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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 news in high definition. i was in my house in concorde. >> credit card numbers sent to russia. how a bay area grocery chain got hacked. police move in on the occupiers. the strange tactic that raveled the camp tonight. much of california felt like a wind tunnel today. we'll show you the damage that was left behind. and good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana. it was a hacker attack that stretched nearly 6,000 miles from a bay area business. >> some of its customers are out big bucks, but robert lyles shows us the carry. he isn't eager to tell us what happened. >> why is this manager locking me inside? >> so you locked me inside the store. >> and my photographer outside? perhaps it's the credit card
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nightmare unfolding. a customer crises, the assistant branch manage deer not want to touch, especially when i asked. >> whether your store computers or any of the accounts of customers were hacked. >> i know nothing about it. you they'd to take the camera down. >> that's how cbs5 found miguel. >> broke the metro, three times the same day. >> 3,000 miles away, credit card thieves were swiping the business visa. buying more than $1,000, dining on mcdonald's. >> i was in my house. >> owner of the mexican restaurant had been to jet row. >> you are here twice a week. >> yeah. >> expth is the only place this you use that card? >> yeah. gas stations. >> what he didn't know is that he used his visa, thieves were
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recording card numbers and verification codes. then sent that credit data to a server in russia where pirates made cards and oakland restaurant owner was hit for thousands. thieves walked into wal-marts in vallejo and union city on black friday. charging more than $4500. the following day, another $200 was charged at h and m. then more than $500 and nearly $600 at foot locker in san mateo. the company hired forensic investigators who found the spy ware. saying at this time, the investigation continues. and they'll take any necessary additional steps to eliminate the threat caused by mall ware, a message slow to arrive at the oakland store. >> we said that nothing happened. and now you're telling me you can't answer any questions.
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>> i can't. >> so what story is it? is it that nothing happened or is it that you can't answer any questions? >> now jetroe is niter saying how many questions were hacked or how many of those stores. 13 in fact across the country where they found that spy ware. they are saying to customers if you believe that your credit card was tampered, you should cancel that card immediately. this document is saying they set up an id protection pennsylvania . in oakland, i'm robert lyles. police move in, and then police move out. what happened during that barricade battle. don. >> right now there's a bit of a cell bra story mood here at occupy san francisco. earlier, there was intensity as san francisco police did come in, put barricades all around
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the encampment and the folks of the encampment pushed back. police officers began circle the cant with barricades. some tried to shove the barricades back. >> our mission down here was to create a safety zone. it does give us a sense of how violent the people who remain in the camp are. >> a police officer's hand was injured in the scuffle. then tempers flaired again along the west side of the camp. >> i way from my home. >> police again pulled back. deem demonstrators channeled it. and drumming. and pulling barricade sections back and camp. demonstrator dave put four around his tent. >> this is just an example of what they are doing to us. they are putting up barriers. >> some campers had enough, were packing up and moving out
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thr. is a sustains police will move in soon. >> we were skeptical until this happened. until they started pin us in, we are sure they will come. >> sat down in the middle of market street. once had a camp here and police seem determined there would not be another. deem demonstrators came back to camp an hour later. >> an exclusive poll shows that san franciscoens are not happy with the way the mayor handled the occupy protesters. 46% say they disapprove while 31% approve. and 49% say the city was wrong to offer the demonstrators a new location on mission street. 40% say it was the right move. and tonight, an empty bank branch is being occupied. kit tells us the city plans to waste no time showing them the
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door. >> inside the darkened bank, the candle light almost made it feel roman take. but city manager, martin was there to deliver a firm message, leave now. >> is there a deadline as to when you guys will move in? >> i said they need to get out as soon as possible. >> occupy santa cruz protesters broke into the bank and police responded in riot gear. officers were outnumbered 4-1 until they left. then all day today, the occupiers made themselves at home at the former coast commercial bank at the corner of river and water streets. they came with sleeping bags, barricaded the doors, and posted lookouts on the roof. inside, they have medical supplies, electricity, and running water. occupy santa cruz says it has been vacant for years and i want to use it for homeless and foreclosure services. >> it's a perfect place for this particular movement to have a location at a bank that
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is owned by a multinational corporation that is not providing any benefit to our community. >> the city says they have been tolerant. but since this is private property, time is running out. >> our hope is that there won't be any type of competition. >> what if they don't? >> if they don't, we'll be forced to evict them. >> kit, cbs5. a jury cleared four bart police officers of using excessive force against the passenger three years ago. the passenger claimed mes serks rly and the others kicked and punched him. that incident took place weeks before he fatally shot oscar grant on new year's day. the verdict shows officers acted properly. hundreds of people turned it out tonight on this world aids day. it was 33030 years ago that the cdc published a report about an
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outbreak of pneumonia. more than 60 million people have contracted hiv. nearly 30 million have died as a consequence. san francisco firefighter is being called a hero tonight following a fire in the mission district. lieutenant bob coleman climbed a ladder, pulled a woman out of the burning apartment, and then gave her his own oxygen mask adds he led her to safety. coleman suffered smoke inhalations. two were critly hurt. from san francisco to salt lake city, powerful winds led to hazardous conditions all over the west coast. elizabeth coke shows us the damage left behind in the bay area and beyond. >> curt is lucky to be alive after a wind fueled fire destroyed his livermore home and spread to two others. >> i ran there and i came back here. >> it was all up in flames?
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>> yes. >> there was no bart service after a train struck a down tree or branches that fell right on to the tracks. in sunny vail, a car collided head on. the car wasn't as lucky. the massive winds left 1900 bay area customers without power. just to the south in santa cruz, 25,000 were left in the dark. a giant tree fell on an suv in downtown sacramento. no one was injured. and a dentist and little girl were able to escape after a try came crashing down. southern california is used to santa ana winds, but these are like santa anas you haven't seen in a decade. >> i have never seen anything like that. >> gusts were as high as 80 miles per hour. schools and businesses shut down and many are now homeless.
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>> i didn't expect this to happen. >> her neighbor's tree fell and split her home in two. nearby pas dei nay, 23 square miles are littered with tree limbs. half the city was left without power and buildings were damaged beyond repair. it's not just in california. just outside salt lake city, there were gust as high as 102- miles an hour. one gust tore apart this fence of a salt lake city home. nearby, a home video camera was rolling as a grill came flying into a back porch. jen with the golden gate weather service says this massive storm started in the gulf of alaska. >> it had a lot of energy over the pacific. it dropped to the pacific northwest and there's a big area of high pressure behind it, so it made it strong and tight. it held together. >> cbs5.
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>> winds have been increasing. good evening, everyone. let's take a look at our weather camera. winds are blowing to 23 miles per hour. other notable numbers, 30 moil per hour winds now in santa rosa and in san jose. because of the additional wind gust tonight, national weather service issued another wind advisory. this time for the peninsula and the coast as well as the north and east bay hills. we'll have your complete pinpoint forecast straight ahead. and coming up, the incredible thing that general motors is willing to do as a last resort to keep customers happy. and apple's new virtual assistant tool will help you with almost everything. the one question theory will not answer though. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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transit agency in the counto bart has become the first public transit agency in the country to place limits on blackouts of cell phone service. it was the first to kill cell service in august at four san francisco stations because of a planned protest. that move brought protests of its own. organized by anonymous.
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prohibit anymore cell phone blackouts unless there is a quote, extraordinary threat that would endanger passenger safety. today general motors says it will buy back chevy volts from drivers worry about a problem with the car's battery. the national highway traffic safety administration launched a formal information into the volt. that's after volt batteries caught fire after crash testing in at least three cars. gm says it will do everything it can to keep customers happy. so it is also offering loaner cars until the safety conditions are resolved. >> apple's new virtual assistant tool has been a big hit with iphone 4s users. st won't help you find everything you are looking for. >> answer just about any question except when it comes to one. >> where can i find a
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supermarket? >> it's one of the hottest if he thinkses of the new iphone. >> i found a number of supermarkets. >> the virtual assistant. ask it just about anything and it finds an answer. if it can't, it leads you to a search engine. apple is ring to respond to questions about its new voice activated assays taint. those questions were raised by bloggers as to why they can find strip clubs, but draws a blank when asked about contraception. >> we are standing outside a planned parenthood. >> this is the latest iphone. >> sorry, i couldn't find any abortion clinics. >> ask the same question in washington, d.c. and the story says she comes up with one in pennsylvania. a similar search on google directs users to several
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clinics where abortions are performed. apple is blaming it on a technical glitch. saying these are not technical o migs. it simply means as we bring sii to a final product, we find places where we codo better. not everyone is buying it. eli is the former executive director of move and the author of the bubble. >> the fact is that for a long time, media companies have made it more difficult for women to, you know, find family planning. not the first time this has happened. >> one analyst who covers apples says he doesn't believe there's a hidden agenda. but rather relies on informs gattered from part iners. the company's culture of sigh lex lens will only likely add to suspicions. >> you see lots and lots of
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pretty wild theories and speculations about new products and services and you know, hidden agendas and all those kind of things with apple more than you do with other companies because they tend to constrain the amount of information they make available to the marketplace. >> all right, so how smart is your smart phone? smart enough to do this? ♪ [ music ] yeah done. the robotic device constructed by legos and power bade smart phone set the gorks iness world record. it solved the puzzle in just over 5 seconds. the phone is driven by an app that uses the camera. >> oh yeah, but that's what i needed, an extra set of hands to help me with all the weather data coming into the cbs
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weather center. it's still windy outside and tomorrow lots of bright sunshine. let the wind and new advisory you need to know about aseyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was certainly a blustery way to begin a brand-new month on the first day of december. good evening, everybody. we still have the wind howling around the bay area. it's live as our cbs weather camera looking out. look, very carefully. okay, work with me here. squint, you see that tree there? it's just moving around in the wind. we have wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. 13 now in santa rosa. these winds have been fluxuating. brand-new year has another wind advisory until 10:00 a.m. that blue highlighted area std peninsula and the coast with winds northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour through mid-morning. here is your future cast. this is the curet model to give
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you a good idea when the winds will subside. the morning commute at the delta, take a look at san francisco. 14-mile per hour winds at 4:00 p.m. the winds gradually dying down. still on the breezy side. 12-mile per hour winds. by this time tomorrow night. tonight, we should dip down to near freezing. 36 in santa rosa and 40 in fremont. we have a ways to go. pretty mild outside due to that wind. there's an area of low pressure providing some snow. that's the low that is backing up against the ridge of high pressure causing the pressure grade i can't want, thus the windy conditions. tomorrow, take a peek the the warmers. and then a whole sunshiny forecast for you. nothing but a string of days with seasonal temperatures into the 60s ail across the board and temperatures hold until thursday, this time next week.
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that's your pinpoint forecast w. have dennis o'donnell. he's on deck with sports. ucla got escorted out of his final practice. we'll tell you why the raider key player is in trouble tonight. next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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was arrested this afternoonr firing a gunshot at a former high school classmat raiders linebacker was arrested this afternoon for firing a gun shot at a former high school classmate during a fight late last night. >> i was just standing there and he came up to me and shot the gun by my face. >> mcclane was in alabama attending the funeral for his grandfather. he was charged with four misdemeanors. this picture was taken as he was being handcuffed. he was relosed on a $2,000 bond. former cal star was the leader rusher in november and he jumped out to an early lead this month. breaks free, they call it the beast mode. look at him go. 148 yards, two touchdowns. hawks blow out the eagles 31-
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14. lsu is 12-0 for the first time in school history. he had everyone in the 49ers locker room picking georgia in the sec championship game. that is everyone except former tiger. >> my whole building, i don't know why. i don't know why everybody wanted to go against me. probably because i are the loudest tunes. i can see the whole building from our coaches and going against me, so i will be glowed if front of that field. >> stanford is not pulling for rickie john's team. state glued to the tv. special college edition. >> that is special beast mode. >> the fans in tact to watch
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the sharks win. martin won it, but here for his first 1 11 games. the sharks beat the canadians 4- 3. winds up to 50 miles per hour in chevron. better known as tiger's tournament. leaving him with third place. the title game against oregon will be the final game as ucla's head coach. you got quite a sendoff. they begin tonight's top five. don't expect the same sendoff friday night. they are a 30 point underdog. number forks rangers defenseman
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accidentally hits his own goalie with a stick and down he goes. at number three, darius miller, look at that, a he would say, how do you like it? the caps blow out st. gons. and number two, back to sherwood. behongs to the next. watch the backs here, dana. and it's individual. johnson is 7 behind j.j. number one, stanford's anthony brown. finishing at the other end. tonight, the considereddal blowout the red hot 72-49 is the final. stanford off to a good start as are the cal bears. the sec championship and stanford fans have to pull against lsu because stanford hoping for an outside shot to get the national title. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back to find
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out why dennis was looking down. i love teaming with the best that's why i'm here, at st. jude children's research hospital. our research has changed the way the world treats brain tumors, leukemia and sickle cell. we help kids all across america. now, these kids have hope... and a sense of humor. where did you get this color? it's natural. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area,
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