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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coast. and it is making its way already they say the outer bands of it, the rain is hitting the carolina coast. >> indeed it is. in fact, it's affected even some baseball games. the oakland as are playing in boston. they are going to play a doubleheader on saturday because sunday it's going to be a complete washout. they are expecting, what, four to eight inches of rain from new york all the way up to the boston area. so this is really packing a punch. it is the biggest hurricane that's hit the eastern seaboard in, what about 20, 30 years. >> what's amazing about the storm is not only the size but the fact that it's going to be hitting so many major cities. you're talking about new york city, boston you mentioned, also washington, d.c. they have cancelled a lot of big events including the martha king junior dedication on the national mall. >> it's mammoth and about to hit landfall this morning. we have more now from north carolina. reporter: hurricane irene lost some of its punch early
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this morning in open water north of the bahamas but its still a category two hurricane packing winds of more than 110 miles an hour. states from the carolinas to new england are preparing for this major storm. what happened in the bahamas is a glimpse at what's expected along the east coast this weekend. watches, warnings, cancellations, and evacuations issued as hurricane irene goes up the eastern seaboard. most surfers are heeding the warnings, ready for irene. in north carolina, people are boarding up and heading out. irene is expected to bear down on or near the outerbanks on saturday bringing winds of more than 100 miles an hour. >> i hope people heed the warnings that everybody should take this very seriously. >> reporter: ahead of the
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storm's expected intensity, 7 states from north carolina to connecticut have declared states of emergency. in ocean city, maryland, officials want everyone out by 5 p.m. today. >> first we would like our visitors to return to their place of residents. we are also going to ask that all citizens of ocean city seek shelter elsewhere and evacuate ocean city. >> reporter: many people aren't taking chances. >> no chances. we seen what it can do. and not a pretty sight. got to respect the power. >> reporter: irene's second landfall threatens major cities like boston and new york. >> what we have to do is assume the worst, prepare for that, and hope for the best. irene's exact course, strength and time of arrival remain difficult to be predicted with precision. >> reporter: and the latest information we have is that hurricane irene is now now 375 miles south of cape hatteras, north carolina. so authorities have very, very
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little time to make final preparations for this storm. reporting live on the outerbanks of north carolina, i'm rafael romo. now back to you. >> all right. rafael, thank you so much. meanwhile, the nation's capital, hurricane irene has put the dampers on the martin luther king, jr. memorial. it was supposed to be dedicated sunday during a ceremony on the national mall. but it's been postponed until september or perhaps even as late as october. we have also just learned that president obama plans to give a statement friday morning on hurricane irene. we are going to bring that to you as soon as it happens. he is vacationing at martha's vineyard right now which is in the eye of the storm. supposed to hit there sometime sunday into monday. we are in a breaking story out of the east bay where one person has been shot to death this morning. mac is in richmond learning more about the victim of this home invasion. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here in richmond on moran avenue and a family woke up to gunfire at around 4:00 this
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morning. one family member killed, one shot in the hospital with critical injuries right now. it happened at the end of a dead end on moran avenue at 32nd. hard to see the house but it's right across from where you can see those police car lights shining. police here still investigating right now because they are not sure if they caught the suspects or not. they have two people in custody. they are calling them persons of interest. one had run away from the scene right after the shooting and that person was caught by san pablo police. another person was just in the area acting suspiciously right after the shooting. police say either one or two people burst in through the rear of the home at around 4 a.m. and just started shooting once family members woke up. this is what one of the neighbors has to say about the family who lives there. >> we talk all the time. i talk to the whole family. they're nice people, very nice
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people. something like this shouldn't have happened to them. >> reporter: you know that, neighbor also tells me that two of the family members, two women in the family, had gotten robbed at gunpoint a week ago today as they were walking on the street and police don't know if those two incidents are connected. police aren't confirm that that first robberies happened. the neighbors were shaken up by that. and the robber at that point did have one of the women's wallets with her identification and her address. so had he all that person's personal information. -- so he did have all that person's personal information and they don't know if it was connected but they are investigating if there are still suspects on the loose or what happened here there. have been police dogs trying to pick up scents of other potential suspects and/or clues here in the case. the family was so shaken up, as you could imagine, that they haven't been able to provide a good description of the
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suspects in this case. so we are going to continue to follow this as the information comes out throughout the morning. frank. >> all right, anne makovec live in richmond with the latest. thank you. in the meantime, yusef bey iv and antoine mackey are likely to be sentenced to life in prison today, former associates of "your black muslim bakery." they were killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey and two other men in 2007. the triggerman testified that he killed bailey on bey's orders. the new head of security for the national football league will be this weekend here in the bay area to watch the games in san francisco and in oakland, as well. jeff miller will meet with san francisco police chief in the wake of last weekend's violence at candlestick park. espn now reporting that san francisco has not done well on the nfl security reviews while oakland has shown significant security improvements. meantime, san francisco police are trying to find the man who beat a fan inside candlestick park. this is a new sketch of the suspect described as a pacific
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islander about 6'5", 260 pounds, police say he is about 25 to 30 years of age and at the time of the attack, he had a goatee and long curly hair that was tied back in a ponytail. on this friday people trying to plan for the weekend. >> and it looks good. let's check in with kristy. >> today lots of sunshine and warm up more over the next couple of days. cloud cover in the forecast for most of the bay area right now. coast socked in. we have a little clearing in the far reaching inland locations. most of us have a gray cloudy start. mild conditions outside this morning in the 50s and 60s. 59 for redwood city and livermore, 58 fairfield. san rafael at 56. santa rosa 56. highs for today looking good. warm inland, low 90s there. highway 60s, low 70s around
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the -- high 60s, low 70s at the bay. we are getting word of what sounds like a bad problem in oakland, it's northbound 880 right around the embarcadero fifth avenue exit. it sounds like up to 7 cars possibly involved in this including two big rigs. and right now we're learning that they have at least three lanes blocked off so this is just coming in on the chp reports. our sensors have not caught up but it's by the embarcadero fifth avenue exit. the closest camera is south of the coliseum near the accident. once you get closer to the accident expect delays. back to you. >> thank you. san jose cutting ties with i.c.e. agents. coming up, why the timing of their decision could haunt them. >> plus, she is against a citywide curfew but has an idea of her own. mayor quan's solution to curb the violence in oakland.
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and two jewelry shop thieves all disguised as clowns. how the joke was really played on them. coming up. ,,
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crews heading to the scene of a new accident. 880 approaching embarcadero and fifth avenue, at least two lanes are blocked, two big rigs involved in the crash so we'll continue to bring you more details in just a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. in about three hours gang prevention will take center stage in san jose. >> this comes just after police ended a partnership with federal agents. stephanie chuang tells us that this move is actually a good sign. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. there is a meeting here in about just over an hour where the city officials and police will be joined by the feds by department of justice officials. experts on how to attack gang problems here in the city of san jose. this partnership comes just two days after police actually cut ties to immigration -- federal
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immigration agents or ice agents. on wednesday police chief chris moore said it was a successful two-month crackdown on gang violence with the arrest of 215 gang members but community leaders were worried that i.c.e. agents would be targeting illegal immigrants here to deport. >> to action knowledge and thank the chief of police for listening to the community's concern about i.c.e. and terminating the contract that he had with i.c.e. in san jose. >> reporter: san jose police say they are not caving in to community pressure that they got. they say that the last gang- related homicide was back in june on june 14 which is why they ended the ties with the federal immigration agents. they are now getting help from the department of justice, two officials -- several official actually coming here this morning to meet with city leaders and with police and they will be meeting at about 7:30 and frank and grace, the public is invited to come in and listen to that discussion. >> all right.
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stephanie chuang, live in san jose, thank you. she does not want a teen curfew in her city. the crime-fighting solution proposed by mayor jean quan. and why a bay area bowling alley's future is in the gutter. if you are taking off out of sfo today for a little bit of weekend travel, it's going to be nice, cleared for take- off by this afternoon. high of 70 degrees definitely looking at warmer conditions today. if you are landing in houston almost to the hundreds. and houston seeing different weather than we are. slight chance of some thunderstorms, probably about 20% chance. continuing on to atlanta today beautiful day in store hot weather, high 90s and plenty of sunshine. full look at your bay area forecast coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. some of the east coast's biggest cities are bracing for hurricane ir k in the headlines, storm of the east coast's biggest cities bracing for hurricane irene including new york city and boston, which have not seen the full effects of a major hurricane in decades. irene is expected to slam the outer islands of north carolina beginning tomorrow morning. one person was killed another critically wounded in a home invasion shooting in richmond early this morning. police are questioning two persons of interest at this time. the head of security for
6:18 am
the national football league will spend the weekend right here in the bay area. espn reports he will meet with san francisco's police chief and go to both the 49er game on saturday and raider game on sunday. good morning. well, this accident in oakland does not look good. we're talking northbound 880 approaching the embarcadero fifth avenue exit. we learned one possibly two big rigs involved and up to five other cars also involved in the crash. now, chp and ambulance are both heading to the scene. sounds like right now they have the two left lanes blocked. and we just took a call from tony with the kcbs phone force who tells us traffic is literally stopped just south of the fifth avenue exit. so we are seeing some slowing on our sensors. they are likely running a traffic break to hopefully clear some of the activity off to the right shoulder. so our closest camera is farther south than that. it's near the coliseum near 66th. as you can see from here, northbound traffic gets by okay but definitely closer to the accident scene expect some
6:19 am
delays. so we'll continue to follow that growing problem there. in the meantime towards the golden gate bridge, nothing but a little bit of fog to slow down your ride here otherwise looks good across the span. actually in either direction so far nice ride out of and into marin county. bay bridge light, as well. no major problems into san francisco. you can see no delay at all even in the cash lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. mass transit by the way is still on time. kristy has the forecast. >> definitely can see fog on the golden gate bridge from the traffic shot and seeing some drizzle out there as well in some parts of the coastline fog for the bay shores and inland. partly to mostly cloudy, mild start temperature-wise and this friday starting off your weekend well going to warm up nicely inland. low 90s there around the bay. going to see some sunshine just like those inland location. but cloud cover in store for the coast throughout the
6:20 am
afternoon. so not quite as sunny as we are seeing in other locations. so this low that's spinning off the coast keeping us seasonal for today, but then this high that's been anchored over the more south-central parts of the united states is going to build in bringing us warmer weather for the weekend so warmer temperatures to look forward to tomorrow and sunday. for today, these are the temperatures you can look forward to. 77 in los altos and mountain view. 89 for morgan hill. 75 union city. pacifica topping out at 62 today. handful of low 90s in those inland spots. almost getting into the 90s in walnut creek and pleasant hill. danville same story, high 60s along the bay shores. we'll see that sunshine a little later on in the afternoon. cool is the stinson beach today. 63. cloud cover throughout the afternoon and then 77 as a high for kentfield and san rafael, fairfield going to make it into the low 90s today warmup in store for saturday and sunday. those numbers are going to bump up into the mid-90s inland. then you will see we have slight cooling for monday and tuesday. by middle of next workweek, only sitting in the high 80s in
6:21 am
our warmest locations. back to you guys. >> thank you. oakland mayor jean quan is speaking out against two crime- fighting tools suggested by police chief batts and some city council members. quan says recent murder suspects are too old to have been stopped by a youth curfew so she suggests a loitering ordinance instead. quan is also against gang injunction and prefers going after specific individuals rather than groups. all eyes on wall street today. a major event that could sway the market of the we have an update. >> and two gun-toting clowns rob a jewelry store. coming up why their loot is really the joke.
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big problems for your morning commute. if your commute takes you through oak, we have been take'ing lot of calls from the kcbs phone force including tony and paul. you are, it not northbound lanes near the coliseum. it is slow toward the accident scene approaching embarcadero and fifth avenue. up to seven cars and a big rig involved in the crash. so we are following it and had bring you the details in a couple of minutes. 6:24 now. world markets are mixed today as investors wait for an update on the american economy.
6:25 am
federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will speak today at the fed's annual treat at jackson hole, wyoming. traders are looking for signs he is considering more government stimulus for our economy. stock futures slightly higher there this morning after the dow lost ground yesterday. it has been a silicon valley institution that's even older than the name silicon valley. the palo alto bowl is soon going it be a fond memory. the bowling center on el camino real will close next month. the building will be destroyed and a hotel built in its place. >> seems like in this area, here, from san mateo to mountain view there's no more lanes anymore. there's no more bowling houses. one by one, they have all shut down. >> people have been bowling since the 1950s. the final day of operation is set for september 16. are you a boller? >> yeah. i like to bowl. i don't do it a lot but when you get out there, it's fun.
6:26 am
that property is probably worth minutes. >> sad. do not send in the clowns. turns out the joke was on a disguised duo who held up a jewelry store. two robbers with wigs and makeup threatened store workers with guns. they stripped the display case clean of precious stones. but all the jewelry was fake! with the skyrocketing price of gold and metals, many stores are using imitation bling in their display case. so they are trying to pawn worthless stones. >> bad makeup problem. >> they got serious issues straight ahead that's for sure. coming up, counting down to irene. >> millions of people are threatened by the storm as it prepares to slam the east coast. the last-minute preparations and the damage that is expected from irene coming up. and a family wakes up to gunfire in their home. one person has been killed. two people caught running from the scene. plus, less than 48 hours
6:27 am
ago san jose police cut ties with federal immigration agents in a fight against crime but are back this morning. we'll tell you why coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are down slightly this morning, after mixed resu your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. let's go live to wall
6:30 am
street where u.p.s. is ringing the opening bell. [ applause ] >> stock futures down this morning after mixed results on world markets. traders apparently waiting to hear whether fed chairman ben bernanke will announce more stimulus plans to help the u.s. economy. bernanke is speaking later today in wyoming. kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks will update this morning's numbers in 15 minutes. there is the bell. [ opening bell ] >> and we're off. >> so what can brown do for you? >> we'll see today. we'll see in a few minutes. >> give us a winner today, come on, u.p.s.! good morning, it's friday, august 26. i'm grace lee. >> the weekend is here. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30. we are following a developing story in richmond. >> it is a deadly home invasion robbery. this happened just two hours ago. cbs 5 was first on the scene. at least one gunman forced his way into a home on moran avenue. a woman in the home was killed a man also critically wounded. we talked to a neighbor who said that his wife heard the
6:31 am
shooting. >> she heard a gunshot and then there was another gunshot. then she saw someone running out of their home. >> the neighbor also tells us that two members of the family were robbed at gunpoint on the street just a week ago. we are still waiting for police to confirm that. right now, millions of people are evacuating as hurricane irene bears down on the east coast. it is expected to slam north carolina's outerbanks in just 4 hours. >> this storm is huge. as drew levinson reports, irene has the potential to cause major damage from carolina to the gulf of maine. reporter: up and down the east coast, people are packing up and getting out of irene's way. >> i'm taking this one more serious than any one i have ever seen. >> reporter: the monster hurricane is expected to roar ashore in north carolina tomorrow with 115-mile-per-hour winds before marching north. it's on track to hit major cities like washington, d.c., new york and boston. at least 7 states including
6:32 am
north carolina have already declared states of emergency to free up resources. >> regardless of what happens, the best thing we in north carolina can do is to be prepared. and to take this very, very seriously. >> reporter: here along the outerbanks, businesses and homes have been boarded up. the sandbags have been filled up. people in this area know what kind of damage a mighty hurricane like irene could inflict. that's why many are obeying evacuation orders especially tourists. >> my mom wanted to stick it out. she was bent on hanging on to a pine tree if she had to. but we talked her down from it. so we're going to head out. >> reporter: but for carlton smith junior, his farm is his home and livelihood. >> we have about 205 acres of corn out here in this field. >> reporter: he is rushing to harvest his corn crop before the hurricane blows it and thousands of dollars in profit away. if it wasn't for the hurricane, how much longer would you have left this corn? >> this particular spot right
6:33 am
here we would have left another five days to a week. >> reporter: and finally, for those who considered riding out this storm with a hurricane party, they are out of luck. alcohol sales are suspended at all state-only liquor store. drew levinson, north carolina, cbs 5. we'll get to the weather first, but first traffic a bad accident involving two big rigs backing up traffic in a big way along 880 in oakland. let's check with elizabeth for the latest. >> good morning. our delays unfortunately continue to grow. check out this traffic camera. this is north of the coliseum. you can see that our brake lights are this far south and the accident is actually closer towards the downtown oakland exit. it's closer towards embarcadero and fifth. so as you mentioned, this is involving one possibly two big rigs and up to seven other cars. so right now chp did arrive on scene. they have the two left lanes completely shut down. we understand tow crews just got there, as well. and emergency crews including an ambulance.
6:34 am
so possibly injuries with this crash, as well. this is not looking good for the morning commute. as you can see, it is continuing to grow these delays as far back as the coliseum. the accident is up by the embarcadero fifth avenue exit. and right now they have at least two lanes blocked. they will likely have to run a traffic break at some point in order to completely clear it but this is definitely our hotspot for now. 580 is probably the best bet in the meantime. elsewhere, if you are heading towards the bay bridge, again that's our problem spot. toward the bay bridge, looks like they have not turned on the metering lights yet. they will likely turn them on very shortly. in the meantime, just slight delays heading towards the pay gates. that's a check of your traffic. let's update your weekend forecast with kristy. >> thanks a lot. that weekend forecast is looking good starting with today. although we are seeing some cloud cover out there this morning, you can see most of the bay area seeing some clouds although we are seeing some clearing in the far inland locations and up to the north but a little gray especially at the coast some drizzle there this morning as well. temperatures this afternoon though they are going to be
6:35 am
pretty seasonal. we can look at the difference here between our averages and what we'll see as highs today and they are pretty close to what they should be so nice day shaping up plenty of warm weather in those inland location. full look at your extended forecast coming up in a little bit but in the meantime back to you. >> thank you. 6:34 now. the nfl's chief of security is heading to the bay area this weekend to discuss security changes after the violence that broke out at candlestick park. espn reports he will meet with san francisco police chief greg suhr about last weekend's violence. the security chief will go to tomorrow's 49ers game and the raiders game in oakland on sunday. the manhunt is on in the meantime for the man who severely beat a fan inside candlestick park. police released this sketch of the suspect. he is described as a pacific islander about 6'5", 260 pounds. police say he is between 25 to 30 years old. at the time of the attack, he had a goatee and long curly hair tied back in a ponytail.
6:36 am
san jose police will meet with federal official about gang springs policies. it comes as the police department is ending a partnership with the feds after only two months. stephanie chuang is in san jose to tell us the move is actually a sign of success but they are having a hard time convincing the community of that, guys, right, stef? >> reporter: right, frank. at least some of the community anyway. in less than an hour here at san jose city hall the feds are set to meet with the city's gang prevention task force, department of justice. experts want to know exactly how police have been fighting gang crime. so san jose working with the feds again just two days after cutting ties with the federal immigration agents or i.c.e. agents. it was on wednesday that police chief chris moore had said that it was a two-month operation that was successful with arrest of hundreds of gang members here after a spike in gang crime in the first half of the year including at least 14 gang- related homicides.
6:37 am
but some people in the community said they were scared that i.c.e. agents were going to target illegal immigrants here. police say they are not caving to public pressure by ending this i.c.e partnership. they say the last gang-related homicide was two months ago which is why they cut the ties. so doj official meeting with the city's gang prevention task force this morning. and frank, the public is invited to join so that people can listen in on this discussion. >> always good to sound off. okay, stephanie chuang live in san jose, thank you. some familiar activists were among the people arrested in this week's protest against the bart. take a look at the man in the red sweatshirt on the bart platform on the ride. that's zachary running wolf of berkeley who was among the tree- sitters of berkeley a few years ago, you might remember, and has been a mainstay of protests in the bay area through the year. also, gabriel myers of oakland was arrested in connection with
6:38 am
the g8 protest in 2005. during that, a san francisco police officer was seriously injured and a police car was set on fire. two years ago, myers pleaded guilty for throwing paint on bart board member dorothy dugger during a board meeting. he was sentenced to 30 days in jail. the most serious charge this time is against 27-year- old ryan ragle. he is accused of having some sort of explosive device. police say he lit it up on market street during this week's protest. coming up, keeping the peace at football games. >> at least they hope so. the recent violence at candlestick park getting national attention now. phil matier, willie brown, will weigh in on the security changes that all kick in this weekend. the market opened just about 8 minutes ago. you can see the numbers are down this morning. the dow down 86, nasdaq down 8 and the s&p down about 5. investors really waiting on the big speech from the fed chair today. we'll have much more coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. look at these backups through oakland. northbound 880 as you pass the coliseum, it is just stop and go traffic like this all the way out towards embarcadero, fifth. that's where we are dealing with an accident 7 cars
6:42 am
involved up to two big rigs. we have just learned that only minor injuries with this crash. so that's great news. an ambulance was heading to the scene though just as a precaution. we understand tow crews are already out there as well and we just got off the phone with chp. they are not officially issuing a traffic alert. at least not yet. right now they have two lanes blocked but hopefully that means that maybe they will be able to clear it sooner than they may have originally hoped. so again, right now we are seeing these delays because they do have those two left lanes blocked off. so traffic as you can see is stacked up definitely in the northbound lanes beyond the coliseum. and even southbound traffic we understand is a little slow because it sound like a chp one cruiser is in the southbound center divide. so traffic there is stacked up for a good half mile or so. so again, this is a major problem right now especially in the northbound lanes of the nimitz as you make your way out towards downtown oakland. that embarcadero fifth is in downtown oakland an exit so you want to use 580 possibly as an alternate in the meantime.
6:43 am
580 traffic looks great. it's just the nimitz that is our problem spot this morning. so so much for "friday light" traffic. that's our definite hotspot for now. san mateo bridge this looks great. no major issues. we were dealing with a stall it sounded like near the high-rise section of westbound 992. not causing a dent for the drive time. still 13 minutes out of hayward heading towards 101 and foster city. and a check of the south bay, south bay is problem-free all morning including coming out of downtown san jose still looks great in the northbound lanes of 280. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. kristy has the forecast. >> seeing cloud cover out there this morning and a little drizzle at the coastline might be one of those windshield wiper mornings. we are seeing sun inland. mount vaca blue and beautiful
6:44 am
sunrise here. this is a preview of what's in store for this afternoon especially along the bay shores and in those inland spots. but out the door this morning, cloud in the pick, fog at the bay and at the coastline. this afternoon warming up to the low 90s inland, sunny at the bay and cloud cover at the coast. cloud cover at the coast into the afternoon. we are still seeing seasonal temperatures because of the low that's spinning off the coast keeping temperatures where they should be for this time of the year. but this high that's anchored over the south-central part of the united states that's going to build into our region and bring us slightly warmer temperatures for your weekend. so should be looking nice out there for saturday and sunday. today though in northern california, here's what highs look like. 100 for redding, 98 in sacramento, lake tahoe seeing partly cloudy conditions, yosemite seeing a chance of some thunderstorms they are going to top out at 96 today. here in the bay area, highs looking like this. 76 for palo alto and fremont. 83 in cupertino. 89 for morgan hill. much cooler in daly city only
6:45 am
to 59 there today. a few 89-degree readings pleasant hill, walnut creek and danville. low 90s in brentwood and pittsburg, cooler alameda at 69, pleasanton 90. richmond topping out in the high 60s today. 77 for san rafael and kentfield. santa rosa making it to 85. fairfield 92. san francisco 66. 80 benicia. plenty of sunshine this weekend and temperatures in the mid-90s in those inland spots. then we start to cool down slowly from monday and tuesday. by middle of next workweek, temperatures will be in the high 80s in our warmest locations. so enjoy that warmer weather. back to you. >> thank you. tomorrow the family of michelle le will release balloons to mark three months since her disappearance. the 26-year-old nursing student was last seen may 27. her family continues to hold out hope that she will be found alive. the balloons will be released at mount eden park from 3:00 to 6:00. state senator ellen corbett
6:46 am
from san leandro will speak at the event for miss le. a former druglord calls in were prison to plead for an end to violence in oakland. young people from various parts of oakland gathered for a youth peace summit one of several events in the country on the national "silence the violence" day. the summit was held to get young people talking about ways to stay out of trouble. there is new evidence that the u.s. economy is struggling to grow more than expected. here's jason brooks with kcbs and to tell us all about it. >> reporter: good morning. gross domestic product was revised downward to 1% from the original estimate of 1.3%. that was expected. not a shocker. now, when you combine the first and second quarters together we had anemic growth in the first half just .7%. that's led to those fears of a
6:47 am
double-dip recession on the way. it's also led to speculation this week over ben bernanke. the fed chairman is in jackson hole, wyoming, leading a central bankers conference and is about to kick off a speech in a few minutes and there's been a lot of anticipation that he may drop some hints about a third round of quantitative easing to give the market and the economy a boost. whether or not he is going to do that is anybody's guess. the market pulled back yesterday, down this morning. kind of hedging the bet they'll say anything. it's up for debate whether or not a third round of easing would do anything because interest rates are already at historic lows and the fed is also pledging to keep its federal funds rate at its historic low for at least two years. also one earnings note to pass your way. oakland-based music site pandora in its first earnings report as a publicly traded company topped expectations. its revenue mobile doubled and key metrics like advertising and subscription revenue more than doubled from the year
6:48 am
before so good news for pandora. its shares are on the rise despite the market pulling back over a the dow down 112. nasdaq down by 18. s&p lower by 11. pandora's shares are a star up 5.5% right now. keeping track of apple, shares down a .5%. they will a little more than .5% yesterday. not bad considering the announcement on steve jobs. >> yeah, i was going to say that's pretty good because we were thinking 5, 6%. it was down 5% in off hours trading and actually bounced back yesterday. >> reporter: yeah. that was the initial pop. and obviously there are concerns long term for apple about what this does mean for the company. but in the short term, they just look at -- so solid, sales about $120 billion estimated this year. rumors that the iphone is going to sprint which could increase those sales going into next year. apple's just on an upward trajectory on the short term.
6:49 am
>> their products are pretty good. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and we'll wait to hear from the fed chair. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you. it's been a big talker safety at football games following the brawls and violent crimes at candlestick park. >> we have been talking about it all week. for more on the security changes that are happening this weekend, cbs 5 political insider phil matier and willie brown are in the thick of it. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning, frank. >> good morning. >> frank and were at this meeting with one of the bay area sports figure rather prominent it was an off-the- record meeting and he said that this -- the violence last week at candlestick park was a defining moment for the san francisco 49ers and how they handle it could determine the future of the franchise. do you agree with that? >> i agree wholeheartedly because you're not going to be able to sell any premium seats if you have to bring a bodyguard with you of somebody working work furlough. it doesn't work. >> it was amazing. everybody out of the -- the mayor turned out, the police chief, everybody just said we
6:50 am
can't have this go on again. i haven't seen a -- that's the first time i have seen that much political artillery for something like this. >> they also now are going to have to go back and look at to whom this did they sell the season tickets? how did they put together the program that encourages people to come to the game to have a party in the parking lot without taking part in the game. >> what's it like out there? >> it's pretty rough. it's very rough. phil, you got people who are going to the event as if it's a swap meet. they aren't going to the ballgame. >> they are going to the parking lot. >> that's right. they show up early enough to get the best spaces in the parking lot so if you come in from the parking lot you have to traverse right through them. if they don't want you walking on their turf -- you have a problem. there's always a confrontation. >> it is. it's funny because when i was out -- not funny. when i was there for the press conference with the crackdowns they were doing including the tailgating parties, some of the undertone was these were raider fans that did it all. you know?
6:51 am
>> no. there were raider and 49er fans. as a matter of fact, you and i were discussing this a couple of days ago and we noticed in the count it appeared to be more 49er fans slugging each other. it may be that, you know, that raiders guys put on the 49ers jerseys. >> oh, come on, come on, come on. >> you never know. >> i talked to the cops over at oakland. i talked to the cops over in oakland. now what they said? if it's our fans that are in such trouble how come whenever we hosted the 49ers it was okay? >> that's because there's no coverage when -- it might happen but there's no coverage over there. not like it is -- you know, we are a marquis city. we are like at one time the number one franchise equal to the dallas cowboys in this nation. the raiders are nothing. they have always had the reputation of housing people who are just one step short of going to jail. and so we have been the sophisticated franchise. now we're no longer. we have a reputation already. >> frank, were at that game, weren't you? >> yes,
6:52 am
>> i was what was your impression? >> the big problem is they opened the gates up too early. these guys are get there is four hours before the game. you got the patrone and tequila and everything going before they get into the ballgame if they are going to the game. some stay out. if you don't have a ticket, you should not be able to get in the parking lot. and four hours is too long to party before you go into a game where you're going to drink more anyway. so... >> well, first of all, when you get there four hours you're not going to the game. our going to the party, frank. by the way, you are going to explain what you're doing out there. [ laughter ] >> four hours before. [ laughter ] >> thanks, guys. >> talk to you later, frank. >> all right, phil matier, former mayor willie brown. always a pleasure, guys. >> 6:52. gunmen opened fire on a family out in the east bay. >> a woman is killed in a home invasion. we have a live report coming right up. ,,
6:53 am
sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at are showing up along the carolina coast this morning. sixty-five million people ar e path of this sto the early effects of hurricane irene are showing up along the carolina coast this morning. 65million people in the path of
6:56 am
the storm up the eastern seaboard expected to hit north carolina tomorrow. it will then make its way up the east coast as far north as massachusetts, where president obama may have to cut short his vacation. he is expected to make a statement about irene from martha's vineyard about an hour and a half from now. back here at home, a home invasion turned deadly in the east bay this morning. anne makovec is in richmond where a woman was gunned down. good morning, anne. >> reporter: two people shot, a family was woken up by gunfire at 4 a.m. here in richmond. this is the dead end behind me moran avenue and it's the last house there on the side of the street that's closest to that police car, one woman is killed, one man in the hospital with serious injuries. this was a home invasion. at least one man came in through the back of the house at around 4 a.m. and started shooting soon after. in the home, we had parents, two children and grandmother. a neighbor that we spoke to who
6:57 am
knows the family well says they are from fiji. he also had this interesting tidbit that the mother and the grandmother of that family were actually robbed at gunpoint one week ago a few blocks from here out on the street. otherwise, it is a quiet neighborhood. according to both police officers and that neighbor. now, they do have two people that they are talking to right now. they are calling them persons of interest. one of them was seen running away from the scene later caught by san pablo police. and the other one was just hanging around the area looking suspicious according to police. but at last word, they were not even sure whether or not those were suspects in the case. we'll continue to follow this for you. grace? >> all right, anne makovec with the very latest live in richmond. thank you. let's check traffic and weather. traffic first because big mess on 880 i guess, huh? >> it is a mess. we just got off the phone with chp and they issued an official traffic alert a few minutes ago so they expect from this point on lanes to be blocked for at least a half hour more.
6:58 am
so the accident is northbound 880 near downtown oakland approaching the embarcadero fifth avenue exit. so right now they have two lanes blocked off. this crash involves two big rigs and up to seven other vehicles. it may have been three separate crashes in that area so you can see the backups continue to grow. it extends even past the coliseum now closer to davis street as you make your way through san leandro. s unfortunately it will be out there for a while. no estimated time when they will get the lanes to clear but at least a half hour from now. so use 580 as your alternate but our good news is the bright spot here at the bay bridge. so far no metering lights and no delay at all into san francisco. let's check the forecast with kristy. >> thanks a lot, elizabeth. forecast looking good today. we'll continue to look good through the rest of the weekend, nice warm temperatures inland and warmer saturday and sunday as high pressure builds in but a cooldown next week. today once the clouds clear out
6:59 am
inland and bay looking good. tonight astros taking on the giants, a cool game, mostly clear and high of 61. so grab an extra sweatshirt if you are headed to the ballpark tonight. back to you guys. >> thank you. well, a camera was rolling when an arizona robber stuffed live snakes down his shorts. take a look. surveillance video shows him opening cages and grabbing some baby snakes out. store workers say he took five rare albino boa constrictors. >> together they are worth more than $4,000. officers say he came back to the store at night and then shoved more snakes down his shorts. police arrested him on tuesday for the crime. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, but that's a rather tender area to be shoving snakes. >> even baby snakes? >> i don't think. [ laughter ] >> anyway. he must have really wanted those snakes. >> so many jokes that we cannot make right now. [ laughter ] >> "snakes on a plane," snakes in your pants. thanks for watching the cbs


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