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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for him or his campaign. joe vazquez reports he also says he can't order them to stop. joe. >> reporter: allen, there is a lot about this story that's murky . you look at the video you're not sure whether any laws are being broken or for that matter if people are being helped to mark ballots. that's legal under some circumstances if someone is senior or disabled. but mayor ed lee is taking a political hit and his opponents are enjoying the moment. the video released by state senator leland yee's campaign shows a group of women wearing blue sweaters that say, ed lee for mayor on the front. and on the back, it's a little hard to read so we'll slow it down. ed heads. the group set up a table on stockton street in chinatown and they appear to be helping elderly voters understand the ballot. while it's unclear whether the video shows any obvious wrongdoing, some independent witnesses tell cbs 5 the ed
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heads crossed way over the line. >> one of the people wearing the shirts was marking a ballot. >> reporter: this afternoon district attorney's office tells cbs 5 he has opened a preliminary investigation. several other candidates have also called on the federal department of justice to investigate just how much help was being given these voters and whether the ed heads crossed the line into all-out voter fraud. >> this is an orchestrated, coordinated effort on the part of the interim mayor, ed lee, to basically steal an election. and i am particularly perturbed, disturbed and angry about that. >> reporter: just after he was endorsed by former mayor and now lieutenant governor newsom late this afternoon, mayor lee strongly denounced the group saying they are an independent expenditure organization completely unassociated with his campaign for mayor. >> district attorney or any ethics commission and if the attorney general so wishes i want them to be monitored because they should be
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compliant with the law as we demand everybody who works for my campaign or volunteers in any effort, they have to comply. and if it was my campaign doing that, i would fire them immediately because they should not be handling ballots for anybody else. >> reporter: the mayor wants this group to stop but because of campaign rules he says he is not even allowed to pick up the phone and call them to tell them so. >> they should be compliant with the law as we demanded everybody who works for my campaign or volunteers in any effort, they have to comply. and if it was my campaign doing that, i would fire them immediately because they should not be handling ballots for anybody else. >> reporter: okay. you heard the mayor say it there twice that he would fire somebody if they were working for him if they did that. the mayor also said he would join his opponents in calling for an investigation. well, that investigation has begun as i mentioned allen. the district attorney's office is looking into this. they are calling it a preliminary investigation. the department of justice has been written to. we are not sure whether they are also investigating at this
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point. you know, bottom line, it's not clear whether there are any violations. couple of weeks ago to election day and you have a ye. he said, lee said hard at work. >> thank you. pack up and go or else. that's the message occupiers on both sides of the bay have been getting over and over from city leaders who want their illegal encampments gone. but phil matier tells us, the protestors aren't the only ones who are apparently ignoring the orders. phil. >> reporter: that's right. it's interesting, for the past week we have been hearing city officials say there shouldn't be any tents here but like he said, not only are the catchers ignoring it; it appears that even mayor she ignoring it, as well. >> we've stated very clearly that their first amendment rights just like they have been expressing it is going to be enforced and we allow that to happen, but at the same time we have drawn lines. they can't overnight and we
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mean it. >> reporter: really? a week ago this tent city at justin herman plaza was half the side, today more tents are on the way. >> we have 300 people here tonight. i can see that doubling. i could see that tripling. >> reporter: while police, fire and health department official have been keeping an eye on things, they have been keeping a distance as well as more and more tents keep popping up. >> we have had the fire marshal come out and inspect this every morning really positive responses. sometimes constructive feedback. we have had the police chief here just this morning at 8 a.m. we have had the park district come out. >> reporter: the cops, however, have been told to hold off and not try to forcibly evict campers as they did two weeks ago partly because a confrontation may bring more campers to the park. over in san francisco, city hall was mum today, none of the official we spoke with whether they be from rec and park or police or even the mayor's office was willing to go on camera saying only that they
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were monitoring the situation and the mayor was sticking by his position. in oakland fire inspectors started ordering the shutdown of cooking fires in that "occupy" protests. how long do they have to turn it off, get it out of here? >> we're working on that right now. >> reporter: late this afternoon, "occupy oakland" which you just saw there said they were expecting the oakland police to possibly make a move late tonight and clean out one of the encampments in the city. put in calls to oakland officials. no word back but stay tuned to cbs 5 tonight at 11. we'll have an update. >> phil, speaking of oakland, we are hearing a group has filed a petition to recall jean quan. what do you know about that? >> reporter: well, it's ironic. some of her old-time supporters from way back, but yes a group of 71 has filed a petition to recall the mayor, who now has just got elected and is facing criticism over her handling of public safety in part because of the layoff of cops because
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of budget cuts. they got permission now to get to the streets. they are going to need 19,000 signatures to qualify the petition. they have about 6 months to do that. but it's not the best news for jean quan when she's also facing a situation like this. not only on doorstep but also some discontents around her, as well. >> sure. phil, thanks. police arrested four occupiers in san jose overnight before one of their fellow protestors made this daring and dramatic statement. he scaled a three-story wall outside city hall hung up some signs and so far is refusing to come down. he has been up there for nearly 15 hours. that ledge is only a few feet wide. officers are worried that he may fall if they try go after him. fellow protestors have been sending up supplies including clothes and food. president obama is in los angeles right now. , the second stop on his three city west coast visit. necessary southern california attending a couple of fundraisers. and then tomorrow, the president will attend a
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fundraiser in downtown san francisco at the "w" hotel. the luncheon is expected to raise about $1.5 million. each guest paying a minimum of $7,500. the singer jack johnson will perform. the event raising some eyebrows, however, because the former energy department official linked to the solyndra scandal helped plan it. meantime the white house today announced new rules to the mortgage system. the feds are saying it could help millions of struggling homeowners. ann notarangelo reports getting the banks to go along with that plan may be another story. >> reporter: allen, people who live in the home behind me don't have a mortgage anymore not that they wouldn't love to have one but this morning, this property became bank-owned. so understandably, they have very little faith in the banking industry. they are also not really sure about the obama administration's plan. they are not sure it can help people like them. >> they are stealing our house. we have a valid contract. they don't have legal grounds to foreclose and auction off our house.
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but they are doing it anyway. >> reporter: in 2009, mike davoren fell behind in his payments and asked the company to modify the loan. the self-employed cabinet maker has paperwork showing the bank agreed to change the mortgage on his martinez home but says bank employees have told him he doesn't have a loan modification. >> we have a contract from bank of america that we signed and sent in with our cashiers check and had it notarized. >> reporter: bank of america foreclosed on the house and this morning at auction, the bank became the property owner. it has been two years of feeling crushed by this system. he is not confident about president obama's latest plan to help the 11 million americans who owe more on their home than it's worth. >> not very hopeful. it just doesn't seem that the banks really pay attention to that. they play by their own rules. >> reporter: the new proposal lets homeowners refinance mortgages backed boy fannie mae and fred -- by fannie mae and
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freddie mac no matter how far under water they are as long as they are current. >> the intent is there to help the people. it's really a question of implementation and also whether the bank would be willing to do it. >> reporter: the housing counselor says eliminating the cap of how much they can be under water helps people in the high-priced area but the problem is not being able to get banks to cooperate. >> they can pick and choose who they want to help. surprised people are not walking away. you know? i mean, i don't understand why people opt to stay in the house when the amount they owe is more than double what the actual house is worth. >> reporter: mike plans to sue bank of america because he wants to finish renovating his home and raise his two children here. >> this is the house that we want them to grow up in. >> reporter: we called bank of america to ask about the status
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of mike's loan modification. the bank said it would get back to us and would check on it but so far they haven't. >> couldn't the bank sell it out from under him before he has a chance to sue bank of america? >> reporter: well, there is a timing issue on that. absolutely right, allen. if they are in the process of being sued, the bank can't sell the property. >> ah. >> reporter: so he already has an attorney. they are now looking into filing that lawsuit and then time is on their side at least temporarily. >> desperate times, desperate measures, whatever it takes. all right, ann, thank you. traffic is moving slowly on 101 in novato at this hour. all southbound lanes were closed earlier after a fiery accident. the crash involved a big rig and an suv. it happened at atherton avenue around 2:30. chp says the big rig hit a concrete barrier after it was cut off possibly by a ford explorer. no word on the driver's condition. two lanes are now open. the third lane will be closed until 9:00 tonight. checking on other bay area
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headlines, a young woman is paralyzed and several others hospitalized after a car crash this morning. police say the driver of a van ran a red light overnight and rammed into a dodge charger at the intersection of 10th street and howard in san francisco. in all, eight people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the drivers of both vehicles were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. the coast guard has called off its search for a missing kayaker. 56-year-old thomas gregoire was kayaking with a friend when his kayak flipped over near pier 80 yesterday afternoon. a witness says he got too close to a tugboat and got caught in the wake. rescue teams searched for gregoire for 18 hours. all they found were his kayak and wallet. feels very different than the touchstone we experienced at the end of the '90s. >> who wants to be a millionaire? the group about to become the newest social networking rich and how bay area businesses are getting ready to try to cash
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in. a loaded handgun slips through airport security. why the tsa says it's not their problem. >> it's a priceless artifact that belongs to the archdiocese. please, let's get it back to its people. >> talk about a hefty heist. how did somebody manage to steal a more than 4,000 pound bell without anybody noticing? ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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the bay area on the cu in these tough economic times, it's hard to imagine the bay area on the cusp of crowning a new batch of millionaires. employees of the popular networking site linkedin will soon be able to cash in on their company's stock. len ramirez is live in mountain view at the company's headquarters, with the flashbacks to the late '90s tech boom. len. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. this sort of thing used to happen all the time in silicon
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valley. but the ipo market has definitely downsized with linkedin being one of the exceptions. linkedin went public last may but employees have not been allowed to sell their company stock, that is until next month. and when that happens, some new millionaires will be minted right here in mountain view, although this group is expected to be a bit more subdued than those in the past. for linkedin employees, the countdown is on until november 21 when they will finally be allowed to begin cashing out their company stocks a day when many will become instantly wealthy. throughout silicon valley, luxury retailers including car dealers are prepping for new sales opportunities. but one los altos real estate broker says he expected linkedin employees to be a bit more cautious with their money than previous groups of internet millionaires. one person was invited to speak about philanthropy. some of them seem interested in
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using their money to make a difference. >> this is different than the tech book at the end of the '90s where it was about mini mansions and cars and really acquiring a lot of material goods. this time around we have had the benefit of entrepreneurs such as gates and warren buffett making a commitment to giving away their assets and so, the people who are acquiring wealth this time around are really looking at how they can make a difference in the challenges that continue to face our world locally and globally and they're excited about solving those problems with their wealth rather than just accumulating things. >> reporter: linkedin has about 1500 employees but company officials and company employees have not been allowed to talk to the media during this quiet period but it is expected elizabeth that about 50 million shares will be freed up when this happens next month. now, the company went public at about $45 a share today. it closed at $92 a share so
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it's more than doubled. so you can imagine the kind of wealth that's being created in the buildings behind me. >> quite a windfall. thank you. the first-ever authorized by on the ground if i apple cofounder steve jobs was released today already topping the best-seller list. the biography "steve jobs" was written by former cnn chairman walter isaacson is based on more than 40 interviews with jobs. the book already sits at the top of's best-seller list and barnes & noble and apple's ibook store. spokesman says it could be one of the top sell books of the year. after a very toasty weekend quite a change today. today it was 78 in dublin. >> we are taking a sneak peek
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towards mount diablo. officially, it looks like, yeah, we should be at sundown right now about 6:20. and by the time the sun comes back up tomorrow morning, we'll have dropped into the 40s and the 50s. a cool overnight reading of 47 degrees in vallejo. now, we have three things to keep in mind. tonight an onshore push. tomorrow dry northeast wind no rain in the forecast through november 7. with the dry northeast winds we have a fire weather watch in effect for the north and east bay hills. some wind gusts could exceed 50 miles per hour. very low humidity with the temperature up to 73 degrees in palo alto, 72 in portions. low 70s in san jose tomorrow in comparison to today at 75 degrees. it was statistically a perfect autumn day here today.
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tomorrow slightly below average. 75 in santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for the offshore flow each day wednesday through sunday. 60s coastside and mid-70s inland. liz, we'll talk more about the fire weather watch coming up next time around. the l.a. city attorney will sky to whether to charge the owner of a loaded gun that somehow flew under the radar of security screeners at l.a.x. a baggage crew found the weapon sunday when it fell from a bag they were loading on alaska airlines flight. the tsa does not screen checked bags for guns. packing heat in checked luggage is allowed, but only if the gun is unloaded, locked up and declared. according to law enforcement, this gun met none of those criteria thieves pulled off a big heist. a 2.5-ton church bell has gone missing from st. mary's
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cathedral in san francisco. mike sugerman on the plea for the return of that historic symbol. >> reporter: sometime over the weekend in the dead of night a crime was committed here. you can see the aftermath clear as a bell. >> some unscrupulous characters went on the property of st. mary's cathedral and stole a bell. >> reporter: inspector brian danker is ringing the alarm. there was no regular bell. >> this bell was the size of the liberty bell in philadelphia. it was originally made in 1889 in a foundry in baltimore, maryland. >> reporter: two tons. replacement value, $175,000. hearing about this story rang a bell. didn't some other san francisco church recently lose its bell? >> we had an incident a few months ago on ocean where a church also lost a bell. >> reporter: it did. this was no liberty bell. two feet tall, hundreds of pounds, at saint michael's korean catholic church in the ocean view district.
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fingers for both burglaries are pointing at bandits who want to cash in on copper. anybody come here with a bell in the last couple of days? >> no, nobody came here with a bell for the last couple of days. >> reporter: j & s recycling has seen plenty of bottles, cans, wires and other metals but nobels. and a 5,000-pound bell that's hot all over it he doesn't figure to see it here. >> people end up either cutting it up into small pieces and trying to bring it into scrapyards recycle what they have, but you being a scrap dealer you should know what you're looking at. >> reporter: recently thieves stole a 700-pound pelican what they thought might have been bronze. it wasn't. this copper bell could bring in $75,000. let's get it back to its people e says call the cops if you see the copper clanger. mike sugerman, cbs 5.
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new concerns about the toxic chemical bpa. the problems it may cause in kid before they're born. ♪ [ music ] >> the bay area high school that got a special visit from a real-life guitar hero. that's in two minutes. products we use every day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and questions ab it's a chemical found in many products we use every day. the questions about its safety have already gotten it taken out of many baby products. but paul chambers reports, bpa could be a big issue for babies even before they're born especially if those babies are girls.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: a pregnant woman's exposure to a chemical called bisphenol a may increase the likelihood that a child she is carrying may develop problems. it's used to make hard plastic bottles and reusable cups and is part of the like of canned foods and beverages, in the lining of the. manufacturers of sippy cups scott used bpa in the products. the new study looked at 244 mothers and children and found that in girls, the more bpa exposure while in utero, the greater the chances for being hyper active or anxious at age 3. the researchers did not see the same results in boys. the american chemistry council issues this statement about the study: for parents, the most important information from this report is that the authors themselves question its relevance. the clinical relevance of these findings is unclear at this point. >> reporter: but recently government scientist have expressed concerns about the
6:26 pm
potential effects of bpa on behavior, the brain and prostate gland in fetuses, infants and young children. in-depth studies looking into the effects of bpa are under way. in the meantime government experts recommend limiting an infant's exposure to bpa. >> that was paul chambers reporting. talk about a rocking lesson. some lucky students got the chance to jam with a musical legend in san francisco today. ♪ [ music ] >> ten-time grammy award winner carlos santana returned to his alma mater mission high for a performance and a lot of good will. his visit was a thank you to the school for raising its test scores and achieving an 85% college acceptance rate among seniors last year. he performed with members of the school's guitar club. ♪ [ music ] >> that's really nice, you know, he came -- he came to this school and everything
6:27 pm
that's really kind. you know? that's good. >> santana also donated guitars to the budding musicians on behalf of nonprofit group little kids rock. police fired tear gas broke windows but never did they find a suspect. >> wasn't here. he was never here. and he wasn't in the house. >> now a family demands to know why bay area police were allowed to wreck their home. it survived international threats but wikileaks may have met its match. what could force the whistle blowing website to shut down. >> a majority is over weight and a minority is morbidly obese. >> a northern california town desperate to slim down. why the neighbors believe these trees are the answer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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transit driver, and a hells angel member tonight san leandro police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly hit-and-run involving a paratransit driver and hells angels member. christin ayers with the latest on that investigation and the search for a suspect accused of killing another member of the hells angels. >> reporter: elizabeth, that paratransit van driver is expected to face homicide and
6:31 pm
hit-and-run charges in court tomorrow. police say when he rammed into 51-year-old george lopez junior on 580 this weekend, he did it on purpose. >> we feel comfortable that this act was intentional. >> reporter: san leandro police unable to say what precisely led them to conclude that a hit- and-run that ended with a motorcyclist's death is now considered a homicide. 31-year-old eddie hall is behind bars now set it face murder and hit-and-run charges for allegedly ramming into 51- year-old hells angels george lopez, jr., apparently in a fit of road rage. lopez was believed to be riding with a biker seen in this video his death another homicide in a hells angels. >> i feel like a war was taken on and we lost. >> reporter: saturday san jose police on the hunt for steve ruiz, a hells angels who allegedly shot a man at a funeral nine days ago zeroed on this stockton home, believing he was hiding here. >> he wasn't here. he was never here. and he wasn't in the house.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: joanne rice says her daughter is an acquaintance of the accused man so police ransacked the place leaving behind smashed windows, kicked- in walls and the scent of tear gas. >> we want it fixed. of course i'm calling my insurance. but san jose has to pay for this. there is no reason why they shouldn't. >> reporter: a fruitless and damaging search and an accused killer still on the loose. >> currently still on the loose, san jose police are still searching for steve ruiz currently. [ loud background noise ] >> reporter: we latest noted the driver in the hells angels in the hit-and-run will be in court tomorrow. >> thank you. thousands of search-and- rescue teams are still digging for survivors of the massive earthquake that rocked eastern turkey on sunday. tina kraus reports one person pulled from the rubble today is giving rescuers hope for those still missing. >> reporter: an emergency worker in turkey cradled a rescued toddler after search teams pulled him out of the rubble alive.
6:33 pm
crews say each survivor gives them hope. a day after a powerful earthquake killed about 300 people this man says, "i was pulled out alive, but my brother is still trapped under debris." >> reporter: rescuers in eastern turkey are still trying to find and free dozens trapped beneath collapsed buildings. survivors spent a cold night on the streets. they are fighting to get their hands on tents and supplies. authorities are warning people to stay out of damaged homes because strong aftershocks are still shaking the region. the devastation is even too much for some rescuers to take. [ crying ] >> reporter: it's overwhelming relatives, who are starting to hold funerals for the dead. tina kraus, cbs news. >> the organization responsible for the release of hundreds of thousands of sensitive diplomatic communication late
6:34 pm
last year is in jeopardy of collapse. that is the word tonight from wikileaks leader julian assange. he says they are running out of money and blames a blockade by american financial institutions from enabling them to raise more money. without the blockade lifted by the end of the year, assange says he will have no choice but to shut it down. the prosecution rests and the defense now making its case in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. karen brown on how conrad murray's lawyers planfight damaging testimony by prosecution witnesses. >> correct? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: the prosecution concluded its case against dr. conrad murray. but not before murray's lawyers challenged the expert testimony of the prosecution's final witness. >> are you sure about that? >> i'll be happy to check but that's my recollection. >> reporter: he claims dr. murray is responsible for the pop singer's death but during cross-examination, he was
6:35 pm
pressed to explain computer models he used to back his analysis. >> you had no information at your disposal that dr. murray would have given six injection even? >> correct. >> or for that matter 50 milligrams each? >> correct. >> reporter: dr. murray is accused of causing jackson's death with an overdose of the powerful drug propofol. over the past month, the prosecution has called more than 30 witnesses as it methodically built its case. many of them testified that dr. murray was reckless in his use of propofol and his treatment of michael jackson. [ slurred speech ] >> reporter: the jury also heard the slurred voice of jackson speaking while under the influence of drugs. murray recorded the phone call just weeks before the singer died. prosecutors claim it's proof that doctor knew his patient had a drug problem and did nothing about it. the defense is expected to counter with more than a dozen witnesses. lawyers for dr. murray will
6:36 pm
likely admit his treatment of jackson was unorthodox and imperfect but they will try to make the case that nothing he did or did not do amounts to involuntary manslaughter. karen brown, cbs news, los angeles. new drama for netflix. out disgruntled customers are getting the last word. >> it's not halloween but stores are getting ready for christmas. the new strategy to get shoppers to buy early. plus, why one california town is planting trees to fight obesity. ,,,,,, [ rapid footsteps ]
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ow! [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ] [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield.
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more than 800- thousand customers have canceled ther subscriptions. that brought the los altos based company's stock down more tn more than 800,000 netflix customers have cancelled their subscription bringing the los altos company stock down 20% today. netflix raised prices as much as 60% earlier this year. good news, though, the video rental company reported a 65% earnings increase last quarter.
6:39 pm
and netflix still has more than 23 million subscribers. wal-mart's enticing customers with a holiday price guarantee program. if you buy a product at wal- mart but then find the same item advertised at a local competitor's store for a lower price, the retail giant will refund the difference. here's the catch. it does not include black friday ads or internet pricing. a nonprofit is taking its battle of the bulge to the ground. it's planting dozens of trees in yuba county it says can help people shed some weight. checkey beckford with the root of how the plan is supposed to work. a lot of people believe you can sustain a healthy diet by consuming marengao. >> reporter: the town is getting bigger every day. >> a majority of is over weight and minority is morbidly obese.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: the nonprofit harmony health resource center says 56% of people in yuba county are obese primarily because they don't have access to healthy foods. >> they are not affordable to people who are living in poverty which people are here. they are forcing liquor stores on this street incidentally. >> reporter: they don't actual his believe eating the sprouts or least from the tree will shrink your waistline but say it could be used to supplement a healthy diet when used in smoothies or salads. this is what it looks like after the leaves have been dried and ground up. now, they say that one teaspoon of this is the equivalent of the same amount of protein in a serving of milk and yogurt and they say the miracle tree gross fast. >> some of these trees have already grown like four to six inches since we planted them last week. >> yeah. >> reporter: they are hoping word of the miracle tree popular for healing ailments in developing countries will take
6:41 pm
root near linda. in linda, checkey beckford, cbs 5. the surprise proposal halfway through a flight. >> a family of bears moving in on a california downtown. >> boy, did you feel the difference today? we were anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees cooler than on sunday. now the weather watch you need to know about with the pinpoint forecast. dennis, what's up in your world? >> put up or shutup time on cbs 5. i will explain that coming up. and the raiders gave up six reasons -- six reasons, to miss the injured jason campbell. how they will pick up the pieces coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rescuers managed to capturee tonight wildlife specialists say a red-tailed hawk shot with a nail gun is doing well tonight. they captured him saturday night in golden gate park. the nail had been lodged in its head for nearly two weeks. rescuers say it dropped out on its own and the bird is eating
6:45 pm
well. anonymous donors put up $10,000 reward to find the person who shot the hawk. a couple in placer county has a story to tell after a family of brown bears had a play day in their backyard. they were having breakfast saturday morning but the dogs went crazy because a mother bear and her three cubs were in the trees outside the home in granite bay. the bears stayed for an hour. they hope the animals are going home. >> seeing the mother bear with her cubs was -- you start wondering how safe it is for the bears because once they get in the confrontation with the people, you know, chance are some warden is going to have to something about it. >> they say the bears were first seen in loomis. now granite bay, looks like they are closing in on sacramento. love was in the air somewhere over pennsylvania this weekend. >> that's where a love-struck young man took to a delta
6:46 pm
airlines loudspeaker to ask a very important question. [ inaudible ] >> the most beautiful girl... [ inaudible ] >> the girl: yes. [ applause ] >> aww. she said yes, of course. the couple first met on a delta flight from new york to chicago. the airline says it will take care of their honeymoon trip. wow. first class, roberta. >> that is so sweet. i thought he was just up there saying, put your chair back in the upright position and stow away the tray tables, right? [ laughter ] >> today temperatures dropped between 10 to 20 degrees in the bay area. in san francisco it was 61 down from 68 the average high. as we go outside right now, current air temperature in concord is 64. the upper 50s in the city by the bay. and san jose 69 after a high
6:47 pm
temperature today of 75 degrees which is one degree above average for this time of the year so we were close to normal. overnight chilly in the 40s in the delta. 54 in mountain view. we'll have a wind shift tonight scrubbing out some of the stratus that's stacking up next to the coast where we have the onshore flow. tomorrow morning, we will still have some of the gray clouds and then tomorrow night that offshore component kicks in. i don't see any rain through november 7th. this is your futurecast. take a look at the clouds. right now that marine layer is roughly 2,000 feet deep. but notice as the clock ticks by that we scrub away the stratus by the early afternoon hours. that's when that offshore flow begins. we have an area of high pressure off the coast now but with a departure of an area of low pressure to the north of us
6:48 pm
it's going inland producing an offshore flow. wind out of the northeast out of the desert. it's going to be very dry. as a result of those winds up to 50 miles per hour, we have a fire weather watch in effect for the north and east bay mountains as some of the winds are gusty tomorrow night through wednesday night. temperature-wise 73 degrees in redwood city. low 70s in morgan hill. 70 in fremont. east of the bay the temperatures all into the 70s. outside number will be 75 degrees in brentwood. also in santa rosa to the north. again those winds rotating to the northeast tomorrow afternoon. and then we are looking at an offshore flow each and every day. take a look at your wednesday, thursday, friday. 60s at the coast, mid-70s in our inland areas and this dry weather pattern will continue each day through this time next week. that is your pinpoint forecast. dennis, you got sports. >> raider fans weren't pleased that carson palmer didn't start yesterday and neither was i. and why rex ryan channels his
6:49 pm
inner [ indiscernible ] next. ,, [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone.
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sunday, the raiders have two
6:52 pm
you have never welched on a met with. >> i'm not going to start now. , by next sunday the raiders have two weeks to get quarterback carson palmer up to speed pray it's enough time for everybody else to get healthy. dan mcfadden is on crutches. they also hope janikowski will be at full health in two weeks after missing yesterday with a hamstring injury. the biggest injury yesterday was the loss of jason campbell out with a broken collarbone and the raiders had no answer. the backup kyle boller started the game but flamed out. in the first half he threw three interceptions including this one returned for a touchdown. the black hole rained boos on bowler so in came newly acquired carson palmer who admitted he wasn't ready to play. he matched bowler's three
6:53 pm
interceptions. the raiders threw six in all and lost big, 28-0. nothing a week off can't fix, right? >> couple of weeks ago we were one of the better offenses in this league and now all of a sudden it's like the wheels fell off. no, they didn't. we didn't all of a sudden become dull on offense and not know what we're doing. we are going through a transition period. >> i didn't know i was playing until 10 minutes before i went on the field. >> he didn't blink i said to him, hey, carson, would you like to go in here and compete a little bit? he said coach, are you kidding? let's go. that was a tough deal to put him in that situation and i know him and if there is any guy that can handle it, he could. >> alas we have a silver lining. san diego also lost so oakland remains just one half game back in the division. the raiders will next face the broncos in a couple of weeks. they have undergone the tebow revolution. he took over as denver starting quarterback after failing to score for 57 minutes he led the
6:54 pm
team 18 straight points with an overtime victory in miami. how hot is tim tebow? his game worn pants from last year when he threw his first touchdown pass are on ebay. see that number? $5,000! amazing. rex ryan and norv turner showed no ill will yesterday during the jets-chargers game. after ryan said he would already have won a couple of super bowls had he been san diego's coach but one charger tight end randy mcmichael was a little ticked off with the loss. he said that the defensic backs aren't anything and that the chargers beat themselves. rex's response? >> stay classy, san diego. [ laughter ] >> that's going to do it for all of us here at channel 4 news. you stay classy, san diego. >> i'm on burgundy? >> who put the question mark there. >> just read what's never front you have there. >> i can tell you one player
6:55 pm
who wasn't very classy and he begins the plays of the weekend. [ applause and cheers ] >> vikings -- >> that's not good. >> apologized to the packers t.j. lang for that kick to the groin. not classy. let's see some hands. amazing hands. rode white fingertips in the end zone. then there is keenan allen and the bears first conference win a beauty. most timely catch as the clock hits zero michigan state with a "hail mary" keith nicholas at the goal line comes off the deflection reviewed and yes, he broke the plane. touchdown spartans. michigan state hands wisconsin its first loss. albert pujols reggie and the babe three home runs in one world series game. they win over 1200 feet combined over 400 yards. more than the rams gained on
6:56 pm
offense yesterday but biggest hit felt by mark mariotti blasted by guess who houston's neil rackers. the kicker made that play. the raiders weren't the only big losers on sunday. i was too. >> roberta, if carson palmer does not start for the raiders on sunday, i will do the weather. that's an o'donnell guarantee and then you'll do sports on monday. we'll see. >> okay. >> mm-hm. >> so obviously, i was wrong. so tonight, on our 10:00 news on the cw, i will be doing the weather. and roberta will be doing the sports. >> you're going to give her the sports minute. >> i feel a high pressure system coming down. >> wait until he gets in front of the green screen, right? >> have to turn the maps around. >> figure how that tricky green screen works. >> we'll do it tonight. >> tonight at 10:00 on the cw. >> yes. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> okay. this will be fun. >> because the weather is changing how much pressure is he going to have at 10:00.
6:57 pm
>> i'm going to give you a good forecast tonight, dennis. i'm going to make it real good. we are going to have some maps moving in and out for you dennis and we are going to be talking about that fire weather watch because things are heating up in the cbs 5 studio. and looks like dennis will be talking about temperatures pretty much in the 70s. is that good for you? >> great. >> i think that's pretty easy to do >> you know what an offshore flow, right? >> absolutely. you talk about the offshore flow coming in. i was listening, believe me. this is the first time i listened. i was listening. >> i was really watching at the raider game yesterday, too. and i saw that palmer didn't come out and i'm like oh, boy. >> you're in! >> i better start brushing up on my sports. >> 10:00 on the cw. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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