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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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800 more prisoners as the cash- strapped state begins one of the biggest prisoner moves in history. >> we don't know, yet, what type of inmates we're going to be getting. >> reporter: in a nutshell they need to get about 11,000 conviction out of their overcrowded prisons in the coming year. they are shifting thousands of non-violent oh fenders back to the county jails and probation departments, like here in santa clara. but there is a gamble to the deal. >> even though the assembly bill calls for the none none none, non-sex, non-violent inmates, we don't know what their histories will look like. we could have violence, sex cases in their history. >> reporter: which begs the question are we gambling with public safety to save money. >> i don't think it's a gamble but there is risk involved. we can't do business the way we did before. >> reporter: as time builds so will the pressure on local jails. the state is making it easier
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for prisoners to earn four times more time off for good behavior under the new plan than they had under the old one. are we gonna see prisoners released earlier? >> interview: in some cases, there may be. >> reporter: on the other hand, the current system isn't really working all that well either. >> interview: if you look at san francisco, for instance, 77% of the people that we send to prison rio fend. so obviously there are things we can do much better. >> reporter: as is often the case, the state is giving money for the first year of the program. santa clara, for example. will get about 15 million, but, after that -- >> interview: next year the governor is working on -- >> reporter: so you haven't seen any money? >> interview: we have not seen any money, no. >> reporter: they are giving you a down-payment for one year and after that it's pretty much up in the air. >> interview: we have assurances from the governor but you're right. >> reporter: what we have here is an attempt to have a political situation a solution to a problem of money. the politics of this is, yes, we're going to start releasing prisoners, but we're not really, we're going to send them to the county.
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now if the counties release them that's a different story. >> reporter: and the counties are overcrowded? >> they have room right now. the problem with the counties is the money. everybody is trying to make this thing work and some people say it might work better if we can get a handle on these parolees and such. the problem is money. they have given it the first year, but after the first year, we don't know where the money is gonna come from. it reminds us of something that happened a long time ago when we decided to break down the state mental institutions and we said "we'll send them back to the communities," money was supposed to follow, it didn't. >> it didn't. >> this one is just as serious, we'll see what happens. >> all right. phil matier, thanks. new information on a stabbing followed by a police shooting that left two dead and one injured. it happened in san francisco's richmond district in the 600 block of funston avenue. it turns out a man attacked his own parents. >> reporter: at the woo family welfare association in chinatown the news hit hard.
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one of their senior members, dennis woo, was attacked. >> that's bad. >> reporter: stabbed repeatedly in his home in the 600 block of funston this morning. his wife was also stabbed. she died. dennis woo is recovering. >> i know the guy from china, he is aness guy, has a family. >> reporter: police say the sailant was the couple's 44- year-old son. when officers arrived they saw the son with knives in both hands moving aggressively toward the cops. an officer shot him with an extended range impact weapon. one that shoots beanbags. but that didn't even slow him down so the second cop shot and killed the suspect. >> it is clear this guy had serious intent to hurt the people in the house as well as
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the officers when they tried to save the victims. >> reporter: woo brought his family over from china decades ago and has been president of the woo family welfare association, a group that helps new immigration reset will in america. >> there were several really sweet families coming in and out of the building and, you know, these few houses on the block, you know, never any issues, disturbances, nothing. >> reporter: another woman inside the home was unharmed. she hid in the back, police say. why did he stab his parents, investigators are not saying, but since it was an officer- involved shooting they are planning to answer questions at a community meeting tomorrow evening at the recreational center. joe vasquez, cbc 25. oakland police say a city- issued la pell camera shows what happened when an officer shot and killed a suspect on september 25th. it happened on cherry street near 99th avenue. police say that the suspect, and officer, struggled. the police say the man had a gun and threatened the officer so the officer opened fire. it's not clear, yet, if police will release that video to the
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public. family from chile is still looking to find out answers about the way their victim was killed. >> the parents of asell a done, it was a busy intersection where he was murdered, at the intersection of add a line and emmerson, his family came all the way from chile to get an update and contribute to this garden you see behind me. it's their way of honoring his memory. the 35-year-old was walking home with his girlfriend the early mornings hours when two men, who apparently wanted to rob the couple, ended up shooting him. there is a $20,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who killed him. his family met with police. they want to keep adomino's name and picture in the spotlight. as they told us, they don't
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want him to be forgotten and they want his killer found. >> the tree is a thing that is living and will live and hopefully it will begin to fill that dark spot inside of ourselves. >> reporter: the police still need the public to come forward to find his killers, don't they? >> >> interview: yes, absolutely. we have, you know, we have some things, it's not a completely lost case, it's so close, it's just we need some extra information. >> reporter: and the public garden is only one of the public ways that philadon, you can see the crosse work war he was killed, his fiance painted this, in the middle it says "imagine." she comes here every day and kisses the ground where her fiance was killed. it's her way of reminding all of us what happened here. >> all it takes is that one day for someone to come forward and hopefully one day they will. >> reporter: that's what they
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need. >> ann notarangelo in berkeley. thank you. two separate evacuations around the bay area. people in benecia were impacted after construction crews ruptured a gas pipeline. a private company was digging a stretch on east kay street when they struck a 4" plastic pipe around 12:30. a five square block area around city hall was evacuated while pg&e worked to fix that leak. the line was capped around 2:30 and evacuation orders were lifted about 20 minutes later. san francisco's lowell high school was evacuated for almost 2 hours this morning when gas was smelled on campus. the odor was first reported around 10:15. administrators began evacuating the school's 260 students soon afterwards, both the fire department and pg&e investigated but did not find any sign of a gas leak. students were allowed to return to class just before 12:15 this afternoon. all right. it started as a football game,
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but it turned into this all-out brawl. the high school football rivalry that turned violent. weather tease we >> why did a sea lion try to cross the highway? no joke here. what veterinarians discovered that could explain it. it's high def doppler radar picking up plenty of precipitation around the bay area. a more powerful storm is barreling this way. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect it as "eyewitness news" continues ,,
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[ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪ san leandro over the weekend. police have just released a suspect. tonight, police have identified three people shot and killed outside an illegal party in san leandro that was happening over the weekend. police have just released a sketch of the suspect that they have given us. christian ayers spoke today with a family of one of those
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victims. kristin. >> i did speak with that family. a triple shooting. two of the victims, we now know, teenaged girls. police believe from that sketch that they know what the suspect looks like, they say it's just a matter of tracking that suspect down. >> it was your worst nightmare, you wake up and you see your own car on the news and you're -- with the windows shot out and you know that your child was sitting in that driver's seat. >> reporter: that is how roger kil discovered that his only child, 19-year-old sha neice kil was the victim of a shooting. >> she just didn't get a chance to live you know. she didn't get a chance. such a beautiful young lady. >> reporter: a fashion design student had just spoken to her father a few hours earlier to let him know she had arrived at the party along with another lady, lanetia worthington. >> alice shot. i don't believe that. >> reporter: her friends still can't believe it.
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they wore these pictures of her around their necks in class today as a tribute. some had heard about the warehouse party that had been publicized as a tattoo party where guests could get tattoos. >> i didn't know she was gonna go and now i'm crying because i missed her. >> reporter: there were hundreds of people at the party and many potential witnesses. >> interview: we have never had anything like this happen. >> reporter: let my daughter go out, my only child, and this time she did not come back. >> reporter: kil is grieving his daughter's death at home, pleading with anyone with information to call police. >> her mother and i were very distraught and we want justice for shanic e. >> reporter: they are not just looking for the suspect at this point, they say they are looking for witnesses, there were up to 400 people attending that party and they say anyone who saw the shooter should contact them. >> when we hear illegal party,
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the first thing that comes to mind was a rathje party. you said tattoos. is this kind of along the same lines where the word spreads underground? >> reporter: pretty much. this one was publicized on facebook but the host invites a tattoo artist and people go there, look at the books and decide whether or not they wanted tattoos. the parents thought it was a harmless thing but it turned out to be a dangerous event. >> 400 people in attendance. thank you. an ugly brawl that cleared the benches at a high school football game in sacramento will have some painful consequences. ight when a tackle ignited the fight. the with [ yelling ] >> mcclatchy high school was leading kennedy high 14-0 friday night when a tackle ignited a fight. the coaches called the game at about 5 minutes to go and, today, the school district decided that both teams will forfeit their scheduled contests this week. >> it's an unfortunate ending to a great game, and good
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rivalry between the two schools. >> it's just embarrassing to that point, but you know, we coaches have agreed this will never happen again as long as it's under our watch. >> the players involved will also have to take part in sportsmanship training and perform joint community service. well a lot of people were surprised over the weekend when a sea lion was spotted crossing highway 101. now, we're learning it was wounded, by a gunshot. the animal was seen crossing the highway in burlingame saturday. rescuers caught her after she flopped off at the broadway exit there. today veterinarians at the marine mammal center found she had been shot in her jaw about a week ago. vets say she is in stable condition tonight. we turn to roberta with some changes in our forecast. >> i actually had to come into work early today to dust off a live high def doppler radar today. i do do windows too. >> come on by. >> we're going to go outside the windows to look at current
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conditions inside san francisco. here it is. the first time we're using it this autumn season, live, our high def doppler radar, we're mingling up plenty of precipitation in the bay area. right there santa rosa jumping over 101 to the petaluma area. the east bay is range, just about everywhere. you're hearing the raindrops on the rooftops, santa clara valley you too under the gun right thousand, as far as the light to moderate precipitation, right there from allen rock back into elves oh and around the peninsula, it is a sloppy night at sfo, over 1 hour on some arriving flights. we had the raindrops on our camera lens as we are taking a peek outside of our studios. this is the deal for you. these are the headlines you need to keep in mind. the light rain will begin to decrease tonight, then we're setting a stage for a bigger storm arriving tuesday evening, about this time. in the far reaches of the north bay that stayed on its current course. and then that will provide us with plenty of rain and wind on
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wednesday. so, so far, over 2/10ths of an inch of rain in san rafael, over a quarter inch in hayward as well. watch the clock. here is your wednesday evening overnight, and we have over 1.65" of rain in throughout mill valley, over 2" in napa, and that's only up until wednesday at 6:00. we still have plenty of rain wednesday night into thursday morning. this is the frontal boundary that sliced into the bay area right now, disintegrating as the hours particular by. that's the apparent low, the cold front will below through the area wednesday ramping up the winds as well. tomorrow the day will be dry under partly to mostly cloudy sky, unseasonably cool, 49 degrees is the outside number. otherwise in the rain on wednesday tapering off thursday, that will provide fleet week with plenty of sunshine. monday is columbus day, it's a holiday. >> wow. well we'll be here but, hopefully, many people will enjoy that day off.
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>> there you go. >> it will be sunny. thanks roberta. the early rains can be a mixed blessing for early california farmers. the main reps walnuts to ripen but the weather could also prevent machines from getting to those crops. >> i mean it could be a disaster. >> reporter: wet weather could prevent walnut grower alvin kortopasi from turning on acres of walnuts on his ranch. >> interview: we're not on top of pavement here, this is dirt, it rains and you have ehing machinery has to go across it and you just won't physically be able to get it through there. >> reporter: the 8-ton shakers and pickers could be parked for days. he says the walnuts are ready now but, with the threat of rain, he is forced to wait. while the amount of rainfall isn't enough to delay the crop, delaying the harvest could cripple his bottom line, forcing him to harvest the old fashioned way, by hand. >> interview: we'll try to
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gather up as many hand pickers if we can if that happens and harvest some by hand, costs about half of what the machinery would to do that. >> reporter: it takes him about two weeks to harvest his walnut crop. all he can do is wait. andrea minettey, cbc 5. the next time you go to starbucks it could cost you another $5, but the money won't go for another lot take, it could help jolt the jock market. details just ahead. ,, - - job market. details ahead. ,, latth ,,
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c1c1 ,,,,,,,,
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half percent. ongoing worries about the european economy are blam a new c-b-s news poll indicates that 73 pe americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. that' the lowest number during
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president obama's term. . a dismal day on wall street, the dow fell 258 points today, almost 2 1/2%. ongoing worries about the european economy are being blamed. a new cbs news poll indicates that 73% of americans think that the country is headed in the wrong direction. and that is the lowest number during president obama's term. 69% of those polled say that the president has not made progress fixing the economy. now many an entrepreneur that is gotten a business started by spending time at a laptop at the local starbucks. >> now the coffee company is doing something to help budding entrepreneurs. the program that is helping customers, they want to give back. len. >> reporter: that's exactly right. the ceo of starbucks thinks we're not in a job crisis, we're in a job emergency, he wants to do something about it. he is turning to the loyal starbucks customers for help. starbucks and work mix pretty well for the silicon valley entrepreneurs. >> we have been using starbucks as our office for the last few
6:22 pm
days. >> reporter: but what about for all the other people out of work? starbucks says let coffee jolt the job mark. starbucks will be asking every customer who comes through the door for a $5 donation, millions that could be raised will be used to provide loans to small businesses and create jobs across the country. >> i think it's incredibly clever. i think people right now are eager to do something to jump start the economy. >> reporter: eric weaver runs opportunity fund, it's part of the opportunity finance network which starbucks says will get 10% of the money raised. >> people in washington aren't allowing the president to do what he needs to do to stimulate the economy. >> this is a plaque i received in 2001 for giving back to the community. >> reporter: for proof that small loans to the community can make a difference meet robin hunt. 10 years ago banks turned her down for loans 5 times. opportunity fund gave her financing and today, her hair salon provides jobs for 10 stylists. >> we call it seed money but
6:23 pm
it's a stepping stone for dreams and visions. >> starbucks will give you a red, white and blue bracelet that calls it indivisible. one says it's impossible for him. >> as a broke student i wouldn't be able to afford that. >> reporter: others said $5 isn't much. >> $5 would be fine. it's like an extra coffee. >> reporter: starbucks is putting up $5 million of its own money to help finance this project or to actually help the opportunity finance network administer this program all across the country, but as you have seen in our story, you give a little money to a small business person who has got a lot of drive and things can happen. that small business that we profiled today is doing weld, in fact, they are looking to expand right now. back to you. >> well, and how many more are out there. that's the really -- what can we tap into. maybe we missed it, is starbucks kicking in or are they asking customers to help? >> reporter: they are kicking in $5 million to help
6:24 pm
administer this program through the opportunity network which is basically all across the country, there are these finance companies, and they are really non-profits, they help businesses get loans that couldn't get the loans through the banks or other problems that the banks would look at somebody on the balance sheet and say "no, they are not a good risk," but they would look at them in a different way and say"okay, we're gonna give you a chance," that's what this is all about. >> it is really an awesome idea but, practically speaking, a lot of people go and get their latth every day. will they be hit up everyday for 5 bucks? >> reporter: well if you want to give every day, they would take your money, but you know, it's gonna be there. i would say if you did it once that's probably going to be enough. if everybody did it once that could raise a lot of money. the little wristbands you get could be something that catches on as some way of showing that, eh, i'm doing my part and drinking my coffee too. >> right, give 5 bucks get 5 cents off your latth.
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got a lot of ideas, len, sorry. >> thanks len ramirez. the american student convicted of murder in italy is leaving jail for good. >> she suffered four years for a crime that she did not commit. >> amanda knox's conviction overturned. her emotional plea to the jury and the evidence that helped seal her fate. continue, fo there is no room at the inn, virtually every hotel room in san francisco and many 0 on the peninsula booked. its largest convention of the year. headaches continue for the company and its online customers. what it's weak end-long web site crash means for late bill payments, ,,,,
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sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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ride muni every day. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded
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or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. woman. the seattle native collapsed in tears as an appeals court reversed h >> after spending nearly four years in an italian prison, tonight, american student amanda knox is a free woman, the american woman collapsed in tears as they they announced the verdict in her appeal. maria laugh inreports. >> reporter: she has left an italian jail this time for good. the appeals court overturned her conviction for the 2007
6:29 pm
murder of her roommate. >> both are acquitted. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. >> earlier in the day the seattle native made an emotional plea to the jury. speaking in fluent italian she insisted she had nothing to do with the murder of meredith kercher. >> i did not skill, i did not rape, i did not steal, i was not there. she spent the last four years for killing kercher. she and her boyfriend were convicted of stabbing the 21- year-old british exchange student in the apartment the two women shared. the with key players from britain and united states, they say meredith has been forgotten in all of this. >> everything she went through, the fear, and the terror and not knowing eye why, and she
6:30 pm
didn't deserve that. >> reporter: but knox's case got a big boost when independent experts testified that key evidence linking the former couple to the crime was unreliable and possibly tainted. >> she severed four years for a crime she did not commit. >> reporter: for knox and her family it's been a long road but one that will end with knox back home in the u.s. mo'nique bin robin, cbs news, perugia, italy. anyone trying to book a hotel room in san francisco this week can tell you there aren't many options. oracle open world is in town. mike sugerman reports there really is no room at the inn. mike? >> reporter: there really isn't, dana. i'm told oracle spent $50 million for this week-long convention and part of it was to pay the city to close howard street right in front of musconey center. this is a major thoroughfare in front of market and traffic is just a mess. it's not very good news. good for the city budget, not good for people who have to get
6:31 pm
around south of market. the good news is for city businesses and, as you say, especially hotels. a crowd the entire population of the city of petaluma crammed in a 1-square block of san francisco today. >> definitely chaotic. it's so big. people are, i think, confused. they come and they are deer in the headlights. >> reporter: it brought with it all the traffic and other nightmares you might imagine. 45,000 attendees and thousands more exhibitors and staff discussing things 9/10ths of us have no clue about. >> we build meta data land. >> we provide solutions for the various oracle rp platforms. >> our 11c upgrade would be applicable. >> reporter: the other is seemingly here. from 117 different countries for the developers conference be, that is one reason oracle brings in $36 billion a year. people are trying their luck to make their own bucks. they are definitely spending. >> we have a couple events
6:32 pm
tonight and tomorrow night where they bought the entire restaurant out. >> tim mull lens of thursday tee bear brew pub is filling them up as quick as they can. part of $100 million expected to be pumped into the bay area economy this week. hotels, please. >> $275 a night. >> $189 a night. >> $329, dollars, not pounds. >> the upscale w sold out. the hilton, sold out. the super 8 in the tenderloin, all right, it still has some room. but, next door, forget about it. >> we keep on saying we don't have no vacancy, no vapor barrier anssi, this is sleep on a bunk bed hostel where attendee june hoo u.n. bought up all four beds just for privacy. >> the only thing i need, there is no toilet here.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: no toilet. >> no private toilet. >> reporter: he might have had one. a half hour ago i saw fire engines come out of fire station 1 down the block here stuck in all this traffic. it finally got out. i hope there was no extra damage because of that but it is just a mess south of market because of this and it's going to be like this for 1, 2, 3, 4 more days, bringing in a lot of money, but making a big mess and it's just a hassle down here. >> by the fourth day we'll have it all figured out. >> reporter: i don't think so. >> all right. mike sugerman, thank you. >> maybe not figured out but you might get a room. all right. yahoo could soon be in the hands of a chinese company. the chief of ali baba group, any commissioners giant, says he is very interested in buying yahoo. they currently own a 34% steak in ali baba. it's not clear whether the formal offer has been made. they have been struggling in
6:34 pm
the past few years amid intense competition from google and facebook. it fired its ceo last month. access to american bank's site is touch and go. it went down one day after they announced $5 user fees. what to do if it left you with late fees. >> reporter: the problems began friday and continued through this morning right around the start of the month when many go online to pay bills. whatever you call it, issues have resulted in late fees so we asked b of a if it will be willing to reimburse. they say they'll "work with customers on a individual basis" but they can make payments at a nearby banking center, that's where you should go to discuss your late fees or call your number at the back of the card. speaking of online troubles we found some new tools to help
6:35 pm
you weed through all of your email clutter and we begin with bacon. bacon, is the term for spam you sign up for. newsletters, coupons, it can also overwhelming your inbox and it's often easier to hit the delete button than to go through the process of unsubscribing. you log on, down load the app and a 1-click unsubscribe button is loaded next to your email button after sorting through it, there's "other" it sorts through mail, spam, shopping, social networking but currently only available on gmail, yahoo and aol. and while these tools can help with inbox over load experts say it's still best to read file and delete on a regular basis. >> wow. >> bacon has to come with eggs. >> spam, bacon, i don't want any of it. >> then you're too easy. >> i wrote it down.
6:36 pm
>> yeah, i just send them straight to junk mail. i just would rather be unsubscribed from them. >> absolutely. and it works with your outlook as well as any of those gmail, aol ones. >> love it. no more shopping sites for me. developing cou >> yeah, right. >> thank you. >> yeah right. "... to mark things well a simple device that could save thousands of babies in developing countries and the stanford person who invented it. >> we need ceremonies to mark the new events in our life. >> the newlyweds go all out, but what happens when it ends up in divorce. how more and more couples are celebrating splitting up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
prize for medicine. ralph steinman was named a recipient today, three days a pioneering biologists who used his own research to treat himself for cancer will keep his research for medicine. ralphsteinman was announced a
6:39 pm
winner today three days after his death. they are only supposed to consider living scientists but because the medical committee had not been notified of his death the award will stand. steinman was honored for covering a cell that helps fight off infections. premature babies have a better shot at survival in developing nations, sharon steiner shows us how the gadget they invented is saving lives. >> every day sajafa laments losing all three babies. she was shunned because she was considered useless. one of her babies was born alive but premature and tiny. the hospital was too far for them to travel for help. >> she tried to keep the baby warm, he put it in a box with a light. but the baby died. sometimes hurl hospitals don't
6:40 pm
have much better. >> in these streets with babies the potential and the greatest killer is hypothermia. >> they get too cold. >> too cold. >> reporter: in this out indian state more than 3 in 10 babies are born premature or with dangerously low birth rates and keeping these tiny bodies warm is vital to their survival. there's an urgent need for a portable inexpensive easy to use device. they have found one, conceived in a class at stanford university. so the challenge posed to us at that time was to make a baby incubator that cost less than 1% of the cost of a traditional incubator which is $20,000 in the u.s. >> >> reporter: this is what they came up with. a wax-like substance is heated on a small sheen and put no a wrap. the pouch stays at a constant temperature for up to 6 hours.
6:41 pm
have you seen this gadget save a baby's life. >> yes. >> reporter: it costs $200. the traditional costs 2,000. for this mom, it's priceless. her minutes-old baby girl is in her arms instead of in a bulky machine. doctors say the device does have limitations. it requires electricity in villages electricity is often unavailable for hours a dave. the embrace team is aware and already working on a device that does not require electric. but even now, this small innovation has the potential to make a big impact. sarah steiner, mbenga liu you the, india. light rain is now falling across the bay area according to our doppler radar, but a bigger storm is leaded this way. the day to expect it, i don't care how much it's range it's not dam penguin 49er fans, is it dennis.
6:42 pm
>> no. in fact, roberta, i'll tell you where the temperature is rising. 49er headquarters, san francisco ups their lead in the n.f.c. west. and why the coach is trying to down play it all. coming up. ,, ,,,, stein man ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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happens when it doesn't work out? sandra mitchell reports, when it comes to planning a wedding, brides, grooms, they do tend to go all-out. but what happens when it doesn't work out. >> sandra mitchell reports break-up barbs are becoming a hot new trend among the newly divorced. [ sound of party ] >> throwing an extravagant party to celebrate marriage, but what if the couple don't make it until "death do us part." >> i think divorce parties are awesome. it's my first one i have been to, seems like she is having a ball. >> while some might find it a little odd a lot of people are embracing the growing trend of divorce party. like recent deinvestigators an gee hill of los angeles. >> we love each other but we can't live together. that's my take on it.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: this is home video of her throwing a big bash to mark the end of her marriage. los angeles divorce party planner christine gallagher is who divorcees call when they want to go out with a celebration. >> i do think individuals need rituals, they need ceremonies to mark things, big events in our life. you know, your marriage is the beginning of it, that's like a huge event. why not have an event at the end to mark the closure of the marriage. >> reporter: so gallagher and her team of experts come together to degree ate a party that is distinctive to deinvestigatorsies. >> we try to tie the theme into what happened with the marriage or the break-up. >> hi chris. >>ed the popular one is called a survivor party, desert island theme, coconut, slim p's. >> any line? >> yes. >> of course, what's a party without a cake. >> i'm making this gorgeous cake with them on top. >> yes. >> but i would think maybe it's
6:47 pm
in blood dripping out of his head. >> while some say divorce parties are cynical gallagher thinks just the opposite. >> this is my first divorce party. it's kind of sad but we've got to embrace the journey into single hood. >> reporter: for the nowly divorced lady it's a time to move on. >> a great idea. i think the key there was moving on. >> i think the guys just go to vegas, you know. i don't know. >> there is the bachelor party then the divorce party in vegas. the whole business. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> stays in vegas. >> what happens here in the bay area is we're opting for umbrellas. our high def doppler radar is planting plenty of precipitation. right now you see the green on
6:48 pm
screen. we have medium to light rainfall around the southern edge, climbing up the santa cruz mountains into the bay, east and wet, lots of rainfall around that 580, 680 corridor, hopscotching the rainfall, just a pocket of rain there and there in the northern portion of our bay area. san francisco, you too have some light rain showers. it looks like for the most part the light rain will begin to diminish during the overnight hours. in fact, right now, with just the light rain, the temperatures have come down into the low 60s, upper 50s, ph milpitas. meanwhile across the eastern portion '06 our district, 60 degrees, out of the west to southwest 15. bay temperatures into the 60s but with that low ceiling we do have delays on sfo on some arriving flights over 1 hour and 12 minutes, now your weather headlines, be mindful of this over the next 48 hours t light rain is decreasing and then we have a break in the day tomorrow before iguodalaer storm ramps up and moves towards the bay area.
6:49 pm
tomorrow night in throughout our wednesday, increasing our winds as well. this is the latest system plowing through the bay area, notice it sliding to the south. up stream we have the parents area of low pressure. it's a cold front and that's going to descend on the bay area, packing a punch. it's a more potent system. so, so far, over a quarter inch of rain in napa and in hayward. 13/100ths of an inch in pleasanton, but watch the clouds. by about, ooh, 48 hours away we're going to be talking over 2" of rain, accumulating in throughout napa and sonoma and one wine country in livermore, pacifica along the coast with gusty winds up to an inch of rain as well. tonight overnight temperatures 40s and 50s with the mostly cloudy sky and the light rain diminishing. tomorrow morning you might want to keep that umbrella handy just in case. overall a cloudy day with the rain showers developing toward the evening commute beginning in the north bay. temperatures 50s, 60s to the low 70s, the extended forecast, wash out on wednesday, tapering
6:50 pm
off early thursday, that sets the stage for gorgeous conditions, lots of ample sunshine on friday through fleet week. that's the pinpoint forecast, dennis on deck with sports. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by xfinity. endless fun to do xfinity. so the hiring of jim harbaugh as the 49ers head coach came with enormous expectations but i'm not sure anybody expected him to turn around the franchise this fast. harbaugh gave up his first class seat on the plane to sit with his players in coach following yesterday's comeback win. they erased a 23-3 deficit to beat the eagles 24-23. improving to 3-1 and opening a the-game lead in the n.f.c. west. so, naturally, at today's news conference harbaugh was trying to downplay expectations. >> i'm starting to get the feeling like there's too many nice things coming our way here, you know. my coach in college stayed "when people start talking nice with you, kick 'em in the shins," and -- >> you would rather prefer that all that was written was written against us. >> okay, thank you. >> yeah, okay. >> go back to yourselves.
6:54 pm
the employees, go back through the list of everything that's negative. now meanwhile tv ratings of the 49ers/eagles game matched that of the raiders game against new england. it was a strong indication the raiders were gaining momentum and that a victory over the patriots would continue their resurgence. jason campbell threw for a season high 344 yards but this interception late in the first half just changed momentum of the game. campbell called it a bonehead play and realized the raiders missed a big chance for another statement win. >> i was messing up there, in a position to compete at a high level, we still are and we still will. it's just the fact that, you know, we will get all our fans back in the stands, we want to keep them coming, you want to go out and win as much as you possibly can to turn this thing around. >> we're not backing down from what the expectation is here by no stretch of the imagination. it's not gonna change. we're gonna win the afc west, do everything we can to get in
6:55 pm
that playoffs and challenge for the super bowl. i'm not backing down from that. >> it was also richard seymour's first game against his team. maybe he was a little fired up. he had two fouls on the opening drive. >> he put me down kind of gently. i don't think it should have been a foul. but, umm, i'm glad we've got the call. >> ha ha ha ha. well he was talking to the ref, you know, trying to get it, so -- pass that along. rays and rangers just over, the playoffs, a trip to the aquarium. mike napoli had close to 400 after the all-star break. apparently david price didn't get that memo. a two-run jack gives texas the lead. hang on to win 4-3 and take a 2- 1 series lead. andy roddick lost in the first round of the china open. after the macha reporter asked the 29-year-old how much longer he plans to keep playing. guess how that came over.
6:56 pm
>> i'm a man -- >> i'm 40. >> i want a teen couple. >> how long will you play until you retire? >> umm, why i think that you should retire. and, plays of the week end, bears running back marion barber won't be going to-done next summer with the gym in as particular team. face plant on the landing. early skills, leaps over two players, before being pushed out of bounds, plus the aggies lose to arkansas. i have a cbs5 exclusive from the german soccer lead. aaron with the incredible bicycle kick, the poor goalie didn't have a chance, you won't see that anywhere else, bicycle kick. giants, what does this remind you of? john j fairly calls this reese, he hangs on to the baseball and uninjured. that series tied it 1 game
6:57 pm
apiece. finally we all know andrew luck is the best quarterback in the country. how about the receiver. luck with the incredible 1-hand catch, there's noting this guy can't do, stanford, we're going to say they are ranked four because that's what they are ranked in the u.s.a. today poll and that's, since that the highest, that's the official cbs5 poll we'll go with here. >> great catch. >> he can do it all. he'll be the number 1 pick, he is not gonna be a 49er the way this is turning out. >> no, they have a quarterback. >> alex smith played very well yesterday. >> easy. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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