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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a statewide amber alert called off. a 16-year-old allegedly kidnapped in the east bay is now safe. why there are a lot of holes in the story. >> he was with bryan stow during the dodger stadium attack. what the death of a key witness means for the case and the new claims that stow was blindsided. good morning. it's tuesday, august 2. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. >> that's right. i'm elizabeth wenger. time now 4:30. we'll start with a quick look at traffic and weather. first, kristy seifkin. lawrence is off, too or he is working nights today. >> he is. we'll see warming by this afternoon a few degrees so good for you ladies who like it a
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little bit warmer. 88 in concord today. we'll tell you how long the warm weather will last later but over to gianna now with a look at traffic. >> thank you. good morning. we are starting off with roadwork on 880 northbound approaching 980 until 5:00. southbound as you work your way towards 92. more details coming up. but right now, back to you. >> thank you. an amber alert out of antioch is over but there are still questions about the alleged abducts of the -- abduction of the 16-year-old boy. police got word that the reported victim was safe around midnight. police haven't seen 16-year-old hassan ford but his mother told them he is okay. a neighbor says she saw the teenager not long after he was allegedly forced at gunpoint from an antioch barbershop where he works. >> i said to him the police are looking for you. >> reporter: when you say him, you mean hassan? >> yes. >> reporter: no mistaking it
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was hassan? >> no mistaking. no. it was hassan. >> at this point we do not have any reason to believe that he is involved in anything but the information that we have is pretty much what we have given you. >> antioch police say they have recovered the suv that was reportedly stolen during the robbery. they are checking it for evidence. the 25-year-old suspect in the meantime is still at large along with the sawed-off shotgun used during the robbery. a setback for prosecutors in the bryan stow beating case. a key witness to the attack outside dodger stadium has died unexpectedly. our anser hassan is in san francisco to tell us what this now means for the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bryan stow the giants fan remains in a coma at san francisco general but as the trial begins of the two men who allegedly beat stow a key witness suddenly died and that has concerns of how it may affect the case. matthew lee was with bryan stow at dodger stadium on opening day when both men were attacked. lee died on sunday after an allergic reaction to eating
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nuts in a salad. lee's testimony was considered a key piece of evidence as he provides an eyewitness account of what happened. >> it was totally unprovoked. it was not a dodger fan thing. it was just a thug thing. and criminals. and there's just no place for it in baseball. >> reporter: lee's testimony was considered an important part of this case against 29- year-old louie sanchez and 30- year-old marvin norwood, the two lead suspects in the case. court documents released on monday show sanchez and norwood punched lee, hit another man, even threw a soda can at another giants fan. the document claims that sanchez threw the violent pun thatch dropped stow to the ground and kicked him when he was unconscious. lee's testimony was to help the prosecution detail the attack. they are hopeful to use his past testimony as evidence.
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>> when someone has died, there are ways under the law to admit their statements that were made when they were living. but it's going to have to fit into what's called an exception to the hearsay rule. >> reporter: sanchez and norwood made their first court appearance on monday. their arraignment was postponed until august 10. if convicted of felony charges of assault and mayhem, both men are looking at eight to ten years behind bars. >> thank you, anser hassan live for us this morning in san francisco. police in hayward say they hope to make an arrest soon in the disappearance of michelle le. "the examiner" reports that police are narrowing down the pool of suspects. however, no arrest is imminent. a police lieutenant says it could happen in three weeks or even tree months. le's family says on their website that "we can only put faith in the hayward pd to solve this case as quickly as they can." long drawn-out battle over
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the national debt limit is coming to an end and not a moment too soon. the house approved the bill last night. as jay dow reports a senate vote is expected in a few hours. >> reporter: the senate is expected to approve a deal today to raise the debt limit, avoiding the first-ever u.s. default. house members pushed the legislation through last night but not without a fight. >> i understand that this train is leaving the station. but it's going in the wrong direction. >> it's about time this congress come together and figure out a way to live within our means. >> reporter: after months of partisan bickering, both parties did find one reason to unite. [ applause ] >> reporter: lawmakers greeted arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords with a long-standing ovation when she surprised them on the house floor. she returned for the first time since she was shot in january to vote for the deal. >> we are all privileged to call her colleague. some of us very privileged to call her friend. >> reporter: if the senate approves the measure, it will
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go straight to the white house. president obama is expected to sign it just hours before the default deadline. the bill increases the government's borrowing limit into 2013 and cuts the deficit by $2.3 trillion although there is no guarantee any of that would come from tax increases. >> doesn't seem likely to me it would be even recommended much less supported. >> reporter: lawmakers may be close to solving one crisis but another one could be looming. credit agencies are considering downgrading the nation's perfect credit rating which would send interest rates soaring. jay down, cbs news, washington. stock markets are not reacting well. the nikkei was down 1.2% today. other major markets in asia, australia and europe also fell. here in the u.s., the dow futures are off .3%. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all finished yesterday slightly down. in other news a soldier from daly city has been killed
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in afghanistan. the defense department says army sergeant william gross- paniagua was kill sunday. his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. friends and family are sharing fond memories. >> he was a nice respectful person and he is really going to be missed. there's not 30 minutes that pass by that we don't start crying. i don't want you to start crying again. >> gross-paniagua previously served in iraq. friends say he often would not tell his mother he was come home just so he could see her reaction when she opened the door. he was planning on surprising his mother again in january. army sergeant william gross- paniagua was 28. a 9-year-old san jose boy is being called a hero this morning. sean sing jumped into a swimming pool on south kylie boulevard yesterday and pulled a three-year-old girl out of the deep end. her grandfather was also at the
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bottom of the pool and a woman got him to the surface. people around the pool pushed on both victims' chests and they were breathing when the fire department arrived. the near drownings happened not far from where a man and his 6-year-old daughter were rescued from a pool last week. the fire department says these incidents are reminders that people who cannot swim should wear a flotation device in pools. the cause of a seven alarm fire in the north bisons still under investigation this morning. that fire burned about 60 acres near 80 and 680 near fairfield. the first flames were reported about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. that fire was out a little before midnight. there were no injuries and no buildings were burned. a mild start. i don't know if you felt it outside. >> feels muggy in here. >> i don't do the forecast for inside the building.
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[ laughter ] >> but outside grace is right, you know, it is mild outside. in the 50s for the most part. kind of the same story as yesterday. clouds at the coast filling in along the bay shores and partly cloudy conditions inland right now. those temperatures like said pretty consistent, 58 in oakland, 55 in concord. 60 in san jose. it's warmer there. 51 in santa rosa and 50 for san rafael. good news for those who like warmer weather. we are going to warm up by a few degrees especially inland today hitting 90 for livermore, same for fairfield, 88 concord, 71 oakland, 78 fremont today. pacifica 63 and san rafael topping out at 79 today. so warmer weather today and then we'll warm up tomorrow as well. so nice pleasant weather, plenty of sunshine inland wednesday. then the tide turns a little bit. we'll see temperatures cool off and see some drizzle and some more cloud cover back in the forecast thursday.
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same story friday. gradual modest warming for saturday and sunday. so pretty pleasant week. gianna that is traffic. >> lots of roadwork, especially along 880. lots of work going on there this morning. southbound 880 ramp to east 92 closed until 5:00. trying to get to the san mateo bridge, things not too bad heading westbound from 880. avenue al so far, so good. 14 minutes between 880 and foster city, 101. everything is clear along the peninsula. construction southbound 101 so heads up there. oakland roadwork trying to connect to eastbound 980. that connector road from north 880 is completely shut down also until 5:00 for ongoing roadwork. once you hit the maze not too bad. we have an accident clearing off the ashby off-ramp from westbound 80 so far no major snags on the eastshore freeway. that's traffic. back to you.
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>> thank you. new warning about tainted turkey. the salmonella outbreak that's now linked to dozens of states. and red light relief. cops are dishing out fewer traffic tickets in one bay area city. how an attitude change could be behind it. >> it's not often we hear about airline passengers getting money back. the first big airline dishing out refunds. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to m to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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pg&e is showing signs that it may not finish tests on 152 miles of pipeline by the end of the year. the utility is conducting tests on the natural gas pipelines because they are similar to the one involved in last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. according to the "san francisco chronicle," pg&e had only tested about 17.5 miles through july and determined another 20 miles had previously been tested. millions of americans will get together with their neighbors tonight to help fight crime. there are national night-out
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plans all over the bay area. in oakland more than 500 block parties are planned tonight. the police chief, mayor and firefighters plan to visit a number of the events aimed at getting people to help curb crime in their own neighborhoods. san francisco police are handing out fewer traffic tickets. one reason, there simply aren't as many traffic officers as there used to be. violations are down about 18%. for the first five months of the year there were 52,000 tickets down from 63,000 from the same time period last year. another reason for the decline, red light cameras. >> there is a cultural change on the red light cameras as a result of the red light cameras because a lot of people are slowing down, not racing to go through the yellow which they believe is the yellow but they always go through on the red. >> officers say they are also catching fewer drivers using cell phones. governor brown has vetoed a bill that would have required employers to help pay for
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people commuting. the senate bill includes travel by carpool or public transit. it was supposed to be an incentive not to drive alone. the governor said he cannot support a new man date on small businesses at a time of economic uncertainty. delta is the first major airline to return money to passengers who traveled during the faa shutdown. the refunds cover amounts the airline took in while federal taxes weren't being collected. it applies to people who bought tickets before the 23rd of july but traveled after that day. >> getting money back from the airlines, that's a novel. a new order for casey anthony. why she is being forced to return back to florida. >> plus a deadly salmonella outbreak with ground turkey. the mystery about the source.
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>> how red wine can help you avoid a sunburn. if you are taking off out of sfo this morning, we are clear for take-off. going to hit a high of 72 today, plenty of sunshine this afternoon. even a little bit more than we saw yesterday. warmer conditions if you are making your way to chicago today, high of 95 there. and we will see partly cloudy conditions and also some sunshine peek through also in the 90s in new york. they will hit a high of 92, plenty of sunshine. we'll have a full look at your bay area forecast coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hayley laflamme was climbing half dome with friends sunday, when she fell 600 a 26-year-old san ramon woman was killed while hiking at yosemite. haley laflame was cleaning half dome with friends on sunday when she fell 600 feet to her death. it's believed that she may have slipped on wet granite. she is the 14th person to die this year at the park. an autopsy today in new hampshire on the body of an 11-
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year-old girl who disappeared a week ago. dives yesterday found the remains of salina kass in the connecticut river a quarter mile from her home. she was seen at her home computer the night of july 25 but was gone the next morning. investigators say the death is suspicious and they hope the autopsy results will shed more light on what happened. a florida judge is ordering former murder defendant casey anthony back to orlando. she is supposed to serve a year probation stemming from a check fraud conviction. anthony pled guilty last year to writing more than $600 in checks from a checkbook she stole from a friend. anthony became known nationwide as a suspect in her young daughter he is murder. the jury in that case acquitted her last month. going to be a few degrees warmer today so great news for all of you who are waiting for warmer weather outside. clouds still in the picture once again today partly cloudy start inland. seeing some low clouds along the bay this morning as well
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and coastline it's cloudy once again this morning and seeing some patchy fog temperatures right now sitting in the 50s for the most part. warming up finally into the -- breaking 90 inland today, plenty of sunshine there also seeing sunny conditions along the bay shores and at the coast we will get some sun breaks today. so unlike yesterday where we had clouds in the afternoon, good day to head to the beaches if you want a little sun there. so getting some sunshine today, mostly sunny in most locations, warmer for the most part as we see the low slide north and the high pressure builds in, bringing us warmer temperatures. all temperatures going up in northern california. 92 sacramento. 98 redding. 80 lake tahoe. ukiah 94. monterey 68. 82 for milpitas and san jose. cupertino a few degrees warmer
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at 85. 78 palo alto. union city 77. 90 antioch. brentwood 91. 87 san ramon and danville. 74 san leandro and hayward. 74 berkeley. 75 mill valley. 68 san francisco. 90 fairfield. 82 in sonoma and 80 petaluma. warmer today and tomorrow and then a change in store in the forecast. we are going to start to see some drizzle on thursday morning, clouds building back in and we see those temperatures drop so back into the low 80s inland thursday and friday. a modest warmup for the weekend, nothing significant. nice weather throughout the week, some temperatures below average especially for later parts of the week. gianna has a look at traffic. >> thank you. let's head to the south bay. accident on 101 southbound at blossom hill on the off-ramp
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not affecting the main line possibly blocking the ramp, as well. live look at 880/237 in milpitas. no delays there. bay bridge, first reports of an accident westbound near treasure island. no word of blocked lanes. chp is heading to the scene but things are moving well across the upper deck heading into san francisco. roadwork on the lower deck of the bay bridge as you hop on the skyway there. that may slow you down until 6:00. various lanes blocked in that area. jumping to marin county this ongoing construction still in effect. we are experiencing delays as you work your way southbound 101 right around 37 toward atherton northbound 101, as well. they are hoping to open some lanes around 5:00. the rest will open by 6:00. once you hit the bridge, the golden gate bridge, if you are
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heading southbound, not too bad. south 101, 14 minutes to 580 of al light traffic on golden gate bridge. martinez benicia no accidents to report in the area. live look at the benicia bridge, fine. the rest of the bay area bridges problem-free. san mateo bridge, 4 minutes between 880 -- 14 minutes between 880 and foster city and 101 various lanes closed until 5:00 near will bow. remember kcbs, our -- near willow. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. one person has died and dozens sick from salmonella poison apparently from eating ground turkey that was contaminated. officials are trying to track down the source of the tainted meat. 76 people in 26 states got sick. the centers for disease control says contamination has showed
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up at four different retailers. consumers are urged to cook ground turkey and make sure it's got an internal temperature of 165 degrees. randall pinkston has more medical news. reporter: cholesterol- lowering drugs may prevent strokes in young people. 200 stroke patients were followed between 15 and 49. they found those who took statins on a regular basis eliminated their chances of a second stroke. those who took statins at any point after the first stroke lowered the first chances of another episode by 77%. doctors say that while the study is limited, younger stroke patients should consider taking the drug. smoking, high blood pressure and obesity during middle age could shrink the brain. california researchers locked at more than 1300 middle-aged patients without dementia and found those who smoked had high blood pressure or carried too much weight, developed lesions on their brain and actually lost brain volume. and here's something we
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know. some exercise is better than none. a new study in the journal circulation shows people who get just 2.5 hours of moderate activity a week lowered their risk of heart disease 14%. researchers say people who do even less than the minimum recommendation also show improvement. and those are some of the day's top medical stories. i'm randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. a possible hidden benefit in a glass of wine. there is evidence that drinking wine could protect you from getting sunburned. spanish scientists found that substances in grapes protect cells from the damage uv rays cause on the skin. the head of the project thinks the research could be used to develop skin protecting creams and products. previously it's been found to help alzheimer's, ward off prostate cancer and even prevent cavities. it's the cure-all. donors save an east bay
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animal shelter. a new fundraising effort raised enough to keep the valley humane society. an anonymous donor wrote a check for $125,000 to the shelt their moved into a new facility in may. before the recent fundraising donations had been down 30% from last year. a 9-year-old jumps into action in san jose. how he helped save a toddler from drowning. after all the bickering, unity in congress? the surprise visit that brought a standing ovation and where the debt crisis stands now hours before the deadline. the kidnapping victim, why there are questions surrounding an amber alert in the east bay, coming up. the sudden death of a key witness in the bryan stow beating case has prosecutors considering what to do next. the full story just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a statewide amber alert called off. a teen allegedly kidnapped in the east bay is safe. this morning, the mystery surrounding what really happened. a new twist in the bryan
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stow beating case. a key witness is found dead. the most detailed account yet of the attack at dodger stadium. good morning. it's tuesday, august 2. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger. time now 4:59. we'll start off with a quick look, traffic and weather. first to kristy seifkin who says sunshine is in the forecast. >> there is sunshine in the forecast. you're right, elizabeth. and warmer temperatures, especially inland where it's going to be most noticeable. concord making it to 88, in other location breaking the 90- degree mark. i'll have more later. first gianna has traffic. >> we have a trouble spot on the bay bridge. westbound right as you approach treasure island we are getting first reports of a three-car crash blocking the right lane. chp and tow crews are on scene. more details coming up. right now, back to you. an amber alert was cancelled overnight on word that a missing teen was okay. sharon chin is in antioch where police still have a lot of questions to answer. good morning to you, on


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