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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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monday and friday. the time is almost 6. letters sent by snail mail will soon take longer to arrive. next-day delivery eliminated for communities. the u.s. postal service on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. in order to file for bankruptcyly, it will make some reductions, $3 billion in reductions to be exact. that means delayed delivery of everything, check payments, getting netflix dvds in the mail, magazine and newspaper subscriptions. in addition the changes, it will be in effect in about
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march of next year, about 3,700 postal offices will close. here's a summary of major changes. right now first-class delivery takes one to three days to get to the destination. now takes 2 to 3 days. 250 of 500 processing centers to close. that's half of the processing centers and up to 100,000 postal workers could be laid off. starting next month, the cost of stamps will go up by 1 penny. right now it's 454 cents. next month it could be 45 cent. back to you. >> still the best deal in america. live for us in san jose. thanks. this morning, governor brown will unveil the details of his plan to raise taxes to bridge next year's big budget deficit. there is half cent tax increase statewide and income tax hike for those who make $250,000 a year or more.
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in addition help balance the budget, much of the money would be dedicated to education and schools. police chief chris moore is looking into the growing number of sick calls by officers this year. according to the mercury news, the chief says high stress levels might be the reason for a lot of those sick calls, and the head of the police union said there is a morale problem, a 40% increase in sick time taken by employees this year as compared to last year, and sick time is up 81% from four years ago. redwood city police are searching for the suspect who shot two men at a burger king. it happened in a parking lot on middle field road before 7 last night. officers found a 32-year-old victim on the floor of the restaurant with multiple gunshot wounds. a second victim called police shortly thereafter. they are being treated at the hospital. police are searching for several men in a white buick with tinted windows. a federal grant is helping
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provide money. and sharon chen is in oakland where new recruits start their training today. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, elizabeth. this is the first time the police department is starting up the police academy again since 80 officers were laid off in july 2010. the academy is reopening thanks to a federal grant. that grant from the u.s. department of justice allows oakland to hire a total of 25 officers. ten of those officers will come from the academy. mayor quan says they'll be reassigned to the black where 90% of the city's crime occurs. their focus around the middle school so they can get to know the kids and help them get to school safely. the federal provides for the reinstatement of four former oakland police officers and the hiring of 11 more officers. police chief howard jordan said the department has already received 60 applications from people wanting to make a lateral move. the police academy expects to open here at 8:00 this morning on the fifth floor of the
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police administration building. low elizabeth? thank you, sharon. millions of dollars being spent to promote the high-speed rail system that is years away from rolling through california. the chronicle reports the state's high-speed rail spent millions on dollars in public relations in the last two years. much went to former politicians or staff members. officials say it is reasonable to spend for public out reach for a large and complex project. it is large and cool. >> great if it were here. expensive. >> with it went on the car in my dashboard. the little snowflake that comes up means it's cold. i believe you. i do believe you.
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>> numbers sitting in the 30s still in some spots, 40s and 50s elsewhere. livermore at 51. fremont sitting in the 30s right now. fairfield at 51, seeing gusting conditions there. breezy around the bay area stepping outside this morning. this afternoon close to where we should be this time of year. redwood city and oakland, 60. livermore a few degrees cooler at 58, and the coastline may get to 57. not a lot of variety in the and temperatures today. a full look at your forecast later in the show. over to giana with a look at traffic. to the bay bridge toll plaza, no accidents. you can see traffic starting to stack up in the lanes. no delays off the shoreway. 18, 19 minutes off the bridge. the rest of the bridge.
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the traffic flee-flowing both directions if headed to fso. no delays to report. downtown, san jose, traffic moving along lively. so far looking good. that's a look at your ride. back to you, guys. 6:06. a pension reform, a big topic down at san jose, the six- figure paycheck collected by city workers. also ahead. >> they took me into a private room and stripped me. >> a grandma humiliated at the airport ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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council will take on a controversial issue... pension reform for city workers. a new analysis by the mercury news finds that a third of san jose's retired police officers and firefighters collect 100 thousand dollars a year for the
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city. and more city workers are retiring early. so on tuesday, the city l will try to come measure >> collect a hundred thousand dollars a year from the pensions. more retiring early. tuesday city council will try to come up with a measure from the june ballot to cut the pension costs. >> no doubt that over the past 10 years we've seen not only an increase in our pension benefit and an increase in salaries. the two have combined to create larger and larger pension benefits for our employees. >> leaders say it's a pressing issue because of the budget deficit. union leaders say they've been shut out of discussions and are warning about potential lawsuits. today on capitol hill, senate democrats plan to offer a new proposal to extend the payroll tax cut into the new year. both parties want to continue the cuts, but they can't agree on how to pay for the $200 billion extension. if a deal isn't reached, the popular tax cut will expire at the end of the month.
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the republicans in the presidential race focusing on iowa this week, where their next debate will be and where the voteing is about one month away. newt gingrich has back the new leader in poles in iowa. he's running ads in his campaign. polls show the former house speaker gained the most when her man cane dropped out of the race over the weekend. time 6:11, an elderly passenger outraged at the tsa. what she is calling a traumatic experience. and a fleet of ferraris smashed in a freeway accident. the cause behind this pileup. and chilly temperatures this morning, 40s and 50s around the bay and breezy conditions gusts up to 20s and 30s in spots. how warm we'll get coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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put mo e officers on the street. a federal grant is helping oakland train and hire 25 new officers. welcome back. a federal grant is helping oakland train and hire 25 new officers. in more than an hour from now, postal service will announce service cuts. a letter from a nearby community will no longer arrive the next day. half of the processing centers will also close. . the power back on for most people left without electricity during last week's wind storms. there were scattered outages in name. they should be fixed today.
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we're seeing breezy conditions right here in the bay area. gusts in the 20s and 30s in parts of fairfield and santa rosa. but most of the bay area is cold as you're stepping outside this morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the most part, and a clear start to our day. not dealing with a lot of cloud cover, and any fog we saw this morning had peeled back from the coastline. this afternoon the temperatures we'll see will be close to where we should be this time of year in december. lots of sunshine across the board. those numbers will be sitting in the high 50s and low 60s. the reason we're seeing this nice weather, this area of high pressure. in our forecast for the time being; but because we don't have cloud cover that will mean chilly nights in store. as we head into tomorrow -- or this evening into tomorrow, we'll see cold temperatures, a frost advisory and also a freeze warning in effect for the north and east valleys. topping dropping into the 30s. so you'll need to put an extra
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blanket on and crank up the heater. a cold one tonight. not too hot today. numbers in the high 50s, low 60s. oakland topping out at 60 as well. san rafael making it to 59 today, fairfield at 60, livermore at 58. and the coastline temperatures sitting in the high 50s. not a lot of variety there. that will be the same story as we make our way into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. look at the numbers. similar across the board. we'll see more changes as we see more cloud cover make its way into the forecast on wednesday and then into the weekend, more cloudy conditions as well. that's a look at your forecast. over to joy anna. no word of injuries. blocking lanes at this point and traffic. you can see in our live shot, it is backed up. they have not put on the metering lights; but expect
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delays as you york our way through. across the deck, lower deck of the bridge, traffic moving along nicely. the accident the blacking the left lane right now, and the emergency crews are headed out to the scene with tow trucks and chp. checking 92, the san mateo bridge, no delays as you work your way westbound headed toward foster city. eastbound traffic into hayward everything looking good in both directions. a 13 to 14-minute drive between 808 and 8001. the rest of the area problem- free. a live look at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic out of the county. clear as you work your way toward the toll plaza. looking good into san francisco. the altamonte pass starting to inch up. westbound 580 toward 680. 50 miles per hour in some spots, 25 miles per hour when you see the red in some spots as well. sluggish toward 680. westbound highway 5 also the case. seeing the typical slow and go conditions as you work your way
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between somerville and lightbulb bob. slow through pittsburgh as well. 885, 237. not a bad ride. roadwork on the south bay. updates in a few minutes. back to you. 5:18 now. this morning an update to a scary accident at at&t park. we now know at least 6 people were hurt in a collapse. it happened saturday night. high school football fans pressed forward to greet their team after the victory. you can see the players running. front rail gave way. several people fell 6 feet the ground. no one critically injured, but three people hurt. after a college football game fans stormed the field after oklahoma state beat rival oklahoma saturday night. ten people were injured, including several who broke their ankles. check them out. two remain in stable condition. the video. football is big. >> really. dangerous. >> between those two teams,, of course, and, of course, state.
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a grandmother claims she was strip-searched for airport security. >> lenore zimmerman was flying tuesday when she said security went too far. she went through scanners. she said the search was humiliating. >> they patted me down, took me into a private room and strip- searched me. she said "will you take your pants down, please,?" she pulled my understood wear down. i said, "why is this happening?" she didn't respond. >> zimmerman said she was allowed to keep her top on. a spokesman for the tsa said they did not conduct a stip search on the 85-year-old and the entire process lasted 11 minutes. zimmerman says she plans to sue. >> eleven minutes. shouldn't take that long. they have the wands. 6:19, a family pet missing
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for years. where the dog was finally found. and wasn't what was under the tree; but what was in it? the slithery surprise is all coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a former miss u-s-a is in trouble near her home in suburban detroit.
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26- year- old rima ("ree-mah") fakih ("fah-key") was arrested for d-u-i over the weekend. she was born in lebanon, and raised in the united states. in may of last year, she became the ican to win the mi she was born in lebanon, raised here in the united states. in may of last year, she became the first arab american to win the miss usa pageant. her lawyer said she is very apologetic about her drunk driving arrest. could be the world's most expensive car crash ever. fourteen cars, including 8 ferraris, 3 mercedes and a lamborghini were traveling in a convoy when involved in a pileup in southwestern japan. happened sunday morning. ten of the drivers were taken to the hospital, but no serious
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injuries. wet roads and high speeds likely played a part in the pileup. some auto body repairman is going, "come on in." >> the big question is why would there be so many ferraris and lamborghinis be in a row. >> all friends knew each other at a club. they didn't make it. a late hollywood icon continues to wow. pictures of marilyn monroe's first photo shoot sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. these were the photos taken back in 1946 when monroe was still norma gene. a beautiful woman. the judge ruled the pictures must be auctioned to set it will photograph's debt. the photos sold for $362,000 in beverly hills yesterday. they came with negatives and the rights to sell and distribute them as well. >> she looks great, different from the blonde bombshell we're used to seeing. what a difference a little makeup and hair dye can do. >> we'll leave it there.
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if dogs could talk a pooch named petunia had to say. found last week in a rural area of the county eight years after she disappeared from her home in virginia. a microchip of them reunites the pet with the family. >> hard to believe she was alive. it's been 8 years. >> very thirsty and hungry when i found her. glad she took the right fork in the road and came to me. >> she was two years old when she left home. how she ended up 5,000 miles away remains a big mystery. petunia -- that doesn't look like a petunia, but she's not talking. >> petunia is very sweet. i'm sure she's happy to be at home. what was up to? having coming up. >> a big surprise for one north carolina family. >> [ cheering ]. right as casey blaine was going to turn off her family's christmas tree lights, she
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screamed because she saw something moving. her husband stepped in to remove a small snake off the tree. they set it free in the woods. what did they name it? tinsel? i guess because they thought it was a piece of tinsel. >> go ahead. >> absolutely. not a big reptile guy. coming up, going green could soon be mandatory. in one county, the hefty fine if your trash is not in the right bin. plus a big shake-up in the gop race. who stands to gain the most in her man cane's exit. the new front runners a live report from washington. meanwhile, a story coming up. the u.s. postal service making major changes which could affect you. the details coming up. and high pressure keeping us dry and clear for today. but temperatures are chilly outside. i'll tell you how long you can wear that coat coming up. ,,
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wenger. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 6-- we begin with an accident on the bay bridge that's causing delays. here's gianna.
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from netflix d- v-d's, to an accident causing delays. involves a transit bus as well as some other vehicles. >> three vehicles, in fact. word there may be delays headed into san francisco. you can see our live shot at the toll plaza there in the middle of the screen. all those flashing lights, the three cars and a bus in the left lane. not getting word of any injuries just yet or if there are persons on bus. awaiting to hear back. but it is causing a problem. traffic is really backed up through there possibly toward the main at this point. they have turned on the metering lights. once you get past the accident, gets a lot better, traffic free flowing into san francisco. the lower deck of the bridge not showing delays right now. new word of an accident. this is blocking one lane we'll have more details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, giana. we'll check in with you later. from netflix dvdss to
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prescriptions, your mail delivery about to get slower. this morning the postal service will announce cuts to avoid bankruptcy. we're at the distribution center in san jose with more on the service productions we can expect very soon. gill, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frank, good morning. those changes won't take effect until march, but you'll want to start planning ahead to make sure your check payments are in the mail and that birthday cards get to their final destinations on time. you see, the u.s. postal service is on the brink of bankruptcy. to avoid having to file for that, the postal service is making $3 billion in reductions, including closing about 3,700 post offices nationwide. the delivery time, as you mentioned frank, will probably be the biggest effect most of the consumers will feel. magazine subscriptions may be delayed. dvds, netflix, a little later than usual; and that weird card you thought would get to mom on
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time it may arrive after the celebration, which is never a good deal. here is a summary of the major changes. delivery of first class mail, more than half of the mail will arrive more than two to three days. 250 of 500 processing centers nailed could close. that's half of them. and 100,000 workers are threatened to be laid off. new with these changes starting in march, it could save the postal service about $6 and a half billion a year. back to you, frank. >> just going to have to plan ahead. okay. live for us in san jose. thanks. governor brower taking the plans off his plans to raise taxes. the governor will ask voters for help bridging next year's deficit. among the ideas floating around a sales tax increase statewide, an income tax hike. people who pay more than $50,000 a year in addition helping balance the budget. much of the money dedicated to
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helping education. redwood city police are searching for suspect suspect who is shot two men at a burger king. happened on middlefield road before seven last night. officers found a victim on the floor of the restaurant with multiple gunshot wound. a second victim called police shortly after. police are searching for several men in a white buick with tinted windows. >> more police patrolling oakland crime hot spots. a major federal grant is footing the bill. and we're in oakland where the police academy reopens this morning. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. classes begins this morning at the police academy at the police administration building. this is the first time that oakland is running a police academy since layoffs in 2010. the money comes from a $10 million federal grant that allows oakland to put a total of 25 officers back on the streets. ten of those officers will come
6:34 am
from the academy. their training was put on hold when the layoffs occurred. the mayor says ones they graduate they will be assigned to the so 0 block where 90% of the city's crime happens. they'll be patrolling around the middle schools to get to know the kids and how they get to the schools. in addition, four former police officers will get their jobs back, and there are 11 other officer openings that can now be filled, and howard gordon says for the openings, they've already received 60 applications. elizabeth? >> thanks, sharon. time now is 6:34. >> despite the snowflakes on elizabeth's car this morning, we're told. >> it was a lighted snowflake. >> a lighted snow make. >> meaning it is cold outside. >> well, it is cold. >> it's all making sense now. >> like a light on my car. >> cold if you couldn't figure it out on your own.
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>> all making sense now. >> okay. >> 6:34. >> and she is correct, it is cold outside, but it's clearing. you can see as we take a live look outside here, just dealing with a few low clouds. a beautiful shot of the city, and temperatures this afternoon going to be on the cool side, but at least we'll have sunshine in store. first through the cooler numbers. a look outside right now, 55 in santa rosa, 48, coker at 48 as well. temperatures for the highs today where they should be this time of year. san francisco, concord about 2 degrees warmer, san jose 4 degrees warmer, so definitely time to bring out the coats. fall is officially here. no more of the 70-degree weather. as we make our way a little bit later on in the week, we'll see similar heart conditions. more sunshine in store for tuesday, and then we're going to see cloud cover in the
6:36 am
forecast for wednesday, and more cloud cover for the weekend. that's a loop at your forecast. back to you, guys. 6:36. republicans running for president are scrambling to find supporters for her man cane this weekend. >> comes as the latest poll shows newt gingrich leading in iowa months ahead of the caucuses there. we have randall pinks on the who joins us from washington to talk about the campaign, and i guess the big question after this weekend is her man cane's withdrawal and what does this mean for the remaining field of candidates. >> good morning, elizabeth and good morning, frank. >> that would be the former house speaker newt gingrich, because cane courters before cane dropped out of the race were saying that their number- two choice was gingrich. gingrich is up in the polls in iowa, and with cane out, it would suggest he will get more of a boost from cane's absence. >> cane dropped out. now is he going to endorse
6:37 am
someone? is he backing gingrich, do we know? >> cane's campaign manager mark black has said right now, he does not expect cane to endorse anyone. even if he does endorse someone, the question really comes down to who the voters will go for a month from now. one person endorses him. and that means something, ain't the adventure much of a ground game, so none of the candidates could get anything from cane's organization, which was somewhat, shall we say lacking. so the question is who will cane's voters go for? and we'll find that out in about a month. we keep hearing about gingrich and romney. do you think this is a two-man race at this point? >> i wouldn't go that far. look at what's happening in the poles. right now you have romney number three, but ron paul has been steadily rising. he's now showing in the number two position in iowa, right
6:38 am
behind going to richly. so this republican presidential primary campaign, pre-campaign has had a lot of variability in it from the beginning. but much too soon to declare in a two-person race. remember when michelle back man was number one? who knows maybe rick perry will catch fire or huntsman? who knows what will happen? >> kind of like the weather. if you don't like it just wait. first it was romney and then you had bachman. so we'll find out. >> and as that's the possibility -- you know, then who will rise to the top? >> who knows. >> and then there's donald trump who said he might jump in at the last minute. if anything it's exciting. >> randall picks on the live for us in d.c. thanks so much. a meeting of supervisors this morning about possibly
6:39 am
closing the golf course at pacifica and having the national park service take the land over there. the city of san francisco owns the golf u course. last week a judge limited activities there because of a threatened frog species and endangered snake in the area. trial goes to court sometime next summer. in alameda county, a push to fine people up to a thousand bucks for not recycling has several cities up in arms. the county wants to make recycling mandatory by 2013. that means newspapers and cans must be thrown in recycling binses. that could divert several thousand tons of relike labs from the landfill. cities are concerned about the additional cost to the cities, businesses and late payers. 6:39 now. is the material girl about to make a comeback in a big way? madonna has a big gig. we'll tell you about that.
6:40 am
plus playoff bound, the 49er victory nine years in the making. and following an accident on the bay bridge. the delay that's causing a big accident is coming up shortly. . and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check of the early numbers. hey, good news on a monday. we have great lines across the board. we'll have jason brooks when we come back. so stay right there. ,,,,,,
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fire crews, brake crews, chp and a tow truck on the scene. we are getting word that only minor injuries in this accident. things should be clear very soon. our concern if there's any passengers on the transit. you might find delays. headed into san francisco and depending on what they're going to do with the passengers on the bus. we'll keep you updated. we have chopper 5 headed to the scene. they should up load it in seconds to get a live look aerial view. traffic backed up through the area. starting to see delays from the main off the east shore freeway. traffic slow and go, 25 minutes
6:44 am
from the bridge. as you work your way because of the accident and the meter lights are on as a result reports of a car fire at highway one and looks like traffic may be slowing down as a result. head to christy with a check of your forecast. looking at this shot a clear start to the morning. any of the fog we saw earlier
6:45 am
has pulled back from the coastline. a beautiful picture here of the bay bridge, and all that blue is a pretty view of what we'll see later on this afternoon. sunny skies in store all around the bay area; but first we're going to have to get through some chilly temperatures sitting in the 40s, and some low 50s right now, and some areas experiencing gusts up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. a little breezy for the most part. this afternoon, going to see sunshine across the word. those numbers will be seasonal in the high 50s and 60s. the 70s we enjoyed last season is out of the picture. remaining dry for right now because of the high pressure off the coast, that is holding; but because we're not seeing a lot of cloud cover out there, we're also going to see temperatures that are quite cold. in fact, by this evening, the numbers are really going to plummet into cold territory. we have a frost -- freeze warning and a frost advisory both in effect. this is in the overnight hours monday into tuesday. that's for both the north and east bay valleys, the numbers dropping into the 20s and 30s.
6:46 am
bundle up and stay warm. it will get really cold tonight. chilly this morning and this afternoon not going to see warm temperatures. you'll need your jacket as you're stepping outside this and as well. 6 the high in mountain view, oakland topping out at 60. cool at the coast, fairfield at 60 later on today, and then santa rosa and napa both topping out at 60. san jose, same story. numbers looking similar into tuesday. cold weather monday into tuesday, evening into the morning. then more cloud cover into wednesday and thursday, and then more clouds making their way into the baby your weekend. that's a look at your forecast. back to you. okay. thank you much. 6:46. global markets watching europe as leaders there try to prop up the euro. >> here is jason brooks with kcbs. good monday morning, jason. >> good morning, elizabeth. good morning, frankie. all about europe this week and the leaders of france and germany just wrapping up a
6:47 am
meeting themselveses ahead of a summit on friday saying they want a new threatty for the entire european union. if those countries don't go for one, then a treaty amongst the 17 members of the euro zone, the countries that use the euro. they want tighter fiscal criminals on those members to prevent the worsening debt crisis from moving into the peripheral country into the core economies. that would bring about heavy sanctions for countries that don't move along with the new rules in. italy. it could take a year and a half, and we've seen it from italy to portugal and ireland. problems arising in germany. the core economies of europe. wall street wants to see the plans put into place. what happens on friday is the
6:48 am
absolute key. market reacting, the dow gaining 139 points, well after 12,000 after its best week in years. nasdaq up, s&p gaining 16 points. a big deal over the weekend. german software company buying success factors for $3 billion. success factors makes soft we are for the cloud. >> we hear different rumors. there could be problems getting to the other countries. the market could have the exact opposite reaction. could have to watch that closely. >> take it today. jason brooks. cbs money watch. an important week. other economic news, drivers are saving more at the pumps. the new lundberg survey shows prices have dropped another 9 cents a gallon over the past
6:49 am
two weeks. they're still high in the bay area, but not as high. san francisco leads the country at 3.67 a gallon, oak down to 6.60 and san jose the lowest at 3.63. several lenders spreading joy by not foreclosing on struggling homeowners. fanniemae and freddie mac say they will not force families out of their homes. however legal and administrative proceedings for evictions will proceed at this time. bank of america and wells fargo have announced temporary suspensions of evictions around the same time period. a look at what's coming up later on the early show. >> and jeff joins us now from new york city. good morning, jeff. >> frank and elizabeth good morning to you.
6:50 am
hope. and a first win in two years. we'll talk to kelly tillman about what to expect. and a very cool school in your neck of the woods in silicon valley. a school throwing out computers and ipads and everything else. going only with old-fashioned pen and paper and chalk boards and stuff like that. they've been successful at that. coming up on the early show this morning. >> the sandusky thing. does it blow your mind his attorney would let him talk again? >> it's funny because the trouble you thought he got into with the costas thing that they would let him do it again seems a little surprising, and we're going to ask joe becker about that. >> the show starts at 4:00. have a good show. a lot of sports news.
6:51 am
it's monday. the 49ers are going to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. >> at the game. a lot of fun. alex smith through touchdowns yesterday. frank gore became the all-time leading rusher for the team. harbaugh the third coach in franchise history to win the division. the 49ers beat the rams. they shut them out. they are still trying to secure the high seed and hopefully have a couple of home playoff games that the packers can lose to again, but right now they are on the right track. she is a performer who loves a big stage, and there are fewer stages bigger than the super bowl. it's been rumored for weeks now, and now it is official. the material girl madonna will be the start at next february's halftime show in lovely indianapolis. she'll perform with cirque du
6:52 am
soleil. > > this is a big story. they played in the title game for the third straight year. but they won for the first time in school history. they took on duke. set up teresa lola for a header in the net in the second half for the loan goal in the game. a satisfying triumph for a team that has come so close for so many years. they were 95-4-4 over the four- year period and finally won the big game. >> and wearing red. >> and, you know, i went to cal. >> time is 6:52. delays on the bay bridge. >> chopper 5 showing the backup. plus one man, a thin line and a long way down, the daredevil stunt over niagara
6:53 am
falls. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
let's go live now to chopper 5 with a look at the backups. the good news is we'll get this
6:56 am
out of the way. the accident being cleared. that's the good news. the bad news you can see the damage is done. traffic is backed up all the way into the maize. it was involving a transit bus traveling on the have, line. not sure if the delays are going to continue for the buses headed into san francisco. keep you posted. a backup into the maeltz. slow and go off the freeway as well. jumping to the maps as well. chopper 5, how sluggish it is off the freeway. traffic slow and go as you work your way out of berkeley toward the bridge. use bart. the adviser west 92. an accident in the right lane, and a vehicle fire westbound 92 at highway 91 and half-moon bay. >> batter is looking good now. thank you giana. slower delivery and fewer distribution centers, some of the consequences of cuts planned by the postal service. we have more on the cuts and why they're happening. good morning, gail.
6:57 am
>> i guess you could blame the internet for blaming the u.s. postal service for making the drastic changes on the verge of bankruptcy. when was the last time you actually mailed a letter to someone, and when was the last time you mailed a check to pay your utility bill? starting next march, you can see the major changes, a forward delivery of first-class mail reaching its final destination between two to three days instead of the usual 1 to 3 days. also 1 to 250 processing centers across the country expecting to close. that's half the amount of processing centers open right now, and 100,000 workers could be laid off next year. now speaking of being laid off, you might also say that the savings for the u.s. postal agency would save them about $6 and a half billion. speaking of savings, you might want to try saving your pen knits, because starting january 22nd, mailing a letter will cost you 45 cents from then on. >> frank and i are old-school.
6:58 am
we still mail our bills. >> we do. >> saving money. >> why are we still doing this? >> inspire you guys to jump on the tech bandwagon. >> how's the weather? >> the weather is good. it's cold. . temperatures consistent for the next several days. as you can see on our seven- day. more cloud cover in the picture on wednesday, and going to see frost advisories and warnings tonight into tuesday. so going to need to bundle up then. how is traffic doing? still a mess. >> the accident cleared. a walker wants to be the first person to cross niagara
6:59 am
falls. >> a sent generation stuntman from the flying lindas family. 32-year-old nick homes to walk nearly 2,000 feet across a steel cable across horseshoe falls. usually a ban on stunts over the falls, but new york's governor and the legislature have agreed to give him a onetime pass. he estimates the act would attract thousands of peck taters and bring in $120 billion in tourist dollars, but needs permission from canadian parable officials. not afraid of heights. >> i can't imagine. that would not be my first choice of things to do. >> i would rather hold the snake from the christmas tree. i would rather stand on the ground and waive hi. the early show is next. have a great monday, folks


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