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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew! good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. grace lee has the day off. the city of oakland gets much- needed support to fight crime. >> and this morning, some of the officers that were let go were welcomed back to the force. federal money is making it possible now for oakland to hire more officers but sharon chen shows us, some say that
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might not be enough to bring down the crime rate. she joins us in oakland with more. >> reporter: for the first time in a year and a half, oakland is training new officers again, and it is hiring. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> reporter: with mayor gene quan looking on the police chief welcomed back 10 officers to oakland's police academy thanks to a $10 million federal grant, the academy reopened this morning for the first time since the city laid off 80 officers in a budget bat al year and a half ago. the same grant will also allow police to hire 25 officers to work in middle schools in the 100 block where 90% of the city's crime happens. >> they will get to know young people by the first name and inside the schools, and around the schools and will be working in the neighborhoods, to make sure young people get to school safely. >> mayor quan announced the grant for the new policing program secured in part by congress woman barbara lee, it comes as the mayor has been
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pressured to do more to tackle the homicide rate. but the police officer's association wonders if the extra officers will help tackle the crime rate. >> i hope we don't see six months from now that we still have 650 officers but some of the officers are only allowed in schools which will take from the current beats which are really dismal right now. >> reporter: for the 10 officers whose training got cut short, they're just glad to be resuming the academy classes. >> it is big. i get to start my dream job. it has been a long path in the making to get here. >> reporter: and police have gotten some interest in the job postings and for example 60 applications for 11 positions. frank? >> that does not surprise me. sarin chen live for us in oakland, thanks. san jose police officers are calling in sick, more than ever before. according to the mercury news, chief griff moore says high stress levels might be a reason for a lot of those sick calls. the head of the police union says there is a morale problem. there has been a 40% increase
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in sick time taken by police department employees. this year, compared with last. and sick time is up 81% from four years ago. and from those sick calls to pension reform, city of san jose has its hands full. the mercury news reports, the city pays $100,000 a year to nearly 35% of the retired police officers and firefighters on the books. more city workers are also retiring early. tomorrow, the city council will try to come up with a measure for the june ballot. to cut pension costs. >> so there is no doubt over the past 10 years, we've seen not only an increase in our pension benefit, but increases in salaries. and the two of those combined to create larger and larger pension benefits for our employees. >> city leaders say it is a pressing issue because the san jose budget problem, but union leaders say they have been shut out of discussions and are warning about potential lawsuits. governor jerry brown is expected to pitch his tax hike plan to voters this afternoon. it includes a half cent sales
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tax increase. and income tax hikes for people who make more than $250,000 a year. if voters approve that plan, it could raise about $7 billion before expiring in 2016. but the governor will need a lot of support to get it done. a new poll shows just 47% of california voters approve of the job he is doing. 36% disapprove. that is among the lowest first- year approval ratings for any california governor in decades. but analysts say the huge budget mess brown inherited could be behind some of that negative sentiment. after turning a strong profit, just five years ago, the u.s. postal service is on track now to lose $7 billion this year. so now, it is preparing for another round of deep cuts to avoid bankruptcy. gil diaz on the big changes you will notice. >> reporter: good news for the san jose mail processing center. it is not one of the 250 centers at risk of being shut
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down. but big changes will happen with the u.s. postal service beginning in march. >> what we have to do is take a look at what we can take out of this organization from a cost standpoint, because we have lost volume. and we have lost revenue. and you just can't sit back and wait. you've got to act on these things. >> reporter: for example, the department which is trying to avoid bankruptcy, may deliver first class mail at a slower pace. >> people who normally got mail overnight, they may get it between two and three days. >> reporter: augustine ruse says what won't change, consistent mail delivery at the same time of the day every time. the postal service's dedeterioration began in 2008 when the economy started dipping and the popular online bill payments and e-mail didn't help either. >> people want their information instantly and don't want to wait. >> as many as 100,000 postal workers could be laid off. if that happens particular is the first time in the postal service's history to lay anyone
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off. >> the postal service's dire straits motivated edward booth to restart paying his bills through snail mail. he hopes to keep the postal workers employed. >> i thought that in a little way, we can help the post office, to defray the cost of maintenance and keep it up. >> reporting from san jose, gil diaz, cbs 5. police need help finding the gunman who shot two people at a redwood city burger king. it happened at the restaurant on middlefield road yesterday evening. both victims were shot multiple times. this he are being treated at the hospital. witnesses say the shooters took off in a white buick with tinted windows. and call police if you know who they are. other bay area headlines. a debit card scam affecting bay area lucky stores has apparently hit petaluma. customers at the lakeville highway store reported thefts of up to $1,000 from their bank accounts this weekend. the grocery chain discovered tampering with self checkout
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scanners at 19 other stores just last month. more than 100 workers at the american licorice plant in union city are out on strike. they walked off the job early this morning. over complaints related to staffing, pay, and benefits. american licorice is best known for manufacturing the popular red vines candy. and a scary accident. at at&t park over the week. check out this video. three people were hurt saturday night when a bleacher collapsed during a high school football game. fans were pressing forward to greet the winning team, when a railing gave way. several people fell about six feet to the ground. >> they're all going to be okay. >> yes. >> nobody seriously hurt. >> minor injuries. just in time for the holidays, what some banks are glow doing to keep -- now doing to keep homeowners in their homes. herman cain bows out of the presidential rain. who cain is reported to endorse. teen sexting may not be as prevalent as some people think.
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how few teens are using their phones to send sexual images. a cool start to the morning. seeing some sunshine out there right now. we will tell you how much we will warm up by the time we hit our highs today, coming up. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks. mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr. i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here. [ male announcer ] aaron rodgers got his. how about you? rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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g plan to stocks are starting out the week on a positive note. on high hopes for an emerging plan to save the euro. the dow was up well over 100 points in an earlier period but now up 52 settling in on this monday. a crucial week for the european debt crisis and leaders are now working overtime to keep it from spreading. french president nicolas sarkozy and german chancellor angola merckle are in crunch
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talks amid a highly anticipated summit in brussels, working on a master plan to avert another crisis by imposing greater fiscal discipline on member countries. they say they will try to push it through even if not all of the eu countries agree. with herman cain out, republican presidential candidates are scrambling to win over his supporters. newt gingrich seems to be gaining momentum right now. the former house speaker is leading the polls ahead of the iowa caucuses. but the polls for the nation's first primary in new hampshire show romney has a sizable lead. political analysts say gingrich may have a tough time winning over conservative voters. >> we need your vote. if not on this vote, the ayes are 51 -- >> g.o.p. candidates will meet in des moines for a debate this saturday. and herman cain has yet to announce who he will endorse. president obama is expected to make his case for extending payroll tax cuts later this afternoon. he wants congress to extend and
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expand the cuts, that expire at the end of the month. both parties agree on the extension, but not how to pay for it. the president's plan would cost an estimated $265 billion. and senate democrats have their own plan that brings down the cost to $185 billion. a temporary break for struggling homeowners. several large mortgage lenders, including fannie mae and freddie mac are promising not to forclose on delinquent borrowers during the christmas season. that's good news, the moratorium will run from december 19 through january 2. forced to go green. how almeda county plans to punish residents for not recycling. plus, they're playoff bound. the niners big victory that has been nine years in the making. that and much more coming up. , we're seeing breezy conditions around the bay area. temperatures definitely on the cool side. we will tell you when we can expect weather to calm down a little bit coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. discovered a new planet in a discovered a new planet in a well, nasa announced some exciting news this morning. it says it discovered a new planet in habitable zone and that means water can exist on this planet which in turns mean there could be some life there as well. the newly discovered planet has been stubbed kepler 22-b. nasa says it is orbiting a star similar to our sun. the space agency says the planet is nearly 2 1/2 times the size of earth and it is not very close. it is about 600 light years away from us.
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so no road trips. >> the san francisco supervisors could decide today to close sharp park golf course in pacifica and have the national park service take over that land. the city of san francisco owns the golf course which opened back in 1932. a federal judge rejected a call to limit activities because of the threatened frog species and an endangered snake. a trial on protecting those species goes to court next summer. in almeda county, a push to fine people up to $1,000 for not recycling has several cities up in arms. the county wants to make recycling mandatory by 2013. that move could divert 700,000 tons of recyclables from the landfill. and cities like hayward and pleasanton are concerned about the additional cost to the cities, businesses and rate payers. tap water along the peninsula, it may turn a little milky today. the san francisco public utility commission wants its
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park routine maintenance, with an increase in pressure, causing the milky water and officials say the change is only aesthetic and safe to drink. they expect it to return to normal the first week of january. you can add a cupertino senior high school to the list of the brightest minds in the bay area if not the nation. angela zang goes to montha vista high and won a $100,000 scholarship for her research on cancer cells that drives the growth of tumors. the siemens foundation announced the winners of the annual science competition for the high school seniors today. zang not only won the top award but bragging rights as well. she is doing cancer research and as you can see, as a senior in high school. brag all you want. >> we would have to win the lottery to win $100,000. >> good for her. >> she should find something good to do with her life. slacking off. >> quite impressive. >> kids these days. >> a little warmer than when we checked in this morning. i know it is a little cold for some folks. we saw some frost in some locations in the early morning
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hours, but outside right now, looking beautiful and we take a live look outside at the beach. and you can see a few cloe low clouds in the picture and mostly sunny skies. temperatures where we should be this time in december. 70-degree readings that we saw last week, those are definitely out the door. as you're stepping outside this afternoon, and take a look at some temperatures, they will be in the high 50s and the low 60s. go ahead and take a look at the out the door graphic. you will see the numbers are running pretty consistent across the board as we make our way a little bit later on into the evening. we're going to see temperatures that drop down into quite cool conditions. 20s and 30s in fact in some locations. a chilly evening in store. in fact we will have some frost advisories in effect around the bay. and high pressure is holding off the coastline right now. and because we're not seeing a lot of cloud cover in the forecast, that means we're going to see cold evenings. those temperatures really dropping down, as you can see here on the map, in the north and east bay valleys, all of that red and turquoise you're
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seeing on the screen, a freeze warning and the frost advisory temperatures dropping in the 20s and 30s and definitely the evening to throw an extra blanket on the bed. 62 is the high today. in mountain view. and 60 for fremont and oakland. and fairfield topping out at 60 today. and canted rosa will make it -- santa rosa will make it to a high of 61. those lows tonight, not quite as cold in the 20s in all places. cold pretty much bay areawide. 45 in san francisco. and redwood city at 36 and on the other side of the bay, topping out at 39. and fairfield at 28. definitely chilly weather in store. as we take a look at the next several day, the temperatures are pretty consistent for tuesday and same story for wednesday and start to see more cloud cover build in and potentially more fog on wednesday as well. the temperatures are not moving around a whole lot as we make our way into the end of the workweek. a little bit more cloud cover for your weekend. so definitely feeling like fall. that nice shorts wether that we had last week, no longer the case and type to pull out the jacket and keep out the jacket. >> so frank can't show off his legs anymore. >> he could if he wanted to.
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>> i can't defend myself. >> poor frank. >> all right. next story, teen sexting. it may be less common than some reports, some previous reports have suggested. researchers at the university of new hampshire say in a survey of more than 1500 young internet users, 2.5% report creating or receiving sexual images. via cell phone or online. researchers found only 1% of those involved created images that violate child pornography laws. >> you don't want to see my legs, okay? a nine-year drought but the san francisco 49ers have finally won the west and buried the st. louis rams yesterday, earning the first playoff berth in nine years. there is montana. dwight clerk hanging out. rookie head coach jim harbaugh brought the team to 9-2 season. they are playoff bound for the niners. and the stanford women's soccer team playing in the ncaa title game for a third straight year.
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and they came out big winners. that was the only goal in the game, they beat duke 1-0. the first-ever national title for the cardinals. the seniors posting an unbelievable 94-4-4 mark over their four years. congrats. on that winning theme, how about tiger woods? he bagged his first tournament victory in over two years. down with a shot with two holes to play, woods sank two huge birdie putts, that win the chevron world challenge over zac johnson. it is woods' 83rd world title but the first since the australian masters back in november, 2009. she is a performer who loves the big stage. and there are few stages bigger than the super bowl. it has been rumored for weeks. now it is official. madonna will be the star of next february's half time show in indianapolis. she will perform with cirque du soleil. rock out. >> frank is not thrilled. he wants lady gaga. >> what is the last cd or album? >> doesn't matter. she is madonna. some of the world's most
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exclusive cars on the way to the body shop. >> some of them just wrecked completely. a dozen vehicles, why the pileup may cost the owners over $4 million. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today for tony's table we will make something so simple
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to make. four ingredients and that's all. it is the sauce with the gemelli pasta. very simple ingredients. all you need is tomatoes. canned tomatoes or fresh row ma tomatoes. garlic, onions. salami. and this is what we did. sauted the garlic and onions and salami together and rendered the fats from the salami and then the tomatoes in the pasta water and then red pepper flakes. give it the heat. and now we will add a little bit of pepper but no salt because the salt is lar -- is already in the salami. we add the gemelll pasta with some of the pasta water. a little bit more. i'm hungry today. now, you just want to move this around. you want to let it cook. maybe together. for i would say two to three minutes. so all of the flavors get mixed in all together. and now what we are going to do is we're going to add some italian parsley to it.
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just like this. and right in the pan, we are going to add our cheese. so the cheese melts. and then we will plate it. and there we go. let this sit for about 30 seconds at the most. and then put it under the plate. simple to make. easy. you will be a hit. a little sauce. with gemelli pasta. this looks good. ciao, everybody. enjoy. >> i thought he would talk about artichokes and tomatoes. >> and we have been here since 4:00 in the morning and we're hungry. coming up tonight at 5:00, a lot of people eat. and speaking of eating, when they want to save money. now, a new warning about the cup of noodles. >> what is being blamed for sending kids to the emergency room. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. here on cbs 5. well, it could be the world's most expensive car crash ever. pushing $4 million in damage. >> 14 cars including eight ferrari, three mercedes, and a
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lamborghini and a toyota prius, thrown in for good measure, they were traveling in a convoy, when they were involved in a pileup in southwestern japan. it actually happened early sunday morning. 10 of the drivers were taken to the hospital. now, no one was seriously hurt. a wet road, high speeds likely played a part in the huge pileup. >> 140 miles per hour, i heard. >> ugh. >> that's fast. not good. >> that's it for us, folks. enjoy your monday. see you in the morning.
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