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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 3, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i'm grace lee. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. protestors at sfo are demanding an apology today from the airline that removed a man off a flight. >> that's after he reportedly refused to pull up his pants. the incident happened more than a month ago.
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kristy seifkin is at sfo with why some people are upset. >> reporter: good afternoon. dozens of individuals filled the terminal here at u.s. airways here in support of deshon, many individuals from "colorofchange" a black civil rights organization. they gathered 40,000 signatures from people all across the country demanding that u.s. airways apologize to deshon marman. they were here to hand over the signatures to the ticketing at u.s. airways. the group's request was twofold. first they wanted a public apology and second they want u.s. airways to detail the measures that the organization will take to make sure what happened to marman doesn't happen again. naacp president amos brown and deshon's mom donna were both
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there with "colorofchange." many were holding signs. deshon's mom said there was no reason that the pilot should have been confronting deshon on the plane on june 15. and that this clearly was an issue of racial profiling. >> humiliating, it's embarrassing. and it's pretty degrading that someone would target a person by their color of their skin. >> reporter: u.s. airways says that deshon was arrested because he didn't comply with crewmembers. but his mother says that wasn't the case and that he was targeted. marman supporters pointed to the fact that just days after deshon flew a white man wearing women's underwear flew without issue. donna doyle said they offered flights to her and her son and they refused but that they never apologized. supporters at today's event delivered petitions to u.s. airways. and the individual who they handed those to said that he
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couldn't provide a response but that he would hand those petitions over to "corporate." everybody hopes these petitions being handed over will prove to u.s. airways that they had behaviors that were unacceptable to them. >> kristy, they are hoping to have an impact. did it have any effect on the passengers at sfo today? >> people were looking around kind of wondering what was going on. one man said this behavior was unacceptable and he had a very kind of large commanding voice and so that drew people's attention. couple of people asked us what was going on. one of the things they did at the event was read statements from passengers who signed those petitions and a lot of the passengers said we refuse to fly u.s. airways again until you actually aapologize to deshon and his family. it will be interesting to see how u.s. airways responds. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live at sfo.
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deadly motorcycle accident caused a major traffic tie-up by mission boulevard on 680. the accident had one lane of traffic closed for hours. the biker was going 70 miles per hour when he hit the median and was ejected off the bike. he died at the scene. officers have made two arrests following an amber alert hoax in the east bay. antioch police just released this photo of the armed robbery suspect. 23-year-old eric walker is accused of robbing a barbershop on monday. investigators say they found a sawed-off shotgun in his apartment along with property stolen during the robbery. authorities issued an amber alert when they thought a 16- year-old boy was kidnapped during that armed robbery. hassan ford admitted he was not abducted. he was then arrested because of the evidence that he may have helped with that robbery. tech gadgets are the goal in a bay area spree hitting palo alto schools. police are investigating a burglary at jordan middle
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school where five apple macbook were stolen. a laptop and bike were stolen from a classroom at palo alto high. six digital cameras have also been stolen at the high school. now police believe a summer camp participant might be responsible. golden gate bikers, move on over. there is now one lane for bikes and one for walkers on the sidewalk of the east side of the bridge now. the goal is to keep bicyclists and the pedestrians from running into each other. bridge officials hope to will prevent more collisions while bicycles are now banned from the west sidewalk which is closed for seismic retrofitting. today we are getting another look at a new 49ers stadium down in santa clara. >> elizabeth wenger shows us how the designs combine high- tech ideas with elegant architecture. cool stuff, elizabeth. >> reporter: it is. now, i'm not even a huge football fan and i thought it was pretty cool. yeah, we just got out of a press conference. so far we have only seen rough sketches and blueprints of what this stadium will look like.
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well, today we actually saw, as you said, a 3-d model. check it out. this is what we saw. again, we just got out of this press conference. the designers are calling the 68,000-seat the next generation in sports design modeled after the old roman amphitheater actually with a large lower bowl so more fans can sit closer to the field. the theme will focus on not just the 49ers football leg is he but also incorporate its -- legacy but also incorporate it's new home in santa clara. that means sustainable development, green gardens, innovation and technology. >> modern architecture has been with us for years. the building can adjust to different environments and different sports and uses. reporter: so there are still questions over financing
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for the nearly $1 billion stadium and whether the 49ers and raiders will actually share a home base when all is said and done. we talked to someone with the 49ers, no new developments on that. designers say the look can be changed depending who is playing. adaptable to different technologies, different teams. they can even adapt it to concerts, soccer events. so at this point, it is full steam ahead opening in time for maybe the 2015 football season. back to you. >> we are ready for football. thank you, elizabeth wenger in santa clara. today we have new information about jaycee dugard's kidnappers. >> new video shows how nancy garrido tried to exploit children for her sex offender hundred. >> you didn't show me your split, did you? let me see it now. >> want me to show you? >> mm-hm! let me see you do it. >> the el dorado county d.a. released this video shot by
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nancy garrido inside her van. you can hear her coaxing little girls to perform gymnastics moves as she tried to tape them. she has admitted to taping young girls as many as 20 times. today lawmakers are examining how nancy and phillip garrido beat the state's criminal system. nick janes reports live from sacramento. >> reporter: good afternoon. we know so much went wrong here. the question is how to fix it. that's the subject of the community forum being held in the capital here behind me spearheaded by vern pierson the el dorado district attorney and senator ted gains. pierson calling the failures of law enforcement in this case reprehensible and saying that there may even be more garrido victims out there that we don't know know about. pierson is just wrapping up now. a scathing 162-page report is being delivered detailing the top five failures of law enforcement from how garrido was able to escape capture for so long, how parole agents were
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at the house 70 times but never spotted jaycee dugard in the backyard and how he was released early. how phillip garrido would brag about his earlier sexual assaults to his victims, his m.o., the way he would pretend to hitchhike and then smack the victim heads on the steering wheel, handcuff them, the report says, and then take them to a prepared place where he would assault them. so clearly, some disturbing new details about exactly what garrido did, how he did it, and how law enforcement failed to capture him for so long. after that report, there is a panel discussion that's going on right now, a number of players here. the alameda d.a.'s office is here. we have crime victims groups as well as some just regular folks, public comment, as well. and so this is sort of just the first step in trying to figure out what went wrong here and, of course, how to fix it. that's the most important part, making sure something like this never happens again. >> absolutely, nick, absolutely. nick janes live in sacramento, thanks, nick. coming up the former president of egypt making some
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history today. >> his trial follows violent protest which swept the nation. why some people still support hosni mubarak. the new hero swinging into the spider-man universe and what he shares with peter parker, that and much more coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. lots of sunshine around most of the bay area now but we have a big cooldown in the works. we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hosni mubarak is on trial for the former president of egypt traded his hospital room for a courtroom today. hosni mubarak is on trial for ordering the killing of hundreds of protestors.
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tina kraus shows us the mixed reaction to his trial. >> reporter: the former egyptian president came to court on his hospital bed. workers wheeled hosni mubarak into a courtroom cage to face trial for ordering the killing of protestors. the prosecutor said mubarak had the intention to kill peaceful demonstrators. during an 18-day revolt that toppled him from power in february, about 850 people were killed in the uprising. mubarak pleaded not guilty to murder and corruption charges saying he absolutely denies all accusations. pro and antimubarak protestors faced off outside the courtroom as the ex-president's trial aired live on big screen television. some yelled, we want our revenge. he is a thief and a killer. others say they feel sorry for the 83-year-old. she says, just as he did some bad, he also did a lot of good
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for our country. >> reporter: mubarak's two sons were also in court facing similar charges. mubarak is the first arab leader to stand trial in person since the middle east uprisings began. if convicted on the most serious charge of murder, egypt's former president could be executed. tina kraus, cbs news. the oakland-based clorox corporation has reported a slight dip in earnings. they are blaming it on higher commodity prices. it's the 4th quarter profit drop by 1%. the company earned $169 million down from 17 1 million a years ago. they are dealing with a takeover offer from billionaire investor carl icahn. he has tried to buy the company two other times. the market is down 28 today. the stock market is on its longest losing streak ever. today dechina comes as investors become in-- decline comes as investors become
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increasingly concerned about the poor state of the american economy. the service sector grew at its slowest pace in two years but a far cry from yesterday down over 200 points yesterday. so 30? i think they can deal with. coming soon to wal-mart tickets for concerts and sporting events. the retail giant teamed up with ticketmaster to install touchscreen kiosks in all of its stores. then shoppers will be able to search for tickets for events and buy them in the stores. the service will be available starting august 15. and today comic book fans will be able to see the new fans under spieder man's mask. marvel comics has a series set in a parallel universe after peter parker dies. miles morales takes over. he is a science nerd like peter parker. >> they are branching out, multicultural. >> probably another movie deal in the works. they will sell comic books.
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whatever it takes. >> always money behind it. a city leader [ indiscernible ] a military tank over a mercedes-benz. the message he is trying to send. >> following california's worst epidemic of whooping cough, more on the giants new message for the disease, fear the beard. the weather has been gorgeous over the past couple of days, things beginning to change, though, probably some drizzle coming. we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,,, ♪
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thanks, lawrence. well, my sister-in-law roxanne and her husband rich just flew in from boston today and they are getting great weather. >> it's going to be hot there. >> it's been really hot out there. they are going to love this weather, lawrence. >> that's going to be very comfortable all around the bay area. if you like it cool, you really need some relief from the heat, hey, how about the coastline? we have some patchy fog at the coast. we are going to see more sunshine probably some toward linda mar right now. but it looks like a lot of sunshine as you make your way inside the bay and toward the valleys. it is warming up right now all around the bay area as we are going to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon. right now, 77 degrees in livermore. 72 in san jose. 66 in oakland. 64 degrees in san francisco. still a couple of patches of fog. this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, low clouds and fog some glimmers of sunshine toward the coastline but you get the idea,
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another beautiful day outside. tonight, low clouds and fog going to thicken up. we are likely going to see drizzle developing at the coast. this fog layer though is breaking back toward the coast now and we are going to enjoy some of that summer sunshine into the afternoon hours but the summer weather pattern about to shift gears. the trough will deepen and that means we'll see more low clouds and fog overnight tonight and thick enough that we are likely going to see drizzle at the coast and inside the bay. temperatures for today though sunny 77 in san jose. 75 in union city. 59 degrees in daly city. east bay numbers up into the 80s maybe some low 90s well inland by the afternoon. 60s and 70s just inside the bay. to the north bay we go, mostly sunny skies this afternoon, as high as 87 in fairfield, 81 in santa rosa and 75 in san anselmo. next few days, temperatures will cool off bottoming out on thursday and friday but looks like this weekend high pressure builds back in and those temperatures start warming up. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> and it's all good. all right, lawrence, thanks. strapping your child into a
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car seat is supposed to be safe, right? turns out more than half of children's car seats are sold here in the u.s. and contain hazardous chemicals. a study tested more than 150 car seats. more than half of them were made with chemicals like chlorine and lead. they say improvements between 2008 and 2011 models have been made. well, world series catchs, the giants, know what it takes to defeat a formidable opponent. now the team is ready to face off against whooping cough. california just had its worst epidemic in 50 years and in today's healthwatch, dr. kim mulvihill explains the message the ball team has for this disease. >> a little bit about whooping cough. >> reporter: the event happened at the san francisco department of public help the but for an hour the room belonged to the giants and relief pitcher certainly i don't romo. >> i get an opportunity -- sergio romo. >> i get an opportunity to play in front of thousands of fans and i'm more nervous now.
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>> reporter: he was on hand to remind parents and students from 7th to 12th grade that they need a tdap vaccine before attending school. >> get it. it's required to go to school now. my son's about to start school and a couple of weeks. >> reporter: the tdap vaccine protects against pertussis. those at highest risk, young infants. >> there was no medicine that could treat it and there was nothing they could do to stop it. >> reporter: in 2005, she gave it to her 3-year-old son and newborn. the baby died. >> as a mother i didn't know i needed it. so really reinforcing especially for new moms. protect your babies by protecting yourself. and get vaccinated. >> reporter: for romo, he and his family have a new baby on the way. >> as a parent, i'm not going to put my kids through that. i don't want to. i don't even want to take that chance. >> reporter: so the right- handed pitcher got a shot in his left arm.
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>> all right. >> quick, subtle. very good. >> i didn't even see you flinch. you're so tough. >> reporter: a teen came to see the giants and got a tdap, as well. >> it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. all right. well, we called public health clinics around the bay area. some school aged kids still need to be vaccinated. there are free clinics around the bay area so if you need to find one just go it our website,, and click on health. somebody called it the ultimate solution to illegal parking. no ticket more violator. next the alternative mode of transportation, tell you where coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a mayor in eastern europe gets behind the wheel of a tank to fight illegal parking. apparently the people are listening. he drove his tank over this mercedes because it was parked in a bicycle lane. this is youtube video going as i recall after scoring a lot of air time -- going viral after scoring a lot of air time on tv stations around the world. he is a big supporter of
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bicycles and segways and whoever owns that mercedes might have to go buy one. the body shop in town is a big proponent. >> i'm just imagining if they did something like that here, how angry the car owners would be. >> i wouldn't mind using that downstairs sometimes. there are some times when i pull in the lot, what's that car doing there? >> i'll get you a tank for christmas. >> thank you very much! >> if you are going to the game, beautiful at the park. lots of sunshine. >> go giants. >> enjoy, folks. see you tomorrow morning. >> caption colorado, llc
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