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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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pool in west san jose. the girl's grandfather was also rescued. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. the deadly southern heat wave hits a new high as dallas reaches 110 degrees. while in the caribbean, tropical storm emily threatens the islands for the east coast. markets around the world meantime falling on the heels of the debt deal signed by president obama. not worrying enough about the growth of jobs in the u.s. we have the very latest from wall street and the white house. egypt's bedridden former president hosni mubarak in trial. he's in a cage. we'll have more on his first public appearance in nearly six months. and air force sergeant tim rush is on quite a hot streak. he got home safely from iraq and he won a million in the lottery.
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so what are his plans? he'll tell us this early wednesday morning, august 3rd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs this thursday, this thursday, august 3rd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs and good morning. welcome to "the early show" on a wednesday morning. beautiful start to the day. good morning, everybody i e-mail erica hill. nice to be next to you. >> it's funny. you're back in new york. anything can happen in this city as we know. >> yes, indeed. >> we're continuing to follow this story. this pea cob precariously perched on this ledge. did you just see that? >> that actually happened. that happened before we went on the air. it's true. it escaped from the central park zoo yesterday, flew the coop as it were. talk about getting a lot of people excited. a lot of crowds gathering below
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the apartment building. it will be a nice light moment in your day. >> everybody has been watching the peacock. of course, moments ago, boom. hopefully he goes back home. we'll get you more. we want to begin this morning on a serious note. the brutal heat wave. it's another day of triple-digit heat over a huge area. because of the dome of heat that's been hanging over the southern plains, blamed for over two dozen deaths. texas is the worst. marysol castro was there. the heat is oppressive. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. high school football as you known in the lone star state is practically religion. these guys are practicing despite 110 degrees. it's claimed the lives of at least 24 people and it is far from over. this heat wave lasts at least another five days. for 32 consecutive days, dallas,
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texas, has been baking under triple-digit temperatures. the heat wave this part of the country hasn't seen since 1980. at least 12 people have died in the dallas area, and at one local hospital heat related emergency room visits have doubled. the state's energy agency warned customers that its power grid is entering the first stages of an energy manage. texas has already broken its all-time peak electricity record twice this week. the grid's current capacity is approximately 67,000 megawatts. tuesday peaked at 67,929, and today could go beyond 68,100 megawatts. if that trend persists, rolling blackouts could add to the misery. in texas football is as big as the lone star state itself. players routinely practice twice a day in scorching august temperatures but school
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officials like athletic director rene putter take precautions to keep students safe. >> every day we weigh the athletes before practice and again at the end. if they lose a certain percentage of their body weight, then we hold them out of practice the next day as a precaution. >> reporter: but it's not only about the players. one community lost a beloved high school coach monday in plano. 55-year-old wade mcclain collapsed and died during the season's first practice. >> my son actually told me he had said when i go i hope i go from a football field because this is what i love the most. >> reporter: they found heat exposure and a heart condition caused his death. his five children are still coming to terms with it all. >> he lived with a commitment to his family and those that he loved. >> reporter: for these football players, it's business as usual. they are required to take water breaks every 20 minutes and the city of dallas was handing out free air conditioners for folks
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who couldn't afford it. it's 96 but it feels like 104 and it's still early in the day. >> you see behind you the football players taking a much needed break. unbelievable. let's talk about the other story. that's em emploilyemily, which t couple of days looks to be tracking toward the east coast. >> you're exactly right. 105 miles off the coast of the dominican republic. ice traveling at 14 miles an hour, packing 15-mile-an-hour wind gusts. there are tropical warning wind gusts for puerto rico. we look at emily's path expected to affect south florida friday into saturday. early models show anywhere from two to five inches of rain as it just hugs the east coastin inco of course, we're going to keep an eye on it for you. >> here's erica. a selloff pushed the mashed to its longest losing streak in nearly three years. investors still wired even after congress beat tuesday's deadline
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for extending the government debt limit. we will bring you the latest from the white house on both jobs and the economy in just a moment, but first we want to get a closer look at the numbers and the impact around the world. cbs news business correspondent rebecca jarvis is at the new york stock exchange this morning. why exactly did wall street not embrace this bill? >> wall street, like i said on monday, is concerned about both that debt limit being passed as it was and also the overall problems that the economy here in the united states faces. first of all, you have weak job grouchlkt in fact, you don't really have weak job growth. you have a weak housing market and a consumer that's been restrained by the jobs market and housing market and the uncertainty on the economy that that consumer is not going out and spending. so here on wall street the idea is we approach the debt limit debate with a question mark. but the overall question mark that we got to this debate with
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is the economy. now people are questioning whether we face a double dip recession and that's what really drove stocks lower yesterday. >> one of the issues is we are a consumer driven economy. consumers are really cautious, not spending as much at this point. and that's obviously also weighing. >> yeah, that's absolutely weighing and the consumers are really getting their house in fiscal order because of all of the question marks out there. there's savings rate of 5.4%. that's good on the one hand because consumers are better off. they're being smarter with their money. but that's bad because when consumers don't spend, all of a sudden it has a ripple effect on jobs and the overall economy. >> rebecca jarvis on wall street this morning. rebecca, thanks. the job market is one of many challenges facing president obama as we head into this election year. cbs correspondent bill plante joining us this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. with unemployment above 9% and
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an economy that's barely moving president obama faces some very high hurdles. >> the central economic challenge is a weak economy. >> reporter: robert shapiro says the president needs to create conditions for stronger growth. >> that growth will generate jobs and that will generate consumer spending, and that will generate business investment. >> reporter: growth has been hard to come by but the president says he intends to keep on pushing. >> the fight for what the american people care most about, new jobs, higher wages, and faster economic growth. >> reporter: mr. obama says he'll ask congress to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits, pass two free trade agreements and put construction workers back on the job repairing the nation's infrastructure. >> there's no reason for congress not to send me those bills so i can sign them into law right away as soon as they get back from recess. >> i hope he's not holding his
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breath. >> reporter: larry sabato. >> the white house fully understands that. here's the truth. it's going to take a lot of good luck. presidents are either lucky or they aren't. >> reporter: the president's staff says his message from this point forward will be unrelenting. jobs, jobs, jobs. the red line shows how deep job losses have been in this recession compared to all other post war recessions and how slow the recovery continues to be. >> if the economy looks anything like it does today, barack obama is very likely to be a one-term president. but if the economy looks better to americans by november 2012, then obama has a reasonable shot at a second term. >> reporter: so whether or not congress is willing to listen, the president will definitely be asking for jobs programs. he'll be hoping that the people who were for him last time, including all those independent
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voters are listening. erica? >> bill plant at the white house this morning. bill, thanks. here's chris. >> erica, thank you. egypt's former president hosni mubarak has been in seclusion since he was forced out of office by protesters six months ago. but this morning he's in court denying that protest eers were ordered to be killed. >> reporter: good morning, cliff. it's been a real cliff hanger. there were concerns swirling that hosni mubarak would too sick to come to court. hundreds of those gathered outside the courtroom didn't believe it was going to happen until the very last second when they saw it with their own eyes. former president hosni mubarak wheeled into court on a gurney to face charges of corruption and order the killing of protesters in egypt's uprising earlier this year. mubarak was forced out of office
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on february 11th after millions took to the streets and took over cairo's central tahrir square. the army stood by the people but over 800 people were shot and beaten to death by government thugs. mubarak joins his two sons and seven government officials in a barred cage that's part of a procedure in egyptian criminal proceedings but unthingable until now for a former strong man president in the arab world. >> asked by the judge whether he understand the charges against him, mubarak said yes he did and he pleaded not guilty. outside the court, a crowd of several hundred people had gathered just after dawn. as they waited in the crushing heat, fights broke out between pro and anti-mubarak factions until riot police flooded in to sep raut them. at last a helicopter flew overhead signaling that mubarak was really on his way to a
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makeshift courtroom in this police academy. the minute he appeared on a big public video screen, the crowd grew still, completely mesmerized by a scene they figured they'd never see. the session just ended but before we did we saw some really scrappy exchanges between the judge and the lawyers. this is justice but it's also grand theater and all of egypt, in fact, almost everybody in the arab world is absolutely glued to the television until this thing is over. chris? >> yes, lots of people watching. liz, thanks. i want to check out with jeff glor. >> good morning to you and everyone at home. the clean-up continues in south florida after a tornado touched down last night. a woman in broward county captured this on video. it rolled through her neighborhood. it damaged several homes there in south florida, but no one was hurt. in washington this morning a man is behind bars after jumping
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over the white house bench. the 41-year-old was quickly captured yesterday. faces charges of unlawful entry after a previous order to stay away from the white house. meanwhile the white house today is releasing its national strategy to prevent violent extremism and prevent home grown terror attacks. it took them more than a year to come up with the plan but they're very short on specifics, calling for local community-based solutions. they'll act in a support roll, they same. they plan to fight terrorism if in all form bus al qaeda is still the biggest threat. a hikener florida who has been missing for three days has been rescued. she was airlifted to safety. she had fallen down a cliff after being separated from her boyfriend on saturday. she does have a broken leg but said she survived by eating bugs and berries. and if you ever happen to be driving in lithuania, be very
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careful where you park. the mayor says he hates illegally parked cars and snow how much he hates illegally parked cars, this is what he says ysay says he'll do to you if you park illegally in lithuania. roll over your vehicle with a tank. that's him crushing a car in a no-park. it's a staged video but he got his point across. >> can you imagine if he
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>> reporter: thanks so much. that is in fact your latest weather. chris and erica, if we reach the triple digits here in dallas, it will be the 33rd consecutive day of triple-digit heat, and it's only getting worse. >> still ahead this morning, a new report spells out how government income pence forced jaycee dugard to spend 18 years
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in a kidnapping hell. we'll bring you that information. a man on a lucky streak, winning the lottery after his safe return from iraq. plus, the peacock makes a colorful escape going from the central park zoo to a high rent district. and now where? we'll take a look. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. can i borrow a pen?. sure. ♪
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we do have some good news this morning from maryland. we love having good news. an american serviceman home from a war zone found himself on a winning streak with a rather large payday. >> whit johnson has the story. >> it was a shock to me. >> reporter: call tim ruch very lucky. the staff sergeant returned recently from iraq unharmed. at the washington national chicago cubs baseball game he attended, who knew michelle obama would be there, too. it was a special night. >> i didn't know it was a
7:20 am
military appreciation night until we got there. >> reporter: the night became more special, put down $20 for a golden boy lottery ticket. $1 million, very lucky says his wife, emily. >> unbelievable. >> my dad says that's great, can we go back to bed now? >> reporter: all this in the process of buying a new house, barely. >> a month ago we were worried about affording a fence. >> reporter: now they put more money down, reduced monthly payments and saving what's left. >> in the bank, can't touch it and started a college fund for nieces and nephews and children we don't have yet. hopefully it will blossom to something bigger. >> reporter: except one expense, a new watch for $5,000 from tiffany's. that's where the buck stops. tim remains on active duty with
7:21 am
andrews air force base. no plans to quit. >> i'm not going to drive to the base with ferrari. i've met my wife through the military. i'm staying humble. >> reporter: a lucky soldier. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >> let me get this straight, he went to tiffany's and bought himself a watch? >> i didn't want to say anything. >> i'm sure she got something nice, too. >> you know what's nice to see somebody take the winnings and do their best to make them work for them. we hear the terrible stories about things happening to lottery winners, lose it all. setting themselves up well. casey anthony will be back in orlando if a judge gets his way. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by discover. it pays to discover. and at many of the places their summer plans take them.
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frank mallicoat ... california's parole system is good morning. it is 7:25. let's get you caught up with some of the headlines on this monday. california's parole system is under the microscope at the state capital this morning. there is a hearing on failures that allowed phillip garrido to prey on jaycee dugard and other girls while he was on parole. a teenager who was the subject of an amber alert monday night is under arrest. antioch police say 16-year-old hassan ford has admitted his apparent abduction from the barbershop where he worked was staged. 23-year-old suspected robber is also under arrest. san jose's fire chief pays tribute to a 9-year-old life save they are morning. young isheen singh rescued a 3- year-old girl from an apartment complex pool on monday. the girl's grandfather was also rescued. the boy will get a special
7:26 am
award for being a hero today. that's pretty cool. by the way, i think i said it was monday. it's wednesday! coming up next, the latest on a fatal crash this happened in fremont and lawrence with your weather forecast. it's all coming up. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning from the traffic center.
7:28 am
let's take you live to fremont right now. we have a photographer at the scene of this deadly accident. this is northbound 680 right at mission. motorcycle and a big rig were involved in this wreck happened around 5:40 this morning. right lane shut down until further notice for the investigation. a backup northbound as well as southbound for spectator slowing. so avoid the area if you can. bay bridge backed up almost to the maze. metering lights are on. elsewhere, as you work your way through the altamont pass, lots of brake lights, 21 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. that's traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> weather looking good today. we are starting out with patchy fog early on this morning toward ocean beach very quiet day out at the coastline so far. we have seen a lot of sunshine there over the past couple, may very well see more sunshine today. still, temperatures are going to be warming up nicely under mostly sunny skies, well into the 80s inland, low 90s extreme parts of the bay area, 60s and 70s inside the bay, 50s and 60s at the coast. ,,,,,,,,
7:29 am
7:30 am
beautiful shot of the city of manhattan. can you see a peacock anywhere perhaps? >> they're everywhere. welcome back to "the early show." i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. coming up, casey anthony may be back in orlando, florida, later this week. she walked out of court two weeks ago after a jury found her not guilty of murdering her daughter. a few weeks back a cobra got loose from a central park zoo. this is much better than the missing cobra. this peacock normally lives at the zoo but flew the coop yesterday, ended up across fifth avenue on a pricey apartment
7:31 am
building, whoa! and then this morning ten minutes before we go on the air, everyone's been monitoring the peacock ever since it landed on the perch. thing just flew away. we have no idea where it is. we hope it went back home. >> there are other peacocks that live in the city so maybe it got together. >> they may have something planned for the summer, we'll get pack to that. the latest on the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. a report includes the chilling video of another girl taken by the kidnappers. cbs news national correspondent ben tracy has this report. >> reporter: phillip garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting jaycee dugard. >> you said you wanted to culminate. >> reporter: he held her captive for 18 years after taking her near her northern california home when she was just 11. a new and scathing report by the district attorney's office that prosecuted garrido says he
7:32 am
should have been caught sooner. the report outlines dozens of mistakes by law enforcement especially the multiple parole violations never caught. >> the system failed and we all should be angry about it. >> reporter: this is video shot by garrido's convicted wife nancy two years after the kidnapping and nearly 16 years before jaycee dugard was found, shows a seemingly indifferent parole officer conducting a half-hearted search of garrido's property never finding dugard hidden in a makeshift structure in the backyard, one of five major failings outlined in the report, the other four, authorities released garrido just 11 years into a 50-year sentence for a previous kidnap and rape. they missed obvious signs that garrido was a suspect in the dugard case the year she went missing. parole officers assigned to the dugard case were poorly supervised and failed to take another potential victim's complaint about garrido seriously.
7:33 am
>> this is more than just a blunder and more than just a mistake. i mean it's really a sign that there's something deeply wrong with the parole system. >> reporter: yesterday the da's office released this intentionally blurred video apparently made by nancy garrido for her husband to watch. >> the light is on. >> reporter: nancy can be heard asking a young girl to do the split after she lured her into her van. >> can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> it's easy to give too much credit to philip dpa ree dough and his intelligence and charisma, because some of the mistake, many of the mistakes are so blatantly obvious. >> reporter: the da's office stopped short of a formal apology to the dugard family but already received a $20 million settlement from the state of california. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> so disturbing. >> yep. jeff glor is standing by with some of the other headlines this morning. >> good morning to you. it was a bizarre scene and a
7:34 am
circus-like atmosphere, the trial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak began this morning in cairo. the 83-year-old mubarak was brought in, in a bed on wheels inside a cage, inside the courtroom. he says tional
7:35 am
standing ovation. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? i grew up wearing lots of hand-me-downs. bell bottoms in the '80s? not pretty. then she found them. she loved them, so i washed them in tide with downy and they're still soft and fresh. right? i'm blogging. really. i'm talking. that's my tide. what's yours? casey anthony is back in the headlines, this time for an old conviction that could bring new
7:39 am
trouble to the former suspect. reporter mike deforest of wkmg is there with the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. did casey anthony properly serve probation for her check fraud kroo im? the judge who presided over that case says no but her attorneys disagree and they're hoping to keep her hidden from the public eye at least for now. when casey anthony left jail july 17th she seemed to be a free woman. her whereabouts are unknown and because of the public anger her defense team wants to keep it that way. monday judge stan strickland ordered her back to serve probation stemming from a check fraud conviction in january 2010. strickland was the judge this that case. >> sentence miss anthony to time served, 412 days followed by one year of supervised probation, a thorny issue. >> reporter: because anthony was already in jail awaiting trial
7:40 am
for the murder of her young daughter caylee. when she might serve probation was unclear. >> we don't know what the future holds here if the state's conviction will be a lengthy sentence. >> reporter: correction officials interpreted the orders to mean anthony was to serve probation while in custody and in january they presented her with a letter indicating she completed probation but judge strickland intended for anthony to serve probation after her murder trial. attorney mason filed an emergency motion to quash, vacate and set aside the court's order. >> she's done her probation. if y'all go read what we just filed you'll see how blatantly clear it is and how blatant by wrong mr. strickland was. >> reporter: this is not the first time that anthony's lawyers have locked horns with judge strickland. he was originally supposed to
7:41 am
preside over her murder case, but he recused himself at the defense's request. they accused him of being a "self-aggrandizing media hound." erica? >> interesting. mike deforest in orlando, thanks. >> joining us is legal analyst and criminologist casey jordan. good of you back with us. >> good morning. >> is this coming down to a clerical error? it says your time has been served. best of luck. >> best of luck in the future. did casey anthony understand she was on probation while she was in jail? cheney mason says she was interviewed but doesn't appear any probation officer went to vis visit her. there were conditions, i find this comical, stay away from all people involved in crime while she's in jail. that's already a violation. i don't know whether she paid her $20 a month for probation supervision fee. as far as i know she didn't hold down a job which is a condition of probation.
7:42 am
it was simply a clerical error in terms of putting the word "concurrent" in there, in the sentence before it said she shall serve it upon release. you can't have it both ways but raises the legal question, should she get off on the technicality. >> in terms of the filing made, how does this figure in? >> two issues in the emergency motion that cheney mason filed yesterday, number one, they do not like judge strickland. they talk about his unbridled prejudice, want him removed from this because earl whier this week judge strickland amended the order to clarify what his intent was, the intent was she would start her probation as soon as she was out of jail and if florida correctional officials made a mistake too bad. no reason why she can't start probation now. does she get off on the technicality but they don't want judge strickland to decide that. they believe he has it in for casey anthony. >> he expressed to local tv
7:43 am
stations shock and utter disbelief at the verdict. that indicates bias. if this happens her address becomes public. >> they do. you can arrange for probation to be served in a different location. they work with other states' probation offices all the time. she needs to come back for the hearing as early as tomorrow but there's nothing to say they can't make arrangements for her to serve it elsewhere. the issue they're trying to raise is personal security, they don't want anyone to know where she is and they think this is a huge waste of casey anthony's time. >> you can bet there will be plenty of cameras trained on that tomorrow to she if she shows up. >> great to be here. just ahead a new york city peacock on the prowl, flew the coop twice. >> went from a zoo to a nearby building. we'll see where it is now. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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with fries and super salad every weekday. ♪ chili's lunch break combos ♪ look closely, just a few blocks away, a peacock causing quite a stir, wandered away from the central park zoo, flew right across fifth avenue to a fancy apartment building. >> chose a watrather swanky adds and this morning, there it is the replay, flew away. we are not done with the peacock yet. elay key has know is outside that temporary home of the peacock this morning. elaine good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you erica and chris. this just in, that peacock leaped off of the ledge of the building behind me here just a short time ago, flew away, in a city where unusual sights
7:48 am
aren't so unusual -- >> i've never seen a peacock on fifth avenue before. i didn't think peacock were flying birds. >> reporter: this was enough to make new yorkers' heads turn. >> you walk down the street look up, hey there's a peacock sitting up on the window sill. i hope it doesn't fall. >> reporter: outside a swanky new york park five stories up a peacock that escaped from a central park zoo enjoyed a bird's-eye view of the city. >> it's staying up there a long time, something about the view must be appealing. >> reporter: the 2-year-old peacock is not the first zoo animal to go rogue this year. in march, a cobra from the bronx zoo slithered away and evaded capture for days. now like the cobra before it, this escapee has amassed a following, including two people posing as a peacock on twitter, with one proclaiming "i'm too proud to go back." all right, chris and erica.
7:49 am
what we are left with at this hour is a twist on the age-old question, why exactly did the peacock cross the road? in this case fifth avenue in the first place? we'll never know that. what we do know at this hour we can report to you today the peacock is now safe senac sinatra for you. whoo! uh-oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are. and now she's made us breakfast. uh-oh. ♪
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and tender white meat chicken.
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coming up here on the program, the widow of football star korey stringer who died of
7:53 am
heat stroke talks about the dangers to athletes. >> so important especially with the country in triple-digit temperatures. music(lyrics): ♪ whatever i have i'll share it. i'd love to give it to you. i can surely make do with less than two. and that's how sharing works. cause sharing means caring. and caring means sharing. and sharing means caring.♪ ♪ and that's how sharing works.♪ vo: bk minis are easy to share, ♪and that's how sharing works. vo: but that doesn't mean they're easy to share.
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♪and that's how sharing works. get yours at burger king, before someone else does.
7:55 am
the teen good morning. 7:55. i'm grace lee here with your cbs 5 headlines. the teenager who was a subject of an amber alert monday night is now under arrest. antioch police say a 16-year- old has admitted his abduction from the barbershop where he worked was staged. the 23-year-old suspected robber is also under arrest. this morning, 49ers officials plan to unveil more specific designs for the new football stadium planned at santa clara. they will also provide an update on planning efforts for the site near great america. and san jose fire chief is going to be paying tribute to a 9-year-old life safer this morning. isheen singh rescued a 3-year- old girl from an apartment complex pool on the city's west side on the monday. the girl's grandfather was also
7:56 am
rescued. that 9-year-old boy will be getting a special award for heroism. well deserved. update of traffic and weather coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
7:57 am
good morning. traffic alert continues along northbound 680 near mission. we have the right lane blocked due to an accident involving a motorcycle and big rig, it is a
7:58 am
fatal accident. it will be shut down until further notice for the investigation. now, not too far from there we have a wreck southbound 680 blocking the left lane at vargas. bay bridge looking better, just slow at the toll plaza. that's traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> we have low clouds and fog out there right now but that's going to break up. we are going to see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon over coit tower though we have gray skies now. that will be filled with blue heading toward the mill of the morning here. so -- toward the middle of the morning here. lots of 80s in the valleys. 60s and 70s as we make our way around the bay. at the coast, it's going to be touch and go with low clouds and fog. you're looking at 50s and 60s with partly cloudy skies. tell you what these next couple of days we have some changes in the works. high pressure getting out of the way and that means we have cooler air coming our way. more clouds, drizzle for tomorrow morning, could be a little wet especially toward the coastline for the commute. that continues into friday. looks like the weather will improve on the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
top of the hour as we welcome you back to the "early show." i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. coming up more from the electrifying moment on the house floor when congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned for the first time since she was shot back in january. the ovation, the emotion we heard so much about coming from both sides of the aisle. as you can imagine, it was an especially moving moment for her staff. you just saw one of her staff members next to her, her top aide, pia carusone will talk with us. >> you don't expect to hear something like this. ♪ like painted kites
8:01 am
♪ those days and nights they went flying by ♪ >> that's gabby russo. he likes to sing on his lunch break. he says it sounds a heck of a better better than a jackhammer. i have to agree with him. he sounds so much like sinatra. he getting a lot of attention. >> let's give him a little more. >> we have birds on ledges, we have hard hats singing sinatra. >> singing construction workers. >> a lot going on in the city. first this morning we want to get you back out to the other big story, the terribly hot summer for the southern plains. dallas set a record for that date. marysol castro is outside dallas this morning with more on the triple digit heat that just will not quit. good morning again. >> good morning, chris. no, it won't. expected to be 110 again today. i have to tell you, it's the norm. and no one knows that better
8:02 am
than these guys. these football players that have been out here at least for an hour, and although they say they're used to it they take every precaution possible. this heat wave is responsible for at least two dozen deaths and the heat is far from over. for 32 consecutive days texas has been baking under a deadly heat wave that's killed 12 people in dallas alone. at one local hospital emergency room visits have doubled. the state's energy agency warned customers that its power grid is entering the first stages of an energy emergency. texas has already broken its all-time peak electricity record twice this week. the grid's current capacity for electricity is approximately 67,000 megawatts. tuesday's peak usage was 67,929. and the projection for today is 68,100 megawatts. if that trend persists, rolling blackouts could add to the misery and residents have been asked to cut back on electricity
8:03 am
during peak hours. >> it got so hot we usually don't even run that fan or the kitchen fan, either one. >> for the thousands of high school football players in the lone star state who are getting ready for the upcoming season, precautionary measures have been put in place. >> every day we weigh the athletes before practice, and then at the end of practice we weigh them again. if they lose a certain percentage of their body weight, then we hold them out of practice the next day as a precaution. >> monday the texas football community lost a beloved high school coach, 55-year-old wade mclean collapsed and died during the season's first practice. his children are still coming to terms with his death. >> he lived with the confidence, he lived with the commitment to his family and those that he loved. >> and the football community continues practice. there are mandatory breaks every 20 minutes. the players literally have to sit down. they can keep their helmets on, but they do have to hydrate.
8:04 am
they practice in the morning because, as you know, once noon hits the triple digits just keep on coming. >> marysol, thank you so much. back to you in a couple minutes. corkorey stringer died duri complications from complication of heat stroke. >> since then his widow kelsey has helped to prevent similar tragedies. it focuses on research on sudden death from heat in sports. we saw a little bit of that report from marysol. unfortunately we hear these tragic stories about heat stroke or exhaustion and in many cases death and oftentimes in younger athletes. what do you think has changed in the ten years since korey's death? >> clearly when we see these deaths, we think not much. but i do feel a lot of lives
8:05 am
have been saved due to korey's demise. i feel that people are a little more mentally aware, if you will, of the heat. when korey died there wasn't a lot of discussion or talk about what to do as regards to playing in the heat, but now it's come to the forefront, so we're having a lot of dialogue about what to do. hopefully as we go forward we can align to be on the same page with the correct information. >> there's so much with football, coaches instill this toughness with kids. aren't there a lot of professional coaches, college coaches that let the kids go on and do it. there's a lot that exists out there, toughness over safety. >> absolutely. you have to understand this is a long running tradition here with football. and of course my purpose is not to be the antichrist for football, but i think that people don't really get the need for, quote, unquote, just having water.
8:06 am
that's the way they look at it. sometimes it shows a sign of weakness, but i think when people really remove the ignorance from their minds when it relates to just being weak and having water that it's necessary for the body to function, it's necessary to perform at your best. so i think and i would hope that people are changing their attitudes towards this. >> and that's part of what you're doing by starting the institute, of course, is education is so important. it's very personal not just because you lost your husband but your 13-year-old son is out playing football. >> yeah. >> which has to be a little scary for you this summer. >> it's tough. he's been playing since he was 6. he's moved up in the ranks. i was in atlanta. we're suffering a heat wave as well. every year i tell you, it is so hard for me as a mother because i often think -- i never really watch practice, i just kind of sit in my car because it's almost like a bad mother sometimes because i'm like, oh, my god, how could i let him play in this heat given the information that i'm privileged to know. i try to take the positive side
8:07 am
of that. because i am privileged to know this information, to educate his coaches and educate the people that are responsible for him, the need of breaks and being properly hydrated and the equipment that they wear. so it's bittersweet, but i like sports and i like football. and cody's a big kid. not too many other things he can do as it relates to sports. >> no ballet. >> but you're out there helping to educate the other parents and the coaches. it takes one person and it moves along. >> and if he has his dad's talent, he's going to be great. >> thank you. president obama signed that spending cut bill to raise the debt limit on tuesday, of course, one day after a true moment of unity on capitol hill. and that came about because of the return of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes has more for us in that dramatic
8:08 am
milestone in the recovery. good morning. >> good morning to you. congresswoman giffords is now back in houston. she traveled there yesterday afternoon right back into physical therapy where she goes eight hours a day with more homework at night. her ailds tell me she's actually walking pretty well on her own now, which is a big milestone. and pia carusone who was with her all night that night, tell us what it was like for the congresswoman to be back on the house floor for first time in seven months. >> she was just really thrilled to be there. to be able to stick her voting card in and vote on the most important bill this congress so far in the entire congress will see was a very proud moment for her. >> how would you describe how she felt afterwards? would it be relief or overwhelmed? >> you know, both. i think she was relieved to have made it this far. emotional to have just seen
8:09 am
friends and colleagues that she hasn't seen since the shooting. you know, prideful that she could take this vote on this deficit issue which she follows very closely. maybe also a little -- well, i don't want to say sad, but the reality setting in that she's got to go back to houston today because she has more therapy to do. a tough year for all of us, but she's happy to be here. >> the house of representatives where terms only last two years re-election is never far from a member's mind. and no different in giffords' case. her team tells me that team gifford is already laying the groundwork for a re-election bid, raising money if she wants to run again, but it is all congresswoman giffords' decision, it depends on the progress she's made when they take a look at next year's re-election bid. >> and jeff glor is at the no k
8:10 am
newsdesk nncht sydney, australia, this morning a bomb scare. reports of a young woman with an explosive device strapped to herself in the suburbs of sydney this morning. the police spokeswoman told us there's some sort of device in this vicinity, and they are trying to figure out if it's a live bomb. hosni mubarak denied the accusations against him in his trial today. a bizarre scene. mubarak was in the courtroom on a stretcher inside a cage he said because of his severe health problems. he's charged with corruption during his 30 years in office. and he's accused of ordering the killing of protesters during that uprise that removed him from office in february. in court yesterday some disturbing evidence was presented. they played a recording of warren jeffs telling a
8:11 am
13-year-old girl how to please him. jeffs is accused of sexually assaulting two underaged girls he took as brides. he's acting as his own attorney. coming up on 11 minutes past the hour, back out to marysol castro, who is in dallas practicing this morning. getting ready for the nfl season. mary? >> of course. now that the lockout is
8:12 am
this weather report sponsored by benefiber, a better you from the inside out. that's the beauty of benefiber. >> thanks so much. that's the latest weather from a balmy dallas. >> good luck with that catching of sorts. >> let us know how it turns out. just ahead this morning, you may want some fancy jewelry but it's not really in the budget. here's the thing, pearls are actually becoming a lot more affordable. why you ask? >> why? >> we'll have that answer for you just ahead. christian, we'll have that answer for you just ahead. you're watching "the early show"
8:13 am
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heart disease kills more americans than anything else. some providers are cashing in by marketing expensive, unnecessary heart procedures to healthy patients. joining us is dr. ceda. the crux of this it's a money making machine from what the study is saying drives profits over science. >> that's right, we're concerned that some people are having too many tests and too many treatments as a result, and some of that's driven by profits, not good science. >> most would say my heart is very, very important and there's no amount of money that would preclude me from getting some type of test to make sure that my heart is healthy. can you see where people's attitudes would be that? >> absolutely. there are good and inexpensive
8:17 am
tests and many of those aren't being used as often. it's frustrating because many tests that are expensive potentially dangerous and aren't effective are being used. >> what are some of the tests people are overdoing it? >> we did a survey of almost 1,200 healthy 40 to 60 years old, no disease, no symptoms and no risk factors and found 44% were getting ineffective tests, ekgs, stress tests or ultrasound of the carotid arteries. >> any negative effects aside from the costs? >> these tests aren't precise when it comes to detecting early disease so they can be falsely positives, you get a cascade of additional tests and sometimes treatment including angioplasty, you could end up with a metal stent in the coronary artery for the rest of your life and may not need it. >> doctors tell you you should get this or that test, most
8:18 am
people would listen to the advice of doctors. are doctors giving bad advice to patients? >> in some cases unfortunately they are. most doctors are emphasizing the big five tests, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, taking small doses of aspirin and stopping smoking. those are the big five but obviously doctors are in some cases recommending tests that aren't very effective and some cases treatment that isn't. >> what do you tell patients given advices from doctors they for the most part trust? >> they need to do research and use tools like we're offering that offer ratings of these tests, also offering ratings of heart surgery groups so that they can more easily sort out who are the best heart surgeons to have their surgery. >> exactly what goes into the whole ratings system you're talking about? >> it's a three-star system, 323 heart surgery groups across the country released this data. 81 of the groups are three-star,
8:19 am
very good performance information, 238 are average and 5 below average. the important thing for patients to know, almost all heart surgeons have this information. ask them for it. if they aren't willing to give it to you, maybe you should look for another surgeon to go to. >> do your research. don't just take the advice of your doctors. >> that's right. >> dr. santa, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> here's erica. start spreading the news, we have a little subwith a sinatra, serenading new yorkers with classics for your lunch hour, even better we'll let you hear it yourself. you're watching "the early show." >> "healthwatch" sponsored by bayer aspirin. take charge of your health at iam before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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8:21 am
perfectly delicious and made just for you. they're building a new subway line in manhattan and a
8:22 am
big project like that can be noisy. >> it is noisy, it is not well-received by some folks in the midst of it, so it's really nice to maybe hear some construction worker gary russo on his lunch break singing his favorite sinatra songs. it's a nice aversion, he's really good. ♪ come walk with me, i'll hum along ♪ ♪ we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand ♪ ♪ two sweethearts and the summer wind ♪ >> i'm sorry -- ♪ the autumn wind and the winter wind ♪ >> wragge does sing this every day during the break which i love but it's amazing, you think he's lip syncing, he's not.,,,,, ,,
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
headlines. good morning. it's 8:25. let's get you caught up on some of the headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with california's parole system. it's under the microscope at the state capital this morning. there is a hearing on the failures that allowed phillip garrido to prey on jaycee dugard and other girls while he was out on parole. and san jose's fire chief pays tribute to a 9-year-old lifesaver this morning. young isheen singh rescued a 3- year-old girl from an apartment complex pool on monday. the girl's grandfather was also rescued. the boy will get a special award for his act of heroism. this morning, 49ers official plan to unveil more specific designs for the new football stadium planned at santa clara. they are also going to provide an update on planning efforts for the site near great america. traffic and weather coming right up. ah yes. there it is.
8:26 am
the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
8:27 am
good morning from the traffic center. we are dealing with some caltrain delays this morning. northbound train number 227 delayed out of gilroy. it looks like it's having mechanical issues so it's about 40 minutes behind headed northbound. so do plan for that. bart though an as, muni are on
8:28 am
time as well as ace. southbound 880 at a street accident out of lanes, busy anyway through the area, also 880 northbound extra volume towards the maze. we have an accident southbound 680 at andrade. two cars involved, two left lanes blocked with injuries, traffic really backed up for a mile through there. north 680 at mission that earlier fatal accident investigation is cleared. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> gianna we have low clouds and fog out there right now and looks like we are going to clear that up as we head in toward the afternoon. boy, neat shot, clouds rolling over the hills there from our mount vaca cam. but we are going to see more sunshine as we head toward the afternoon. looks like a similar day to yesterday, many 80s in the valleys, 60s and 70s inside the bay. nice 77 degrees in san jose. out toward the coast, we'll see some partly cloudy skies, temperatures up in the 50s and 60s. next couple of days we have some big changes coming. much cooler temperatures tomorrow especially out toward the coastline inside the bay. probably going to see some drizzle and it looks like warmer weather this next weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show" here on a wednesday morning. i'm chris wragge along with coming up a big shakeup in the superhero world. new spider-man is swinging through the pages of marvel comics, miles morales, half black and half hispanic, the big
8:31 am
change and the reaction he's receiving. >> i was just getting up to speed on the old spidey and other superhero phase. now it's a whole new world. high homework begins again. wearing pearls can be pricey. now more affordable than ever, the good news. china is changing the game when it comes to producing pearls and the word on the street is it's not just that they're cheap, they're actually low cost but pretty high quality so that could work out very well for the consumer. first the latest on britain's tabloid phone hacking scandal. former managing editor of "news of the world" has been arrested by police. charlie dagata has more. >> reporter: the investigation in london over hacking takes pace. stewart cutler returned home on
8:32 am
bail after police questioned him over hacking and bribing police, the 11th arrest in the scantal that continues to entangle top executives from rupert murdoch's empire. he managed the tabloid for 22 years before resigning in 2009. he also wrote the checks, so he would have been the man to pay private detectives. it was the use of private detectives who were listening in illegally on voice mail messages at the core of the scandal. this arrest, like that of murdoch's london ceorebekah brooks before it, tightens the noose on james murdoch. he said at the time he thought it was an isolated incident, but lawyers for victims say hacking didn't just happen at murdoch's newspapers, it was rife throughout the british newspaper industry known as fleet street. >> questions have to be asked of everybody who was involved probably in fleet street from the mid 1990s onwards. >> reporter: cnn post piers
8:33 am
morgan was the editor of "daily mirror" from 1996 to 2004. he's feeling the heat, categorically denied playing any part in phone hacking during his watch. one man pled guilty for his part in the drama, comedian johnny marbles, real name jonathan may bowles, threw a foam pie at rupert murdoch during the hearing a few weeks ago. a judge threw him in jail for six weeks, he may be the latest person to face jail time in connection with the phone hacking scandal but may not be the last. a few british lawmakers wanted to get james murdoch to reapair but instead settle for a letter outlining exactly what he knew and when he knew about it. chris? >> like you mentioned another high profile executive was arrested yesterday. how close is this inquiry getting to the murdochs themselves? >> james murdoch may be getting hot under the collar.
8:34 am
all of the recent arrests have been taking the police higher up the food chain and now there's very little protection between the investigation and james murdoch. >> cbs's charlie dagata in london, thanks. time for one last check of the headlines. jeff glor at the news desk with the final look for us this morning. good morning once again. >> good morning to you and everyone at home. in new orleans a jury begins deliberations in a high profile controversial case. days after hurricane katrina hit police killed two people and wounded four on a bridge. five current or former officers shot unarmed people without justification. defense lawyers say the police believed their lives were in danger. new job jitters in the private sector report this morning from challenger greg christmas says over 66,000 jobs were cut in july, the largest total in 16 months, that is 60% more layoffs than in june, but there is some positive news, the pace of downsizing this year is apparently slower than last
8:35 am
year. a new study that tested children's car seats found that six out of ten seats contain at least one toxic chemical, some contain several. 150 car seats in three categories were tested, those judged the most toxic among infant seats, the graco snug ride, models 30 and 35, convertible seats, the breytax marathon and marathon seats, the ricaro boost e and pro sported toler. for information visit ecocenter.o this morning an escaped peacock here in new york is back home. the bird flew away from central park zoo yesterday. there it is, and it perched on a window ledge on the upper east side. this morning, though, the peacock flew off the building on fifth ave. and is now back in his open air pen. we're all relieved. 35 minutes past the hour. speaking of relief, marysol castro not getting any down in
8:36 am
dallas. wow. >> reporter: no. >> what are we up to now? >> reporter: no, jeffrey, thanks captain obvious. it's 89 degrees, but it feels more like 94 when you factor in the humidity. good morning, jeff. good m
8:37 am
if thanks so much. that is the latest weather from the high school here in carrollton, texas. back to you guys in new york. >> nice job, superman. see you in a bit. next month there will be a new face under the spider-man costume, cutting edge comic book fans say good-bye to peter parker and hello to miles morales, according to the new generation. alexa lon sew editor-in-chief joins us this morning.
8:38 am
good to have you here. >> thanks. >> you said i'm going to do something different and bold. this is probably as bold as you could possibly go. no more peter parker, now miles moral morales, half black and half hispanic. what made you decide to do something this bold. >> we were concocting a story in ultimate comics, a line of comic which is a parallel universe to the marvel universe involved the death of spider-man and obvious question was when you have the comic figure of this importance die, who do you replace him with? we have a president right now of mixed ethnicity, why not the most recognizable superhero in the world? >> you will have the purists shocked and awe? >> our fans are passionate. we heard from the naysayers right away. the response has been over whelmingly positive. i got an e-mail from a wall street banker who said he can't wait to bring this home to his son, who is 3 and already raiding his comic book stash.
8:39 am
>> when will people be able to see it? >> ultimate comic is on floors today and get your first glimpse of miles morales. he's a nerd like young peter parker. >> what is going to be the real big difference between the two, for everybody who is used to peter parker, how is miles different? >> one big different, miles' parents are still alive. they will play a major role in the story so you'll meet him. peter parker never had that luxury but apart from that, there's similarities. spider-man works best when he's a conflicted kid, a kid looking to fit in, a kid who is alwayses aspiring, looking to achieve and never quite getting what he needs. >> this is an idea you had for a long time, didn't just come up when you got the job. >> we've been talking about this for awhile. the first discussion i remember that was concrete, before obama was elected, we might cell be looking ap. the first african-american president. >> you were just at comiccon not
8:40 am
too long ago. >> yes i was. >> andrew is playing spider-man on the big screen. who was able to garner more attention your new spider-man or garfield as the new tsunami. >> it's a tossup. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a black spider-man in the cinemas a little time down the road. >> are you disappointed the big screen didn't go that route? >> in publishing we moved so quickly. we turn on the dime, the plan for the movie is well under way. i wouldn't be surprised. we tend to be quite influential. >> you might be on to something. the feedback has been positive? >> it's been great, i'm excited to see and do you think it's your first glimpse of spider-man today. >> alex thanks so much. here's erica. thanks, 2,000 years ago the elite of ancient rome wore pearls. today that traditional mark of the rich and powerful and maybe preppy is becoming much more affordable thanks to china.
8:41 am
"early show" contributor katrina szish has more. >> good morning. from a creature as ugly as the oyster comes a gem fresheured for its beauty. pearls begin as a grain of sand or piece of tissue inside a mollusk. the end result is a piece of jewelry growing in popularity as its price continues to shrimpg. shrink. audrey hepburn loved them in "breakfast at tiffanys" and so have countless rich and powerful women throughout history. even though marilyn monroe claims that -- ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ >> reporter: she was known to wear a strand or two, pearls have been the baubles of the privileged for hundreds of years, but the times they are a-changing. >> there's a whole new generation of people becoming interested in pearls. >> reporter: at hanoura pearls in new york city, ceo joel schechter sees industry trends firsthand. >> china made it possible for every woman to buy different
8:42 am
shapes and sizes. >> reporter: traditionally the most sought after pearls for cultured from oysters and the most prized from the coast of japan and tahiti. freshwater pearls are more plentiful but the quality wasn't there. over the last two decades the pearl industry has been transformed. the chinese freshwater pearls sound like a game changer. >> totally revolutionized an entire industry and now today china produces 95% of the world's pearls. >> reporter: whereas the tahitian pearl sells on the wholesale market for $25 to $35 a comparably sized chinese pearl costs $4 to $8, the secret lies in the production. >> if you go to an akoya in japan, 32 pieces will grow 32 individual pearls at the same time. imagine if we could produce cars that quickly. >> reporter: they've cornered the market on different shapes
8:43 am
and colors. >> gem quailty ovals. >> reporter: wow, i didn't know think came in the shape. >> china will produce pearls that are purple, lavender, peach, apricot. >> reporter: even those with an experienced eye have trouble telling the chinese pearls from the more expensive counterparts. >> we receive merchandise from the office daily, and oftentimes we have to look at the tag to see what the price really is. so it's kind of hard to tell. >> reporter: as chinese production continues to grow, pearls will become even more affordable, allowing a new generation of women to feel a little more cultured. >> that is an adorable picture. so how do we know the difference then between these pricier saltwater and freshwater ones from china? >> the amazing part i have an example here, we have one that is freshwater and one that is saltwater. can you tell the difference? >> i'm guessing that the one on the lower right there is the saltwater one. >> that's actually the freshwater. >> well there we go. >> exactly. sometimes you can tell by the
8:44 am
color or lustre. as technology increases it is becoming harder and harder to tell. >> quhawhat's the price differe? >> these are 85% price differential. this costs about 85% less than that one. and the quality is no different. you're just getting a lot more for your money. >> what about we saw a lot of those colored pearls, colorful ones in your piece and we're seeing more of those from china. how do those stand up in terms of quality? >> very high quality. like any gem or stone quality varies so you have to do your homework but they really are not considered any less quality. they're really just kind of the trendier way to go. these are not your grandmother's pearls. >> fancy. katrina szish thanks. someone who may like to wear her grandmother's pearls or grand-mother-in-law's pearls may be the duchess's pearls. as we keep an eye trained on her fashion sense, prince william's wife is doing a little recycling of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
when prince william's cousin zara got married over the weekend her outfits were something we've seen before, something royal watchers picked up on right away. the big question, is this a fashion faux pax or sensible statement? >> victoria arbiter has a closer look. good toe see you. >> good morning, well due to the recession, many people are becoming more economically conscious when it comes to their wardrobes and being thrifty and that includes royals and celebrities. some thinking it's a fashion crime. >> i try to switch it up but sometimes i just end up wearing the same thing over and over again. >> reporter: others may call it smart. >> different environment, it conserves water and also it saves money. >> if you have a substantial
8:48 am
amount of clothing, wear it out. >> reporter: the art of wearing clothes more than once has become a topic for debate. especially when it comes to members of the royal family. with her recent appearance at new cousin zara philip's wedding the duchess of cambridge can be unofficially dubbed a repeat offender, her brocade cut can be placed in the same category her diane von fursenberg dress she's already worn. >> kate came from a normal home and is an instant royal. she's very in touch with the rest of the the world. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge is not the only one. during an official visit to australia in 1983, princess diana wore three recycled outfits. experts say the idea of famous people reusing their threads makes them more relatable to the ordinary person. >> i think what we're seeing is a shift in our ability to accept celebrities as flawed, imperfect
8:49 am
people. >> reporter: and the royals are not alone in this so-called renewable wardrobe. fashion icon and "vogue" editor anna winter is guilty of it. last year michelle obama wore a blue sundress in mexico and one month later at a congressional picnic on the white house lawn. known around the world for her posh style, victoria beckham is also a recycler, wearing the same red liuis vuitton skirt after wearing it in 2006. >> those pieces work for them and that's how real women dress, they find something that work for them, love it, wear it, they repeat it. >> within the confines of the royal family, wearing close more than once isn't anything new. for decades, princess anne has been recycling her dresses for numerous occasions. >> ladies let me say this now to wear the same article of
8:50 am
clothing twice, how dare she? >> right, from the man who never repeats a tie. >> are they making a big fuss over this? >> they're making a little bit of a fuss. we are all recycling because we're not being handed clothes from designers, it's making them more accessible. we're used to seeing celebrities seeing something straight off the runway. the fact kate is wearing something more than once gives us permission to do the same. >> how much of it do you think is conscious? how much of this does she plan, given the economy and everything we heard before their wedding, how they didn't want to be insensitive to the current state of the economy with their wedding. >> absolutely. certainly before the wedding she was wearing outfits more than once because she was a regular, norm normal girl. just over the weekend william and kate and harry home from the wedding on budget airlines. all of the decisions are consciously with a lot of thought. it gives us permission to do the same. >> great nicknames so far by the brit shall press, royal
8:51 am
recessionis recessionista, and rethread is my own. i think she does look and i think it's, it goes in line with what they're all about, not being this elitist, the monarchy the brits really grew tired of. this is the new thing and you can wear -- especially if you look so beautiful why not wear it once or twice? >> people are saying the new younger generation of royals are making the older set nervous. prince andrew has been criticized for taking the royal helicopter to personal engagements and suddenly prince harry on easy jet. you're absolutely right. they're aware of this resurgence of the popularity of the monarchy and this only helps it. >> capitalizing on it. >> nice to have you with us as always. victoria thanks. that is a new outfit i've never seen before. be sure to wear it the next time we're here. >> if we see it again we'll call you out on it. thanks, nice to see you. nice to have you with us on "the early show."
8:52 am
enjoy your day. see you back here tomorrow morning. first your local news is next. wm÷so ñh ,,,,,,
8:53 am
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the teenager who was the subject of an ambe good morning. 8:55. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. the teenager who was a subject of an amber alert on monday night is now under arrest. antioch police say 16-year-old hassan ford has admitted his apparent abduction from the barbershop where he worked was staged. the 23-year-old suspected robber is also under arrest. california's parole system is under the microscope at the state capital this morning. this is a hearing on failures that allowed phillip garrido to prey on jaycee dugard and other girls while he was on parole for raping and kidnapping. 49ers officials plan to unveil more specific designs for the new football stadium planned in santa clara. they will also provide an update on planning efforts for the site near great america. so we'll have a sneak peek today at noon.
8:56 am
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680, a new trouble spot on the northbound side of 680 right at bollinger canyon.
8:58 am
a couple of cars involved, blocking lanes. traffic slow in both directions. south 680 at andrade we have an accident cleared to the right shoulder. but the damage is done. you're really backed up in the area as you work your way southbound. northbound just a few brakes lights heading toward the accident. bay bridge metering lights still on, a few brake lights approaching the toll plaza. overall light into san francisco. and 880 not too bad northbound as you work your way into the maze. that's traffic. lawrence, how's weather? >> looking good. low clouds beginning to break up a bit. over the bay bridge you can see a glimpse of sunshine. by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny outside today and we are going to see a very similar day temperature-wise that we have had over the past couple of days and hey, that's nice. 80s inland. a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay. out at the coastline partly cloudy and some 50s and 60s. tomorrow, though, big changes. we have some much cooler weather coming our way as we'll see low clouds and fog probably drizzle along the coastline and inside the bay thursday and friday. warming up over the weekend.
8:59 am
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