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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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few minutes. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, december 20. i'm dennis o'donnell. frank has the morning off. >> i'm grace lee. it is 5 a.m. >> well, the lights went out at candlestick in front of a national tv audience. this morning, pg&e is trying to determine what caused a pair of embarrassing power outages before and during the 49ers game. at the same time, police are investigating a fake bomb threat against the stadium. > gil diaz is in san francisco with an update. >> reporter: good morning. the lights are finally on back here at candlestick park ironically when no one is here but even though the 49ers beat the steelers last night 20-3, what really stole the show were the blackouts. some fans may have been laughing at the whole incident but police were not laughing. the first blackout happened just before kickoff which was scheduled to be between 5:30 and 5:40. power was restored so kickoff
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didn't given until 6:00. and then the second blackout occurred during the 2nd quarter around 6:30. lights didn't get back on until close to 7:00. now, as football fans were groaning, police were investigating. it turns out police are received a bomb threat for candlestick just prior to the game beginning. though police searched the stadium prior to the start of the game and found it was a hoax. the blackouts occurred so that was weird. what exactly happened? pg&e spokesman says a downed power line near the area may be related to the first outage. but between pg&e and candlestick park managers, neither groups have taken full responsibility for the pair of blackouts. >> shouldn't fail once. failing twice is really important to us. we want to make sure we work with pg&e to understand why it did it and how we can fix it so it never happens again. >> to have well over 100
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officers, you have all the 49ers security, operations plans, for any event. you have to remember in '89 this stadium was evacuated. >> reporter: and police chief greg suhr also tells cbs 5 that during the blackout, fans were never at risk. this was the 49ers' only monday night game during the season. but this double blackout, dennis and grace, might give the team incentive to move to santa clara, where a brand-new $1 billion stadium is set to open just in time for the 2015 season. back to you. >> and gill, as far as we know, there was no increase in like crime or any kind of violence during the blackouts, right? >> we haven't been told of any increase in crime during the blackouts. i would think that if you're blacked out in the middle of, you know, a football game, that the only thing you want to do it just stay in your seat. but no crimes indicated during the blackout, grace. >> all right.
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thanks, gil. pg&e has reversed itself on an issue of concern to a lot of customers. we're talking about the smartmeters. the utility has just announced an opt out program so customers who still have an analog meter can keep it and those who have the digital meters can have the old devices reinstalled, so pg&e is trying to show it's responsive. but there will be a monthly fee and reinstallation charge. >> it's important that they have the meter they want. >> pg&e cut off power to customers last year who had health problems and removed the smartmeters on their own leaving customers cold. how far can police go to protect the port? the city council will consider how to prevent future blockades of port of oakland. anser hassan is in oakland with more. >> reporter: good morning.
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that's right. last week's "occupy" protest shut down, could the down businesses almost $4 million. some oakland city council members are suggesting it could have cost a lot less if oakland police did a lot more. last monday over 3,000 protestors shut down parts of oakland one of several west coast ports that were targeted for what protestors say are poor working conditions at the port some of which are owned or partially run by investment banks like goldman sachs. so city council members ignacio de la fuente and others say if the cops acted more aggressive it could have saved the port money. they will call on the city administrator to use whatever lawful tools to prevent future showers or disruptions. this is not a new law but it calls on police to use existing federal, state and local laws and use them more aggressively to deal with protestors. that could include the use of
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batons or tear gas. mayor quan has argued that doing so costs the city more money because they have to call in law enforcement from other jurisdictions and pay overtime. "occupy" protestors say they don't center any plans for any future protests but they are concerned about that's losing. they say they will be at city hall because them to be, quote, part of the discussion. back to you guys. >> anser, how much influence do the actual port employees have in this decision? because they were very upset that they had lost wages over this. >> reporter: well, dennis, there's a bit of a struggle between the port of oakland employees. some of them support the protestors because they recognize poor working conditions and some of the rights taken away by port employees but at the same time, this is a busy time of year, exports are at the highest as we get to the christmas season and it means lost wages for some employees so it's a battle between the two. we'll see what they have to say at tonight's meeting. >> thank you, anser hassan. we'll see you in a little bit.
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the race to recall oakland mayor jean quan is getting a little more complicated. dueling recall campaigns now being allowed to circulate petitions calling for quan's ouster. if either effort collects enough signatures the city council will determine when the recall election will be held. 5:06. this could affect your pocketbook. a payroll tax for millions of americans is being threatened by the latest bickering on capitol hill. house republicans are moving to reject a senate-approved stop- gap measure that would extend the benefits two months beyond the january 1 expiration date. they want senators to return from their christmas vacation and work toward a longer term extension. >> our members do not want to just punt and do a two-month short term fix where we have it come back and do this again. >> negotiating with some of these folks is sort of like trying to pin jell-o on the wall.
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[ laughter ] >> well, today republicans have to set up a house-senate conference committee to explore their options. democrat harry reid the senate majority leader says that he will not negotiate until the house passes that short-term plan first. >> doesn't it seem like we have been listening to the same sound bites for years? seems like the word "compromise" is no longer in the vocabulary in dc. >> a lot of people don't have a lot of confidence in congress at all >> 5:07. check in with traffic and weather. elizabeth filling in for lawrence. >> that's right. lawrence is taking this week off so we're doing a little weather action today and the big word for this morning is cold. it's going to be colder today than yesterday. not too bad but definitely temperatures in the 30s and 40s so behind me this is what you can expect out the door right now. looks like 34 degrees in concord. it's even dropping towards 29 degrees in santa rosa. so that's definitely our cold spot right now. it's going to be the warm spot by this afternoon. so yeah, we're expecting this big ridge of high pressure to move in and besides a chilly
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start we'll expect mild weather and sunshine by this afternoon and temperatures soaring a few degrees above average. we're getting into the mid-60s in some spots cluck in santa rosa, 63 expected in napa. 61 in san francisco. and 60 degrees in fremont. we'll have more weather coming up. in the meantime, gianna, things are cruising in traffic, right? >> yeah. due to the holiday we're hopping for a very easy commute week. right now so far, so good. we are dealing with roadwork eastbound 92 connector to the northbound side of 280 is completely shut down for caltrans until 7:00 this morning so keep with 101 instead as an alternate. elsewhere, if you are take be the san mateo bridge this morning, good choice. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. no delays there. and the altamont pass off to a good start, 14 minutes now from the altamont pass to 680. no delays along westbound 580 an mass transit looking good, as well. bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries on time. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a major crackdown on illegal immigration in the
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south bay. why the arrests are sparking outrage. and mourning the death of a north korean dictator. how world leaders are reacting to his son and successor. > >> and it was like an action movie stunt but this was terribly real. the hollywood actor crushed by the waves at mavericks.
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body of longtime dictator km jong il. a palace in north korea's capital houses the body of kim jong-il. among those who vivid the body during a solemn ceremony today, kim jong-un his youngest known son and successor. there's varied speculation about how kim jong-un, a man in his 20s, will rule the
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communist nation. most world leaders are taking a wait-and-see attitude. >> we both share a common interest in a peaceful and stable transition in north korea as well as as ensuring regional peace and stability. >> kim jong-il died of a heart attack after ruling north korea since his father's death in 1994. the country is in an 11-day period of official mourning leading up to a state funeral next week. u.s. immigration officials say that they took 63 illegal immigrants into custody during a four-day operation in santa clara county. immigration and customs enforcement officers say 55 of them had prior convictions and the other eight have been charged with crimes with those cases pending. some immigration activists are upset about this operation. county and -- the county and city of san jose have policies not to help the federal government with those types of raids. and tonight the oakland city council takes up a
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proposal to provide id cards to the poor and undocumented. it is a policy already in place in several cities including san francisco. but oakland will become the first to create in effect an alternative banking system because the id card would double as a debit cart and the reason is they want to free people from carrying cash or relying on check-cashing outlets. it is 5:13. shop till you drop around the clock. the retail stores staying open for 24 hours starting today. and be careful who you flunk. why one professor says that he paid the price for giving actor james franco a d.
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the investigation continuest candlestick park good morning. 5:16. let's take a look at the morning's top stories. the investigation continues at candlestick park this morning. there were two power outages during the nationally televised game. police received a bomb threat as well against the stadium. but they later determined that it was not credible. tonight the city council will vote on how to prevent future port blockades in oakland. if the resolution passes it will give the police the power it use whatever lawful tools available to prevent future shutdowns or disruption.
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and late autumn snowstorm is blamed for at least 6 traffic deaths in some southwest and plains states. icy roads and near zero visibility have made for treacherous driving conditions. very different here, though. >> it is. good morning. that's right. we are just dealing with fog out there along the coastline, the delta and portions of the central valley. otherwise, we are clear across the bay area. we are waking up to a cold start though. you can see temperatures out the door right now mostly in the 30s to low 40s across the coast, bay and inland. by later on this afternoon, though, we're getting towards the mid-60s in some spots. temperatures will be slightly above average for this time of year. so the low that brought us rain yesterday morning is continuing farther south of. high pressure remains the big story for much of today and through the end of the week. so we have a chilly start but again, a mild afternoon.
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pinpoint forecast this afternoon, climbing to the mid- 60s in some spots. east bay, 58 antioch, 57 brentwood and 63 in napa. so check the north bay now, santa rosa getting up to 65 degrees. it was warm yesterday, as well. 59 in san leandro. so for the next five to seven days, that ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere. it's bringing us dry weather conditions mild temperatures and like i said temperatures even slightly above average. so we should see the most sunshine looks like for today and tomorrow then a few clouds roll in closer towards the end of the week but if you wonder about christmas not bad, dry and mild. that is weather. for an update on your traffic, here's gianna. >> all right, elizabeth. let's head to pleasanton 580/680 interchange. a nice ride this morning on the freeways so if you are hitting 580 this morning plenty of time
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for extra coffee. there's a few cars on the roads towards 680 but over up to speed. on the maps, travel times in the east bay. carquinez bridge to the maze westbound 80 only 19 minutes altamont pass to 680, 14-minute ride no delays from 238 to the maze, easy 15 minutes. westbound 24, 13 minutes through there. so easy stuff there. also looking at your ride along highway 4 so far, so good. no red or yellow on our sensors indicating that speeds are up to speed as you work your way through antioch westbound. roadwork continues through the peninsula. eastbound 92 connector to northbound 280 closed until 7:00 this morning so stick with 101 instead. and if you are take be the san mateo bridge this morning, off to a good start. no delays between hayward or foster city and no accidents or roadwork in the south bay. here's a live look at 280 northbound. cruising through downtown. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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that's traffic. back to you. >> nice commute this morning, gianna. >> yes. foster city police are investigating a homicide for the first time in five years. a maid found the body of 71- year-old klaus gachter in his home on waterbury lane friday afternoon. police say they don't believe the case is a random act of violence. so far there are no suspects or people of interest. investigators aren't releasing details of the crime scene including the cause of death. but there are reports that he was found lying in a pool of blood. police are looking for three armed men they say stormed a cupertino jewelry store in a brazen heist monday morning. detectives are reviewing security footage to come up with a suspect's description. they entered barty's jewelers at about 11:15 yesterday morning. the masked robbers were last seen running west on rodriguez avenue. a hollywood star got a taste of the true danger of mavericks. >> gerard butler was shooting a movie at the famed break on
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sunday when a set of 15-foot waves clobbered him. the "mercury news" says he was held under water for two waves and washed into rocks that had to be scary so a lifeguard rescued him. butler was checked out at stanford medical center but wasn't seriously injured. i have to say, thank goodness, dennis. >> i think that's one of the those stories, it looks good for the pro. don't try this at home. >> no kidding. it's so dangerous. once you get stuck under the water, hard to get out. 5:21. who wants to be a megamillionaire? the giant jackpot up for grabs. apple takes a bite out of the competition. the big win in the showdown over smart phones. software and s california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the international trade commission has ruled that tn based h-t-c infringed on a patent. it involves a apple is making headway on an infringement case. htc was found to have infringed on apple software. this is the latest development in apple's fight against android, the software made by google that powers htc phones. actor james franco is in the center of a legal drama and this is not on screen. one of the professors lost his job at new york university and
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the teacher says that the actor was partially at fault. franco was enrolled in jose santana's directing class last year. he gave the actor a d because he missed 12 out of 14 classes. >> you might say that's a d. >> now santana is suing saying that franco publicly ridiculed him after the grade and that led him to the unemployment line. >> lucky he got a passing grade. 12 of 14 class? >> d is not passing. >> it's not an f, either. toys 'r us is staying open around the clock it accommodate holiday shoppers who are running short on time. starting at 6 a.m. today, toys 'r us will be open for 112 straight hours until 10 p.m. on christmas eve. this is the secondier in a row that toys 'r us is offering 24- hour shopping and this year, 14 macy's stores are doing the same. someone in california or somewhere could be in for a
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hefty christmas gift. >> yup. the jackpot for tonight's mega millions lottery drawing is now $152 million. the big prize in the multi- state keeps growing every time there is a drawing with no winner. it's the biggest mega millions jackpot since march. but far from the all-team record of $390 million set in 2007. >> i have to go buy a ticket. >> now what the odds are, right? >> doesn't matter. >> walk across the street outside. >> you don't play you don't win. >> true. you don't shoot you don't score. thank you, michael jordan. tonight is the first night of chanukah. the eight-day jewish holiday commemorates the rededication. temple in jerusalem. >> and several celebrations are planned in the bay area. th evening. at 5:30, there will be a ceremony in san jose. there will also be an event in san francisco. the secret to keeping your
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brain young. plus, a change of heart. pg&e's new stance or smartmeters. 49ers [ signal breakup ] not once but twice [ signal breakup ] at candlestick park. [ signal breakup ] monday night football blackout and police looking for a bomb at the same time. full story coming up. [ signal breakup ] oakland city council says it's time for oakland police to take a more aggressive stance towards "occupy" protestors. what's planned at tonight's city hall meeting. those details just ahead.
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and the we thought it was part of the show. >> candlestick park goes dark. the pair of power outages and the bomb threat. >> high pressure bringing us mild temperatures this afternoon. coming up, a look at your seven- day forecast. and we're monitoring a surface street problem in daly city. i'll tell you where and what's blocked coming right up. good morning. i'm grace lee. >> i'm gianna franco. frank is off. time now 5:0. the 49ers have plenty of power, can't say so for
5:31 am
the old ballpark. >> this morning, pg&e is trying to find out what caused two outages at candlestick park before and during the 49ers game. >> at the same time, police are investigating a fake bomb threat against the stadium. gil diaz is in san francisco with an update. gil. >> reporter: good morning, dennis and grace. what a way to make an impression on national tv. after all, this was the 49ers only monday night game. take a look at what happened last night. power wasn't restored until close to six. that's when the kickoffs began. some 49ers fans thought the blackout was actually part of the kickoff show. then the lights went out again during the 2nd quarter around 6:45. and power didn't come back on around 7:00. this might be considered an
5:32 am
embarrassing pair of incidents to many. police received a bomb threat for candlestick park just prior to the kickoff. a transformer blew up while a cop was monitoring the gate outside the stadium. football fans can't believe this happened. >> i couldn't believe on monday night football it would be a blackout at the stick. that's why we need a new stadium. >> on national tv, man. the lights go out. got to be kidding man. >> reporter: san francisco police chief says that no fans were in danger during the blackout but nfl wants to make sure that this pair of blackouts doesn't occur again
5:33 am
because dennis and grace, next month san francisco is scheduled to host a play-off game right here. >> reporter: a lot of fans thought the first blackout was part of the kickoff show. but to have it happen the second time, well, that was stranger than most people were expecting. >> they were talking about 1989 when they evacuated the stadium. obviously a completely different issue. but in the nfl, they were going to get this football game in. i think the worst-case scenario, gil, was that they would have played tomorrow had these blackouts continued to go on. but the game had to get in because you have 30 other teams that have to play next weekend. so it was going to be played. it was not going to be delayed. >> reporter: one fan even said that, you know, everyone was so calm that if they had to do it they would play the game out
5:34 am
here in the parking lot. [ laughter ] >> fortunately they didn't have to. >> been there, done that. >> thank you. pg&e is doing an about-face on an issue of concern to many customers. smartmeters the utility has just announced an opt out program so customers who still have an analog meter can have the old devices reinstalled but there is a monthly fee and reinstallation charge. how far can police go to protect. we'll consider how to prevent future blockades. >> a lot of people lost wages. anser hassan reports. >> reporter: this is a hot topic for weeks. oakland city council members ignacio de la fuente and others will introduce a resolution for police to act more aggressively towards protestors. you may recall last monday the
5:35 am
port shut down cost over $4 million. but the two city council members suggest that it would have cost the city and companies a lot less if police aked more aggressively using lawful tools to prevent disruptions. it's not a new law. it calls on law enforcement to use federal, state and local laws to take on protestors head on for example using batons and tear gas but doing so cost the city money. it costs the city $2.4 million much of that as money paid out for overtime and for calling in police units from other cities. they plan to be at tonight's
5:36 am
meeting and to be part of the discussion. should be a heated debate at the city hall meeting for sure. >> anser hassan, thank you. we had the race to recall oakland mayor jean quan getting more complicated. dueling recall campaigns are now being allowed to circulate petitions calling for quan's ousting but only the first campaign to collect enough signatures will be considered valid. if either recall effort collects enough signatures the city council will determine when the recall election will be held. a contra costa sheriff's deputy pled not guilty to four counts of extortion. he is accused of accepting cocaine and a gun from a private investigator to ensure that three men were pulled over for dui arrests. each count of felony extortion carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. a standoff and capitol hill is jeopardizing a payroll tax cut as well as unemployment
5:37 am
benefits. the senate passed a stop-gap measure. the house wants a longer term extension. the tax cut is 2 percentage points, roughly $1,000 a year for someone who makes $50,000 a year. might be hard to get out of bed, cold and foggy. for you probably almost impossible. since were you here until 11:45. >> who is counting. >> i should a spokesman for visine. >> we're talking frost, fog and colder temperatures than yesterday. out the door a spread of temperatures. cold in santa rosa to 29 degrees right now.
5:38 am
otherwise, about 47 degrees in oakland. 45 san francisco. we are warming up this afternoon. temperatures slightly above average, sunshine, mild conditions. so these are your temperatures for this time of the year on average. but again, today, we are climbing up to 61 in san francisco. almost 10 degrees above average. gianna has been following an accident. >> we are. daly city it's a service street problem but it has shut down lanes on the eastbound side of guadalupe parkway at carter. chp is on scene and they are saying eastbound lanes of guadalupe canyon parkway will be blocked at carter for some time while they retrieve the vehicle. there was one person injured in this accident. that person was taken to the hospital. chp says this is dui-related. there was about 100 feet of guardrail damaged and that may take a few minutes to clear. lower deck of the bay bridge from the skyway to treasure
5:39 am
island, it may be blocking various lanes blocked but it doesn't get under way until 7:00. back to you. >> thank you. tax time fast approaching, three deductions ending this year. >> i can do a lot but even i can't fix the indianapolis colts. >> they won a game. mitt romney gives the top 10 on the late show. his jab at presidential rival newt gingrich. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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12-20-2011: year-end tax planning anchor intro: the window of opportunity is rapidly closing on year-endx savings, but there's still e to cash-in on write-offs sot you pay less to the irs in april. here are to discuss last-minute ways to cut your
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dot-com. thanks. today president obama will k the end of the war in iraq a ceremony in maryland. he'll be joined by vice president biden at joint bae andrews. they'll be receivia flag with "united states fos iraq" colors. it was lowered from a staff in bagd last week. the last combat troops left iraq on sunday.. ending nearly nine years of. the body of north korean dictator kim jong il is nowd
5:45 am
out... at a memorial palacen pyongyang. among those who visited the body during a sn ceremony today... kim jong , his youngest known son and successor. there's varied speculation about how kim jg un... a man in his twenties. will rule the communist nat. kim jong il died of a heart attack over the weekend, afr ruling north korea since his father's death in 1994. a snow storm with fierce wis continues to hit large swatf the southwest and plains st. it's being blamed for at let six traffic deaths. about 10 inches of snow fell in western kansas before dawn today. here's a live shot out of oklahoma. the storm has turned roads to ice and redd visibility to zero. and it may have been a factor in se engine plane crash last nigt that killed five people in central texas. ((toss to weather!!!)) los angeles is known for wid police chases.. but things
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three armed gunmen stormed a cupertino jewelery store ina brazen heist monday morning. detectives are reviewing security footage to come uph suspect descriptions. the masked robbers were last sen running west on rodrigues avenue. a theme park in vallejo is offering free admission to hundreds of kids... to honoa vallejo police officer who d in the line of duty last mo. james capoot {capooh} day wl be thurday at six flags discovery kingdom. 650 midde and high school students wie admitted free... and also members of the vallejo high school basketball team that capoot once coached. tonight the oakland city col will discuss the idea of gig i-d cards to the poor and undocumented. it's a concept that has taken holdn several cities including san franciso. but oakland would become the first to create,n effect, an alternative bankg
5:50 am
system... with the i-d card doubling as a debit card. the point is to free peoplem carrying a lot of cash or relying on check-cashing outlets. time is 5: slamming the brakes on america's cup. the major setback... for the sag event. and mitt romney... makes a late-night appearance. the gentle jab... he took at his main presidential rival. welcome back. time is 5xx in at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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can i, can i (repeated) v.o: can now be enjoyed in your coffee ( can i, can i (repeated) )
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v.o: only international delight v.o: put's the real flavours from v.o: your favourite treats inside eating less could make your brain healthier. scientists say they've discovered a molecule for bn longevity that kicks into an when a person eats fewer calories. the molecule regus important brain functions le memory, learning and anxiety control. there's hope now among doctors that the discy
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will lead to new treatmentsr alzheimers and other illnes. four groups have filed appes of an environmental impact report... regarding the upcg "america's cup" race in san francisco. san francisco agencies cannt take action on planning pros related to the event until e board of supervisors hears e appeals. that's expected to happen next month. presidential candidate mitt romney is increasing his t-v appearances... with the iowa caucuses just around the co. the republican was on last nig's "late show with david letterman"... delivering thp ten things he'd like to sayo the american people. "..." number one, by the way... 's a hairpiece."
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the 49ers put on a dominatig performance against the pittsburgh steelers. the niners now have the inse track for the number two sen the n-f-c playoffs. san francisco's defense collected four turnovers and three sacks. the niners also held the steelers to their lowest point total in four years. pittsburgh quarterback ben rothlisbergr threw three interceptions. n contrast... 49ers q-b alex h was rarely pressured and thw for a touchdown. the final score... 49ers 20... steele. 5: traffic and weather... here's elizabeth with your forecast.
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it's 5-- in the next half
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hour: christmas could get hour: christmas could get a lot greener for you. the jackpot tonight... for mega millions.
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and a victory for pg&e customers. how they're getting the last laugh in te smart-meter battle. c1 3
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> kind of sit there is waiting. we thought it was part of the show. >> but it was not. the lights go out not once but twice at candlestick. the response from pg&e and the city. gearing up for


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