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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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americans first thing in the morning. here in the u.s. the dow jones closed with a 634 point loss. s&p lowered the credit rating on friday from triple-a to double-a plus. this is the worse drop in the market since december 2008. today president obama said the downgrade was less about our ability to pay our bills and more about how politicians behave. (technical difficulties.) >> ben bernanke is expected to discuss the economic possibility tomorrow. fear may have driven the selloff on wall street but what will regular investors. mike sugarman stopped by a hair shop today and got an earful of advice. >> reporter: you know what is good about the market drop? nothing. if your about to retire you
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just lost 10% of your nest egg and who knows what happens in the next few days. maybe you'll buy some stocks cheaper now and gas prices are going down, that's another good thing, but for most people it's a wash. and i did find some optimism today. when wall street cuts and rains, main street gets clipped too. boy, does it. johnson and his stock did. >> they've been down 15-20%. >> not that unusual. not enough to stop getting a hair cut at the barbershop in palo alto, and not even enough to get concerned. >> i feel confident we'll be okay. >> reporter: they have seen recessions come and go. >> you know, my stocks are bought for the long-term. >> reporter: but not everybody is that smart or lucky and has
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time to wait for a rebound and that is what scares main street. will companies hire not knowing what will come next? what will mortgage rates do? how will credit be effected? all questions venture capitalist butch johnson has seen in the recessions he's lived there. >> i've been doing this since 1962 so my general philosophy is to invest money in good times and in bad and don't stop making investments because times look tough because the harvest time is five years away any way. >> reporter: if you have the time to wait. and in doing research for the story today, experts said it's down 1,000 points in three days and let's see what happens tomorrow and the next day because it could go up 500 tomorrow or 300 because stocks are cheap and i did take the opportunity to get my hair cut today, dana, and i did look at my portfolio and it's also down 10%. >> i'm not going to look at
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mine, but it's interesting, i've had the occasion to meet mr. johnson. and not only has he made a lot of money, he's been very charitable and given away a lot of money. >> reporter: in fact, it's funny, i just ran into him at the barbershop and he said one of the things he would have to stop for a while is charitable giving. >> well hopefully it will trickle down and not stop. thank you. also in oakland, a 3-year- old boy is the latest victim of a deadly shooting. this one happened at about 1:00 this afternoon on the 6400 block of international boulevard. christin ayers is at the scene tonight with the latest. kristin? >> reporter: and there is grief in the community but also quite the crackdown. if you look over my shoulder you can see the show of man power that oakland police is putting out there despite diminished numbers in the department. you have the mobile command and two blocks shut down and officers on overtime. the death of this toddler is
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said to be a top priority. a 3-year-old child shot to death by a stray bullet in what police believe may have been a drug-related drive-by. the target of two african- american men were shot but expected to live. the boy died at children's hospital of oakland. police say he was with his parents climbing on the push cart you see here when the shots rang out in broad daylight in front of many witnesses. police say the witnesses are cooperating but there are no suspects. chief anthony bats said tracking down the suspects is the top priority and authorized overtime for officers to continue the investigation into night. he arrived on scene having just spoken to the parents of the little boy. he said they were dazed and grieving and called this a sad day for oakland. >> they are dealing with the pain and suffering of losing a child and as a parent there is nothing more traumatic than having a baby that hasn't done anything to anyone losing his life and that's a sad moment.
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the dad is beyond broken up, the mom is doing a little better but she's having a tough time too, as you can imagine. >> we cannot let anybody continue to be killed. it is not okay. everybody needs to speak up about it. >> reporter: and police say witnesses are speaking up. they are cooperating with police at this time. however, there are still no suspects and police have only a vague description of the suspects, ken, they are not even releasing that to us. >> same old story. we hear it time and time again. christin ayers in oakland, thank you. two people were arrested after vallejo police found two malnourished children with rope burns on their arms under the age of 5. police arrested edward kemp ii and khalil ferris. child protective services took the kids from the couple's home in june. anyone with information about the case is asked to call
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police. condolences from president obama for the 30 american military personnel killed when the taliban shot down a helicopter in afghanistan. among those killed were 22 navy seals, including some that were from the unit involved in the killing of osama bin laden. also among the dead are two seals with ties to the bay area. 36-year-old kevin houston grew up on the east coast but his father and relatives live in san jose. 29-year-old derek benson was a native of angwin in napa county. today benson's grand parents talked with don knapp about the sacrifice their grandson made. >> he loved motorcycles. anything fast. >> reporter: derek benson loved adventure and found it as a navy seal. joining right after graduating. of the 200 young men selected for his seal training class, benson and just 18 others made it through. >> he would extreme when we put him in the water and he didn't
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like water and the other cousins were playing and i got disgusted and so i could swim and i threw him in and he spitted and sputered around and came out and just looked at me and didn't say anything. and i said, now you're going to learn to swim. >> reporter: the seal who hated water learned to love his grandmother's pool in angwin. >> it was a joke when he said his grandmother taught him how to swim and he's a seal. >> reporter: and he was among other americans killed when their chinook hospital went down in afghanistan while on a rescue mission. his grand parents and other family members are devastated. >> was he a tough guy? >> no. he was a soft guy. >> very soft-spoken, very polite. >> reporter: his grand father had given him advice. >> i said, keep a little ahead of the guys behind because then you have a little bit extra
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rest while they catch up. >> did he ever take that advice? >> he must have because he was top in his class. >> it was when he graduated. >> reporter: s had grandfather kept a scrap book of derek with kids of him as a kid. >> look at how young he looked when he joined. >> reporter: this week she placed the final clipping in the book. but he won't be buried here. his grand forge said he left instructions to be buried in san diego at the base where he became a seal. in angwin, don knapp, cbs 5. a house fire in san francisco have left an elderly woman with severe burns. firefighters responded to a one alarm fire around 11:30 last night on jackson street. the two women were found unconscious and investigators believe the fire started in one of the bedrooms and was likely due to a cigarette. oakland police are still
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searching for a suspect who got away. suspects led police on a high- speed chase at 66 and 880. police aren't saying why they werear him but this is the second -- were after him but this is the second time in a week that a suspect in a high- speed chase has managed to evade oakland police on foot. 27 years ago a 14-year-old girl from pleasanton was stabbed to death. it's been a cold case for years now, but today police announced a break in her murder. as ann notarangelo reports from pleasanton, police say the killer was a former classmate. >> reporter: and ken, tina's mom was too distraught to talk to us. she very politely declined and wasn't doing good but she was confident that they would find her daughter's killer. >> the brutal murder of this quiet 14-year-old freshman made the people of pleasanton look at the world entirely different that day. >> reporter: it's been 27 years since 14-year-old tina fealz was stabbed to death as she
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walked home from school. her body was found in a drainage area next to interstate 880, it was undeveloped at the time and a common shortcut for students through and from foothill high school. they have her former classmate in custody. >> this was a foothill high school at the time of the murder and lived very near the school and in close proximity to where the crime occurred. the suspect arrested for this murder was 16 years of age at the time that the murder occurred. >> reporter: santa cruz authorities confirmed to cbs 5 that steven john carlson was arrested where he was being held on another charge. he's now 43 years old and would have been 16 when tina was murdered. police say the suspect had very little reaction to his arrest. >> this is very okay. >> they need to serve their time. she's lost a child and that's forever. >> reporter: ron married tina's mom a few years ago and said police have not given them the suspect's name but they always thought it was one of tina's classmates. >> is there a sense of relief
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or was this a sense of opening up new -- >> yeah, relief, because she has to know before she dies or i die who was responsible and they need to be taken care of. there has to be some justice for her. >> reporter: he explained shirley's grief overshadows everything in her life. >> i think it's worth the years because she sees other people with daughters. >> reporter: a break came last year. pleasanton police urged the fbi crime lab to analyze evidence that wasn't available in 1980. when they got dna they recontacted witnesses and built their case. technology isn't the only thing that has changed. knew fewer children walk to school and these tragedies happen much too often. we've lost our innocence. >> almost monthly i hear of a little kid being abducted and so you can't let your kids out of your eye sight ever.
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>> reporter: and for decades there were people looking at steven carlson, some even suggesting that he should be a suspect, but it took the advancement of dna technology to make a link. >> that's amazing because of the technology. thanks, ann. he didn't want the job, but once he had it he said he wouldn't keep. it now ed lee has changed his mind. why some say that's a sign he sold out. they served their country, they worked for the city and now they owe their employers some money. the south bay city that said reservists were paid too much. and parents, now it's time to get kids vaccined for the upcoming school year. why it's better to shop around before heading to the doctor. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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mayor ed lee declared he's in the race for a full term. and he immediately ran into the rou the honeymoon is over. today san francisco's interim mayor ed lee declared he is in the race for a full term. and he immediately ran into the rough and tumble reality of san francisco politics. phil matiers is in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: in san francisco, getting into city hall in the mayor's office is never a cake walk. even for somebody as popular as ed lee. san francisco's interim mayer ed lee got his first taste of politics today when after reversing himself, he went down to the registrar and took out papers to run for a full term only to have the event disrupted by a demonstrator. >> mr. lee are you going to step down because you lied to the board of supervisors and are in that office under false pretenses. >> reporter: and when the
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heckler refused to pipe down, deputies dragged him away. >> mr. lee, i'm a citizen. help, help. >> reporter: welcome to san francisco politics, mayor lee. >> i got the papers done right. i guess they didn't heckle me enough to get me not to be able to sign my signature. >> reporter: and while other candidates in the race were much more diplomatic, his change of mind was the big question of the day. >> today there are many san francisco residents who are disappointed that ed lee did not keep his promise. he had told the entire city for months that he would not run and obviously he's made a different decision today. >> i'm not so concerned about him breaking his word. i don't think that mr. lee is a dishonest man, my question is, is he his own man. >> reporter: and some very heavy hitters have urged lee to run, including dianne feinstein and willie brown. for joanna reese, one of the few top candidates new to politics, it all sounds like more of the same. >> i was going door to door
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last night and i heard feedback from people saying that ed lee jumping in is another example of why we need something different than rearranging who sits in what chair. >> reporter: maybe, but that seems to be just what candidate lee is selling to voters between now and november. >> there is a change in the tone, a tone change in the city hall, one that makes me feel pretty good about being mayor. and i know it resonates with a lot of residents. i've gone around to many, many neighborhood meetings throughout the city and they register and they feel very positive that the tone of this government has changed, it's become a lot more positive. >> reporter: and it appear that's voters appear to be agreeing with them. k pitch cbs 5 survey usa poll we took said ed lee was the front-runner, garnering 35% of the vote, well above his competitors. more importantly, he is well- liked. his approval rating is in the
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mid 50% and that is far above the rest of the competition, to welcome to the race, it's not going to be easy but he is the front-runner. >> it will be interesting to see, he's the interim mayor, how it will change him being able to do business in san francisco now that he is a candidate? >> reporter: exactly. and how he'll be able to do business in city hall -- where the city attorney and the board of supervisors are two of the biggest critics of him getting in the race and are also in the race themselves. >> well it will be interesting. that is for sure. and it's always going to be an interesting race in san francisco. >> never a dull moment. >> thank you. after returning from battle overseas, military reservists in the south bay are going to battle at home over supplemental pay. it turns out san jose has been paying out the difference between the reservists' military salaries and what they earn as city employees since the wars in the middle east
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began. but administrative errors have caused the city to overpay sometimes by the amount of thousands of dollars. city council's new proposal would simplify the program. >> the new proposal i brought forward would simplify the process and say we're not doing any reconciliations from the back, we'll keep your city paycheck coming whole and we'll take your military pay and put it into an escrow account. >> reporter: the city council is expected to consider the changes to the program tomorrow. and roberta loves to do the weather so much she will do it for free. >> and this is the only person that would vacation in texas. >> it was 105 and 106 most days. dallas, texas has had 42 consecutive days of
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temperatures and dana king was sitting outdoors and enjoying it. and we have some sunshine at the coast and dublin with a high temperature today of 86 degrees as we take a look out toward mount diablo and the visibility is unlimited there. the evaporation of the stratus along the seashore that allowed additional warming to take place in the inland areas, to the mid-80s, very similar to yesterday. outside number was 87 degrees. if gilroy and in morgan hill. out and about, just about a 30 degrees temperature span from 55 degrees to the coast to 83 inland. i'm going to call it summer doldrums because what you saw today is what we're going to get again tomorrow with the marine layer about 1500 feet deep. it will cause drizzle and in the overnight hours and tomorrow morning as well. dialing back to the beaches late afternoon. so the temperatures very similar to today, from the 50s at the beaches, 60s bayside to pretty much 70 and 80 away from
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the bay. a very strong sea breeze late- day, out of the west, 10-20 miles per hour. notice very little change and therefore doldrums each and every day. in fact we'll throw in a couple more days for you just for the liking and the temperature begins to flirt more with 90 degrees by sunday and monday. dana, welcome back, missed you a lot. >> thank you so much. well doctors say it's healthy and it's necessary, but it can also be expensive. the unexpected price of getting your kids vaccinated. we'll have that in two minutes. ,,,,,,
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vaccination. but on the consumerwatc we have told you that students entering the 7th through 12th grades will need to get a whooping cough vaccine but on our consumer watch tonight julie wats warns it could come with a hefty price tag. are they expensive? >> depending on your insurer and where you go.
6:24 pm
it's called the t-tad vaccine and it's been oftenned through local drugstores. as one family learned the hard way, don't make the assumption it's covered. like millions of california kids, dustin davis can't go to school without getting the newly-required t-dat vaccine. >> we had to pay a $20 co-pay and after that the insurance should pick up the rest of the bill. >> reporter: but instead, after dustin got the shot, his dad got a bill for $214. >> i thought that was a lot. >> reporter: it turns out his insurance doesn't cover vaccines for kids over the age of 2, something his doctor should have been able to tell him had he thought to ask. >> patients should know how much their care costs before they get treated. every patient has that right. >> reporter: jeffrey rice runed health care blue >> i've seen patients charged too much for health care.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: the company comes up with the average price of a procedure in your area. the t-dat vaccine should cost $30 per dose or $67 at a walk- in clinic but roy was charged $214. >> there is a very big price difference between different hospitals and different providers. sometimes up to four or five times higher. >> reporter: dr. rice said had roy looked into it ahead of time he could have used this information to negotiate a lower price with his own doctor. but now it's too late. >> no way. he said not even a penny. >> reporter: now depending on your insurance, that mandatory vaccine may not be covered for children over a certain age so be sure to check with the insurance company before your doctor's visit and consider taking the kids to a clinic if your doctor won't negotiate that price. there are links to free t-dat clinics online. and you did a story on this last week. >> it's okay to pick up the phone and shop around.
6:26 pm
>> you have to in this case because some doctors will charge as much as they want. >> julie. >> thank you very much. so you can avoid looking at your 401k but there may not be the way to avoid a u.s. credit downgrade. the ways other than your retirement you could be effected. among those watching how we handle the economy, china state- run media there has a message for the u.s. why china said uncle sam has to learn a lesson. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout,
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you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. with the dow dropping more than 600 points, patricia wu reports the markets in asia are falling tonight. that, after a terrible day on wall street with the dow dropping more than 600 points, patricia wu reports on the consequences and the possible light at the end of a tunnel. >> reporter: market volatility continues as investors react to news of the s&p's unprecedented downgrade of the u.s. credit rating. >> markets will rise and fall, but this is the united states of america. no matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a triple-a country. >> reporter: president obama tried to reassure americans
6:30 pm
after friday's rating cut from triple-a to double-a plus. >> our problems are imminently solvable and we know what we have to do to solve them. >> reporter: the s&p also downgraded the ratings for fannie mae and freddie mac which finance mortgages, following the downgrades of questions remaining about the s&p actions. investors kept a close eye on the markets. experts believe the downgrade may cause interest rates to go up, making car loans, student loans and mortgages more expensive. >> the house majority played chicken with america's credit worthiness and america's families are now going to be the losers. >> reporter: financial experts say other countries like japan and canada came through the same situation just fine and americans shouldn't panic. >> you have to sit back and look and don't let the emotions take over. >> reporter: while emotions took over today with the dow closing down more than 600 points. federal reserve ben bernanke will be speaking tomorrow and
6:31 pm
you can bet that investors will be listening closely. in new york, i'm patricia wu. >> and while americans are facing financial uncertainty and watching retirements dwindle in some cases, we are also being blasted by people in china. state-run media there accuses the united states of dragging china into another recession. an editorial in a national newspaper wrote the days when a debt written uncle sam could squander overseas borrowing appear to be numbered. they have also downgraded the u.s. but still there does not need to be pressure for china to stop buying u.s. treasuries. they are our largest creditor and the country is relying on the u.s. to keep buying it's products. well the stock markets have been a gamble lately, one of the safest bets is also one of the oldest. gold is still fetching all-time
6:32 pm
high prices. joe vasquez reports on the new gold rush. >> they want to get in on the fun. >> reporter: at the san francisco gold buyer on west portal, it's not quite the gold rush. >> today is the day. >> reporter: but customers like victoria citron who is trading in her watch are keeping the staff busy. >> what made you decide today was the day? >> the prices were good today. >> reporter: the prices of gold is at an all-time record high. more than $1,700 an ounce and rising. why? some analysts believe with the problems in the u.s. economy and now europe, people are looking at gold as one of the few consistent safe havens for your money. look at this price of gold that has varied but has tripled in the fast five years. this year it has gained 20%. >> people are pouring their money into gold at over $1,700 an ounce and that's an all-time high and it's hard to put money into something that is an all- time high. >> so why is now the time then?
6:33 pm
>> well i'm not saying that now is the time. nobody know what's the time is. >> reporter: one draw back with gold is its limited supply but interestingly enough, mining stocks are going up. >> $2.29. >> reporter: it's expensive to dig, but with gold up and gas prices down, goldminers could soon determine it's worth their while to search for more underground. victoria already staked her claim and made more than $1,200 today on her watch. >> party time. >> reporter: a nugget of hope in an uncertain economy. joe vasquez, channel 5. planning your meals. if you took a bite of backon today, some would say your hurting your health. the benefit of meatless monday. and cameras are not watching the grapes, they are looking to the skies. who is hoping to find what? ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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the state is demanding the looks like the past is coming back to haunt the city of bell once again. the state is demanding that southern california town return half a million dollars. the department of parks and rec said the city failed to put jobs up for competitive bids on project funded with grant money. it happened while the former city administrator robert rizo was on the job. he and seven other bell city officials are facing corruption charges in connection with their hefty salaries, perks and loans. and that 9-year-old philadelphia boy hit by a car after a giants-phillies game is making improvements but remains in critical condition tonight. that is the update from san francisco general. ryan white was struck thursday while walking with his family in a crosswalk a few blocks from at&t park. police arrested a 21-year-old
6:37 pm
in hayward in connection with the hit-and-run. investigators believe andrew vargas was driving drunk that night. what are you serving for dinner tonight? if it's meat health experts hope to change your mind and your menu. but just on mondays. >> every little bit helps. >> reporter: the campaign is called meatless monday and it's a grassroots in association with john hopkins. the idea is cut down on meat for your health and the health of the planet. >> a long line quickly formed in front of a san francisco first, a foot truck dedicated to bacon. from sandwiches -- >> oh, my god, it was so good. >> to dessert. >> this is the chocolate covered bacon strip. >> you can't go wrong with bacon. it can be added to anything. >> reporter: except your monday menu.
6:38 pm
a grassroots campaign is asking that americans cut one meat from their diet every week including bacon. >> i love it. i think it's a great idea. >> reporter: registered dietician toby morris said instead of meat once a week eat a plant based diet. >> plant based foods are higher in fiber than animal protein and much higher in antioxidents and perhaps lower in some of the carcinogens that we know to be present in meats. >> reporter: studies show plant- based diets reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. if your worried about losing out on protein, don't. >> you're not going to suffer from protein deficiency because one day a week you went to a meatless monday. >> reporter: dietician joann said instead substitute beans and legumes and even nuts. >> there are many choices that you can select. >> reporter: the campaign is a big hit at kaiser san
6:39 pm
francisco. >> they felt that kaiser permanente was looking out for their health and well being. >> reporter: every monday they serve two vegetarian entrees. kaiser senior health educator kate james said the more plants in your diet -- >> it will benefit our members and our employees. >> reporter: as for our bacon lovers? >> i put bacon on the salad so that's all you do. >> reporter: at least there is a salad. >> now as for the health of the planet, the campaign points to data that estimate how the meat industry generates fearly one fifth of the man made green house gas emissions and that it said is accelerating climate change worldwide. >> you have a problem with bacon? >> i have bacon yesterday. >> the b foods -- bacon and beer. >> and what was the other one? >> don't remember. it proves there is an after life. >> meatless monday.
6:40 pm
>> it's all about guilt. nasa has put some cameras around california, all looking up and doing a little research. what they are trained to study. and the warmest location across the bay, we did top off at 87 and now the warmest day of the workweek -- we'll pin point that with our seven-day forecast. and also straight ahead, we have sports. the biggest bat is out of the lineup. we'll tell you why and another surprise at 49er headquarters. the latest is coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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they're on a mission for nasa. andrea menniti shows us what they hope to find. 16 cameras placed at a lodi vineyard are regarding the night sky. they are on a mission for nasa. andrea man ety shows us what they hope to find. >> reporter: more than a dozen high-tech cameras strategically placed to survey the sky. >> what they are looking for are meteor showers. >> reporter: it's all part of a nasa-funded project called
6:44 pm
cameras for all-sky meteor surveillance, a experiment tom hoffman never imagined he would be a part of. but when an aft ron omer pal asked to borrow a chunk of his winery to set up the contraption, he didn't think twice before answering yes. >> i thought i'm willing to help. want to stick your fancy equipment out here in the dust, look at it. i provide electricity and save the world. >> reporter: every night the screen does open. >> they built it and it has a garage door opener and they were clever. >> reporter: and the cameras capture video of the night sky in search of immediateyors to validate minor showers. >> with these three locations they are able to pinpoint the location of the meteor shower and through their mathematics predict when the comet passed. and what they are looking for is comets that could
6:45 pm
potentially strike the earth. >> reporter: they are recording research in this data and this is one of three recording systems, the other two located in the bay area. in lodi, i'm andrea mineta, cbs 5. >> nice in lodi. >> with a lot of sunshine there and on the breezy side. but welcome back both you. i feel like all in the world is good again. but you were in texas? >> it was great and it was hot and we were the only crazy people eating outside. >> because they are calling that some record heat, dana. >> i know. the texans aren't very happy with it. but we thought we would bring a like san francisco to austin. >> and then, ken, you were in the eat as well? >> i was in washington, d.c. >> it was really hot there. >> it was kind of warm. a different kind of heat. >> and then while you guys were gone, i thought first stop, the number one thing i did wrong while they were gone is i tried to play golf, which we know i don't do very often and i got
6:46 pm
something on my eye. i it's still pretty red. i've been waiting for you to give me a little attention. >> that thing was gunning for you. take a look at this. we have nothing but wall to wall sunshine right now across the bay area, except the immediate seashore where the golden gate bridge continues to see the return of the on shore push. temperatures today, we resulted in 87 degrees in gilroy and morgan hill for the warmest location and that was late in the afternoon hour by the decreased amount of stratus along the seashore. temperature wise it was 58 degrees in pacifica to 86 degrees in fairfield and the winds out of the west, 10-20, will continue through the evening hours and almost like a 30-degree temperature span at this time. from the mid-50s at the beaches to the mid-60s bayside and still sitting at 84 degrees in san ramon. pinpoint forecast, doldrums. we have the return of our summertime weather pattern here in the bay area with the clouds
6:47 pm
slipping in and out. in fact the marine layer roughly will be about 1500 feet deep overnight, so we will see some late-night drizzle as well as early-morning condensation. we do have an area of low pressure. it's well into the interior section of the pacific northwest. otherwise high pressure and our summertime high sits there and you have the sea bridge enhancing the marine layer so cloudy on the coast with partial bay clearing and we'll see sunshine in the inland areas. but temperatures still a couple of degrees below normal. overnight, temperature wise into the 50s. and tomorrow daytime highs north of the golden gate bridge in the upper 50s with maybe a hint of sun late-day. the beach to 79 degrees in sonoma, low 80s back to green bray and east of the bay temperatures from 63 degrees in berkeley to one of the warmest locations of 86 in brentwood. also discovery bay back in through oakley, 70 at hayward.
6:48 pm
it looks like across the santa clare a valley, average high temperatures 83 in san jose but instead calling for temperatures in the mid to high 70s. unless you travel in toward the valley low 80s and morgan hill 86 to around 87 degrees. but going with the mid-80s pretty much with the outside number for your tuesday and wednesday. yes, doldrums. that's the key weather word each and every day until this time of next week. my picks, this was sent in by eric simon, said it was a huge sailing event in the bay and we had enough wind this weekend for it. thanks for the photo, eric and keep them coming to cbs dennis, how was your weekend? >> i got plenty of sunshine. it was a great weather weekend. no bath though. >> go ahead, ken. >> we'll tease and then back to the report. he's a sensation in the boxing world. coming up, a south bay native
6:49 pm
is heading to the olympics. the historic journey that put a gold medal within reach. and now as i was saying, another surprise move in santa clara for the 49ers. how bad is carlos beltran's wrist sprain? we'll tell you next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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safeties madieu williams and donte when i rest there was no football, now i come back and we're talking about trades and acquisitions and games. >> well we have a football game on this station friday night in new orleans. i will go there and bring back some food for you. >> come on, we'll do bourbon street. when they signed witner it spelted the end for golston. he has agreed to return for a one-year contract worth $2 million. he has started the last 32 games as safety for the 9ers. this one comes as a surprise because he has tweeted on several occasions he was likely
6:53 pm
done as a 49er. >> that is exactly the way it's going to be. and head coach hugh jackson has competition for the loudest coach at camp. the raiders have a new offensive coordinator. al sanders 27 year nfl coaching veteran who in 2006 interviewed for the raiders head coaching job. hugh jackson is hoping they will elevate jason campbell to the next level. >> you guys think i have energy, this guy is a boat load of energy. [ yelling ] >> we have to drive these men and he has that and that's why he's here and i'm so excited about him and what he brings to this staff. you guys see us doing different things and we're not doing the same things. what he allows me to do is go help on defense any way that i k. i feel comfortable that when i walk away and say al, you got it, he has it. >> a lot of great sound bites in the raider locker room this
6:54 pm
year. once upon a time the giants traded vogel song and now he's back with the giants and pitching against the team that gave up on him. >> reporter: the giants have lost 8 of 10 but tonight they open up a three-game series against a team in an even bigger funk. pirates have lost 10 straight and fallen to fourth place in the n.l. central. >> part of baseball is when you catch a team how they are playing. but you don't -- we caught cincinnati on that rod trip and they just -- on that road trip and they just got swepted by new york and they swept us. >> it only matters what you do against the current team that you are playing. you start rooting for a team to lose, they'll go off and a ten- game winning streak so just focus on the game that you're at then and root for your own team. >> reporter: major league baseball has suspended phillies outfielder shane victorino three games for his role in friday's bench-clearing brawl.
6:55 pm
as for the giants, ramon ramirez and whiteside were issued undisclosed fines. >> it was well done. >> i'm not saying that because we don't have any suspensions that it was clean out there. >> a wrist injury will keep beltran out of tonight's lineup. >> he was sore and we're getting ready to go on the road so it just makes sense to get this thing looked at. we don't want to kick ourselves once we hit the road and then we didn't get it checked out since he's not playing today, let's go ahead and get an mri done to make sure there is nothing going on. >> reporter: bochy said no matter what the results of the mri, beltran will not be available tonight off the bench. at at&t park, i'm kim coyle, cbs 5 sports. and real madity, a soccer franchise with a lot of rich history. one of the famous clubs in the world. and they have a whole new opponent on saturday before completing a chinese preseason tour. they took on 109 kids in a
6:56 pm
friendly match. needless to say, real madrid beat the kids 2-1. >> oh. >> you can believe that? let the kids have it. and while you were enjoying pino this weekend, here is what you missed. >> look out. we have a tire situation. here is edwards right into it. they crossed the line and guess who wins the race? sten house. >> carl edwards didn't see the finish. sten house blew an engine and edwards pushed across the finish line. and how about the glove, slide and catch near the railing for the out. and jeff frank cure still has one of the strongest arms. peralta didn't get the memo. and the ball was waiting for him at 3rd base and he won't do that again. in kansas, a home run taken away from alex gordon. that was the catch of the weekend. but the best catch goes to a
6:57 pm
connecticut man who realed in a striped bass. it's 4.5 feet long and weighs nearly 82 pounds. greg meyerson is now hoping get it certified. the current record for a bass is 78-pounds which is about 74 more than i've ever caught. >> that's a striped bass so that's a different variety than what you're fishing for. >> is that right? i just go for the wide mouth. >> you're going for large mouth bass. >> and did you catch anything this weekend? >> yeah, i had a tough weekend. i was busy watching stevie williams, the caddy formerly of tiger woods, win and he ripped tiger saying this is the best victory i've ever had. >> and then he got a sun burn. >> we're coming back at 10:00 and 11:00. we'll see you then. 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works.
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