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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  August 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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never seen before. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm dana king. for the thirst week in a road, bart protestors are trying to make their point. four dozen protestors are on the move. joe vazquez has been keeping an eye on the situation. live above the civic center bart station, one group of demonstrators has a sign that says support law. he is with a small group of counter-demonstrators. the demonstrators and counter- demonstrators have been in each other's faces for the last 20 minutes or so having a spirited debate. a splint your group of demonstrators started marching down market street 20 minutes ago. one group seemed to be trying to get into the powell street
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bart station. cops are in riot gear. they are going to be very aggressive about arresting demonstrators and shutting station if they have to. there are counter-demonstrators as well as demonstrators and there's a spirited conversation. let's listen to it. [overlapping speakers] >> you left wing protestors make things up. >> i'm not left or right wing. >> reporter: so that was just a very small mississippi pet of the conversation. it sounded like this guy was a right-winger saying these are left wingers but both sides said they don't belong to either the right or left. some are passionate that bart was wrong for shutting off cell phone service and wrong for
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being involved in two officer- involved shootings in the last two years. others we have seen at protests in the bay area of over a variety of issues throughout the years. there are fewer and fewer demonstrators each week. some of the "anonymous" folks, who called for the protest, told me they don't think they are going to have the kinds of numbers that they need because burning man started today out in the nevada desert and some of the folks here might be over there having a party on the playa. >> i guess that's more fun than all of this. okay. joe vazquez, watching the protests, thank you very much. >> reporter: we'll keep you posted. trains are still running. >> very good. thank you, joe vazquez. at the civic center plaza. the protests are taking a financial toll on muni the last
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demonstration costing $70,000. they had to bring in extra station agents and parking control officers to get rioters around the trouble spots. it says it won't seek reimbursement for bart. lower interest rates, lower prices, apparently not helping the housing market. the number of homes in contract for sale dropped unexpectedly last month. not everyone is staying away. some bay area investors are starting to swoop in. on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us how it could help some hard hit neighborhoods and the economy recover. julie. >> reporter: yeah, allen. investors are buying up distressed properties and homes like this one. they are fixing up the landscape and they're improving the landscape of the rental market. it looks like any other house in the neighborhood, but this modest home in concord could be part of the solution to the mortgage crisis. two years ago, it was in foreclosure. now it's for rent. >> we saw this problem and saw
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an opportunity. >> reporter: colin wheel is a cofounder of an oakland company that's scooping up short sales and foreclosed homes. >> we are taking rundown homes in blighted communities, renovating them, improving the neighborhood. >> reporter: in the past two years, they purchased about 700 homes in areas with high foreclosure rates like antioch, pittsburg, san pablo, and vallejo. the company fixes them up then rents them out at market prices. and while many choose the typical rental arrangement, there's also a lease-to-own option. >> they still need to get financing from a bank and be able to buy the house. but what we're doing is we're providing them with a credit. so a portion of their monthly rent is credited back to them at the time of purchase. >> reporter: the mission asset fund a financial educational organization likes the idea of turning foreclosed properties into rentals. >> it's innovative. that's the right thing to do and actually the federal government is actually thinking about doing something similar. >> reporter: but he warns, not of renter will qualify to buy
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especially those who have had mortgage trouble in the past. >> you're taking them out of the market for four or five years if they have been through foreclosure. >> reporter: darren gates of antioch. >> what's your favorite puzzle? >> two years ago unable to make his $3,000 monthly mortgage payment lost his phone to foreclosure. the company purchased it at auction and leased it back to him for $1,900 a month. now gates a contractor who also works for way point is about to buy his home for a second time. >> we are renting a home that we used to own and we're going to buy it back again. >> reporter: the price? less than half of what he paid for it the first time. >> we bought the house for 455 first time. i guess 6 years ago. now we are going to buy it, it for 198. >> reporter: there are a number of private companies that are doing this throughout the country and some financial experts see it as a solution to the glut of foreclosed homes, a glut that's only expected to get worse in the years to come,
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allen. >> you know, julie, i was thinking that lease-to-own, that whole market dried up when mortgages got so easy and cheap to come by. the lease-to-own disappeared. it's interesting to see it come back. >> reporter: yeah. and as i said, there are many of these types of companies and they are expected to increase. in fact, the federal government has been asking for suggestions on how to improve the housing market, and this company is actually writing a proposal. >> interesting to see the options return. all right, julie, thanks. a massive manhunt is still under way in east oakland in the neighborhood there. police are searching an area between 84th and 88th avenues and bancroft for carjacking suspects. christin ayers is in east oakland with more on some arrests made just a short time ago. christin. >> reporter: dana, authorities believe there are two suspects still on the loose in this area tonight. two have been arrested. one of them near tracy along with his mother, authorities believe she tried to help him escape. and they think two other men may be in this area.
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a swarm of police in east oakland guns drawn and aimed and a handful of residents ordered out of their homes hands up. >> i never witnessed nothing personally like this. >> reporter: police say it started with a violent carjacking, four armed men stole the jaguar seen here around 11 a.m. when an officer spotted the car, the men took off, crashed the car and scattered somewhere in this east oakland neighborhood. as they ran, one man brandished a gun and an officer opened fire, missing him. another suspect knocked a woman to the ground in her own home before leaving and hiding elsewhere. >> they have guns drawn all at my door at my house. >> reporter: she says she, her husband and family were leaving their house, baby in tow, when they were ordered to freeze. >> i just got pulled out of my house because they said someone ran this way, they put my in us handcuffs. they put my brother and his little cousin. i'm just now coming home from school trying to take my rent a
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car back and now i'm stuck and can't get nowhere like i didn't commit a crime. >> reporter: by afternoon, police had arrested two other men suspects in the carjacking as the hunt for the remaining men continued with one tactical team moving door to door. nearby east oakland pride elementary and castlemont high went into lockdown. school officials ushered students off the playground and back into class. back in the perimeter, neighbors drawn into the street by a spectacle of flashing lights, helicopters and police cars for a manhunt that showed no sign of coming to a close. and authorities tell me they have no plans to ramp down the search efforts. they are still going door to door within the perimeter looking for two additional suspects who they hope are still here. they have not identified the two men arrested but they say the men have criminal records and have been involved in crimes here in east oakland. >> boy, so much chaos over one vehicle and all the people affected by it.
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amazing. >> reporter: absolutely. schools shut down, people not having access to their homes tonight. >> crazy. christin ayers in east oakland, thank you. well, another case high on oak pd's list, the deadly shooting of a man killed in front of his 6-year-old son. it happened at the corner of 103rd avenue and international yesterday afternoon. 39-year-old jose esparza was shot as two men tried to rob him as he left a market. his 6-year-old boy was not physically hurt. the suspect in another murder on international boulevard has been given more time to he wantser aimee. 26-year-old lawrence dennard is under arrest for the killing of 3-year-old carlos nava earlier this month. he has been given more time to enter a plea. he is also accused of attempted murder because two others were shot. police think that those men were intended targets. dennard is expected back in court next month. on top of the bay bridge. this is a rare look from a part
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of the bridge you may never get to see again. a missed opportunity to prevent the san bruno explosion? the risky problem pg&e discovered almost a year before that deadly blast and ignored it. winds of change in the altamont pass. how one wind turbine will be able to do the work of 30. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mi e for the bay bridge construction project. tonight we're able to all right. this one's a milestone for the bay bridge construction project. another one. tonight we're able to get a very unique look at what the new span is going to look like when it's finished. mike sugerman shows us what's going on. mike. >> reporter: well, allen, about two, three years if i was standing here right now, i'd be
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dead because this is the eastern -- eastbound section of the new bay bridge and cars, some of those quarter million cars that cross every day would be going -- so i won't be standing here in two or three years. right now, it is very cool. and we are on the bridge, one of the first times we have been able to get this close, because caltrans took us to the very tippy top of the suspension tower that's right in the middle of the new bay bridge. it has the catwalk, that orange catwalk that you probably have seen as you drive back and forth on the bridge. tonight at 7:45, they are going to light it. it's going to look like the suspension cables will look when they go in, in the next two or three years. another milestone, they put the -- the new section of the bridge just arrived from china. now, this is video, it's not all that clear but from 50 stories up, it's tough to get a picture out of and a signal out
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of but it was very cool to be up there. when the new section the -- last section of the bridge goes in, they will be able to speed through a little bit more of the construction progress that has been stalled for, what, two decades? once they got started, things are going well. so again, that 50 story tower will be lit up from the catwalk to the top tonight. and the new sections have arrived. the last sections, 5,000 tons of steel from china, they will be going in, in the next several months and the bridge is set to open, they think, they hope, we've been hearing this sometime 2013, september, november, hopefully in time for the america's cup. allen? >> mike, dana thinks this is just a guy thing because, you know, it's like construction an erector set. she just wants to pay the toll and get over.
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i think it's cool. >> getting in the elevator with the ironworkers going up. no one looks worse -- [ laughter ] > >> reporter: -- in a hard hat than me, i know that. that's what people are saying. who is that dufus in the hard hat? >> it's the whole reason you grew the beard. >> reporter: i was not put on this earth to be an ironworker. >> they are telling drivers don't be distracted when the lights come on. >> reporter: they should. i didn't hear that. >> its distracting. >> reporter: they are going to have like a viewing party from yerba buena island or treasure island? it's going to be very cool. it's going to look very cool and you will get a chance to see what it's going to look like. >> wow. >> come on, you think it's cool. >> it is cool. the ironworkers are an amazing group of men. [ laughter ] >> no, no. they were the first at ground zero and offered all kinds of assistance and didn't stop. they are amazing.
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so bless them. >> good job, mike. >> reporter: i agree with you. >> thanks for hanging in there with us. well, tomorrow the national transportation safety board will release its conclusions about what caused the san bruno pipeline explosion. but in the meantime, it appears pg&e may have missed an opportunity to prevent the deadly blast almost a year before it happened. len ramirez is in san bruno to explain. len. >> reporter: dana, nearly one year after the san bruno pipeline disaster, there is still a huge crater in the ground exposing that 30" pipeline that blew up last september 9. now according to an examination of e-mails by the "san francisco chronicle," pg&e knew in october of 2009 that an inspection crew found surface cracks and defective welds on that san bruno gas line near where it eventually ruptured. but there is no evidence that pg&e ever acted on that information either by inspecting other areas of the pipeline or by doing pressure
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tests. now, today, pg&e told us that in the company's opinion, there was no need for further action. >> these engineers according to what we have seen did numerous tests on it to determine that there was not a problem there that would compromise the integrity of the pipeline and so they put it back into service. there are ongoing -- constant ongoing integrity management tests that we do on our pipelines and weigh do that to, you know, to ensure the pipelines operating safely. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board will release its final report on the pipeline disaster tomorrow. today they gave a mini briefing to reporters centered on the 1956 pipeline and its origins. the conclusion is that pg&e, their recordkeeping, their incomplete recordkeeping, led to the fact that we may never know exactly where that pipeline came from or who was responsible for it. now, we do know that the
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pipeline has numerous problems that have been discovered by the ntsb but we didn't know who made it when it was actually made, what factory it may have come from or who was responsible. dana, a lot of people are probably going to be very disappointed by this conclusion, but, you know, it's been a year, people want answers. but they are apparently not going to get them out of this ntsb report. >> may not be enough. all right, in san bruno, len ramirez, thank you. well, they are telling us it could be another week before a fire outside yosemite national park is finally out. right now that fire is about one-third contained. so far, it's burned nearly 5,000 acres. a 15-mile stretch of highway 140 leading into the park is closed. the fire chased dozens of people out of their homes and, of course, the campgrounds yesterday. firefighters warned more evacuation could be necessary. those flames started on thursday when a motorhome caught fire. from that to the hurricane. roberta is back in the house to help us put it all together.
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>> and taking a look at ocean beach right now where the winds are robust, very strong sea breeze right now out of the west some of these winds up to 20 miles per hour with the gusts up to 30 miles per hour. did you see len ramirez in san bruno? those winds currently out of the west at 17 miles per hour. wind-swept blue skies right now in dublin. you have mount diablo in the background. temperatures in that area coming in the warmest today near 92. otherwise currently it's 86 in concord. dropping down to 80 in livermore. compare that with the coast where we have that strong sea breeze. it's in the 50s and 60s. out and about this evening temperature span 58 to 86 degrees for the next "60 minutes." otherwise, this is what you need to know about this week. we are starting to look ahead towards the labor day holiday and by wednesday some large swells are arriving from the south so any beach facing the south will have some very dangerous rip currents and very large surf.
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look for advisories to be issued, even the possibility of watches and warnings all associated with the storm way over there in the southern hemisphere and so anything from big sur through santa cruz perhaps twin lakes beach, that faces the south, stinson beach, marin county, those beaches will have high surf arriving by wednesday through the holiday. another thing arriving, the marine layer. right now we'll be able to see that sunset but until then, we do have pretty much clear skies until about this time tomorrow. we will definitely see temperatures drop as a result of the cooler conditions. now, temperatures -- oh, that marine layer, i should say. temperatures from the 50s, 60s beaches to the mid-80s inland and we will feature seven-day outlook straight ahead. dana? >> roberta, thank you. the winds are changing on the altamont pass. nearly half of the 4,000 giant turbines you see that churn out power are coming down for newer more efficient windmills. zack heene shows us why in this case, bigger is better.
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>> the altamont pass is one of the earliest wind farms that was built anywhere in the world. it was the beginning of the wind energy industry. >> reporter: driving over the altamont pass you might notice something a little bit different a little bit quieter and a whole lot bigger. >> the turbines that are out there were installed in the early 1980s. and they are being replaced with turbines that are five times larger. >> reporter: the company will be removing 2,000 of the nearly 5,000 existing turbines and replacing them with 100 of these giants that stand 430 feet tall. fewer turbines but more electricity generated. >> the new technologies while taking fewer turbines to generate the same amount of power will actually generate about 30% more energy. >> reporter: but it wasn't just the need of energy that got this project moving. in december environmental groups and the state of california came to an agreement with the turbine company to make them taller and safer for
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golden eagles, red hawks and other raptors that nest in the area. >> not only in the altamont that we have seen this kind of bird impact so we are glad to be sort of putting this chapter behind us. we are happy to see this repowering which will reduce the bird deaths by up to 80%. >> reporter: california currently gets 3% of its power from wind energy. with newer technologies like this that could grow to 10% by 2020. these large new turbines produce two megawatts of electricity enough to power 600 to 700 homes per year. zack heene, cbs 5. i'm ann notarangelo. what happens if you don't get the whooping cough vaccine?
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unified school district in contra costa county. after a major whooping cough outbreak last year, the state is requ school starts tomorrow at the mount diablo unified school district in contra costa county. after a major whooping cough outbreak last year, the state is requiring some kids to get vaccinated against that disease. ann notarangelo is in concord with a report card on how well folks are complying. ann. >> reporter: no shot, no school. here at the mount diablo unified school district, this new law affects about 15,000 students. school starts tomorrow and so far, about 1500 students have yet to comply. >> we have the slogan no shot no schedule no school. >> reporter: throughout the summer, the mount diablo unified school district notified parents that their middle and high school students have to be vaccinated against whooping cough.
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>> we are doing well. i think we probably have less than 10% of our students who have not complied. >> reporter: a new state law requires 7 through 12th graders show proof they received the whooping calf booster shot at age 7 or later. next year and thereafter it will only be 7th graders who have to show proof of the booster. last year 26 people died. >> what we saw in contra costa county was maybe 10 times greater. we usually see maybe 10 to 20 cases a year. last year we saw over 200. this year we almost have 100 and the year isn't over. we are still seeing a lot of whooping cough illness in the community. >> reporter: parents can opt out citing personal or medical reasons. >> our rate is at 2.4% which is about what we see throughout the state for exemptions. >> reporter: but thousands of parents across the state are not vaccinating their children against all sorts of disease. some counties report as many as 17% of their kindergarten population is not immunized. in the bay area, the opt-out
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rate is highest in sonoma county at 6%. health experts say they need 95% compliance to reach community immunity which prevents it from spreading throughout the population. not everyone chooses to opt out. >> it's more access. most of the people at our clinics don't have a regular health provider or insurance. so we're able to provide them the vaccine which could cost them 60, $75 at a pharmacy. >> reporter: school districts have 30 days to get the paperwork from parents. >> they won't be allowed to attend school on day 31. >> reporter: and that is state law. no shots, no school. one thing we should also point out it hasn't been widely publicized. health care officials suggest adults get the vaccine. the thinking is that maybe that would help prevent the spread of whooping cough to the younger population that's too young to get the vaccine. in concord, ann notarangelo, cbs 5.
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irene is history but the clean-up is only just beginning. >> we have been pumping the house at least 20 times. the water keeps going right back in. >> from flooding to power outages, the path of destruction that left some towns entirely cut off. a small plane crashes into a house moments after take-off. what happened right before it went down. numbers not adding up for the california assembly? how state leaders could be misleading the public about how they are spending your money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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developing news at 6:30: we're monitoring the demonstrations going on right now in sa we are begin with developing news now. we are monitoring the protests. so far protestors have not disrupted bart service that we know of. joe vazquez is at the civic center station. >> reporter: train station is not closed. all bart trains are still running. and look at this. mostly just media here at this vantage point although a little earlier there was a little confrontation between a small group of demonstrators and an even smaller group of counterprotesters. [ yelling at each other ] [overlapping speakers] >> we need representatives of
6:32 pm
america. people of "anonymous" people that represent freedom and democracy. >> we don't know what you represent. you don't show your face. >> no, no. >> absolutely does. >> and if you do a little bit of research you'll understand that the united states of america... [overlapping speakers] >> there's always more to these video clips. >> they put protestors on these watch lists, terrorist watch list, protestors. >> former veterans. >> returning military veterans get put on the same list. >> it's movements like this have the same people who make up facts just like the tea party on the right wing, you left wing protestors make things up. >> i'm not left or right wing. >> reporter: all right. so now let's show you some video of chopper 5 a little while ago. another group of protestors that broke off and marched down market street. looks like they made a feeble attempt to get into the powell street bart station and then turned way. those demonstrators are still on the move. we are told they are marching toward the embarcadero. but not very many. in fact, this is the heard it week, of course, the third monday in a row that we have
6:33 pm
seen demonstration here, this one by far the least amount of people. one of the "anonymous" representatives told me, burning man started today so there's some concern on their part that their members went to party on the playa. >> and next monday is labor day holiday so there's going to be fewer people who will be going to and from work using bart next monday. >> reporter: fewer people using bart. maybe that means fewer demonstrators. we'll have to see. >> maybe we have broken the chain. thank you, joe vazquez. there was a bad accident this morning in napa county involving a flatbed truck carrying firefighting equipment. the california highway patrol says the big rig blew a tire while transporting a bulldozer on highway 12. that apparently caused a head- on chain-reaction crash that crushed three vehicles killing the driver of a sedan. highway 12 remains closed at
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the solano county line. the bulldozer transport belongs to cal fire. >> they were from siskiyou unit headed home after being down here to help out with the fires that just occurred in the vacaville-fairfield area. >> eight people were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. the big rig driver was not seriously hurt. a single-engine airplane crashed into a home in santa monica today. it took off at 2:30 this afternoon and crashed shortly thereafter. the force of the crash bent the aircraft in half and ripped off the wings. the pilot suffered a broken leg and no one on the ground was injured. tonight california assembly leaders face accusations of misleading the public on how taxpayer dollars are spent. what's most surprising is who is making those accusations. mike luery reports, a democrat says his own party's numbers don't add up. >> a secret budget is a corrupt budget. >> reporter: the lone democrat to vote no on the budget is at
6:35 pm
war with his own party and now 11 members of his staff are about to disappear as punishment for alleged overspending. today a stanford-based research group called the data misleading while deceiving the public about how taxpayer money is spent. >> in total there is under reporting of $2.75 million. >> reporter: california common sense compared assembly payroll data with expenditures. he says the assembly parade musical chairs with staffers to hide the real spending. he is into the the biggest spending in the assembly but actually ranks 37th overall. today he took his case directly to the assembly rules committee demanding that the assembly open its books with full
6:36 pm
disclosure of all spending. he insists he will continue to fight. >> misuse of power. we have get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: in sacramento, mike luery, cbs 5. >> irene is finally gone. floodwaters are covering entire communities. more than a dozen towns in virginia and new york are cut off. the number of dead is at least 38 in 11 states. it could take weeks to restore power to everyone. and thousands and thousands of travelers remain stranded. duarte geraldino shows us irene's fury in the form of flooding. reporter: rain from a reason turned this stream into a raging river. the powerful floodwaters in vermont knocked down trees and destroyed roads. >> trees and debris everywhere you look. >> reporter: several bridges were destroyed including this one that stood for more than
6:37 pm
140 years. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: water is still finding its way into homes and flooding is widespread throughout the state. >> we pumped the house 20 times. the water goes right back in. >> reporter: irene swept through new england after dumping sheets of rain on upstate new york. a massive flash flood roared through windham. >> the amount of damage is devastating in some areas. >> reporter: irene slammed into north carolina on saturday leaving a path of destruction all the way to maine. >> water was up to here. >> reporter: on long island, it took this couple a die get all the water out of their basement apartments. >> no matter what we did to prepare for this storm, it didn't even help. >> reporter: so they decided to move out and move into a home on higher ground. here in long beach, the streets are caked with sand. crews are scraping it up putting it into piles like this so it can be hauled away. businesses on virginia beach are trying to clean up in a hurry with the busy labor day weekend right around the corner. >> it has not been as bad as we all thought it was going to be. >> reporter: in new york city,
6:38 pm
the damage is not nearly as bad as some had feared. the airports are back open and the subway service is returning to normal. but just outside of manhattan, low-lying neighborhoods are flooded and the water could be here for days. duarte geraldine no for cbs news, long beach, long island. it could take days to get hundreds of thousands of stranded travelers to their destination. at sfo, 31 flights were cancelled today. 26 arrivals, 5 departures. yesterday more than 40 flights were cancelled at sfo. some nights were also cancelled at oakland and mineta san jose airport. the silver lining of irene, gasoline prices could start going down. industry analysts say with irene grounding flights and keeping people at home, there's been less demand for gas. it's still not clear how much price could drop. people in new york were told to brace for the worst and many of them did. but now some are having buyer's remorse. they stocked up on batteries,
6:39 pm
canned goods and paper products before the storm but didn't need them. now they are wondering what to do with them. some are returning their extra goods. others are trying to sell them on ebay. a new york blog urged people to donate their extra food to food banks. he went looking for a pot farm and stumbled onto something much worse. the drug that caused a california councilman his life. out of nowhere, struck her a couple of times. >> mom accused of attacking an elementary school principal. how it may have started over a piece of clothing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i'm a speck of dust alone in the wire jungle. some dust rags say i'm unreachable, [ grunting ] but that's how i like it. unattached, free, indep... i've changed my mind. ♪ i believe in miracles [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. new and improved swiffer dusters with dust lock adhesive picks up two times more dust than a dry dust rag and locks it away. you're very adventurous! [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. tonight... after the apparent murder of one of its councilmen over the weekend. the small community of fort bragg is in shock tonight after the murder of one of its councilmen over the weekend. 69-year-old jere melo was investigating an illegal marijuana growing operation when he was shot allegedly by the man guarding the farm.
6:42 pm
investigators are looking for 35-year-old aaron bassler a transient with a history of run- ins with the law. a mother is accused of attacking her child's elementary school principal on campus. 29-year-old pammy gibbs is the mother of a stockton student who allegedly assaulted her child's principal over a dress code violation. the principal apparently told pami's son he could not wear a t-shirt with skulls on it. witnesses say gibbs suddenly began punching the principal. >> out of nowhere, struck her a couple of times on the face and she was immediately separated by a couple of staff members. >> the principal was rushed to the hospital and she is expected to be okay. and a couple of hours after the attack, district police officers arrested pami gibbs at her home in stockton. she face felony and misdemeanor charges. less than a week away from the 10-year commemoration of september 11th, tonight a group of people from the bay area is on a cross-country motorcycle
6:43 pm
journey to honor victims. ride with the forty left sfo this morning. it's to honor the passengers on flight 93 which was supposed to fly from newark to sfo. they are going to ride to shanksville, pennsylvania, the crash site. extra passengers turn up. the bizarre place one tourist tried to hide them. >> i want to show you some of the damages that we sustained right in our backyard. >> a 5-year-old girl shows off her exquisite reporter skills. meet the mini storm chaser who covered irene in her own backyard. >> from hurricanes to now we have something you need to know about our own local beaches. the weather event that's heading this way. we'll pinpoint it with our weather forecast, but dennis, what's up in sports. bizarre story. a warrior knocks out a reporter. we have video. and why news about tiger woods
6:44 pm
has the san francisco bay area ticket sales expected to triple. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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routine pat-down. security agents at l.a.x. found two would-be stowaways concealed a bay passenger last week during a routine patdown. they say they found two of these rare birds taped to the arm and leg of a woman who was headed to china. the birds were stuffed in socks. they appeared to be in good shape all things considered. agent arrested her on suspicion of smuggling goods and exporting an endanger species. >> you see it on the news every time a hurricane strikes, reporters blasted by wind and rain. one reporter in training braved irene's elements as well and she is just 5. >> i'm jane from pennsylvania. i want to show you some of the damages we have sustained right in our backyard. take a look at this tree. the trunk is off that tree
6:48 pm
because of all the wind. >> just move that mic up to your mouth, jane. jane filed her last report because she had to go to bed. >> really it was her bedtime. >> right before irene hit. >> i feel that way some nights, too. >> we have to stay. [ laughter ] >> true, we do. >> talk about staying. i have been on the run. i have been on the run after my flights were cancelled in new york and i had to be work by monday so we rented a car and drove nine hours to cleveland from new york and then from cleveland we hopped on a plane to minneapolis, from minneapolis we came here to san francisco. and here we are. >> wow. i left my son behind to fight a hurricane! i had to drop him off for college. >> he is a big boy. >> he is a big boy. >> out and about on this monday evening, the last monday in the month of august.
6:49 pm
is that right? yeah. pretty much, right? okay. so it are you out and about this evening, 58 to 80 degrees. that's the temperature span. the coast is clear. we have high pressure. it has been building in just really strengthening, the ridge, but it's going to begin to break down with this trough to the north of us. meanwhile, while the coast is clear, we will see the development of a very impressive onshore flow in the overnight hours. the wind in front of it already robust out of the west. some gusts up to 30. we'll be socked in along the coast with only partial clearing but what you need to know about the coast is by midweek, we have a storm in the southern hemisphere very big storm. it's going to generate large surf and some dangerous rip currents to all south-facing beaches. this includes stinson beach, santa cruz beach, probably right around the twin lakes beach and also the big sur coastline. and that will be in effect probably all the way through the holiday weekend. temperatures coming down with the cooler air mass. 78 in sonoma. east of the bay where we had 89
6:50 pm
degrees in concord it will be coming down to about 85, 86 degrees. 77 along the peninsula and redwood city. slow to clear in half moon bay at 63 at best. 79 in san jose. the extended forecast calls for repeat performance again on wednesday. we'll bump up the temperatures by thursday with some gradual clearing of the skies along the beaches. friday will be the warmest of the workweek and then we'll bring down the temperatures from saturday through monday as we begin to enter that long holiday weekend. thank you for sending your pictures. keep them coming to we'll be back, dennis o'donnell on deck with sports. right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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golfers circle on their calendars... but that's not the case this year the open is not a tournament that most of the big name golfers circle on their calendars but not the case this year. tiger woods announced that he will be there in october for the open to prepare for the presidents cup. he will only play at eight tournaments this year and missed the cut at the pga championship. he is really coming to this to see the stanford cardinal play that weekend. it's already reported that
6:54 pm
ticket sales are expected to triple. day one u.s. open take a guess,not too good for ryan harrison. maria sharapova needed three sets in her opening match. [ screaming ] [ applause ] >> sharapova beat heather watson. >> wimbledon champ knocked out in straight sets. ben scully announced he will return for a 63rd season with the dodgers. year this time of year, nice lady in woodland hills named police marty squires send me some chocolate chip cook which is. this year when mrs. squires sent they she said this is a bribe to get you to come back next year. god has been good to me allowing me to do the things i wanted to do. i asked him for one more year at least.
6:55 pm
he said okay and be quiet and eat your cookies. [ laughter ] >> great stuff. >> you bet. as indians good seats still available at progressive field. as down 2-1 in the 8th one man on for hideki matsui crushes one to right but it's not deep enough. the catch in front of the wall. indians beat the as, 2-1. nfl news. how about this for a comeback story? the eagles have signed quarterback michael vick to a 6- year, $100 million contract. 40million guaranteed. >> geez. the raiders defense may have struggled last night against the saints but the offense racked up to close to 400 yards with darren mcfadden sidelined an antioch native jones ran in his first action for the preseason. >> it felt good to be able to compete in front of my fans and my family and the raider nation and not only getting a chance to get out there but to be able
6:56 pm
to score my first game definitely felt good. >> that's what i'm looking for. you know? when i talk to our team, that's exactly what i need to see. those things you do in practice, they need to show up in a game and for that young man tonight, he did it. >> always want to, you know, get out there and prove what you can do. me being' small time player and a little small for a runningback, my job is just to go out there and execute everything. >> good stuff there. aryan foster continues to deal with a nagging hamstring injury. who cares? foster was the league's leading rusher last season and is projected to be the top pick in fantasy football drafts everywhere. so for those concerned, i'm doing okay and plan to be back by opening day, he said. for those of you worried about your fantasy teams, you people are sick. [ laughter ] >> enough said. >> i guess i should let you know that i picked foster in my
6:57 pm
fantasy draft this weekend. oh, yeah! >> that was the only highlight as the 49ers got pounded by the texans 30-7. it was ugly. dustin johnson struggled on sunday but luckily for him the barclays ended on saturday due to hurricane irene and he wins it by two strokes. yankees like to do things in threes. on there is they hit three grand slams and last night robby cano nick swisher and andruw jones back-to-back-to- back -- back, back, back, beat the orioles. former warrior al harrington going tort hardwood to the october gone down goes frasier he knocked out a reporter. >> oh!! year... huntington beach comes back to beat japan 2-1 to win the little league >> california wins it! >> and nick prado won't to have to pay for lunch. huntington beach won the little league world series. >> incredible. >> they were playing out of the losers bracket. they lost last week, came back
6:58 pm
to win. they won the world series. >> i drove past williamsport this weekend! see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc fa and stay asleep so you wake rested.
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