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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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people here in the city of oakland. at least going to be a community group coming here to the site where little carlos nava died this month. you can see the memorial is still set up. those community members will protest those moves i just mentioned, proposals by the city council. they are also going to be honoring the victims of oak's recent violence. murders are up 50% here in this city. the council president larry reid and councilman ignacio de la fuente are pushing now for that citywide curfew and for the city to enforce and expand current gang injunction from fruitvale to east and west oakland. those are civil court orders, similar to restraining orders. mayor jean quan calls the move political grandstanding. community members though have varied views. most of them agree that something does need to be done.
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>> it's hard. >> juvenile hall, they are going to get out. >> reporter: now, the details of these proposals have yet to be worked out. they could be expensive to enforce. so that's one of the factors that the council is going to have to take into consideration. again, that community group going to be meeting here at 11:00 this morning. and still a lot of details again as i mentioned to be worked out in these council proposals including the times for the curfew but normally when councils talk about this they talk about 10:00 on weekdays and then 11:00 on weekends. back to you. >> details are scarce but do we have any idea how soon we could see these curfews, weeks, months. >> reporter: no idea at this point. it is only a proposal. and it is going to be a tough fight. there could even be legal challenges to all this. we know there have been a lot of legal challenges to these gang injunctions in the past.
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so it could be a battle. >> anne makovec in oakland, thank you. in the meantime, the suspected getaway drive in the shooting of 3-year-old carlos nava has been charged with murder. 22-year-old willie torrence was officially charged yesterday the same day nava was laid to rest. police believe torrence drove while lawrence dennard allegedly fired the shots which killed an oakland boy on august 8. torrence was arrested in las vegas friday and is awaiting extradition. it is 6:02. bay area schools hit by thieves one school targeted four times in the past week but they aren't after high-tech gadgets and computers. they are looking for copper. kristy seifkin has more from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. this copper theft is nothing new to the bay area. but it really has gotten out of hand in the summer months especially on school campuses and the most recent target these two schools in san francisco's sunset district both hit in the last week. now, one of those schools the
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alice fong youth school had copper pipes stolen from a construction site on the campus four days in a row. and police responded by putting additional patrols and putting plainclothes officers in the area. they have a description of the suspect. but they are not releasing that yet because this is still an ongoing investigation. the french school was the second school that's hit, that's on ortega street a few blocks away. and it was hit this weekend. an employee saw two men on the roof that were stealing copper rain gutters from the building on sunday night. now, vallejo schools have been a popular target for this crime throughout the summer. 10 thefts happened in july alone costing the school district an estimated $100,000. >> probably about $5,000 just for the wire. >> in this one -- >> in thisonee pipe. >> reporter: some blame the
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police cut back. police caught two of the copper thieves. just this weekend san leandro was hit. lights were taken out for one- third of a mile stretch. those lights were out for a few days and the wiring had to be replaced. and one factor that's consistent between all of these crimes is that the thieves are pretty bold and actually skilled. some of them are getting on rooftops to steal the copper. others are actually cutting into pipes and then cutting through live copper electrical wires many times that are conducting more than 1500 volts of electricity. that's a significant amount that can be dangerous to someone. so the thieves want this copper badly. back to you. >> shows how desperate people are now to get money in any way they can. >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right. kristy seifkin life in san francisco, thank you. the 9-year-old phillies fan struck by a suspected drunk driver of san francisco is now back home in pennsylvania. ryan white hit by a pickup
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truck after leaving a giants- phillies game on august 4. white's condition was upgraded enough that he could be flown home to continuous treatment. the drive of the truck, 21-year- old andrew vargas of hayward pled not guilty. a san jose teenager is suing the owners of a downtown mcdonald's because he was stabbed in a parking lot. the 17-year-old was among four teens injured at third and san carlos streets two months ago. the lawsuit says there was not enough security to handle the crowds after the nearby music in the park concert that evening. tough story for golfers especially in the south bay. a prime piece of land in east san jose with plenty of greens and a few sand traps, too, could soon be old off to developers. the city is considering selling the rancho del pueblo golf course to save money. mayor chuck reed says it costs $2 million a year to operate the course. there will be a public hearing
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tonight at 6:00 at the mayfair community center if you would like to voice your opinion. times are tough when they are carving up the golf courses. >> it's tough. let's check with lawrence. not a tough day weather-wise, though, right? >> no. tell you what should be a great day toward the afternoon. we have patchy fog to begin with. very cloudy as you look towards san francisco and the transamerica building disappearing in the clouds outside right now but that's a good sign. it's a thin layer that's compressed right to the surface so it's going to break up in a hurry. patchy fog in the bay and valleys. numbers in the 50s and 60s right now. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine in most spots, patchy fog at the coastline, keeping temperatures in the 60s but you get inside the bay, 60s and 70s going to be common. some 80s in toward the santa clara valley even low 90s into the interior. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. we haven't had any word of any accidents in quite a while but we are just getting word of one now in milpitas southbound 680
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before calaveras boulevard. so don't have any details on it yet. stay tuned for our next traffic hit. we'll fill you in and let you know what's going on or if there are lanes blocked. south bay looks good in the meantime. overall through san jose, northbound traffic on 280 heading out of downtown san jose is live look right near the 880-17 interchange. things are still light, some headlights heading towards cupertino. bridges problem-free, as well. san mateo bridge looking good in the community direction out of hayward towards foster city. back to you. >> thank you. pleading for job help. the ear if bay area lawmakers -- they got an earful from the unemployed. >> plus a northern california man stepped in to protect his family from a pit bull. why he is now in trouble with the law. i imagined it.
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speech on jobs early next month. the plan will likely include:
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tax cuts, job-growth ideas, and steps that would there is word this morning that president obama will make a major speech on jobs early next month including tax cuts, job growth ideas and steps that would help the long- term unemployed. the president's proposals are aimed to help the struggling middle class. it's slated for early september. some of the nation's top leaders got an earful from unemployed people here in the bay area. house minority leader nancy pelosi and congress members mike honda and barbara lee were among the lawmakers at an oakland church last night. the town hall meeting gave people a chance to tell their stories about life without a steady paycheck. >> last two years i worked six months. >> the lawmakers, democrats, promised to take the stories back to washington when budget negotiation resumed. outside a protestor blamed democratic policies for the nation's high unemployment. well, today a state assembly committee will for a
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plan to do away with the -- consider a plan do away with the death penalty. a bill would make the state's maximum punishment life in prison without parole. lonnie hancock contends the death penalty legal process is costing the state millions of dollars a year and only 13 people have been executed in california since that death penalty was reinstated in 1978. 6:12 now. he saved a family from a pit bull attack but why a northern california man is in trouble for it. >> a reality check for some reality stars. why a popular store is offering them cash not to wear their clothes. if air traveling today, got some good news if you are headed out of sfo, looking great, sunshine 71 degrees. we are cleared for take-off headed across the country. still looks like pulling in towards the north in chicago you could see some thunderstorms today there. temperature about 79 degrees. watch out for delays. further east in new york,
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city leaders plan to speak out today against a proposed youth curfew and gang injunctions in the headlines, some oakland city leaders plan to speak out today against the
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proposed youth curfew and gang injunctions aimed at curbing violence. mayor jean quan is among those who are opposed to this plan. bay area schools continue to be victimized by thieves who steal copper for its recycling value. a school in san francisco's sunset district was hit four times in the past week. and it is back to school today for students in joplin, missouri. let's take live look. you can see students milling around just arriving. classes resume rest than three month, after a deadly tornado tore through the city. some classes are going to be held in trailers, others in a shopping mall. all right, folks. if you are just getting up and heading out this morning, we have patchy fog, some of that a little thick as you approach the coastline over the bay it stretches and into some of the valleys. but it looks like this is a fairly thin layer so it's going to burn off and well just like yesterday we are going to see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. so kind of a cool start.
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mild numbers inland up into the 60s. by the afternoon that fog will give way to mostly sunny skies, almost everywhere you go except at the coast. patchy fog continuing there just a bit. temperatures in the 60s. hot in the valley, in the low 90s once again. there are already some changes in the works. high pressure has been holding on for quite some time but this ridge over the four corners weakened toward friday so the temperatures will drop. enjoy the sunshine. after the fog burns off this morning, staying close to a seasonal average toward the afternoon. expect a hot 101 degrees in fresno, 96 and sunny in sacramento, 69 partly cloudy into the monterey bay. around the bay the south bay could be nice and toasty, 82 degrees in santa clara, about 83 in san jose and about 76 in mountain view, 60s at the coast, hot inland 92 in walnut creek. 90 livermore. 93 brentwood. 60s and 70s into oakland and alameda and richmond. north bay we'll see temperatures cooler at the beaches with the patchy fog but away from the coast, you will see plenty of sunshine and much
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warmer weather. next couple of days temperatures steady but then toward friday, cooler air going to start sweeping off the pacific. then cooler temperatures more fog even some drizzle developing especially at the beaches. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going to start you off in milpitas. 680 right before calaveras road southbound an accident there sounds like one car is in the median, one off to the shoulder. so this isn't causing major delays. chp is on scene. our sensors aren't picking up any major delays through the stretch. we are starting to see brakes out of the altamont pass westbound 580. we had separate stalls across the stretch so you can see that traffic is moving slowly really all the way towards pleasanton and then speeds improve closer to hopyard closer towards the dublin interchange. mass transit everything is on time. bart has 46 trains now all running like clockwork. ace train number one and three
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good to go. muni, caltrain no delays. we'll take you back outside back to the roads. a quick bridge check for you. the bay bridge so far no metering lights. some slight delays a few cars deep but over at not too bad. no major slowing up the incline towards the "s" curve so beat the rush, head out now if your commute takes you into san francisco. lawrence mentioned some areas of fog. this would be one of them, golden gate bridge visibility once again an issue. i love this camera this time of the morning because you can see the fog this time of the windshield wipers necessary this morning across the span into san francisco. there was some roadwork near the north tower in the southbound lanes of 101. that's gone. and quick check of 880 through oakland, as you past coliseum looking good up towards 66 all the way into high street. there is a lunchtime as gameplaying baltimore at 12:30. that is your traffic. back to you >> thank you.
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sacramento county man is facing animal cruelty charges for protecting his children from a pit bull attack. he said his neighbor's pit bull charged at his kids while they played in the front yard yesterday. as they ran, another dog from the neighborhood a german shepherd went after the pit bull and the man grabbed a machete and hit the pit bull. >> my baby was almost attacked by the pit bull. some of them were crying, some of them were yelling. >> marks on your face. what happened? >> that wasn't the only fight that broke out there. owners of the pit bull were so upset, the women hit the man's wife and when police arrived, the husband was taken to jail for hitting the dog. thousands of iphone users in south korea are suing apple now for alleged privacy violations. a group of 27,000 koreans seeking $26 million in damages. apple faced numerous complaints after programmers showed how iphones were storing user
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location data. the company fixed it and so far isn't commenting on the lawsuit. starbucks is apparently giving the economy an extra shot. the massive hiring spree planned in the next few months. and we have all seen those flash mobs but not quite like this one. coming up, a group robbery and it's caught on tape. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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surveillance video from a maryland 7-11. a flash mob of 24 people ent back now at 6:24. this is a frightening robbery caught on camera. this is a surveillance video from a maryland 7-eleven. a flash mob of 24 people entered it early saturday morning. their numbers as you might imagine overwhelmed the lone clerk as they stole snacks, drinks and such. several suspects are identified by police from the video and police are not sure if the robbery was organized ahead of time but it looks like it. >> certainly does. abercrombie & fitch is offering big cash to stop the cast of "jersey shore" from wearing their brand on air. they will offer a substantial payment to mike the situation sorrentino and the rest of the reality stars to wear someone else's clothes. the company is worried that the hard partying show will hurt its image, this ironically coming from the same company that is known for ad campaigns starring barely dressed teens. >> their ratings are through
6:25 am
the roof as they tour italy now. >> i don't know. i don't know watch. >> i don't either. just knew that. >> sure. >> i'm a big fan. more than 100 kids from around the world are heading to the discovery kingdom this morning. >> you do, too watch. these kids have gone through more than most. sick kids enjoy vacations. they arrived in san francisco international airport here they are deplaning. their flight carried state-of- the-art medical equipment and doctors. >> a lot of other things, you know, most people are doing i can't really do in the hospital. i'm undergoing chemo right now so could come out here a whole medically supervised trip it's great. >> bay area adventure gives the families a little bit of a break back home. gives kids a wonderful time. they will be visiting raging waters, a waterpark, alcatraz, they are also going to catch an
6:26 am
oakland as game and probably do a little dancing, too. looks like they are having fun. coming up a new fee for accessing your own money. the bank that could soon be charging for debit cards. >> it's a big bank. keeping dangerous offenders locked up. the new push to stop criminals from slipping through the cracks. and and the new push for oakland to crack down on gangs. some are calling it an infringement of civil liberties. we'll explain the debate coming up. copper thieves are at it again, this time robbing two schools in san francisco's sunset district. why those thieves want that copper so badly and what police are doing to stop them coming up. we are starting with low clouds and fog but here comes that sunshine in the afternoon. 90s in the hot spots inland, still some 60s at the coastline. a cooldown in the works, more on that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today companies like dell offered a mixed picture of how there is the opening bell on wall street. futures were flat this morning after a volatile day yesterday, down about 76 points. today companies like dell offered a mixed picture on profits. today lakeshore gold corporation got the honor of ringing the bell. perhaps they have a little extra cash these days. >> i bet. gold at an all-time high like
6:30 am
$1,800 an ounce. >> we'll have your moneywatch in a few minutes. good morning, it's wednesday, august 17. i'm grace lee. >> buy gold. i'm frank mallicoat. it is -- it is 6:30 now. we are going to get a quick trick -- quick trick? we are going to beginning a quick trick for kids. >> we'll get a look at traffic and weather. lawrence, take it away. >> we have plenty of golden sunshine showing up around the bay area today, frank. but we are starting out with patchy fog. expect 67 degrees in san francisco today. sunny 72 in oakland. 83 in san jose, 91 concord. we have a cooldown in the words. first let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> heating up at the bay bridge toll plaza they turned the metering lights on 10 minutes ago so we have a good sized backup already. we'll tell you where it extends to plus a check of the rest of the east bay. back to you guys. >> thank you. the murder of an oakland toddler has caused outrage over the city's struggle with violence especially the last
6:31 am
few weeks. now some city leaders have a radical proposal to stop it but they may have to hit a major roadblock first. anne makovec is in oakland to explain. good morning. >> reporter: some call it radical, frank. but when you're talking about gang injunctions, those have been in place here in oakland, though they have caused quite a legal controversy. the other option is curfews which are in place in many cities. bottom line is that murders here in oakland have been up about 50% this year including the murder of carlos nava. this is the site of that killing on august 8. that has outraged people here prompting folks to grasp at solutions to stop the violence in oakland. council president larry reid and councilman ignacio de la fuente are pushing for a citywide curfew and for the city to enforce and expand current gang injunctions from fruitvale to east and west oakland. now, those are civil court orders similar to restraining orders. mayor jean quan calls the move
6:32 am
nothing more than political grandstanding. but de la fuente asks, what's the alternative? >> i think we have to make her account afternoon. i think that if you don't support gang injunction, then what are you doing? what is the plan? >> we have to make her accountable. >> reporter: the details have yet to be worked out on the plans. they could be expensive to pursue especially with the injunctions. there are a lot of legal questions with that. we'll see how the council ends up faring. but we know that the split right now between the councilmembers is just about 50/50. so there's going to be a lot of discussion to be had. mayor jean quan right now is out of town. >> thank you, anne makovec in oakland. a san jose teen stabbed outside a downtown mcdonald's in june is suing the owners. matt bigler is live in san jose and matt, does this teenager have a case? >> reporter: well, that is the big question.
6:33 am
we talked to a legal analyst about that. we'll get to that in just a second. background on this this happened the evening of june 9 here in downtown san jose at this mcdonald's in the parking lot where some 50 to 60 people had gathered following a music in the park concert. that's when a 17-year-old boy says he and a friend went to the mcdonald's on a late-night cheeseburger run. when the friend went inside, suddenly the 17-year-old found himself confronted by one person who demanded his ipod and then stabbed him several times. there was a subsequent brawl that left five people stabbed or seriously injured. the boy is suing mcdonald's for inadequate security. we talked to a former san jose prosecutor and legal analyst steven clark. he says that there is a legal obligation for business owners to provide security for their customers. >> this is similar to the type
6:34 am
of analysis you will see in the bryan stow case where they are also alleging that dodger stadium was a dangerous place based on prior criminal activity. so it comes down to what is a business other than's requirements under the law and whether -- what is a which is owner's requirements under the law and have they acted reasonably? >> reporter: some of those areas are magnets for gangs and violence. the owner of the mcdonald's have no comment. we should note that so far, no arrests have been made in connection with this brawl. i'm matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. 634. can a golf course survive san jose's budget crisis? golfers will have their see this evening in san jose about a plan to sell a golf course to developers. the nine-hole rancho del pueblo opened on the east side 11 years ago offering rounds of
6:35 am
golf at budget prices but mayor reed says it costs $2 million a year to operate, can't afford it. the public hearing begins at 6:00 at mayfair community center. if you are a golfer, go and speak your peace. >> even if you can't go there, could be a great day to play golf. >> it is a good day to play golf. kind of an early foggy start. but a good day ahead. >> hardly a bad day to play. inland mostly clear skies in the valleys. mount vaca cam looking good. we have patchy fog elsewhere but that's going to break up nicely today and that means it's going to return to the coast where it should be this time of the year, leaving lots of sunshine elsewhere. 50s and 60s around the bay. in the afternoon the fog lifts and then here comes all the sunshine. 60s and 70s inside the bay and into san francisco and oakland. sunny, 83 degrees in san jose. getting hot inland though. we could see about 90 in livermore and about 91 in concord. all right. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we are pretty much free and
6:36 am
clear. a couple of earlier accidents including one in milpitas are gone. so what we are left with is this. here's a live look at the nimitz through oakland 880 past the coliseum. you're great for right now. i did throw up the as sign. a lunchtime as game 12:35 as take on baltimore. couple of earlier stalls including westbound 580 before grant line, both cleared or at least off to the right shoulder so your drive time improving. 16 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. but we expect the drive time to continue to grow as this morning commute gets under way. and highway 4 the antioch bridge looks great but we are starting to see some slowing as you as you make your way through antioch. coming up, i'll press this button we'll show you a check of the bay bridge. in the meantime, stay tuned. back to you guys. >> thank you. bay area thieves are on a quest for copper. one school has been hit four times in the past week. kristy seifkin joins us from san francisco to show us what is being done to stop them.
6:37 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, grace. the copper theft is nothing new to the bay area but it really seems to be rampant this summer particularly at school campuses. in fact, two schools in san francisco's sunset district were hit in just the last week. one of those schools the alice fong youth school had copper pipes stolen from its construction site foy four days in a row and police responded by putting additional patrols and plainclothes officers in the area. and they do have a description of the suspect but they haven't released it yet because it is still an ongoing investigation. now, the french school on ortega street is just a few blocks away from the alice fong youth school and it was also hit but police don't know if it was connected to the other thefts. couple of employees saw two men removing copper rain gutters from a school building on sunday night. vallejo schools have also been a popular target for the crime throughout the summer. 10 thefts happened in july alone costing the school
6:38 am
district an estimated $100,000. and some are blaming police cutbacks in vallejo for the thefts but they caught two of the alleged thieves after -- at the end of the month. but just this last weekend san leandro was also hit. thieves stole copper electrical wiring from street lights on macarthur boulevard taking out lighting on one-third of a mile stretch. and those lights were out for a few days and the wiring eventually had to be replaced. consistent between all of these thefts is that the thieves are actually pretty technically skilled and bold. these guys are having to get up on the roofs of buildings, cut through pipes and then some of them are actually cutting through live copper electrical wires that are carrying more than 1500 volts of electricity which is pretty dangerous for somebody. so it's all the more proof that these people are desperate to get their hands on this copper. back to you. >> do we know if this is going to affect any of the students who go to these schools? >> reporter: you know, no information about that thus
6:39 am
far. that's going to be more patrols in the area so that might just heighten awareness and make students nervous but in terms of the start of school or the school being able to operate no information about any delays. >> kristy seifkin in san francisco, thank you. 6:39 now. the 9-year-old phillies fan who was struck by a suspected drunk driver in san francisco is now back home in pennsylvania. ryan white hit by a pickup truck after leaving a giants- phillies game august 4. his condition was upgraded enough so he could be flown home and continue his treatment. the driver of the truck 21-year- old andrew vargas of hayward has pleaded not guilty to dui and hit-and-run charges. new push to make sure dangerous sex offenders like phillip garrido never slip through the cracks again. today assemblywoman susan bonilla of concord will introduce a bill that would give the state parole board more information when deciding whether to release an inmate. right now parole decisions are based entirely on an inmate's behavior while behind bars. this bill would allow the
6:40 am
parole board to consider the type of crime and prior convictions. garrido convicted kidnapper was paroled by a federal board in 1988, just three years before he abducted jaycee dugard. 6:40. the presidential candidate gets all shook up over elvis. the king sized goof on the campaign trail. >> big blunder there. plus it's your chance to get a stanford education without the pricy tuition. popular classes all being offered now for free. and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. let's get an early check of the numbers. >> we'll have an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
president obama will make a major speech on jobs early next month. happy much day, bay area. it is very gray in spots. happy hump day. it will clear out nicely. democrats fog at the coast, 50s and 60s, partly cloudy inland. fog and low clouds at the coast. sunshine in the valleys today low 90s in the hottest spots inland, inside the bay 60s and
6:44 am
70s. becoming sunny and mild. 80s toward the santa clara valley. clouds at the coast. temperatures staying very close to seasonal normals for this time of year. high pressure over the four corners states cranking up the numbers inland. we have to get through the low clouds and fog early on. next couple of days the trough moves in off the coast cooling down the temperatures. today hot in fresno at 101. today 94 in yosemite. 101 redding. temperatures around the bay looking good. 81 lake tahoe. sunny in santa clara. 79 palo alto. 60 partly cloudy skies into daly city. 90s in many spots inland today, 80s in toward san ramon and dublin. 60s and 70s toward berkeley, oakland and alameda. north bay skies clearing out, comfortable weather by the latter part of the day, as well. and looks like it will continue for one more day. but that looks like that's it as we'll see more low clouds and fog on the way, expect some cooler temperatures as we head
6:45 am
in toward friday and the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. as promised, i'm going to push the button. >> excellent. >> watch and see what happens. magic. traffic magic. here's a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. it's not too bad. backed up to the 880 overcrossing so typical commute for this time of the morning. about a 15-minute wait or so to get you on the bridge and then according to our traffic sensors, it's not too bad up the incline into san francisco. it's mostly green heading closer towards treasure island. the bulk of the wait is behind the metering lights turned on just before 6:30. we are getting word of a new problem eastbound 4 looks like the loveridge road off-ramp. a stalled tractor-trailer leaking oil into the road. it's on the off-ramp. usually slow traffic there some brake lights past a street. elsewhere, coming into san
6:46 am
francisco, from the peninsula 101 and 280 looking good this morning. your drive all the way down the peninsula through palo alto all the way down into san jose, here's life look at the 280 traffic approaching the 880 interchange. so far you're not seeing our usual bottleneck. closer to 8:00 this camera will look different. but for right now it is an east advice out of downtown all the way out -- it is an easy ride out of downtown all the way towards cupertino. marin county check, southbound 101, looks okay from novato all the way down into san rafael where we are dealing with fog again across the deck of the golden gate bridge. traffic wise, you can see still nice and light heading into san francisco. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. back to you. >> you knew where were you going. >> not really actually. >> all right. thanks, elizabeth. early word this morning that president obama will make a major speech on jobs early
6:47 am
next month. the plan will likely include tax cuts, job growths and helping the long- term unemployed to help the struggling middle class. the speech is slated for early september. 6:47 now. coffee giants starbucks planning to continue its big hiring spree. the chain says it's added 36,000 new jobs in the united states and canada just this year alone and a spokeswoman telling the "seattle times" there are plans to hire 70,000 more people over the next six to twelve months. the president will like hearing those numbers in a big way. google gets downgraded as another tech giant releases a mixed earnings report. here's jason brooks with kcbs and you have been a busy man the last couple of weeks. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, that's the way it has been with the market all over the place. and google's $12.5 billion purchase of motorola mobility not being received all that well by standard & poor's. the ratings agency downgraded
6:48 am
the u.s. aaa credit rating recently. standard & poor's also downgrading google's stock rating saying that that deal is a tremendous risk to the company and its shareholders. also says that the patents that google is acquiring in the deal one of the main reasons behind it may not be enough to protect android from future lawsuits in the smart phone wars. the pc market has been weakening in recent months. over the past couple of years thanks to rising tablet and smart phone sales, dell the pc maker reporting some mixed numbers. its earns up 63% in the recent quarter but cut its sales forecast for 2011 and that's really hurting the company's stock down over 7% early on and that's weighing on the stock market. one other thing considered by the stock market wholesale side inflation rose after dropping in june for the first time in a year and a half. the overall rate was only up .2% but the core rate which takes out the volatile food and energy categories was up .4%.
6:49 am
a number of things were up including tobacco which was up almost 3%. gas prices were down by almost 3%. the market dealing with a loss yesterday which snapped a three session winning streak but heading in the right direction today, right now the dow is up by 81 points. nasdaq is gaining 18. the s&p is up by 13. despite the downgrade google shares are up slightly. they were already down a bit the past two days and who knows, maybe investors aren't happy with standard & poor's after their downgrade of the u.s. credit rating and are saying so this morning. >> they are not going to get a christmas card from the president. >> reporter: not from too many people out there. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and the days of having a free debit cart could soon be over. >> yeah. wells fargo is testing a $3 monthly charge now. for now it will only affect customers though in the states of georgia, new mexico, nevada and oregon. it all begins in october. a bank spokesman said wells fargo is reviewing pricing,
6:50 am
industry trends and market competition. customers who don't use their cards during the month won't be charged the fee but that's hard to do because most of us live on those cards. >> talking about himself. [ laughter ] >> and her. >> yeah. this is probably the only way that i could get a stanford education and it's without the pricy tuition. >> the prestigious school is offering some of their classes now for free. courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning and intro to databases are being offered over the internet. no cost whatsoever. the classes are open to anyone, too no matter the age. but the requirements of the courses pretty much the same. you have to do your homework just like those kids do on the campus, students at stanford. so check it out. time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "the early show." that's right. in joplin, missouri we are going to chris wragge, who shares with us how they are rebuilding homes and lives following a devastating tornado. i would imagine it's hopeful day out there, chris. >> reporter: frank, grace, good morning to you. yes, we are who in joplin,
6:51 am
missouri this morning 87 days after that deadly ef-5 tornado struck this area. 200-mile-per-hour winds basically decimated over 35% of this town. well, now, well, hope springs eternal and the kids on august 17th, this was a date that they had circled on their calendar, hours after the tornado struck, get the kids back in school and now it's all about the rebuilding and the progress here and we are going to chart that and also talk with a number of the kids headed back into school behind me this morning. this is an emotional milestone for this community. plus we are going to revisit one remarkable woman we met in the aftermath of the tornado. she rode out the storm and was rescued in the rubble of her home literally in the bathtub with her son. we are going to tell her story again coming up on "the early show" and also back in new york the story of twins and one amazing hockey shot. we have been talking about this the last couple of days. we are going to have them live on the broadcast this morning. it's that $50,000 shot that one in a million shot and it's a $50,000 controversy right now so we are going to get to the
6:52 am
bottom of that coming up on "the early show" in a couple of minutes. erica will be in new york, i'll be here in joplin giving you a full progress report on what's going on here less than three months after the tornado struck. frank, grace, back to you. >> thank you, chris wragge. the show is coming up at 7:00. presidential candidate flubs a tribute to the king of rock and roll. >> before we get started, let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley today. >> whoo. >> happy birthday. >> that's michele bachmann at a campaign event in south carolina yesterday. the problem, yesterday marks 34 years since elvis' death not his birthday. some in the crowd shouted a correction. bachmann later said, quote, as far as we're concerned, he is still alive in our hearts. >> spoken like a true politician. whoops. >> just get started. >> that's going to hurt her a little bit. could your morning cup of joe be a natural sunscreen? >> the new signs that coffee can prevent skin cancer. talk about that when we come back.
6:53 am
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do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. control growing violence. kovec reports: now the murder of an oakland toddler has become the last straw for a city struggling to control growing violence.
6:56 am
as anne makovec reports, city leaders are pushing for a curfew. >> reporter: curfew and more gang injunctions here in oakland. that's the proposal in the wake of and almost 50% rise in the number of murders here this year so far including that of 3- year-old carlos nava. this is the memorial at the site where he died international and 64th. you can see it just keeps on growing. people have really been inspired to grasp at solutions to stop the violence here. council president larry reid and councilman ignacio de la fuente are now pushing for a citywide curfew and for the city to enforce and expand current gang injunctions from fruitvale to east and west oakland. those are civil court orders similar to restraining orders. mayor jean quan calls this political grandstanding in the wake of this 3-year-old's death. and she doesn't think that these proposals are going to hold any water. and some community groups are
6:57 am
calling them an infringement on civil rights. some groups will be here at 11:00 this morning to honor the victims of oakland's recent murders but also to protest these proposals, the curfew and injunction saying again this is just going too far. we'll follow this. >> thank you. 6:57. one old meteorologist here in the bay area from years gone back would call this a go do it day. >> it is a go do it day. when you say one old meteorologist -- >> not you. this was a guy employed here many moons ago. >> yeah. now what, it is a go do it day. sunshine showing up later on, the fog out there right now. but as we head toward the latter part of the day, yeah, this is typical summer weather. 90s inland, plenty of 60s and 70s in the bay, cool ter coastline with the patchy fog. more of the same as we head in toward thursday although changes as we get into friday and saturday looks like low pressure going to start to
6:58 am
approach the coastline. that will increase the low clouds and fog and cool off temperatures toward the weekend. speaking of going to do it on the roads, how's it look? >> well, it was okay but chp issued a traffic alert for this problem right there on eastbound highway 4. the loveridge road off-ramp. they shut down the off-ramp. this was a stalled big rig and the problem is it's leaking oil so they have to clean it up. so in the meantime it is going against the commute and not impacting the main lines of the freeway. but the eastbound 4 highway loveridge road off-ramp closed. live look at the san mateo bridge, you are fine here in either direction. same thing in the south bay 280 traffic so far in the clear heading out of downtown san jose. bay bridge backed up to the 880 overcrossing and milpitas looks good, as well. [overlapping speakers]
6:59 am
>> it's all that coffee. >> is that what you're drinking? [ laughter ] >> that's what she's drinking. >> good enough. [ laughter ] >> okay. as we talked about coffee apparently coffee can do more than perk you up, elizabeth. >> it may be the next defense against skin cancer believe it or not. researchers at rutgers university found that caffeine guards against nonmelanoma cancers so each cup of coffee you drink reducing the risk by 5%. so we're about 25% done today. that's good. experts say coffee blocks a certain protein enzyme in the skin based on studies with mice. scientists believe applying caffeine directly to the skin could offer protection, as well. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. it's the first day of school in joplin, missouri. 160 people died in a tornado that destroyed much of the city


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