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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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phil matier live at candlestick park with how all the pieces may fit together. phil. >> reporter: that's right. it was quite an impressive display of the dream stadium the 49ers want. that's what mean for the reality at candlestick and the san francisco plans for the a stadium? here's the story. >> i mean, you have to have a team to negotiate with. it's clear for the last few years that the 49ers are interested in the santa clara site. they are not negotiating with the city. >> reporter: that point was driven home again today when the 49ers unveiled a model of the billion-dollar stadium they plan to build in santa clara. so what becomes of san francisco's plan? >> i think it's a backup plan, something trips up santa clara. >> reporter: a santa clara deal however will likely need the oakland raiders in on it to cover the cost. >> they don't cost a half billion dollars anymore. they cost $1 billion. makes it a tougher deal to put together and why there need to be probably two teams. >> the stadium is designed from the beginning to be able to
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accommodate two teams. >> reporter: which may mean both teams moving to the peninsula. it may be the start of the big sports move that we see in the coming year. the san francisco giants are already in talks with the city to build a new arena next to at&t park. >> that could bring the warriors back to san francisco in a new state-of-the-art arena. >> reporter: and, of course, there's also the as's hopes of moving south to san jose. >> that's an issue that needs to be worked out with the giants. >> reporter: so what we have is raiders and 9ers to santa clara, or maybe to oakland. warriors from oakland back to san francisco. and the as south to san jose or beyond. >> i think that's all going to finally come to a head in the next year. >> reporter: how does all this sit with the east bay folks? after all, they could be left with an empty arena, empty stadium and no team. well, there are not taking it very well. i spoke with alameda county supervisor scott haggerty today. he said, hey, maybe we should
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turn around and try up to our efforts to get the 49ers over into our stadium, maybe the as move, maybe we can hold on to one, and hold on to the warriors, as well. so from the looks of things, not only do perfect a kickoff of game, we have already got it going. >> you know, phil, as i watched your story and the pieces moving around, i kept thinking wait, oakland is going to sit there going, what just happened? we got nothing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's exactly it. but i'm going to tell ya, ultimately, i don't think it's going to be any of the politicians that decide what happens. it's going to be the bankers because when you are talking about buildings of this size you're talking in billions. >> yeah. absolutely. all right. phil matier, thank you. a battle is brewing tonight over nine parking spaces. planned parenthood needs those spaces to open a clinic in redwood city. but it's facing a tough challenge from different sides. len ramirez on a deal a car rental agency is now having second thoughts on. len.
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>> reporter: elizabeth, planned parenthood thought this would be the perfect spot. they thought they had a deal. but those nine parking spaces seem to be a problem, a little bigger than they thought. planned parenthood thought it found the perfect spot for expansion into redwood city, vacant office space along the el camino near transit. >> we identified redwood city as a place that has a really high need for services. >> reporter: there was just one big problem. the property did not have enough parking for patients and staff to get a city permit. >> we required 27 spaces. there are only 18 spaces on site. >> reporter: that's when planned parenthood went across the street to enterprise where it apparently struck a deal with the car rental company to buy the extra 9 parking places. the deal may have fallen apart and ross foti could be the reason why. >> this is what you call free speech, you do know that, don't you? we do have free speech. i'm working it a different way. >> reporter: he and others have threatened to protest enterprise or any neighboring
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businesses that sell planned parenthood parking places complete with crowds and graphic images of abortions. >> because of them, planned parenthood would be able to open up in this site. >> reporter: they are just selling parking spaces. >> i understand. but if they don't get those parking spaces, right, they don't get to have their clinic here. right? >> reporter: the city is now requiring planned parenthood to prove that it has the parking before the project moves forward. enterprise based in st. louis has issued a statement saying, quote, the contract is nonexecutable because it does not have all the necessary signatures. planned parenthood says it's disappointed but will not leave redwood city. >> we're still in conversations with that organization or with that company. we're also having conversations with other companies and organizations to be able to find alternatives if that doesn't work. as i said, we're still committed to going into that
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community and providing the life-saving healthcare service that need. >> reporter: enterprise contends that the reason it pulled out of the deal is because planned parenthood wanted to extend the length of the contract for those nine spaces. this contract, whether or not it is a done deal, will likely be decided by attorneys. in redwood city, len ramirez, cbs 5. a desperate search-and- rescue mission ended in tragedy in the san francisco bay today. one man is dead after two boats crashed into each other this afternoon. christin ayers explains. >> reporter: we have learned the identity of the man who died. he is [ foreign language ] one of two men pulled from the choppy waters here in a bewildering rescue effort that left authorities questioning who had been pulled from the water and who had not. a crash near hunters point a small fishing boat capsized and two people overboard. the call came around 12:30 this
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afternoon. a dinghy versus a motorboat. two victims were pulled ashore, one was later pronounced dead. >> that guy doing cpr trying to get him back alive and stuff, then two minutes later another boat came in and they got -- they had another person. >> reporter: authorities say there was a flurry of confusion. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a language barrier led them to believe a third victim who could not swim was still in the water launching a series of frantic dives. >> we are assuming that one person is missing and they're still searching. >> reporter: five boats combed the bay but the search turned up nothing. in the end rescuers simply called the home of the man believed missing. coast guard officials are still examining the two boats trying to figure out what caused the accident in the first place. and we have learned that the other man who was pulled from the water is still at san francisco general in good condition. there were a number of people on board that motorboat.
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none of them was seriously hurt. >> i'm assuming they are talking to those people to find out what happened. >> reporter: that investigation is continuing. we actually saw authorities pull in that boat as you saw a short time ago get a closer look to determine how the crash happened. >> all right. christin ayers, thank you. dozens of muni operators in san francisco don't have valid driver's licenses and they face the possibility of being fired. a new labor agreement rejected by the operators now requires operators to have a class b commercial license. nearly 50 do not have them. some have suspended licenses for off duty offenses. some let them expire. others have suspended licenses because of medical reasons. those operators are not being paid but they are receiving benefits. the union representing the operators says it will defend drivers it believes are being unfairly treated. a man was briefly trapped inside his upside-down car after this rollover crash.
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the fire department says the car hit a curb, flipped and hit a building at third and brannan in san francisco. a couple of parking meeters were taken out. the driver had only minor injuries. and dozens of protestors made it clear they want an apology from the airline that kicked off a young man from his flight after he refused to pull up his pants. family and supporters of deshon marman filled san francisco international airport this afternoon to deliver 40,000 signatures on a petition asking u.s. airways to apologize. the 20-year-old made headline news this june when he refused to take orders from a flight attendant. pretty terrible. i'm alarmed. >> bay area schools hit by thieves. the suspects' low tech m.o. and what they were afternoon. >> why two big airlines are giving passengers refunds. you think a ticket or tow
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is bad? one city's crushing punishment for drivers who park illegally. ,,,,,,
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spree in one peninsula city: thieves have stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff, from palo alto schools. mark sayre on what a bold robbery spree in one peninsula city. thieves have stolen tens of thousands worth of stuff from palo alto schools. mark sayre on what they are after and who police just arrested. >> at this point police don't know if these crimes are related and they say even though nobody has been threatened or hurt in the burglaries, stealing from schools, taxpayers and students is cirrus. >> reporter: 18-year-old alfredo gonzalez and naley castillo were arrested by palo alto police. they are suspected in at least one of four separate school
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burglaries over the past two weeks. on july 22, two laptops were stolen from gunn high school. police say school authorities found a classroom window open and screens hidden in nearby western suburbs. police have now recovered both of the laptops. >> what we're trying do is look at any connection between the thefts, times, locations, figure out if we have at least one person or two people in cuss i go for all of them. >> reporter: in terms of monetary loss it happened at duvonek where ipads and ipods were taken from a computer closet inside the school's library. a window was found shattered. the loss is estimated at $23,000. at palo alto high school, nine cameras were stolen from the science building and at jordan middle school, five macbooks were stolen from a computer lab n all cases, police say there were some similarities. >> so most of the ways of getting into the school the point of entrance are window breaks, open windows, a window
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smashed, kicking in doors. >> reporter: with school budgets tight police and residents say the theft of electronic equipment really hurts the students. >> pretty terrible. i'm also just pretty alarmed that people are breaking into the schools no matter what they're doing. it's bad. >> it makes it a lot more difficult. i would think as a kid, you know, i mean anytime that you're robbed even as an adult you do feel very kind of compromised. >> reporter: palo alto police say they suspect these burglars are using a getaway car so they are asking residents who see suspicious activities in the evening or overnight at local schools to contact police. reporting live in palo alto, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. city council members in palo alto are going paperless. in a cost saving move the city council voted 5-2 monday night to encourage the use of ipads at their meetings. members currently receive paper packets each week costing the city nearly $30,000 a year. the digital switch could save
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the city $12,000 over the next three years. good news for travelers who have been flying during the faa shutdown. two major airlines have decided to refund some ticket taxes. julie watts joins us with that and more. >> reporter: we reported that if you bought a ticket before the july 23rd shutdown and you flew during the partial faa shutdown, you may be entitled to a tax refund. but there's been some confusion on how to get it. delta and u.s. airways have decided to directly refund their customers. both airlines are working with the irs to get the refunds out. a delta spokesman says it should be relatively soon. now, the irs has asked all airlines to issue refunds, but passengers who fly those carriers which are refusing to comply can actually file for a refund directly with the irs. on a side note, alaska airlines ticket sales are soaring. it's one of only a handful of carriers that opted not to raise ticket prices and let consumers keep that tax savings
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from the faa shutdown. good news for consumers tired of waiting around for slow internet. a new fcc study found download speeds are up and are almost as good as what companies advertise. so on average, the fcc found dsl services like at&t and verizon deliver download speeds at 82% of what they advertise. cable-based internet like comcast is better delivering an average 93% of the advertised speeds. this is a huge improvement from two years ago when customers only got about half their promised speed. your car seat could be toxic. the nonprofit ecology center found 60% of car seats contain at least one toxic chemical. they tested for flame retardant, chlorine and plasticizers. topping the list the graco snugride, and two others. researchers also warn that when these seats are exposed to sunlight the chemicals break
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down making them even more toxic. for a complete list including the leaves toxic car seats head to and you will find how the your internet service provider ranks. >> half of what they advertise. >> reporter: that was back in 2009. it was half of the advertised speed. it's still below what they advertise but it's better. >> all right. thank you. from his first set of weights to his conan, they are all on display at arnold schwarzenegger's home. his house in austria opened over the weekend to mark his 64th birthday. the museum includings pictures of him and his wife. he plans to visit this fall. >> wonder if they show the video clip of him on the dating game way back when. >> i did see that. >> it was wild. >> that was crazy. let's head to san jose. it's our live cbs 5 weather
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camera looking towards -- look at the valley there. up limited visibility at dublin. today's high temperature was 86 degrees with unlimited visibility. looks like for the most part in the city by the bay we are socked in with low clouds and fog and it's pouring into the bay rapidly but not before seeing a temperature today in oakland at 70. i want you to take a look at the numbers. upper 50s in pacifica to 27 degrees warmer inland. watch how fast things can change. it's all because of this. a deeper marine layer. it's going to move inland at least a good 60 miles overnight and it will not clear at the coast tomorrow during the afternoon hours. plus, you throw in some cooler air mass from the north, the end result is thursday is going to pan out to be the coolest day of the workweek with numbers in the 50s at the beaches, 60s bayside and only 70s and a few low 80s inland.
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actually we should be at 83 degrees this time of year in san jose but instead, 75. same holds flew santa rosa and we should be looking at 88 in livermore but instead only a pair of 7s. coolest day tomorrow. friday temperature up a couple of degrees and hold steady with seasonal conditions over the weekend, dry through wednesday. that's your pinpoint forecast. allen, elizabeth? >> thank you. cyclists and pedestrians have a safer way to share the sidewalk on the golden gate bridge. new striping on the eastern sidewalk that's the only one that's open. hopefully it keeps them from running into each other and keep everybody safe and moving smoothly. early indications are it's working. >> not bad. really not bad. everybody seems to look out for each other. even bikes coming at you, they slow down. i haven't seen any real
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problems. it's crowded but not that crowded. >> well, the bridge district says of course weekends are more crowded. complaints from cyclists and pedestrians prompted the new signs and striping. what happens if you park your car in a bike lane? well, if you are in lithuania, you get ticked. tanked. the whole thing was staged. the mayor a self-proclaimed avid cyclist wanted to make a statement. the city paid for car. no harm no foul. coming up, can exercise help fight cancer? even deep in check? >> plus, just eight years old and he is 8.5, well, he is a hero. >> i feel kind of proud. >> you should! >> how he jumped into action in the pool to save a 3-year- old girl from drowning. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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boy who helped save a toddler and her grandfather from drowning never thought he'd be treated like one. he likes superheros but the young boy who helped save a toddler and her grandfather from drowning never thought he would be treated like one. kind of like aqua man. today 8-year-old ishaan singh from san jose was made an honorary firefighter. he explained how his mom noticed the little girl and her grandfather face down in the pool and told him to jump in and help. >> well, i got them and i got her, i pushed her to the side and a woman [ indiscernible ] on the side because too heavy, my friend called the ambulance
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and the police, firefighters. >> the boy credits a neighbor for helping him learn how to swim and he also says that when he grows up, he wants a job just like his dad, software engineer. 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a death in california are recalled. the meat is the source of a salmonella outbreak that's sickened nearly 100 people in 26 states since march. 6 people in california have gotten sick including one in the bay area. meat giant cargill says it's recalling both fresh and frozen turkey products produced from its arkansas plant between february and yesterday. can exercise help breast cancer patients stay healthier and maybe disease free? dr. kim mulvihill is here to tell us about a new study that's trying to find out. >> reporter: exercise has lots of benefits, everything from
6:24 pm
giving you more energy and relieves stress. some believe it may not be given enough credit for healing potential. >> inhale and exhale. breathe. >> reporter: at media's yoga therapy, some of the students are breast cancer survivors. michelle beat the disease 12 years ago. >> my natural assumption was that i was going to die. i wasn't convinced at the time that i would survive the diagnosis. >> energy eminates through the right heel. >> reporter: she is part of a new study comparing different forms of exercise. >> we are looking for breast cancer survivors, permission from their doctors to exercise and a little overweight and want to get back to their weight. >> exhale, step the feet together. >> reporter: volunteers are separated into three groups of. some exercise at will. others are given a prescription for activity. the third group practices yoga. >> inhale and exhale...
6:25 pm
>> reporter: 74-year-old eva is convinced this helps her tremendously. >> you learn to quit worrying so much because after all, it's a mind over matter. if you don't mind, it don't matter. >> and hold looking over those toes. >> reporter: volunteers give saliva and blood samples but mostly commit to regular exercise to see if it influences biomarkers for cancer risk. >> yoga has helped me connect more with my body and become more body aware and in tune. >> bringing the hands back. >> i think it's a critical part of healing and recovery. >> reporter: researchers will test how the different type of exercise impacts blood levels of certain cells linked to body fat. they are a fuel for cancers to grow and it may help us explain why our breast cancer recurrence is more common in women who are obese.
6:26 pm
this will look at it. get a prescription for exercise in the future. >> if you don't mind it doesn't matter. i like that. >> phillip garrido would be considered a shining example of a reformed criminal. >> a broken parole system exposed. what the d.a. says was the single biggest mistake in the phillip garrido case. and his mission to make sure something like that never happens again. a massive worldwide cyberattack that's been going on for years. how spies were able to hack into some of the most secure networks in the world and who investigators believe is behind it. one of the bay area's biggest supermarket chains getting a new look. the major expansion plans just announced and why some neighbors worry it's going to be bad for business. ,,
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. to light. now lawmakers and fixing a flawed system. today new failures in phillip garrido's parole supervision came to life. now lawmakers and law enforcement leaders are on a mission to make sure something like this never happens again. ann notarangelo reports on the serious challenges they face. >> phillip garrido would have been considered a shining
6:30 pm
example of a reformed criminal. >> reporter: the same monster who kidnapped, raped and imprisoned jaycee dugard was able to con prison psychologists and parole officers for decades. >> a very dangerous sexual predator and master manipulator. >> reporter: at a hearing at the state capital the el dorado d.a. systematically outlined how individuals and the system failed jaycee dugard. >> the single greatest mistake was to release somebody that early that dangerous that early on a very long sentence. >> reporter: after only serving one year of a 50-year sentence for a 1976 rape and kidnapping, a psychiatrist recommended parole for garrido despite his own claims of a burning compulsion to rape. in 1988 a psychologist said he would benefit society. within days of the release, one of the victims reported garrido tracked her down. that report went nowhere. the parole officer wrote.
6:31 pm
>> to subject him to monitoring would be too much of a hassle. >> reporter: jaycee dugard was the fifth known victim. the missteps to find her are too numerous to recount. some is blamed on poor communication between law enforcement agencies and questions about jurisdiction. in hearing wasn't only about what went wrong but also the laws that need to be changed. state senator ted gaines is proposing legislation to allow parole boards to consider the crime not just behavior when determining parole. >> i think we need to challenge the validity of storm of the analysis that's done on the psychological side. >> reporter: there are calls for better training psychologists and parole agents. one victims' rights advocates says using current standards garrido would be eligible parole now. >> i think some changes will be made but i'm not confident that they will be strong enough to really make sure that the victims are taken care of. >> reporter: it's clear, however, more could have been
6:32 pm
done for jaycee dugard and maybe understanding that will protect others. in sacramento, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. a summer camp leader suspected of having sex with a 14-year-old boy is under arrest in solano county. vacaville police say that 21- year-old katrina met the boy at the camp program called teen extreme. the victim's parents told police they found suspicious text messages on their son's phone. the two allegedly had sex at the suspect's home in fairfield on thursday but police do not belief they did anything inappropriate at the summer camps. this teenager was a subject of a statewide amber alert. now he is under arrest. antioch police initially thought 16-year-old hassan ford was kidnapped at an armed robbery at a barbershop where he works. he admitted he wasn't abducted. police say he was in on the crime. police also arrested the suspected robber eric walker. investigators found a sawed-off shotgun and stolen property in
6:33 pm
his apartment. justice officials have charged dozens of u.s. citizens in connection with a worldwide child pornography sting. they were all members of one particular website. the assistant attorney general called, quote, a living horror. danielle nottingham on how the investigation started. >> reporter: a major international child porn ring is history after months of investigation. the justice department announced it's charged more than 70 people for allegedly being members of an online group called dream board. the website allowed members to trade images of sexual abuse over the internet. >> some of the children featured in these images and videos were just infants. and in many cases, the children being victimized were in obvious and intentional pain. >> reporter: officials say it's the largest prosecution ever of an online child pornography ring in the u.s. the operation started in 2009 and grew to target nearly 600 people around
6:34 pm
the world. the group used aliases, special computer codes, and strict rules to keep themselves a secret. the justice department says it doesn't stop there. the more material members shared the higher the stats in the group and that allowed them more access to even morgan images. >> membership status was upgraded for those who produced and shared their own child porn. >> words cannot describe how horrific the enterprises, the alleged crimes were. in short, dream board was a living horror. >> reporter: so far, authorities have arrested 52 suspects. they say there are more to come as they review 16,000 dvds worth of confiscated material. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. a massive cyberespionage attack targeting america and other western nations is going on right now. that's according to online security firm mcafee which says patterns of organized hacking
6:35 pm
date back to 2006. it says the problem is on a massive scale affecting nearly every industry in every country. 4 compromises have been detected -- 49 compromises have been detected in the united states targeting federal agencies. experts say china is behind the attacks. wall street finally had reason to cheer today after eight stray days of losses. the dow was up 30 to 11,896. it opened at the lowest level of the year and fell even further at one point. this was after another report suggesting a slowing u.s. economy. many investors expect to see even more big swings in stocks. nobody really knows what's coming down the pike. we never really do. but uncertainty is very high right now, just too much weakness in the economy, doesn't quite know what's going to be happening with the spending cuts now that the debt dole has been reached. investors are going to be hanging back until they see
6:36 pm
positive signs. they haven't seen many at all of late. >> if the dow had fallen today it would have been the longest losing streak for the blue chip average in 33 years. president obama today acknowledged the economy is still weak and the debt ceiling debate didn't help. he is putting his cabinet to work now to focus on what matters most to the american people. >> and that is how are we going to put people back to work? how are we going to raise their wages, increase their security? how are we going to make sure that they recover fully as families and as communities from the worst recession we have had since the great depression? >> while economic growth and job creation have slowed, the white house is discounting talk the economy may going into recession. president obama took some of his staffers out to lunch. he treated a handful of senior white house officials to burgers on capitol hill this afternoon. the president got some early 50th birthday wishes from fellow diners and apparently he
6:37 pm
was in a pretty good mood. he treated an 11-year-old boy to a milkshake. >> big spender. bay area supermarket wars. how safeway is upping the ante against the competition but why some neighbors worry this will hurt local businesses. ,, ,,,, [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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you. safeway announced it's revamping or reconstructing more than a dozen bay area stores. but as don ford reports, these upgrades are meeting some resistance. safeway is revamping or reconstructing more than a dozen bay area stores but as don ford reports, these upgrade are meeting resistance. >> reporter: when mervyns went out of business, many shopping centers were left with large abandoned spaces that safeway now wants to take over. >> the economy has made it so there are some retail spaces that are available. we're taking advantage of them and thus far, the response has been very positive. >> reporter: pleasant hill neighbors are welcoming safeway. >> well, when i found out that safeway was coming here, i got pretty excited. >> this was a big store.
6:40 pm
i'm surprised it's lasted this long. empty. because this is -- they have great parking. and for safeway that's going to be great. >> reporter: and employment, too. >> oh, yeah, definitely. i may even look for a job working nights here. >> reporter: but safeway's takeover of shuttered businesses doesn't end here. in the south bay, safeway just cut a deal to take over this former sears store at san antonio plaza and to that, safeway just opened a store in campbell at another former mervyns site. and next year, an old mervyns in petaluma will become another safeway while this new store opens at the former target store in el cerrito. >> the response we have gotten is positive. >> reporter: not all neighborhoods are looking forward to the expansions. here in rockridge there is a concern that the new safeway might hurt small businesses. safeway is planning this large complex to replace the store
6:41 pm
that's been here for 50 years. some neighbors aren't happy. >> we don't have any predictable view of how it will affect local businesses. and at the same time, an impact on traffic, et cetera. >> i think there's overwhelming groundswell that they should be capped. >> reporter: safeway says rockridge would only get the best. >> we want to make sure that we bring our best to the rockridge area and so there has been a bit of on session but we are positive that when the project is complete, everyone will be quite happy. >> reporter: in rockridge, don ford, cbs 5. the as tried to avoid a sweep in seattle. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the giants new acquisition finally pay dividends. the joints fight to stay in first place -- the giants fight to stay in first place, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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change is possible for people who have made bad choices in the this week's jefferson ward winner is a living example that big change is possible for people who have made some bad choices in the past. as kate kelly reports, the south bay woman works hard to be a role model in a tough
6:45 pm
environment. >> reporter: shirley lamarr's life came full circle. 22 years ago she would have been wearing an orange jumpsuit at the county jail. >> you want to bring it up to resolve it. >> reporter: instead she comes to work here at the maguire correctional facility in san mateo to help run an in-custody recovery program called "choices." >> every day i walk through that door with this thing on here, i prove to them, you don't have to be in orange. so you want to tell me a little bit what you was worked up about last night? >> reporter: shirley said she did it all, drugs, crime, but she left that environment of abuse behind when she entered delancey street and turned her life around. >> the philosophy is don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal. it's on the wall right downstairs. give a damn about somebody else. >> reporter: that's what she is teach inmates in the joint
6:46 pm
venture based on the formula. she started as a counselor with choice years ago. she now helps run the voluntary program where inmates receive counseling, medication, and tough love. >> got to walk away, shut up, leave it alone. i know the dark side. and i know the light side. i show you both pieces and i demand that you pick the right side. >> i heard shirley before i saw shirley. >> reporter: rosalind walton served time for drug possession before shirley helped her pick the right side. >> she would walk in a room and everyone would stop and listen. she gave me inspiration and she empowered me to know that change was possible. >> reporter: san mateo county captain mark hanlon says rosalind is just one of many success stories. >> it's important to us because we have seen some of the changes. we don't have as many of the revolving door inmates coming back once they have been through this program.
6:47 pm
>> so this is one of the cells here where i lived. >> reporter: this former inmate shakes his head when he looks at his old cell. choices inspired him to go to college and get a job. he is now giving back as a counselor with the program. >> choices taught me the value of decency. they taught me how to be accountable. >> life is more than just about staying clean and so bore off drugs. it's about really making people understand what change looks like, what it takes and what it is. >> reporter: so for helping inmates to see change and make positive choices, this weeks' jefferson award in the bay area goes to shirley lamarr. kate kelly, cbs 5. and roberta is back from a long weekend. so what did you do on your summer vacation? >> i'm so excited. like a kid. we went north my family and i to victoria british columbia
6:48 pm
and went whale watching and there is no guarantee that you're going to see a whale but all of a sudden we did. we saw one or can and it was with the length of six football fields away. and then my son randall said, ma, i think that whale is coming our way. >> oh, wow! >> there he is. >> oh!! >> yes! can you believe that? that orca went under our boat! right towards the boat. i was rolling ton and it went under our boat without even touching it and i asked the captain of the boat, i said how often does that occur? he said never! so it was an amazing time! very cool. isn't that? oh, speaking of cool, let's go outside and look at our live crab 5 weather camera. it is so blustery right now at telegraph hill. winds are kicking up out of the west up to 2 miles per hour. and if you are out and about this evening, our temperature span right now is from 55 degrees in pacifica to 79 degrees in walnut creek and in
6:49 pm
danville. this is a very robust marine layer. it's pushing onshore at least a good 60 miles overnight. it is so deep about 2,000 feet deep. it's going to cause some drizzle overnight and you will notice by the clock there, it does not want to clear out along the coast for your thursday. so with this robust marine layer, you tap in that cooler air mass from the north and bottom line is tomorrow will be the coolest day of the workweek. north bay numbers coming down. 58 and no clearing in bodega bay to 78 degrees in novato and low 80s in fairfield. meanwhile, east of the bay, temperatures should be right around 88 degrees in livermore for this time of the year. tomorrow 77. down from today's high of 86 degrees. you're going to feel the difference. and then a very strong sea breeze out of the west up to 20 along the coast and the peninsula. highs in the 50s through the 60s to the low 70s. san jose should be at 83 degrees this time of the year but instead only the mid-70s. the extended forecast calls for the temperature to go up ever so slightly for your friday. and then over the weekend, temperatures from the 60s at
6:50 pm
the beaches through the mid- and high 60s bayside to full sunshine in our inland areas and pretty seasonal temperatures for this time of the year. we'll have that weather pattern until this time next week. that is your pinpoint forecast. we have dennis with sports coming up. ,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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gone stone cold, scoring four or fewer runs in 12 consecu despite several trades to bolster their offense the giants' bats had gone cold scoring four or fewer runs in 12 games. so with first place in the balance that changed. key play of the game early against arizona. runners at first and second. but second base runner is picked off. ends the inning. vogelsong six innings. pablo sandoval into right field 1-0 giants. carlos beltran would go left center field next inning. keppinger singles. giants lead 2-0. beltran 3 for 5 one of those hits a triple. the other new guy in town, came up in the 5th ink. cabrera down the left field
6:54 pm
wide to blow it open two runs scores. carlos beltran scores from first. giants snap a five-game losing streak and win 8-1. they take a one-game lead in the national league west. vogelsong regains the national league lead in earned run average. >> i got a good set of friends that, they give it to me pretty good even a game like today. they are going to call me later and let me know everything i did wrong. so, you know, they keep me pretty grounded. >> beltran shoots it into right center field. he has another hit. triples are fun for the fans. having this gap in the right center, i hit the ball to the gaps a lot so i guess that is going to be something new for me. >> meanwhile the as looked asleep in seattle. >> he idon'tt seattle.
6:55 pm
gonzalez hasn't done well since the break. they lost. 49ers moved to bolster their secondary by signing carlos rogers. he was with the redskins and the ninth overall pick in the 2005 draft. he had 43 tackles, two intersection last season. he will likely replace nate clements in the starting line- up. hop hollywood is only 13 yet she has to count carbs just to play hockey. >> been playing hockey four years. >> how did you so get good? >> practice. >> reporter: holly hopwood has to worry more than that who she has to cover on the opposing ben. she has type one diabetes and celiac disease. >> i don't let it get in my way. i do what i want to do. >> reporter: in april, holly won a national championship
6:56 pm
with the junior sharks in anaheim the organization's first national title. >> we weren't quite sure what to do. just celebrated. >> reporter: holly is able to compete even though she has diabetes because of a revolutionary device. >> i have a pump that helps me take care of my diabetes. >> reporter: it's a tubeless pump system that she attaches to her skin. a little wireless remote controls the amount of insulin she receives. although her parents were worried about having holly enroll in hockey with diabetes, the omni pod made it all possible. >> we just gave it a go. it was scary at the beginning and you look at it today and it was definitely worthwhile. >> some other pumps have like long tubes for the insulin to go through but this one is like attached to you. so it has the tube going straight into your skin.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: with the help of the omnipod, holly can play hockey just like any other kid. and the hopwoods realize that playing sports actually helps their daughter's overall health and disposition. >> i use less insulin than i should because i do so much sports. i'm a national champion. >> and from a 13-year-old to an 11-year-old, jacob resnik had a chance to call an inning in the broadcast booth for an essay contest that he won. have a listen. >> here's the first pitch in hand. and reyes rips it! there it goes! it's gone! [ laughter ] >> it's gone! >> resnik later said -- [ laughter ] >> -- he was nervous. he didn't sound like he was nervous to me. it's gone! [ laughter ] >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc ,, ,,,,,, ,,
6:58 pm
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