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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tradition versus a new way of thinking. the surprising place where shark fin soup is already band. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. >> amanda knox is free and clear. what is waiting for her in seattle. and first, tonight, roberta on the very early start to the rainy season. >> this first storm brought us 3" of rain to the wettest spots in the northern bay area, a smattering across the bay area, where people are telling me sure smells good outside. we have rain from san jose to the bay area. now we do have ahead another bigger storm heading this way. should be arriving by at least this time tomorrow night with rain and wind. we'll tally up the totals and let you know how much to expect. still coming up later on in this newscast. >> thanks roberta. with the first storm the year comes this familiar warning. slow it down. the first rain brings all the oils to the surface of the
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pavement there, making it very slippery. but did you know this? the chp says the slickest roads tends to be the freeway clover leaves, those connector ramps between freeways. the irs says not so fast, telling a big medical marijuana business that it owes millions in back taxes. robert liles on the letter that could change everything for budding bay area industry. >> reporter: oakland as harbor side health center is celebrating its five-year anniversary tonight but nothing in these canisters is strong enough to change the mood after this bill. >> the irs has given us a tax bill of $2.5 million. >> reporter: what's going on? the internal revenue service launched a two year audit of harborview and specialized tax area. it was illegally deducting business expenses but now it
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seems ... >> they are claiming we're a drug trafficking organization. >> reporter: but they are licensed and pays taxes in the city of oakland. in fact, the can business dispensary is in the top 10 of the city's packs tears. >> i'm holding in my hand a check which represents $360,000. >> reporter: just a partial payment. you will recall oakland wants to expand hoping to increase on increased local sales tax. but how likely is that if the standard business deductions. >> rent, for payroll, for health insurance. >> reporter: are now denied all because, federally, can business is still schedule 1 or illegal. >> we'll be taxed out of existence. >> reporter: but the feds are not denying everything. >> this is the crazy part of it. the irs is allowing us to deduct all the money that we purchased for the can business
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it but will not allow us to deduct business expenses. >> reporter: they are filing back. >> we'll now move to the courtroom. >> reporter: they tell me they pay taxes, they pay workers compensation, they even lab test that, that is the can business, and the patients who secure the can business are all legally entitled to have it, at least by state standards, now harborside may be the first to undergo this federal audit but they tell me many other dispensaries are facing the seam fate. so, dana, the real question tonight, with all those tax dollars out there, will the city and the state join in on this legal challenge? >> reporter: either way, sound like they are going to be spending money on legal fees. >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right. robert liles, thank you. it will soon be a lot easier for battered men and women to get long-term restraining or protective orders. the governor has approved a law allowing domestic violence victims to get the order the instant their as say lance are convicted. the judge can impose the order
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for up to 10 years. there are two kinds of protective orders, one skluting any contact at all, and one that spells out peaceful contact like dropping off and picking up children. >> this whole process was re- traumatizing the client and so this process makes it so much easier because the judge signs it and it automatically goes, becomes, you know, immediately it can be enforced. >> the new law was passed by the state legislature unanimously this summer, signed by governor brown in august and go into effect on january 1st. any day, now, the governor will be deciding the fate of shark fin soup. should it be banned? many asian americans say no but, as don knapp shows us, even in asia the times are changing. >> reporter: skinned and dried shark fins sell for as much as $600 a pound at this store in oakland's chinatown. allen, the shop owner, says fins 25" long bring a thousand dollars a pound. they are used for a traditional
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delicacy at important cultural events like weddings. it's called shark fin soup. >> can use every part of the shark except you got to throw away the fin so it doesn't make sense of it. >> reporter: he is organizing a protest to veto the bill. he says skinning sharks is illegal in u.s. waters, it won't save sharks but will hurt chinese americans. >> if you want to suspend the shark, suspend the whole shark, not only one part of it to one community. >> reporter: but the demand for shark fin soup may be softening. >> there was a study done that surveyed california voters and 70% of the chinese american voters that were surveyed were in strong support of this bill. >> reporter: hong kong is the world hub of shark fins, importing hup dreads of millions of dollars worth a year. a few years back hong kong university banned serving shark fin dishes and earlier this year a survey vy hong kong
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organization concerned with vulnerable species found 78% of hong kong people were wig to omit it at weddings while only 25% said the shark population is in decline. >> once people find what it is, where it comes from, the problems that are with it and how much devastation it causes, people can't help but be in favor of something like a ban. >> reporter: they told cbc 25 this evening the governor has not made up his mind against the legislation but will decide between now or sunday to sign or veto the bill. in oakland's chinatown, don knapp, cbc ra. two people are dead and another injured after an alleged stabbing and shooting in the richmond district. police discovered a husband and wife who had been stabbed many times in their home by their allegedly, own son. while police tried to help them
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the suspect approached with two knives. they opened fire. the son and wife died in the hospital. >> reporter: it. >> it is clear this guy had serious intent to hurt the people in the house as well as the officers when they tried to save the victims. >> the only survivor of the attack was the father, dennis woo. woo is a former president of an immigrant assistance group in chinatown. the family of a man killed a year ago has traveled all the way from chile to try to light a fire under that cold case. 35-year-old adomino seladon was walking with his his fiance in berkeley september 12th when two men shot him in an apparent robbery attempt. it happened at the intersection of emmerson and add a line. tonight his friends and family planted a tree there in his memory. >> the tree is a thing of -- that is living and that will live and hopefully it will begin to fill that dark spot inside of ourselves.
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>> there is also a $20,000 reward for any information leading to killer's arrest. other news making headlines, san leandro police released this sketch of a person of interest in a triple murder this weekend. two teenaged girls and a 23- year-old man were killed. the suspect is described as african-american with shoulder- length dreadlocks, he is 18 to 21 years old, 150 pounds, and approximately 5'7"" tall. a ruptured gas pipeline led to evacuations in downtown benecia this afternoon, construction workers digging a stretch on east k street struck a 4" plastic pipe around 12:30. a five square block area around city hall was evacuated while pg&e worked to fix that leak. the leak was capped around 2:30 and evacuation orders were lifted 20 minutes later. less than 12 hours after having her murder conviction overturned american amanda knox is pondering a slew of job
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offers. tomorrow, the 24-year-old will be flying home to seattle with her family. peter van zandt on the chaotic scene after today's courtroom reversal. >> reporter: after nearly 4 years of imprisonment american amanda knox won her freedom and vindication in perugia, italy, when two judges and a jury ruled she did not murder her british roommate meredith kercher. amanda's sister, deanna, spoke for the family. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is finally over. we salute the court for having the courage to look for the truth and overturn this conviction. >> reporter: and extraordinary scene outside the courthouse has been whistling, great disappointment among people that amanda knox has been found not guilty in the murder of meredith kercher. carter de la vega data was s one of her lawyers.
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>> she was extremely worried. all last week has been extremely difficult for her. >> reporter: earlier in the day, there was even more drama. >> i am afraid, she said, as a worldwide television audience watched knox address the court in italian, pleading for her life. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: i just want to go home and go back to my life. i don't want to be fun issued and depriced of my future for something i didn't do. because i am innocent. a large mercedes with blacked- out windows has left the local prison, amanda knox has begun the long journey home. peter van zandt, cbs news, perugia, italy. he called the word insensitive but what they have against herman king. apple unveils its new iphone tomorrow. what this one can do that the others can't. and starbucks has a plan to help the economy, what it's
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asking coffee drinkers to do so more americans can get on their feet. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cain objects to the use of the n- word at a hunting area used
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by fellow candidate rick perry. he called it "insensitive." republican presidential candidate herman cain objects to the use of an n word at a hunting area used by candidate rick perry. >> other members of the republican party are weighing in on this and as january crawford shows us, they tell us, well, they have harsh words for herman king. >> reporter: facing questions about the racial slur he said his father painted over the word when he leased the land but they quoted visitors to the camp who insisted they saw it on the rocks when perry went hunting there. when asked for his views herman cain was blunt. >> the name of the place was called "anythinger head," that was very insensitive. since governor perry has been going there for years to hunt i think it shows a lack of sensitivity. >> reporter: but, today, it was not perry but cain who grew up in the gym crow era in the segregated south taking heat
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from conservatives. cain, who has captivated voters with his straight talk, told reporters today he add made his point. >> all i said was the mere fact that that word was there was insensitive. i am not attacking governor perry now conservatives may be defending perry but the story comes as he is trying to get his campaign back on track and, just when voters are asking, who is rick perry. january crawford, cbs news, washington. iphone fans on hold for the newest version of the wildly popular smart phone may only have a few hours left to wait. the company is expected to unveil the much anticipated iphone 25 at its cupertino headquarters tomorrow morning. the gadget reportedly features a faster processor, a clearer camera, and a new voice controlled feature called "assistance more tomorrow, including when you can line up to get one.
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many a business got started at a coffee shop. now one coffee giant is doing something to help budding entrepreneurs and the economy. the microloan program that asks customers to help out by giving back. >> reporter: starbucks and work mix pretty well for these silicon valley entrepreneurs. >> we have been using starbucks as our office for the last few days. >> reporter: but what about for all the other people out of work? starbucks says let coffee jolt the job market. they will be asking every customer who comes through the door next month for a $5 donation. the millions that could be raised will be used to provide loans to small businesses and create jobs across the country. >> i think it's incredibly clever, people are eager to do something to jump start the economy. >> reporter: eric weaver runs opportunity fund, a small business lender, part of the opportunity finance network which starbucks says will get 100% of the money raised. >> people in washington aren't allowing the government to do
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what it should do, stimulate the economy, so let's put it in people's hands. >> this is a plaque i received in 2001 for giving back to the community. >> reporter: for proof that small loans can make a big difference meet robin hunt. 10 years ago banks turned her down for loans 5 times. opportunity fund gave her financing and, today, her hair salon, braided up, provides jobs for 10 stylists. >> we call it seed money but it's a stepping stone for dreams and visions. >> reporter: for a $5 donation starbucks will give you a red, white and blue bracelet that's called indivisible. but one says it's too much for him. >> as mostly broke college student i wouldn't be able to afford that. >> reporter: but others say $5 is okay. >> it's like buying an extra sized coffee which is fine. if it helps. >> reporter: starbucks is providing $5 million of its own money to get the program started which begins november 1st. len ramirez, cbs5. isname is cooper. 2 years and 3,000 miles later,
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the missing chihauhau is finally home. and it was an emotional reunion for cooper's family at the airport tonight. cooper went missing from his sacramento home two years ago, he ended up 3,000 miles away in florida, how he got there is a huge mystery and his family never gave up looking for him. cooper was found after he escaped touring a florida storm. his mileage row chip led him to his family back home in california. ut what happens doesn't work out? sandra mitchell shows us the new trend among the ed. well, when it comes to planning a wedding, brides and grooms go all-out usually, but what happens when it doesn't work out. sandra mitchell shows us the new trend among the newly divorced. throwing a big party to celebrate marriage with friends, great fun, but what happens if it doesn't make it
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"till death do us part." >> it's my first divorce party. she looks like she is having a ball. >> reporter: many people are embracing the growing trend of divorce parties. like recent deinvestigator say, andy hill, of los angeles. >> we love each other but we can't live together. >> reporter: this is home video of her throwing a big bash to mark the end of her marriage. los angeles divorce party planner christine gallagher is who deinvestigator cease call when they want to go out with a celebration. >> i do think as humans we need rituals, ceremonies to mark things, big events in our life. you know, your marriage is the beginning of it and that's like a huge event. why not have an event at the end to mark the closure of the marriage. >> reporter: so gallagher and her team of experts come together to create a party that is distinctive to deinvestigator says its. >> interview: what we do is try to tie the theme into what happened with the marriage or
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the break-up. the partner one is called a survivor party, desert island scene, desert island theme, coconut shells, pine apples. >> any line shot. >> interview: yes -- >> of course i'll be there. >> reporter: what's a party without a cake. >> i'm making this gorgeous cake with them on top but i was thinking maybe some blood dripping out of his head. >> reporter: while some say divorce parties are cynical gallagher thinks just the opposite. >> this is my first divorce party, it's kind of sad, but we've got to embrace the journey into singlehood. >> and for the now single ms. hill it's just a sign of the times to move on. >> oh, use the forehead, i think it's a bad idea. rain showers dam penned the bay area, but yet, a more powerful storm is heading this way. the timing? we have nailed it. the details when we come back. >> announcer: pinpoint weather
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thanks, roberta. we're on storm watch this monday night, october 3rd, and it looks like, by the time the new day rolls around, we'll have more rain in our forecast. let's look at our doppler
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radar, we have had plenty of precipitation in and around the bay area, as we take a sneak peek the rain is now beginning to diminish in the city of san francisco as you can see right there, by our live high def doppler radar, but lets zoom in on the santa clara valley. right there. do you see downtown san jose, 680 heading south connecting with 101, there you have 280, right there in that downtown sector we have plenty of rainfall that continues to fall. in fact, you may hear these raindrops on the rooftops if you're sitting in willow glen this evening, 3/10ths of an inch of rain found the wettest spot of the bay area and now, by the time the next storm rolls around, we'll have a little bit of a break before more precipitation moves in. plenty of cloud cover in the bay area, right now looks like temperatures falling into the 50s, wind are light out of the northeast 5 to 10, tomorrow mostly cloudy skies for openers, partly cloudy to the south. where the temps will top off in
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to 70s. pretty much 60s. it's impressive, the leading edge of the second system. that's a heavy amount of rainfall, the band, the font that pushes threw in the overnight hours, but then 1:00 in the afternoon more rain fall with even some light snow in the tahoe area. by the time it's all said and done, looks like your toe always will tally up like this. watch the blue area. looks like nearly an inch to over an inch in pacifica, over 3/4" of rain in pacifica by wednesday night. that's a lot in a short amount of time. iran out of here early thursday morning and sunny skies for fleet week on friday through the holiday on monday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis got lots of baseball action up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies. yankees ace cc sabathia was put on three... thanks to weather in new york the matchup between the tigers and ace justin verlander and the yankees, c.c. sabathia, was put on hold until tonight. the vallejo native was out pitched by verlander, tigers 4- 2 game in the seventh, but then brett gardener has extra bases, one run scores. here comes the tying run, we've got a 4-4 ball game.
11:29 pm
bottom of the seventh. delmon young hits the first pitch he saw. now that is what you call "moneyball." a solo shot that holds up, tigers win 5-4, new york is on the brink of elimination. rays and rangers, mike napoli hit close to .400 after the all-star break, apparently david price didn't get the memo. served up a 2-1 jack. texas wins 4-3 and takes a 2-1 series lead. now if you think that the 49ers win in philadelphia yesterday was fools gold jim harbaugh has a mine he would like you to invest in? who has got it better than us? >> nobody. >> yeah, the chant has become a staple in the 49ers locker room and could be heard the loudest after justin smith iced the game with a forced fumble. the mantra came from harbaugh's dad, jack, who wanted his son to embrace adversity when he was growing up. >> if it's harder it makes you
11:30 pm
better in the long run, i told him that i really wanted to be a major league shortstop growing up but, you know, i had a glove, you know, i had baseball diamonds to play on, kids down the dominican republican that had, you know, making gloves out of milk cartons, you know, i didn't stand a chance to be a major league shortstop. those guys had to overcome so much more that made 'em better players in the long run. so-- >> and the analogy -- >> we're just trying to find ways to make it harder on ourselves. how can we make things suck more. 4t r, former boise state star legarrette blount powers his way to the pylon. touchd peyton manning watching the colts go 0-4. tied at 17 with the bucks in the fourth quarter, former boise state star blows his way to the pylon, touchdown tampa. they are 3-1, they come to candlestick, 'niners 3-1 as well. you are probably asking why den bastida did not do a "good question" tonight. they decided to go with this
11:31 pm
chinese journalist's good question instead after andy roddick lost at the chinese open. >> when do you think you will retire? >> umm, why i think that you should retire. we'll be right back. he stole my question. that's the one i was gonna do tonight. >> sometimes you have to take a back seat to those who ask the questions. at that point andy roddick got up and left the building. >> really. >> yeah, he was not happy with that. >> doesn't he get paid to answer dumb questions, though? isn't that part of the game? >> we have some to ask him. >> we'll be right back.
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with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at our next newscast is tomorrow >> announcer: "eyewitness news" is brought to you by jenny o. make the switch. look for jenny o at a store near you. >> well, monday, rainy. >> you're wearing your stanford colors, they won again? >> wow. that's what did it, huh? >> these are not niner colors, huh? >> david letterman is coming up


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