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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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investigators say police have not spoken directly to hassan. now, after 3:30 yesterday afternoon, police say the teenager was abducted at gunpoint from his part-time job at al's barbershop at west 18th street when a man with a sawed- off shotgun robbed the shop owner and forced hassan into his boss' car to help the suspect escape. cbs 5 talked to neighbors who know hassan and are suspicious since they say they saw him an hour after the amber alert was issued. but police say they still believe this was not a hoax but an abduction. >> when i wake up i come to the door and i see him standing outside and i said to him, you know, the police are looking for you. >> at this point we don't have any reason to believe he is involved in anything but the information that we have is pretty much what we've given you. >> reporter: police say they have recovered the black suv belonging to the barbershop owner and they are combing it for evidence. no word if police have talked yet to the teenager. police say they have talked
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with the teen's mother and have no reason to believe that he knew the suspect. the suspect a 25-year-old man is still out there. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> hopefully they will find him and get some more answers. sharon chin in antioch, thank you. he was with bryan stow during the alleged attack at dodger stadium. this morning, the sudden death of a key witness is creating a setback for prosecutors. anser hassan is in san francisco to tell us what this could potentially mean for the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that setback is the sudden death of the key eyewitness may mean that his statements from the past may not be allowed to be used in court. and as prosecutors build their case, they are concerned how this may affect the case. matthew lee was with bryan stow at opening night at dodger stadium. he died suddenly on sunday from an allergic reaction to eating nuts in a salad. lee's testimony was considered a key eyewitness account of what happened the night they were attacked. here's lee talking about the
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attack back in april. >> it was totally unprovoked. it was not a dodger fan thing. it was just a thug thing and criminals. and there's just no place for it in baseball. >> reporter: lee's sudden death may disqualify such statements from being used in the court case against the two lead suspects. court documents released on monday point to 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood as the lead suspects in the case. the document reveals that the two not only attacked lee, but also hit another man even threw a soda can at a female giants fan. the documents also state that sanchez ran up behind stow and punched him in the side of the head knocking stow to the ground. when stow lay there unconscious, sanchez kicked him in the head. lee's testimony was to help prosecutors detail this attack. they are still hopeful, however, to use it as part of their evidence.
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>> when someone has died, there are ways under the law to admit statements made when they were living but it has to fit into the exception to the hearsay rule. >> reporter: the here say rule is the legal term describing statements made outside a legal court hearing. now, the prosecutors will have to try and convince the judge to allow the testimony into evidence. sanchez and norwood made their first court appearance on monday. arraignment is august 10. if convicted on the felony counts of mayhem and assault, they may get eight to ten years behind bars. >> thank you, anser hassan live this morning in san francisco. police in hayward say they are moving closer to making an arrest in the disappearance of michelle le. "the examiner" reports that police are narrowing down the pool of suspects. but a police lieutenant says an arrest could happen in three weeks or three months. her family says, "we can only put faith in the hayward pd to solve this case as quickly as
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they can." in just a few hours, the senate is expected to approve a compromise bill to end that standoff over the debt limit. the house approved the bill last night. the bipartisan plan promises more than $2 trillion of budget cuts in the next decade. both republicans and democrats have found a lot of things that they don't like about the bill. the bay area's house delegation all democrats voted 7-5 against it. [ applause and cheers ] >> there was one feel good moment on the house floor when congresswoman gabrielle giffords showed up to cast her decision. this is her first appearance since she was shot in the head in tucson seven months ago. she drew a bipartisan standing ovation. she voted in favor of the bill. it's time for traffic and weather. grace did a little weather test this morning. >> that's right. >> you didn't know this about
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me. i do the weather test every day as drive into the work. >> i didn't know. learn new things every day, grace. >> very unofficial. >> i can just picture you licking your finger and holding it out the window. >> that's all i know about weather. >> well, cloud cover out there, filling in along the bay shores, clear for the most part inland a few low clouds out there. temperatures pretty mild right now in the 50s. 55 in concord and livermore. 54 for pacifica. same for fairfield and 49 for napa. warming up nicely by this afternoon. actually bumping those temperatures up and breaking that 90-degree mark inland. warmer as well along the bay shores seeing temperatures there in the 70s. and we are keeping it cool at the coast, high 50s low 60s and plenty of cloud cover although we are seeing some sun breaks too today which is different than yesterday. pretty similar conditions into wednesday. and then big changes in store between wednesday and thursday, dropping down into the low 80s
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as the warmest temperatures. drizzle there in the morning as well and we continue with that cooling trend throughout rest of the workweek and through the weekend, as well. that's a look at your forecast. let's go to gianna and check traffic. >> live to chopper 5 in san leandro. we have been monitoring this police activity. we are seeing here some cruisers here actually on surface streets in the area. again, this is in san leandro. now we are getting reports that this may be related to a trouble spot on the freeway. we had word of a police chase that ended westbound 580 near he is sta dill low. the two right lanes were blocked. we are trying to get confirmation if the lanes are open but we are seeing activity on surface streets in san leandro as a result. so we'll get you more information as it comes in but again, you can see one of those lanes -- or streets on the surface area was blocked. westbound 580 near estudillo may be blocked. back to you. >> thank you. she allegedly robbed alex
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trebek. this morning why the suspect is in more trouble than originally thought. >> plus, a 9-year-old boy hailed as a hero in the south bay. how he stemmed in just in time to -- stepped in just in time to save a toddler from drowning. >> and forget "snakes on a plane." the rude surprise for a family during a recent road trip. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. good morning. live to chopper 5 over the scene of police activity in san leandro. you can see surface streets are blocked in the area. this may be the end of a police chase on 580 at estudillo. lanes may have been re-opened. but, of course, this police activity continues on the surface streets in san leandro. we'll continue to keep you updated on this. right now back to the news. >> thank you. prosecutors in san francisco are planning to prosecute the alex trebek burglary suspect under california's "three strikes" law. lucinda moyers is accused of entering the jeopardy host's hotel room last tuesday at the marriott and stealing cash and
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even some of his belongings. trebek chased her and ruptured his achilles tendon. the district attorney's office says moyers already has two burglary convictions on her record. a soldier from daly city is among the latest american casualties in afghanistan. the defense department says army sergeant william gross- paniagua was killed sunday in the can nar province. his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. friends and family are sharing memories. >> william was really nice, sweet, respectful person. and he is really going to be missed. there is not like 30 minutes that pass by that we didn't start crying. i don't want to start crying again. >> gross-paniagua previously served in iraq and friends say he also would not tell his mother when he was coming home from the battlefield. he did it so he could see her reaction when opened the door. he was planning on surprising her again in january.
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army sergeant william gross- paniagua was 28. two santa clara firefighters are about to go on a bike ride this morning all the way to new york city. the journey is in honor of the 343 firefighters who were killed in the september 11th terror attacks 10 years ago next month. darrell sales and dave lombardo will also raise money for charities along the way. mike colgan will bring us more on this story in our next half hour. by the way, if you are calculating, the trip from santa clara to brooklyn about 4,000 miles. they are doing it for a good cause. >> amazing. >> i know. you got a new bike. >> yeah. if i can make it across the marina green i'll be really excited. [ laughter ] 6:12 now. firefighters call it a remarkable coincidence. how a brave 9-year-old helped rescue a girl and her grandfather from a pool. and muni cracking down on people who cheat the system. the new technology coming soon for the clipper card. and if you are heading out of sfo today, you are cleared
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for take-off, i'm going to see plenty of sunshine today even more sun than we saw yesterday. now, we are going to see warmer conditions if you are landing in houston. almost breaking 100 a chance of rain and thunderstorms, as well. continuing to see hot weather in atlanta, making it to 97 today. mostly sunny skies. we'll have a full look at your bay area forecast coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is said to be safe this morn here's a look at today's top stories. a 16-year-old from antioch is said to be safe this morning after he was allegedly abducted during an armed robbery. police cancelled an amber alert but are still looking for the suspect. a brush fire is out after burning about 60 acres near fairfield. that fire burned for several hours near the interchange of interstate 80 and 680. no one was hurt and no buildings burned. this morning, the senate is expected to pass the bipartisan compromise to raise the nation's debt limit. the house approved it yesterday evening and president obama has indicated he will sign it. all right. let's take out to chopper 5 live in san leandro where we are monitoring this developing story. police activity on scene.
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this is near 159th street. you can see some surface streets are blocked in the area. we are getting word that this may be related to a police chase that ended on 580. we have word of a police chase about 45 minutes ago right after 5:30. westbound 580 at estudillo, two right lanes are blocked. all freeway lanes are open but we are monitoring the police activity near 159th street in san leandro. we'll keep you update. jumping over to the freeways, let's check the roads here, westbound 580 extra volume towards pleasanton-dub interchange. 580 sluggish at the altamont pass. yellow on the sensors westbound 580 to 680 slow there, give yourself some extra time. off the antioch bridge along highway 4 not bad. the bridge looks good. once you hit loveridge starting to see some brake lights westbound 4 through antioch. bogs down a little bit at
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pittsburg. live look at the bay bridge, metering lights are off westbound looking good across the upper deck into san francisco. no troubles across the lower deck as you work your way into oakland. we have some early-morning roadwork near the sky ways but that has been cleared. the rest of the bay area bridges problem-free. san mateo bridge ragging nice this morning. no delays to report at 88 and 101. hayward to foster city. clear along 101, working your way through the peninsula. that's traffic here's kristy with your forecast. >> thanks a lot. we are going to see plenty of sunshine today all around the bay area. we had clouds hanging on near the coastline all day yesterday, but plenty of sunshine just like what we are seeing outside here at mount vaca. that's in store for all the bay area. we are dealing with cloud cover this morning. seeing a little coastline patchy fog temperatures in the 50s for the most part. by this afternoon, though, warming up into the 90s in those inland spots. we are only in the 80s yesterday. around the bay seeing temperatures in the low 70s
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sunshine there too and at the coastline we will see some low clouds but we'll get some sun breaks that's good news for those of how are looking for a little sunshine and the reason we are seeing more of this sun and warmer conditions. high pressure is building bringing us those few extra degrees for today. low 90s,lots of sun in ukiah. inland 78 for fremont, 82 milpitas, 80 for sunnyvale and 78 for los altos. brentwood topping out at 91. danville cooler at 87. same for san ramon and san leandro will make it to 74 today. san rafael topping out at 79. 76 for vallejo and 80 for benicia. the city a little warmer today at 68 degrees. so warm temperatures for today, pretty similar tomorrow then big changes in store dropping
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down into the low 80s in our warmest spots for thursday, drizzle and cloud cover back in the forecast. and then we see a modest warming for friday, saturday and sunday. back to you guys. >> drizzle? wow. thank you. 6:20 now. oakland's police force is about to get stronger. the department is rehiring 24 recently laid off officers. this is thanks to funding set aside in the new budget. they could be back on the streets by this weekend. a total of 80 officers lost their jobs last year. the city has seen a significant bump in serious crimes so far. millions of americans will get together with their neighbors tonight and they are doing it to help fight crime. "national night out" plans are all over the bay area. in oakland more than 500 block parties are planned for tonight. the police chiefs, mayor and firefighters plan to visit a number of the events aimed at getting people to help curb crime in their own neighborhoods. for the second time in less than a week, two people are
6:21 am
rescued from swimming pools in west san jose. a 9-year-old boy is hailed as a hero after he jumped into a pool yesterday. this is what he did. he pulled out a 3-year-old girl out of the deep end. the girl's grandfather was also at the bottom of the pool and a woman managed to get him to the surface. good job there to the 9-year- old down in san jose. >> very brave. it is 6:21. the best and worst cell phone carriers ranked in a new survey. the one thing in common for the cream of the crop. >> and look out ahead! a scaly surprise. we'll tell you what happened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police activity in san leandro. surface streets are blocked near 159th and east 14th street just south of 580. earlier we had the police chase that ended on 580 near estudillo. lanes were blocked. firefighters police chase an incident on surface streets are related, we have a news crew heading to the scene to bring
6:25 am
more information. san francisco could soon have more taxis on the street. the trade-off, there could be higher fares. we'll consider adding 87 new cabs in san francisco. the cabs will be limited to certain busy hours. the muni board is looking at proposed fare hikes that would make san francisco cabs the third most expensive in the country. the agency is also acting to monitor payments by the clipper cards in order to watch for fare cheating. the mta will vote today on a new classification for clipper card fare evaders. the agency plans to use its own technology to detect glitches and scams. the penalty for a citation for cheating $100. this is a slithering surprise for a tennessee family. >> they cannot believe what went crawling across their windshield. it was a 5-foot-long snake!
6:26 am
it appeared as they were driving through memphis. of course, somebody shot video while the kids just watched in amazement. >> all of a sudden the thing is snaking up like out of the engine coming at us and i'm like, what in the world! >> that's not something you're looking for. we were just nervously laughing as you can hear in the video. [ laughter ] >> all right. eventually the snake dropped off. when they put the video on facebook, they heard from some animal lovers who complained they should have pulled off and then it would have allowed the snake to fall off more easily so people are concerned about the snake, as well. >> yeah. but i think he said that was a water moccasin, which is really poisonous. make sure the windows are rolled up when you stop the car. >> you never know what you will find driving through the streets of memphis. [ laughter ] 6:26. coming up we'll continue to follow breaking news san leandro. >> live pictures from chopper 5 showing some police activity.
6:27 am
this is near interstate 580. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll continue to give you live reports throughout the morning. plus, a show of unity in congress. the surprise appearance that led to a standing ovation. some questions about the alleged kidnapping victim in an east bay amber alert case. that story coming up. and a new twist in the bryan stow beating. what the sudden death of a key witness could mean for this case. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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inve let's go life to the new york stock exchange. you can hear it. that's the opening bell. investors had a tepid reaction to the debt deal in washington so far. that continued last night even after the house approved it. the s&p 500 index was down two points. the people ringing the bell hudson valley holding company. good morning. it's tuesday, augus -- it's tuesday, august 2. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. we have a traffic alert in san leandro, streets blocked and police activity near 580. >> reporter: that's right. san leandro we have word of a police chase just off 580 westbound near estudillo and police activity on surface streets at 159th and east 14th street. we are trying to get confirmation if they are related. we have a news crew heading to the scene so we'll continue to bring you more information.
6:31 am
right now we'll update you on the forecast with kristy. >> thanks a lot, gianna. mild temperatures out there this morning and contending with cloud cover just like we did yesterday morning. here's a look at those temperatures outside right now. 55 for concord and livermore. 58 for oakland and fremont. 60 right now in san jose. warmup in store. i'll tell you about that in a bit. back to you guys. >> thank you. cool and mild but apparently heating up in washington, d.c. because in just a few hours the u.s. senate is expected to approve that compromise bill to increase the national debt limit. the house approved the bill last night. the bipartisan plan promises more than $2 trillion of budget cuts in the next decade. both republicans and democrats have found a lot to dislike about the bill. the bay area house delegation all democrats voted 7-5 against it. president obama though has indicated that he will sign the bill. [ applause and cheers ] >> and despite the bitterness over the plan, there was a feel good moment on the house floor
6:32 am
for good reason. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords showed up to cast her vote. this is her first appearance there since she was shot in the head in tucson just seven months ago. giffords drew a bipartisan standing ovation and then sleeted in favor of the bill. the search for a 16-year- old is over and an amber alert is cancelled this morning. sharon chin is in antioch where we understand police are still looking for a suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say the teenager is safe this morning but there are still some questions and skepticism about the case. antioch police say 16-year-old hassan amir ford has been released after being abducted at gunpoint yesterday afternoon. they issued a news release after midnight. they had not spoken to the teen directly but said he made contact with family and friends. he had been missing for hours. after 3:30 yesterday afternoon officers say hassan was kidnapped from his part-time job at al's barbershop on west
6:33 am
18th. a 25-year-old man with a sawed- off shotgun robbed the owner of his wallet, $350 and watch and jewelry and forced the teen into his boss' suv for the escape. cbs 5 spoke to neighbors who know hassan and they say they saw him an hour after police issued the statewide amber alert for him. they said that he was apparently wearing different clothing. but police say they still believe this was not a hoax but an actual kidnapping. >> i said to him, you know, the police are looking for you. >> reporter: you mean hassan. >> yes. >> reporter: no mistaking it was hassan? >> no mistaking, no mistaking it was hassan. >> at this point we didn't have any reason to believe that he is involved in anything. the information that we have is pretty much what we have given you. >> reporter: police have recovered the barbershop owner's suv and they are scouring it for evidence and clues to find the suspect. officers have talked to the
6:34 am
teen's mother and say they have no reason to believe he knew the suspect. we don't know if investigators have talked to hassan and have been able to to ask him about his disappearance and reappearance. >> thank you, sharon chin in antioch. miss in hayward say they are moving -- police in hayward say they are closer to an arrest in the disappearance of michelle le. "the examiner" reports that police are for this rowing down the pool of us is -- narrowing down the pool of suspects. a lieutenant says it could happen within three weeks to three months. the le family says we can only put faith in the hayward pd to solve this case quickly. a key witness in the bryan stow beating died creating a setback for prosecutors. matthew lee was a friend of stows with him when the alleged attack happened outside dodger stadium on march 31. lee later said that attack was entirely unprovoked and called the perpetrators thugs. lee died last weekend
6:35 am
reportedly because of a severe allergic reaction to eating nuts. in the meantime, new details are emerging about that alleged attack. a prosecutor in los angeles says one of the suspects louie sanchez began making trouble inside the stadium. he allegedly threw soda on a fan and then tried to attack her companions and then later in the parking lot sanchez reportedly ran over to a group of giants fans and swung his fist at one of them and then turned his attention to stow and lee following them as they walked toward a taxi stand. court documents say he punched stow in the side of the head, who then fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement. time now 6:35. weather and traffic, first traffic gianna following some developing news i guess san leandro. >> chopper 5 over the scene this is police activity in san leandro near 159th and 14th streets. as you can see here they have blocked off a portion of the road for the investigation. we still don't have word on
6:36 am
arrests or injuries. but it may be related to a police chase that ended around 5:30 on 580. 580 where that police chase ended is just north of this activity here so again we have a news crew headed to the scene for more information but surface streets are blocked in the area. jumping over to the bay bridge right now metering lights are on. looks like we are seeing extra volume into san francisco along the upper deck and a slight delay at the toll plaza. that's a look at traffic. here's kristy with your forecast. >> thanks a lot, gianna. the shots of the bridge show clouds. and we are looking outside here as well where you can see more of that cloud cover, a lot of gray in san francisco right now and clouds an issue for most of the bay area. we are seeing partly cloudy skies inland and patchy fog at the coast but the good news is we are going to warm up nicely and clear out nicely, different picture by this afternoon. look at how we're bumping these numbers up today. we are going to see an 8-degree
6:37 am
butchup in santa rosa. thank you. next month will mark ten years since the september 11th terror attacks. this morning, two santa clara firefighters will embark on a cross-country bicycle journey to honor those who died on that day. kcbs radio's mike colgan has more on this long ride. >> reporter: good morning. santa clara fire station 2 is a hub of activity this morning for a different reason. two firefighters from the station are about to ride on -- leave on this epic journey 4,000 miles to new york city. darrell sales is one of the firefighters who joins us live. they are taking off at 7 a.m. this morning. why are you doing this? >> mike, what we wanted to do is we wanted to set up something that was pretty special so we could honor the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11. >> reporter: you have about 100 miles a day. you have this trip planned to the last pedal. >> right down to the last mile.
6:38 am
what we're going to do is on september 9, we are going to hit jersey city spend the night there with the firefighters there and we are going to get up the morning of september 10 and ride up the hudson river on the jersey side up to the george washington bridge, cross the george washington bridge, come back down the hudson river on the other side, make our way through ground zero, to honor those 343, and then onto the brooklyn bridge where we'll end our trip. >> what sort of training have you been doing for this? >> we have been just riding as much as we can trying to get in shape. i don't know if this is something you can train for except as a lifestyle just to make it work. >> reporter: good luck on your journey. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: they will be hosted at fire stations across the country as they make this 4,000-mile ride from santa clara to new york city. live here at fire station 2 in santa clara, mike colgan for cbs 5. >> we wish them luck on their long journey, thank you, mike. a soldier from daly city is
6:39 am
among the latest american killed in ago. the defense department says army sergeant william gross- paniagua was killed sunday. his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. friends say he was planning oncoming home in january. army sergeant william gross- paniagua was 28. pg&e is showing signs that it may not finish tests on 152 miles of pipeline by the end of the year. the san francisco-based utility is conducting tests on the natural gas pipelines because they are similar to the one involved in last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. according to the "san francisco chronicle," pg&e had only tested about 17.5 miles through july and determined another 20 miles had previously been tested. 6:39. it's not often we hear about airlines giving you money back. we are going to tell you about the refunds coming soon to some passengers. >> and drives catch a break in one bay area -- drivers catch a break in one bay area city. why cops are dishing out fewer
6:40 am
traffic tickets. >> the market opened a few minutes ago. a quick check of the early numbers, and we are down across the board. we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks brooks when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
good morning. breaking news out of san leandro. let's go live to chopper 5 over the scene at 159th street near east 14th street. we are just getting word that this may have involved a shooting that happened this morning. chp was called to assist police with a police chase that ended along 580. now, there was a vehicle there. they are not sure if that vehicle was involved in the shooting or possibly a victim. there is now police activity on surface streets. there are lane closures again at 159th street right at east 14th street. we are still getting more information. and we do have a news crew heading to the scene for this investigation. there are closures in the area and it's possibly related to a police chase that ended on 580 and a shooting. we'll have more information. right now let's jump to the maps and check your freedoms. 580 looking better than earlier. lots of green on the sensors 63 miles per hour in san leandro so no delays as a result.
6:44 am
west 580 out of the altamont pass stop and go conditions. 24 minutes west 580 altamont pass to 680, brake lights at the dublin interchange. antioch bridge so far, so good. steady stream of cars but still night speeds. you are going to see brake lights once you hit the hillcrest area westbound gets slow into pittsburg, as well. elsewhere into the south bay not bad. we are accident-free along 101 in the south bay. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. a backup at the toll plaza no delays across the lower deck into oakland. along the golden gate bridge, still a little slow southbound 101, 37 to 580. once you hit the bridge traffic looks good into san francisco. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
6:45 am
a beautiful day, plenty of sunshine all over the bay area. a little gray outside right now still take leaving look outside here at the city seeing some patchy fog lingering along the coast and low clouds in other locations as you step out the door this morning but pretty mild for the most part. temperatures in the 50s and by this afternoon bumping those temperatures up in those inland locations so braking into the 90s today -- breaking into the 90s there at the bay temperatures making it to the low 70s, sunshine there, too. at the coastline while we are seeing low clouds through the afternoon, going to see some sun breaks, as well. so warmer temperatures for today. the reason for that is this low that's sliding slightly north. this area of high pressure building from the southeast. that's giving us those couple of extra degrees of warming especially in those inland spots. and seeing warming throughout california, 101 in fresno. low 90s for sacramento, ukiah, high 90s in redding and cooler though if you are heading to
6:46 am
ukiah at 62 degrees. we are seeing some cloud cover in the picture. but highs back here in the bay area look like this for today. 85 for both cupertino and campbell. 75 for san mateo. and 82 as a high in milpitas. danville making it to 87 today. same for san ramon, brentwood, warmer areas today to 91, livermore 90. 90 fairfield, san francisco 68 so warmer yesterday. wednesday will be the warmest day of the week and big changes in store. look at the temperature difference in one day dropping down into the low 80s inland on thursday, drizzle in the morning, clouds building in, and then we'll see a modest warming for friday, saturday and sunday but you can see definitely cooler for the second half of the week. back to you. >> thank you. americans are keeping their wallets in their pockets. >> here now is jason brooks with kcbs and jason, this is part of the
6:47 am
problem, right, in our recovery is no one wants to spend money. >> reporter: good morning. this has been an issue we have been dealing with for years. the 2nd quarter has seen a real slowdown all across the board in the economy. since the consumer makes up two- thirds of the economy, it's not good. consumer spending fell by two- tenths of a percent in june according to the commerce department. that was the first drop in nearly two years. if you strip away gas and food prices, spending was flat as gas and food prices actually fell back a little bit during that month but really, it just underscores how nervous consumers are about the current state of the economy. job hiring is flat over the past few months. and, of course, the debt crisis has been a big overhang on the economy, as well. incomes really not moving much at all. incomes were up only a tenth of a percent. that was the weakest showing in that regard since last september. one area that continues to show
6:48 am
growth are the latest dot-com explosion companies. the social media companies like twitter. private investors have led another round of $800 million being pumped into twitter led by digit sky technologies a russian venture capital firm with sizable stakes in companies like facebook, groupon and farmville maker zynga. it puts a value of $8.4 billion on twitter. stock market not too happy with the latest economic news. hasn't gotten any good news in that regard over the past few weeks. the debt deal does seem apparent with the senate voting today but we have to wait to see whether the credit rating agencies will still downgrade the u.s. credit rating from triple-a to double-a status. if that was to happen that would likely bump up interest rates that could affect all sorts of borrowing for consumers and businesses. right now the dow is lower by 23 points. the nasdaq is down by 3. and grace and elizabeth, the s&p is
6:49 am
off by 4. >> okay, jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. 6:49. the cities of san jose and campbell are about to make a deal over a neighborhood they won't want to annex. -- they won't want to annex. san jose had first rights to cambrian 36. this is according to guidelines drawn up decades ago. but the 1,000 people who live there are closer to the heart of campbell and a lot of people feel that they would be better served by the smaller city. under the deal campbell would get the land and have to pay san jose $200,000 a year to make up for the lost revenue. san francisco police are handing out fewer traffic tickets. one reason? there aren't as many traffic officers as previously. violations are down about 18%. for the first five months. year, officers wrote more than 52,000 tickets down from 63,000 from the first five months of
6:50 am
last year. another reason for the decline, red light cameras. >> there's been a cultural change on the red light cameras because people are slowing down not racing to go through the yellow which they believe is the yellow but they always go through on the red. >> no one wants to get caught. officers say they are also catching fewer drivers using cell phones. delta says it will actually give money back to customers who travel during the faa shutdown. it is the first major airline to do so. those refunds cover amounts the airline took in while federal taxes were not being collected. they apply to people who bought tickets before the faa shutdown began on july 23rd but who traveled after that date. during the shutdown, most airlines raised fares so travelers did not see any savings. 6:50 now. and a new survey named the best and the worst cell phone providers in america. j.d. power and associates found verizon is tops when it comes
6:51 am
to customer service and satisfaction. t-mobile runs a close second. tied at the bottom of the list at&t and sprint. the survey also found customers who have contracts rated their carriers slightly higher than those without contracts. a 9-year-old san jose boy is being called a hero this morning. he jumped into a swimming pool on south kylie boulevard yesterday and pulled out a 3- year-old girl from the deep end. the girl's grandfather was also at the bottom of the pool. and a woman got him to the surface. people all around the pool pushed on both victims' chests and they were breathing when the fire department arrived. >> close call. time now 6:51. an amber alert called off. the questions police still have about an alleged teen abduction. plus, we continue to follow police activity on 580 in san leandro. the possible connection to a police chase and a shooting. an amber alert was cancelled i'm erica hill in
6:52 am
washington. just ahead on "the early show" the dramatic return of congresswoman gabrielle giffords there to cast her vote to break the deadlock. her surprise appearance brought two parties together on the house floor monday. we'll show you that moment and also speak with one of her closest friends in the house who helped her walk in. plus, time is money. now some patients are actually charging their doctors for their patience. we'll look at how you can be reimbursed for your waiting time. that's coming up this morning on "the early show." ,, ♪
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[ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. as to we continue to monitor this developing -- we continue to monitor this developing story out of san leandro. a portion of 159th street at east 14th street is blocked off. they are investigating a shooting. no word on injuries or how many people were involved. at one point police were chasing a vehicle on 580. they called into chp to shut down two lanes of 580 westbound near estudillo. this investigation continues in san leandro. it's located at 159th street east of 14th street. we'll have more throughout the morning. bay bridge metering lights are on, we are seeing a backup at least to the 880 overcrossing right now but looks good hit
6:56 am
past the incline across the upper deck into san francisco. no delays into san francisco. golden gate bridge also problem- free, 11 minutes southbound 101 from 37 to 580. looks good on the san francisco city streets. san mateo bridge problem-free. 880 and 101 things looking nice. up to speed there. also along 101 through the peninsula no delays there. southbound 101 construction continues in san rafael. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. an amber alert was cancelled overnight on word a missing teen is safe. sharon chin is in antioch where police still have unanswered questions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are still questions in this case raised by friends of the kidnap victim. antioch police said after midnight that 16-year-old hassan ford is say. officers said he had been abducted from his job at al's barbershop on west 18th. police say a gunman robbed the shop owner and then stole his
6:57 am
suv forcing hassan to drive. officers say hassan was later released and contacted family and friends and they have recovered the stole-suv with stolen suv. there are no suspects. friends said they saw hassan an hour after the amber alert went out in different clothes. officers talked to hassan's mother and have no reason to believe he knew the armed suspect. police say it was a kidnapping. they don't believe it was a hoax. >> thank you, sharon chin live in antioch. thank you. fighting crime, that's the plan for millions of americans as get together tonight with the neighbors. there are national nights out planned all over the bay area, as well. in oakland more than 500 block parties are planned. the police officer, mayors and firefighters will visit the -- the police chief, mayor and firefighters will visit the areas to help curb crime in
6:58 am
neighborhoods. later today the senate is expected to approve a compromise bill to raise the nation's debt limit. here's a live look as lawmakers make their final push on the senate floor. the house approved the bill yesterday evening. the bipartisan plan promises more than $2 trillion of budget cuts in the next decade. both republicans and democrats don't like the bill but the president will approve it if it pass the senate. we want one final check of weather and we're heating things up. >> you're right, elizabeth, by a couple of degrees today most notable inland making it to the low 90s. low 70s at the bay. at the coastline temperatures cool high 50s but we'll get some sun breaks unlike yesterday. pretty consistent conditions for tomorrow. that will be the warmest day of your week and then you will see changes in store as we make our way into thursday, drizzle in the morning, clouds building back in, temperatures dropping, look at this down into the high
6:59 am
80s -- excuse me, low 80s as the warmest temperature on thursday. modestly bumping the temperatures up friday into saturday and sunday but for the most part cooler for the second half of the week. take a jacket to the arizona and san francisco game, go giants. donors step up and they save an east bay animal shelter. >> a new fundraising effort raised enough money to keep the valley humane society operating in pleasanton. an norms donor wrote a check for -- an anonymous donor wrote a economic for $125,000 to the shelter. they moved into new facilities in may. before the recent fundraising donations had been down 30% from last year. so they really needed this influx of money. >> and there's your cute animal video of the morning. everyone say awww. >> awww... >> thanks for watching cbs 5 "early edition." up next on "the early shows" a stunning surprise as congresswoman gabrielle


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