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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> announcer: you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. a double-dip recession. if they're exempt i would like to be exempt. taking [ bell ] >> another wall street wallop tonight. renewed concerns about a double dip recession. >> if they are exempt, i'd like to be exempt. >> taking on
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the bay area brick and mortar businesses demanding ease fairness. >> presented the exact same fact patterns that i had at the time i would have made the same decision. >> what would he have done differently? l.a.'s top cop answers tough questions on how he handled the bryan stow investigation. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. dana king is off tonight. >> wall street pressed the panic button. >> wall street took a dive because of concerns about a global recession. the stocks started at 410 and plummeted. blue chips fell as much as 528 points, the do you, end of the day, down nearly 420 or 3.7%. it closed below 11 thousand again. the nasdaq lost 131 points, the s & p 500, 53. so what happened today to trigger the sell off? morgan stanley says the u.s. and european economies are close to a recession.
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jobless claims are up, 428 thousand people applying last week alone. home sales are down for the third time in four months. consumer prices jumped last month sparking fears of inflation. and, tonight, bay area businesses are fighting for their customers by taking on amazon. but they are not asking you to boycott the site. linda yee shows us the battle cry of the brick and more tan shops sounds a little different this time around. >> then suddenly i'm old, and i'm not negative any more. >> reporter: actor, activist and guru jane fonda can draw a crowd for a book signing. and it's something the book store says you could never get if you buy online. clark kepler is taking aim at amazon, which is now fighting a new state law that requires online companies to start charging sales tax for merchandise sent to california. >> that advantage gives them
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something of a 10% advantage right ow of the gate in terms of pricing. testimony millers in silicon valley felt amazon's impact in the 9 nineties from day one. >> reporter: they lost so much business to amazon he almost shut down 6 years ago until the community saved him. he and other small business owners say amazon is circulating a petition to get a ballot that, if passed, will exempt online sales from taxes. >> i welcome the competition that online gives our business, it keeps me honest, keeps me working at a better level. the problem is we're not on a level playing field. >> reporter: jeff selzer at palo alto will look at his product, ask for advice and buy online to save the taxes. that hurts the brick and mortars who are required to collect sales tax. >> if they are exempt i would like to be exempt. >> reporter: they are not
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asking you to boycott it, just don't sign the petition for a sales tax exemption. while state legislators say that when they passed that e fairness law they were expecting up to 200 million dollars a year in state tax revenue, which they hadn't been collecting. now amazon is hoping to repeal that law, and ken, i tried to contact amazon tonight. no answer. >> all right. and jane fonda, jane fonda is selling a book, right. >> reporter: jane fonda is selling a book, she was here to speak to the masses. something you wouldn't get if you wept to amazon. a lot of the people at unmasking anonymous is disagreeing with what they did to shut down a rally last week. >> the attitude said if you silence us we will silence you,
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and around the hacks, if you spy on us, we will spy on you. i've heard it said that, you know, if there was more attention paid to peaceful purposes, that maybe these hacks, everyone would go would not be necessary. >> peter fine of washington says he has participating tainted in clandestine jobs, he says it's not him that does the hacking. the police standoff in san rafael is finally over. they drilled walls through the halls of that hotel room where peter james thomas barricaded himself. they inserted oh cameras and saw he was dead. no word yet on exactly how he died. his girlfriend, who was in the room, was not hurt. a 27-hour standoff shut down 580 and caused a traffic nightmare for most of the day yesterday. still no sign of a man who fell out of a canoe in san francisco bay. two friends with 52-year-old
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michael butler wambach to shore after the 16-foot canoe tipped over. butler stayed behind and climbed back in. but when his friends returned after changing clothes there was no sign of butler. and a two-alarm fire in oakland destroyed much of the house and sent an elderly man to the hospital. police say he is in critical condition. firefighters had to help an elderly woman out of that home. the fire burned a multistory home on bur street near holy redeemer college. the red cross is working to get help for the other people who were burned out of that structure. the cause of the fire is not yet known. la's police chief made a public appearance today for the first time in nearly a movement he says he has no regrets about the way police handled the bryan stow case and stands by his decision to arrest geovanni ramirez. kate lopez talked to him about the suspects now in custody. >> nothing like some time off.
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>> time off is great. time off is great. i got a lot goin' on this summer, two daughters got married. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly a month chief charlie beck made a public appearance, addressing the sherman oaks chamber of commence at the events center. on july 26th the chief was supposed to be at the unveiling of a billboard in east los angeles. and the controversy of the stow matter was still hot. geovanni ramirez had just beanie limb nateed as a suspect, louis sanchez and marvin norwood, we were told, were now the suspects. and when the chief didn't show up at that billboard unveiling, some had the perception that the chief simply didn't want to talk about that controversy any more. >> sometimes it bothers me when people misread things. >> reporter: and this was one of those cases. >> sure. absolutely. i have nothing to hide you know. i am more than willing to talk about anything. >> reporter: and the sting of the ramirez matter has gone away, or was there ever a sting. >> well, you know, this is the nature of police work. >> reporter: he wouldn't go
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into any details about the latest arrests but is he convinced that sanchez and norwood, indeed, are the right suspects? >> it's a great case. the district attorney has accepted it, filed charges, the district attorney believes in the case, i believe in the case. >> reporter: ramirez remains in state prison in san diego, parole violation, he won't get out until next march. sanchez and norwood are in virtual isolation and except for their attorneys have no phone calls or visitation rights. i asked him if he feels that someone dropped the ball, provided him with bad information and that's what he based his public statements on, but the chief made it very clear to me that he is not about to point the finger of blame at anybody. >> you know, i can't change any of that now. i will say this, that presented the exact same fact patterns that i had been presented the at the time, i would have made the same decision. >> reporter: the next court date, august 30th. hewlett packard bowing out of the consumer market. the palo al to company is killing its tablet computer and
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smart phone products. it is also looking to get out of the pc biz altogether. the pc industry is under pressure from hot selling smart phones and tablets. high pressure's web os software simply could not compete with apple and google in those markets. >> they bought it as part of palma year ago, spent 1.2 billion dollars, and now, without really giving it much of a chance they pulled the plug. that doesn't give them any credibility and it really tarnishes the whole web os idea. so your tablet is a basic functioning orphan. >> high pressure is shifting its focus to software and services. it bought economy corp for 10 billion dollars to try to expand its business software products. practice makes perfect when it comes to just about anything we do. now the same can be said for a computer chip. kiet do shows us how ibm's new baby actually mimics the human brain. >> reporter: look closely to see the future of computing in
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this game of pong. ibm's new experimental chip has done what has never been done before. this kid was actually playing this game. >> exactly. it's playing the game, just like a human opponent would play. >> reporter: it wasn't always this good. at first it was terrible. but, over time, it actually learned to compute the trajectory, make small directions, and now it rarely misses. when it comes to character recognition the faint grey line below means the chip is guessing what number we're trying to write. >> based on the 3 we're using to train the chip, we're going to finish it with a tail here even though we haven't drawn that in the other issue. >> reporter: ibm calls it cognitive putting. one of these coerce acting by it is one thing, but take several million of them and network them together? now we're getting somewhere. each yellow rectangle represents one of ibm's chips. each white dot is a neuron in the human brain. network enough of these super
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low-powered chips together and they hope computers will be smart enough to spot trends in and make sense of data as a humanitarian would. >> billions of neurons acting in parallel, in concert, making decisions simultaneously all the time. >> reporter: that's what you're saying this chip is gonna do? >> that's our goal. >> reporter: the chip is in the early stages but they'll get smaller and more powerful and in time make machines a lot more like us. kiet do, cbs5. one minority group accused of exploiting another. what the feds said latino workers had to do while asian workers stood by and watched. >> i don't know why but they said get that out of that bag. >> the rare photos of amelia earhardt that could change a northern california woman's life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the suit alleges latinos en fewer the feds are suing a san josi panda express for racial discrimination. the lawsuit alleges latino employees were given fewer hours but tougher jobs assignments, like taking out the trash and cleaning the rest
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rooms, while asian employees stood by and watched. regular customers to the restaurant tell us they noticed that pattern. >> i see the latinos taking the trash out. the asians are usually, you know, charging the register or helping out people for their orders and stuff like that, but they are not doing anything like heavy work. >> well the manager at the time no longer works there. as for panda express the company says that it doesn't comment on pending litigation. if you have been meeting to clean out that garage or attic here is a little incentive. a northern california woman found an nfl among her late mother's belongings which sat in storage for 40 years. >> and as maryanne mcclairey shows us, that could turn out to be quite a wind fall. >> reporter: in 1937, amelia earhardt set out from oakland to be the first person to fly around the world at its widest point close to the equator. but after making it 3/4 of 2
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the way around her plane vanished over the pacific. what happened to her makes it a miss three and curiosity keeps her memory alive and valuable. this storage locker is full of things diane brown inherited when her mother passed away 40 years ago. >> this was a box way up here in the top corner that had 'em. >> reporter: in it was a manila nfl. >> i put it in the trash bag because i thought, at the time, that it was just old papers that weren't needed any more. something said not to. i don't know why, but something just kept telling me "get that back out of that bag." >> reporter: inside, were 18 unpublished original photographs of earhardt, believed to be publicity shots taken for that final flight. getting a hair cut. signing autographs, and pgaing with a map by her suitcases. all believed to be a gift to diane's mother from a friend, amelia. >> that's when i started getting excited. then i thought "well maybe there is something here."
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>> you don't have amelia earhardt photograph, i spoke to her on the phone and hopped in my car and drove to the storage facility in central valley. >> reporter: 75 years after they were taken the picks have come full circle. laura's auction gal rye is handling the sale. >> i was extremely impressed by the condition considering that they had disappeared for all these years and been kept in a manila nfl and just been left in a storage locker. >> reporter: the fact that the photos have never been seen, and that earhardt remains such a cultural icon, could have collectors and museums jumping at the chance to buy them for as much as 1 thousand dollars each. >> there's treasures everywhere. and you just have to look in your home. you never know. or your storage locker. >> i haven't seen these in years. i don't even remember what all is in here. >> reporter: and for diane, who has fallen on hard times, the money means much needed surgery which she says would change her
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life. >> if i can do that, then i can be able to work again, and be able to do my crafts again and be able to live again. >> do you think you have any treasures hidden in your garage or attic. >> i don't know about treasures but there is a lot hidden in there. roberta, how about the forecast? >> how about space heaters. i just received a facebook message from someone in san francisco saying they turned on their heater because it's so cool at 56 degrees. the winds have been howling. this guy in oakland, did he make it? close. getting a little horse out there. currently in oakland a little thick, 55 degrees, overnight upper 50s eye a round the silicon valley, 50 to the north in santa rosa. everybody becomes overcast in fact. we'll kick start our friday morning with grey skies and a little bit of drizzle up the coast. because this marine layer is deep helping. right now it's roughly 1700 to 1900 feet deep which means we'll have the drizzle at the
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coast and into the bay. notice how late it's going the take for the clouds to burn off in our inland areas, and in fact, no clearing at the immediate sea shore. that's because of this right here. it's this pees tee area of low pressure, it's not going anywhere very quickly. it's just going to slide right off the west coast, hang out there all weekend long, like the uninvited visitors, and going to enhance that marine layer all weekend. all the way through sunday, very little change, upper 70s in novato, 87 degrees up near orange grove. 60s will be coming around the bay. up to 84 degrees in danville. it will be warmer than that the further east you travel towards brentwood and tracy and oakley. 56 from the sea shore, only 77 degrees in san jose when the average high is 83. so, again, very little change. each and every day all the way through the weekend. and then high pressure builds in with that area of low pressure kicking out on monday. warming us up on tuesday, could get the remnants of what was
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once a hurricane, its name is greg, by wednesday, we'll keep you posted on that. that is your pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. it's a good question. after this. no, it's a great question. not a good one. great one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the preliminary magnitude is 6 we have just received word a strong earthquake has hit japan's northeast coast. the preliminary magnitude is a 6.8. the quake is centered just south of where that massive 9.0 quake struck in march. well, you're mailing a letter, you drop it into the mailbox, pretty straightforward. right? well joe shoe letter in burlingame wanted to know what kind of strange non-mail stuff gets dumped in those mailboxes. that's tonight's "good question." almost a half million pieces of mail come through the san francisco processing and distribution center every day. but some of what shows up is not mail. >> there is a reason that we're the most trusted government agency for 6 years rung because people trust us with a lot of
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stuff. >> for some reason, when people find things on the street or steal things, they end up depositing them into those blue pos tal collection boxes. >> including wallets and passports and phones and all kinds of things they find on the ground and give to us. >> and it all ends up here in this room called the tour office. postal service spokesman james wydell says a team of employees pours through the stuff trying to find the right full owners and much of it is mailed back. what isn't, is donated. >> we'll send it back to the customer, postage due of course, and then all they have to do is pay for the postage, they get their wallet, credit cards, everything else back. >> of course. here is a week's worth of driver's licenses, passports. how about fast-track transupon ponders? there are articles of clothing, cell phones, and some stuff we can't show you. but, the most common item, keys. car keys. house keys. yeah, the folks who own the wah
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towing a lake shore resort in west ham happen on the tennessee, i got the keys for room 14 right here. go to click on "connect" to send me your good question. the giants pitcher pitches a gem tonight but got a rock for his efforts, back to the drawing board for the football self proclaimed dream team. up next. e-reader for textbooks. gps. video camera for lectures. game pad. have you considered this ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. android powered. playstation certified. the xperia play by sony ericsson. only $99.99. no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot... ...storewide! and, unlike other stores,... ...we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours!
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jcpenney. admitted that if tim lincecum pitched for the yankees he'd 20- 3.. well the giants offense has had such a difficult time scoring runs this season that aubrey huff admitted that in tim lincecum pitched for the yankees he would be 20-3. lincecum's e.r.a. on the road is the lowest in the major leagues but it took only 1 swing tonight to cost him a win. chipper jones, hits a solo shot in the fifth, to give the braves a 1-0 lead. the only lincecum run allowed in 7 innings. after scoring 7 runs last night the giants offense awol again. they get shut out for the 11th time this season, the braves lose 1-0. they take 1 of 3 from the giants. 1.13 e.r.a. for lincecum, but he is only 4- 3, thanks to no run support. the giants are only averaging
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2.4 runs in those games in his 7 starts. arizona had more to worry about than the phillies. the rain delay lasted over two hours. bottom of third, john mayberry two runs shot off a foul pole in left. ian kennedy loses for the first time in 8 starts. the giants remain 2 1/2 back in the west. 6 games behind the braves for the wildcard. they will begin a three-game set in houston tomorrow night. blue jays all-star ricky romero tosses a three-hit shutout against the a's. boy, did anybody score tonight in the bay area? roughs up trevor cahill, colby rasmus gets down to business with the two-run shot to right. jays win 7-0, cahill has now lost 7 of his last 10 starts. jim harbaugh was an assistant coach with the rangers in 2002 and thuy. he remembers his conversation he had with al davis when he told him he was taking the head coaching job at the university
11:30 pm
of san diego. the >> i cold him that i wanted to -- i was going to go back and coach college and kind of emulate the way he had done his career, where he started out as a college coach. and then he told me that that was -- i was at usc, not usd: >> jim harbaugh met with him today. check out our conversation. the battle of the bay kicks off saturday right here on cbs5. our coverage starts at 4:30. top 25, back to atlanta. freddie free man reaches into the crowd to rob pablo sandoval, big series for free man who had a walk-off single on monday. nice play there. at number 4 a bench-clearing brawl wasn't on georgetown's itinerary for their trip to china but that's what happened with the exhibition game with the chinese pro team. it got complete out of hand. the eagles dubbed themselves the dream team but the steelers
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defense was a nightmare for michael vick. three interceptions and i'm sure andy reid loved seeing him play linebacker right there. not a good idea. who is the backup quarterback again. white sox starter flip hummer can't get his glove up fast enough. he gets hit right in the forehead. he would leave the game but was alert and will be re-evaluated tomorrow. you at number 1, keep an eye on number 39, patriots uniform, danny woodhead. down. >> oh. >> frazier. he gets blindsided by devin holland. wood head was seen smiling on the bench later in the game but no word if he suffered a concussion. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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