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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 16, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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to honor apple co-founder, steve jobs. the oakland raiders honor the memory of al d silicon royalty gather at stanford university to honor steve jobs. >> and what the raider nation wants to see happen with the oakland raiders after the death of al davis. good evening. people close to steve jobs are gathering tonight to honor the apple co-founder as a private service that's happening right on now on the stanford university campus. both the university and apple have been very tight-lipped about this service. kit? >> reporter: well, ann, he is
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being remembered with lots of security. this is about as far as the public is allowed to go. they have the area cordoned off about a half mile away from the church where the memorial is being held this evening. right where that colored mural is, that's memorial church, and that's where everybody is gathered this evening. this is a private event, so the start time and the guest list are a mystery, but we're all pretty much at a loss for what exactly is happening out here, but we're guessing this thing is taking place in about an hour or so. some of silicon valley's elite business leaders are reportedly hear. according to the wall street
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journal, jobs' wife helped coordinate this memorial. campus visitors had no idea they had stumbled on to one of the biggest events here in silicon valley. >> i think it's great. he's a great man. he was a great man, so, yeah, i think it's good to have that honor for him. >> reporter: and governor jerry brown has declared today steve jobs day. he said to call jobs influential would be an understatement. so, again, very tight security here for this very private and high-security event. >> seem tuesday reflect how he -- seems to reflect how he lived. he kept his private life very private, even now. across the bay at the oakland coliseum, another tribute today. al davis was honored at the team's first home game since his death earlier this month. >> and a moving ceremony takes
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place in honor of the late al davis featuring a number of the former players and coaches. tom flores, jim plan kit, and many -- plunkett, and many others. it culminated with john madden lighting the torch some a poignant tribute to al davis who passed away last week at the age of 82. >> the raider nation also paid respects to their leader before the game. we have more on the tailgate tribute. >> from here to now, big al reigns! al davis in the house! >> reporter: a tribute to the
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man who led the raiders and led the nfl. one fans license plate reads commitment to excellence, and at his tailgate party, his flag is lying low. >> in honor of al. >> reporter: for the first raiders home game since the passing of al davis. >> i get emotional there with the roar of the crowd. yeah. >> him leaving is just like a relative dying, an era. >> reporter: davis is memorialized in all sorts of ways today, dubbed black sunday by fans. he is on t-shirts and on twitter. a stream of comments, hopes, and memories from all over the u.s.. along with the partying and the mourning going on here, there is also an air of wondering what is next for the team.
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>> it's almost like the matriarch of a family leaving, and you're wondering who is going to step in now, and are they going to take care of our history and our family. >> reporter: but there are some things most agree on. >> i hope they never go back to los angeles. >> i just hope they'll keep the al davis way. >> i even think they'll build a new stadium, and it will be right around these premises somehow. somebody will come through. >> reporter: it's a new era for raiders fans, one where davis' memory will always hold a place. with, another in is a series of police shoots in san jose turned deadly. shots range out just before noon as officers were investigating reports of a suspicious and possibly armed man in an apartment complex on the 400 block of wooster
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avenue. >> one officer discharged his service weapon. >> the suspect died at the scene. his identity has not been released. >> there were three fatal shootings on saturday after a much hype evidence summit to crack down on vie violence. people are searching for several people involved in a double homicide last night near park boulevard 37 . one person died at the season, another at the hospital. the search is on in san francisco for a suspect who fired shots at chp vehicles. officers say the chase started after the driver refused to pull over after running a red light. in the middle of the chase, the suspect started shooting at chp officers. according to officers, after
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the suv smashed into several cars, the suspect then ran. officers shut down several streets in the financial district as they searched for the shooter who got away. this weekend hundreds of demonstrators from all over the world were arrested. in chicago this morning, police arrested 175 people. demonstrators refused to take down their tents and leave a park that had been closed for the night. meanwhile, some republicans question whether the occupy movement's message will change anything in washington or on wall street. >> what is their message? if the message is let's punish the rich, i don't empathize with that message. >> the protest has now spread to 82 countries. >> he's the first african- american man to be honored at the national mall in washington
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d.c. thousands attended the unveiling of the martin luther king memorial. we're still enjoy something mid-70s outside right now, but those clouds will surge back in overnight and tomorrow an even warmer day. details on how hot we're going to get coming up. ,,
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thousands of people -- including president obama -- showed up at e the a big day in washington d.c., thousands of people including president obama i showed up at the national mall to give the new martin luther king jr. memorial a proper dedication. susan mcginnis on why the monument has a special meeting. >> reporter: president obama toured the memorial, and then dedicated it to a man he says changed history. >> a man who stirred our con sense and -- conscience, and therefore helped make the union
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more perfect. >> reporter: he praised his historic march on washington 48 years ago. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: >> without dr. king's glorious words, we might not have had the courage to come as far as we have. >> reporter: it is the first on the national mall to honor a black leader, and features a 30- foot tall sculpture. the event included move by stevie bonder and aretha franklin, and speeches by member of his family. >> here i am humbled to see this great day when my brother martin takes his symbolic place on the national mall. >> reporter: thousands of people attended the dedication here on the national mall in washington. many came to remember and honor dr. king's legacy. >> this is so important to the country and to our society. >> reporter: dr. king's daughter says the memorial represents a movement.
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>> it symbolizes that a black preacher, prophet from the south, effected a social change that helped to redeem the soul of america! >> reporter: president obama called on americans to keep working towards dr. king's dream. changes are coming for the way doctors diagnosis and treat children with adhd. the american academy of pediatrics has just released new guidelines. here is more on those guidelines and what they mean for parents. >> take a deep breath for me. good. >> reporter: 10-year-old makele takes medication for his adhd. he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when he was five years old. >> having trouble focusing. and any sound he would hear, he would be distracted. >> reporter: hyperactivity, lack of impulse control and attention are all signs, but
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treating preschoolers who exhibited those symptoms used to be tricky because there were no formal guidelines until now. more than 5 million children ages 4 to 17 have been diagnosed with adhd at some point in their lives. almost 3 million take medication for the disorder. under the new guidelines, the first treatment should be behavior therapy. if that doesn't work and the symptoms are pretty bad, doctors should consider medication. and the hope is with earlier behavioral modification intervention the children will be able to do better. >> reporter: michael struggled in kinder departen and had to repeat the grade. his mother wishes he had gotten help sooner. >> at four, had he been
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diagnosed with adhd, i could have saved myself and my son a lot of grief. >> reporter: now in fourth grade, he's doing well in school. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. outside right now, we're still enjoying some pleasant conditions. a full forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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couple of days -- don't worry. couple of days -- don't worry. planning if you see smoke billowing over the skies, don't worry,
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forestry officials are performing a controlled burn at henry coast state park, near morgan hill. it may be seen from as far as way as highway -- as far away as highway 5. this morning the annual nike's 50% marathon was held. it benefits the leukemia and lymphoma society. participants have raised more than $105 million for the filed against cancer since the event was first started. >> the roadways were a little bit wet as they started. parts of the bay area seeing minimal rainfall 37 . can't
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each call it rainfall. beautiful day this afternoon, too. we saw those clouds clear out, and temperatures outside right now still sitting in the mid- 70s in some spots. out here, beautiful shot. thank you, chopper, very much. we'll see more clouds surging back to those locations tonight, and another beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. so if you're outside right now, still pretty nice weather. we're going to drop down into the 50s and 60s tonight. those clouds making their way into the inside of the bay, mostly clear, though, in those inland locations, and tomorrow big changes in store, a warmup as much as 5 to 10 degrees in some locations. so back to 80s. cloud cover still in the picture. will see that break a little bit into those early morning hours. parts of san francisco and part of the north bay will have some cloud cover, and then pretty much clear by the time by hit
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our highs, and into the evening tomorrow. then this low will come into the bay area and drop those temperatures down for more fall- like weather by the middle of next week. but for tomorrow, northern california looking pretty nice. io semiis at io acceptty is at 74 -- yosemite is at 74. tuesday, look at that drop in temperature. 10 to 20 degrees in some locations, and then as we make our way into wednesday and thursday, more fall-like weather, little bit of warming for friday, and then saturday, if you like to look to next weekend already, as many of us do, should be pleasant weather, as well. sitting in the low 80s, and lots of sunshine there as well. >> sunday, and we're already working until friday night. >> hey, it's how i operate, and i think a lot of other people do, too. >> all right. a big day for football in the
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bay area. >> yeah, unfortunately good news and bad news for the raiders. it's a tough one. the raiders lose one of their star players. and an emotional 49er coach gets into it with the opposing coach after the game. we'll hear about it next. ,,,,,,
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we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. final day of the indy car series season... 12th lap sad news to report from the
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latch motor speedway. -- las vegas motor speedway. dan wheldon the 2 two-time -- two-time indy 500 winner died in a car crash today. they decided to close the race. wheldon was just 33 years old. the marquise game of the day in the nfl took place in detroit where the 5-0 lions hosted the 4-149ers. this time last year, both teams had a combined 1-9 record. today 9-1. the 49ers turned it over on their first play from scrimmage, and detroit jumped out to an early 10-0 lead, but then second quarter, gore gets the 49ers on the board, going
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over 100 yards for the third straight game. the 49ers defense was able to shut down the high-powered lions offense. harbaugh's emotion is boiling at the half. 19-7 lions at one point. and it all came down to this. time running out. fourth and goal, and smith throws a strike to walker, and that, folks, your game-winning touchdown. san francisco wins 21-19. no one was more excited than jim harbaugh, whose celebration after the game didn't go over too well with the lions coach schwartz. they had to be separated by several team members. do not expect an an apology from harbaugh. >> i was just totally revved up, and that should be on me.
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just going at it too hard. >> i got shoved out of the way. didn't expect an onsenty. >> you're on the team trying to do something special, and to see your guys i go out there and perform that way, yeah, i do get emotional about that. fires me up. fires me up a lot. i'm not going to apologize for that. if that offends you or anybody else than so be it. the raiders were forced to win with adversity after the death of al davis, and now they'll have to win without their starting quarterback. john madden lit the eternal flame for mr. davis has oakland hosted cleveland, and oakland played inspired football. mcfadden had 20 carries for 91 yards, scoring a touchdown here.
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and watch this 101-yard kickoff return. 14-7 oakland. here is a play that could change the course of the raiders season. campbell can't find a receiver, he runs, and he's slammed down. campbell immediately grabbed his shoulder. he suffered a broken clavicle. he would come out of the game replaced by kyle boller. more on that in a moment, and then hue jackson dips into his bag of tricks, fake field goal for a 35-yard touchdown. 24-7 oakland, and they go on to win 24-17, so oakland is now 4- 2, but they'll have to move on without campbell. >> he's doing okay opinion spirits are a little down right now, because he can't believe it, and i told him just to relax, take care of yourself. just stay in it, and we're going to do this thing for you. so he's still with us.
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he's still part of us, it's just that he has to do it on the sideline right now. >> they are living it up in green bay. the packers hosting the rams. aaron rodgers threes for 393 yards and three touches. the packers are 6-0. the patriots and the cowboys playing. the patriots wake unjust in time and they win 20-16. the report is that campbell is expected to be out eight weeks, but that would make him ready by the end of the season, and it looks like they mate be ready for the play-offs. >> we'll see you again in half an hour, and of course at
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