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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 30, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. est if you do a little bit of research, you'll understand that the united states of america -- >> people fed up with another attempt to disrupt the commute, how tonight's protest ended a little differently than the last two. the claim by police that we have pits coming up from fresno as well as from the
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oakland area to apply their -- pimps coming up from fresno as well as from the oakland area to ply their trade. keep your hands on the handlebars, some crimes some cyclists may be cited for. lit up like a christmas tree, tonight the bay bridge showing off celebrating another milestone. monday after monday after ay, protesters have good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. monday after monday after monday protesters have used the afternoon commute to send a message to b.a.r.t. and its police department, but today's demonstration was different, just two arrests compared to dozens in the previous protests. elizabeth cook on why today's protesters say they used a different approach to deliver the same message. >> reporter: it was deja vu for commuters, another monday night, another b.a.r.t. protest. only this time people got to their destinations on time. >> take them down! >> reporter: the past few monday night protests looked
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like this, multiple arrests and trains delayed forhours. commuters were outraged. >> i have so many more real things to protest, you know. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: tonight these protesters were doing some p.r. damage control. >> the bigger picture ab overtaken by whatever -- has been overtaken by whatever protest happens, the more recent ones where the train system is getting shut down and the website getting hacked. >> reporter: bob banters joined tonight's protest because the activists weren't going to shut down b.a.r.t. service. >> it's more effective to just have a continue presence and a good educational campaign -- continued presence and a good educational campaign as opposed to extremely confrontational. >> reporter: by 7:30 only about a dozen activists were left. many came to the nearest b.a.r.t. station and went home. they say they'll be back.
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the man killed by b.a.r.t. police after they say he was threatened by a knife, this woman says they won't stop demonstrating until she gets answers. >> if they could explain to us publicly why they had to shoot officer grant and charles hill, i would like some public accountability. police pulled out of an east oakland neighborhood tonight where they spent the day searching for several carjacking suspects. an area along bancroft between 84th and 88th was cordoned off about six hours. police were looking for four men who carjacked a jaguar just before noon. one officer gave chase until the suspects crashed the car and took off on foot. one of the suspects reportedly pulled a gun and an officer fired at him but missed. police went door to door looking for those suspects. >> i got pulled out of my house because they said someone ran this way. they took my husband in
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handcuffs. >> tonight oakland police have two men in custody and are still looking for two others. oakland police are searching for suspects who shot and killed a man in front of his 6-year-old son. this happened yesterday outside a market on the corner of international boulevard and 103rd. police say the two men stopped 39-year-old jose esparza and his son leaving the store not clear if they robbed him or he struggled or, what but he was shot and later today. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. there is a $15,000 reward for information. fewer police officers means more criminals on the street. it's a simple reality in many cash strapped communities. in san jose officers there say cutbacks are attracting prostitutes to four hotspots. kiet do has the numbers to back it up. >> i do prostitution. >> reporter: her name is amanda
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and her newest territory for the world's oldest profession is san jose. do you feel safer here? >> yeah, i do, a lot safer. >> reporter: how so like why so? >> it's not a lot of crazy people. >> reporter: the word on the street, sjpd is focusing on homicides and assaults and nonviolent crimes like prostitution are not a priority. what do you think when you hear that? >> i like it actually because it's easier on my job. >> reporter: in the wake of massive budget cuts and police layoffs officers have been called in on their day off to act as a temporary group of cops to deal with the problem. since july 1st 38 prostitutes and two johns have been arrested, a total of 40 people cited for loitering and solicitation. >> we have pimps coming up from fresno as well as down from oakland to ply their trade. they look at it as a business opportunity. >> reporter: it became a hot button topic when the police
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union wrote an op ed piece titled san jose is becoming sin city. >> it's kind of ridiculous when you compare to us any other city. we have our problems but nowhere near as bad as any other big city in the state of california or america. >> reporter: amanda said with better customers here she makes about $500 more a week than oakland. what's your message to san jose about the growing prostitution is problem? >> if they don't like it -- prostitution problem? >> if they don't like it, could something about it. other bay area head lines, a fatal multiple car crash on highway 12 and napa closed the road most of the day. a cal fire flatbed blew a tire while transporting a bulldozer setting off a chain reaction crash involving the truck and three cars. one person died. eight went to the hospital and the road reopened just a few hours ago. a memorial unveiled for san francisco police officer murdered 40 years ago today.
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the city dedicated a plaque and flagpole at the ingle side station to jack young. he died when fire erupted inside the station lobby. eight people were arrested in 2007. one pleaded guilty. they're tossing out textbooks at a south-based school. san mateo elementary equipped students with ipods, ipads and teachers are chucking the chalk boards in favor of hi-tech touch boards. the cutting edge approach comes to east san jose's newest school and the district's poorest neighborhood. the state's hands free law may soon be extended beyond drivers. there's a bill sitting on the governor's desk to make bicyclist as bide by the very same rule -- bicyclists abide by the very same rule, no talking or texting when you're
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riding. >> it's a good idea because when you're trying to ride your bike, you should be using both hands anyways. >> lawmakers say when a cell phone pan for drivers took effect -- ban for drivers took effect, fatalities dropped 20%. about this man who i would have very much liked to and been honored to have met. >> how opera is creating what is likely to be one of the most unusual tributes on september 11th. not the most destructive hurricane in history, but a mess nonetheless. what states are dealing with in the wake of irene. and a tight wire walk to the top of a bay bridge, the bird's eye view from hundreds of feet above the bay. >> how about a live view of the bay bridge all lit up, the catwalk. what is so unusual about all this now? the fact that we can see it. the low clouds, the fog and when you should expe,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your engines... it's a cross- country ride for a good cause. some bay area motorcycle riders s time to ride safe. it's a cross-country ride for a good cause. some bay area motorcycle riders set off on the ride with the 40s to honor the 40 passengers killed on united night 493 on september 11th. the group expects to arrive at
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the crash site in shanksville, pennsylvania, on september 11th. a lot of ceremonies are planned to honor the victims of 9/11 next month, one right here in san francisco, allen martin on an opera called heart of a soldier about september 11th and so much more. >> reporter: a decade ago terrorism lit its ugly bonfire on u.s. soil. we've been trying to extinguish it ever since. from the rubble of the world trade center have come incrediblers to of rescue and survival, but there is one -- incredible story of rescue and survival, but there is one story of a manmade by 9/11. a story that will be presented by the san francisco opera. >> i'm glad you're saying the story because it is about that story. it's about rick, this man who i
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would have very much liked to and been honored to have met. >> time to head off to my work, my love. >> reporter: baritone thomas hanson will sing the lead role of rick riscorla, born in britain coming to the u.s. in the early '60s, rick was a tech rated soldier for america -- a decorated soldier for america in vietnam before becoming a u.s. citizen and as head of security for morgan stanley predicted the threat of terrorists flying a plane into the world trade center. then because he had anticipated and prepared, on 9/11 rick led all of morgan stanley's 2,700 employees out of the south tower to safety. so how do you portray someone's life who is almost larger than life? everything he did in his life was tremendous. >> there's so many parts of him
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as a person that i admire and in some ways identify. i think he had a very sharp intuition. i think he was a very intelligent disciplined man and he was the kind of person who could galvinize people to actions and beliefs deeper than they had themselves. >> reporter: and after all 2,700 were out rick went back in for one final check. less than an hour after it was hit tower 2 collapsed in a thundering crush of metal, glass, paper, dust and debris. rick never came out. >> i honestly don't think rick went up those stairs the last time thinking well, you got to go, you got to go. this is it. he did have that conversation with susan. he said look, whatever happens, i love you. i've never loved anything like you and our life fulfilled me. i'm okay. be okay. >> reporter: so many people have had to pick up and move on with their lives since
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september 11th, but this opera inspired by the book heart of a soldier hopes to be one way that the country can reflect and move ahead. ♪you'll remain with me. ♪ >> reporter: the driving force behind this project is san francisco opera general director david gockley. what is it about this story that struck you so deeply? >> communal tragedy, communal mourning and within that the lives of three people who developed up to the point where they could play a critical role on 9/11. >> reporter: the original opera credits which include harvey melk and mixon in china said
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this includes all the elements. there have to be original challenges dealing with the fact that the pinnacle of this story happens september 11th and here we are 10 years later. >> it's a sense of topic and we -- i think we've taken a calculated risk that our event, our opera, will help people through the event. e beginning with t >> reporter: in s sox allen martin, be with -- san francisco, allen martin, cbs5. >> at the opera house saturday september 10th and sunday september 11th there will be a special concert at golden gate park at 2:00 and it will be free. irene is gone but has left a mess behind. the governor of vermont said that the state suffered the worst flooding in a century. this covered bridge that collapsed in rockingham had been there since 1870.
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there she goes. the death toll from irene now stands at 40 in 11 states. about 5 million people in a dozen states are still without power. the damage estimate is about $7 billion. rsey, where cars the flooding is still severe farther south. these are the scenes from new jersey where cars and homes are still submerged tonight and check out these images of a determined national guard unit. two of their trucks attempted to make it through the deep water in manville. they are specially equipped for high water, but not this high. they did make it out, though, because there's a patch on the roof. >> checking our weather here at home, roberta? >> the no. 1 leading death from weather happens to be people driving through flooded roadways. it's true. okay, here down in the bay officials said sundown was 7:43. what's so odd about that? you're able to see it. here's our bay bridge, the live
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cbs5 weather camera. the catwalk is illuminated but behind it can you see a slate of defray skies? that's how we will begin your tuesday -- gray skies? that's how we will begin your early morning commute, numbers in the 50s and low 60s. notice how far does that bank of low clouds and fog reach in the morning hours and slow to retreat and then just lurks around the seashore. this area of low pressure that will pound up against british columbia is enhancing that marine layer, but by the way midweek higher surf because of a storm in the southern hemisphere causing these long periods of swells to reach our south facing beaches. so we're talking about stinson beach, the big sur coastline. into the holiday weekend we'll keep you updated. 57 degrees, partial clearing in
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stinson beach, 81 in novato. temperatures are coming down. strong west winds east of the bay 10 to 20 miles per hour, 69 alameda to 86 in brentwood. it was 89 today in concord come down to the low and mid-80s. 60s, 70s around the peninsula, 81 in los altos, 79 in san jose. hang onto this weather pattern through wednesday and bump up the temperatures on thursday. warmest day this workweek will be friday, they seasonal conditions saturday through your labor day holiday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis o'donnell is in th,,,,,,, ,,,,
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bridge span. we had a look at things to. tonight we are getting an illuminated look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. caltrans turned on the catwalk lights for the first times. it gives us a little preview of what it's sort of going to look like at night when it opens in a couple years. don ford got another perspective tonight, one that very few of us will ever see. >> reporter: a rare invitation from caltrans to visit the new bay bridge. with special escorts we were headed to the top of the new
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525-foot tall tower nearly 50 stories high. to get there first we had to travel under the span on open walkways, hundreds of feet above the bay. take two elevators bolted on the side of the unfinished tower and to top the newly installed catwalks stretched in four directions waiting for the new cables to be installed, cables that eventually will comprise of more than 18,000 miles of steel wire. caltrans spokesman bart may also says the last big pieces have arrived. >> we have a steel transport ship that has recently arrived carrying our final deck segment. >> reporter: those final segments will go here connecting the suspension section with a causeway. the new bay bridge is supposed to be open in 2013, six months
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early. 22 years late. on the oakland bay bridge, don ford, cbs5. it was $60,000 a year the san jose could -- that san jose could no longer afford. those free plastic bags to pick up after dogs in city parks became a victim of the budget squeeze. so volunteers of the monday rows garden stepped in and donated monday -- rose garden stepped in and donated money to keep the dispensers stocked. their effort won a national award and inspired other groups to set up other programs. typical lead-in for sports. when we come back neither did tim lincecum get a lot of respect tonight as the shocker in at&t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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games in a season and allow 3 home runs in one game..u two things that tim lincecum had never done in his career, lose 11 games in a season and allow three home runs in one game until tonight. chicago came into the game with 34 home runs in august and they played home run derby again tonight. soriano 23rd, soto over brandon into the stands and a three-run blast, giant down 5-0. that paved the way for cubs starter randy wells who had an earned run average north of 5 headed into the game and pitches the game of his life. a complete game two hitter, strikes out seven and hit four home runs in the game. giants lose 7-0. arizona beats up on colorado. it's their seventh win in a row. arizona has a commanding five- game lead in the west and come to san francisco this weekend.
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. brandon mccarthy struck out a career best cleveland indians tonight. in the 7th carlos santana uses some black magic for his 20th home run of the season and indians win 2-1. mccarthy pitches his third complete game of the season. all three have been losses. tiger woods is bringing his b game to the open october 6th. i understand we have exclusive video. we found out from the tournament director that tiger is coming. can you roll that, please. >> a million bucks. he has one 1 million. >> producer, thank you. second chances...the another guy with the same reaction, michael vick, talk about second chances. the eagles quarterback signed a new six year $100 million
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contract, 40 million guaranteed. to new york for the opening round of the u.s. open, venus williams and another lacey number, oh, shoot, it's tennis, very quiet. look at the running back han oh, look at this. yes, williams who has been sick much of the summer wins in straight sets. i have the monday night top five. track and field world championships, lincecum had a bad day you think? pole vaulter demetri salbustev snaps the pole, injures his hand and would withdraw. no. 4, sam bradford signing a poster that says marry me. the girl is like she saw the beatles. oh, oh. forsythe didn't help his cause no. 3, dodgers -- no, she didn't see 90er game -- matt kemp couldn't get the triple ground this year. logan forsyth didn't help his cause. l.a. wins. to the desert where chris young is covering death valley,
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crashing into the wall, dexter fowler robbed of extra bases. no. 1, so far at the open there's a winner ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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