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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 21, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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peggy? come on!!! hello? want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. a bloody night of violence at candlestick park leaves two people fighting for their lives. the shootings outside the stadium and the fights inside during the battle of the bay. >> you can definitely sense there was something in the air that was going to happen. fans fear for their safety. what they say they believe was behind the tension. the promise of more jobs after labor day, but could that promise be marred in political haggling, just like the debt ceiling debate?
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good evening. a night few would have expected, several fights breaking out inside candlestick park and two shootings outside the stadium following the game between the raiders and 49ers. two men are now in serious condition. linda yee shows us what happened. >> reporter: ann, police say on a typical 49er game, there are numerous arrests for drunken brawls and many fans ejected for unruly behavior, but for whatever reason, last night the violence escalated. there were a number of fist fights in the stands. a cbs 5 camera caught at least three of them. but after the game, it got uglier. two fans were shot, one remaining in serious condition. a man wearing a t-shirt with an obscenity directed at the 49ers was shot several times in the stomach, but managed to drive his truck to find stadium security. a second shooting victim suffered superficial face injuries. a man was also beaten in a men's rest room.
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a 26-year-old san rafael man was knocked unconscious and remains in serious condition. 49er coach, once a raiders coach, says violence is sad. >> i was saddened by that. i feel for those people that were injured. >> reporter: people who work in the area say drunken brawls are not uncommon at some games. >> crowd tends to be a well behaved crowd, and just when they have big arch rivals that they party a little bit more than normal. >> i did see them, you know, on the tipsy side. >> reporter: police say officer presence is increased for games with intense rivalries, like the 49er-raiders games. violence comes just a few months after giants fan brian stow was severely beaten after opening day game outside dodgers stadium. prior to last night's game, there was a friendly wager between the mayors of san
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francisco and oakland. today, they issued a joint statement, saying violence will not be tolerated. fans come to our stadium to enjoy an afternoon of football, not to be subjected to imtimidation or violence. now, police did release a description of a suspect in these beating incident, saying he is a samone or pacific islander heritage, 6' 3, 265 pounds, go tee and long curly hair worn in a ponytail, white t-shirt and jeans. a person of interest has been identified in one of the shooting cases, but they didn't elaborate more. they need the public's help. >> linda yee, thank you so much. thousands came to candlestick to see a football game saturday night, but for many shocked fans, the real action was off the field. anne mackovic reports many could sense tension in the air.
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>> people don't want to go to a game to have a good time. they want to go to a game to prove something. that's the problem that i think happened. >> reporter: whitney else went to the battle of the bay last night with his family and friends. >> you can definitely sense there was something in the air that was going to happen. >> reporter: they went as a neutral party. >> i'm a raider and niners fan. i want both teams to do well. >> i was dressed in my niner gear, plus had the raider beanie. >> reporter: but as we saw in several videos posted online today, it wasn't all fun and games. >> it did get crazy. i think it got crazy from the time we entered the parking lot. >> reporter: he says the combo of rivalry and the logistics of candlestick took a toll. >> you put that much pressure on people, you know, just getting into the stadium, it's not like the coliseum where you go in, you park, you pull in, binge, bang, you're done. this is a nightmare. >> reporter: and then you add alcohol. >> you show up at a game four or
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five hours early and you're drinking alcohol and you go inside the stadium, you have four or five more beers, that's what contributes to a lot of these fights. >> it was a little discouraging to see fights all around you constantly. >> constantly? >> well, towards the end, it was more than the beginning. >> reporter: his sister took her 12-year-old son. >> you know, i think it's always an eye-opener to see the decisions other people make. and i think, you know, when people are having a great time it's fun to see. but unfortunately, i think some people make some bad decisions and i think that's part of life. >> reporter: anne mackovic, cbs 5. and if you want to see more of what went on inside and outside the stadium during and after the game, we've posted the video on our website, the families of the two cal graduates detained in iran for more than two years responded today to the news the pair could spend many more years behind bars. shane bauer and josh fattal's relatives say the eight-year sentence has hit them hard. they also say this weekend has been the most difficult yet since the men were captured in
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july 2009. bauer and fatale's iranian lawyer has said he plans to appeal their convictions. it's a working vacation for president obama. white house officials say the obama administration is making progress on the jobs plan expected to roll out after labor day. but as barbara hall reports, the president and other political leaders may have trouble seeing eye to eye. >> reporter: will politics get in the way of creating more jobs? president obama's jobs plan remains a work in progress, even during his summer vacation. >> a lot of folks are still looking for work, so we need folks in washington, the people whose job it is to deal with the country's problems, the people who you elected to serve. we need them to put aside their differences to get things done. there are things we can do right now that will mean more customers for businesses and more jobs across the country. >> reporter: during last week's bus tour, the president was criticized by some for not stopping in communities who need jobs the most. >> i mean, we want the president
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to go to iowa, but we also want him to come to detroit, want him to come to los angeles, and we want him to stick with a jobs agenda. >> reporter: a jobs plan is expected to be introduced after labor day. lawmakers from both parties are saying the economy needs help, though their prescriptions are different. >> for a modern economy to create jobs, a modern economy requires investment. >> tea party says, look, we want the same things middle class america wants. we want less spending, a balanced budget, and we want to keep taxes where they are. that's a reasonable message. >> reporter: and some gop presidential candidates are making political capital out of jobs. >> well, there's not anybody else, including the president, that have created more jobs than i have. >> reporter: president obama is said to be meeting with key economic advisors during his vacation and will be briefed again monday morning. barbara hall, reporting from atlanta. people pouring into the streets of tripoli, signs the end is year for moammar
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gadhafi's regime, as rebels a make their way into the capital of libya and capture gadhafi's son. flying the friendly skies is about to get more comfortable. the creature comforts united is adding to make your flying experience more enjoyable. well, we did see a little bit of sunshine out there this weekend, especially in the inland locations, but we saw plenty of cloud cover and temperatures on the cooler side. will there be a warmup for our work week? i'll tell you in my extended forecast, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in lib ray, rebel forces have moved into the capital city of tripoli and a rebel leader says military unit in charge of protecting gadhafi has surrendered. they claim at least one of gadhafi's son has been captured, but as drew levenson reports, the long-time dictator remains defiant. >> reporter: libyan rebels encountered little resistance, pushing their way into tripoli in what could be moammar gadhafi's last stand. in addition to gaining access to the capital city, the national
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transitional council, the governing body for the rebel forces, says they have captured gadhafi's son. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: he's seen here telling supporters he and his father will be victorious. sun, gadhafi was heard, but not seen, making a plea on state-run television. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: he said we shall never give up tripoli to the colonialists or traders. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: also on state tv, a news anchor held up a gun and declared she was ready to die, defending the station. >> reporter: while the nato-backed libyan rebels continue to advance, libya is seeking assistance from the united nations. the prime minister is calling for the u.n. to investigate alleged abuses by nato. a government spokesman says the united states and its allies are morally responsible for the unnecessary deaths in his country. >> every drop of libyan blood shed by these rebels is the responsibility of the western world, and especially nato countries. >> reporter: the effort to get
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rid of gadhafi has been going on six months. senator john mccain says the libyan leader could soon be gone. >> i believe that it's nearing the end and there's going to be a big challenge forming a new government for a country that's never known democracy. >> reporter: but democracy can't begin until the civil war ends. drew levenson, cbs news, new york. in spain, nearly 2 million people gathered today outside madrid to hear final remarks from pope benedict, as he concluded the church's world youth day. the weather was harsh during the four-day festival. 2500 people were treated for heat exhaustion, in 1104-degree heat. yesterday, six people were slightly injured when a tent collapsed during a thunderstorm. today, the pope urged young catholics to become missionaries and spread their faith. he announced the next youth day festival will be in rio de janeiro in 2013. well, if your next trip includes flying on united, you could see big changes inside the plane. the airline has announced it
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will spend more than $500 million to improve seats on its aircraft. this is the latest step in its merger with continental. continental's flatbed seats will be you installed on united planes, with extra leg room. they are also making the overhead bins bigger on some jets. well, we did see a little bit of sunshine out there this weekend, but we've seen plenty of low clouds, too, and another unseasonably cool weekend in the bay area, still seeing clouds out there this afternoon. we will see a warmup for the start of your work week. i'll tell you how warm we'll get, coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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rescued by the coast guard after eight fishermen are thankful to be alive tonight. they were rescued by the coastguard after their boat began sinking off the coast of san diego. the coastguard got the distress call made after black smoke began coming from the engine. the rescuers arrived just in time. the boat reportedly sank right after the men were plucked from it. we were just talking about the triathlon, 1800 athletes, biking, running. >> and the waters were pretty calm today, pretty decent conditions to calm in, and not too hot for exercising. definitely impressed by what those folks are doing. cool weekend overall saturday, and once again today, highs well below average for this time of year. still seeing cloud cover right now, but also seeing blue skies. a nice shot of the bay bridge. clouds still in the picture and we'll see them surge into the inland locations tonight and
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we'll see temperatures drop as well. but the good news is we do have a warmup in store, but we'll have to contend with warmer weather and the clouds all over the bay area tonight, patchy fog as well in the inland locations. mostly cloudy around the bayshore this evening and then increasing cloud cover at the coastline. temperatures in the 50s. for tomorrow, we will warm up, though, finally seeing temperatures break into the 90s in those inland locations. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. cloudy start to your morning around the bay, and then sunshine there as well. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. at the coastline, keeping it cooler in the 60s. fog and clouds to start your morning, then mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. pretty pleasant start to your work week. cloud cover still in the picture right now. we've seen a deep marine layer the past couple of days, but we will start to see that compress, meaningless cloud cover and seeing those clouds actually disappear earlier in the morning. more sunshine in the afternoon. so this high is going to build in. we've seen this high anchor over texas, oklahoma over the last couple of days.
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that brings the warmup monday and tuesday this. low sagging to the southwest means that cooler conditions will be out the door. warmer weather in store. but for tomorrow, norcal temperatures, 96 in redding, 65 for monterrey. 91 in yosemite, a little warmer than yesterday. and fresno will make it to the mid-90s tomorrow. here in the bay area, not getting quite that warm. 80 is -- palo alto, union city, also to a high of 77 tomorrow. antioch to 83. brentwood breaking the 90-degree mark. 94 walnut creek. cool inner alameda at 69. richmond, almost getting to the mid-60s tomorrow. 79 for napa. 84 for fairfield. breaking into the 80s for so known make. mill valley, cooler at 69. san francisco at 66. we start to see the ridging in the pictures, finally seeing mid-90s, feeling more like
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summertime. then we'll start to see a little cooling into the end of the work week. another trough in the picture, but temperatures still pretty pleasant in those warm locations. high 80s, low 90s for the most part. >> of course as you're talking, dennis and i just mentioned our kids go back to school this week when the heat kicks in. >> they probably wish it would have come earlier in the season, but unfortunately had to wait for the warmup this year. >> thank you. thousands of people packed downtown oakland for the second day of the annual art and soul festival. n]♪ >> oakland native r & b group power hour head lined the festival today. it is a family-friendly celebration of music, arts, and of course always good food, featuring four stages of music on 10 blocks surrounding the oakland city center. last year, 60,000 people attended the festival. we can't just talk about the raiders-niners game without all of this other stuff around it these days. >> yeah, it wasn't just the aftermath of the fights.
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pretty unfortunate, but there was another way to spoil a 49er victory with a report about discontent, coming up. another day, another injury. could the giants avoid a sweep in houston? well tell, you next. usa prime credit. my name ...peggy. you got problem? peggy? third time i've called, it's time i speak with a supervisor. supervisor is genius...i transfer. transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! transfer! name is... peggy? come on!!! hello? want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty.
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the giants trainer fears the bears, saying his talk with brian wilson, quote, didn't come to blows, but the closer wasn't pleased to be placed on the
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disabled list with elbow in inflammation. bell grew up 2 hours from houston, had to get tickets for 50 friends and family this weekend, and this will get them cheering loudly. second deck homerun off henry sosa. 3-run shot, 4 hits today. loving every second. can't get out of the 2nd inning, first major league start, giving up 4 runs. houston takes the 4-3 lead. bases loaded, 1 out for chris stewart, lines it to left. nate schierholtz runs left, tags from third. jd martinez throws a strike. schierholtz is out at the plate, went with the slide instead of the take-out. we go to extra innings. still tied at 4-4 in the 11th inning. pablo sandoval playing with a bad shoulder, can't swing right-handed. good thing. he goes deep from the left side.
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2-run shot the other way. giants salvage a final game in houston, 6-4. meanwhile, the first place giants still see the cup as halfful, leading 2 1/2 games to the first place diamondbacks. trailing in atlanta 1-6. rich young pops it up. freedy freeman, nice catch. the braves make that run stand. it was 1-0. so the giants move within a game and a half of the diamondbacks, start a 12-game home stand next week. catch of the day, cameraman at the a's game, nice bare handed play, but can he hit? a's facing toronto lefty perez, making his first major league start. he got conor jackson looking. perez, perfect through 5. a's load the bases in the 6th, but cocoa, double play. perez gets out of a jam, 6
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innings, 1 hit, no runs allowed. nice start. until the 7th, bautista had enough of that, major league best 36th homerun of the year. a's shut out for the 13th time this season, 1-0. the 49ers dominated the battle of the bay last night. school board may have read only 17-3, running game was the story on offense, as they piled up 239 yards on the ground. one day later, the running game is still the story. espn reported frank dorsey unhappy with how slow negotiations are going on a new contract. but he didn't sound too upset when he spoke with us last night on our post game show. >> held out for a little bit, but now hearing you want to retire a 49er. you've made that very clear, right? >> yeah, i do. but right now, i don't know. going through the contract right
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now, but hopefully i can get it done before, you know, before camp is over, before the first game. i love that. right now, i don't know right now. nascar last week, marcos ambrose won. today, he was rear ended going into the pits and goes nose-first into the wall. lucky none of his crewmembers were in the way. ambrose finished 27th. kyle busch held off jimmie johnson to take the checkered flag in michigan. 1-2 in the season points standings. fred couples saw his 1-shot lead at the players championship disappear, but rallied to force a playoff with john cook. on the third playoff hole, couples knocked his approach within a couple of feet of the pin to set up a bird. then he taps in to win his first major on the champions tour. stanford, 2000 fans came out to the cardinal practice. the ap poll came out last night. stanford ranked 7th in the country, highest preseason ranking since 1950. new coach david shaw remembers playing under former stanford
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coach dennis green. >> now, if you want to crowd them, then-- >> didn't learn denny green's temper, did you? >> you know what? the guys know it. i believe i'm slow to anger, but once i get there, sometimes i stay there for a while! >> they are who we thought we were! we let them off the hook! >> god have mercy on the guy that didn't agree or didn't step on the line, because denny would let them have it. >> you can see the whole interview. sefantastic. that's tonight on game day at 11:30. >> thank you very much. more pain for bart riders during tomorrow's commute. another protest planned once again over bart's decision to shut off wireless service at civic center station. how the transit agency is offering a very public explanation to its tactics, coming up in 30 minutes. and so tomorrow, it's going to start the warmup? >> yes, pull out the short sleeve clothing tuesday, but start to take the layers off tomorrow.
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enjoy the start to the week. thank you very much. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. see you back here in half an hour. until then, updates on good night. ,,,,,, [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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