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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this large-scale riot. one after another, ambulances rushing inmates outside of new folsom prison. >> we have no idea why this started. it's too new. >> reporter: a prison spokesman says they will rely on surveillance cameras to help identify who start the brawl that caused a large-scale riot in the c facility. a general population yard houses more than 1,000 inmates of the surveillance cameras of the maximum security prison. >> these riots happen a nature of the beast inside this type of institution. >> reporter: it followed a smaller fight on monday. today inmates stabbed other inmates. but the brawl described as extremely long compared to past incidents took 10 minutes to get under control. prison guards forced to fire at least 7 shots hitting some of the inmates. >> there are a number of reasons why these things occur. >> reporter: it could take a while to find a motive behind the melee since prisoners don't snitch on each other. >> there's always tension inside. it could be for a number of regions. it could be debts. it could be, you know, gangs. >> reporter: that spokesman
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saying a smaller scale fight just happened here on monday and they are not sure if that's related to today's. now this isn't the first time a large-scale riot has happened this year. just a few months ago about 150 inmates were involved in that one. >> maria medina reporting for us. injured inmates were rushed to several sacramento hospitals. uc-davis medical center received three of the most seriously wounded patients. they were suffering from stab and rubber bullet wounds. well, their encampment is cleared out. now san francisco "occupy" protestors plan to come back with a vengeance, they say. just how they plan to do that is unclear. early this mornings the encampment at justin herman plaza was raided. the tents were torn down. phil matier now on how the order to raid that encampment overnight came down. phil. reporter: we're here at market street at the foot of market street, and both sides of the street are lined with helmeted and batoned-outfitted police officers in expectation of what might happen tonight.
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it's unclear exactly how "occupy" may move back after being removed from this piece of real estate, which is what the mayor has been trying do for months. he did it last night. it came at a price. in the end san francisco mayor lee got what he hopped for a relatively nonviolent clearing out of the "occupy" camp at justin herman plaza. the camp was the first big test of his administration, but it didn't come cheap. the estimated cost of the two month standoff so far? >> just shy of a million dollars overall from day one. >> reporter: and those costs continued to mount today with police out in force on foot, on motorcycles, even or horseback. but once again, when "occupy" protestors took over market street, the police kept their distance. as for what may be next. >> a guy named ayres said we need 1,000 people to get back and repopulate justin herman plaza. i don't know if that's what we're going to do but, you know, it's obviously a conversation item. >> reporter: one thing everyone seems to agree on is that the
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story is not over yet. >> "occupy" is still here. the movement, the protest is here. >> reporter: the beginning. end for the camp came last week after "occupy" failed to take up the city's offer to relocate to this abandoned school site in the mission district. that offer has been withdrawn. >> there was two months of negotiations and they had broken down. so they raided. >> reporter: then there was last thursday night when police put up barricades around the camp only to take them down when things got heated. people say you waited and hesitated. >> phil, i think public safety -- everybody's safety including the protestors, including people who live around there or work around there, and our own officers. >> reporter: the concerns about safety are far from over. as you can see behind me, we have officers outfitted either to go easy or go hard in the next couple of hours as they find out exactly what
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"occupy's" next move is going to be. they are also lining market street out of near possibly somebody might try to disrupt the commute or come back here and try to retake the park. back to you. >> phil it seems like an entirely different stance than when this first started. now it's sort of like look, you had your time there. we gave you your space. now you're done. >> reporter: let me give you an example. a week ago, they were allowing camping to go on here. just a couple of minutes ago i was up the street in front of the federal reserve and the cops were telling them, you can't even sit here anymore. i asked what was going on? they said, we're not planning on trying to have to retake the same real estate twice. so if something happens, they are not going to let them back. >> whole different story. thank you, phil matier. as for all the "occupiers"' stuff, it is sitting here in the department of public works operations yard. small mountain of tents, bikes, clothes, even the "occupy" library. all moved by scene crews. the city says that it took great care in preserving these
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belongings. this afternoon, some former "occupiers" started showing up to collect. >> well, i mean, you can see all sorts of stuff. obviously they are people's personal belongings and, you know, different people have different tastes. >> taking a look at what we got, taking our names and lead us in so we can identify our stuff. >> how much stuff you got? >> just one rolling duffel bag and a little push cart basket. >> displaced "occupiers" have 90 days to claim their belongings. well, tonight doctors say the toddler wounded in a mass shooting in oakland late last month is brain-dead. and they are seeking to take him off life support. christin ayers tells us the little boy's family insists he is still fighting and just needs more time. >> reporter: the toddler's family also fighting tonight. they are fighting to delay any tests that would truly determine whether that boy is brain-dead. they say they want a second opinion before it's too late.
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reporter: >> i feel he made it this far. let him keep trying. i think he is going to pull through if he had time. >> reporter: a mother desperate for more time before her 1-year- old son, shot in the head in a hail of gunfire 10 days ago, is declared brain-dead. britney houston told reporters at a that while her toddler hiram lawrence, jr., is still in a coma, he is showing signs of life. moving his hands and also -- >> when his dad comes in the room and talks to hiram, hiram blood pressure goes all the way up. when he least out the room it goes right back down. that shows me my baby is fighting. if they give him time, he will come home. i just need time. >> reporter: he is just days shy of his second birthday. the activity keeps them clinging to hope. >> all we're asking for is time, time. >> reporter: but the family claims that doctors are pressuring them to pull the plug against their will pushing for tests that monitor brain
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activity and would effectively declare the toddler dead by today. his mother said the pressure has been on since day one when the doctors brought up organ donation. >> to conclude a baby is brain- dead within a day i think that's just -- i just think that's not right. >> reporter: the boy was caught in crossfire where a music video was being shot. police have five persons of interest including one who reportedly showed up here at children's hospital several days ago and was allegedly beaten in a confrontation with the family. but hiram's mother says that's all secondary. her mind is on one thing. >> my focus is my baby coming out the hospital. that's it and that's all. >> reporter: the family's plan to bring in a private pediatrician to get the second opinion, allen, the hospital is not commenting on the boy's prognosis because of privacy laws. >> thank you, christin ayers. even some doctors were caught off guard.
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the first of its kind move stopping plan b from being sold over-the-counter to young women. a whole lot of explaining to do. how the folks at "mythbusters" tried to calm nerves when a cannonball crashed into a bay area neighborhood. you may be surprised what's really driving holiday sales. one hint? it has nothingdid with giving. ,,,,,,
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has given the green light for a has given the green light for a recall drive targeting mayor jean quan. :cbs 5 has learned the oakland city clerk has given the green light for a recall drive targeting mayor jean quan. the official notification came just about an hour ago. that means petitioners have met all the legal requirements to proceed with the recall effort. they now have 160 days to gather just about 20,000 signatures to get the recall placed on a future ballot. this comes as the mayor has been under fire for her handling of the "occupy oakland" movement. again, the recall effort against mayor jean quan given the okay to proceed. more on the story ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. young teenaged girls will still need a prescription to bit morning-after pill. drew levinson on the unexpected
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intervention that leaves the drug's manufacturer searching for its own plan b. reporter: the nation's health secretary has stopped the morning-after pill from being more widely distributed. in a surprise move, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius overruled an fda plan that would have allowed plan b emergency contraception to be sold over- the-counter to younger girls. instead, girls under 17 will still need a prescription to buy it. the move disappoints women's health advocates. >> as an ob/gyn and father of a daughter, i find this decision to be really mind-boggling. it makes no sense whatsoever. >> reporter: the pill can prevent pregnancy if taken within three days after unprotected sex. sebelius a president obama appointee says the drug is safe and effective but is concerned younger girls may not understand how to use it. others applaud the decision. >> we think that removing that necessary medical screening and that interaction with the medical professional is not in
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the interests of young women's health. >> reporter: the company that makes plan b had hoped with the fda's approval it would be able to put the pills on store shelves. now they will stay behind the pharmacist counter. college students we spoke to understand the controversy. >> if you allow teenagers to have the plan b, it just gives them an open area to go and have sex. >> if you are 13 years old, air not that responsible yet. so i feel like it should be over the counter. >> reporter: the company that makes the pill says it's going to review the decision before taking its next step. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. how could a cannonball miss its mark by so much? one day after the "mythbusters" mishap, we hear from the homeowners who just got an explanation. and how consumer spending so far this holiday season is indicating it may not necessarily be better to give than receive. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5
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weather center. high pressure holding on, hazy sunshine today. but looking at some clouds moving in tonight. we'll talk about it coming up. ,,
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damage control. this after a cannonball stunt went awry in went awry in tonight a popular cable tv show, my son lost this show because they have weapons and explosions, but the show's on
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damage control after a cannonball stunt went wrong in a dublin neighborhood. during the filming of this "mythbusters" episode, ann notarangelo says tonight we're hearing from the homeowners whose house became a demolition site to their surprise. ann? >> reporter: yeah. no kidding. well, the tv show host actually met with the neighbors today. the homeowners who had their home damaged. they tried to explain what happened. at this point no clear answers but one thing they think is that the cannon had muzzle lift so the cannon just simply overshot its target. one of the tv hosts says he's a dad and home owner and would never want this to happen to anybody. tv's "mythbusters" got busted. >> mind of in we come in? >> reporter: and today tried to reassure unsettled homeowners that their houses will be repaired after yesterday's cannonball misfire. >> this is the worst thing that's happened on our watch and we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: this is quite a story. but it is not amusing to the people whose home was hit. >> very angry. not happy at all right now, of course.
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i hope this doesn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: it might take a little for calm the nerves of his wife and son. the woman's nap abruptly ended by falling sheetrock. >> it was like a lot of dust and everything and when i got up and saw that it was a big hole, and then another hole on the other side of the wall. >> reporter: their house was the first one struck by the 30- pound cannonball fired from alameda county's bomb range. the cannon bypassed the show's safety precautions and missed its target flying 700 to 800 feet over this hill landing on the cement bouncing through the door and the walls exiting the home and then hitting neighbors' rooftops before crashing into a minivan. no one was hurt. >> if you had told me before yesterday that a homemade cannon could fire a cannonball and take this trajectory and do what it did, i would have thought that you were crazy. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department has worked
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with the "mythbusters" show for the past eight years, allowing them to shoot episodes at the dublin range. sergeant nelson even occasionally appears on the show. but he says no one is paid. the wayward science experiment provoked a steady stream of gawkers today and its share of critics. >> the "mythbusters" are smart guys but i can't imagine that in residential areas we're actually allowing them to shoot off cannons that could clear a hill a half mile go through two exterior walls and probably three or four internal walls, go across the street, go through two more roofs and end up in a minivan. that's probably not right in a residential area. >> reporter: as investigators examine the scene, that's being considered. >> should it have happened? how did it happen? and then how to prevent it or do we just not allow it at all? >> reporter: dublin police are investigating. they are following the same protocol as if someone fired a gun inside their home. as for the show, allen, don't expect to see this in any of their episodes. the host said that this is not entertainment. >> no. i guess that's what they were
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-- i was thinking about rethinking the whole use of the range i guess that's on the take, isn't it? they might not do that? >> they don't know if they will be allowed to go back and tape the show. they said even if they are allowed back they will never fire a cannon again here at the dublin range. >> there might be a petition going around that neighborhood, too, if they try it again. >> reporter: might be. >> all right, ann. thank you. come on, we have all heard about regifting, but what about self gifting when you buy presents for yourself while you're out shopping for others? a lot of shoppers do it. on the consumerwatch, julie watts in emeryville to explain a growing trend. really? >> reporter: yeah. black friday week send typically a good indicator for overall consumer spending and this year analysts say 35% of shoppers bought something for themselves. it's the beginning of a self- gifting trend that may be good for the economy, but it's also rewriting a popular old adage. >> it's better to receive than to give. >> reporter: from consumer electronics to clothes to jewelry, experts say sales are
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up this years because shoppers are adding an extra name to the list, their own. when you're checking off your christmas list, do you ever pick up something for yourself? >> always. that's the point of christmas >> by giving yourself the little present you deserve. >> reporter: self-gifting has risen more than 57% the biggest jump in six years and a good indicator of overall consumer health. >> the national retail federation is suggesting that it's self-gifting which is sort of disappearing during the heights of the recession and now slowly returning. >> reporter: he says as shoppers are splurging on sales, they are also spurring the economy. >> consumers are going to spend $130 on themselves, in order to get what them for christmas this year. >> reporter: the self-gifting trend has some crying consumerism. >> okay, it's for me... >> reporter: criticizing commercials that diminish the true meaning of christmas. but others like dr. charles foster say it may be just what some need to survive this season. >> i think it's a very good thing, the most satisfying gift
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is the one you have asked for. surprises tend to be the gifts we're actually in fact least happy with. >> reporter: which is why many say after a tough couple of years, they're self-gifting guilt-free. >> i work hard. >> i try to get more for other people and a little something for myself. >> reporter: studies show that that's a problematic and common trend. people tend to justify their own self-gifting by buying extra gifts for others kind of a back and forth guilt buying thing abenefits the economy but not the pocketbook. 13million americans are still paying off last year's presents. >> hate to hear that. i'm not one of them but they are trying to keep the column you know -- not even, but not in their favor either. >> reporter: right. they try to make themselves feel better about buying for themselves. >> thank you, julie. all right. lawrence, you said you got me a gift but kept it for you self because you liked it so much? >> that's right. i always buy you something
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special only something i would like and then can't give it to you. >> no wonder i haven't gotten anything for the last 10 years! [ laughter ] out the door it looks like another chilly night around the bay area but not going to be quite as cold. starting to see a few clouds gathering in along the coastline but i think we'll see some patchy ground fog developing a little later on, a little more moisture in the atmosphere outside and that means we have some more clouds coming our way and that means some changes in the works. not drastic just yet but toward the weekend could be more impressive so partly cloudy tonight with a couple of patches of fog. tomorrow mostly sunny and haze hey, cooler weather ahead maybe a little unsettled into the latter part of the weekend. outside right now looking good over the bay. hazy conditions at this hour, temperatures dropping off just a bit beginning to see some 50s and 40s towards san jose, 51 livermore and 51 degrees in concord at this hour. i think tomorrow becoming mostly sunny but hazy sunshine again in the afternoon hours.
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50s and 60s at the coastline. hazy and mild inside the bay with numbers into the low 60s and it looks like that will be the trend over the next couple of days. and around the state looking good. maybe some fog early on in the sacramento valley but then toward the afternoon that will lift. plan on about 57 degrees there. 40s and 50s across the high country and should be about 65 degrees in redding tomorrow afternoon. that ridge of high pressure very stubborn and sticking around right now. a couple of weak waves over the top of the ridge so minor fluctuation in the temperatures the next couple of days. partly cloudy, "spare the air" day a lot of pollutants trapped down below and, of course, that means a little hazy outside. temperatures for tonight, yeah, it's going to be chilly but not as cold probably just above freezing in many of the north bay valleys. remember the past couple of days we have seen overnight lows in the 20s there. by day look good. 50s and 60s, hazy sunshine in the south bay. east bay numbers up into the 60s in many spots and as you sneak inside the because you will find 50s and 60s. and that patchy fog should lift. temperatures in the next couple of days, going to stay rather mild in the afternoon. but this weekend a few more clouds roll in.
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and this will bring with it at least more clouds and even a slight chance of some showers. nothing too exciting yet. snow report look good. no snow at squaw valley but they are making plenty and it's cold enough that it's sticking around. boreal has a couple of feet of snow and heavenly a couple of feet there and it looks like next week they may very well get some more. >> i'm not going to get you anything. >> i can wrap something up quickly. >> that's okay. we're even. 70 years after the attack, pearl harbor stories live on. >> they said you're nuts. i said i may be. >> why a world war ii survivor amputated his finger by choice. ,,
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japanese bombed pearl harbor. in in sh hawaii. horses the military band played as dignitaries, veterans and the public waited to mark the exact moment when japan attacked pearl harbor 70 years ago. >> may we observe a moment of silence in honor of those who gave their lives. >> reporter: it was an event seared in all the minds of those alive. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: it was a time when america pulled together as it was pulled into world war ii. for those who were there, pearl harbor can never be forgotten. >> i'll tell their story until the rest of my life. >> reporter: delton walling watched in horror from the communications tower as ships burned in front of his eyes. >> you couldn't see the ships because of all the smoke. >> reporter: he had fought his own battle just to get there going as far as convincing a surgeon to amputate his bent
5:26 pm
finger so he could enlist. >> he said, you're nuts. and i said, i may be. but i got it get if the service. >> reporter: memories like that are keeping the pearl harbor story alive told by survivors at local clubs and schools. but those with firsthand knowledge are passing away. the pearl harbor survivors association is disbanding at the end of the year. there aren't enough members to keep it going. >> when these survivors are gone, the stories will go with them. and whether history will live on is a question. >> reporter: these veterans fear that pearl harbor will be forgotten and lesson on how to keep america safe will be lost. sandra hughes, cbs news, honolulu. in a surprise decision today the obama administration overruled the fda. we'll tell you why young teens still will not be allowed to buy the morning-after pill without a prescription. that story tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,
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here's what we re working on for eyewitness news at 6. they're rich and famous... so why are th nd i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. they are rich and famous so why are they collecting welfare and unemployment? >> it's helping people in need. i don't make any money and don't charge people. >> a bay area man offering free sperm to anyone who wants it. why the feds are trying to shut down his operation. that and more at 6:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. have a good evening.


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