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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 1, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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clings to hope, while urging the community to help find the . you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> the family of a little boy shot clings to hope while urging the community to help find the shooter. >> a secret passage buried underground. the record breaking hauls found. >> every text you makes, every website you visit they are watching you. what a developer claims secret software is doing on phones. good evening. >> the men who gunned down a child in a parking lot are still out there somewhere. police say witnesses just aren't cooperating. >> we show you as the little boy fights for life his family prays he will have a chance to turn two. >> i did everything that i
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could to find decorations and i did. that's what he was going to have,. >> reporter: december 17th was to be his second birthday. now instead of that candles burn in vigil, lit from the same parking lot where the nearly 2-year-old was shot in the head monday night. the candles make a circle that almost mimics the wild spray of at least 50 gun shots. the little boy trapped in the middle wrapped in his father's arms. >> what am i supposed to do? what am i to do now? what is next? >> reporter: finding the gun men is next but that's a trying task. even though three hood wearing trigger men were captured on store video. >> trying to find out what they were thinking about. there is a baby on the scene. you go head and decide you want to go head and [bleep] pull the trigger. >> reporter: police say no suspects have develop despite
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scores of witnesses because all have refused to identity the shooter. they fear the motive may be found on social immediatey. >> everything is on you youtube and facebook. if you put it on twitter. >> reporter: is that dangerous here? >> absolutely. >> reporter: police say the shooting erupted after a video shoot for a local rapper but one says that rapper wasn't the father. >> he is a great dad and his son wanted to go with him and go in the store and he took him. >> reporter: back at the hospital where he clings to life his family cling clings to every sign that he is improving. >> ran a couple tests, brain tests and he responded to them and i guess that was positive in a manner. right now it's just touch and go. >> reporter: britney is asking for this early birthday wish. turn in her son's shooter.
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>> if you know, just -- just pay your respect to my son. not even to me, just feel the pain that my son is suffering. just feel his pain. >> reporter: in oakland. >> two men killed in the line of duty were honored today in the bay area. in vallejo more than 4,000 attended the funeral for the officer. the 45-year-old was remembered as a lover of cars, country music and the dallas cowboys. family members and friends called him a great police officer who was named officer of the year and awarded the medal of courage twice. >> i could go on forever about him, how much he meant to me and taught me but i will just carry the rest with me in my heart. you rest in peace. i will be seeing you and i love
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you. >> he was shot and killed two weeks ago while chasing a suspected bank robber. at 37-year-old henry alfred smith junior is charged with the murder. >> he was two weeks away from returning home. yeah, there is a huge hole in my heart. i'm proud of him. >> reporter: a proud mom speaks as the body of her son arrives today with full military honors. national guard specialist shaun walsh was about to finish his deployment in afghanistan when his base came under heavy enemy fire. his mother said her son was never afraid to tell anyone that he loved them. his funeral is set for saturday. >> occupy sf on notice, move out because the city is moving in. officials spent the day in another round of negotiations with the protesters, they are trying to encourage the camp to
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move to a former school site in the mission district. so far nobody is pulling up stakes, they say they want a few more concessions the city like allowing dogs at the new site but the offer may not last much longer. >> the city wants us out by 12 noon tomorrow. >> city crews will want to stop work tomorrow on the palm trees and start restoration of the park, the grassy area and return the park back to the people of san francisco. >> reporter: the city is not giving any specifics on the plan but officials say no matter who protesters decide, there will be only one occupy sf camp going forward and it'll not be the one on the plaza. >> he had a face mask, a vest and a large parcel. his visit to a post office triggered a response by the bomb squad. that masked man has an expractice nation for his clothing though.
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>> reporter: the first reports were unnerving, a man with a mask stuffed a package into this post office. the bomb squad, firefighters and the postal inspector closed down the street and after four hours a robot blew up the package. it turned out to be nothing by begs the question, what about the man in the mask? you look like a terrorist. >> i know. i try not to think aboutt. >> reporter: he is a 29-year- old nursing student and fitness buff on a so-called cross fit work out, a new exercise. the mask is designed to restrict your breathing to simulate training at high at attitudessers the vests had ten pounds of weights. >> reporter: can you see how it may scare people? >> yeah but -- but, when i'm in my little zen zone and just running -- yeah it wasn't put
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in to the context. >> reporter: he to mail a package so he figured why not don the gear and jog to the post office? what made it more suspicious was that the package didn't fit because it was to big. so he had to jam it back into the mailbox. he turned himself in that night. he saved everybody hours of detective work, plus we can all relax knowing wasn't a real terrorist threat. also no officers or firefighters were on overtime. >> big misunderstanding, inintended on my part, won't do it again. >> reporter: a lesson learned in a post 9/11 world. >> other headlines, san francisco police have made an arrest in a hit and run that injured an off duty firefighter. investigators say that the man in the white t-shirt in this video is a accused of deliberately running down a
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firefighter with an suv an thanksgiving morning. he is in the hospital in critical condition. the car that hit him is still missing and police need help finding. it's a black 2011mazd acx7. it may have front end damage. police say its registered to a rental company and hasn't been returned. they think it may be at a body 1407 possibly in vallejo or san mateo. a grinch nearly ruined the holidays for a charity. someone ripped off four thousand dollars worth of donated toys and food from almond grove elementary intended for needly families. after hearing the news wells fargo donated $4,000 to replace it today. now the mayor is very busy shopping. so far no suspects or arrests. >> we have always been told e-
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mail is not private, don't send out anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to see. now, the same is true about your smart phone. the startling revelation that your texts are being recorded before the receiver ever gets them. >> reporter: call just about any company to do business by phone and you will likely hear the words this call may be monitored. you probably had no idea how much. >> so every buton you press and dial or before you even call already is sent off to the iq application here. >> reporter: trevor produced this video in which he claims to show how a secret application buried inside phones including android, blackberry and nokia captures key strokes. he sent a text using the words hello world and showed how he can recall it on his computer. >> gets.
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sms and we see it here hello world. >> reporter: he claims the software is records and sending text information to the computers. >> we realize that we have no privacy, anything we do today on a mobile phone or anywhere we go when we have a mobile phone can betrayinged by someone. >> reporter: carrier iq says it's only used to monitor performance. >> our technology is not recording key strokes or providing tracking. our operators are for the first time getting a true understanding of your day today problems. >> reporter: they didn't respond to our request for comment. a spokeswoman said they were preparing a response. >> this is way beyond recording a phone call and a customer service. this is about tracking what you are doing with your phone, where you are going when you have the phone with you, all of
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your texts, all of your e-mail its, all of the applications. >> reporter: a former justice department prosecutorrer said if in carrier iq is logging key strokes and sending themselves somewhere it may be a federal wire tap and could expose the company to a lawsuit. the class in that case could be millions of phone users. in san francisco, cbs5. >> a smuggler's secret revealed. a look inside one of the most high end drug tunnels we have seen. >> no free toy with your happy meal. the strategy san francisco mcdonalds have to comply with the city's new law. >> the new number people are putting on their resume that could make or break that job ,,,
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. federal agents in san diego just shut down one of the most high end drug tunnels ever found along the united states mexico border. the 600-yard passage lives warehouses in mexico and san diego. it has lighting ventilation, a lift, and even an electric rail system. >> all considered, a highley efficient device to move drugs in an underground environment. >> reporter: they recovered 32- tons of marijuana, more than $50 million worth on the streets. it's one of the largest pot
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busts in united states history. >> mcdonalds appears to have found a way around the happy meal law. the ordinance takes effect tomorrow. it make itself illegal for fast food restaurants to offer a free toy with kid meals that don't meet certain guidelines. so, the restaurants in the city plan to ask parents if they would like to add a toy to the meal for ten cents. >> we are complying what our customers want. >> here is a corporation that hopes to have a family friendly image trying to circumstance vent a law. >> reporter: they will sell them for ten cents, they aren't free and the money will go to the ronald mcdonald house. >> we all know about our credit score but now there is another number out there that can help set you apart, especially when it comes to finding a job. it's called the clout score and
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millions have them. elizabeth cook explains how it works. >> it's hard. you know you go to college and expect to graduate and get the dream job you have been waiting for and it's not like that. >> reporter: megan is one of the millions of california residents looking for a job. she haustus the basics, college degree, work experience, special skill set. >> have to put some of the metl and push yourself and find interesting ways to be seen in a job field that is already swamped with everybody trying to get a job. >> reporter: they is hoping a little red box with a white number inside next to her name on her resume is going to set her apart. >> you have a hand shake and business card. if you have a twitter handle or a youtube account you can push yourself to be something different then just the name on a paper. >> reporter: it's called a cloud score. it measures how influencal you are in social media. >> you get a clout core based
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on your ability to drive others to action. >> reporter: joe fernandez created it and now over 100 million people use it. >> if you are putting public data on a web like twitter you have a clout score. >> reporter: it's not how many friends you have, every time you do something on a social media website, tweet, update your status on facebook, even post a video on youtube, they measure the amount of people who spreadt. the more who respond the higher your score. >> we look at who you create and try to understand is this about real estate, fashion, technology, what are you talking about and then when you talk about that how do people respond? are they commenting, liking, how do they gauge? >> reporter: megan's clout core is 55 on a scale of one to 100. anything over 20 is considered
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high. justin bieber's core is 100. >> everybody wants to be the cool kid. >> reporter: molly wood has seen the trends come and go but feels the virtual popularity comment test is here to stay. >> if you are popular online they think it's worth noting on your resume. >> reporter: keeping her score my ask a part-time job. >> three to ten tweets about -- five facebook hand shakes. my cats have a youtube act. i like to engage audiences. >> reporter: she is confident her followers will help her get in front of the biggest awed epps of them all, a future employer. >> if anything it's going to show i am trying to make myself something. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook. >> its been a windy night around the bay area. we still have fierce winds,
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stronger winds still to come. the complete fore,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. from the weather center the
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information coming in fast and furious so farah round the state of california. pg&e a says about 30,000 without power due to downed power lines caused by gusty winds, locally about 3,000 people throughout the bay area. we have had downed plants, downed power lines and a lot of debris on the roadway. the wind, continues to blow hard tonight. overnight through the morning drive before beginning to go down during the afternoon hours and this is why. we continue to see the wind warning in effect for anything about 1,000 feet and above, that's the red highlighted area. the greater san francisco bay area does have a wind advisory in effect until 6:00. we could still see wind gusts to 50 miles an hour. we have the low pressure to the east that's been causing all the wind. that's the main story. it's causing a pressure gradient and try to provide it to the off shore flow. we call it a pressure gradient.
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it's covering the entire state of california. with the gusty winds tonight a crystal clear starry night. mid40s to the south and in between across the central bay, meanwhile the weather headlines while we will have the wind tomorrow morning we have the decrease during the afternoon. northerly ten to 20 and once the winds die down we have cold air mass. frigid temperatures near or freezing levels. now the bottom line is the temperature span tomorrow will only be between 61 and 65 degrees. otherwise plenty of sun each and every day with the off shore flow continuing and seasonal temperatures. that's the windy pinpoint forecast. we have kim with sports. >> thank you. stanford coach and former raider passes away. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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glockton passed away overnight . the stanford team is morning assistant coach and former raider --. >> we lost another great raider >> a first round pick of the then raiders, he quick lue became one of the building blocks of the defense. he made four probowls in his six season was the raiders. >> the clock, he got it.
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he wanted to get it to --. >> reporter: after his playing career ended he found other ventures. >> welcome. >> reporter: he bought a fat burger franchise but football kept calling and he got into coaching. >> i'm coming --. >> reporter: he started his coaching career, before landing a job at tennessee. a year ago he moved back west to be with his family taking a job at stanford. >> always walked in every day with a smile on his face and wanted to help. he was assisting the defensive line, with the defensive staff, just doing whatever we needed him to do and he just brought that nfl experience and that belief that gosh if you can play as well as you can play nobody can beat you because that was the mentality heed walked around with. >> to say he was coming in to his own as a coach, would be
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under stating it. he was -- he -- he was already blossomed. >> yeah. he was just getting started. he was an analyst on our 5th quarter pregame shows he was just 42. the stanford women hosting united states davis. the cardinal beat them in the tournament by 27. they won by 49. the sisters combined for 38 points. stanford wins 93-44 that's 66 in a row. it's time for your wednesday night top five. >> hi. it's me. this weekend. number meet the future miss zito. she will marry him this weekend. >> the future rich miss zito.
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>> look at that, north carolina tries to save -- wisconsin steals it and check out the impressive reverse. lightning on the break away. jimmy howard flashing the league. number one, bet are you wondering about dennis? here hes. about to jump off this boat and make this incredible catch. that's not dennis but he does like to play frisbee. track it down, guy catches it. there you have it. >> he is better than a dog. >> he. >> the timing. >> timing and the wrist. >> amazing. >> can't even train my do,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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