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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: tears, taps and a 21-gun salute. all the trappings of an officer farewell. thousands turned out to honor a man who they say wasn't an ordinary officer. james capoot 45 years old when he left his patrol car to chase a suspected bank robber and was fatally shot. his family said capoot was a lover of cars, country music and the dallas cowboys. a southerner at heart as his best friend learned the moment they met. >> i said, capoot. what kind of name is that? and jim said, it's can-poo and it's arkansas. >> reporter: but capoot was also an excellent cop with 19 years under hi belt, award the medal of courage twice.
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he coached girls basketball at vallejo high but put his family first. >> if you cut through everything else, jim capoot was a family man. he was a great father, husband, son, brother and uncle. >> reporter: it was his daughters who gave the most moving tribute. >> i could go on forever about him, how much he meant to me and taught me. [ crying ] >> but i'll just carry the rest with me in my heart where he'll stay forever. you rest in peace. i'll be seeing you and i love you. semper phi, hoora. >> reporter: riding in the procession in the classic cars he customized for them. a public reception followed at the solano county fairgrounds. you saw officers from all over the state at today's tribute. one of the more moving gestures, san francisco police presenting officer capoot's uniform framed to turn over to the vallejo police department. >> looks like it was a
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beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. christin ayers in vallejo, thank you. as we mentioned a san jose soldier killed in afghanistan is back in the bay area. the body of specialist sean walsh arrived at moffett field today. he died november 16 following what the military called indirect fire during combat. his mother said today the loss is made even more difficult because sean was supposed to return home from his deployment in just a few weeks. >> there's a huge hole in my heart. but i'm proud of him. and i cannot believe how many pictures i have of him so it won't fill the hole but i'll be able to look at him. i mean, i think back at that my grandmother had one picture of my uncle. i have all his memories. >> walsh's fellow soldiers posted this tribute to him on the youtube website. his funeral service on saturday in saratoga is going to be open to the public. specialist sean walsh was 21
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years old. the other story we're watching tonight a wind warning is posted this evening for parts of the bay area. this afternoon a tree was blown into highway 101 in sunnyvale. no one was hurt but traffic backed up for miles while crews cleaned up the mess. and those strong winds have cal firefighters on edge tonight. len ramirez is in san jose with the unusual move they have made to be ready for this windstorm. len. >> reporter: well, that's exactly right, elizabeth. you know, just at a time when cal fire crews would normally be gearing down and starting to put their equipment away, they are having to gear up again because of this wind event that's going to be hitting us over the next couple of days. now, biggest danger is in the east bay hills. the santa cruz mountains and also the diablo range because the higher in elevation you are, the more dangerous it's going to be what cal fire crews are concerned about is that we might have another reno fire type event like what happened on november 17th in reno where the fire got whipped up by the
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winds and just took off after that. now, they are gearing up here throughout the bay area. they are calling back crews. they are staffing bulldozers as well as a helicopter at the alma fire station in the santa cruz mountains just to be ready in case something big does happen. now, exactly how strong those winds are going to be and how long it's going to last, let's go to roberta in the weather center. roberta. >> thank you, len. one thing everybody has been talking about today via email or social media just how windy it is but also on the other side of that coin, the visibility has been a pristine day unlimited visibility. glow now in the sky as the official sunset was at 4:36. strongest wind gusts today so far has been east of the bay. mount diablo with a 71-mile-per- hour wind gust at 11 a.m. there's the other notable wind gust up to 30 in livermore and 32 in san jose. the strongest brutal winds still to come this evening into the overnight hours. and that is why the national weather service has issued this high wind warning for these red
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highlighted areas. that's anywhere above 1,000 feet. the greater san francisco area with a wind advisory. the winds when they will taper off and then the next weather feature you need to know about still straight ahead. >> thank you. "occupy sf" is on notice. move out because the city is moving in. after protestors refused an offer to relocate to the mission, of the city says it's time to take back justin herman plaza. phil matier on just how soon this could happen. >> reporter: it's getting pretty interesting down here, allen. occupy people here didn't say yes or no. the city is ready to make up their mind for them of the here's the story. >> we believe we're the only city in the nation to have offered an alternative site. reporter: san francisco city officials spent the day in what may be the final round of negotiations to try to get "occupy" protestors out of justin herman plaza. but this time, there was an added message. >> we were also warned by him
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that the city wants us out by 12 noon tomorrow. >> reporter: department of public works head mohammed nehru told us that meanwhile talks will continue about relocating the camp to this closed school site in the mission district. >> we have put an offer on the table. there are a few things that they want us to clarify. i hope we clarified them today. and we'll continue to work with them. >> but we are not denying the city's offer. it is a possibility for "occupy" to move if they are willing to concede a few more things. >> reporter: like allowing dogs on the new site a health hazard in the plaza. while they are still talking, officials said it's time for the city to start reclaiming the park. the complaints around that have arisen have increased. and i needrespect the voices of people that kind of really have the legal right to use the open space the way it was designed for as well. >> reporter: the first step? >> city crews will want to start work tomorrow on the palm trees and start restoration of the park, the grassy area, and
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return the park back to the people of san francisco. >> we are hoping tomorrow at noon they should be able to get in. >> i think it's rather quick to put a deadline on a movement this big. >> reporter: they have. the cops aren't saying they are coming in. they are saying dpw is going to start cleaning up the outside areas, start moving in to fix the grass. that means moving the tents and they will have the cops here -- here to back them up. it will be an interesting day. they will have to make a decision whether to stay or go. time is running out. >> the line is drawn. phil matier, thanks. well, the state's largest occupation is at an end. police raided "occupy l.a." camp outside city hall overnight. these officers had to use a cherry picker to pluck some protestors from their treehouse. despite nearly 300 arrests, there was no major violence in l.a. but campers did leave 25 tons of trash behind. the mayor says the clean-up costs will be well into the
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hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's the biggest gain on wall street in years. how much the stock market shot up today and the coordinated effort behind the surge. it can give out the free toys but where there's a will, there's a way. how mcdonald's got creative to comply with san francisco's happy meal law. the world's best selling prescription drug goes generic. the incentive to keep buying the name brand.
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firefighter. san francisco police have made an arrest in a hit-and-run accident that critically injured an off-duty firefighter. investigators say that eduardo is the man in the white t-shirt in this video. he is accused of intentionally running down albert bartal at an suv at a parking lot thanksgiving morning. police say they found the suspect after an officer saw
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this surveillance video. >> recognized the suspect in that video and then alerted the inspector who is work the case. and together, they reached an identification of the suspect. >> police say the two had gotten into a fight minutes before the hit-and-run at a jack-in-the-box restaurant. the seasonal firefighter is in critical condition. a $35,000 reward is being offered in the search for the gunman who shot into a crowd in west oakland. monday's shooting critically wounded a toddler and six adults in the parking lot of a liquor store on willow street where a rap video had just finished taping. the reward is being offered by crimestoppers. to wall street, a new plan to prevent another credit crunch from sweeping the globe sent stocks sharply higher today. [ bell ] >> the dow closed up 490 points. the largest gain since march of 2009. the s&p 500 was up 51 points. the buying spree is in response
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to a new coordinated effort by the world's central banks giving financial institutions cheap access to u.s. dollars. it's a big move but does little, they say, to solve the biggest economic issue out there: the european debt crisis. >> it really is a short-term fix. we saw the same thing happen three years ago after the lehman brothers failure and really europe has some serious political issues that they have to decide in order for the debt crisis to really start to fade away and not affect the core economies over there. >> also sending stocks higher, a new report showing private employers added 206,000 jobs last month and the number of planned job cuts fell. no free toy with your happy meal anymore. the strategy san francisco mcdonald's came up with to comply with the new law. the world's best-selling prescription drug goes generic. why the name brand lipitor might actually get cheaper. so you thought it was a
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windy day today? tonight we'll have the gustiest winds move into the bay area and then after tomorrow's winds die down, the frigid temperatures you need to know about as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.. happy meal fans say good- bye to that free toy with your meal. starting tomorrow, in san francisco, it will be illegal to give away toys with the meals. on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports that the restaurant has figured out how to stay within the law and give kids what they want. julie. >> reporter: yeah, liz. the san francisco healthy meal initiative has had a nationwide impact which is part of the reason mcdonald's spent the better part of the year lobbying against it and threatening lawsuits but now it has found a solution which some are calling a stroke of marketing genius while others say it simply is a way to skirt the law. >> okay. and a cookie, too. >> reporter: today the uncle is paying extra to add a cookie to her happy meal but beginning thursday he will have to pay extra for the toy. >> i don't think that's good. i think it should come with the meal. >> reporter: but legally it can't. san francisco's so call happy meal ban going into effect
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thursday requiring kids meals with toys to meet certain guidelines and mcdonald's don't. the owner says the 19 san francisco locations will sell the toy for 10 cents charitable donation to the ronald mcdonald house a move that surprised supporters of the healthy meal initiative like nick who expected a lawsuit but says this is simply a more creative way around the law. >> here's a corporation that hopes to exude a family- friendly image trying to circumvent the law that would improve the health of their meals for children. >> reporter: but mcdonald's says it is improving health rolling out new kids meals with smaller fries an apples in every box something roderick expects to make a big health impact considering he says only 12% of parents actually order the apples when they were optional. >> with the change in september every box of happy meals has a half serving of fruit. i think that's fantastic. >> reporter: do you think they are eating it?
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>> i absolutely think so. >> reporter: but do you want apples or french fries she made it clear she would be leaving her apples behind which begs the question, why not just say, okay, we are going to go ahead and comply with the law and we are going to meet these specific nutritional standards. >> we are complying with what our customers want. >> reporter: and customers want their french fries and a toy. would you eat the french fries if i took your toy away? miami. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: because her meal clearly isn't so happy without the toy. she is a perfect example of studies cited by critics which found that the primary reason kids choose the kids meals is for the toy and liz in case you hadn't ordered one lately the new healthier mcdonald's happy meal rolled out here in september although they still don't immediate the guidelines will roll out nationwide in march. >> i'm sure most parents will have a hard time saying no to their kid that says, i want a toy. >> reporter: yeah. 10 cents and it goes to charity. so hey, it's a win-win. >> there you go.
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some doctors are calling it a medical blockbuster. the world's best selling prescription drug lipitor went generic today. randall pinkston reports the drug's maker isn't giving up without a fight. >> reporter: since her heart attack four months ago 83-year- old audrey has been taking lipitor. with insurance it costs her about $40 a month. >> i still pay quite a bit with it. >> reporter: now lipitor is going generic which means she and three million other lipitor users in the u.s. won't have to spend as much money for the world's best selling cholesterol pill. >> it's one of the big blockbusters going generic in the last five years. >> reporter: doctors say patients don't need to worry. the active ingredient is the same as the generic. >> people tend to be afraid that by choosing generic they are getting an inferior medication and that's not the case. >> reporter: lipitor brings in $11 billion a year for pfizer.
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in an effort to hang on to the profits, pfizer is offering deep discounts and incentives to patients and insurance companies making lipitor as cheap or cheaper than the generic. pfizer is also offering insured patients a discount card to get lipitor for just $4 a month. that's way less than the average he could pay for typical generic drugs. >> some people $40, $50 he could pay that's a tough co-pay to spend every month and may only take half the pill. >> i'm on a fixed income and i will probably take it for the rest of my life. >> reporter: and what matters most is that the drug helps her heart stay healthy. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. horses can now be slaughtered in the u.s. for human consumption. congress has lifted a ban on funding for horse meat inspections. that means facilities that slaughter horses could ship meat if they pass federal inspection. since there is no market for horse meat here in the u.s., it would likely be shipped to
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europe and asia. supporters of the move say not allowing horse slaughter leads to farmers abandoning and neglecting old horses. animal rights activists are pushing for an all-out ban on horse slaughter. you have heard about the light at the end of the tunnel. now they have it. it should help alleviate one of the bay area's biggest traffic bottlenecks. they have crunched through the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. it took 15 months to dig between oakland and orinda. that fourth tunnel means there's going to be no more switching traffic direction during rush hour in what has been the middle bore. the new tunnel should open in late 2013. the other story we're watching tonight the high wind warning for parts of bay area. as we said earlier, cal fire has increased staffing as a precaution. the agency cites a recent devastating wildfire had reno, nevada as a reminder that fires can burn during the winter months even when temperatures
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are low. that fire destroyed 32 homes. and the winds around the bay area have been picking up this afternoon. these pictures from san francisco a short time ago and not just leaves blowing around. take a look at the water. choppy out there on the bay. >> all right, roberta. you say wind and cold? >> it's a trifecta because we had the fog and we were socked in fog with limited visibility. winds blew the fog out and behind the wind some cold air. first, sundown at at 4:36. at sunrise at 6:36 tomorrow morning, very pristine conditions albeit windy. the strongest wind gusts today so far, 3874 feet mount diablo 71-mile-an-hour wind gusts oakland at 26 livermore at 30, 26 at sfo. san jose at 32. and santa rosa with a 29-mile- per-hour wind gust.
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and this is why. the national weather service has issued a high wind warning above 1,000 feet. that red highlighted area there, that encompasses the warning and then everybody is under a advisory. that means you, too will experience some wind gusts possibly as high as 50 miles per hour at sea level tonight. strongest winds tonight through thursday morning all because of that right there. it's an area of low pressure powerful and hitting up against the ridge of high pressure. they are trying to muscle each other out. high pressure will win providing us with sunny skies but nevertheless, it's a pressure gradient. so therefore, tonight batten down the hatches with the gustiest winds still moving in through tomorrow. once the winds begin to die down in the afternoon, the colder air mass settles in. we'll have some freezing temperatures or at least near freezing temperatures in our inland areas thursday night overnight to friday morning. tonight's lows, 38 degrees in santa rosa to 44 across the santa clara valley. 46 in concord and also in
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oakland. peninsula down to the low 40s. a gusty night ahead. the cbs 5-day forecast little temperature span between the high 61 to 65 degrees thursday. warmer approaching near 70 by friday. if you are heading to the high sierra, wind advisory there for tomorrow, as well. clear skies all the way through the weekend. a little warmer towards saturday and sunday. your snow report heavenly no new snow in the past 48 hours. lots of machine-made snow, however. it's cold enough to make the stuff at night. mammoth mountain, machine groomed and meanwhile at northstar, we have packed powder with 9 lifts open. heard that sugar bowl is opening up tonight for tomorrow's runs, as well. just be very careful, a little breezy on the lifts. but lots of fun for everybody. remember, tonight, very gusty winds. try to be prepared. it's a double while knuckler on the bay bridge. and you will see all those white caps. >> don't look down. >> you have to admit beautiful conditions as you look as that
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clear sky. >> the city looked gorgeous. >> great day for pictures. >> inside. [ laughter ] >> put in the patio furniture. coming up, not all apps are appropriate for kids. which ones are suitable for children and why some companies are not complying. ,,
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questions whether or not it will ever be completed. a sharp critique of california's high-speed rail system questions whether or not it will ever be completed. the state's top analyst warns that because the rail authority has not secured all its funding, starting construction now could waste $6 billion in taxpayer money. current plans are to spend 20 years and $99 billion to complete that train system north and south. analysts say the money could be better spent elsewhere. critics of a plan to close more than 70 state parks are warning that the cost-cutting move may actually hurt california's bottom line. earlier this year officials announced a quarter of the state's parks would be shut
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down due to budget cuts. today the state parks foundation said that that will hurt local businesses and reduce income for the state. >> every dollar that goes into state parks is invested by the state's general fund. $2.35 comes back to the state. >> the parks are expected to close next july. the legislature plans to make a second round of cuts early next year. okay. movies and videogames have a rating. now some smart phone apps will be rated. an industry trade group and the entertainment software rating board worked with several wireless carriers and microsoft to develop a system. it would rate apps based on things such as violence and sex to determine how age- appropriate they are. how effective the ratings will be is in question because... apple and google have opted out saying they already have review guidelines in place. we'll be right back. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream.
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it's a bay area restaurant chain built on good karma and i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. it's a bay area restaurant chain built on good karma and gratitude. but now the owners are taking drastic action. what some employees threaten to do that's costing hundreds of people their jobs. and they committed the crime, but they may not have to do the time. why hundreds of criminals wanted in bay area are being offered a "get out of jail free" card. we'll have that and more at 6:00. >> just 30 minutes. all right, dana. we'll see you then. "cbs evening news with scott


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