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tv   Mosaic  CBS  August 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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>> hello, and welcome. we are here each week with what we presume to be interest stories going on here in the catholic world, the face world, and the worptd that others traf. we are going to talk about sam rafel, and i will mention that we are very pleased to have the mission curator, and kathy baker. >> thank you, tom. >> this is exciting for me.
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most of those get the independence haul -- hall. let's talk to you. what brought you to the mission. you are the cure ater occur ray tortures -- curator. my mom and dad met there, and i am an art historian. and i spent a year-and-a-half
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working on the mission. you are a real-live arcadia keyologist. >> yeah, i have been doing it for 10 years from now. i am not terrified of the conventions or the people that she brought there. i really enjoyed it. and i just started listening to some of the people speaking, and then i got excited about doing some of the arcadia keyologist -- arkology --
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archeology. >> if there is going to be any type of work going on down or where there is excavation work, sergely. what we are doing now is sitting the area. >> it ocean a treat to -- there's a treat in learning
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in this field. it's not just investigating, dirt, shovings, there is a lot of arcadia keyologist -- archeologist. i am glad you brought that up. we have sandra hill-pparick. >> as i began my journey as a history, a passion. some say, it needs to be here, no, down here, and that is awe
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of the ri -- diet onmug. the exciting your honorny, and i wrote a grant to the california found not guilty pg abthis is determining brueswitz the original message words. it's not only exciting, but it is who we are. are you finding that other things are brought over the provisions. cassie and i working together. okay. so we are going to make the overlays of all of the problem,s, to -- programs, the
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foundation, and we can move lard. bl you will be 230e r 20 but cbs, roights? adds a a -- archeolodisf v will return after this.
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>> we have one in the program >> he is so great. we served out of the extension, or the hospital of the mission of deloren -- deloris.
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they became very very sick and this was not -- in 1717, it was establish -- 1817, it was established. and bring october 14th, 1892, it was full-fledge. the crops gab began to grow, 50 pear trees, all of today, corched be -- water source. actually, the first one . if we
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as have the fresh with ther too . we are kind of piecing and puzzling all of this information that others have looked at, worked together and spend a specific amount of time doing the indepth work, so we can create information . tell us about free bond.
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each mission of its own mission, it ocean iewls to remember that as they will sirving as an mier, i comes, groarl so he wooz actually established there as an outpoet, rping mention mentioned we s -- a flag course, the vaticans,
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that's quit speck tag hah the united states flag, the -- >> i love to give towerrists a -- tourist to show. we seem to get busy, not as bus
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-- www.wowsaintrpheerkzl. congratulationsbehavetovuza congratulationsbehavetovuz ahousewho --gatherglawfglawfcan congratulations . >> me naturally,
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>> welcome back to mosaic . we are talking about the remission
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sand refill. it's a wonderful place, an old place, but it has not spotted being a busy pace . this is court r corallable tot of yoi dr open waswork the tbloag are knowing w 'a art tep what if the paferring was not peptable be east charlotte poorg -- church . it whereas onment mso
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the dufer dimpt >> so are so grate fful to receive that donation. always one where you are never
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unhappy to repeat. he would go to the county, buy that property . he said groimptsz ever ever -- what is going on with that . >> well, what is different about that move is it has sop history, some blood there,
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12k3wr5u6r7b89dz >> can we stalk about that, we only have a -- talk about that, talk to me about professional bishop . on the is hundred plowp push to cocan doe
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grornses rp p p .iments . tai add -- grurntionz an he had a prayer stick, he was given i have irp/i # # # -- >> can he -- did he pap -- baptize . he made it clear that the christians did what they
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needed to do, and he stated that with watkin is k -- we got to speak away, that continues. >> >> we have to sneak away, we will be back on mosaic . >> ,,,,
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>> welcome back. thank you for being here. we have some wrap-up questions, i have to ask some important questions. you have people that go there, you have staff, you have other people working there, right? >> yes, and we have a continued dialogue with the indians, i provide a host guest series, and we provide it, allowing the spanish, indians, and over 2,000 perish families within the school, and so we are
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interwoven . it's dynamic . >> it's pretty high, and we are gathering materials for that. >> what about those -- >> we have a lot -- we do understand that through betty durks work under chief merin is buried under our feet, we have to be careful on what we are doing and the capitol cap pain . some of the records 200 are buried on the sight, and the
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others say 800. >> where at op if -- on the property. >> it's such an urban setting that many have been moved throughout the development of the city. soom of the mission records were kept great on the baptism and birth, but the native americans are definitely different. we do know that the priests were exhumed and moved to the mt. olive cemetery. >> i want to ask about fund raisers.we are part of the
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angle -- angel and there is administer information on that -- there is information on that and you are available to check that out and come. >> we will provide that at the end and you can go on there and check it out . >> so it's all schools, right? yeah, we get a great display of children. we have to run, 30 seconds. >> please join us to be the friend of the mission of the foundation; that helps us maintain the living history and dialogue, and we ask you to join us on behalf of the foundation. thank you for being with us
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on mosaic. remember his -- history involves all of us, stay with it. okay you guys are great. >>
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