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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 16, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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[laughter] craig: what the hell? geoff: what is wrong with you people? the guy's trying to work here. craig: i'm not only trying to work, i'm trying to set a record for america. you people giggling all over my paws. [laughter] geoff: you're all right. craig: you're all right too. hey, i've got your present. remember i hypnotized you earlier? geoff: yeah. craig: yeah, well, i brought you the kangaroo testicles. geoff: now i am complete. [cheers and applause] craig: hang on. this is a delicate operation. they will now remember in the future when men gather around the campfire. they will talk this being the night where geoff became a man. good night, everybody. good night.
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around the globe come together around the globe come you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. secretary of state aims to put women at the forefront of the it's just feign task opportunity. >> women from around the world -- a fantastic opportunity. >> women from around the world coming together in the bay area, how to be put at the
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forefront of the economy. i'm a little bit overweight, but anything helps these days to stay healthy. >> the first lady put in her order and now some -- of the most popular restaurants are delivering, the healthier changes you'll see on their menus. science fiction becomes fact, the latest discovery that looks like it's right out of star wars. te hillary clinton is in the bay area ing ready for a big good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight getting ready for a big speech tomorrow. >> she'll outline a plan to help women succeed in the business world. robert lyles has an early copy of what mrs. clinton plans to say and introduces us to one woman who stands to benefit. >> reporter: sarah calhoun traveled from a tiny montana town with a plan. >> curves not fit very well in squarepants. >> reporter: she's not pitching a new weight loss program. >> we import our fabric from
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india. >> reporter: instead she's trying to figure out how to keep red and tans a live, her 5- year-old business that sells farming and construction apparel for women, but it started just before the recession, so she needs to expand more than waistlines. >> we sell all over the world, but it's one pair at a time. >> reporter: she's hoping the secretary of state will change her financial outlook. >> with secretary clinton here it's a fantastic opportunity to really see what's happening in the world. >> reporter: mrs. clinton will take to the stage at the asia pacific economic cooperation or apac tomorrow and cbs5 has an advance look at how white house and state department plans to put women at the forefront of imports and exports. the secretary of state plans to boldly assert this summit might make the history books by giving women access to capital to encourage entrepreneurs and reforming legal and regulatory systems to open up financial services to women and with asian markets accounting for 60% of global trade -- >> the numbers of i don't know how many millions of jobs are
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dependent on the trade that we have with the asia pacific region. >> reporter: says michael mulholloch, a state department advisor and mayor jean kwon is listening saying the secretary of state understands the significant role oakland plays in imports and exports. is this also an effort to campaign for more business into oakland? >> for me it absolutely is. if we can double a sale imports and exports just in oakland, that creates 5,000 new jobs. >> reporter: calhoun just hopes it saves jobs 1,100 miles back in montana. the secretary of state's address will begin at 9 a.m. tomorrow. now her recommendations on how to strengthen women's economic participation will eventually be presented to a group of 1,500 ceos and leaders from 21 world economies. >> that will have some impact. >> absolutely. >> robert lyles, thank you. republican presidential candidate michelle walkman was
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in marin county today -- michele bachmann was in marin county today raising money for her campaign and trying to dispel rumors about the tea party. >> the the notion that tea party are -- the notion that tea parties are right wing radicals and wear red, white and blue all the time. >> marin county is largely liberal. some call bachmann brave for showing up. >> marin is very strongly democratic and i think every race it's stayed that way. so i give them a lot of credit for doing this. >> bachmann heads next to southern california to be the keynote speaker at the southern republican party convention. michelle obama says it's a big deal. the food millions of americans eat in popular restaurants is getting healthier. elizabeth cook on the changes that people will see. >> reporter: terra a shea comes to red lobber it once a month for what she says is a lot of
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food not a lot of money. she was thrilled when she heard the place that boasts all you can eat specials is making healthier changes. >> food these days is so bad for you and if you can have better choices, these days much, much better. >> reporter: the parent company of mega chains red lobster and olive garden announce they are slimming down their menus. first lady michelle obama launched a campaign to fight childhood obesity and challenged all restaurants to get healthier. >> i want to congratulate darden on a terrific commitment. we are thrilled and excited to see how the country responds is and how your industry responds as well. >> reporter: the company plans to reduce overall calories and sodium in its food by 10% over the next five years and 20% over the next 10 years. for the kids children's menus will have fruit and veggies as default dishes and all meals will automatically come with an
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eight ounce glass of 1% milk with free refills. the parents can still order soda for the kids if they want. terra says she's new changes may make her feel less guilty the next time she orders takeout. >> i'm a little bit overweight, but anything helps these days to stay healthy. >> reporter: now olive garden and red lobster aren't the only ones that are getting a bit healthier. in july mcdonald's announced they were going to alter their happy meals and cut down the fries and put in apple slices instead. in oakland. foreclosures are on the rise here in the u.s. and in the bay area. that may be most obvious. several people rallied in downtown today. they want the federal government and banks to redo us loans for owners who can't afford their mortgages.
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they also want foreclosed homes -- reduce loans for owners who can't afford their mortgages. they also want vacant homes turned into mental properties. >> the properties get defaced. people hang out there. people might live there. you don't know what is going to happen to that property. >> more than 28,000 homes have been foreclosed in oakland since 2008. that has cost homeowners about 12 billion in property value loss. the city has spent 80 billion in security and clean-up. the cheapest house in northern california just sold, 9,000 bucks. there it is. that was after -- after a bidding war. it's a two bedroom in stockton advertised as a fixer upper. a general contractor closed on it this morning and plans to spend about $6,000 renovating it. business owners will tell you california is not an easy place to do business, kiet do on the latest jobs heading out of the bay area. >> reporter: channel solar has laid off 80 employees and is
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moving manufacturing to mississippi taking the solar right out of cali. do you like it here in sunnyvale? is it a good place to do business? >> it's a great manufacturing community here. >> reporter: that's cali solar 's co founder and president building a site in mississippi. the factory will employ 1,000 workers earning $45,000 a year. cali solar says mississippi offers a competitive cost advantage. is it cheaper to do business in mississippi? >> it's not, you know -- i'm not going to comment about anything, okay? thank you. >> reporter: and then there's styon headquartered in san jose. by next year they'll stop making solar panels here and ship manufacturing to, you
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guessed it, mississippi governor haley barbour was beside himself talking about a new half billion dollar plant. >> we're tickled that we've been chosen. >> reporter: jonathan balentien got one of the zion jobs. he said in hattiesburg mississippi you can raise two kids and have a house for $15 an hour. how much can you buy a house for in mississippi? >> they range from probably about $50,000 to the really nice houses, 200, 200th 5th thousand dollars. >> reporter: greg kennedy was -- $250,000. >> reporter: greg kennedy was occidental power and says california has become an inconvenient and expensive place to do business. >> we have a lot more rules to follow, you know, for taking care of people, making sure sometimes it's a landmine for an employer to do the right thing, make sure they got all their ts crossed and is dotted. >> reporter: back at cali solar the fate of the remaining 270
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employees is unclear as the company reviews its options for the site. are you nervous? >> there's everything to be nervous about in the world today. >> reporter: for what it's worth, cali solar did give the laid off employees two months' notice and offered job council hinge and workshops for job place -- counseling and workshops for job placement. >> a house for 50 grand. >> reporter: that's about a downpayment in the bay area. >> yeah maybe. all right. kiet do, thank you. on to other headlines around the bay area, a woman walked away unhurt after this. a semi squished her car against the b.a.r.t. tracks on the 580 near dublin. the chp says the truck driver didn't see the car as he changed lanes. truck driver was treated for gashes in his forehead. a famous bakery is closed until further notice. a fire heavily damaged thomas kelleher's bouchon this morning. firefighter had to cut a hole in the roof. it's believed an electrical
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malfunction started that blaze. people living there said it sounded like the sky was falling. an unlikely object fell through the roof of a house on walnut street in petaluma. don knapp went up there to take a look. >> reporter: it was a quiet friday afternoon just before labor day when a mysterious but powerful event shook this quiet petaluma neighborhood. >> and all of a sudden i heard this huge crash and the whole house shook. it was a little different than the earthquakes that we've had here, but as far as the house totally shook. >> reporter: neighbor chris kelly ran out, too. >> all of a sudden we heard what sounded almost like a gunshot at close range. >> reporter: kelly climbed up on his pickup truck and looked around. >> he's looking around and he goes no, but you have a hole in your roof. >> reporter: the lens piece is now at the police station are from a 6 to 9-inch cannon zoom lens. it appears they fell from an airplane or helicopter and fell hard. >> it had to reach a velocity
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that was substantial. so to say it reached terminal velocity which i believe is in the 200 plus mile-per-hour range. >> reporter: had it hit anyone, it could have been lethal. the lens ripped a 6-inch hole in the overhanging roof and slammed down the outside of the house. >> that is about a foot from where my son's pillow. is that's a little close for comfort, thanks. >> reporter: petaluma police contacted the faa and have been talking to camera shops. so far no one has come forwardful she's facing a $1,000 deductible on the 4 -- forward. she's facing a $1,000 deductible in the $4,100 repair job. >> i was saying i have a lens that caused a hole in the roof and now i'm changing it to did you lose a lens. no one will fess up. >> reporter: don knapp, cbs5. a planet with two suns? george lucas thought of it tech aids ago, but nasa scientists announced a planet like that
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does exist. nasa's kepler space telescope discovered the planet 200 light years away from us. it's called kepler 16b and orbits around two suns very similar to the alien world in star wars where luke skywalker pondered his future, but unlike the movie kepler 16b is old cold and inhospitable, kind of like its name. "."'s unreal to see yourself like that".." he d by str you saw the dramatic rescue pulled to safety from a burning wreck. >> it's unreal to see yourself like that. >> now you'll hear it from the man saved by total strangers. it has been two decades since his amazing feat. we're checking in with a paraplegic park ranger who climbed half dome. d. a surprise came from the cracked earth, the natural phenomenon that swallowed up a phenomenon that swallowed up a baby puppy. ,,,,,,
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cracking. a four week old puppy somehow slipped almost texas is so bad the ground is cracking. a 4-week-old puppy somehow slipped almost 3 feet down into a narrow crack and the owners call animal services. they dug several holes in the rock hard dirt and then after 20 minutes they pulled the little guy out. he was dirty and he was crying, but he wasn't hurt.
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strangers risking their own an incredible story that you only see in comics or movies, strangers risking their own lives to save a motorcyclist stuck under a burning car. 21-year-old brandan wright was riding along on the highway when he swerved to avoid hitting the car in front of him. next thing he knew, he was under that car screaming for help. bystanders rushed in. they picked up the car and pulled him out. it could have exploded at any time. watching it for the first time, he says he's very thankful for their heroics. >> i just wanted to thank all the heros that put their life on the line to save mine. >> he was not wearing a helmet, escaped with only broken bones, burns and what he called a gnarly road rash. he plans to live every day now like it's his last he says. well, this week two decades
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ago an amazing feat in yosemite. a paraplegic park ranger tried to climb half dome. >> whatever happened to that guy mark wellman, remember him? that's tonight's good question. >> we're charged up to get up there and i can't wait to touch the face and get on the rocks. >> reporter: it was the biggest story in the country 20 years ago. september, 1991 yosemite park ranger mark wellman, a paraplegic, and his climbing partner mike corbin decided that they would scale the 4,000- foot face of half dome. i remember the story well. i covered it for cbs5. climb up the face of half dome. that's me sitting on the top of half dome doing a live shot. you don't look so good, man, after 20 years. >> you don't think. >> reporter: 20 years has come and gone, but wellman's feat was never matched. he remains the only paraplegic
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to attempt the face. >> i'm 20 years older. i'm not as fit as i once was, but i still got the same drive that i had 20 years ago. go ahead, sit down. >> reporter: today through his company no limits wellman works with disabled people of all ages encouraging them to break through the same physical barriers that he shattered 20 years ago. >> this is before ada, americans with disabilities act. so at the time it was, you know, thinking out of the box. >> reporter: adapted biking, kayaking, cross-country skiing and climbing, of course, he pioneered a lot of it for the disabled. >> he impressed me how he climbed yosemite, very, very impressive. >> reporter: you were a kid, just 10 years old, but you remember. >> i remember it. >> reporter: he also spent a lot of time now helping returning wounded war veterans, travels the country to counsel them. >> i love working with these guys because they have done
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just a few minutes it will officially be friday. >> true. >> that means it's officially the weekend. >> yeah. and pretty soon it will officially be fall. >> exactly, one week from tomorrow. that's where i thought you were leading, ken. >> i was. i was just going kind of slow. >> it just took him a long time to get there. today's high temperatures are below normal. why do you guys all talk from the south they're saying? 62 degrees today the high. in san francisco warm spots 77 degrees in sonoma and in san jose. so you can see a little bit of
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the moon, although we are clouding over. it's cool, breezy. the winds are out of the south up to 30 in concord, but tomorrow promises to be warmer all the way through the weekend, but that's after tonight's cool temperatures dropping off into the upper 40s in santa rosa through pen grove, otherwise mid-50s, willow glen, cupertino, campbell. tonight a cool night, tomorrow slightly warmer, but we're setting the stage for summertime as it returns for the last summer weekend of this year, autumn officially arriving next friday. you can see the trough blowing through. it's going to mix up that very deepen hansed marine layer allowing the warmer -- deep enhanced marine layer allowing the warmer weather to slip in, 70 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy and east of the bay into the low 80s from today's mid- 70s. 63 bodega bay with partial
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clearing, 74 degrees. over the weekend gradual trending upwards until we top off into the 90s until about this time next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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r five closed captioning for eyewitness news is brought to you by shreeve jewelers. fans may be wondering where is the offense all season scoring 30 runs in this winning streak? pablo sandoval had a lot to
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smile about tonight against the rockies. 2nd inning, pablo with a three hopper back up the middle for a single. they scored three runs. in the 5th he reaches out, slaps a double down the left field line. he's tied and the team leads with 25 doubles. so he needs in the 6th inning eight triples for the cycle and looks what happens. carlos gonzalez comes up empty. pablo hits for the cycle, just the 10th chance for the giants to get the cycle, giants beating the rockies 8-5 now seven games behind arizona with 12 to play. tigers manager jim leyland had not changed his underwear during the tigers' 12 game winning streak. for the love of god, will someone end it? >> that's why he's in his own section. >> the a's win 6-1 sending the briefs to the cleaners or the dump. take your pick. >> oh. as who has it better than us?
2:06 am
>> nobody! >> jim harbaugh's blue collar mentality has spread throughout the team. he wears gas station shirts, drives old trucks or does he? last week i was doing my sportscast about 5:50, right? i was running outside the players parking lot and guess who came behind me live during my sportscast in an escalade? >> that was not my escalade. >> come on. >> that was not my escalade or my wife's. that's a friend's escalade who drove my wife to the ballgame and she asked me to drive their car. >> see, i thought i blew your cover. >> you got nothing on me. >> so the blue collar mentality stays. >> i got a silverado. before last week you probably never heard of a coastal carolina football coach david bennett, but now he'll be best known for his memorable press conference. >> i tried to lay it out the front door, cat still going crazy in there and i told our players you need to be more like a dog.
2:07 am
>> there's your southern stuff, roberta. they got over 600,000 views on youtube. he still has no idea how. this world we live in with facebook and tweeting and these cameras, i don't know where did that thing go last week? how did that thing get up out of here and go everywhere like that? at no. 4 opening round of the bmw championship, look at vijay. justin rhodes your leader. no. 3, snow cone day in philly, hanging on for the out. phillies magic number is down the one to win the east. no. 2, thursday night football, running shot. third ranked lsu beats mississippi state 19 -6. oh, it looked like it hurt. no. 1, the stanford women's soccer team is no. 1 in the country after beating portland tonight. they are unbeaten in 50 straight regular season games. stanford's next play is no. 19 santa clara sunday night
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8:00, great local match-up of two elite soccer teams across the country. >> elite. >> sometimes i wonder where it goes after it goes in the camera, too. >> it goes right to the moon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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