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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon. >> the last two years i have only worked about six months. >> pleading for help trying to find a job. how washington, d.c., is listening tonight. >> i'm afraid to be out here by
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myself. >> a violent summer in oakland. the price is right. bay area university offering a few courses for free. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. it is everywhere you look. worries about a mounting debt crisis in europe. and tonight a new sign of just how tight money is right here at home. customers are even staying away from wal-mart. the world's largest retailer saying traffic is down as its shoppers are facing economic challenges. numbers out today show new home construction fell last month just 413,000 homes were being built. that is the fewest on the books in four decades. and the president is plowing through the midwest where today he asked farmers to brain storm about how to get the economy moving. >> here in the bay area tonight local members of congress went straight to the unemployed to get their ideas on how to get the country back to work. mark sayre shows us the
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invitation compelled hundreds of people to show up and share their stories. >> reporter: theo green is an electrician laid off after the air traffic control tower project at the oakland was grounded to a halt. >> i was happy to get on this job. it was close to home. it was only for about three months when the lockout happened. >> reporter: green was one of hundreds who lined up to tell their stories to house democratic leader nancy pelosi, bye area representatives barbara lee and mike honda and a colleague from arizona all members of the congressional caucus. some saying it is relate. >> to this day i wake up crying. violence has hurt me, taken many friends. my uncle. >> reporter: hundreds packed
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into the gospel church in what is called a speakout. the members of congress promising to take the stories back to washington when budget negotiations resume. >> it is a time and in our country when the american people know and we know in washington that serious job creation must take place. >> an information sheet. >> reporter: but don did not want the other side of the aisle not represented at tonight's event so he stood outside all by himself. >> we are protesting the fraud of having a job senate by democrats like nancy pelosi and barbara lee are busy killing more jobs than they could ever create by this job summit. >> reporter: now, despite all the personal stories they heard this evening the members of congress know they have a very big fight when the government comes back from the summer break. what action they will take and how it affects the job picture in the states. everyone looking for jobs. a whole lot of disagreement
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though on how to get there. >> back in washington they have a plateful of things they need to get done but every person that came tonight they only want one thing, they want to work. >> indeed. >> mark sayre in oakland. the body of 3-year-old carlos nava was laid to rest today. a private funeral held at an east oakland church not far from the spot where that toddler was caught in the cross fire of a driveby shooting last week. there was an overflow of support from the community. >> i mean, i'm just here for the baby. it is sad. like i said it could have been anybody's baby. it could have been mine or someone else's. >> late this afternoon the district attorney filed murder charges against the two suspects in the case. lawrence dedard who they believe was the shooter and willi torrence the suspected drivers. saying we are beyond enough is enough in the wake of the 3- year-old's funeral.
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the council member saying the city needs to pull out all the stops to end violence on street street. robert lyles on the infitting at oakland city hall. >> i'm afraid to be out here by myself. >> reporter: kids afraid to walk to the corner store fearing they will be the next carlos nava. >> it is too much going on. it is just hard. >> reporter: and parents incredulous. >> they don't care about going to jail. they are going to get out. >> reporter: too gripped by the fear of perpetrators in oakland. but fear and violence forming an unholy marriage so a council member wants to reign fire in brimstone on those preying on the city. >> we will get a debate. >> reporter: reed and he say they are pushing ahead with a city wide curfew implementing
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the fruitvale gang injunction and suing gangs in both east and west oakland for new injunctions there. the mayor saying they are using an innocent toddler's death for political gain saying both members are -- >> grandstanding. >> do you see this as grandstanding? >> our concern is that the statement talks about carrying weapons. >> reporter: she is referring to the statement that reads "the criminals in our city do not hesitate to use their weapons. we shouldn't hesitate to use ours ." the weapons are curfews and injunctions not guns says one of the council members that challenges where is the mayor's plan. >> what is the plan? if you don't have curfews what is the plan. >> reporter: three against and three seeking the green light.
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in oakland, robert lyles, cbs5. >> in survive tonight republic defender jeff adoche participated in his first maral debate. one of the most pointed exchanges was initiated by david chew who wanted answers from the mayor. >> you told me that you had looked at yourself in the mirror, you didn't have the fire in the belly, you didn't want to run. but that you were having trouble saying no to willie brown and rose park could you tell me what's happened? what's changed in your mind over the last couple weeks? >> i changed my mind because we -- my working with you, supervisor chew, and why all of the rest of the supervisors, had given me some great hope that this city can succeed in the things it wants to do. if we continue the high level of civility we have accomplished and we set the tone since january. >> our own phil matier
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moderated the debate in mission bay. he had questions for the candidate but in a unique way the political rivals were also allowed to pose their own questions to one another. other bay area headlines now. the shutdown that prompted this protest which disrupted last night is being investigated by the feds. they turned off wireless service at survive stations last week to foil another planned protest. now the f.c.c. is looking at the agency's movements. tonight the city council approved a plan to help the city hold on to money intended for the 49ers stadium project. the state has plans to eliminate all redevelopment agencies and in order to hold onto the company and accompanying property tax revenue the city plans to pay the state a fraction of the take. $11 million this year and nearly 3 million annually after
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that. the circus is in town. eight asian elephants stepped off the circus train today in san jose. the members of the all female packaderm parade march madness their way to the hp pavilion where they will perform this week in what is known as the greatest show on earth. >> more than 100 kids from around the world are in the bay area tonight for a very special summer get away. these kids have gone through more than us could every imagine. sharon chin shows us how they were showered with affection when their planes rolled in. >> reporter: a v.i.p. welcome to s.f.o. for special passengers. 150 children traveled from throughout the u.s., canada and israel for a week-long adventure of a life. the children are chronically ill, battling muscular dystrophy and leukemia and
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other medical issues. this can help them forget they are fighting cancer. >> getting to do what i can't do in the hospital. i'm undergoing chemo right now. so to come out here with a totally medically arranged trip is great. >> reporter: taking seriously ill children on adventures. >> this is huge. this is the largest medically supervised kids for really sick kids that has ever been pulled off. this flight has 120 sick kids on it. we have 31 children on oxygen and two children on ventilators. >> reporter: medical specialists and counselors accompany each children. >> they wouldn't have an opportunity to do this otherwise. it is amazing seeing them happy. >> reporter: for the families back home this adventure means a rare chance for rest. for the patients a rare chance
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to sightsee from alcatraz to amusement parks. >> i never would have imagined it. it is unbelievable ?ie just want to say thank you so much. >> reporter: the first stop on the adventure wednesday morning at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo where they will have private shows of elephants and kilometre whalee killer whales. >> a father tries to protect his family. what he did that got him arrested. >> a late fee. it is not even my fault. tough penalties california drivers can expect if you're even a day late at d.m.v. and how you can take some of stanford university's most popular classes for free. ,, staid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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children from a pi a northern california man is facing animal cruelty charges simply for protecting his children from a pit bull. according to the sacramento county man his neighbor's pit bull charged his kids while they played in the front yard. as they ran another dog from the neighborhood, a german shepherd went after the pit bull. that's when the man grabbed a machete and hit the pit bull.
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>> my baby was almost attacked but the people -- some were crying, some were yelling. >> reporter: but that wasn't the only fight that broke out. owners of pit bull were so upset they hit the man's wife. when police arrived the husband was taken to jail for hitting the dog. he said he would rather go to jail than see his children hurt. well, the dmv is warning don't be late because if you are it will be very expensive. many car owners until california are facing heavy fines on registration renewals. the state sent out the renewal notices late this summer because of delays by the legislature. d.m.v. mailed a special notice to tell them about the grace period? >> what we want customers to know is you don't have to panic. you're going to have 30 days from the due date in order to pay your renewallal without any penalties. >> you've got 30 extra days. but on day 31 you might think you only have to pay a one-day
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fine. nope. you will have to pay a 31-day fine. that is a huge penalty. 60% of your bill. many drivers say they were confused by the special notice. the d.m.v. says sorry, no excuses. tuition for one year at stanford costs nearly $40,000. but a handful of professors are inviting anyone with an internet connection and an interest in their field of study to take some courses for free. kiet do shows us at least one of those classes already has tens of thousands of students enrolled. >> this is the free online and warner brother version introduction to artificial intelligence. >> reporter: at the artificial intel against lab at sanford, a new phase of education is taking place. >> we want to do what we can to help people get educated. >> reporter: two of the brightest minds in their field are teaching introduction to
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artificial intelligence on the web to anyone for free. >> teachers have this idea that they have knowledge and they can share it with as many people as they want and they don't lose anything by sharing that, rather they gain by sharing. >> reporter: the video lessons follow along at the same time as on campus. you need to know higher math like linear algebra and you won't get college credits but you will get a statement of accomplishments. >> this is the real deal. there will be deadlines and homework and for a lot of people this will be the closest they will ever come to taking a class at stanford. >> this model sticks. i could really see it help spread education much farther than in the past. >> reporter: as of tuesday night, more than 76,000 people have signed up from teenagers to retirees in 175 different countries. what's more, two other online classes are also being offered for free from stanford. machine learning and int row to databases. >> are you an ideaist?
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>> i'm an inknow vate an inn ovator. >> how do you do a lab for 70,000 people? >> that's a lot of onlike work. i don't know. >> ask artificial intelligence. >> please, pick me. take a look at this. take this picture out. lots of low clouds an fog has been pouring into the bay. boy, we will a high today of 65 in survive with the clearing to 90 degrees in our inland areas but when the clouds rolled in it cooled everything down very rapidly tumbling into the 50s across the board for your tuesday evening. tomorrow morning for your wednesday commute we will have mostly sunny skies in interior valleys with some areas of a shallow deck of low clouds and patchy fog and some drizzle at the immediate sea shore with temperatures in the 50s to low
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60s. here have you that marine layer and, yes, it will make it all the way into the far reaches of our inland areas to the east and to the north but it will retreat very rapidly back to the coast. and we will see some partial late day clearing at the beaches. we have high pressure. it is over the four corners states and it is actually expanding. that was unusual. it is expanding and as it does so, the warmest temperatures will be noted in our inland areas. the warmest temperatures of this week for wednesday. for example, we will hit 92 degrees in farefield and vacaville. meanwhile 30 degrees cooler than that at the beaches with the partial clearing from stinson beach. 67 degrees in san francisco. east of the bay, westerly 10 to 20. really drawing out the atmosphere in late day as those winds rotate to the northwest. 20% relative humidity in brentwood at 93 degrees. 90 san ramone. cool temperatures and pleasant
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in the peninsula. 90 morgan hill. 90 there today. upper 60s at half moon bay. warmest day of the workweek wednesday. then we begin to cool ever so gently wednesday, thursday, friday. 80s inland areas with a deeper marine layer at the coast over the weekend through tuesday. my pics. john henson from pine mountain we thank you. we invite you to keep the photos coming to mypics@ >> we will be right back. >> because ken has tonight's good question coming up. ,,,,
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panels on your home's roof with a little help from the state. seems like the ultimate in green technology installing solar panels on your home's roof with let help from the state. solomon from union city wants to foe what is the california sole solar initiative? >> reporter: california has been going solar for 30 years but in the past two years things have heated up.
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>> in the last four years we have seen over 500-megawatts installed. 110-megawatts have been installed in 2011 only. >> reporter: ?oo all part of the california solar initiative. 2 tony 2 billion that has been set aside from rate payers to get you install solar on your home or business. they say the average home needs to generate 3-kilowatts in solar to be sel sufficient. >> you would get a rebate of 1750. >> that comes in a check? >> for an up front rebate. >> reporter: other cities and counties will kick in their own rebates. rebates for installing solar water heating. the goal to generate 3000
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megawatts onto the grid by 2016. >> all of the kilowatts are added up and will hopefully bring us closer to 3000- megawatt goal. >> go to click on "connect" to send me your good questions. >> the giants are going to need a lot more than solar power to get them back into first place. latest injuries and the bad news on the field coming up. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. yea, right over here. look at 'em all.
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wrong... carlos beltran and sergio romo both put on the the giants probably can't imagine what more could possibly go wrong. carlos beltran and sergio romo both placed on the disabled list today. they may have company. giants starter john san sprained his left ankle while fielding a bunt in the 3rd and had to leave the game. questionable for his next start. the giants were being dealt a no hitter until cody ross. he went deep to tie the game at 1. it went to the 11th. lopez in for the giants. a base hit. con rad is going to score. and he goes nuts after he doubled earlier in the inning. the braves win in walkoff fashion for the second night in
11:29 pm
a row. if anybody could cool off the diamondbacks got to be roy halliday and the philadelphia after a 14-strikeout game for roy halliday he was looking for a complete game until lyle overbay lined a two-run double to win it. to win it. and beat roy halliday 3-2. so the giants fall three and a half back in the division as the braves now take a strong six-game lead over the giants in the wild card. as are still playing hosting the orioles. third inning. josh willingham launches his 20th home run of the season. that made the score 4-1. the as go on to win 8-4. cal football has a little bit of a different feel to their training camp this year. the bears will be playing their home games at at&t park. they had their first practice there today. zach madder coach already named the buffalo transfer at his starting quarterback. during practice it was all about getting used to playing
11:30 pm
football in a baseball stadium where one end zone is right against the left field wall. >> they have to know it is padded. you look at it and you don't know how hard or soft it is and you run into it you understand it is hot. you can run into it. it is no big deal. >> i hope they are smart enough not to play. >> don't head butt the wall just jump into it. >> if you're in the end zone that's a good thing. top five in d.c. the national anthem was played on a baseball bat turned into an electric violin. >> popped over. makes the running catch. >> well, that was the great aubrey huff. sounds like music, looks like music. indeed. at number 3 people always criticize prince fielder. he didn't look out of shop. robbing andre ether. red sox and rays played a
11:31 pm
double header. dustin pedroia. b.j. upton. ends game 1. more great defense. two on. hot shot to third. look at this. that, folks, is a triple play. one, two, three. >> around the horn they go. >> kept saying two. you can't add. >> oh, yes, you're right. >> double plays in the major leagues in back-to-back days. >> didn't mean to rip your academic produce es. ,, con rad ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to >> interesting. all right. >> david letterman is coming up next. >> with bono. >> tomorrow's next newscast at 4:30:00 a.m. join us captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...


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