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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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elizabeth cook on cbc "eyewitness news." >> you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. struction. the death toll. and the biggest threat right now. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> this one hit hard. >> i region slams into the american mid-east. >> i want people to understand this is not over. >> irene may be weakening as it heads to canada. but president obama addresses the nation with a warning and a
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promise. >> i think it's better here to lay here on the ground and sit on the bed here than be in new york. >> with thousands of flights canceled nation-wide the effects on bay area airports. good evenings, i'm ann notarangelo. the eastern u.s. dodged a bullet. the damage from i recollection is extensive but it could have been worse. it left a long path of destruction behind and the death toll is up to 21. we have a report now from long island which took a direct hit. duarte? >> reporter: right now the worst of the storm is beyond us, however, high winds remain even as the clean-up begins. the sailboat is now stranded, sent ashore in the iron's powerful surge, there's destruction up and down the east coast. the tropical storm is now pushing through new england with 60 miles per hour winds, irene slammed into new york early sunday. >> let's get out of here.
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>> the storm wasn't as strong as predicted but it dumped a lot of water in the upstate new york town of wyndham this empty school bus got taken for a ride. >> many americans are still at serious risk of power outages and flooding which could get worse in the coming days as rivers swell past their banks. so i want people to understand that this is not over. >> reporter: a handful of streets in lower manhattan are washed out and in the coastal areas the roads are filled with seawater. thousands of people are trying to get the floodwaters out. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> this one hit hard. >> reporter: this is what's left of a sand wall in long beach built to protect from the surge. it was 10 yards long and 13 feet tall but irene's powerful waves washed most of it away. irene made landfall in north carolina with 10 miles per hour winds, the hurricane also spawned tornadoes that ripped through homes and buildings. thousands of flights were canceled and major airports across the northeast remain shut down and may not reopen
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until monday. >> not going to be driving home. >> it could take weeks to clean up irene's mess. >> new york city's mayor, michael bloomberg, says government buildings will be open tomorrow as well as the new york stock exchange and -- >> that seems remarkable duarte. is everything expected to go back to normal in new york city tomorrow, no glitches or anything of the sort? >> reporter: hardly. >> ann-marie: , one of the biggest problems now is our transportation system. new yorkers are not known as car people, most people use the subways. it's not known whether they will be fully function al. buses will be the first option. >> it will be a trying day for you, duarte geraldino in new york. thank you very much. north carolina took the first hit from irene. they are starting to clean up from the flooding damage. we have the latest from manteo, north carolina. >> reporter: bulldozers are cleaning up the outer banks
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after a massive storm surge from irene. >> it's a devastating thing because you can't stop it when it comes in. >> reporter: the committees letters decided not to evacuate, once the eye had passed they thought they were fine, and then they say a wall of water from the sound ariza foot every 5 minutes. >> you could see the water was up to here. >> reporter: businesses are spraying away the dirt and sweeping water out of their buildings. here in manteo, where there is now a boat parked in the street, the flooding was literally chin-high. and towns like this depend on tourism dollars. with labor day just around the corner, businesses are racing to get back up and running. >> right now, at the end of the season, time is money. >> reporter: workers at this boat rental shop will spend the next few days putting everything back where it should be. where is this boat supposed to be? this boat is supposed to be by that orange building back there. >> reporter: irene dumped more than a foot of water on parts of north carolina. the storm surge washed out part
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of the road leading to hat a was island. crews will use ferries to bring them supplies. this entire clean up effort is underway while hundreds of thousands of people are still in the dark. crews are working to get power restored and a lot of people are pitching into clean up irene's mess. karen brown, cbs news, manteo, north carolina. and travelers at the airport are also feeling irene's impact. a total of 21 flights were canceled today leaving thousands of passengers stranded but, despite the long wait, some passengers at sfo aren't complaining. >> i'm not frustrated. i think it's better to lay here on the ground than sit on the bed here than be in new york, because there, i expected there is no electricity and wi-fi here, starbucks around the corner. >> sfo passengers may be in luck tomorrow. according to officials no flights have been canceled.
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airlines do plan to resume flights in and out of new york and boston airports tomorrow. well, all packed up with nowhere to go, the 129th rescue wing of the california national guard packed autopsy c-17 at moffat field this morning trying to head to new jersey but the mission was scrapped before it began. 30 guards men training in life- saving rescue missions were on board with two helicopters when the call to deplane came in about 11:30 this morning, another 20 guardsmen were planning to board a second flight today. that was also canceled as the hurricane wasn't as devastated as expected, they were no longer needed. take off on a c-1 erday and are no >> we knew that we can be called upon at any given time. we also know than any mission can be canceled at any given time. in this case the situation with the hurricane dictated the cancellation of the mission. >> 40s members of the 129th rescue wing did take off on a c- 17 yesterday and are now on the east coast. we will continue to watch the progress of irene and post the
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latest information and pictures at the goal, prevent violence like what we saw at candlestick, there is precautions tonight at oakland coliseum. >> possibility for every pitch. right back at salts man, he has got the -- from the nfl to the little league. california versus japan for the world series title. it all came down to a thrilling finish. and jim bernard here in the cbs5 weather center, we'll see a gradual cooling in and through next week. i'll have the details in the forecast in just a few minutes, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the saints. like the 49ers, the raiders promised increased secur as you might expect, stepped up security today as the raiders played the saints, like the 49ers the raiders promised increased security in the wake of the problem involving last week's battle of
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the bay at candlestick. there was a visible security presence, and security at the coliseum is generally adequate. >> you know, we have problems here from time to time, but the response by the police and they have usualers in every section and we even have a system to where, if there is a problem, all you have to do is text and security will be there instantly. >> raiders fans also say the aggressive and violent nature of the violence of the raider nation is not standard. they blame it on non-regular you lars. a single engine beechcraft hit a car, the two in the plane were unhurt, an faa spokesman says the aircraft apparently lost power and the landing gear did not come down. the plane was badly damaged. the faa and the nt sb are
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investigating. we're checking bay area headlines, they briefly closed an off ramp today. a utility truck collided into a truck in the selma neighborhood about 8:30 this morning happen. two people are recovering at the hospital. the 101 off ramp in the area was re-opened around 10:00. the cause of the crash is under investigation. "ch uncil of san and fire caused damage at a children's center today. the fire broke out in a computer lab at children's council, san francisco, on church street near mission high school around midnight. no injuries reported and no word, yet, what sparked the fire. firefighters in is a lab oh county hope to fully contain a grass fire within the next half hour t so-called beacon fire broke out in fairfield last night. it spread out of the city toward vacaville and threatened dozens of homes. by midnight firefighters contained about 60% of the fire and as of this hour they have it about 90% contained.
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so far, the fire torched more than 700 acres and there were no evacuations. the lawyer for two cal grad students in iran have filed an appeal. earlier this month they received 8 year sentences, they have already been detained for two years on espionage charges after hiking in iraq and crossing the border into iran. it can take immediately or take up to two months to decide. a third hiker was released a year ago. a new makeover, the food and fashions coming to a bay area shopping center. >> and we continue to look at subtle fluctuations in our coastal marine layer resulting in a cooler temperature regime for the week. we'll take a look at it for you coming up in just a few tonettes ,,,,,,,,
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,, win point weather is sponsored by sleep world. call 1-800-64 sleep. sleep better tonight. >> hitting the road? get real time traffic and weather together every 10 minutes, all news kcbs, now on 106.9 fm. >> this decorated vietnam vet led 2700 colleagues out of the south tower to safety. but, then, he went back in. how he predicted the 9/11 attacks and why. a decade later, the san francisco opera brings his historic story to life. >> i'm working 75, 76, 77, 78. alan martin reports "heart of a soldier" monday morning on cbs5. >> it's all new with a five star front crash rating. >> a crash rating.
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>> five stars. >> 5, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars. s left a path of destruction. recapping our top story, hurricane irene has weakened to a tropical storm but it has left a path of destruction. tonight the storm is blamed for 21 deaths across 8 states. early damage '69 are topping $7 billion. 4 1/2 million people still have no power. flash flooding remains a concern, the president warned the country that "this is not over." the evacuation order in new york city has been lifted but tomorrow's commute is expected to be chaotic.
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>> not so chaotic has been our weather this summer. kim bernard joining us now, meteorologist. it has been nice for those who live inland and don't like the hot temperatures. >> the inland temperatures 68 to 78 degrees, which is pretty much where we have been this summer and looks like that pattern will din. that dense fog bank has been chilly of late. the main torrey this weekend, irene. as we look at the map, the tropical storm, winds 50 miles per hour and higher gusts, it is moving north of boston and expected to continue to weaken as it crosses into canada here. taking a look a little closer to home we find sunny skies still prevailing for most of the bay area, the fog beginning to slip in through the golden gate. it extends to berkeley an we'll see that taken up and once again it has been a very compressed dense fog layer, thick clouds, a bit of drizzle and chilly in the cloud layer
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here for the last few days. that pattern will return here for the week. we saw a nice little warm up here today. currently temperatures at the low 90s, back into the east bay and the north bay, we're looking at low 80s to upper 720s on the peninsula it was rather balmy today, upper 60s, upper 50s currently prevailing at the beaches. the fog thickens up there and, again, that pattern will return for the rest of the week. as the fog bank didn't delight clear from the beach today it did back to the shoreline here for some sunshine but it didn't last very longment it will reappear this evening, settling in as you would expect this time of year. it will be with us first thing in the morning for another cool start to the day. temperatures cooler tomorrow than today. but slightly as we see a couple degree drop, nothing too dramatic here. for the evening, cool 80, out across the interior, cooling through the night, a bit of drizzle again along the shoreline here.
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the pattern not changing much. just little fluctuation, this high pressure system will creep back towards the east allowing this low to roach the coast and bring more of an onshore flow bye will increase the marine layer and see those subtle fluctuations resulting in the cooling trend that will carry us through mid-we believe as, once again, very subtle changes. nothing dramatic. it is peak fog season, about what you would expect. there's some of those triple digit readings from redding to fresno. clearing the high country this year, the fog will turn tonight, to give way by more sunshine tomorrow around midday. temperatures a few degrees cooler than today, that would be mid-90s in the inland valleys. upper 720s in the east bay, upper 60s on the peninsula, a little cooler on the beach, upper 50s as you see. that cooling trend continues through mid-week, pretty close to cease analysis norms, then
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coming into the weekend we see again see a few bumps up but no heat waves in sight as we see subtle fluctuations in our onshore flow, dictating our temperatures for the next week. >> we'll take it. thank you very much jim. appreciate it. >> soon you'll find more fashions than food at hillsdale fashion center, the cheese cake factory is opening an 80,000 square foot building, a building that once housed marvin. the construction is all part of a $10 million makeover and the second face licht for the shopping center, last fall the counter burger restaurant and grocery store and trader joe's were added 0 the mix. joints us now, those little kids gave quite a thrill to a lot of people. >> how about california was going to get eliminated last week. late-inning drama at the little league world series. the giants go down to the wire with the astros. could they pull off another walk-off? next. ,,
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first three game winning streak in more than month against we have a guest in the house so we're going to be very nice about the giants. >> yeah, brandon belt and his beautiful wife hayley are here. newlyweds in september. >> yes. congratulations. >> they are on game ditente. >> live at 11:30, on tape now. thanks for rolling it.
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the giants are looking for their first three game winning streak and keep pace with the diamondbacks who are beginning to distance themselves in the national league west. they struck out 10 giants and made this sparkling play against carlos beltran to keep the game scoreless in the first inning. matt cain pitched 8 innings and allowed just 2 runs. isn't that always the story for the giants right-hander, they were tied in the 10th when jason michaels puts one into the gap. they give the astros a 3-2 lead. but the giants do fight back. mark derosa goes the other way, tor torres scores. he over slides the bag and was called out. he was upset for good reason, bruce bochy thrown out of the game. the 11th inning, former giant matt downs singles home, to give houston a 4-3 lead. the astros earn a split with the giants whose two game win
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streak comes to an end. someone just told this little guy the giants lost today. the diamondbacks stayed red hot. aaron hill hits his first home run since being traded to arizona last week. so the diamondbacks beat the padres 6-1, they sweep that series and they have now won 6 straight games. so the giants are four games behind arizona, they will begin a 3-game series with the cubs tomorrow night and then the d- backs come to town next weekend. thrilling finish at the little league world series. came down to the final at-bat for huntington beach. >> this one is not right. game over, california wins it. prado's walk-off single. >> nick prado is gonna be the most popular kid in school tomorrow. huntington beach, i thought they were going to be out of it last week, they come back to beat japan 2-1 to win the little league world series. any car is going to lose
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its fan favorite. danika patrick moves to nascar next year. she is not strong on road course, she started 25th, finished 21st, she only has four more race. salsalito jr. j.r. hildebrandt had a forgettable afternoon, he had a flat, a nightmare to drive, finished 23rd. relatively clean race. but sebastian sea vague ra in the 34 car, mike conway nowhere to go, they collide wheel to wheel. spins around off thes course. that did not to go slow down the pole-sitter, will power, becoming the first time winner there. a good race for him after he suffered a dramatic crash here two years ago. >> that's just the best weekend you could ever have. what about it was so good? 1-2-3 in qualifying and 1-2-3 in the race? >> just a perfect race. he said if it stays green i can
5:56 pm
almost guarantee that that's how it would finish, so exactly what happened, man. verizon, baby, back on top again. local driver j.r. hildebrandt didn't have the finish heats was looking for on his home track but the salsalito native was 1 turn away from winning the indy 500. >> through the final two corners, j.r. hildebrandt, traffic, got to get around the last traffic. >> no, no. >> he hit the wall. >> would i make the same decision to go for the pass? absolutely. would there be some little things i think i could do differently. also, it's something you live with, now i kind of look at it as a battle scar. >> indeed, it is, and coming up tonight on game day more from hildebrandt and his return to infinion and, as we mentioned three or four times now, brandon belt joins us in the studio. the 49ers got pounded last night in their third exhibition
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game. the texans won 30-7 and dominated across the board out gaining the 'niners by 300 yards holding them to 6 first downs, but jim harbaugh wouldn't blame his vanilla approach in the preseason. >> there is no excuses, we, you know, we're game planning too, so it's not an excuse. >> listen to the boos on the 16- yard interception return. >> the fans were booing out there at some point in the game, they take the preseason serious, but is that frustrating to hear as a player? >> we've got to take it for what it is, if we win they won't boo. we've got to try to get that winning atmosphere back again. the fans will be up, they will be cheering. >> you couldn't blame alex smith last night. every time he dropped back to pass there was somebody in his grille. i think the offensive line was a little disconcerting last night. it was a step back from what we saw last week against the raiders. the raiders are blacked out, they are playing the saints,
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we'll have a complete report with kim coyle. >> she is on the sidelines. >> yes she is. >> all right. thank you dennis. >> okay. another threat for tomorrow's compute. there are reports that b.a.r.t. platforms will be the target of yet another protest. the agency says a third straight week of disruptions is causing more than headaches for passengers, we'll have more coming up in 30 minutes. that's "eyewitness news" at 5:30, we'll see you back here in half an hour, good night. ,,
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