >> reporter: negotiations at the white house saturday night live to an outline of a compromise deal to raise the debt ceiling. sources tell cbs news the proposal would increase the debt limit by 2.4 to $8, include two sets of spending cuts, and call for a balanced budget amendment. senate majority leader harry reid postponed a vote on his own proposal to give all sides time to bargain. >> there is still a distance to go before any arrangement can be completed. but i believe we should give everyone as much room as possible to do their work. >> i am confident and optimistic that we are going to get an agreement in a very near future and resolve this crisis. >> the senate will reconvene sunday afternoon for a test vote on senate majority leader's proposal. it calls for $2.4 trillion cut in spending and gives the president the ability to raise the debt ceiling in three steps.
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but it requires the backing of at least seven republicans, 43 have signed the letter rejecting the measure. >> this still doesn't even come close to starting to solve the problem. >> editor reads bill has already failed in the house. >> congress pledges to work through the weekend, but if both sides can't reach an agreement by tuesday, the government says it won't be able to pay all its bills. >> that could jeopardize social security checks, utterance benefits, and hurt the economy. president obama is still confident that won't happen. >> there are plenty of ways out of this mess. >> all sides have just two days to work out their differences. jessica stone for cbs news washington. >> before this morning's vote on capitol hill, face the nation takes up the debt will not debate as well. on today's show, who is really winning. that's the question bob schieffer is going to be asking mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. that's right here on cbs 5 at 8:30 after the news. >> a chemical used as a
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disinfectant leaks at a napa county water treatment plant yesterday. that happened at saint alayna around 11,000 gallons of sodium leaked at a rate of 5 gallons per minute through a faulty tank. crews were able to contain the chemical within a few hours. the water supply and environment surrounding were not contaminated. >> a truck company involved in last month's deadly amtrak crash is suing amtrak. six people died when a driver for john davis trucking company there'll through crossing gates in nevada and plowed into a train bound for emeryville. the trucking company faces five lawsuits. now, its countersuit against amtrak and union pacific claim the rail company failed to maintain a safe railroad crossing at the crash site. union pacific and amtrak have not yet commented on that lawsuit. >> and digging up an abandoned section of pipeline causing new problems for pg&e. the suction was virtually part
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of the pipeline that cause last year's deadly explosion and fire. state regulators order the utility to dig it up as part of an ongoing investigation. well, the work began on thursday and this weekend they started complaining about smelling gas. pg&e says there is no gas actually in the pipeline, just the order. >> just got trapped in the pipe and has been trapped there essentially since 1956, so they had done some work and have determined that there was no gas still in the pipe, the odorants registered trapped in the pipe. when the seal is opened, that odor is kicked. >> pg&e says they shutdown the work work of thomas week while they explained to neighbors that this actually has no danger of a leak. >> a burglary spree going on, and i'll have one thing in common. the doors were unlocked. wars for homes and vehicles. at least nine homes in belmont have been burglarized in the past week. two of them overnight on
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friday. most of the crimes happened during the day when nobody was home, but on friday thieves entered to holmes love people were still inside. several cars were also hit that day. people in the neighborhood feel violated. >> complete violation of your property. i mean, we've lived here almost 27 years to the day, and to have somebody come through and go through all your stuff. >> now, the only clues police have right now. one is a white man in his late 20s, short-lived hair and a thin build. the other is a black man between 20 and 30 years old with medium build. investigators try to figure out what caused it cap plane to crash and split in half. everyone on board survived. >> that was lucky. 163 people were onboard caribbean airlines flight 523 from new york. passengers cheered when they first landed in a south american country, but those cheers turned to panic and screams after the plane slid
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off the end of the rainy runway and went on to plow through a chain-link fence stopping just short of a very degrading. more than 30 passengers were hurt, but luckily the injuries were only slight. >> and protesters hit the streets of tel aviv and other cities in israel last night. this time in restaurants rising housing prices in the uk 5 in the jewish state. and in italy, amanda knox, the american student convicted of murder is back in court. court appointed experts say they have serious doubts about the dna pleading her to the killing. >> said lawmakers play the movie again. >> that's right. after commission gave the greenlight on redistricting maps, our political insiders take a look at who wins and who loses her as. >> and dance are celebrating a new library. the press take on 10,000 square feet worth of renovations. >> jim bernard here in the cbs time weather center.
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fog when you walk out the door this morning, and some other storms over the mountains as we scan the marathon running across the bridge on a cold sunday morning for it i will have your complete forecast headed your way in just a few minutes. ,,,,
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>> pretty consistent temperatures. it will look for slow clearing the second. ,,,,,,,,
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>> taking a live look at the golden gate bridge where the marathon is going on. we have 20,000 runners taking place. it started at 5:30 this morning. as you can see from the live pictures, they are making their way through the fog right now. a lot of road closures in the. , and those are suspected to be in place until around 2:00. be aware, especially if you are coming into the city from the north they. you know, the fog is not the best situation, but if you're running, that's got to be a relief. >> this next or efi and kind of annoying. i know they need money, but now you have to carry dollar bills that change with you if you are trained to get on a transit bus.
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starting tomorrow you have to pay more. >> you better get a roll of dimes because the regular adult fare goes up to $2.10. senior and disabled fares, they will be $1.5. that's up a nickel. they fares, they increase at 240. passes are also increasing. local 31 day passes will stay the same for everyone except for kids. >> and in other bay. headlines, chevron corporation is on track for what could be its most profitable year ever. boosted by high oil and gas purses, the company is -- has earned nearly $8 million. that's $8 billion in the second quarter. chevron made almost $14 million in profit the first half of the year.
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and san francisco's new visitation valley library opened yesterday with a traditional good luck lion dance. the new facility is nearly 10,000 square feet, and it cost more than $13 million. all paid for out of a bond measure by voters. >> back to that chevron story. to annoying stories in a row. hopefully, jim bernard can go ahead and even the score on that one and make it less annoying when you talk about the weather forecast. it's going to be in a state. >> that's a tough request there, she's definitely annoyed this morning. i've got more clouds and fog of their today than yesterday with a deeper marine layer. the cloud deck running at about 3000 feet today. it's a little slower to clear through the day. hope that doesn't annoy you too much, but we will see some sunshine by this afternoon. taking a look at ocean beach, kind of fuzzy with a camera out there with an extensive cloud deck, as you would expect at the coast. i would look for the beach to say overcast all day long, which
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means back to a bout the mess, probably cloudy here. by this afternoon, out across the interior, mostly funny with a slight chance for showers. way out of the east, we are talking the valley into the foothills of the sierras is where we will see the showers this afternoon. you may get a view of the tops and maybe even some of the lightning going on out there i'm a distance, but we will look for generally cooler temperatures today, much like yesterday in the mid-to low '80s for most locations. at the day, mid-to low 70s with morning closing the way to after the shine, and then as i mentioned, staying pretty foggy at the beach. the pattern hasn't changed much. we continue with the onshore push at the beach. out across the valley, southerly flow brings moisture into the high country. so a lot of lightning from yosemite up toward lake tahoe yesterday afternoon as a result of the thunder storms. look for more about today and tomorrow as we continue with a cool week setting up for the bay.
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due to the fog layer which will continue here are you a late- night and early morning hours getting to the way to partial after clearing. here's a look at the extent of the thunderstorms for today. we'll again look for a lot of clubs out there this morning giving way to some afternoon clearing across the region. daytime highs will be on the wild side as we look for those mid- to low '80s across the interior and that pattern to continue with a cool week setting up into next weekend before we see a little more sun and a bit of a blog in those temperatures. still below average for this time of year. continue to cool is the expectation. >> sounds good. >> southlake microclimates are at work as weekend. >> indeed, they are. as you expect this time of year. lots of air conditioning going on at the coast. >> sounds good. >> major changes on the way to california's political landscape. the state commission just approved the final draft maps for state districts.
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>> and it's not without controversy. that's why we checked in with willie brown did a sadly speaker so he knows his way around these lines. and san francisco political writer joe carefully who has been covering this issue. the question is, when it comes to redistricting, we want to know, who wins, who loses? >> democrats win. their lines are drawn, so they are a lot more democratic. but also there will be more competitive rates. mayor brown? in it i think he's correct that he needs to add one more platform, the business of an open primary. it means without a doubt that you are not going to be able to get away with being only a tea party person. you're really going to have to be interested in all people at all times. >> when they redraw the map, it appears that democrats have a shot at taking a two thirds of 30 in the state senate so that they could rule the roost with taxes. they don't have such a clear shot on the state assembly.
7:47 am
those are still up in the air. my question is, how does it change? >> well, it really doesn't change power. when you do reinforcements, you want to make sure you maintain. that's what we would do. we would draw the line and get you the person who let the vote. we can give you a good shot to run it. >> that's why we have this new system. >> people have already started to move. >> i understand. he was moving. i asked him, i said, where are you moving to? in order to be in his district. he said, when we find out, we will know. >> you really ought to have a motor home, i think.
7:48 am
>> a lot of the issue of this is google from democrat republican to ethnic minorities. whether the community should be together or divided. latin americans, his attic americans. >> well, let me tell you. african-americans are going to have to change their perspective and try to make book with a coalition of latinos and asians in order to protect the black elected opportunities that currently exist. others they have to right now -- all of the black districts are 30% lack and 50% office -- latino. >> and we know that things were certainly different this time around. we go through this process every 10 years, but this time we had a citizens redistricting committee drawing those lines rather than politicians. how did that change things? >> very interesting. the last time we drew the lines, basically the democrats and republicans -- republicans got their margin rose from the
7:49 am
white house. 19 republican seats out of california so they could hold onto the majority in washington. after that, they didn't really care. jim got together with john burton who is the head of the democrats and said, give me 19 congressional seats and everybody can stay the same. john said, fine, we retain our majority here, everybody gets a sase intel for you. still have the majority in the congressional district. deal done. it was pretty well summed up. >> we are dealing with the congressional districts, but also the state legislative district. which one has got a power-play? >> i would say locally for you tonight, it's the locals. nationally, california is going to remain ready much blue. but it's good to open things up in sacramento, and that's when to be a change. >> all right. which will be interesting. a few hours away from another that limit debate. >> but what happens if congress can't raise it by tuesday's deadline? all right. a uc berkeley fellow who has been following the ups and downs of
7:50 am
this debt limit that joins us next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> right now, live pictures of the san francisco marathon. 20,000 runners making their way around the city as we speak. well, congress may make history on tuesday if he can't make a deal on that debt limit lawmakers they put that to a vote again within the next couple of hours. >> some say the president can raise it on its own, but we have
7:53 am
patrick sherman joining us more on the debate. what happens if the deal is it me by tuesday good morning. >> good morning. >> the first question, what does happen if it doesn't -- i think sharing it all on the news. i've been hearing it on the cable channels. it seems like -- everyone seems to have an opinion. what really happened question at. >> there's a lot of worry when we talk social security and unemployment checks. >> absolutely. he don't know sexy with what happened. only the treasury secretary knows what happens. certainly, the big danger is that social security checks are not going to be mailed out and people will start seeing it in their pocket books. >> that's very scary to a lot of people, especially senior citizens. how likely is this? >> it's likely. i mean, the treasury is going to run out of ability to pay its bills very shortly. if not august 2nd, sometime over the coming weeks. >> patrick, washington only operates on crisis, they say.
7:54 am
sometimes you have to increase the pressure to get a movement going. now we are talking about social security. in terms of the economy, in terms of -- it had these problems in california as well. it was is at stake here? and is this going to make it any better for the average person in the economic world in america today question the. >> and the likelihood is it will me things worse. i think there's a lot of stuff being debated about right now, but everything seems to point toward big cuts in spending over the next year. as we know, we are in a period of recession, high unemployment. during those times, it's really important for the government not to cut out but to increase spending because no one else is doing it. you know, this is really the danger. unfortunately, it seems that the operatic and republican puzzles are going to pursue about $1 trillion in spending cuts over the next year. what remains to be seen as how that plays out, what will happen after that. but it's not looking good. >> i just want you to give us a brief historical perspective. this is the first time i think a lot of people have heard of the debt ceiling debate, even
7:55 am
though it's gone on a million times. now it seems to be being used as a political pawn. >> absolutely. it's a very esoteric thing. part of the reason people have heard about it is because it's such a routine procedure normally. congress usually will raise the debt ceiling to cousin is not much of a sting. but this time one of the issues is that it is so massive. the debt ceiling used to get raised and it was in increments. it was sort of like paying off your credit rebel. this time, however, is bringing into focus the question of government spending at a time when healthcare was just past them at a time when social security, questions about whether we can continue paying with a rates, but also at a time when the economy is at a standstill and people are saying, this is when you should spend. >> think you are right in the sense that everything seems to be much bigger right now. we have a big debt. we have a big debt to gdp ratio. we have big deficits. i think the thing that is missing from the debate is the fact that
7:56 am
the debt and deficit are symptoms, not the cause of a bad economy. we shouldn't just look at the national debt figures, that clock. that's $14 trillion. of the way we should think about the debt is as a debt burden. so debt divided by gdp. this is the way that economists think about it. it's the way that most investors think about a country's physical health. and if that's the case, what we need to be doing is focusing on raising our gdp, raising our economic growth. that will bring the debt down through what we doing instead is focusing on just cutting. unfortunately, that's going to have a negative affect on the economy in a negative affect on our debt burden. >> a lot of this power-play and political gains that evolve because of the 2012 presidential election coming up -- >> one of the parts of the deal will be to kick this or any more discussion about this until after the elections. >> that's one of the most fascinating things about what's happening right now. policy wise, there's a lot of agreement over the size of the cuts, but the big sticking point is whether we have another debt doing debate in six months, which is
7:57 am
what the republican want, or 12 month after the election or you. >> all comes down to politics. >> thank you. thank you very much. uc berkeley, patrick sherman. thanks. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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save them. presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans, and won't torture your tanks. so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe. >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition.
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>> tourist office safe clips. hear from the people who saw it happen. >> today another court case for two american hikers held captive in iran. why they could be leased and ebay now. >> and is he in or is he out question our time is running out for san francisco's mayor ed lee and his choice to run for mayor. welcome back. it is a clock. it's july 3/1. imc six. >> and i am ann notarangelo. we have a lot coming up in the next half-hour. we will have an in-depth discussion about redistricting here in the state of california. a lot of waves being made about that. >> we will also talk about whether ed lee is going to change his mind and run for mayor of san francisco and take a look at possibly with the state republican party chairman tom double curl about what some of the presidential hopefuls are doing in the state behind the scenes. but we are going to get that in a minute. at the top of our news right
8:01 am
now, a dramatic rescue off the cliffs in marin county, it was content. in that witnesses stepped up helping emergency responders rescue to tourists. a sonoma county sheriff's chopper here in the video using ropes to pull these two tourists up off the cliff. this is off the southbound lanes of highway one by stinson beach at around 7:00 last night. the couple was sitting on a rock posing for photos when they split and tumbled on the cliff. they ended up about 150 to 200 feet down. witnesses help but directing traffic away from the scene and one of them helped medical responders treat the tourists. >> the lady was response of the entire time. she was time to stand up. the guy, he was down. he was just moaning when i got down there. he wasn't responding to any of my questions. there was also a language barrier. the girl, she spoke her anguish than the guy did. >> at that man had to be transported to don your medical center.
8:02 am
officials said he has critical injuries this morning. that woman is his able condition. >> lawyer for two rats in a ron held -- that have been held in a run for two years, that lawyer says they could be released within a week or you. >> today at court hearing on the second anniversary of shame power and josh patel. they were arrested you might remember along with her fiancee -- along with powers than a day. today the two men and their attorney presented closing arguments in their trial, and then out of the blue the judge announced that there would be a verdict within a week. the brother of one of the defendants is getting a little impatient. >> the only thing that this is a publishing is it is breaking our hearts and breaking hearts of people all around the world. >> is not some into today's trial session, and that's a possible indication that the case could be on its way to conclusion. the attorney says that he hopes the two men, if they are found
8:03 am
guilty, they will be sentenced to time already served and then released. >> figures crossed. police investigating a rash of burglaries in the peninsula study. at least nine homes in belmont have been burglarized in the past week. in addition to several car burglaries. and all the cases, the homes and cars, people were leaving their doors unlocked. this seems to be a real sense of security in that neighborhood that is maybe changing. also the cases have happened during the day when nobody is at home. on friday night if he is entered to homes while people were inside. >> when they woke at 7:30, they found that not only had someone entered their unlocked vehicle in their driveway but they had also entered the residence through an unlocked rear window. they had taken a wallet and a set of keys off a table. >> clues are very sparse this money. police have two descriptions of the people they think may have been casing the neighborhood before him. one is a white man, short blond hair and a thin build. the other is a black man
8:04 am
between 20 and 30 years old with a medium build. he was seen driving a gray bmw sedan. >> back on the national front. the white house and republican lawmakers are now reported to be moving toward an agreement on raising the nation's debt limit. just in time before tuesday's deadline. but they are talking about is a plan to raise the event -- raise the limit by about two-point $252.4 trillion and cut federal spending by slightly more. at the window would be raised in two stages, one by a trillion dollars and 1.4 trillion later. senate leaders are cautiously optimistic this deal might go through with senate majority leader harry reid holding off of all for last-minute discussions. >> there is still a distance to go before any arrangement can be completed. but i believe everyone should have as much room as possible to do their work. >> i am confident and asked me sick that we are going to get an agreement in the very near future and resolve this crisis.
8:05 am
>> a compromise is being hashed out and would not contain any tax increases. at the chiba public and demand. the democrat would also have no renewed battle on raising the debt limit until after next year's presidential election. >> 8:05. state lawmakers will review what happened to jaycee dugard this week. you know the story. on wednesday they are going to meet with police and victims rights groups to figure out what led to jaycee dugard kidnapping and years of rape at the hands of the convicted sex offender, phillip guido. in june he was sentenced to life the hind bars. his wife, nancy, was sentenced to 36 years. >> and the woman accused of robbing the san francisco hotel room of the jeopardy game show host is set to be arraigned tomorrow. officers are -- officers arrested lucinda moyers tuesday, and she's being held on $625,000 bail.
8:06 am
tomorrow she will be assigned an attorney from the public defenders office. this came after alex back in his life so her grabbing or claim they saw her grabbing cash and valuables and he ran off to her and ended up as mapping his achilles tendon during the chase. >> during that story we have a little bit of tmi about alex trebek or the palais, he was sleeping in the nude. >> you hadn't heard that detail? >> i hadn't heard that. meanwhile, monsoon flooding. >> check out these pictures. at least one person has argued around. it's made it difficult to conduct rick creek -- to conduct cremations. they are trying to clean up this mess. bandits break into a florida liquor store and cameras were rolling on it all. first, they clear out all the booze off the shelves, then they move on to the register for all of the money. there they are. wanting more, they go next door where they been set off an
8:07 am
alarm. that is what took off police. and a tv reporter down in southern california recovering after she was shot with a bb gun during a live report. here is the reporter with kay abc. she was hit in hand and went to the hospital for treatment. police have arrested two teenagers in a case for assault with a deadly weapon. strike the changing face of california politics, the new redistricting map me at up to more competitive races around here. >> and speaking of races, what are the presidential contenders customer cap, california republican chairman joins us and sounds off on the shakeup. n? m maybe not. our political insiders weigh-in on mayor ed >> and will he run? maybe, maybe not. we are talking about edley. i've had a prediction on this all along him and we are going to talk about that one with our political insider coming up next. >> jim bernard here in the cbs 5 eyewitness weather center. low clouds across the bay this
8:08 am
morning. we'd look at the marathon runners moving across the bridge on this cool sunday morning. your forecast is coming up next. ,,,,
8:09 am
for a look around the bay this morning. we see pretty consistent temperatures under this cloud. we will take a look at what you can expect today coming up.
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>> a foggy morning here in san francisco for the marathoners who are doing the 26. -- what? >> jim, how are they doing it? >> they are doing it on the cool side. >> and i write, is it 26.1? >> i think it's 26.1. >> clearly, none of us are runners. it obviously could you would have to ask roberta. as we see lots of clouds, temperatures are cool for the runners and everybody else for that matter. but as we all know, quite unique for the west coast, take the climate of your choice. we are looking across the tri-valley. right now. we see a lot of clouds, but there is an edge to it out over the hills. there's some blue sky began to peek through. as i mentioned, that the climate of your choice. mid-60s, stay at the coast, mid-seventies in a state, that
8:12 am
east a. here in sacramento valley will be in the mid-90s today with a bit of under some activity out over the high country this year from yosemite up to lake tahoe. we are looking for some afternoon for some development. had a lot of lightning strikes up there yesterday. more of the same today, and there is flash flood warnings out for the high country inn and around the underserved. so keep in mind that that's in that direction. we will continue to be cool as we see the low clouds and fog quite extensive. it will be around through midweek sending a bit toward the midweek allowing temperatures to one split between me or seasonal norms. just a couple degrees. nothing too dramatic. we will be the heat way for texas when they are in the 22nd day of record heat. no rain or relief in sight for them very we continue on the cool side. the afternoon clouds will give way to more sunshine on abc temperatures again ranging from the mid-80s to mid-70s to mid-60s. to pick the temperature contour of
8:13 am
your choice and plan accordingly here as we do have a selection for the west coast. unlike most of the country where they can't do away from the weather, no matter how far they go, we will look for mid-80s today. a little warmer tomorrow. upper '80s to low '90s. and then continued cool through midweek. by the end of the week, we start to see if anyone of that marine layer. as a result, temperatures bumped up slightly. nothing dramatic but very seasonal, mild temperatures expected through the week for the greater bay. you've got to like that. >> i'm not complaining. i can actually take a little fog. what you said, the rest of the country is burning up. we've got her own air- conditioning. >> thanks, jim. a shakeup in california's political landscape. that's after a state commission approved the final drafts of redistricting maps. >> to understand who wins and who loses with the new districts, we've got had of california republican party. found out the karl joins us this morning. you've are not happy with these
8:14 am
lines. whyquestion asked him if they inconsistently applied criteria and you wind up with ridiculous things like the county seat of cost of martino's like the common capital is up and separated from the rest. that makes absolutely no sense. burbank is split two different ways depending. by and large, democratic gain in areas where it is not justified that they gain. >> this one was done by citizens as opposed to lawmakers. the complaint has os x, that's democrat majorities. that's what they would do. this was done by an impartial group. >> did you say in partial? >> they were republicans and democrats. >> there is also a guy named gambino here he who gave donations to people and magically those people benefited on the lines drawn in the. you know, they wanted this to work out well. in practice it didn't work out well, and with a look at whether it was so bad that we need to do a referendum on some of those.
8:15 am
>> in other words, go to the voters and say let's redo it. >> you are also planning on suingcome is the correct question of. >> actually, lawsuits are the hardest part. that would only be for individual districts. i am not favoring lawsuits. the question is whether senate apps are so bad and the congressional are so bad that it's worth a referendum. >> let's take a look at that. in the california state senate, it appears that the way these are drawn, there's a good chance that democrats could claim a two thirds majority. it's a good, ruled the roost. they would not have to listen to republicans. >> correct. at the risk. >> in the state assembly, it looks like it's been more of the status quo, so you would at least be able to block things. >> which points out the inconsistency. because he was city that are part of the community for the assembly, but not the same community for senate. you're supposed to put to assembly districts and one senate district over it. that's called nesting. by not doing that, they created a discrepancy you talked about, which is assembly which might be status quo. >> let's pull the lens back a little bit. even if you look at these
8:16 am
numbers, you were talking about democrats and independent voters that a number of districts could go either way. what these lines also increase the chance of broader types of thoughts going to sacramento, whether they be more moderate republicans, more moderate democrats question the. >> there are certain areas that will benefit from this and certain areas that were not. you can't say uniform across the state because it districts registered. >> would you have all of the current plans right now on our website. check out where your district stands. let's change here's a bit and talk about -- >> presidential politics. michele bachmann. has she been making moves in california? we see her on the cable news all the time. what's he doing on the scene? in it i worked out an agreement with her. she's going to be coming to our convention in l.a., so she's going to provide a lot of excitement. she's a very dynamic individual, so she is going to be here in california on issues going to
8:17 am
excite the crowd. >> mitt romney. now, he was the front runner. what's he doing? he's got me looking and a number of people. is he stored up the status quo guy? >> what they are doing, what they're -- what kerry is doing, they are doing a lot of building block work. they are letting washington screw itself up, so they will be running as the outsiders that they are coming to clean it up. but he is doing the building blocks of. running for presidential politics is a lot of foundational flow work building your organization. that's what they are doing. >> do you think these guys are going to spend much time here in california? it's always a place to come for fundraising. >> well, meaning they will spend a lot -- they will spend more time here created just in california, rick. been there three or four times. michele is coming up here. this year they will be here in the first quarter of next year, of course. >> as easy right now, and just
8:18 am
real quick, who do you see has the most building blocks in place question of who behind the scenes is moving the most customer. >> the republicans have never nominated someone who hasn't won and lost already for the nomination except for bush junior. >> that's because it takes a long time to build up the organization. >> so what's your prediction question that. >> romney has the largest organizations that. we'll hit the race and it will be quite dynamic. >> you didn't mention michele bachmann. >> she's going to be hard to resist. >> what happened to sarah palin questioner >> she's making money just as you and i predicted long ago. >> she's gone into the politics for talk sort of arena. why not? >> thank you for politics and talk. >> now we have to talk about next year's predictions the next time i'm here. >> great. sounds good. in the meantime, candidates for mayor in san francisco, a much smaller risk of certainly a hot one. other political movers and shakers want to know, will ever lead jump into the race? >> and will it happen this week
8:19 am
was wrecked our insiders are going to share their predictions on one of the most high-priced profile there were races in it season and why running for it might not be such a good idea. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
8:20 am
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that work continuously to reduce tank build-up. use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. deadline for all mayor candidates to file their papers. we checked in with former mayor willie brown and san francisco >> all eyes on san francisco mayor ed lever and a prayer friday marks the deadline for all mayoral candidates in san francisco to file their papers. >> already some of the other contenders are starting to hammer on him. that's why we checked with former mayor willie brown and san francisco comical political writer. i asked the big question, will he run for mayor? and will he do it this week was to mark. >> i would say it's probably still/ 30. i'm not a technical in the field. he has been my friend, he worked for me for a long time. i pointed him to this position, and i helped him. i'd like to see them keep his
8:22 am
spot. >> joe, you watch san francisco politics. we've all been keeping our eyes on this. >> i asked, what if some of your rich and powerful friends help get you the job? do they just can't use it, these are the people in the race, they are late. we want you to run. then what are you going to do is to mark. >> the first thing out of the box, he says i'm not running for mayor, then he says i'm running for mayor. >> i would never run for lieutenant governor. >> politicians are lying. politicians are responding to something that are events and opportunities. >> give me a break.
8:23 am
>> if i am a politician and i say i am going to vote this way and i find some other things that cause me to change my thought, i just implemented decision. >> your preference there was if i am a politician. by doing this, he becomes the one thing that people -- >> you guys are journalists. i am not a journalist by any exception. >> politician is a big word. you associate some thing terribly decadent with someone who says they are a politician. ed lee is a politician. >> you've got to explain that one. how is he likely on the matter? >> leon panetta has been all of his career in the world of politics participating and always doing
8:24 am
what is in the public interest. >> how tough do you think it's going to be question that. >> very tough. you've got a short window. it's good to be a battle. >> lance armstrong [ inaudible ] >> you know, i feel a little bit sorry for ugly right now because he's really torture he's got a big group of supporters saying we want you to stay on, and then you have guys calling him a liar and ready to attack all the other candidates. it are feeling very threatened by him. i mean, that's a really tight spot to be in. and you know he is loving being mayor. i saw it on his face the first interview i did with him months ago. >> and that is what he said wasn't running. you saw it on his face. he loved it immediately. he really has followed into this position, but what a tight spot. >> and it's tighter because some of those people running and not happy about him jumping and the people he worked with like word of supervisors president by david shoe. it this would be -- you know,
8:25 am
san francisco has a history of doing things that the rest of the country as talks about. i mean, whether it is diane bryan stine. we have always had these mayoral races that have grabbed national attention. now we are going to have the first one where the guy who wasn't a politician said he wasn't going to run could turn around and jump into it. so it is going to be one that everyone's watching, and they are going to be watching this week as we would decide it. >> yes or no, is he running question that. >> i think he is. >> i think he is too. >> when we come back. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates,
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white ho >> here is a look at the week ahead. negotiations in progress this hour between lawmakers and the white house on raising the debt limit. the day is coming. it's on tuesday. they have to have an agreement by then leaving senators expressing cautious optimism ahead. storm of a lawyer for to get
8:28 am
grads held in the wrong says they could be released within a week. there was a court hearing this morning on the second anniversary of the detention of shane bauer and josh patel. the judge says he will make his decision this week. >> locally we have a marathon going on. jim, how is it looking out there? >> it looks like the runners are tailing off at this point. lots of clouds keeping things cool. your forfeit test for the week ahead. two words or less. continued cool for this foreseeable future. >> degree of time to show you pictures from the march of the penguins at the san francisco zoo. >> my favorite story of the day. >> five penguin chicks. there they are. you go, guys. they just graduated from fish school. for boys, one girl. they were sent away to learn how to swim. they are now returning triumphantly with a big audience. thanks for joining us today. enjoy your sunday. ,,,,,,
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