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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  August 28, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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hurricane irene is no more you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. hurricane irene is no more tonight but the mess left behind will have an lasting impact. tonight it is blamed for 19 deaths across 8 states. early estimates are topping $7 billion and 4 1/2 million people still have no power. flash flooding remains a concern across new england and the president warned the country in hallows garden news con intersection, quote "this is not over evacuation orders
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for people in new york has been lifted but tomorrow is expected to be anything but routine. governor calle 's impact "catastrophic... new york's mayor said "we dodged a bullet"... >> for millions along the eastern seaboard it could have been far are worse. while one governor called irene's impact catastrophic new york's mayor said we dodged a bullet. duarte geraldino is in new england. >> reporter: the storm is largely past the new york city area, but the clean-up phase begins, you can see how people are going to be up late trying do remove although boards they put up to protect the windows and, also, shovel away that muddy mess. this sailboat is now stranded, sent ashore in irene's powerful surge. there's damage up and down the east coast. millions are without power and 4 million are without power.
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it slammed to new york sunday. the storm wasn't as strong as predicted but it dumped a lot of water in the upstate town of wyndham, this empty school bus got taken for a ride. >> president obama: many americans are still at risk of power outages and flooding which could get worse as rivers swell past their banks, so i want people to understand this is not over. >> reporter: a handful of streets in lower manhattan are washed out and in the coastal areas the hills are filled with floodwaters. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> it hit hard. >> this is what's left of a sand wall built to protect the city from the surge. it was 10 yards long and 13 feet tall but irene's waves washed most of it away. irene made landfall in north carolina with 100 miles per
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hour winds. airports remained shut down until monday. >> looks like i'll be driving home. >> reporter: it could take weeks to clean up irene's mess. new york city's mayor says government buildings and the new york stock exchange will be open tomorrow but he cautions people it won't be a cakewalk,. >> ann-marie: >> yeah, tell me about, that what do you expect to happen tomorrow? the subway is up but is it fully functional? >> reporter: it's hardly functional. two bur ross have service, but the low lying areas, they say it will be days before that is fully functional. but they do say that buses will be the best bet tomorrow for new yorkers, but as you know, most new yorkers travel underground, not above ground. >> yeah, it's going to be a rough day. all right. all the best to you, duarte geraldino, in new york, thank you so much. one area hit, the mid- atlantic space. north carolina was buffeted by some of the strongest winds and
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a 13-foot storm surge. in the city of manteo, boats were pushed inland and are stranded on many streets. the state went on dozens of rescues and thousands are stranded. a foot of rain fell on parts of the state. a national guard group from the bay area is on the east coast helping with the storm recovery. 40 members of the 129th rescue team left yesterday in a c-17 transport plane from monday ty seo. the second plane was packed and ready to leave today for new jersey but the mission was canceled. well some good news in the wake of irene. new york area airports will reopen tomorrow. jfk and newark will resume flight operations at 6:00 a.m., laguardia at 7:00 a.m. some 12,000 flights were canceled, 41 at sfo just today. after two days, passengers seemed resigned, they are going to have to wait it out. >> i'm not frustrated. i think it's better to lay here
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on the ground or sit on the bench here than be in new york because there, i expect there is no electricity, and we have free wi-fi here, starbucks around the corner. >> sfo passengers may be in luck tomorrow. according to officials no flights have been canceled. and we have posted the latest on the storm's track and intensity along with pictures of the damage left behind at another monday, another b.a.r.t. protest. demonstrators say they are going to try to disrupt the evening commute again tomorrow and the impact will affect more than just the people who use b.a.r.t. don knapp is in san francisco with where these weekly protests are taking a financial toll on muni. don? >> reporter: that's right,. >> ann-marie: when b.a.r.t. tells its riders to get ready for another protest muni riders should get ready. more and more people are being touched by these protest and they are costing more and more money.
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b.a.r.t. is warning people a protest may disrupt them during the afternoon period. they say they may have to close some stations or make other adjustments. >> you can't even get through the crowds to walk to them. >> reporter: a protest this past week, the latest in the protest over the shooting of charles blair hill lasted into the night and inconvenienced b.a.r.t. riders and saw dozens arrested by san francisco and b.a.r.t. police. at that time san francisco policemen revealed the spill over of inconvenience and cost to the city's transit system. >> as you all know, a meeting of traffic which affected the railroad system, which was affected, as well as the traffic of motor vehicles across the street. >> reporter: san francisco has tallied up $70,000 in costs to its municipal railway. >> b.a.r.t., when we close a station, we have to bypass it because they are not letting in
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or out passengers so we have to bypass the station. >> reporter: to get them around trouble spots takes extra equipment and people. >> we can't really plan because we don't know where they are going to go so we have to adjust as we go. >> reporter: protestors say all the demonstrations are rung up the tab. >> not a lot of money anywhere. don knapp in san francisco, thank you. well checking other bay area headlines, a san francisco battalion chief is recovering tonight after her res crew vehicle was brood sided while respond to go a call. she was on briant street about to get on the bay bridge when the truck was hit by a pickup causing truck to overturn. the battalion chief and the pick up driver went to the hospital. both are expected to recover. two people were injured when their small plane skid off a runway at napa county airport and collided with a car at highway 29.
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the single engine beach aircraft lost power and came down without its landing gear. two people in the car suffered minor injuries. the people on the plane were not hurt but their aircraft was badly damaged. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire at a children's center today. the flames started about midnight in a computer lab at children's council, san francisco, on church street near mission high school. the fire was out in about an hour and confined to the second floor lounge. an appeal has been filed for two cal grads jailed in iran. earlier this month shane bower and josh visit tal were sentenced to 8 years in prison for espionage and illegally entering country. they were arrested two years ago while hiking along the border with iraq. the appeals court decision could come quickly or it could take months. a third hiker, sarah shourd, was released almost a year ago. dozens of homes threatened by a grass fire. progress made today in containing the flames and
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saving the home. a second test for football fans. the infamously rowdy football fans for the raiders behave? that's ahead. temperatures peeking out across the valley. we'll take a look at the cooling trend setting up for next week in just a few minutes. >> announcer: "eyewitness news" is brought to you by your northern california lexus dealer. ,,,,
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appears crews have the upper hand on a large grassfire in so dozens of homes threatened, but right now, it appears crews have the upper hand on a large grass fire in solano county. the flames quickly spread overnight to more than 700 acres in fairfield. right now the fire is about 90% contained. no injuries, or structures, damaged reported. stepped up security at the coliseum tonight as the raiders take on the saints. like the 49ers, the raiders promised increased security in the wake of the violence following last weekend's battle of the bay at candlestick. there was a visible law enforcement presence today but fans say what happened last weekend isn't typical at either stadium and security is adequate. >> you know, we have problems here from time to time, but the
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response by the police, they have usualers in every section and we even have a system where, if there is a problem, all you have to do is text and security will be there instantly. >> raiders fans also say that the so-called aggressive and violent behavior of the raider nation is exaggerated. a much calmer night at candlestick too. the measures implemented after the game. among the changes no tailgating after kick off. there were two arrests for public intoxication. some are now questioning the alcohol consumption on cal tran, when fans head for at&t park. some 5,000 baseball fans can ride trains to and from games. in documents supplied to the examiner there have been 64 incidents of rowdy necessary or violence this year and just 18 arrest, cal tran is the only transit agency that allows
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drinking in cars though it's band after 9:00 p.m. and while police ride the trains before the games, none ride after. >> the fog allowed sunday to live up to its name. plus summer living, living up to its name in the south, how hot is it? that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by river rock casino. dream car give away until september 25th. while we're enjoying pleasant summer weather they are baking in southern california. today marked a second day with an extensive heat warning.
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but there may be some relief on the way. the forecast is for temperatures about 15 degrees cooler this week. et meteorologist jim bernard joining us now. we have been talking about cooler temperatures all summer. >> our temperatures have been on the cool side indeed. we're in the fog season here, should be winding down. triple digit readings out in the central valley. low tonight for our valleys, that's where we'll be again tomorrow. a quick check of irene here tonight. this has been our main weather story all weekend as you know and in the category of "it could have been worse" you see what's lurking out there in the atlantic. that's tony romo say. looks like it will stay offshore but had that followed eileen it could have been a double whammy for the northeast. but, again, things are winding down at this time. as we take a lookout across the bay bridge we see a fog starting to creep back into the bias it will be cooling temperatures down again tonight, daytime highs peeked out today for the week as we
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saw mid-to low 90s in the inland valleys, back to mid-to low 60s on the pen insue la, back on the beach we'll be cooling slightly as the fog bank becomes more stubborn here. did part at shoreline, shrinking from north to south and clearing out of the area here gradually thuy the afternoon, again, it's moving back in now through the golden gate and across to berkeley and into the bay bridge. it will be there first thing in the morning giving way to more afternoon sunshine and slower to clear and temperatures will likely cool as a result. nothing dramatic a few degrees across the region, that high pressure system will move to the east, allowing this low to approach the coast, combination of these two will bring that increased onshore flow back to the area, you know what that means. 0 more low clouds and fog, slightly cooler temperatures and a bit of a drizzle likely along the coast here. as a result our cool fog pattern will continue with more
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of an onshore breeze here through mid-week at least. we'll see a little shift again by the end of the week into the weekend, but nothing tramatic. the hot spots in the low 90s tomorrow, back into the day, upper 90, low 60s, we see that cooling trend continue through mid-week. just subtle changes in our ever- present fog bank here. the fog bank is settling down, by september 16th we should see it clear out here. dennis has an update. >> we have a warm news on the little league. could they pull off another walk-off, the giants, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> last year we were talking about giants and torture. this year it's not as much fun. torture isn't as much fun this year. >> you keep waiting for the magic to hit when they are getting the clutch hits, it's not happening. you wonder if it's going to happen. they were looking for their first three-game winning streak in more than a month. facing houston, trying to keep pace with the diamondbacks who are distancing themselves. he struck out 10 giants, off the mound to nail carlos beltran, and kept the game scoreless in the first inning. beautiful play by norris.
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now matt cain pitched 8 innings, allowed just two runs. but the giants were tied with houston in the 10th, jason michaels puts one the into the gap, a run comes around and scores, houston takes the lead. but the giants fight back. mark derosa goes the other way. andres torres ties it. he over slides the slides the bag at second. he was upset and bochy was thrown out of the game. the modest two-game win streak comes to an end. someone told this guy the giants just lost. diamondbacks stay red hot. aaron hill hits the first home run since being traded to arizona last week. the diamondbacks beat the padres 6-1, they sweep that series and they, now, have won 6 straight. that is a streaky team.
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here it is. giants for games back. they begin a set with them and the d-backs come to town next weekend. thrilling finish, little league world series, final at- bat for huntington beach. >> that is not right. game over, california wins it. >> nick prado is going to be the most popular kid at school tomorrow. huntington beach comes babbling to beat japan 2-1 and win the little league world series. indie car is going to lose its fan favorite. she is not strong on road courses, she started 25th today and finished 21st, she has only got four more to go in indy. salsa lead oh rookie is clipped from behind, causing a flat. he finished 23rd. relatively clean race, sebastian in the yellow 34
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drifts to the outside, mike conway has nowhere to go. they collide wheel to wheel. offended, spins around spins off course and up on the hill. that did nothing to slow down that man, pole-sitter will power becomes the first two- time winner there. amazing turn around for him after he suffered a dramatic crash here two years ago. >> that is just the best weekend you could ever have. team performance, unbelievable. what, about it, was so good for you guys? how did you do 1-2-3 in qualifying and 1-2-3 in the race. >> it was almost a perfect race. if it stays green could almost guarantee that's how it would finish. so that's how it happened. verizon back on top again. local driver j.r. hildebrandt did not have the finish he was looking for but he was one turn away from winning the indy 500. >> through the final two corners, j.r. hildebrandt. more traffic, got to get around
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the last traffic, 100 -- oh, no, he hit the wall. >> would i make the same decision to go for the pass? absolutely. would there be some little things i would do differently different, yes also, so, you know, it's something you live with and, now, i kind of look at it as a battle scar. coming up tonight, and you did not know that brandon belt's name, or nickname now, is baby giraffes did you. >> i did not know that. >> you will find out why tonight on game day at 11:30. he is in studio, by the way. 49ers, they got a pound last night in their third exhibition game. the texans won 30-7, dominated across the board, out gaining the 49ers by 300 yards, holding them to just 6 first downs. but jim harbaugh wouldn't blame his vanilla approach the preseason. >> there is no excuses. we, you know, we're game
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planning too, so it's not an excuse. >> and listen to the boos come on a 16-yard interception return. >> fans were booing out there at some points of the game. they take the preseason pretty serious. was it frustrating to hear that? >> you got to take it for what it is. you got to try to get the winning atmosphere back, the fans will be up, they will be cheering. hopefully the raiders lose a bet, they are playing tonight, highlights tonight at 6:30. she was just doing her job delivering newspapers but what happened on her route has launched a criminal investigation. two gunmen opened fire at her. why police believe their motive was pair know yeah. this story and more coming up at 10:00. good night. ,,,,,,,,
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