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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bart riders, be prepared how the agency is holding its ground ahead of another planned protest. again, during the evening rush hour. >> i think it got crazy from the time we entered the parking lot. >> several fights, two shootings. no arrests at the battle of the bay. how fans knew something bad was going to happen before the game even got started at candlestick. good morning, everybody. it is monday, get your week started here, august 22. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. monday's are always tough. it never helps when the weather is like this. >> but when elizabeth sings, it is all good. >> i want to hear that again. >> she is in band. >> and low clouds and fog moving onshore. and it will clear out by the afternoon. and 70s and 80s inland. 60s in san francisco. warmer weather on the way. more on that. here is the singer right now. >> encore at 6:30. stay tuned. stay tuned. [ laughter ] >> let's go out to redwood city.
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this is the scene of a two alarm structure fire. right there at hastings avenue and fernside. so still not a lot of details on this. we are told there are likely lanes blocked so we are launching chopper 5 to this. so we will hopefully bring you more detaeults here in the next couple of minutes. in the -- details here in the next couple of minutes. in the meantime, back to you guys. 6:00. bart riders should prepare for another tough ride home. the group that forced bart to close four stations last monday is threatening a new demonstration. unter hussen is in san francisco with what is behind it. >> reporter: the group anonymous is calling for a second day of action against bart beginning tonight at 5:00 at the civic center bart station. last monday, the protesters shut down bart for four or five hours during the evening commute and bart organizers are saying riders should make alternatives for tonight's commute as well. the group anonymous calls the delays of the evening commute, quote, a minor inconvenience, compared to standing up to bart
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for violations of free speech. the issue is bart cutting cell phone service on august 11 to prevent protesters from organizing. those demonstrators are protesting a july 4th weekend killing of a homeless man by bart police. and bart is defending his position, in the letter to bart passengers released on saturday, bart says intelligence reveals that the individuals would be giving and receiving instructions to coordinate their activities via cell phone. and they go on to state, the interruption did prevent the planned coordination of illegal activity on the bart platform and the resulting threat to public safety but not everyone agrees with bart. the civil liberty groups and many commuters say cutting cell phone service is a violation of civil liberties and unconstitutional. some have even compared it to the dictatorships in the middle east. >> i think it wreaks of what happened in egypt. like where democracy is ashamed and the institution is partially funded by the people, would turn
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off cell phones. >> and bart has received more than 9,000 complaints arn the country and prompting the fcc to launch an investigation. bart says it will hold a public meeting on wednesday to discuss these issues. meanwhile anonymous is planning for a protest tonight at civic center bart station beginning at 5:00. those of you getting on bart this morning may want to make alternative plans for your ride home. >> maybe a late dinner tonight. before you get home. thank you, live in san francisco. thanks. 6:03 now. and this morning, nato says it will continue combat air patrols over libya. this until all of muomar ghadafi's forces surrender. ghadafi opponents are celebrating today, and this is as opposition forces they now say they control about 95% of the capital tripoli. still, though tanks continue to fire at rebels trying to storm ghadafi's main compound. ghadafi's where-abouts are unknown. the libyan rebels top diplomat in london say rebels quote will turn over every stone to find
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him. in the meantime, opposition fighters have already captured two of his sons. back here at home, san francisco police are searching for suspects in a fist-flying brawl at the battle of the bay. >> what a fight. >> stop pulling hair. >> outside the candlestick stadium, this is in the parking lot. and inside the stands as well. bloody fights broke out. and by the end of the night, two people were shot and one fan knocked unconscious. stephanie trong on the victim's conditions as well as the person of interest. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: grace, good morning to you. one of the victims who was shot several times in the stomach was actually still able to get into his truck and drive here, to gate a, this is the south end of candlestick park. this is where security was standing and now police say the 24-year-old man, the victim, was actually wearing a t-shirt that read blanket niners. our own cbs 5 cameras were able to catch some of the fistfights, at least lee of them that happened in the stands, during
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the game, but it is difficult to see who exactly is mixed in the fight, and after the game, it got even worse, around 8:00 saturday night, two fans in their 20s, were shot. and one with superficial facial injuries and the other is still in serious condition at last check. and investigators are treating them as separate shootings. and also, in serious condition, is a 26-year-old san rafael man, police say he was beaten unconscious in a men's rest room in the upper level. the fans say unfortunately, they do expect these kinds of fights at games when you add alcohol into the mix. >> when you show up at a game, you know four or five hours early and drinking alcohol and go inside the stadium and you have four or five more beers and that contributes to a lot of the fights. >> a little discouraging to see fighting happening all around you constantly. >> constantly. >> i mean toward the end, it was more than the beginning..
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>> in the meantime, the nfl as well as the mayors of oakland and san francisco say they will not tolerate this type of violence. 6:05. the man accused in a hit-and-run that killed a young santa rosa boy will be in court this afternoon. 21-year-old marcus lopez garcia was arrested shortly after the accident, killed a 4-year-old boy, christopher row last week. police say garcia did not have a driver's license, and had been arrested for it twice before. a citizen listening to police radio helped track down that suspect. and will is a $10,000 reward to help catch the person who shot a 2-year-old boy in oakland. the boy recovering from a bullet wound to the arm over the weekend. he was the only person hit in gunfire near international boulevard and seminary avenue saturday afternoon. oakland tribune reports he was with three adults, at the time when he got shot. 6:06. this monday morning. lawrence though is looking fresh
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as a case daisy after this weekend. >> the raiders lost. it is preseason. >> and it is not a regular season game. >> if it is, it is a completely different story. >> headed outside, we do have thick fog out there right now. stretching well to the interior valleys. some drizzle out toward the immediate coastline. and now by the afternoon, the weather should improve today, and just a little bit and temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s. and afternoon hours, looking at some 80s in the interior valleys and 87 in fairfield and 85 in concord and 75 and sunny in fremont this afternoon and about 78 degrees in san jose. warmer weather on the horizon as we see high pressure building in out of the southwest and that will bring with it some warmer temperatures and 90s more common and tuesday, it looks like for the better part of the week, at least in the hot spots inland. more on the traffic with elizabeth. >> you're just full of hot spots. >> thank you. >> we have a warm spot right now, heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. and we actually got a pretty good size backup for this time of the morning anyway. and only backed up to the very end of the parking lot.
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only in the busiest lanes. the metering lights are not on. but you know, it is back to school time for a lot of folks. so yes, we're going to see a bigger backup likely at the bay bridge, and yes, for the upcoming months. so summer, light traffic is probably officially gone. let's check out some other areas. mass transit, so far doing well. bart has 40 trains running on time. ace looks good. muni, cal train. we've been talking about this all morning. they're anticipating protests later on this evening, the hacker activists planning another protest, 5:00 tonight at the civic center bart station. so again, plan accordingly. that is your traffic. back to you. >> all right. elizabeth, thanks. it is 6:08 now. two cal grads sentenced to prison in iran. coming up, the hikers and their families and how they're handling the stiff punishment. and another shaky day ahead for wall street. the big event investors are going to be watching for this week. and forget parking under a tree. for shade. the big silver objects keeping you cool, and also producing
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some solar power, all at the same time. we will tell you about that and more when we come back. ,,,,,,
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welcome back. 6:11. two uc berkeley grads detained in iran, now 18 days to appeal their sentence. josh fattal and shane bauer each receiving an eight year prison sentence on saturday and ordered to be retained for two years on espionage charges accused of legally crossing the boarder from iraq to iran. there had been hope that they would be released soon. >> the state department, what is happening behind the scenes, i don't know if we have a sense of everything ha is happening but they are in touch with the families but they are trying to release them. they're trying to do what they can to get these men reload and bring them home. >> that news week writer has been covering the story for months and on the cbs "the early show" with insight just after 7:00 this morning. back to work today for 22 san jose firefighters. about a year after they were all laid off because of the city's budget woes. the city still battling that deficit. but the rehiring all made possible by a federal grant. the firefighters have spent the past several weeks going through refresher training sessions.
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and to polish up on their important skills and they are back to work today. thousands of marin residents meanwhile may soon pay more for their fire protection today. a board that governs the operation of cal fire will hold the meeting on whether to charge a new fee, up to $150 a year, and it would affect residents in areas where the state has primary responsible for preventing fires, fighting fires tibberon and mill valley and nearly all of west marin. 6:13. powerful winds, downed trees and power outages. one of the season's first hurricanes, when this hurricane could slam into the u.s. more than a decade in the making. coming up the first national memorial dedicated to the civilians. and if you plan on traveling today, it should be okay by this afternoon. 69 degrees. cleared for takeoff at sfo. head to the north and you will pull into chicago, and well, it is looking like lots of sunshine and very comfortable 81 degrees there. it should be a great day to fly in towards chicago. and making your way a little
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further to the east. it doesn't look too bad in new york either if you're heading in that direction and maybe a couple of passing clouds. still, 81 degrees by the afternoon. the rest of the forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we've got breaking news to share with you. this is redwood city. chopper 5 over a two alarm fire right now. this is at fernside and hastings in redwood city. a lot of fire apparatus. you can see a lot of smoke there. we believe that some sort of structure fire is there. >> at this point, we don't know a whole lot, except that it is causing some problems, in the area, and especially for traffic as well. and clearly, because of all of the fire activity, and as well as the smoke, and so we want to find out what is going on traffic-wise. and let's get to elizabeth. >> well, as you can see from these live chopper pictures, obviously a lot of smoke with this, and a lot of fire engines on the scene. so we know that there are streets blocked. you mentioned that interchange again, hastings, and fernside, we just did a google map search of this area, and it looks like it is a few blocks away from westwood park. now it looks like it is a structure fire. as you mentioned a two alarm fire. and the fire crews out there right now. very busy. trying to put it out. but at this time, it is still burning.
6:18 am
out of control. and so again, avoid that area of hastings avenue, and fernside. the major streets in that area, look like they're almeda delass polgas and farm hill. let's go to the maps and show you a better view for where this is. this is in redwood city east of the 280. as we zoom in toward that area. again, the exact intersection where this is happening, what is where the streets are blocked off. hastings avenue, and fernside. and so we will continue to update you as to where the exact road closures are. in the meantime, let's go to the south bay. you can see some major freeways, 280, guadalupe parkway, 101, these look okay. in fact 280 heading out of downtown san jose so far problem-free. the bay bridge, a big backup in the cash lanes. no metering lights yet. but this means they will likely turn them on here very shortly. it is back to school for a lot of folks today and we're
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expecting busier-than-jush back -- busier-than-usual backups. and bart systemwide, everything is good to go on time. but again we are anticipating delays for the even commute home. hacker activists planning another protest. 5:00 p.m. at the civic center bart station. so plan accordingly. that's your traffic. for an update on your forecast, let's go over to lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. we are seeing patchy low clouds again. a dreary start to this monday morning. we're socked in with the fog again. seeing some drizzle as you approach the coastline. and it is a slow burnoff once again. it looks like the weather will improve from the weekend where it was very gray and dreary especially toward the coastline. still headed outside and the fog is stretched onshore and begin to break up by the afternoon and you will find some 80s in some of the valleys this afternoon and 60s inside the bay and 70s in toward the santa clara valley and to the coastline and a mixture of sunshine and clouds and 50s and 60s. stretching well onshore, we've got that marine layer that is surging well inland and makes
6:20 am
its way to the sacramento valley and i think as we head to the afternoon, the good news is, the high pressure is building back toward the bay area, and out on the desert southwest as it does, it will compress the marine air the next couple of days and less fog and more sunshine in the forecast and warmer weather headed our way. 95 degrees. hot in fresno. 92 in sacramento. about 79 in lake tahoe. and about 97 degrees in reading. and around the bay, you will find 80 degrees in los gatos. and 86 morgan hill and 75 in fremont. and about 73 degrees in san mateo. and east bay numbers under mostly sunny skies. 84 in dublin and about 86 in walnut creek. and 70 in san leandro. cooler and breezy in berkeley. 66 and 55 in richmond. and as you look to the north bay, low clouds and fog going to give way to sunshine in most spots, inland. a lot of 70s showing up there, as high as the 80s making your way to fairfield and some 50s and 60s back out to the coast. next few days, it looks like a resurgence of high pressure going to warm the temperatures up around the bay area, and heating things up at least for a day and cool down a little on
6:21 am
wednesday and thursday. but next weekend, guys, looks fantastic and temperatures heating up everywhere you go. that is a look at weather. back to you. >> 6:20 now. let's look at the top stories on this monday. bart riders may have a real tough time trying to get out of downtown san francisco again tonight. and that's because new protests are being threatened at several stations, so judge accordingly tonight and you may want to get home early. san francisco police want help finding suspects for a shooting and a beating at the niner/raider game on saturday. two victims are still in serious condition. after some tough times. especially in the parking lot following that game. muomar ghadafi's regime in libya appears close to ending, anti-ghadafi rebels now say they control 95% of the capital city of tripoli. although there are still possibilities of resistance from ghadafi loyalists. 6:21 now. puerto rico's governor wants people to stay home today. and out of the way of cleanup crews. irene reached hurricane strength, as it pounded puerto rico. and streets are flooded. and filled with debris.
6:22 am
and irene could hit the u.s. later this week. the strengthening storm could affect florida, clip georgia, as well as the carolinas. time now is 6:21. it is more than just a tree. the next big thing to shield your car from the sun and produce a little bit of solar power as well. he was a man of peace. he was a great hero of this country. >> the national memorial dedicated to martin luther king jr. coming up, why the statue is the first of its kind. and we will continue to follow this fire, this is redwood city. as you can see. they are dousing the flames in a big way, and it appears to be some sort of structure fire down in redwood city, we will have the very latest and how it will affect traffic after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district
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to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. santa clara county is going forward with putting more so- good morning. welcome back. check out the live pictures of the very active scene right now from chopper 5. you're looking at a two alarm structure fire. still burns in redwood city. and now, from the view of chopper 5, it looks like this is a louse on fire. from what we can see, it appears to be a wood shake roof. you can see the smoke still billowing out from the roof. it looks like some of the flames though, it looks like the fire crews have contained some of this fire and you can see them dousing it right now with water. and the address here is 2949 hastings. and it is right there at the intersection of fernside. so there are streets blocked off in this area. and from what we can tell, this appears to be mostly a
6:26 am
residential area. and again, from chopper 5, now that daylight is coming here, you can see it looks like it is a house fire. that is burning. so again, we will continue to bring you some more information, but avoid this area of hastings, and fernside. they're in redwood city. back to you guys. >> thanks, elizabeth for the update. >> 6:26 now. and santa clara county is going forward with putting more so-called solar trees in place. and the 12-foot high device provides shade for cars and they also provide solar power. by march of next year, the county expects to have more than 15,000 solar panels at eight different sites. officials say they save money and they reduce carbon emissions. solar trees are already in place on the top level of two parking garages. and today, there is a new monument opening on the national mall in washington, d.c. >> sure is. the martin luther king jr. memorial has been more than a decade in the making. some $120 million, and the memorial is dedicated to a
6:27 am
civilian, the first national memorial. between the lincoln and jefferson memorials. they hope to dedicate the statue later this week. very cool. 6:26. coming up, an hp touch pad for $99? the discount that is starting a frenzy. and why it might be a little too late. >> 99 bucks? >> plus, fire crews fighting the two alarm fire in redwood city. as we showed you. smoke and flames still shooting out of the building. and it looks like they may be getting a landle on it, as they -- handle on it as they continue to douse the roof with flames. much more coming up. those of you getting on bart this morning, you may want to make alternative plans for your ride home. a second day of protests on bart in san francisco. the full story coming up. and no arrests have been made in the fights here at candlestick park. during and after the niners/raiders game. that put three men in the hospital. police do have a suspect description. we have that and the latest in the investigation coming up.
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i'm frank mallic good monday morning. it is august 22. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. and we continue to follow some breaking news down on the peninsula. >> that's right. very busy morning. chopper 5 is live over redwood
6:31 am
city. where a house fire broke out less than an hour ago. looks like they have been able to put out the flames. but still, it looks like they are putting out hot spots. this is at hastings avenue at fernside. just east of 280. and dozens of firefighters are at the scene. trying to put out the two alarm fire. they've been very busy this morning. and what we do know is that they have been there for the last half hour. we have not heard of any injuries though. and we still don't know what started this fire. >> it looks like a residence. and they're working on the roof right now. with that water. let's check in with elizabeth to find out if that is causing any problems on the roadways down in redwood city. elizabeth? >> as you mentioned mostly a residential area. it is east of the 280 freeway. we're talking about this area right here. so where the fire crews are still trying to put out the remaining hot spots. really though, the city streets that are still shut down, so hastings avenue, fernside street and the fire crews are blocking the lanes. avoid the area where the house fire is. and other than that, we're looking at the backup at the bay
6:32 am
bridge and we are looking at extra heavy traffic this morning. and let's get an update on the forecast in the meantime. here is lawrence. >> low clouds and fog stretching well onshore today. temperatures well into the 50s and 60s. it looks like we will see some more sunshine and warmer weather on the way. details in just a moment. back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. >> thanks. 6:31. nfl calls the fan violence at candlestick park over the weekend appalling. >> oh, my god. >> stop pulling hair. >> bloody fights breaking out at 49ers raider game this weekend after the game in the parking lot, some in the stands. by the end of the night, two people had been shot and one fan knocked unconscious. stephanie trong is at candlestick where there was violence inside the stadium and as we saw in the parking lot as well. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: frank, good morning. now, here in front of gate a, on the south side of candlestick park is where stadium security was standing when one of the victims who had been shot actually drove up in his trunk.
6:33 am
police say the 24-year-old man the, the victim had been shot several times in the stomach and wearing a t-shirt that read blanket niners. our own cbs 5 cameras were inside catching some of the fistfights that broke out in the stands during saturday night's game. it is difficult to see exactly who is mixed up in the fights. people have posted cell phone video of the fights on youtube. and in this one, you so he two fans dressed in red punching each other and it looks like a fan dressed in raiders colors is trying to break up the fight. after the game, it got even worse. at around 8:00, two fans in their 20s were shot. and one with superficial facial injuries. the other one, we spoke about earlier, is still in serious condition. at last check. and investigators are treating them as separate shootings. also in serious condition is a 26-year-old san rafael man, police say he was beaten unconscious in an upper level men's rest room. the good news is all three victims are expected to survive. people we spoke with, some who work in the area, say they have
6:34 am
come to expect drunken fights at these games. >> people just don't want to go to a game to have a good time. they want to go to a game to prove something. and that's the problem that i think happens. >> you can definitely sense there was something in the air that was going to anticipate. >> the crowd tends to be a well-behaved crowd. and just when they have big arch rivals that they party a little bit more than normal. >> i did see them, you know, on the tipsy side. >> police have made no arrests, but they have released a description of the suspect in the rest room. he is described as a pacific islander, about 6'3" who weighs around 260 pounds. with long curly hair that was tied up in a pony tail. and a goatee. detectives have pinpointed a person of interest in one of the two shootings we spoke about. other than, that we're not really sure. other details that they have. the niners though have pledged resources to making sure that safety, security measures are in place here, so people feel
6:35 am
assured they can have a good time. frank, i know you were here and you know how bad these fights got. >> i did witness some in the stands. not too many in the parking lot. i left in the third quarter to try to prevent some of that and get in the car and get away. they have another game coming up this saturday against texas. they will have to figure this all out. stephanie chuong live at candlestick park, thanks. 6:35. bart riders, prepare for more problems with your commute. the agency is warning that it may shut down stations in san francisco again this evening. unter hussen is in san francisco with the threat of the new protest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, grace. the special hacking group aphopls is calling for a second day of -- anonymous is calling for a second day of action against bart during the monday evening commute. if last week's protest is any indication of what is to come, bart passengers can expect big delays in san francisco. at issue is bart cutting cell phone service to protesters on
6:36 am
august 11. when demonstrators organized against the killing of a homeless man by bart police. the group anonymous says they will not tolerate bart cutting cell phone use, saying it is a violation of civil liberties, and unconstitutional. many civil rights groups agree. but bart is defending their position. in a letter issued to passengers this weekend, bart says, quote, intelligence revealed that individuals would be giving and receiving instructions to coordinate via cell phone. they go on to say that the interruption did prevent the planned coordination of illegal activity on bart platforms, and the resulting threats to public safety. but despite these claims, bart is still facing a backlash from commuters, even some who have compared what happened here to the dictatorships in the middle east. >> i think it wreaks of what happened in egypt, like you know, where democracy is shamed and the institution is partially funded by the people, and turn off cell phones. >> he is not alone.
6:37 am
bart says they have received over 9,000 complaints through e-mail. the fcc is actually saying they will launch an investigation. bart says this wednesday, they will have a board meeting to discuss the cell phone ban. meanwhile, those of you getting on bart this morning during the evening commute, once again plan ahet a-- plan ahead. bart is saying they will impact the morning commute with the protest tonight. >> and we will be watching and reporting. stick with cbs 5. thank you. 6:37 now. it appears muomar ghadafi's four decade role in libya is crumbling but his where-abouts is still unknown as the battle for tripoli continues. ghadafi's components are celebrating even with an unclear future. they now control about 9 a% of the city of trip -- 95% of the city of tripoli. tanks continue to file trying to storm the main compound of ghadafi. ghadafi could be heard but not seen on state tv, pleading for
6:38 am
libyans to defend his regime. opposition fighters have already captured two of his sons. >> his regime is falling apart. and is in full retreat. ghadafi must stop fighting. without conditions. and clearly show that he has given up any claim to control libya. >> ghadafi faces charges of crimes against humanity. at the international criminal courts in the netherlands. 6:38. getting your monday started we're going to go to elizabeth for traffic. we still have the fire that we're watching. >> yes, and chopper a is bringing really good -- chopper 5 is bringing really good closeup pictures. the two alarm house fire in redwood city. the smoke is dissipated and fire crews have gotten a handle on. it the fire broke out a half hour ago at the intersection of hastings and fernside in redwood city and fire crews still out there though putting out the remaining hot spots an the streets are still blocked off and mostly residential area. still no word on a cause.
6:39 am
let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. check out this backup. and school started, so we're expecting bigger-than-usual backups at the bay bridge, heading into san francisco. and some people also may be ditching bart and hitting the roads instead. we will tell you why, coming up. and in the meantime, let's get an update on your forecast. here is lawrence. >> we've got low clouds and fog out there right now and it is moved well onshore. and looks like it is going to be a little bit better today as we head toward the afternoon and high pressure is building in and compress that marine layer a little bit. so the temperatures are going to be warming up today. plan on about 8 a degrees. sunny in -- 85 degrees. sunny in concord. it is up a good three degrees in san jose. seven degrees warmer in santa rosa at 78 degrees. and even san francisco, expecting some warmer weather today. we continue the warming trend as we head to tomorrow. more on that in a moment and right now, we will send it back to you guys. >> i will take it, lawrence. thanks. 6:39. palo alto-based hp trying to move inventory. how about a touch pad, 99 bucks.
6:40 am
a bargain. matt bigler has more on the frantic search for the now defunct tablet. i guess all of a sudden these are in hot demand now, huh? >> very hot. these have been going like hot cakes over the last couple of days. as you mentioned, the hp touch pad which was retailing for about $499 a few weeks ago, is now $99. a huge bargain. people recognize that and they are looking for them everywhere. we've been doing our own looking this morning. at best buy and target, and other retailers, and all listing the device as sold out online. and there may be still some available at bricks and mortar stores. as you mentioned this came days after the company announced it was ending the entire line of tablet and smart phones due to abysmal sales. of course, now sales are through the roof. we're talking to rorb ruben with the npd group and they analyze things like this and he says there may be a silver lining for hp, as the company contemplates what to do with web os. that's the operating system that powers the touch pad.
6:41 am
>> the company is getting the product in the hands of more consumers, and it would have -- than it would have been in before. which can help create a base for developers to create new applications for the touch pad. >> now, fans of web os, the operating system, have launched their own effort to keep the platform going. they have a twitter campaign called pound sign save web os. now your best chances of finding a touch pad if you would like to get one of those for 99 bucks is to go to a bricks and mortar store which may still have some inventory or there is a web site that is tracking these crazy sales of the touch pad, and that is slick deals .com. good luck. that's the latest from silicon valley. back to you guys. >> all they had to do was lower the price and now everybody wants one. okay. matt bigler, kcbs down in the silicon valley. thank you. >> we should go look for one this afternoon. >> slick web. taking notes here. 6:41. a little more leg room on the next flight.
6:42 am
the makeover coming to a major airline. how your wedding vows could take a toll on your waistline. the market opened just about 11 minutes ago. the quick check of the numbers show we are in the green. the dow up 164 points an the nasdaq up 43 and the s&p is up 18. what is going on? we will get an update from kcbs money watch reporter jason brooks when we come back. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news,
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whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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6:45 am
good morning, we will go back out to chopper 5 still hovering over the scene, an earlier two alarm house fire in redwood city. you can see the fire crews are still out there, still mopping up. and what was a pretty -- it looked like a pretty bad fire at one point and smoke billowing out of the roof and we saw flames which are mostly out right now. and just a little bit of smoke lingering out there. it may be a few remaining hot spots, you can see all of the damage, the dang to that wood shake roof. it looks like for the most part fire crews have now got a handle on the fire. it broke out around 6:00. that's when we got word of it and sent chopper 5 out to the scene. so again, there are still streets blocked off. you saw the intersection that chopper 5 showed you. this is hastings. and fernside in redwood city. mostly residential areas. so again, just city streets blocked off. avoid that intersection for a while. because they still don't have a cause so they may be out there
6:46 am
investigating for a while longer. let's go to the maps and show you what else is going on. mass transit. bart is running everything on time but as we have been warning you, expect delays for the evening commute home. hacker activists are planning another protest, this time planned for 5:00 at the civic center bart station. we're warning of potential delays for the evening commute home. plan accordingly. ace, muni, cal train, everything else on time. a lot of people avoid bart and you may find bigger backups at the bay bridge and back to school for a lot of folks today. you're looking at a 15-minute wait to get you on the bridge. metering lights on. and pretty sluggish up the inline as well. that is your traffic. for an update on the traffic, for an update on the forecast, let's go to lawrence. >> the fog is slow to burn off again today. improving a little bit. temperatures a little warmer outside. drizzle out to the coastline. temperatures are running a little bit on the mild side this morning.
6:47 am
not too bad. 50s and a few 60s out there. the clouds sneaking into the valley though this morning. this afternoon, we should see sunshine though and a couple of 80s showing up in the valley and 60s inside the bay and some 70s toward the sant clare valley and 50s and 60s toward the coast. low clouds and fog, pretty thick, down to 2,000 feet or so and that means it is going to be slow to burn back to the coast but the high pressure is building in and that means we are going to compress the marine layer and that means warmer temperatures starting tomorrow. with warmer weather outside. should be about 95 degrees in fresno. and 92 in sacramento. and about 92 also in yosemite. and as you look around the bay, you will find 78 degrees in san jose. and about 80 in morgan hill and 77 degrees millipitas and about 73, it should be sunshine into san mateo. and looking toward the east bay, you will find the temperatures are well in the 80s inland and 84 degrees in bub lynn and 86 in pleasant -- dublin. and plenty of warm temperatures outside today. up in the 70s in many spots. and almost 80 degrees in
6:48 am
benecia. next couple of days, things heat up and high pressure building in. cooling down a little bit on wednesday and thursday. and heating up again toward next weekend. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. rebels gaining ground in libya could have an impact on how much you pay for gas down the road in the states. >> jason brooks is here with kcbs and cbs money watch .com and this has to have an impact on the markets today. >> it is in some respects, good morning, frank and grace. actually, we're seeing oil rise. the oil is up about a dollar this morning. and really, the big impact is on europe in that europe is the prime customer for libyan oil. it is a very high quality oil. and even hoe it makes up only 2% of the -- even though it makes up only 2% of the world out, good quality oil. europe buys a lot of it. and we saw prices spoke several months ago when the civil war broke out and shipments went down. gas prices have been edging back lately as oil has pulled down,
6:49 am
along with the stock market. we're still paying about 55 to 60 cents more per gallon in the bay area in general compared to a year ago. we will take anything in the way of a break with a pump and help consumer spending as well. all eyes on hp. the company got hit hard on friday. after it made its big announcement on thursday that it is looking selling the pc business and getting out of the smart phone and tablet businesses. the stock fell 20% on friday. and its worst single session drop since black friday in october of 1987. and the new york post is reporting that oracle may be interested in taking over hp. of course, oracle hired former hp ceo mark hurd about a year ago, and a big spat between those two companies that has continued since then. oracle is worth about 2 1/2 names that of hp so they have -- 2 1/2 times that of hp and they have the money to do it. it would be a massive -- massive
6:50 am
move. way too early to tell what will happen. hp shares down after a big drop along with the stock market on friday. and right now the s&p is up and hp shares rebounding by 5 1/2% higher. >> hp may be going up because of the news you just mentioned and we just had matt bigler tell us about the tablets that are selling for 99 bucks. and they're being sold out everywhere. >> yes, they're not going to make any money off of the tablets that are being sold out right now. certainly because of the speculation over any potential takeover. that will help the stock. and hp is getting brought up by the broader market rally today. we will see if the market can keep that up. it has been a rough four weeks for the stock market. >> certainly has. jason brooks from kcbs and cbs money watch .com. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks, jason. 6:50. good news for passengers your next flight could be in a better seat. united airlines says it is investing half a billion dollars to improve seating on its planes. it is adding flatbed seats to first and business classes on
6:51 am
long hall planes and increase overhead space and add wi-fi. and 30 planes should be outfitted by the end of the year and 100 more by next march. your marital status could have a big impact on your waistline, i guess. >> well, that impact has differences related to gender and researchers from ohio state university found women usually gain weight after getting married. but men pack on the pounds after getting divorced. i don't like this study though. i know a lot of married couples and i think they both gain weight. >> because they're fat and happy. >> loving life. >> eating together. time for a check of what is coming up today on "the early show" this morning. >> erika hill, who is proudly married, with a new baby. and look how great she looks. >> she looks fact -- fabulous this morning. >> that is very kind of you to say that. i hide the rest of it under the table. this girl loves her spanks. fat and happy on our end and in our household and in our
6:52 am
marriage. we will take it. no diet tips for the married or recently divorced today. but we have the latest on libya today. as you know muomar ghadafi's regime at this point is crumbling. and we are basically just waiting, waiting for that official word. and rebels say they now control 95% of the capital city of tripoli. so the big question at this point, not only what happens to muomar ghadafi, but what happens to this country, if and when he actually leaves? we will get you some of those answers from our reporters on the ground in libba we will also take a closer look at hurricane irene which is now pounding puerto rico, it is on track for florida, and that would make this, or does this make this, i should say, the first hurricane which is projected to make land fall this season. so a lot of folks out on the east coast are watching very closely, and also, back to school bargains, if they seem kind of tough to find this year, it is because they are. so we will tell you why. we may not be able to ease the sticker shock but at least we can give you some of the information behind it. >> good to know.
6:53 am
erika, from "the early show," thanks for joining us today. >> "the early show" starting at 7:00 right here on cbs 5. thanks, erika. time now is 6:52. a possible headache for the ride home. how bart is preparing for another round of protests tonight. plus, chopper 5 is watching that house fire in redwood city. fire crews still keeping an eye out for hot spots. we will have an update on how this could be affecting your traffic in the area. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
[ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. good morning. welcome back. we're right out to chopper 5. fire crews and emergency crews are on the scene of this house fire in redwood city. so obviously, streets blocked off in that area. even hoe it looks like the fire is pretty much out. just a little bit of smoke still coming from the roof. so the intersection we're talking about here is hastings and fernside. still no word on a cause. but it may take fire investigators a while to figure that out. so select streets are blocked off in this mostly residential area for a while. for much of the morning commute. let's get a check of other freeways across the bay area. including the live look at the nimitz. so far looks great as you pass the coliseum. no delay up to downtown oakland. this is our backup.
6:57 am
the bay bridge. pretty good-sized wait for this time of the morning. extends to the 880 overcrossing and 5 minute wait or so -- 15 minutes wait or so to get you on the bridge. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> elizabeth, thanks. 6:56. bart riders, be prepared once again. new protests tonight could pose big problems with your evening commute. unter hussen is in san francisco to tell us what is motivating the protest this time around and how bart is responding. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. that's right. the group anonymous is planning a second day of action against bart beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the civic center bart station and if last monday is any indication of what is to come, bart riders can expect big delays to san francisco during the evening commute. anonymous says the issue is still bart cutting cell phone service to protesters on august 11. that's when demonstrators organized against the killing of a homeless man by bart police. and anonymous says they will not tolerate bart cutting cell phone
6:58 am
service saying it is a violation of civil liberties and unconstitutional. and there is a letter that says that intelligence reveals that individuals would be giving and receiving instructions to coordinate via cell phone. they go on to say that the interruption did prevent the planned coordination of illegal activity on bart platforms and the resulting threat to public safety. bart board says it will have a special meeting this wednesday to discuss the cell phone ban. the big story is the evening commute starting tonight at ak p.m. and anonymous will -- at 5:00 p.m. and anonymous will start their protest off and commuters plan accordingly with delays. two men are in serious continue this morning, after the violence at candlestick park. our cameras caught a number of fights in the stands, at saturday's preseason game between the 49ers and the riders. one of the injured men was beaten in a rest room. the other was shot in the parking lot. san francisco police are asking for help in identifying the suspects. muomar ghadafi opponents are celebrating in libya today.
6:59 am
this is as opposition forces say they now control about 95% of the capital city tripoli. and nato says it will continue combat air patrols over libya. until all of ghadafi's forces surrender. and ghadafi's where-abouts are still unknown. opposition fighters say that they have already captured two of his sons. big day on the international front. we will check slick deals to see if we can get a tablet for 99 bucks? all gone. sold out. >> you are still checking? >> our producer downstairs andy sent a note. >> selling on ebay for $500. >> and a little gray out there today, blame lawrence. >> by friday we're looking pretty good. a lot of sunshine coming our way. temperatures going to be warming up out there today. looking good in the afternoon. 80s in the valleys and 60s in the bay and 70s in toward the san jose area and cool toward the coast and warmer weather the next couple of days. and yes, we are looking good as we head toward next weekend and the temperatures heat up. how about this? frank and ad


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